Bihar Debacle: The Way Forward for the BJP

The BJP must realise the power of Delhi’s media mafia.

About two years ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party was not even a serious opposition in the nation’s politics. One of the perceptions was that it was acting like the B-team of the Congress, notably supporting the anti-people Ordinance of the Manmohan Singh government which would have negated a Supreme Court judgement that required convicted lawmakers to quit their seats.

RGRahul Gandhi famously tore up that Ordinance, and “the people of India were saved (sic).” The first lesson from the 2015 Bihar elections is this: in just two years the BJP has emerged as the only party with a nationwide character.

The second lesson from Bihar: by any definition, the electoral verdict is not for development or social justice, which usually is the plank of Left-of-the-centre parties like the Rashtriya Janata Dal of Lalu Yadav and Janata Dal (United) of Nitish Kumar. It is not even arithmetic. The reason the BJP was comprehensively defeated in Bihar is because it has emerged as the largest party against which all other parties were allied, determined to defeat it. Throughout the course of election campaign, the BJP was attacked as if it was Bihar’s ruling party. This was also the case in Delhi elections last year.

The third lesson from Bihar is this: the BJP must make a serious attempt to become the nation’s most inclusive party with clear republicanism rooted in the Indian constitution. It is shameful that politicians continue to think that to be inclusive is to be subservient to castes and religious groups like Muslims.

Most importantly, the BJP must realise the power of Delhi’s media mafia. Journalists are partisans and media houses serve as branches of political parties. To challenge the brute partisanship of journalists, the BJP needs to appoint not less than two dozen national spokespersons. Each spokesperson must be a subject matter expert: one for the Uttar Pradesh politics, another for Kerala, others for foreign policy, Assam, rule of law (this is a serious subject), or youth affairs. Spokespersons must be hired from the party ranks or external talent must be recruited. Ensure that 50 percent of them are women.

It also appears that the BJP disbanded its social media team soon after the 2014 elections. It might be the time to recreate a social media think tank at the top of the BJP’s media strategy. Members of such a think tank must not come from the party: they should essentially be those below 40 years of age and with non-political degrees such as MBA, BTech, CA, and the like. People with non-political and non-humanities degrees look at the nation’s needs in a more constructive way than those coming from political backgrounds, or from the Sahitya Akademi.

It is further clear that messaging works in electoral politics. Modi’s style of messaging and tweets has been used against the BJP. The argument remains: Modi should tweet more. It also means this: he might not tweet on many issues. Does that mean the BJP will not tweet on the country’s burning issues?

As of now, the BJP leadership is styled after individuals, revolving around a few leaders such as Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, or a few more. To be the most inclusive party for the 21st century India, the BJP needs to quickly adopt a collegium-style of decision-making. Its national decision-making bodies must have representations from all states and prior to each meeting, members should be asked to submit a set of ideas before the collegium that should debate and adopt workable ideas. We live in a digital age.

To be the face of the 21st century India, at least 50 per cent of the top 100 BJP leaders must be women. There must not be any compromise on this. Women are the face of modern civilisation and with them the BJP could look to the voters as the face of civilisation for the modern times. It is sad that the BJP government is not even seen speaking on women’s issues. A proposed bill to give women one-third seats in parliament and state legislatures is not even being discussed. Yes, the BJP cannot alone enact this law but can it also not speak, or organise seminars?

Tragically, and I know these are strong words but contemporary India is an intellectually bankrupt nation. Our total intellectual thinking is geared to the quota debate in the nation’s political life. Secular parties promise 5 per cent quota to Muslims. There is a way the BJP can make the quota debate redundant in the nation’s politics. The party needs to call for a conference of ideas and adopt a bold national initiative: all children of BPL (Below-Poverty-Line) card holders irrespective of their castes and religions will get free books, free clothes and free education till the age of 18. It is doable.

The BJP must take the ‘minority’ issue seriously. Its leaders must tell Muslims this: we do not promise communal ‘secularism’ and 5 per cent quota but we promise all Muslim girls will be taught mathematics, economics and sciences from Grade 1. The Right to Education requires the Indian state to give children of 6-14 years educational outcomes which must be matched by madrassas or they must be shut down as anti-constitutional. ‘Minorityism’ also resides in our failing Rule of Law and riots. The BJP must debate zero tolerance policing and work for radical police reforms.

Also, the BJP has a certain past which need not be its future. Clearly, a very small group of motormouths has dented the party’s image. In a democracy and free society, do not issue fiats to stop them from speaking. The BJP leaders must not act as autocrats who will issue their politicians directives about what to speak and what not to speak. That is not democracy’s way. The BJP must create a platform where motormouths should debate the nation’s constitutional values and with the assistance of constitutional experts be tasked to chart out a Vision 2030 for the BJP.

The BJP must adopt new issues for its future politics. For example, the BJP must publicly adopt gay rights and advocate abolition of Section 377. India’s youths, the next-generation voters, are ready to accept it. Similarly, BJP leaders must be educated to talk publicly about green technology issues instead of walking into the West’s climate change debate. As Prime Minister Modi gave new issues such as Swachh Bharat to the nation, the BJP needs to discuss and find newer nation-building issues every day and add to the nation’s agenda.

RAILFinally, politics is also about educating people. The BJP must speak bluntly to people on new issues. For example, argue this boldly: if airlines and buses can be run by private entrepreneurs, how is that the Indian Railways cannot allow private companies to run trains? The railways and roads are the face of the government. Take the road to the door of every household. PM Modi is already working on electricity and cleanliness for all. Schools and police stations need total revamp from ground zero. Speak loudly against dynastic leaders. As you fight elections, fight for good politics, new politics.

(Disclaimer: This writer is not available for any political consultation and affiliation. This article is written solely in the interest of the people of India.)

Former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad is the executive director of the Open Source Institute, New Delhi. Ahmad is the author of “Jihadist Threat to India – The Case for Islamic Reformation by an Indian Muslim.” He tweets @tufailelif
  • Slasher


    Fantastic article.

    You are probably one of the true Indians who loves his Watan. Here’s an article that will open your eyes…

    On Tipu Sultan: how our Desh Drohi Media loves Tipu Suddenly.

    How about the false narrative around Modi and India?

    Read the above articles to first know about our History’s TRUTHS and how much it has been hijacked by Desh Drohis within India and outside Invaders.

    I hope everyone will take a few minutes of their time to read this very important blogger in our midst who has more than 310m (million!) page views on the Internet.

    I am not joking. If you have not read Ajit Vadakayil by now, you are probably not reading the most important blogger from India on the Internet.

  • Bharat

    Are you trying to fool Bhakts? If BJP does all this, then it would stop being a BJP!

  • Narasimhan

    I cannot agree more. This election has brought out the fact that BJP now enjoys the position, once occupied by Congress as the primary party of the country. If anybody needs to be sacked, it is the IB minister for the pathetic negative role.

  • Shan

    Superb article Tufail. The Mafia Maino ecosystem is rearing its 100 heads. And it is controlling the narrative. Some loose tongues in BJP are not helping the cause. Well, they do speak “politically incorrect” truth, I agree. But, that doesn’t help BJP’s or Indians’ cause. These five years must have been used to cement the “center of right” path to sheild India from the poisons for LeftLib Mafia. But unfortunately, a huge amount of energy is being wasted on fighting the wrong battle, fighting on terms set by the Mafia Maino gang. We need a desperate break from this.

  • Jafob

    the biggest lesson from bihar elections is that the wizard behind modi magic was not amit shah but prashant kishore……..modi must make amends and get back prashant and his team to re-ignite the flame……else modi govt is going to be another one term wonder like the vajpayee govt……even with all such support i do not think bjp can achieve majority on its own in the next election…..the modi wave generated an election result that was almost to the saturation point in all the states where bjp won…so it can only go down however good a governance modi does……and they are not making a headway in states where they did poorly in loksabha elections…..even if bjp becomes the single largest party it would find parties like shiivasena very tough to tackle to cobble up a coalition govt because of the way modi-shah combine treated shivasena- they could have shown some grace and magnanimity after the elections that established their relative strengths……as it stands shivsena would say they would support bjp only if somebody other than modi is to be pm… for the remaining term first thing is to curtail the foreign trips of modi and let the foreign minister do it …..second is to be sensitive to the issue of perception……indira gandhi would have immediately visited dadri even if here own partymen were behind the crime….she was so acutely conscious of the political mileage such gimmicks could generate….perhaps modi should try to emulate her in this respect…..third is jaitely and smriti -two people who should not have been in the cabinet in the first place after losing elections, are making a mess of their portfolios and creating a bad image for the whole ministry – they should be shunted out at least jaitely to law and smriti to i&b would be good for the starters… ministry is better to be handled by economists than lawyers and smriti with her background would have done well in I&b……issues like FTII dented the image quite a lot should be sorted out – i wonder why people like anupam kher was not considered instead of the controversial figure who is just a lightweight.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Good advice for BJP. It is not utopian and can be easily followed.

  • Dabangghindu

    why BJP cant allow Kanchan Gupta defend BJP on TV.Why BJP has bloody timid o media TV.BJP committing suicide which none can’t save.we are tired of its suicidal tendencies and hope BJP ought ruin itself soon

  • Anfauglir

    > “Ensure that 50 percent of them are women.”

    Even if well-meant, this is actually offensive (and unegalitarian). Women are not a charity case for obviously well-meaning (but misguided) males–or anyone in political power, either–to sympathetically turn into some quota system. It’s clear the writer means to be egalitarian, but he doesn’t need to prove it by reducing non-mathematical matters to maths.

    Politics and a great many topics are ungendered by default. Keep it that way by not bringing in gender unless someone whines, at which point you can explicitly state the “and wo/men too, of course” that is actually assumed by default in heathen discourses.

    Hindu and other Asian heathen women (particularly confirmed of Taoist females) specifically only need representation. The gender of that representation is irrelevant. Even in general, just because something is female doesn’t in any way indicate it will represent another female’s aspirations. But if something is heathen, it is almost guaranteed to represent a fellow heathen’s aspirations (of any gender). Most especially where the topic is ungendered like heathen and/or nationalist purposes.

    Percentages/quota system for females in politics or wherever will not in any way ensure heathen women are represented. Heathen men can and have ever argued as well for women’s interests as heathen women have. And any heathen female (a.o.t. needling traitor) also knows to look to address the interests of either gender. Consequently, political parties may be all male or all female for all I care (or any proportion in between), as long as they look after the welfare and interests of my actual and sole identity: the heathen one. (They already look after everybody else.)

    I have a gender, but no gender identity. This is also the case with heathens of Asian non-Indian backgrounds that I have spoken to. Heathens don’t rally along gender lines: it is a novel way of thinking that is very alien to us. Heathens don’t want to be divided from our own of the opposite gender or start thinking of “us” vs “them” and turning our families into some battlefield. It is unnatural and clearly socially engineered: no other animal species agitates based on gender. Consequently, attacks on heathen males are experienced personally by heathen females, and vice-versa. And we’re all very well aware that our heathen community will survive or extinct together, all heathens alike, male or female; with no special consideration for their gender, or their age, or any other part of their background so irrelevant to their actual (heathen) identity.

  • Badal

    The analysis lack root cause focus and is revolving around symptoms . The BJP has to wake up to the reality that emergence of BJP means extinction of political relevance to many parties hence in no way they can avoid a situation of unholy alliances getting pitted against it .UP bi – election was the first testing ground of opposition parties ganging up , where BJP got its first set back . Secondly it should also realize the shift towards regional party dominance in assembly elections There are hardly few states in India where the fight for assembly election is between the National parties and where there is absence of strong regional parties . Every where the regional parties are dominating the election tussle. The Hindi heart land states like BIhar too is under the control of RJD or JDU and in UP the BSP or SP .All these parties can hardly be called as National parties .When they combine they become very formidable . The Indian voter too is graduating to type of political preference which has different criteria for Parliament and assembly .There fore the strategy should be to ensure that Congress does not raise its ugly head again and ceases to of any reckoning so that the the center is taken care off . Next it should prop up and promote new political parties affiliated to it in states which are under regional party dominance .. It should provide all support for the New party to establish it self and grow .In Bihar while continuing to have its office units of central party (BJP ) for coordination it should create new regional parties like – ‘Barathiya Bihar Pradesh Vikas Party ” Penetrating the regional politics of various states will be difficult which further becomes almost impossible when the regional players gang up in an unholy alliance . BJP should control regional politics through its reliable franchisees , much like the way Big firms and Multi National set up franchisees for their products to penetrate difficult market already under the tight grip of local cartel .In fact in hind sight it could have left Shiv sena to hod the fort in Maharashtra .

  • somayajulu csjr

    Gear up NDA. Nothing is lost. Spruce up the list of doables and priorities. Put in concerted efforts, achieve and show the results. Prioritise Clean Ganga project before UP elections. People’s sentiments are attached to it. Ministers are capable, have faith in them all of them can deliver. Face the media but with a well prepared and articulate spokespersons. The going is tough. Only the tougher would get going. Be resolute and the results will flow.

  • Kamal

    The.Bjp always makes one.mistake after.comng to.power. It treats its core issues core.supporters and core voters as granted and tries to woo the.section most hostile to it the most. Concentrate on its core and expand from there. Forget about the diehard.anti national anti Hindu minorities and caste groups which are.hostile to bjp. Try to consolidate the remaining 60-70% solidly behind itself. Many times it thinks as its core bigoted, narrow minded which the media try to portray. Do not work according to media analysts. They are its biggest enemies.

  • IndiannotAmused

    Good article.We hope that the BJP leadership gathers its wits and takes the necessary steps.

  • R. Singh

    Good article.

    However BJP must deliver

    – Corruption Trials- Gandhi family, National Herald etc e
    – Black money
    – UCC

    it is not acting on its promises.

    and this is most annoying.

  • jeffross

    Few things abt this whole bihar elections, I’m very poor in terms of knowing about the political system.. Just my thoughts
    1) I m hoping that this whole thing of going around the world to get FDIs and beefing up defence is completing the first phase of Modi. I’m guessing/hoping he’d start working on the development and the issues plaguing the country, he would right? ofcourse thats what he did for gujarat and that’s what was one of the reasons that he got elected as the prime minister.
    2) He should start taking the media houses seriously, especially NDTV, he should rip apart NDTV by a committe that ll reveal their scams. How come their workers are so into ruining this country? the joy on their faces for bjp losing in bihar was immense and that in itself contradicts journalism, which these people have made mockery of.
    3) Sometimes, its better to have a strong leader who would condem bad things even if it would mean an uproar of discrimination against minorities, for the betterment of minorities and the country.
    4) This one is about all the educated AAP followers and rational thinkers among us/our colleagues, the more I see their statements the more I feel these people deserve none other than congress rule by that I mean bigotry, more attacks from pakistan, more money to bihar from ISI, regression each passing day. These people who are complaining, did not get anything under congress rule but now are becoming restless for BJP hasnt done anything tangible for them in this one year, they need magic…..They got shit from congress but need magic from BJP every day or else they r ready to cry foul. How can the educated masses behave like that? and have the thinking of illiterates? if BJP loses the next time around, and congress goes about its ways, these people dont deserve BJP again in their lives.

  • I liked the analysis.
    BJP was attacked like a ruling party
    BJP’s social media cell is not visible
    BJP needs more spokespersons.

    All these indicate that BJP has so far not been able to institutionalise its winning strategy of 2014. It is very personality centric – as you also have pointed out.

    Aren’t these very characteristics of Congress which led its downfall? Thankfully for BJP there are people who can exert moral pressure and bring about jr change. Else the biggest pressure group of voters is always there who teaches lessons in very brutal manner like Bihar.

    Hope BJP won’t need to undergo lessons in this fashion again.

  • malavika

    Missing in the article:

    Action against corrupt people. Why was Lallu not put in jail after 2014, YSR’s son YS Jangan is also out on bail
    in AP. With people like this strutting round, it does not appear that Modi govt is serious about corruption.

    Discrimination against Hindus in Edu and Temples management. Article 30 must include Hindus and amendment 93 must go. No progress there.

    Modi must talk about rights of individuals not groups. Trying to be ‘secular’ will not help BJP, they never get minority vote.
    Better mobilize Hindus.

    More important they should not take their base for a ride and fulfill the aspirations of their core base.

  • wasif

    Sir. You are not talking about RSS and BJP together. Why BJP be stand alone. They need to visit Darbar every time. Why they cannot be stand alone. Why their manifesto mention only hindus Be clear on this and reply.


    What an excellent article. BJP should learn from such feedback from well wishers for a better and developed India away from casteism and communalism.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Very Good ! Analytical , as usual from Mr. Tufail !

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    To talk of New Issues, the BJP must have Intwellectual Capital. Unfortunately, it is BANKRUPT in that area.

    • si91

      I agree, but the fact that you’ve spelled the word “intellectual” incorrectly in a sentence about intellectual capital weakens your argument.

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    Sir, The fact of the matter, as I see it and no expert in politics, is
    that NaMo has let down BADLY the ONE CONSTITUENCY that voted
    overwhelmingly for him in 2014 – the middle class. Between him and AJ
    they have done ZILCH for this vast class of Indians since victory 2014.
    As a Chatered Accountant who has authored books told me – all that NaMo
    and AJ had to do in the FIRST BUDGET – abolish the 10% Income Tax
    bracket. Have instead the existing 20% as the new 10%, the existing 30%
    as the new 20% and for the super rich a new 35%. He told me, the
    salaried class, the majority of whom would have come out of the I.T.
    bracket, would have followed NaMo like the Piped Piper. He has LOST THAT
    CONSTITUENCY . Democracy also means, bluntly put :
    ‘You-Scratch-my-Back-I-Scratch-Yours’. NaMo FORGOT that principle. He
    will now pay the price. Not because of some bogus
    Tolerance’/’Intolerance’ phony debate. The middle class is disenchanted
    with NaMo. So are the Veterans for the ham handed manner in which the NaMo Govt. dealt with the OROP issue.So am I. Happy Diwali.

  • subodh1945

    brilliant article by tufail ahmed , agree ” Contemprary india is intellectualy bankrupt nation and dilli has media mafia

  • mani maran

    Modi is from RSS and Koenraad Elst has made an excellent study of the RSS mentality. It will be foolish for Hindu nationalists to expect anything from BJP or Modi apart from slogans. An article published from a blog two year ago is still relevant today. Go through this link

  • krishnakumar

    Kudos for nice articulation Tufail. I have my set of suggestions :-

    Where BJP ………and along with it forces of Hindutva could do better and should do better……… not separately but together

    1. MEDIA PRESENCE. Its high time that not just BJP but the entire forces of Hindutva plan their media presence in a big way in MSM (both visual and print). This may be launching of channels and newspapers in the long run through out in all the languages of Hindustan. And in the short run have strategic media management team. To start with try to outsource it with friendly media groups in an aggressive way…….. and in the long run build our own team. For the day in and day out lies and half truths spread by MSM bang on with your media team on a daily basis as smartly as you can.

    2.GET RID OF SIMILIE DROPPING SYNDROME. Whether it was Narendrabhai’s puppy comment or VK singh’s slip, the problem was one of ***SIMILIE DROPPING SYNDROME***. First it is better that only spokespersons speak on any samvedansheel issues. If it is neta’s turn, let them speak as straightly and shortly as possible with carefully chosen words. No more similies and no more extra sentences please. It may be true that it had less impact on the elections. But it had an impact which could have been avoided.

    3. PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS ON BASIC REQUIREMENTS OF POOR PEOPLE AND COMMON MAN. Big infrastructure projects, planning and implementing macro economic policies are ok and as well are very much required. But ensuring effective public distribution system which is under check and which do not strain poor people; ensuring availability of essentials of poor men at affordable prices and last but not least provision of affordable primary health care near poor men’s dwelling units………….Not only just ensure that this is available but ensure that the beneficiaries get satisfied and aggressively campaign the beneficiary satisfaction.

    4. PREVENT SHORTAGE OF ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES AND TAKE ACTION ON WAR FOOTING IN CASE OF SHORTAGE. It is not the first time when prices of onion and other essential commodities skyrocketed. These happened even during congi regime. There is a mafia net work at play and they do this mischief just before an election season on many past occasions. Well, Congi governments may be part of this network. But what prevented BJP regime to sense this before hand and prevent it? Even if not a preventive action, it could have been managed on war footing on a shortest possible time. On both the counts, the regime failed. It had an impact on the election which should have been avoided. Atleast lets hope for the best in future.

    5. IN A BIG CHALLENGE ELECTION START GROUND WORK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE IN A PLANNED MANNER. On this ground, the cadre work on the field might have been better than what it was in Delhi. But as far as Assam, UP, Bengal, TN and Kerala………. a well planned ground work with a clearly designed strategy need to be delpoyed by the party in consultation with well wishers and as early as possible. And ensure the ground work be started at the earliest and well monitored.

    6.GROOM LOCAL LEADERS. One of the reasons for the debacle in delhi and bihar was that the party could not project local leaders. Avoid that in future. Fight the state elections with a local face and groom local leaders. And never forget, whether it was Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh or for that matter Rajasthan, local leadership ensured better electioneering work at ground level and ultimate victory.

    7.BETTER COHESION BETWEEN CENTRAL AND STATE LEADERSHIP……It has been reported in many juicy articles penned by media reporters that there was lack of cohesion between central leaders and state leaders and cadres. To the extent that even a person of the stature of cabinet minister was subtly working against party interests since his candidates were not accommodated and it was rumored that he wanted the party to loose. amazing. Either it was actually so or there was a perception that it was so. Both harm the party and need to be checked. After all you can never win elections with much heartburn at the local level. In this regard, the delhi experience was the worst ever.

    8. STRONGER COORDINATION BETWEEN FORCES OF HINDUTVA….in planning and implementation of strategies.

    9. A FULL TIME STRATEGIST TEAM DEPLOYED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PARTY. A strategist like prashant kishore or a dedicated team of strategists is badly required. It was reported that Prasant Kishore expected more than what was his due. Ofcourse, in a party set up, external strategists and advisers can not be accommodated or sustained beyond their due and that too in the long run. Time proved that fact in case of prashant as well as Sudheendra kulkarni. But neverthless, *****such strategists or a well oiled strategist team***** is an asset for the party. OUtsource them in the short run……… but develop a strong in house team for the entire sangh parivar in the long run.

    10. FLOOR COORDINATION. There would be more obstacles in running both the houses. The entire opposition would not allow speakers to smoothly run both the houses and would indulge in lot of nautanki in obstructing the house proceddings. Plan as to how important bills would be passed in such a scenario. By calling for joint sessions of parliament, if need be necessary. And in such a stalemate, still try to plan as to how the government can deliver.

    11. UTILISE UNTAPPED RESOURCES……Party needs better spokes persons. And you have many talented people like Smt.Meenakshi Lekhi and many other such people who performed well in the past. Bring them back. Many party MPs and MLAs feel that their services and contributions are not properly utilised by the party. You have a big list of dissatisfied ole men. Starting from Bhisham PitamaH LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi down to Dr.Subramanyam Swamy, Yashwant Sinha, Sharughan Sinha, Arun Shourie……… et al et al……… And you have strong successful ex bureaucrats as MPs like Ex mumbai police commisioner Satyapal Singh, Dalit Leader and ex bureaucrat like Udit Raj…….. to name a few………. Utilise their august experience for the benefit of the party. And make them feel that their experience is utilised by the party for the party welfare and for the welfare of the country.

  • P. B. Josh

    Don’t forget, JDU Talley went down even more than that of BJP. That shows what Bihar voters think of Nitish Kumar’s leadership.

  • P. B. Josh

    If and when anti-BJP votes don’t get diluted, BJP candidates have hard time getting elected. Such was the case in Bihar. Let us wait and see what happens in future. When election of Lalu (RJD) is preferred or gloated over election of Narendra Modi, we know where the country is going.

  • kumar

    PM Modi and his team have brought many social welfare schemes. These have to be effectively communicated to the people thru Radio, Krushi Channel, Vernacular news papers etc. The english media can be taken care by pursuing the pending income tax and FERA violation cases against them. Similarly, National Herald, Land grab cases must be fast tracked and taken to its logical conclusion. BJP MPs and Ministers must be trained to speak before media as these people are inexperienced, they get excited when they are approached for an interview.

  • suru

    Nicely written article Tufail. Your suggestions are also worth taken note of.

  • GillyRocket

    its just unfortunate time and again the sane people like Tufail giving great suggestions but BJP doesn’t mind them at all


    Kejriwal’s holy moustache be praised, Modi now cannot eat the poor innocent secular Muslims of Bihar! Blow for Modi etc!

  • jadumandir

    IMHO, one of the greatest problem in India currently is the biased/nay, anti-India media! Together with very poor BJP spokespersons, they manage very easily to make BJP look communal and anti-poor and conseqnetly control the agenda! Also when versatile BJP speakers are interviewed, they are very lame and not assertive and do not bury lies/biased points made by interviewers!
    I also believe that where MSM are obvioulsy lying/ creating communal situations, there should be legal action taken promptly! This is not censorship – but in a democracy, this cannot be allowed – examples of church burning/damage/dadri etc are evident. BJP is allowing the MSN to dictate the course of perception and Congress, with ony 40seats, to set the agenda! this cannot be allowed. Congress has just been given some oxygen due to BJP’s stupidity. They need to be crushed totally – politically, of course! Once and for all!
    May I make one more point! With rapes being reported so frequently, BJP should give this a top priority and should be seen to be very active on this. This is not a political issue; it gives Bharat a bad name abroad – it is an issue for 50% of the electorate! No party will have the guts to oppose this! The courts ought to be directed to give time-bound decisions (by an amendamanet or new Bill) on rape convicts. Make women feel safe and you will have support of majority of women of India (barring the Burkha dutts/arundhati roys/rana ayuub/congress women etc.)
    Jai Hind

  • ABS

    Again very good article……..Hope Modi ji will listen it.

  • K.Harapriya

    Great article. I am sure the BJP will completely ignore all such articles. They seem on a slow march to definite defeat in the next election. The BJP needs to figure out what it will deliver on and do so. If it wants to retain the Hindu vote, they need to get a move on issues that matter to Hindus. Their development agenda could have worked if they had taken bold steps–which they didn’t. At least they should satisfy their base. They can start by removing all government control of Hindu temples and restore all the funds they misappropriated over the years back to the Hindus.

    • Krispy K

      They absolutely must start tightening the noose around the necks of commies and media crooks. And the Congress Party absolutely must die. I cannot see how this can be avoided.

  • Sibby

    According to me, it is a defeat of both BJP and JDU. RJD seems to be the beneficiary of the quarrel between BJP and JDU and hence it emerged as the single largest party. Both BJP and JDU have reduced number of seats as they were in 2010. Although Nitish Kumar will be CM, but since he is in coalition with RJD, Lalu Yadav will have some influence over it. Also it is high time that Opinion poll and Exit poll to be done away with. None of these polls were near to the election results. Media want to portray it as defeat of Modi and win for Nitish, but the Hard truth is that people vote differently in national and state election. Nitish Kumar has good developmental record in Bihar like Modi had in Gujarat. The bad thing is that he chose to form a coalition with RJD instead of BJP. Bengal will be another tight election. BJP should project its own CM face instead of relying solely on Modi.

  • Dharma Youdha

    Again an excellent article by Tufail. But I would like to add some points.
    1) The BJP needs to make its stance clearer. People are confused while voting for the BJP, whether they are voting for Hindutva or Development. BJP should make its stance clear, that Hindutva and Development go hand in hand and that both are equally important for the future of our nation
    2) BJP should stop taking its core voters for granted. These are the people who support Hindutva and want a revived Hindu culture. Most of them vote for the BJP because they don’t have any other choice.
    3) Why hasn’t any steps been taken for the Uniform civil code and Article 370 ?? Are they afraid that the minority won’t vote for them?? They are not going to vote for them anyways !! These are the issues that will boost Modi’s popularity even further.
    4) Whatever the technical issues that are in the party machinery, solve them ASAP !!!
    5) Why not give key portfolios to people like DR Subramanyam Swami ??
    I openly support Modi in all my friend circles and work. But after Bihar the amount of Humiliation that I faced was unprecedented. PLEASE promise us BJP that this will be the last time. Pull yourself together !!
    We are with you Modi!!! Always !!! I know you won’t disappoint us !!!

    • Nirmal Laungani

      Agreed completely. The BJPs core Hindutva vote bank is waiting and watching. What steps are being taken to resettle Kashmiri Pundits. Has illegal infiltration from Bangladesh stopped? If not, what is being done about it? Why are temples still being controlled by governments? There has been some positive movement in spreading YOGA and some Hindu education; however we have to do more. We need to establish our own Hindu universities, for which central government support is needed.

    • malavika

      Forget common civil code or article 370, first article 30 must be repealed or amended to include Hindus. Now,
      many Hindu run schools are closing because of RTE, which is not applicable to minority schools.

      Hindu temples must be freed from govt clutches. Lets not touch uniform civil code, Hindus will not gain anything from it.

      Modi must cater to his base first.

      • Dharma Youdha

        True !! Plus the basic level of education should increase overall. More the education , less will be the number of incidents like Bihar

        • Amit S

          Delhi too decimated BJP. Isn’t Delhi more educated?

          • Krispy K

            I would say quite the opposite.

    • Jaichand

      agree on all points except for last para. Remember that we support BJP becuase it’s believes overlaps with what we believe in. Whether they follow that or not we continue to support ,promote our believes if BJP does that good for us if they foget who they are we need not support/defend them at all. we some other part is willing to continue support we should support them.
      BJP is just a part just like elections win/defeat come and go ideology /policy are more important those will continue with or without Modi/BJP etc.
      I mean values were there before BJP/Modi same values will be there after Modi/BJP long gone!

      • Dharma Youdha

        Yes I Agree. But if Modi looses in 2019, its gonna take decades for the right -wing to make a comeback. One can’t even imagine the damage that the commies will bring about then. So a lot depends on Modi.

  • Arun Dewan

    The Congress has cultivated and built a strong network in the media and intelligentsia since many decades, where these people wear a mask of neutrality and continue with Congress/ Left propaganda. The national narrative has thus been designed to suit this propoganda and many young voters are made to believe that this alone is the acceptable way forward and the BJP-types are from some dark ages.
    The only way forward for the BJP is to control the handle of these Media guys. Many of them have skeletons in their cupboards, which can be used as a threat. This isn’t the time to be goody-goody! Vajpayee/ Advani in NDA-1 did that and paid the price for it. The opposition is cut-throat and ruthless! It has now to be an all-out war. Time for niceties is over…..

    • Subramaniam Narasimhan

      Dear Sir, A perfect statement indeed, “The opposition is cut-troat and ruthless! It has to be an all-out war!”
      Immediately arrest all the 2G, 3G, Coal perpetrators, regardless of who they are, including Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gnadhi and Pranab Mukerjee, if their involvement is suspected and had been covered up earlier. Institute special courts and initiate prosecution.
      The last but not the least, do not let those NAC members go scot-free for bringing out that atrocious legislation called Prevention of Targeted Violence and Access to Reparations Act, a blatantly anti-Hindu, un-Constitutional bill, a measure tantamount to waging war against the Constitution and the Nation. The perpetrators were worse than Auranzeb and Tughlak. Bring them to book in the name of Secularism.
      Every criticism must be met with counter criticism.
      The leftists and the congress party, aided by the press they cultivated for decades keep abusing the BJP and the RSS every day and there is not even a mute response from their leaders, even in their own defence. Their lies have become absolute truths.
      If the BJP and RSS can not talk back effectively, they have no business to be in politics and government.
      The BJP and RSS must realize that they have a remote chance of surviving in the political arena, if they do the above, on a war footing.
      They must also realize that they lost the narrative completely when they decided to go easy on corruption cases and the NAC in the first 3 or 4 months. They completely betrayed the voters who hoped that something would be done by Mr. Modi and the Government.
      The only choice that the BJP and RSS have now is whether or not they should go down meekly into oblivion or inflict some damage on their enemies before their inevitable political demise.

  • Dr. MS

    You raise good points Tufail…but Bihar, UP, parts of Uttranchal, Chattisghar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, etc. do not have the kind of populace that can be easily educated on complex issues concerning the nation, particularly when it comes to matters such as “unity, integration, national development and national security”. The leaders in these communities have been cronies, corrupt men and even thugs who have ruled through manipulation, deception, violence, intimidation and a convenient flock of sheep, cowards, confused people or excessively passive congenial people. who cooperate with them on everything.

    A change you suggest requires more than education or re-education. It requires counseling and therapy to create a strong smart sensitive socially conscientious self that can create and sustain a sensible society that also elects leaders who are good for the nation and its future (long term).

    • sai kiran sharma

      CG and MP have more national integrity than you actually assume. Its a BJP bastion for good reasons. They are not giving up on Chauhan and Raman Singh. Both have mastered the act of “keep calm and keep working”. The populations have seen its bad days under Congress rules both as undivided MP and MP+C.G. Ajit Jogi has been kicked out so well, no one remembers him anymore in C.G.

    • the indian

      you are right on most counts MS but the same problem exists in the south too where political leanings and outlook is parochial to a large extent.

      • Dr. MS

        Thanks for writing. In Southern India, the provincialism and parochialism, rooted in Dravida identity politics, has been beyond ridiculous. People in India do not know how to be rooted in their history, culture, community and ethnic identity without becoming closed, rigid, stupid and self destructively stubborn or narrow. This is what makes them unable to change or improve for the better, nor think proactively and be good problem solvers who can also prevent problems without losing balance or becoming aggressively and destructively predatory. Most Indians merely adjust to problems in stupid ways, or they wake only with crises. Did not 1500 years of colonialism, imperialism, exploitation, conversion, brutality and tyranny not teach these guys anything…except to turn their women into “servants and slaves” like idiots? Thanks for writing. Lets keep the dialogue up, and civil of course. Thanks for being civil.

  • shankar

    Tufail, you keep churning out great analysis article-after-article….

    I wish you knew someone in the BJP who is influential and can take this as positive feedback for shifting the gear to the next level….