Amartya Sen’s exit from Nalanda University

  • RVenkatanarayanan

    Amartya Sen must not be simply “let go”. There should be an external audit of his period with the unfortunate Nalanda project–not merely audit of finances handled but of the rules and regulations that were flouted. All this must be published. The crafty Sen is trying to pose as an injured innocent being hounded out. The nepotism and favouritism he indulged in at Govt. tax payers’ expense must come out.

  • R Nanjappa

    1. What Amartya Sen got was the ‘Sweriges Riksbank Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel’ and not the Nobel Prize. The awardees in economics are not selected by the Nobel committee.
    2. If Sen was sensible, he should have left as soon as there was a change of govt. As a prof. of Harvard, does he not know that with every change in administration in a democracy, there is change in important appointments. He continued so long becasue PM Modi was even less sensible, and less sensitive to the issues.
    3.If Sen is such an advocate of academic freedom, why did he oppose Subramniam Swamy’s course in Harvard and block it? Is academic freedom only for Marxists and their fellow travellers? Who is he trying to fool? We have had enough of such Western stooges.
    4. If he has to go, let him go gracefully, not offer silly excuses. Let him give satisfactory answers to the criticism of his handling the university affairs/funds so far.

  • VR29111947ASRANI

    Amrutya Sen had no business to be occupying the chair at Nalanda. Fine he was “honored” by Harvard, maybe he is a PhD, but so was Dr Manmohan Singh and so was Chidambaram educated at Harvard. We have seen the quality of their leadership, knowledge and skills. We could do without the tags of foreign endorsements. It is time this cussed class of Indians who call themselves, liberal, educated secular whatever, understood that India has intellectual roots and traditions, they would not understand in several generations. The only language they have learnt is to parrot and ape the West. Just because he is “honored” by the West doesnt mean that he is competent and fit to lead Nalanda. The west deliberately “honors” peoples outside their race to be able to have a multifaceted tool to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states. Our so called educated class falls for such rot.

  • JagatguruDas

    The way NaMo is toeing MSM line, don’t be surprised if this Harvard specialist is reinstated.

  • Jitu

    Have been watching this secular Tandav on twitter. It’s a shame that no one in main stream media has the guts to call a spade a spade.