Aamir Khan Deserves What He Got

It is time that the Bharatiya Janata Party recognized that that appeasement—whether of Muslims, antagonistic intellectuals, or unscrupulous celebrities—is wrong in principle as well in practice.

The Narendra Modi government is being criticized for removing film star Aamir Khan from the Incredible India campaign. The real criticism, however, should be: why didn’t it remove him when he made the intolerance remarks a couple of months ago? He should have been kicked out of the campaign at that time and in a direct manner, not by hiding behind the technicality of some agency’s contract with the government.

Aamir should have been kicked for the obvious incongruity: he traduces India while trying to promote tourism in the country. Continuing him as brand ambassador for India’s tourism would have been akin to tasking Amartya Sen to promote Hindutva. 

Unfortunately, the government’s attitude has been cowardly. Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma said, “Our contract was with the McCann Worldwide agency for Atithi Devo Bhava campaign. The agency had hired Aamir for the job. Now the contract with the agency is over. Ministry has not hired Aamir.” Why couldn’t the Minister, who doesn’t enjoy a reputation for gravity, have just said that the guy was thrown out because of his obnoxiousness?

More conspicuous than the government’s cowardice are Aamir’s duplicity and sanctimoniousness. In a statement, he said, “I was happy to be of service to my country, and will always be available for it… It is always an honor for me to be of service of my country, and this is how it will always be…”

Here is a man who parrots the lies spread by Leftists and liberals. Like most badly-educated celebrities, he talks rubbish about things—e.g., the Paris attacks in November—that he doesn’t know and is incapable of knowing. Yet, his views are taken as the musings of a profound scholar.

The mainstream media, despite the extensive reporting about Aamir’s exit from the Incredible India campaign, has failed to comprehend his cunningness. Or, perhaps, it is just unwilling to expose the shenanigans of India’s most hypocritical and pretentious movie star. Hypocrisy: he produces a movie, Delhi Belly, which is full of filth and yet slams vulgarity in cinema.

delhi bellyPretentiousness: he takes up fashionable causes, like the supposedly ‘growing intolerance’ in India, while he remains silent on the havoc played by Muslim zealots all over the world.

According to the information available to me, the film star was aware of the move to remove him from the campaign when he made the disgraceful remarks about intolerance in India; the remarks were aimed at preempting the exit. Evidently, he has succeeded in his ploy.

The ploy had to succeed, for the government lacks the guts and frankness to call a spade a spade and a scamp a scamp. So, the Tourism Minister could not throw Aamir out of his Ministry’s campaigns. And now there is a report that the Prime Minister’s Office, too, has tried to placate the film star. According to a report in The Indian Express (January 8), Nripendra Mishra, Principal Secretary to the PM, called up Mahesh Sharma on Thursday, asking him to provide the chronology of the campaign and the facts of the contract with the superstar.

It is time that the Bharatiya Janata Party recognized that that appeasement—whether of Muslims, antagonistic intellectuals, or unscrupulous celebrities—is wrong in principle as well in practice. Appeasement has to stop.

Ravi Shanker Kapoor is a journalist and author. He upholds freedom of expression, individual liberty, free market, and open society. He is an uncompromising opponent of Islamism, communism, and other totalitarian ideologies. He is also a critic of intellectuals, as evident from his third book, How India’s Intellectuals Spread Lies (Vision Books).
  • Ramaswamy108

    Aamir Khan Deserves What He Got. Incredible career success?

  • Dr. MS

    This is what you get for worshiping third rate entertainers, who also happen to be very arrogant and crafty. This is a guy who has been promoting very crude and pathological aspects of India, much of it exaggerated, fabricated and a tiny number. He is not very smart or insightful…but he is aggressive, proactive and pushy. See how far idiots who can be pushy, aggressive and charming go in India? As long as there are stupid Hindus who don’t see through this, or attack smart women in their own community, then expect to be breeding idiots who will put up with such men and promote them, or who are incapable of removing idiots from the tourism industry, or any industry. And, why are such people promoted by Idiot Indians in foreign countries?

    There are wonderful Muslims and minorities in the entertainment industry who would have been good for tourism…though they too have to get training on the intricacies of what they are saying, implying and achieving. Amir would feel comfortable in 40 or so Islamic countries. Nothing wrong with that, but one doubts anybody even in SA would want this guy promoting Mecca and Medina. But he should go there and try.,

  • P B Ind

    Yes, Congress + Cow – but I am sure there are many in the BJP who want to pursue the Hindu agenda but are caught by the compulsion of facing a very anti-Hindu 24*7 media who are hell bent on destroying India’s image in the garb of attacking Modi. It’s tricky, so they have to pursue the agenda by stealth, even if they dare to do so. So I think the left dominated MSM (main stream media) is the culprit. We need to encourage more Hindu sympathetic blogs, social media outlets and news channels to effectively counter these breaking India forces.

  • Sadanand Bhat

    BJP is gut less and can’t agree more with Shourie when he says it is congress + cow. They haven’t done any thing for Hindus after coming to power (in Karnataka they had absolute majority for 5 years), won’t undo the damage being done to our temples etc only talk about hindu causes when election comes nearby. Agreed they are more patriotic than the secular mob and Modi has done a good job, but for hindus as such NONE.

    • Anfauglir

      The upvote is because I agree with _your_ comment.
      (I don’t care for Shourie, who’s turned openly anti-Hindu for a while now.)

  • Sledgehammer

    Chiclets run for cover the moment they feel an eagle approaching, its not that the mother hen sat down and educated the Chiclets about the predator, instead the fear of the predator is ingrained into the psyche of the Chiclets.

    Somewhat similar has happened to us Hindus, centuries of victimization, death, wanton destruction, rioting and plain dehumanization has done immeasurable damage to our sense of honor, pride and dignity. The moment we take on the Islamist swine, some of our own go over to them to wipe their crocodile tears and blame Hindus. Regardless of who initiates trouble the recording of events always starts from what the Hindus did. In most if not all the cases the agent provocateurs (read Muslims) get away with their actions.

    A mullah takes traffic policemen to task for booking a traffic violator who happens to be a Muslim and the the policemen meekly let off both the violator and the mullah who interfered with the duties of a govt servant.

    A gang of Muslims march and wreck havoc for calling their prophet a gay and the govt does nothing. Instead it goes ahead and arrests Kamlesh Tiwari who was responding to an insult to the RSS by a UP politician.

    And lastly our own 56″ chested govt can’t even tick off a divisive actor who selectively outrages about “Hindu excesses” and turns a blind eye to the activities of his coreligionists. Whats worse is that the govt reaches out to placate this closet Islamist bigot.

    No wonder we are being shot at from all directions like a fish in a barrel. Dear Hindus, this is open season against Hindus, we either stand up and fight back without pulling punches or roll over and die.

  • shrikant talageri

    As I have been saying in all my recent posts in various discussion sites, the main enemies of Hinduism are not the Muslims and Christians who are attacking Hinduism openly, not even the vicious “leftist” intellectuals who are Hindu by birth but openly anti-Hindu by profession. It is the pseudo-Hindutvavadis (mercenary organisations, parties and individuals masquerading as Hindutvavadis even as they sell off India and Hinduism to its enemies and play the most lethal role of stifling and emasculating Hindus from within like Trojan horses or viruses within the body).

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    Sir, I beg to disagree. It is NOT appeasement. It is rank COWARDICE. Remember what Gandhiji said – and is 100% true : An average Muslim is a BULLY and an average Hindu is a COWARD. Kshatriya Kulam is long gone, dead and buried in INCREDIBLE SECULAR INDIA.

  • rahul nirvana

    The main issue that author is rightly pointed is cowardice of this so called right wing modi govt…..they should have dumped Aamir with full conviction….modi is doing exact same mistake as vajpayee…by appeasing sickularz n mullahs….he will lose in 2019 as he is really offending nationalists which are the only folks who vote for him….

  • Amak4u

    Right said. BJP should stop wooing the Muslims and Christians as they will never vote BJP.

  • Sekhars

    real life is very different than on screen. Amir can’t deliver any thing in real lives He should clean up bollywood first

  • apu589

    Amir Khan is a good actor.Period. Because of the fact that we have elevated the likes of him to the level of intellectuals that we expect sane things out of them. But actually Amir Khan is a douchebag

  • kumar

    Aamir Khan must have been kicked out earlier. A person who endorses a product but does not believe it has no business to continue. He has made thousands of crores in movies contributed mainly by hindu fans and he has the temerity to call India intolerant.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    All said & done I do feel sorry for Amir Khan. As an actor he is really good. More talented than Shah Rukh Khan etc.

    He alone cannot be held responsible for a movie like pk. It is our censor board that allowed it.

    Certain objectionable statements made by certain fanatical hindutvavadis probably made Amir Khan’s wife feel insecure & he was naive enough to share their fears with the people at large.

    Whereas kollywood’s kamalhassan & many belonging to film industry of Tamil Nadu with the approval of dmk & dk have always gone overboard in ridiculing Hindus’ Gods & Goddesses.

    An Amir Khan is incredibly superior to bjp MP hemamalini who embraced Islam momentarily for a few hours with a view to “marrying” a much married dharmendra legitimate husband of Prakash kaur. She bribed one Iyengar Priest to officiate & solemnize her unholy matrimony. Such a dubious hemamalini was nominated by bjp including Narendra Modi who campaigned for her in Mathura. She had the gall to herself (sic) ” Goddess Lakshmi Devi ” while soliciting votes. What sanskriti are such hindus upholding pray tell me.

    Rajnath Singh another bjp member forever ranting about sanskriti had no qualms while falling at the feet of ND.Tiwari caught on camera having group sex orgies. Just by stealing Swami Vivekananda’s “Brothers & Sisters” a Rajnath Singh cannot metamorphose into one Swami Vivekananda.

  • Dr. MS

    Who the heck is writing with my name again? And who the heck is Ann Fauglir? There was one obnoxious person by the name of Anfauglir who has been following me around on the net and has acted like a goonda and claims she is a woman. Why don’t you guys in the editorial board moderate? Who are these people? And which missionary is supporting people like Anfauglirh (though she claims she is a conservative Catholic)…The church needs to start providing sermons on Christian behavior on the net. Many of them are acting like “devils and satans” than good Christians. The Pople should speak to this.

    Look at the comment section on NYT…so much more intelligent, insightful and sophisticated – better than many articles.

    Who don’t you guys moderate?

    • BalancedCentre

      forgot your meds today??

      • Anfauglir

        That or her meds are ineffective… Because I’m pretty sure she’s like that _every_ day.

        For the record, the following is one of Dr PMS’ many compulsive lies:
        “And which missionary is supporting people like Anfauglirh (though she claims she is a conservative Catholic)”

        Obviously, I never said I’m a catholic or any type of christian–conservative or otherwise–because I’m a heathen Hindu, by ancestry, by birth, and consciously. But heathen is as heathen does, so I need not (and can not) prove this publicly by any other means than by what I say or do in defence of my Hindu Gods.

        Sadly, Dr PMS focusing her abuse and lies on me is only temporary: I’ve no doubt she’ll in time go back to trolling against Hindu men and hence Hinduism, as is her real aim and which truly bothers me, unlike her really lame personal attacks.

        On the subject of christianity, however, Dr PMS has foolishly divulged that her husband is a christian in a new comment: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/indiafacts/science_secularism_and_saturn/#comment-2499228941
        I’m hoping she won’t edit it to remove her blundered confession, but in a response I’ve recorded her direct and self-incriminating quote for posterity.

        In any case, mystery solved (but was it ever really a mystery and didn’t everyone already guess it?) of why Dr PMS attacks Hindu men hence Hinduism: she’s willingly married to a christian–which says something about her own religious proclivities, as it does in every other case of so-called “Hindus” married to the missionary monotheists.

  • Dr. MS

    Not Dr.MS…someone else

    How is it when Dr. MS called some Indian Hindu men emasculated gay prostitutes you guys got upset? I live in a building in Chennai, and I have never lived in this third rate city in my entire life, and after 30 years of overseas living, where one woman goonda, a thug (not a feminist), controls all the men in the association. She hated me moving in because she knew I was not going to fall for her mind games, her intimidation and her emotional manipulations. She is rude, obnoxious, discourteous and on top of that outright stupid and incompetent…even when she controlled the association. Not one of the patriarchal men, good at bossing their wives, their daughters or nice, thoughtful and sensible women like me, have confronted this woman and her mind games or bullying. She has the full backing of thugs in the neighborhood, and her daughter is an unethical law student who also has streaks of violence (which is going to show up as suicidal depression one day) who tapes conversations illegally and drives scooter into people she does not like. That mother and daughter bullies the watchman, bullies neighbors and even renters…many of whom have moved out because of their behaviors. I feel total contempt for the association of men, all big talkers, actors and commentators, but in action and in effectiveness they are “zero”. These are supposed to be highly educated men. middle class and well read. If they can be so cowardly with a simple woman bully in their building…imagine at the level of national security.

    I suggest Indian Hindu men wear saree, bangles and flowers in their hair. They are not men: they are emasculated cowards who at times only know how to bully women like me inside or outside the net. And many of the women are not feminists in India: they are manipulators, survivalists or thugs.

    Great match…

    And Ann Fauglir okayed this write up…

  • krishnakumar

    The MSM is totally communal and anti national. In another article Sh.Tufail Ahmed has said in bold letters that many MSM journalists are on the rolls of ISI and other terrorist groups. That being so, whether it is Aamir Khan or Malda, you can not expect anything different from the paid coolies of ISI and international terrorist groups.

    But what is irking is the cluelessness of the government of the day and the forces of HIndutva. The enemy of the nation aka the MSM along with left overs are well organised ……….. they run their campaign with as much deceit and sharpness……….are getting stronger and bolder day in and day out…………their victims … the nationalist forces are totally unorganised unplanned and toothless.

    To win the game of perception and take the anti national forces head on, the forces of Hindutva and the govt of the day need strategists with the caliber of the likes of Ajit Doval. The results should speak for themselves. The nationalist forces should be appear to be on the driving seat.


    Exactly… couple of century’s
    of subjugation by foreign and internal
    enemies, who had imported and failed theories like communism, Marxism/ Leninism
    and Maoism made us Sanathans to appease the so called minorities – persons with
    different religious views, who are small in numbers.

    I fully agree with the Ravi Shankar that our
    government should have thrown him out of the job, sooner he had spoken badly
    about the country.

    • Dr. MS

      So importing Western style uber capitalism, hyper Capitalism or Capitalism, with all its cultural decimation and colonial attitude, is okay…just not Maoism or Marxism. If you don’t like importing certain kind of Leftist ideas, I don’t, then don’t support importation of Right and Far Right economic, political and/or cultural theories and practices either. It works both ways.

      • guest

        So importing Western style uber capitalism, hyper Capitalism or Capitalism, with all its cultural decimation and colonial attitude—
        Not Okay Either…
        but from my understanding all that resulted from years of corruption of thought…..from several theories, religious thoughts imported that were neither good for the land nor really good for the world.