Acchhe Din Are Already Here

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in contrast has been in the seat for just 18 months and people are behaving as if it is 18 years and he has nothing to show.

Jawaharlal Nehru ruled as Prime Minister from 1947-64 and laid such amazing economic foundations that we went bankrupt in 1991. His daughter Indira Gandhi comes second in the number of years ruled and has the worst human rights record among all Indian Prime Ministers.

Add Rajiv Gandhi’s five years plus Sonia’s ten years by proxy and the Dynasty has ruled us for close to 47 years. Rarely has any family so little to show for such a long reign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in contrast has been in the seat for just 18 months and people are behaving as if it is 18 years and he has nothing to show.

One of Modi’s biggest ad jingles during the 2014 general elections was the coming of “acche din” (good days) when he would take over. While some people are crying “bure din” (bad days) and others say they are not seeing much change, acche din have already come in certain areas.

Here’s a brief look at some of them.

1. The Toilet Revolution: While private education in India is flourishing, government schools continue to be in the pits. One main reason for low enrolment rates and high dropouts (especially of girls) is the lack of toilets.

A simple problem—but one that was ignored and led to a big gap in girls’ education. And now within a year, a whopping four lakh toilets have been built all across India in government schools. This momentous achievement was highlighted by foreign media but played down by many Indian media houses.

India is on course to build millions of toilets just in school and millions more elsewhere. This “Toilet Revolution” is the greatest innovation by a government since the mid-day meal scheme was introduced decades back.

2. Huge energy strides: By some estimates, one-third of India is powerless and the rest face huge power cuts. For the first time a government is targeting 100 per cent electrification of India. Coal reserves are up, the US-nuclear deal has been sorted out and nuclear fuel agreements have been signed with Australia, Canada and Ukraine.

panelThere is also a big push for solar energy and India has a chance of increasing its green energy. The few pioneers languishing in this sector will get busy as will those in the wind energy sector.

The coal auctions saw more money and powers have been transferred to the States and that will go a long way in sorting out the energy woes of India. BJP States are racing towards minimum power cuts while non-BJP States are seeing power mismanagement.

Again, there’s hardly any focus on this in the media.

3. Spectacular foreign policy: This has been Modi’s biggest achievement and you could say that finally our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru has been surpassed. Modi is being noticed all over the world.

Some highlights.

  • He has been signing a host of economic deals which is quite important in a globalized economy. India is Top of the Pops in FDI and its brand value is increasing in the world.
  • For the first time, stranded Indian nationals abroad are being dealt with on a priority basis. The Yemen evacuations were appreciated all over the world except maybe in certain sections in the Indian media who highlighted General VK Singh’s #Presstitute comment instead.
  • The Bangla enclaves were a peculiarity where tens of thousands of Indians and Bangladeshis were stranded in no man’s land. This was also sorted out after 40 years.
  • China is being engaged and Pakistan is being isolated. For the first time there is no Zero Sum Game and India is engaging with every country with the world.

Wherever he goes, Modi gets a lush red carpet and a rock star welcome. Only Indian and Indian-origin Communists are trying to put a spoke in the wheel.

4. National security boosts: Troops at the border have been given permission to fire back at Pakistan. Chinese advances have been checked. Indian troops even neutralized threats in Myanmar.

The government is also taking up terror threats with various other countries. Dubai’s use as a base of Dawood Ibrahim being one recent example. In Ajit Doval we have an ace National Security Adviser.

Gangster Chhota Rajan is back in India and so is ULFA leader Anup Chetia. Dawood for the first time is apprehensive of his future.

5. Defence industry plans: There was an inexplicable and huge policy paralysis in the defence sector. It was difficult to understand because usually the Defence Minister keeps changing every 2-3 years but AK Antony stayed for a whopping 8 years.

Arun Jaitley before handing over charge of the Defence Ministry to Manohar Parrikar cleared a whole lot of files as did the latter after taking over. The amount of projects cleared is in excess of one lakh crore.

OROP, priority on security and this all should contribute to the boosting of the morale of the armed forces in the long run.

6. Citizen relief versus the babu: Any Government is an organization. Like any other company, its employees have to come on time, be accountable and focus on long-term goals. Modi is the first Prime Minister who has pulled up the bureaucracy in such a manner.

Everybody at the Centre is coming on time and working all day. They are being asked to set both short-term and long-term visions. The work culture has already seen a drastic change in New Delhi and if this continues for 5-10 years then this it may percolate downwards to the rest of the country.

7. Infrastructure push: This is huge and is not being noticed because it’s a very long-term vision. Roads. Power plants. Industries. Railways. Planning on taking things forward is proceeding at a high pace and we may start seeing changes as early as 2017-18.

This is one of the things alone that may get Modi re-elected in 2019. Infrastructure Minister Nitin Gadkari, Power Minister Piyush Goyal and Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu are some of the stars in this area.

8. Retired defence personnel: One Rank One Pension was scrapped more than 40 years ago by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and after that, many PMs came in, without even giving the issue a second thought.

oropBut now a new government has implemented OROP after just 18 months of being in power. Lakhs of retired defence personnel can heave a sigh of relief. The biggest to benefit is likely to accrue to the lower ranks and those who retired a long time back and were drawing virtually peanuts.

9. Broadband users: In 2005, the Government of India set the definition of broadband as 256 kbps (they were trying to make it 126 kbps!) and that’s how it stayed throughout UPA1 and UPA2. Modi took over in May 2014 and it July itself that was upgraded to 512 kbps.

Now there’s another bumper upgrade. The definition became 2mbps with effect from October and benefits all BSNL broadband users with no extra charge.

10. Anti-Communists: Communists do not even constitute one per cent of India and they have occupied a majority of key posts in academia and a whole slew of government organizations. It was peculiar how an official democracy agreed to this.

But now, key government posts are not going to Communists. While the headlines scream that posts are going to the “right-wing” or to “RSS sympathizers” or to “BJP lackeys,” the real news is that Communists are being shut out of the system.

That’s the real good news for true democrats who never understood how the elite of India turned Red in the first place. As a parting shot, Modi has in fact seen a brilliant start, but his critics refuse to accept that. In terms of doing so much in 18 months he can be compared only to Lal Bahadur Shastri and PV Narasimha Rao in the past.

The author is a Bengaluru-based journalist. He has previously worked for organizations like the Hindustan Times, CyberMedia, the Centre for Science & Environment and IT market research firm IDC India.
  • Narasing

    Gains in education sector are miniscule. Core Right Agenda, RTE, free temples from govt, abolishing sectarian clauses of constitution (93rd amndnd, article 30 etc), removing minority ministry, minority welfare & making schemes that benefit all & ensuring reservations are granted to deserving have seen BIG ZERO progress. I understand some of those need majority in Rajyasabha, but efforts are not there. Controlling #presstitue media, curbing jihadi terror factories(new wahabi funded mosques & madarasas, ), evangelical invasion have seen no traction either.Just like NDA1, there is a danger, Modi might loose and the changes you see will seem shortlived. Its too early to even think of acche din. We need bold & decisive action to save the republic for hindus .

  • balayogi

    It is too good but need to be further fine tuned by being more aggressive against anti-national forces by finding new ways to tackle them and most importantly deal with media mafia without bothering about all the nonsense peddled by media as ‘perception’ and their tilted prism of projections and prisons of perceptions etc but ensure that parliament functions with national economic development agenda as a priority.

  • Slasher

    This article is Crazy.

    Modi, Modi, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Narendra Modi has not changed everything as this article claims. He is yet to respond properly to the
    Desh Drohi forces who have gathered strength under Arun Jaitley’s tutelage. Possibly the worldly Jaitley arrogates himself to be PM material someday when Modi is deposed. Poor Jaitley does not realize
    that all his friends will become his mortal enemies the day after he becomes PM. He will then be stabbed front and back just like all others in the past. That unfortunately is the end of story for all Hindu Drohis
    and Desh Drohis in India. I hope Modi wakes up soon or 2019 will be history.

    I mentioned in a post somewhere in 2014 that Modi needs to govern as if everyday was his last day in office – meaning, he needed to have the sense of urgency to seek out and destroy the “Breaking
    India” forces that were enormously powerful and gathering even more awesome power. Instead he frittered away his days in rhetoric and foreign jaunts. Now when faced with the total destructive power of the
    Breaking India forces in Delhi and Bihar, he lost. Yet he has not learned.

    Unless he fights them in their own turf which is the Desh Drohi media, he won’t win. Jaitley is a Desh Deohi himself as I alluded above and hence Modi has the wrong man for the job.


    Modi’s only hope is a hope and a prayer but hope is not a winning strategy. I wish him luck. He will need it.

  • Shikhar Bhargav

    Yes! its India Shining again in the homes of few. Toilets are great, What about Education itself? Is there any improvement in the instruction, quality of teacher, commitment of teachers. No one wants to go to govt schools, even poor people shellout hard earned daily wages for private schools. Situation is as dismal as ever.
    Higher education has languished even further, Apex institutions , IIT, IIMs are leaderless. Vast majority are running on extensions. Out of 19 IIMs, only 5 have regular director. In 18 months, MHRD could appoint only one director, and with all that effort of long search found someone (unknown to academic community) a part-time Ph. D.from Patna University and teaching at SP Jain Inst. A major first in history of IIMs, non-research, low ranking bschool Prof is going to lead a Top-5 bschool of country. On one hand Govt wants APEX institutions to move in the global competitive league, on other it appoints B-grade bschool persons to lead and leaves 14 IIMs leaderless. Acche Din? if this is what you mean? Media spin can take you so far, ground reality is stinking. It deja vu! “India Shining” for few, people voted with the reality check in 2004.

  • H.S. Subbaramaiah

    If one go through the bunch of comments here come to a conclusion that about half a dozen people arguing on a party or a person like a debate for and against with a little factors available to them. Now we are not in pre election period. We are in post election period. It is already eighteen months over after election and after NDA/BJP formed the Government as a single party with absolute majority faceing a very week opposition inside the parliament.

    This time BJP party came to power with only 31.5% electorate votes as a single party because then ruling party UPA had a stigma due to 2G scam and has been highly projected as a corrupt Governament. The other 68.5% of electrorate were either not in favour of either or any parties due to the confusion state they were put in by the propaganda made out by the medias as just before election there was a loud noise of discussions on Lokapal Bill and staking of black money in forign banks. For BJP winnings in absolute majority the another reason is projecting Sri Anna Hajare’s sudden appearances in political arena by the large section of the media publications which was also one of the factors that lead to the confusion created in the larger section of electrorate.

    In the last eighteen months ruling of NDA Government the two major points which were projected by the media during pre election period just went into oblivion and our P.M. Modigi concentrated on his forign polices and improving the economical face of our nation by bringing forign direct investments to our country to improvise the Rupee value to the Dollar rather than bringing back black money stalked in forign banks which the electrorate were awaiting with large expectation.

    In the recent months our medias which are not favourable to Modiji as he is not giving much importance to them has given way for another subject intolarence to create further confusion through out the nation to block certain foreign polices of Modiji.

  • krishnakumar

    A smart government of the does not only need to ensure overall growth on sectors ………… albeit on a ranked basis …….. but…….. but………. but……..the most important qualification criteria for that to go the voters to get reelected is how it performs in the game of perception.

    This has nothing to with performance or the lack of any government but about the communication abilities of the government in the domestic arena.

    Without any hesitation, in spite of being a well wisher of this otherwise successful government, I feel that this government has grossly failed in this aspect.

    Day in and day out, the MSM is spreading lies and totally painting not just the government but the country as a whole negatively. To defeat such ill intended designs of the white church sponsored hostile media is too far to expect from the government. The government and its spokespersons are extremely lacking in even facing such negative propoganda. Whereas to defeat such negative campaign, they need a strategy worth the name to take them head on. And no such strategy is visible. And for better effectiveness, the strategy that has to be in place shall be not just for BJP but for the entire forces of HIndutva.

    And to win the game of perception to be eligible enough for reelection ………..the government should change its gears from defense to offense. And its pathetic that the government is not even in a defense gear.


  • H.S. Subbaramaiah

    Mr. Sunil Rajguru, what do you mean ache din already here, where ached in had gone? I do not know how old are you! I am 75 plus. I have seen life through years right from Nehru to Modiji. There was a time a generation of people were adhere to Nehruji. There used to be a great questions what will happen to our nation after Nehru. Fifty years elapsed after the death of Nehru, our nation passed through many progresses. You are born in one of such progressive years, grown up, acquired knowledge to judge things with hear and say history which has been curupted by power monging politicians and money making medias. You are being a present generation fellow found your adherence to only available leader Sree Modiji who’s wave is blowing through the nation in the youngsters mind. You are all afraid whether your faith and confidence is being suppressed by other agencies. You people are giving a desperate fight against such unseen forces. There is one thing called destiny which plays its role. God Almighty said to Partha ” Sambavami uge uge”. When ever certain things to be done he chooses some person or other and get things progressed in this world.

  • malavika

    Modi admin did much to stabilize India. But, in key education sector it is completely silent.

    His admin slogan is Sabka Vikas. So Hindus must demand parity with minorities in running their institutions and temples.
    It is disappointing to see no talk about leveling the field for Hindus by amending article 29/30 and amendment 93.

    Still waiting to see corrupt in jail.

    • Rambir Singh

      In 18 months India can be educated ? its not even 2 years of education? How can you remove teachers from govt schools who are themselves uneducated?

      • malavika

        I am talking about discriminatory art 29/30. With these in place all Hindu run institutions will shut down.

        Just minority Institutions will be available.

        Please read

      • Mohan Bairwa

        In education/ health, Gujrat did not do well than many other states, you can google if your eyes are closed. If you cant have education/ health, then it is not development. And Gujrat is not a creation of only Modi Govt, many are in that loop, Alcohol ban, Vurghese milk revolution, coopertative societies etc.

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  • Pradeep

    Nice points. Points will only be understood by the people, who observes everything in a balanced way. i am fan of NaMo, so i can understand good things of this government. but people are asking “what is it for me”. e.g. swatch bharat tax has been imposed on every item, they are not satisfied with it. they want to see whether that extra money is properly being spent for good of the nation or not. if not they are not going to vote for BJP again. Key is how BJP is going to send this ache din message to people even in the remote village. one more thing “ache din” varies from person to person. ache din for one state people is govt jobs and for other state people is special status. how our PM is going to achieve is interesting thing.

    during campaign NaMo toured all over india and promised different things in different states based on those states needs. does he keep those promises? for e.g. in AP he promised for special status, until now they did not get that. in NE states, he mentioned tourism will be developed. did this government take steps to move in that direction. if yes, where is the progress? and does the same is conveyed to people residing there. based on the promises kept, BJP will get votes in 2019.

    i personally dont want to get Third front with support of congress in 2019. i want ache din to continue for next 5 years also. from now onwards BJP should target 2019. they need to concentrate on south mainly telugu states and karnataka.

    • H.S. Subbaramaiah

      Yes Mr. Pradeep, as we do not find any promising and dynamic leaders in the Congress Party which has lost its Charishma since last 30 years are so, there is a need for a strong one party Government to take our nation towards progress.

      What is also required is projecting BJP party as a whole party which is working for the progress of nation rather making a one man show is absolute requirement in this remaining period of BJP holding central government. Otherwise it leads to look like a dictatorship of 1970s. Let the world be aware that it is BJP Government that is taking India towards progress than saying it Modijis Government or Party. If anybody say Modji’s party it leads to confusion as most of the time public takes it as RSS which is not having political status only supporting BJP.

      In the recent speech in Singapore Expo meeting Modiji very impressively and clearly expressed his plans and requested his followers to forget the history and look forward towards present day progress of the nation. Only after hearing that speech this journalist put down in this article above. In spite of Modiji’s request he has referred Nehruji and his family members era casting provocations to the followers of Congress an opportunity to contest the entire thing mentioned under this article which was not at all called for just informing the public what BJP Government has done in the last eighteen months.

      Why sling mud to making it rebound on the party that is trying to set his footholds. What happened in the past is just happened and done with it. After getting absolute majority it is for BJP to go ahead boldly to prove its ability and capabilities by a right approach to the problems faced by the citizens of our nation.

      • BeeDee

        Nitin gadkari, parrikar, sushma swaraj, jaitley all are working as a team and there work is very much visible.

  • Mohan Bairwa

    It is not an appraisal rather actually praise (blind), only these ten points can not be called “acche din”. Better to comment on it considering the status and progress in social sector like health, education, labor, agriculture, too. May be you are thinking that Modi going to convert India into USA, but need to consider that only infrastructure push may be used to attract votes, actual development will get along with social sector. Point to note is that even european countries and USA took social sectors on priority before infrastructure. India need development in both infrastructure as well as social sector. Indians chose such a strong govt after a legendery thirty years period, not to count these ten tiny points rather biggies. Neglected social sector along righteous cultural revolution weighs much heavier, however, appreciate foreign policy efforts and developments. Agencies to fight corruption, empowering people being weakened like CVC, CIC, CAG, proposed (Lokpal), those used to reveal internal corruptions, this attitude can help in short term but in long term gonna harm only.

    • Rambir Singh

      Are you USA or Europeon , you are harping on? Do you know the weak economy of India ? what has been done is good begining , give us 50 years like congress not 18 months and start abusing

      • Mohan Bairwa

        As you think, Gujrat is not a successful model of overall development, India needs better than that. And you cant say this, BJP is Chhatisgarh since 10 yrs, MP 15-20 yrs, Rajasthan most of time in last two decade. I am just pointing out reality and requirement of nation, not interested in any party or individual.

        • krishnakumar

          @MB, jugglery of words…………Gujrat is not a successful model of overall development……….prima facie indicates that it is not a development model at all. If you say, any government of the day is not supposed to ignore growth in health, education, labour and agriculture, thats fine. If the argument is like infratstructure, national security, defence, foreign policy vs social sector, if its flawed and futile. To put forth an argument like Better performance in foreign policy, defense, social sector and infrastructure are *****TINY POINTS**** IS NOT JUST FLAWED BUT BIASED AND PREJUDICED.

    • अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि

      Well, this is a step in social reforms –

    • BeeDee

      Just plan some thing about your own house which other members of the family does not want to happen…… you will get all the answers there itself.

      • Mohan Bairwa

        This is the only thing which is highly expected from “Bhakts”. It looks like that there is no evidence or they don’t what are actually evidences of development.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Good one. There is no way one can find fault with Sri.Narendra Modi.

    It is the bureaucrats , the pernicious opposition parties & the apathetic masses who are wantonly not rallying behind Narendra Modi. They do not want to see India progress. The good for nothing media is being tolerated & allowed to exist.

  • Sibby

    So far I will rate work of Modi as above average but not excellent as he did during his tenure as Gujarat CM. He has done very well in foreign diplomacy, but he has not quite grasped the domestic politics. Part of the reason for it is the hostile media as well as opposition. Modi govt instead of exposing opposition and media bias, seems to be on backtrack. Opposition has smartly showcase an allegation against Modi and his govt as truth while they curb any allegation against themselves. Modi govt have lost many opportunity to put opposition on backtrack latest example being Congress leader Mani’s statement in Pakistan.

    Media is also playing its role. When BJP Haryana CM said that “People have to quit eating beef, if they have to live in India” There was a media outrage with discussion going complete 1 month. But when Congress Uttarakhand CM made similar statement, there was no outrage, the news died within one day. That’s how biased is the media.

    • BeeDee

      It would have been hugely fortunate had someone like Modiji been the 1st PM of the country instead of nehru.

      • Sibby

        Sardar Patel was more like Modi. Sardar Patel made every effort to unite the country. Both are from Gujarat, Both believed in open economy. Neither believed in appeasement.

        When Sardar Patel was about to become PM, Gandhi and Nehru resisted, hence he was made Home minister instead. Nehru’s craving to become PM was so much that he let the country divide into Pakistan and India. The true history is that Jinnah led Muslim league just wanted more autonomy for the Pakistan state, he never demanded partition. When Nehru led Congress party denied his demand then only he asked for partition. When congress oriented Indian historians wrote the history, they put the blame of partition on Jinnah and Britishers to save Nehru’s image.

  • Chaitu

    THank you for pointing out all these things.Wish ppl would rise above politics atleast once!