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A Confused Journo’s Posthumous Interviews: (1) The Politician

IndiaFacts regrets to announce the tragic death of Mr. Akulita Sandeha, a young and promising…

IndiaFacts regrets to announce the tragic death of Mr. Akulita Sandeha, a young and promising journalist whose body was found three days ago on a suburban railway track near Bandra, Mumbai. He was carrying a suicide note which is currently being studied by the police. As it happens, Mr. Sandeha had recently made a series of interviews with a few prominent public figures; those interviews reached the hands of Mr. Michel Danino, an author and scholar of ancient India, who has passed them on to us. As a mark of respect for the departed soul, we thought it our duty to publish them; Mr. Sandeha would probably have edited them considerably, but we decided to reproduce them as received. We hope they will invite a dispassionate reflection on current sociopolitical issues.

Since the interviewer is no more, we are not competent to verify the interviews’ contents and will therefore accept no responsibility for them; we also decided not to name the interviewees.

The first interview was of a prominent political figure of today’s Opposition. Subsequent interviews will be published in due course.


Sir, it’s most kind of you, with your busy schedule, to give me this interview.

You are welcome. What can I do for you?

Sir, I have been confused by some recent events.

Journalists are generally confused. Carry on.

Well, for instance, there has been a lot of outrage about the lynching of a Muslim in Uttar Pradesh….

Of course, don’t you find it outrageous?

Very much, Sir. Now, the other day, I visited a camp of Kashmiri Pandits in Delhi for a report. One of them asked me why the murder of many members of their community and expulsion of the rest had not caused a similar outrage in the country. I did not know what to answer.

Well, it’s not the same thing, obviously.

How do you mean, Sir?

The recent lynching was of a member of a minority community, you see.

But weren’t the Kashmiri Pandits a minority community in Kashmir?

True, but at the national level they belong to the majority.

I don’t understand.

It’s easy enough: minorities are vulnerable by definition; our first duty is to protect them. The majority doesn’t need to be protected.

But, Sir, could one not argue that in a secular nation such as ours there should be no such distinctions?

What a silly argument. It’s only if you protect minorities and give them special rights that you can call yourself secular.

Sir, I looked up the word “secular” in my English dictionary, but I could not find this definition. I also looked up our Constitution and found no definition at all for the word.

That’s because we in India have our own definition for it. We have every right to redefine words as we please. And why should the Constitution give a definition when the concept is well understood by all?

Well understood to mean the protection of minorities, is that it, Sir?

Mostly, yes.


Well, it’s complicated. Our country is complicated. Our society is complicated. Situations are complicated. Sometimes, we need to be flexible and adapt a little this way or that.

But still, Sir, while I understand and share the outrage at the recent lunching, I don’t understand the lack of reaction at the sufferings of the Kashmiri Pandits, the assassination of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati of Orissa, the occasional lynching of Hindus in West Bengal, the murder of Hindu fishermen in Marad, Kerala, the …

Shhh! No need to use the word “Hindu” like that!

Why, Sir?

People were murdered, maybe — it’s a law-and-order problem. Let the law follow its own course.

So if a member of a minority is killed, it’s more than a law-and-order problem?

That’s what I have been trying to explain. I don’t know why you find it so difficult. Minorities are secular — if they are attacked, it’s an attack against our country’s secular fabric.

If minorities are secular, does this imply that the majority isn’t?

It does. The majority is Hindu — Hinduism is a religion and therefore unsecular.

But, Sir, our minorities also have religions — Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism….

Those are secular religions.

Are you sure, Sir?

It hardly matters — this is an academic issue.

Sir, I have an idea. Suppose we stopped calling Hindus Hindus — we’ll call them Brahmins, Jats, Yadavs, Thakurs, Rajputs, Patels, Gowdas, Nairs, Naickers, Vanniyars, Thevar or whatever their communities may be. Then they will all become minorities! Wouldn’t that solve all our problems at one stroke?

Are you mad? Do you want to divide the country further?

Divide, Sir? But don’t those communities exist as such and don’t politicians appeal to them for votes?

Certainly we do: we work for their welfare and need to address their specific problems. But together, they constitute the majority and that’s another story.

Sir, please excuse me, I am very confused now. How can these various disconnected communities be looked at “together”?

Because they are all Hindus, quite simply.

So Hinduism is a socially unifying factor? At the journalism school I attended, we were taught that it was a very divisive religion with its caste system, its …

That’s the social level — it’s different. I was talking of the religious aspect.

Do you mean to say that Hinduism as a religion helps the country’s social integration?

Now, now, don’t go and put words into my mouth! I never said any such thing.

But, Sir, you objected to my suggestion that we should do away with Hinduism and have a society consisting only of minorities – wouldn’t that be truly secular? If you permit me, I thought the idea was brilliant.

Umph, brilliant indeed! As if people were ready to abandon their superstitions so easily! And if they were, what would become of us politicians in your ideal society?

Why, Sir, as you said earlier, you could work for the welfare of all mino… — I mean, communities. All of them would have the same rights, the same opportunities, the same …

I can see that what they teach you in your journalism schools is far removed from the hard realities. Theory, all theory! In no time, all those “communities” of yours would be at each other’s throats and we would have a hundred civil wars ravaging the country.

Sir, does this not imply that if we have relative peace in Indian society, it’s because the majority is Hindu?

What peace? Everywhere we can see violence against minorities and rising intolerance — fast rising, alarmingly rising. Writers, filmmakers, artistes and others have all said so. We are going through very dark times.

The Kashmiri Pandit I met the other day gave me a long list of cases of inter-communal violence and intolerance under previous regimes. Shall I read it out to you, Sir?

No need. We all know that barring stray incidents, society was mostly peaceful then.

It was peaceful then, but is in turmoil now?

Anyone can see that.

So was it peaceful because the majority was Hindu then?

No. It was because we politicians had succeeded in convincing the majority that its primary duty is to show tolerance towards the minorities.

So that’s why there is so much outrage when that tolerance is breached?

Exactly — now you’ve got it right.

But, Sir, I still don’t understand why there is no such outrage when Hindu devotees at Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar or in temples of Jammu and Kashmir or at Godhra are killed just because they are Hindus?

We have all condemned those attacks; they were the work of terrorists.

Islamic terrorism?

No — terrorism has no religion.

However, isn’t it a fact, Sir, that the culprits in all such cases — also in the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Coimbatore, Varanasi and other places — were Muslims?

They were terrorists. If they acted as Muslims, it must have been under provocation from Hindu extremists.

So now you are the one to use the word “Hindu”?

Why not? If Hindus turn into aggressors, we should not hesitate to denounce them.

But not if Muslims or others happen to be aggressors?

I must remind you that Muslims are a minority; they are victims, not aggressors.

Does that mean that the majority is always the aggressor?

Ultimately, yes. Minorities feel threatened, discriminated against, marginalized. They get provoked.

Yet, our Constitution has granted minorities special rights and privileges.

That was necessary to protect them.

And therefore secular.


So when Rajiv Gandhi amended the Muslim personal law in the Shah Bano case, it was to protect those special rights.

Quite so. It was a secular decision.

Forgive me for asking a personal question, Sir, but are you a Hindu?

Yes, I am Hindu.

And therefore unsecular?

Not at all: I am a secular Hindu.

I thought Hindus could not be secular?

I was only referring to Hindus as a collective majority; individually, we can and should be secular.

Sir, this is a bit hard for me; would you be so kind as to define a secular Hindu?

That’s easy: a secular Hindu is one who protects minorities and whose progressive and liberal ideas give him or her the freedom to criticize regressive and obscurantist aspects of Hinduism.

What are those regressive and obscurantist aspects?

Pretty much the whole of Hinduism.

What about similar aspects of Islam or Christianity?

If they exist, they are not our concern. We don’t criticize minority religions.

Hinduism alone can be criticized, then.

Why not? It has always been the object of such criticism. Wasn’t the Buddha a stern critic of Hinduism?

In other words, Hinduism has a tradition of dissent.

That’s right.

But not Islam or Christianity?

Who says? And how would I know? It seems to me that your questions are tendentious and reveal a communal attitude.

Communal, Sir?

Why else should you keep talking of Islam and Christianity in such critical manner?

It’s only, Sir, that in all these years of study, of reading statements by eminent political figures such as yourself, I have been unable to understand certain fundamental issues about our society, and that bothers me.

I have patiently explained it all to you. It’s not my fault if you won’t understand.

I shall go over your explanations again. But if I may take advantage of your generosity, I would like to ask one last question.

Go ahead.

You said or implied that acts of terrorism against the majority were a reaction against oppression or provocation …

They are.

… and that the majority is prone to be intolerant.

Not all of it — only a minority of the majority.

A minority of the majority??… Anyway, my question is, What about acts of terrorism elsewhere in the world, from 9/11 to attacks on the London metro or cartoonists in Paris, and to the present IS wave — is it not a fact that they are all the work of Muslims? And if so, are they also the result of provocation?

Of course — oppression by Israel, provocation by the U.S., by cartoonists, and so on.

So you find the rise and actions of the IS justified?

Not their actions — we have condemned the barbaric slaughter of innocent people. But their rise certainly is the result of misguided policies by the West.

Still, Muslims are not the only oppressed and provoked people in the world. I don’t understand how almost all terrorist acts in and out of India turn out to be at the hands of Muslims?

Are you an Islamophobist? Haven’t you heard of terrorist acts by far-right groups in Europe or the U.S.? What about our own Hindutva groups — as our leader once put it, they are more dangerous than Islamist groups.

They may be, Sir, but please correct me if I am wrong: I am not aware of a single act of terrorism which was proved in a court of law to be the work of a Hindu extremist group?

That proves how powerful and diabolically clever they are. Look, I have to attend an important meeting of a high-powered committee I am chairing; it’s been a pleasure, but I will have to leave you now.

Sure, Sir, and thanks so much again for your time. May I ask what the committee is about?

Its mandate is to recommend innovative methods to promote communal harmony and heal the marginalization of minorities.

Wonderful, Sir, I hope you will come up with concrete suggestions.

Of course we will. We always do. That’s how we serve our country. Jai Hind!

 (To be continued.)

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  • Anti National Patriot

    This is unbelievably idiotic and a churlish article. It is also inconceivable that even a half brain person can given such idiotic and self-hurting answers as has been shown in the article. They all r obviously made up. If the Interviewee’s principal argument is that why so much of chest beating on the killing of Akhlaq and why nothing on the other incidents where Hindus were at the receiving end, here is the answer: The Intolerance charge against Modi Govt is not because of a particular incident alone like Dadri or Kalburgi Killing etc. No body is comparing one incident with another. Communal incidents in India have a long history which goes centuries back. However “it is for the first time that we have a Govt at the center which has a clear agenda of converting India in to a Hindu Version of Pakistan , the Islamic theocratic state. And towards that end it through its own MPs and party men is deliberately and in a planned manner fomenting the environment of hatred not just against Muslims on the basis of manufactured issues like Luv Jihad, Beef, Ghar vapsi etc but it also targeting those Hindus who do not agree with its view point.” This is the charge. We today have a PM who is guided by a lunatic like Din Nath Batra and who foolishly believes that Karna was result of Advanced Genetic Science and Ganesha the result of Plastic surgery during Vedic times! Do we wish to become a failed violent theocratic state like pak?

    Yes there were horrific incidents against Hindus in Kashmir and elsewhere too but “not because of the planned policy of a Government in India”. Hence if today a riot takes place in which Muslims are killed despite the best efforts of Modi Govt it would not b held against them.

    • nairps

      Issues like love jihad, beef and ghar wapsi are not ‘manufactured’. They are as real as the Sun and the Moon. Shame on you to call Dina Nath Batra as a ‘lunatic.’ That cap fits secularists like you far better. It is better that you leave the land of the Hindus for Pakistan (or even better Saudi Arabia) before Hindu patriots make the place too hot for traitors to the nation like you.

      • Anti National Patriot

        The issue like Luv Jihad and Beef are as fake as your nationalism. A paranoid brain bhakt suffering from sense of inferiority/weakness vis a vis Muslims uses these issues to cover his born inadequacy. Beef is no delicacy in India. Luv Jihad shows as to how inadequate you feel that u imagine tall-broad- good looking Muslims have the capacity to take away ur girls (whom u think u cannot satisfy, which is bull**t) from u! Who is stopping Hindu Youth to do same to Muslim Girls? Are ur guys any lesser man or the Hindu girls are born without brains that they walk away with any one?

        • nairps

          Both love (don’t you even know how to spell ‘love’?) jihad and beef are real issues for us real Hindus. No Hindu suffers from inferiority complex when he compares himself with the barbaric Islamic invaders of India. Most Hindus consider both Muslim men and women as ugly, squint-eyed, foul-mouthed descendants of the unspeakable Arabs. No Hindu youth would ever like to come near a Muslim girl because she is a follower of the world’s vilest and most violent religion. Better leave India for your heaven in Saudi Arabia before the holy land of the Hindus becomes too hot for you.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Typical low IQ..low on logic and high on rhetoric Bhakt reply! Leaves all questions asked in my comment unanswered. And congrats for feeling “intelligent” by pointing out the spelling of Luv/Love. however i still call it Luv Jihad only.

          • nairps

            Typical of a barbaric Islamic invader to abuse India’s natives. Since when have Muslims excelled in logic? Is not your religion nothing by empty rhetoric? Why must a native of India answer questions raised by a savage invader of his native land? What else do you descendant of the unspeakable Arabs know except such shameless activities as ‘love jihad’? Begone from our sacred land, you pathetic ‘mleccha’!

          • Anti National Patriot

            Two things in your reply once again under line that u are a typical Zero Brains Bhakt:
            1. That I am a Muslim, which I am not.
            2. Calling me Malechh in typical third rate PANDA fashion.

          • nairps

            If you are not Muslim, it is worse because you are a traitor to the nation. The right word is ‘mleccha’ not ‘malechh’. Anyone who is not a patriot or sympathizes with Muslim or Christian invaders can be rightly called ‘mleccha’ or uncivilized.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Oh my my…oh Gawd mujhe toh narq mein bhi jagah nahi milegi..for not spelling the word ‘mleccha’ rightly…u must b feeling so intelligent no??anyways…Wipe that foam from the side of your mouth…take a chilled glass of water…and go back to what u do best…Modi Modi Modi 108 times…

          • nairps

            I don’t give a damn for your ridiculous Hindi. Every Hindu patriot has contempt for this Arabized/Persianised language. Don’t tell me what to do. We patriots know what to do. Do you know what we do best? We call a spade a spade. You know what I mean?

          • Anti National Patriot

            We patriots?? U think u are patriot? Every brainless Idiotic Bigot hides behind Patriotism the way a prostitute hides behind the “woman liberation” when caught. With loonies like u masquerading as patriots India does not need enemies! Patriots like u are worst then Terrorists. What they say…. “it is better to have intelligent foes, instead of idiot friends”

          • nairps

            Pseudo-secularists like you are the greatest enemies of India. It does not lie in your mouth to call others ‘loonies’ when ‘sickulars’ like you are the biggest loonies in the country. What is the use of your alleged intelligence when you are found wanting in patriotism? I advise you to quit the sacred land of Hindus while you still have time.

          • Anti National Patriot

            The only difference between Islamic Terrorists and Modi Bhakts is that Terrorists have more balls than Bhakts! Otherwise basic bent of mind is exactly the same!

          • nairps

            Has any Modi bhakt killed anyone yet unlike Islamic or ‘sickular’ terrorists? Have you found any Modi bhakt with a pen knife, let alone a Kalashnikov? Who are you trying to fool, you secular scoundrel? You can’t fool anyone in the age of the Internet and social media. There is one thing common between the unspeakable fiends of Islam and ‘sickularism’ like you: both are avowedly anti-Hindu.Both kinds of scoundrels will soon be booted out of India, holy land of Hindus and Hindus only.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Well what about 2002 riots?(I don’t care if Modi has been given clean chit by courts) What about Dadri? As I said the ideology and stupidity levels are exactly same..except that terrorists have more bal**s and more violence!! Any theocracy, the basic thought is same!

          • nairps

            How dare you mention 2002 riots without saying what caused it? Don’t you know that it was the burning alive of 59 innocent women and children in a train by barbarous Muslims (just because the victims were Hindus) that caused the riots to erupt? Why do you say you don’t care if Modi has been given clean chit by court? Because ‘sickularists’ like you have no faith even in the Supreme Court? If Hindus demand the right to live in peace in their one and only homeland, you sickularists start shouting ‘theocracy’! Do you really think any Hindu will believe this in future, in this age of the Internet and social media? It is not surprising that your words express admiration for Muslim terrorists. ‘Sickularists’ have always been known for their cowardice and moral bankruptcy. But, mark my words, the days of Nehruvian ‘sickularism’ are now clearly over.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Wipe that foam from side of your mouth.
            Even Rajiv Gandhi was never convicted by any court for Boforse, does that mean he was innocent? Hell no! Going by this criteria 99% of Indian Netas are innocent because they were never convicted by a court. Indeed 2002 riots were engineered and executed by Modi himself. Even Bhakts know it but never admit it. Godhra indeed is condemnable and most the culprits are behind the bars. Going by your definition Mumbai Blast can also be justified by babri demolition, which itself can b justified by some thing else and then some thing else….? It is unending.

          • K T Thomas

            How can you compare a worthless lout like Roberto Gandhi with Modi? I am amazed that you say Modi engineered the 2002 riots. Do you expect anyone to believe this? I don’t think any Godhra culprit has been punished so far. Mumbai blasts cannot be justified at all but Babri demolition can be justified because the mosque was built on a demolished temple.

          • Anti National Patriot

            I am sorry if I offended Rahul Gandhi by comparing him to and Idiot by DNA like Modi! As for 2002 riots, anybody with even 1/4th of a brain knows Modi was architect of the riots. Even Bhakts know it and pujofy Modi for his 2002 deed but they just cannot admit it !

          • nairps

            Shame on you for sucking up to a mentally retarded drug addict like Rahul Gandhi whose real name is Raul Vinci (he has an Italian passport). How can you call Modi an ‘idiot by DNA’ when his 13-year-old chief ministership of Gujarat is praised by all, including his Congi foes like Shankersinh Waghela. It is no use screaming ‘Modi was architect of 2002 riots’ when neither the public nor the courts believe the canard. By the way, what is ‘pujofy’? Don’t you even know basic English?

          • NARAYAN RAO

            Why do you think ? Google :

            Godhra conviction

            and you can get all the news.

          • K T Thomas

            To my knowledge, not a single despicable Muslim, who set the train compartment on fire in Godhra, has been jailed even for a day, thanks to our ‘secular’ polity, ‘secular’ media, ‘secular’ academics and even a ‘secular’ judiciary!

          • NARAYAN RAO

            It is a sign of a closed mind that admits of no knowledge other than its own.

          • nairps

            Try telling that to any Muslim. Your head will be separated from your body in a minute. That’s why sickularists never dare to preach to Muslims.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            I really do not know what to say.

            All you have to do is go through the comments section of any of these right-wing websites OpIndia , Indiafacts , NitiCentral and many others like these , and see who makes comments which have four-letter words , and other abuses of the choicest kind. A lot of them threaten the worst possible fate for those who disagree with them.

            Do you mean to say that all such commenters are Muslims ?

            If not , do you mean to say that all such commenters are just fantasizing , since in real life they are probably powerless to do anything ?

          • nairps

            Whatever patriotic commenters may say on web sites, they do not practice violence, unlike Muslims. It is the peaceful nature of Hindu nationalists that draws attacks from sickularists; knowing full well that their response will only be verbal, not physical. But sickular outrage evaporates on seeing a Muslim because sickularists know full well that Muslims use swords, not words. Patriotic commenters are not powerless to do anything, they are far too decent to hurt anyone, even their worst enemies like sickularsits. But, hopefully in the near future, they will give a holiday to their decency and learn to emulate Muslims. Only that will knock some sense into the heads of sickularists bearing Hindu names.


        Please go through this link and then decide for yourself whether your opinion of Dinanath Batra is still the same :

        • Krispy K

          Naturally, any link excreted by a Commie scumbag like you will only show what is convenient for you. Which means it’s going to stand against anything that is in the interests of India and Hindus in general. So stick it up your well-used behind.

        • nairps

          I don’t know Dinanath Batra or what he does. I only know he is a Hindu. Modi is free to take advice from any true Hindu who is not a traitor to the nation.

          • NARAYAN RAO

            If you are after truth , then why are you afraid to go through the posted link ? Go through it and decide for yourself.

            Who decides whether a Hindu is a true Hindu ? You ? Or some designated approvers such as the VHP , Bajrang Dal ? Or people like Dinanath Batra ? Or some of the commenters in forums like this ?

          • nairps

            I could also give you a thousand links for you to go through and get at the truth but won’t bother because for a pseudo-secularist, whatever be the evidence, the conclusion is always the same. A true Hindu can easily because be recognized by his devotion to his land, language, religion and culture. It is also easy to discover the traitors among us. No wonder then that a wisecrack among indiafacts readers is now referring to you as ‘Narayan Mao’. That says it all, doesn’t it?

    • JustSaying

      Can you please give an example of a Hindu theocracy at any time in the history ? Priests(Hindu/Dharmic) have never ruled India. Yes, they have had respect, but never ruled. So the question of separation of state and religion never arose in India. Theocracy, where priests rule exists in non-Indian environment and so this separation of two is also a non-Indian(Western)import and like many imports it is followed blindly by the so-called “intellectuals”. This Comparison of Pakistan to India is a very sly, cunning ploy invented by the intolerant awardwapsigang. They don’t even realize that the two terms Hindu and Pakistan are an oxymoron or mutually exclusive. The two cannot exist together.
      I don’t want to talk about Dinanath Batra because I don’t know much about him but it doesn’t seems like the current PM is “guided” by him.

      • Anti National Patriot

        It does not seem Modi is guided by Dinanath Batra?? Typical idiotic Bhakt u r. For your information his organisation is playing major role in shaping the content of school books in Gujarat and now same would be done in Haryana too. It is on record just check it. Modi himself is stupid enough to say that Ganesha is result of advanced plastic surgery during vedik times and karna the result of advanced genetic science. That is straight out of D. Batra’s philosophy. He is indeed close Dina Nath Batra. Check ur facts. U may find it hard to believe but RSS does want India to become a Hindu Theocratic state.

        • JustSaying

          It is possible to have a decent dialogue without labeling people. Is it a crime to be objective ?
          The question of what anybody wants is insignificant. Different ideologies be it Congress, be it communists or anybody else, want India to follow their own ideology. However it is the people who decide what India becomes not some organization. Hindus don’t accept theocracy because the very nature of Hinduism is not suitable to it. You can look all you want but you will never find a time in Indian History where theocracy has existed.
          Getting on a podium and saying something is a different thing and actually implementing it as a PM is a different thing. I would appreciate it if you could please point out any NCERT book that says the thing you are saying. Not Gujarat or Haryana please, only CBSE books or any board directly under Government of India.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Is gujarat under Pakistani Govt? Hindus do not accept theology is a known not need ur lecture on that..Modi’s Cow politics getting a royal drubbing in a major state like bihar is proof of that. But Modi-Shah, the Idiot-Gunda duo of India r trying their level best to convert India in to a Hindu Mirror image of Pakistan. This is why why manufactured issues like Luv Jihad, Ghar Vapsi, Beef, Gaay, idiotic sffronisaton of India’s history etc.

          • Aqueel

            My dear friend I have been reading your comments recently, you didn’t refuted a single one instead you kept on with your diabatire and abused them calling BHAKTS. this is the best you can do. You don’t want to believe on Indian courts and you say Love Jihaad is fake all because you believe so. I am not a supporter of Modi but at the same time I am amazed when educated people like you support Raga…someone who is not even fit to be a clerk.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Oh really! I wud b happy to refute the comments but cannot do same with “hopes, assertions and emotions”. Luv Jihad is absolute figment of ingination of those Hindus who suffer from inferirity complex vis a vis Muslims. These Hindus think that Muslims are more men then they themselves… that is why they imagine their women being vulnerable to the “manly charms” of more supposedly more virile Muslim male..hence the concept of Luv Jihad. If it is not so, who on earth is stopping Hindus to lure Muslim Women? Now being a Bhakt u claim that Hindus are very principaled to do so? Right? wrong! Secondly if at all Luv Jihad exists, it is an act of terrorism, who stops Modi from arresting such people. Put the names and numbers of such organisation in front of nation. Has he? If you claim such a thing has been accepted by court, please send me link of such a “leagal acceptance” by any court in India. Mind u merely filing a case in court is not enough. Game on. Let us spar on the basis of facts.

          • K T Thomas

            There is no use ‘sparring on the basis of facts’ with a pseudo-secularist because for a pseudo, whatever be the evidence, the conclusion is always the same.

          • Aqueel

            And yeah talking about History lemme tell you none of your eminent historians refuted scholars on new findings they simply denied it. As a student of science I would prefer to be on someone’s side who.provide evidence. It’s wired even excavated artifacts were dubbed as saffron by these historians.

          • K T Thomas

            Modi’s so-called ‘cow politics’ did NOT get a drubbing in Bihar. BJP’s vote share actually went up. No one can convert India into a mirror image of Pakistan because all Indians, except commies, are generally tolerant. The issues you have mentioned are real, not manufactured.. The manufactured ones are rising intolerance, award returning, etc. People of Bihar got the government they deserve. It seems they are happy with lanterns (Lallu’s symbol) and that they don’t want electricity. Then, so be it.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Luv Jihad is absolute figment of ingination of those Hindus who suffer from inferirity complex vis a vis Muslims. These Hindus think that Muslims are more men then they themselves… that is why they imagine their women being vulnerable to the “manly charms” of more supposedly more virile Muslim male..hence the concept of Luv Jihad. If it is not so, who on earth is stopping Hindus to lure Muslim Women? Now being a Bhakt u claim that Hindus are very principaled to do so? Right? wrong! Secondly if at all Luv Jihad exists, it is an act of terrorism, who stops Modi from arresting such people. Put the names and numbers of such organisation in front of nation. Has he? If you claim such a thing has been accepted by court, please send me link of such a “leagal acceptance” by any court in India. Mind u merely filing a case in court is not enough.

          • K T Thomas

            Hindu and Christian men do not lure Muslim women because Islam is a universally despised religion and Muslims a universally loathed people. Also, Muslim women are usually ugly, squinty-eyed and fat like pigs. Love Jihad is a sad reality all over India, particularly in my home state of Kerala, where thousands of Hindu and Christian girls have fallen victims. Many senior bishops and metropolitans have said so publicly on TV. How can any Hindu or Christian suffer from an inferiority complex vis-à-vis Muslims when both groups hold Muslims in contempt?

          • Anti National Patriot

            “Muslim women are usually ugly, squinty-eyed and fat like pigs” Ha ha ha …Actually holding my stomach ….I knew it this is going to be your defense! oh my my choosy Hindu men are ..really no! They would never tease/molest/rape/have an affair with a woman just because she is Muslim??!!! Oh my God ….how absurd one can get. I can bet my balls that u are typical sissy Keralite ..exactly the kind of lesser man I described above ..And u do suffer from inferiority complex vis a vis Muslims. And since when Christians have started clubbing themselves Hindus RSS types? The same Chaddwallas who have demolished and defiled scores churches across India?? Now tell me what grouse u have against Muslims..was it your wife or GF or Sister or Mom who had an affair with a Muslim? hmm who???

          • K T Thomas

            It is a fact that Muslim women are usually ugly. But that is not the only reason why Hindu and Christian men never go near them. It is because they have an innate sense of decency which is totally absent in Muslim men. People of Kerala are, far from being ‘sissy’ (whatever that means), adventurous and intellectually brilliant. How can Hindus and Christians suffer an inferiority complex vis-à-vis Muslims when we have nothing but contempt for these descendants of Arabs, Turks, Afghans and Persians? Shame on you to defend the indefensible acts of the vilest creatures on earth, namely, Muslims.

          • Anti National Patriot

            U r indeed Sissy..this is precisely why u suffer from this paranoia of your women being lured/seduced by a stronger and more attractive Muslim male! This is exactly the psyche behind the concept of Luv Jihad..and in the heart of your hearts u know what i am saying is true..but off course u cannot admit your own weakness which is almost genetic in u. Otherwise what r u saying..your women are some kind of a brainless sheep who can be shepherded by any one? I have no fear of my woman being lured by a Muslim.She is intelligent, sharp and independent minded. And she chose me coz I am man enough to take care of her needs..unlike u whose woman find u a lesser man..hence always the fear of Muslims! Ha ha ha!

          • nairps

            I don’t think it is a question of whether non-Hindus are manly or not. The question is whether Muslim men are civilized or not. Their behaviour over the past 1,400 years all over the world indicates that they are not civilized at all. Non-Muslims do not fear Muslim men, they only have deep contempt for followers of the desert god. But once Hindu and Christian men take to violence (that is the only language Muslims understand), love jihad will soon subside. As Gandhi himself said, all Muslims are bullies and all bullies are also cowards. They may target innocent Hindu and Christian girls but won’t dare to look in the yes of an RSS man.

          • Anti National Patriot

            If does not will it subside. Imaginary concept of Luv Jihad appeals to those who are not men u urself.

          • nairps

            If love jihad does not exist, where did thousands of Hindu and Christian girls disappear? Into thin air? What is this concept of ‘man enough’? Is it that Hindu men are not predatory wolves like Muslim men? Only violence or ‘direct action’ (Jinnah’s own words) against Muslims can bring an end to love jihad which is heavily financed by oil-rich Gulf countries. (I know this because, unlike you, I live and work in the Gulf)

          • Anti National Patriot

            “where did thousands of Hindu and Christian girls disappear?”???? WELL becase grass is blue…sky is made of rock….sun rises from north….water is made of acid….This is exactly why “thousands of Hindu and Christian girls disappear”!! Got It? Who has allowed an insane like u to roam around freely….Bhakt?

          • nairps

            Your ridiculous answer is typically secularist. The poor parents and relatives of these thousands of Hindu and Christian girls very well know where their children disappeared, that is, into the harems of the Muslim wolves who hunted them and converted them into their begums. Don’t try denying love jihad, because it is one of the grim realities of our times. Finally, who has allowed a secularist like you to live in the land of the Hindus?

          • Anti National Patriot

            I just tried my level best o match with absolutely stupid & idiotic assertions u r making in ur comments.

          • nairps

            But no sane and patriotic person can match a secularist in stupidity and idiotic assertions. For a secularist, whatever be the evidence, the conclusion is always the same!

          • Anti National Patriot

            With Doltish duds like you masquerading around as patriots India does not need traitors. As they say “it is better to have intelligent foes instead of stupid friend”.

          • nairps

            A secularist know only how to abuse. He can never defeat a patriot with sound arguments. No wonder secularism is fading away from the Hindu homeland. A secularist is a greater enemy of the nation that even Muslims and Christians. As they say, ‘it is better to face a 1,000 Islamic barbarians in front of you than be stabbed in the back by a secular charlatan’ , like you.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Ha ha ha ha..every ch**a these days calls himself as patriot and takes fake pride in him being better then others. But the fact remains that he is weak minded, suffering from perpetual sense of inferiority complex idiot.

          • nairps

            Ha, ha, ha. Every anti-Hindu scum is calls himself a secularist these days and take fake pride in bashing the Hindu homeland’s natives by whose generosity and grace he continues to survive in our land. We could have solved the ‘secular’ problem in Islamic or Christian style (that is by using sword or gun but we were too civilized which is why drain inspectors like you breathe the air of our holy land, drink our water and eat our food and then abuse us. We are not weak at all, we are inheritors of the glorious heritage of Shivaji, Swami Vivekanand and Nathuram Godse. It is the pseudo-secularist ‘mlechchas’ who feel small in front of noble and civilized patriotic Hindus.

          • Anti National Patriot

            U live in some well or what? World’s best looking females come from the stock of Arabs, Turks, Afghans and Persians. We may hate them..but cannot deny the truth.

          • nairps

            I don’t know where Thomas lives but I work in a Gulf country and I can see a lot of Muslim women -Arabs, Egyptians, Lebanese, Jordianian, Syrians, Iranis etc. Most of them look ghastly compared to charming Indian ladies. Despite all the paint and the perfume, Muslim women of whatever stock are distinctly ugly. Ask anyone who have travelled around the world.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Proves the point..something wrong with your manhood.

          • nairps

            Ha, ha, ha! It is obvious that you have nothing to say. Even British colonial administrators in erstwhile East Bengal have said that Hindu women are much better looking that the sultry begums of Islam. There is nothing wrong with my manhood because I have three children. But there is definitely something wrong with your self-respect and patriotism, both of which seem to be totally absent in you.

          • JustSaying

            Calm down a bit. You don’t seem to understand what you are writing. There is a difference between theology and theocracy. We are talking about theocracy, not theology. I am not lecturing you or anybody, you are the one who is frothing at mouth and calling all and sundry foul names.

            There is a difference between state and a country. All I asked is show me one text book from CBSE syllabus or any other central board syllabus that talks about the things you have been ranting about, you know ancient genetics and all. You have not done that, instead you have gone off on a tangent.You are all over the place.
            About history . May be you should start reading some real history written by real historians backed by solid evidence and not by some airy fairy historians like those of last 60 years.
            You are quite unaware of court judgements.

          • Anti National Patriot

            Real History? Written by some Right wing lunatic? U mean to say! The history according to which Ganesha is the proof of Advanced Plastic Surgery and Karna the proof of advanced genetic science…during vedic times?? that type of “True History”..u r referring to no? Well enjoy such kite flying! all the best. And what exactly is so extraordinarily unbelievable I am saying for which u want text book proof. There are facts and then there are some reasonable & logical conclusions one can draw based on them and environment around. If ur way of countering those conclusions is by asking for proof instead of putting forth ur own conclusions backed by logic and facts, than it is a mere diversion exercise from you. U think my facts are wrong? counter it by your own facts. Do not Compare “facts” with “conclusion or views”.

          • JustSaying

            You really have some serious comprehension issues . Am I talking about Ganesh and genetics in ancient times ? Did I ever mention anything about genetics at all. You are the one who is been harping about it like a rabbit who believes sky is falling. It is quite clear you are completely unaware of what is happening in the world and are stuck in some kind of time warp.
            I don’t know how old you are but your arguments are quite childish.
            It has been pointed out time and again that the History written in last 60 years is quite distorted. The pivotal theories and events on which this history, being taught for last 60 years, is based is highly contentious . The historians who wrote this history in last 60 years have not been able to counter a single question raised about the history they created and wrote for last 60 years. There only response is to call such people “Right wing” individuals, just as you are doing. Either you don’t know about it or are pretending not to know about it.
            In either case there is no point in carrying this conversation forward.

          • Anti National Patriot

            History is never perfect. It can only attempt to b. which part of last 60 years history u do not agree with.

          • K T Thomas

            Hindus have not accepted theology until now but they are likely to in the near future because of non-Hindu intolerance. Bihar election results had nothing to do with theology. All the issues you mentioned are real, not manufactured. The only manufactured issues are ‘rising intolerance’ and ‘award wapasi’. Those who returned awards must be stripped of their Indian citizenship and deported to the caliphate of the Islamic State run by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

        • K T Thomas

          What is wrong with Modi being guided by Batra? Can’t a PM take advice from anyone? What is wrong in rewriting school books distorted for decades by communists? Is not known that plastic surgery was practiced in ancient India? I have never heard any RSS leader say that they want India to be a theocratic state. Also, can you deny that Indian Muslims want india to be a theocratic Islamic state?

          • Anti National Patriot

            Ha ha your last comment u claimed Modi is not guided by you are defending it! You r arguing for the sake of arguing without knowing what you r saying. Typical signs of a dud brain Bhakt!

          • K T Thomas

            Don’t try to act superior. There is no logic in your words, only some lung power. Let Modi take advice from any one he likes, including Batra, except of course the commie traitors and quislings. I am not a Modi bhakt but I refuse to take illogical commie ranting lying down, as the hapless people of India have since independence in 1947.

          • Anti National Patriot

            I do not think I am superior but ur idiotic answers wherein there is zero consistency ..i do feel almost an Intellectual…Bhakt Darling….now go back to chanting Modi Modi Modi..108 times twice a day.

          • K T Thomas

            It is your rantings that have no logic or consistency at all. Osama bin Ladin bhakt, you have no future in India or in any civilized country. You can spread your prayer mat on the road on Fridays, blocking traffic, and pray to Allah to please kill all kafirs like me.

  • Anfauglir

    Should have added:

    The interviewer asked the secular politician about whether his wife was indeed christian as was being reported, and whether this had any influence on his own curious definition of secularism. The politician, being cornered by the unexpected and pointed question, grudgingly acknowledges his wife is a christian and insists that she is “therefore” the very paragon of secularism. He adds that he himself believes in jesus “too” and celebrates christmas with the family (despite referring to himself as “Hindu” for the interview), and that he was touched his wife didn’t convert him, but rather led him to this liberating view of secularism here expressed, even though the kids are happily baptised. Then the interviewee immediately added the defensive “but my wife’s religion is not relevant to the subject” and asked that these details be stricken from the interview.

  • Kamal

    Excellent. Only word

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    Please Google : ” Perversion of India’s Political Parlance ” by Sita Ram Goel. Proves all that the Neta
    ‘secular’ spoke !!


    Very communal article. Don’t abuse me.

    • Jay Zaim

      your nom de plum is abuse enough.

  • Krispy K

    I can’t imagine any of these traitors saying “Jai Hind” unless it was with ironic contempt.

    Anyway this spoof interview pretty much covers all the bases regarding the crude tricks and brazen double standards employed by enemies of the state. It also highlights how critical it is for this country that they are eliminated.

  • Sibby

    It is a very sad reality. Media including films like PK and Singham 2, they portray all Hindus are regressive and oppressive with biases against minorities, giving rise to extremism. On the other hand we have movies like Fiza and Haider which portray muslims terrorist as emotional, justifying their acts. This attitude of media and movies alike has created biases among communities. Poor and uneducated muslims blame hindus for their situation and hence are influenced by terrorist organization and Pak ISI. Instead of allowing educational reforms in madarsas, media portray any reform as an attack on minority’s freedom. Also poverty and population go hand in hand. Muslims tend to be poorer, hence they have higher growth rate. Instead of educating them about family planning, all media portrayed their population growth as negative by claiming that they have the biggest drop in growth rate in muslims. Media sees anything involving hindus and muslims as communal usually saying hindus as aggressors. Media is the greatest to national security and secular fabric not Modi or muslim. I ask all hindus, muslims, sikhs, christians, Jains and others to unite against these anti national Media.

    • Krispy K

      The Congress Party seem to permeate much of this. They must disappear for good.

  • subodh1945

    gd one jee ,maza aa gaya