Code for the Kingdom: A Global Technology Platform for Christian Evangelism

Code for the Kingdom has enlisted the services of such top class professionals occupying powerful corporate and other positions to spread Christianity.

Hotel Fairfield Marriott, Bangalore was host to a weekend Hackathon series from 2nd thru 4th October, where technologists and software enthusiasts were welcomed to develop and apply their technical skills in helping their communities and society in general from a ‘Christian’ perspective.

Yes, you read that right. It was a “Christian technology” convention. The exhibition cum workshop called Code for the Kingdom describes itself as part of an ecosystem which tackles global issues from a Christian perspective.

Christ + Computers

The movement has been hosting weekend gatherings in different cities across the world where software developers, designers, hackers, etc collaborate to spread common good and serve the Christian God’s Kingdom. In other words, this is basically Christ + Computers.

Code for the Kingdom is indeed an ambitious Christ + Computers venture. Its global scope and reach should be a great cause for worry especially for non-Christian countries, and for India in particular. Even a casual glance at its website reveals the spread of its past, present and upcoming Christian Hackathons.

There’s no continent or country it spares—from Adis Ababa to Atlanta to Bangalore to Gautemala City to Jakarta to London to Waterloo (Canada), it seeks to evangelise thousands of technologists, CEOs, software developers, designers, hackers, corporate marketing professionals and strategists and venture capitalists. These people will in turn spread the evangelism in their own ways among their families, friends, colleagues, and communities.


This workshop brings together developers from local software companies, who are willing to blend their religious beliefs with their programming skills. And since it’s about technology even non-Christians are welcomed to take part in it.

Global Christian Hackathons and Apps

Code for the Kingdom believes all areas of work and life can be integrated into one’s religious faith—that of Christianity.

One of their notable exhibitions (where financial rewards were offered) took place last year in Seattle, United States the highlights of which can be accessed through this report.

The first interesting point which comes to our attention is the name of the two notable sponsors associated with the event:

  1. Bellingham-based Logos Bible Software
  2. Leadership Network, a faith-based venture-capital network

Unlike many Christian conventions where the preachers spew venom at other faiths, urging the audience to show contempt for the non-Christian traditions, this particular convention is a response of the global Christian evangelization machinery to the progress of communication and information technology.

Let us look at the highlights of the 2014 convention:

  • Minmap an app which helps the churches more efficiently partner with other non-profits to face endemic challenges like urban poverty and homelessness by mapping the locations of faith-based and non-faith-based social services on a comprehensive global map.
  • Ikos (from oikos, Greek for “family”) a mobile app that would streamline the process of applying for housing and other social services for Christian volunteer groups.
  • Word Cross, a memorization tool that lets children build and play crossword puzzles out of Bible verses.
  • Vision, an app for Christian volunteer optometrists working on short-term medical aid trips to the developing world.

And this is not the first time this Hackathon has harvested such innovative tools to spread the gospel. In the June of 2013 in San Francisco, Code for the Kingdom gave away $11,000 in prizes to teams developing Christian projects, notable of which are given below:

  • Abide, an app to “share the gift of prayer,” that reminds people to offer prayer and creates a “prayer mode” for mobile phones to prevent the user from getting interrupted by notifications while praying.
  • Plus Bible (com) a social reader for the Bible. Using this app, one can share notes on religious texts with their friends.
  • Unique Giving is a site that helps church plants to create fundraising campaigns.

Evangelism @ the Speed of Google

This report mentions the fact that Code for the Kingdom has, among its mentors, a partner from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and an engineer who worked with Google’s head of Android partnerships, in conjunction with more conventional mentors from charities and tech companies. Other prominent names include these:

  • Aaron Ginn, Head of Growth, StumbleUpon
  • Alain Ayoub, Engineering Manager, Google who helped launch Google+
  • Chris Chan, a Hacker at Yahoo
  • Ken Churchill, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley
  • Roberto Ortiz, Director of Mobile Design, Yahoo
  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMWare, an Evangelist CEO of a global tech corporation who was profiled earlier on IndiaFacts.

And this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It is also illuminative to look at a partial list of the sponsors and backers of these hackathons:

  • World Vision
  • Leadership Network
  • OneHope
  • Faith Comes by Hearing
  • Indigitous
  • Kingdom Code

Naked Agenda

Code for the Kingdom has enlisted the services of such top class professionals occupying powerful corporate and other positions to spread Christianity. These hackathons also invite members of Christian clergy—pastors, ministers and the like—to participate. This has created an extraordinarily well-oiled and near-seamless worldwide network focused single-mindedly on the pursuit of Christian evangelism on a global scale.

The agenda and goals are direct and stated in unambiguous language. Some samples are given below:

  • Creating and shaping gospel centered lives with wearable technology
  • Ensuring that everyone on earth can safely access the Bible in their own language, even in the most remote and hostile corners of the world.
  • Can we invent games that will help future generations seek, desire, delight in, and know God?
  • How can we leverage inexpensive virtual reality technologies like Google Cardboard to create immersive experiences that motivate people to help solve global challenges like the Clean Water crisis?

wvNote: While the clean water initiative appears an innocent, non-Christian goal, the underlying reality becomes clear when we learn that this is a “project” undertaken by the global Evangelist NGO giant World Vision, which also offers opportunities to partner with it. What is also cleverly hidden from view is the fact two of Google employees in senior positions (see below) are part of this Hackathon.

Code for the Kingdom also has a dedicated page focused on Evangelism in North India. To quote verbatim:

We chose North India as a special focus for our hackathon because it contains more individuals from unreached people groups (those who lack access to the gospel) than any other nation on earth. Our challenges below focus on 5 frontiers of missional collaboration in need of a boost from your creativity and technical savvy–Prayer, Research, Innovation, Media, and Engagement. How can your idea be a part of the breakthrough of the Gospel among peoples in India?

And more importantly,

Our God and His mission are timeless but our methods need to change with the times. Many ministries are struggling to keep up with changes in communications and technology. Gen Y, which is beginning to enter leadership, works differently than previous generations. New trends are emerging among the peoples of the world including a growing group of diaspora peoples–those who live outside their home countries–which presents multi-cultural complexities and new dynamics. Many have found that old missionary models of ministry are no longer as effective as they once were. [Emphasis added]

The “missionary models” is the key phrase that is the dead giveaway of Code for the Kingdom’s real agenda.

Origin and History

However, when he examine recent history, it is not surprising that Code for the Kingdom is attempting to reshape digital and real world environments using Christian theology in fundamental ways.

Way back in 1988, David Barrett (1927–2011), an outstanding statistician-evangelist associated with the influential AD2000 movement indicated that one of the most important methods to spread the Gospel, would be to use computer technology.

In the ninth chapter of his joint work with James W. Reapsome titled Seven Hundred Plans To Evangelize The World (published in 1989), the method is explained briefly:

We have long known that Christians own more than a fair share of Earth’s resources, but in this computer age we find an additionally significant fact. Since 1980 Christians have acquired 42 million computers-main frames, minicomputers, and microcomputers. (They have also acquired 100 million additional screens or terminals, plus vast numbers of printers and endless varieties of peripheral). As well as owning 58% of the world’s computers, the Christian world benefits from a further 30  percent which are under secular ownership (business, government, industry)…… At any rate, Christians have certainly been given a startingly new range of communications tools to make world evangelization much more attainable-telephones, movies, radio, television and now computers.

statsThis is the same David Barrett whose contributions to the field of religious demography still shape both Christian missionary effort and academic understanding of religious adherence.

Going by such Hackathons it is understandable that the evangelists have taken his advice and followed it to the hilt.

While we often fume with anger at the disparaging remarks made by Missionaries against Hindu gods and rituals, it is these efficient Christian techies, who are doing more to spread their faith and gain followers.

The influence the Christian faith still retains among its followers regardless of the advances in science is both scary and amazing.

Even as Middle Class India celebrates its new found affluence, wealth and the mark India has made on the global stage thanks in large part to IT, it seems blissfully unaware of the cultural and religious assault that the Christian West is making in its own backyard using the same IT.

Hindu activists and leaders should take note of this phenomenon if they wish to prevent and halt the harvesting of Hindu souls.

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  • DeceiveThemBack

    Recent desecration of Sikh scripture was done by two BAPTIZED Punjabis, who had received telephone calls from Australia prior to the act.

    Indiafacts spread the news! (search engines have the link)

    Key thing with christians is that they pump money for their projects. Best way to counter is to set up secretly Hindu yet pretending to be “evangelists”, to scam the Western Christians and divert the money into Hindu or Indian army projects; OR, tax the Christian organizations to the moon.

  • IT expert

    When you cant build anohter google…… the best way is to control it….
    Have more genuinely secular Indians …. typical south indians who have read a lot more of the religous content on hinduism, buddhish, and of course exposed to the machinations of the evangelicals. Typical south indian crown of Tams , telugus and other Kannadigas who are in these places should start becoming more aware , more vocal and keep FILTERING OUT these evangelicals out of GOOGLE and keep it DHARMIC GOOGLE…..isn’t that easier milestone to target….. we can plan logical steps and arrive at managing and controlling existing global resources to put an end or slow down the spread of such hatred spreading religious groups….( even if they be Hindu ones….)..

  • Reason

    Hello All,

    First I’d like to say, that I am very well acquainted with the Code for the Kingdom, and have been to multiple events of theirs. I know the people who run it, I know many of the people who participate in it.

    I understand many of you are upset about this article, so I’d like to discuss it a little bit, not to make you happier, but to get the facts straight. Although, I hope to calm you a bit, and to bring peace.

    First, this article is filled with many glaring errors, and was obviously written with facts adjusted, and words chosen to get people upset. It reads more like a conspiracy theory novel than what it really is.

    Code for the Kingdom is a Christian organization, that is true. It was founded because many Christians in the technology industry wanted a way to use their skills and talents to help people around the world, and in their own communities. Thus the organization was formed to help Christian technologist (and anyone of any faith who wants for that matter) to find one another, share their faith with one another, get encouraged, and work on common goals of building great technology from a Christian perspective. Muslims, Hindus, atheists, and others have attended these events before. There has never been a problem.

    Please note, there are also other faiths that do the same thing. Jewish hackathons, Muslim hackathons, and while I am not aware of it, I would’t doubt there are Hindu-centered hackathons. It is a basic human right for people to be able to have free assembly and ability to express their faith in creative and peaceful ways.

    As you may not know, more Christians live outside of the western hemisphere than live in the western hemisphere. Christianity is not a Western religion, but one that has its roots in Mesopotamia. More Christians live in China than in the United States, and there are millions of Christians in India, and millions more in SE asia. Indeed, there are over 2 billion Christians in the world who live peacefully and love their God and share their faith with one another, and also, yes, share their faith peacefully with those who aren’t Christian.

    Having said this, I am surprised at the closed-mindedness of those on this forum, as I am sure you are all intelligent people. I can definitely see nationalistic statements that are more likely to cause violence than be helpful. Why would you say such things? Words are powerful. Rather than engaging in intellectual reasonable discourse where a true conversation over disagreements can happen, there have been comments slandering and even threatening others. It’s unfortunate. This is the problem of humanity, people fight before they discuss. I am sure you are all very intelligent people, I wish we could engage on that level.

    As per the charges in the comments, no Google is not part of the hackathon, although there are employees of Google who have been. The sponsors of the hackathon are quite clearly displayed on the website. Google is not one of them.

    The Hackathon is not converting anyone. It is not the purpose of the hackathon. These hackathons have helped homeless people, helped freed those imprisoned by sex trafficking, and helping stop abuse and hatred of all sorts. For which one of these do you argue against? Yes, apps have been made to help people read the Bible more, which of course any faith would do for their own sacred books. Yes, apps have been made that help explain Christianity to a non-christian world. This is not sneaky or secretive, rather it is for the purpose of getting information out, and let people decide themselves. This, by any measure, is not converting people. If giving people access to information is wrong, then please never use the internet again. I can download a plethora of Hindu mobile applications, and go to those websites. So why the double-standard? Replace the word ‘Christian’ in this article with ‘Hindu’ and see if you would be just as upset? If no, then you have a double-standard. I am not afraid of Hindu or Muslim hackathons. If you see the types of apps being made, it is clear, this hackathon, and others like it, is doing a lot of good.

    One of your comments below said, “The only viable option is to start Hindu missionary to spread its goal of peace, love, brotherliness etc. to reach the mass, illiterate and gullible.” Hey, please do that. If you want to spread peace, love, and brotherliness, I encourage you to do so. Please start on this forum. I read nothing peaceful or loving in these comments. The article was hate-filled, and comments more so. It really saddened me to find such animosity without cause or justification.

    The above article says, “Unlike many Christian conventions where the preachers spew venom at other faiths”. I’ve been a Christian for over 30 years. I have never seen what you’re talking about. I don’t doubt you can find examples (crazy people everywhere in every religion), but it isn’t normal, and it is not Christian. However, this article I’d consider it doing the same thing “spewing venom at Christianity”, I would say the vast majority of Christians, and Christian leaders do not ‘spew venom’. The only image I have is a snake trying to attack and kill something. I’ve never seen this in Christian circles. I question if any of you have actually ever met a real Christian, or personally gone to a Christian event. TV & Movies are not real representations of life. News even more so, not factual, and publishes only negative news of unique circumstances. That’s why it’s called news. If it were normal, it would be called ‘the same happened today.’… boring.

    Another statement, “why their “God” should require lies, cheap tactics of deception and crude salesman’s techniques to entrap more followers.” Again, please point out any deception. I’d love to discuss it. As I know of nothing that is truly Christian that would do so, and if there is, I agree, it should be stopped. Point it out, and I’ll expose it with you. We don’t need false “Christians” doing bad things out there.

    Another statement, “that this is all politics in the guise of religion”. Which political party? Who’s politics? As far as I know there is no Christian political party. I am certainly not a member of one. There are no political ties to these events. I know many people in these events and they are of various political views, many of which I disagree with, politically. So if you believe it is political, please give information to prove such. You need to provide evidence to statements, otherwise it’s hearsay.

    Finally, the article spoke a lot of the Christian West. There isn’t such a thing. The Bangalore Code for the Kingdom was put together by Indian Christians. The Indonesian Code for the Kingdom was put together by Indonesian Christians. Each country sponsored and formed it’s own team and participants. There was no vast west conspiracy. They contacted Code for the Kingdom and asked to put it on. They created a proposal and submitted it. This was all done locally.

    Really, when I read this article I laughed, because it’s so wrong. It sounds like we’re some evil secret organization with tentacles into everything and so wonderfully organized and controlled, that we’re taking over the world. Ladies, and gentlemen, we’re just Christians. We love Jesus, we truly believe in him. We don’t require that you do. We have no ‘organization’, other than the family of God. We’re not that organized, but we do try to help each other, and help anyone around the world. We have wives, children, families. We have jobs, we go to work and buy groceries. We’re just like you, we’re human. We have a faith system that is different, true. A system that says there is a place called heaven, and there is one God. If you don’t know him, you can’t be with him after you die. This is an important message to us, and we believe we should tell such important news to others so they can decide for themselves. To us, it’s a life and death situation for those who don’t know God. It would be cruel for us not to tell you about God. BUT, it’s simply telling. No real Christian would force. How can anyone force someone into a true faith relationship? It’s information, and once you have it, it’s up to you to decide who is God, or gods, or lack of gods, whatever your belief system. Your beliefs, your choice. We won’t stop you, why do you feel the need to stop us? I don’t ask you to change your culture or anything to be my friend. I have lots of Hindu friends, and I’m sure they have lots of Christian friends. I also have lots of Muslim friends, and so on and so forth. I do not require them to change their beliefs, and they do NOT require me to change mine. If they have questions about my faith, I will certainly answer. If I have questions of theirs, they also answer. We both equally believe the other is wrong when ti comes to faith, but we’re still able to get along. We respect each other, and I hope you’ll respect me, and others like me. I respect you, which is why I wrote this comment to help clarify, remove misconceptions, and help communication in a positive light flow.

    I encourage you to think, and if you reply, let’s be positive and thoughtful, respecting one another’s faith, and views.

    Feel free to comment, if it is a positive or sincere question, I’ll happily answer. I am not likely to answer negative/inflammatory statements.

    Thank you…

    • adolf

      christians spewing venom is indian phenomina(cleaning of pagans is completed in western hemisphere) so some one who hasnt attended indian evengelical sessions will not understand

    • Krispy K

      All very nice, I’m sure. Though notwithstanding the faulty assumptions, delusions of grandeur and ignorance of reality both current and historical, one wonders why someone who expends so much effort to give the impression of being genuine and reasonable needs to get a bunch of his buddies to upvote his/her post. Not to mention upvoting his/her OWN post in the process (edit: I note you have now quietly removed your own upvote). Doesn’t smack of being genuine, I daresay even to those Indians who *don’t* have direct experience of subversive Christian missionary activity in India.

      I doubt you could ever see the world from a different perspective, which really limits the benefit of this exchange. But I will say this. Nobody can deny that the vast majority of self-declared Christians are just normal people. Most just live their lives, going with the flow and have no religious agenda or need to proselytise; at the same time, a great many feel a God-given obligation to “save the heeeeathens” by foisting their religion onto everyone else. Maybe you yourself really *do* fall into the former category, although I wouldn’t be confident enough to bet on that. Christians are human beings, just the same as non-Christians, and prone to diversity in their inclinations and proclivities just like anybody else. But that is independent from the foundations, objectives and characteristics of Christianity as an *institution*, both historically and currently, and the motivations of any given belief system will necessarily impinge on the consciousness of its adherents.

      I don’t believe that the objective of Christianity *as an institution* is about helping humanity “find God” any more than I believe MacDonald’s is about helping humanity experience the perfect milkshake. Jesus for Christianity, as is the milkshake for MacDonald’s, merely a product/tool to gain customers and increase wealth, power, prestige. Aggressive marketing campaigns push these products in order to attract more followers/customers and corner the market of “souls”/milkshake aficionados; for religions like Islam and Christianity, that marketing is often rooted in the encouragement of extreme, brutal intolerance of other belief systems. As for the intentions of those serving these causes, it is important to note that those employed by MacDonald’s to market their products *know* they are merely employees; Christian missionaries (as are members of the innumerable murderous Islamist organisations distributed throughout the world) are a largely unwitting, unpaid workforce who think they are “serving God”. Now you can call me cynical; I call it facing reality, plain as day.

      Given the above, one realises that the intolerance of these religions obviously cannot make murderous zombies of *all* of their followers (no marketing campaign has 100% penetration). But it will *guarantee* those tendencies in a significant proportion of them. That is the *core reason* that Christianity and Islam have left a bloody trail of
      murder and destruction throughout the globe throughout their entire existence. Ask the countless infidels, pagans, declared “witches” etc. who were chopped up, drowned, burned and beaten just for not being Muslim/Christian. Ask the various victims of natural disasters in India who were coerced into converting to Christianity in exchange for aid. And explore the likes of the Joshua Project, that continue (with political support) to target places like India for demographic engineering purposes. Now you can bury your head in the sand, throw your hands up with an oh-so-innocent look on your face and declare “but we wub you” and “that isn’t real Christianity”, or “none of that is true, why are you being so meeean”. But you are only fooling yourself. That kind of behaviour is not only current and historical *fact*, but an inevitable consequence of the foundations upon which such belief systems are *built*.

      Ultimately, Indian civilisation, in whose very essence resides the wisdom to recognise the inherently divine nature of *all* souls, human and animal; sees not just the ability for anyone, but the ultimate inevitability for *everyone* to reach God, yes even Christians and Muslims without exception; embraces and harbours a compulsion to protect the infinite diversity that God has bestowed upon His creation; such a civilisation needs Christianity like it needs extreme poverty, or widespread crime, or nationwide radioactive contamination. If that’s too “negative” or “inflammatory” for you, then I’m sorry but that’s really your problem.

      That’s all I have to say to you. Best of luck.

    • Anfauglir

      Reason is banned in christianity, in all denominations. Eg, read the diatribe on the subject by that famous father of protestantism Martin Luther,
      (You’re not going to try the usual christian apologetics and pretend otherwise, are you?)

      Luther lectured:

      “Reason should be destroyed in all Christians.”
      “Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his Reason.”

      And he wasn’t the only one. As I already said, this has ever been a primary insistence in all brands of christianism.


      Many Americans’ testimonials for leaving christianity are collected at ex-christian net.

      Occasionally some Indian ex-christians leave their testimony of apostasy from christianity on that site too. You could be one of them! After all, JesusNeverExisted com, so you’ve clearly been conned by and into christianity. Therefore, join the mass exodus out of christianity! (“Christians are leaving the faith in droves and the trend isn’t slowing down”, Business Insider, Apr 2015)

      Here’s a list of books on Leaving Christianity compiled by American ex-christians that will further help you on your journey out of christianity.

      Also read ex-preacher Dan Barker’s books like “Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist” and “Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists”. They will help you. As will “Why I Believed: Reflections of a Former Missionary” (2009) by Kenneth W. Daniels.

      If you need help to quit evangelical/fundy christianity first, before you feel you’re up to kicking your jesus habit entirely, then start with a book like “Leaving The Fold: Testimonies Of Former Fundamentalists” by Edward T. Babinski.

      A couple more recently released books you’ll want to read: on clergy across all denominations leaving christianity

      1. “Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind” (expanded and updated version released May 2015) by Daniel C. Dennett and Linda LaScola, where:

      “Daniel C. Dennett and Linda LaScola comprehensively and sensitively expose an inconvenient truth that religious institutions face…the phenomenon of clergy who no longer believe what they publicly preach. In confidential interviews, clergy from across the ministerial spectrum—from liberal to literal—reveal how their lives of religious service and study have led them to a truth inimical to their professed beliefs and profession. Although their personal stories are as varied as the denominations they once represented, or continue to represent—whether Catholic, Baptist, Episcopalian, Methodist, Mormon, Pentecostal, or any of numerous others—they give voice not only to their own struggles but also to those who similarly suffer in tender and lonely silence.”

      2. “From Apostle to Apostate: The Story of the Clergy Project” by Catherine Dunphy, released July 2015:

      “‘From Apostle to Apostate’ offers a comprehensive introduction to the Clergy Project, established in 2011 to provide a safe space where clergy who have lost their faith can connect with others facing the exact same questions—often alone and in isolation.”

      The ex-christian author of the latter started off as a “devout Catholic seminarian” with a “Jesuit education”, then became “founding member and former executive director of the Clergy Project”.

      As one American ex-christian explains, only losers in the 3rd world (colonised minds, in other words) would still fall for christianity:

      “all those poor Third Worlders were falling for it [jesus/christianity] because they have even less formal education than Bible Belt trailer trash!”

      So don’t be an Indian christian=cretin: a 3rd world mentality considered more mentally regressive by the west than their own “bible belt trailer trash” and who gets mocked behind your back for being so simple-minded and gullible as to still fall for the jesus con. Do what your counterparts in the 1st world are doing: quit christianity too. Perhaps the very missionaries who converted you or your community have already quit it by now. And if they haven’t done so already, they will in time. So many do (example). Therefore, don’t be outdone by western preachers who’ve themselves turned ex-christians. Beat them to ex-christianity if you can, showing you can be less taken in by cons than they can.

      It’s alright, you don’t need to thank me for saving you from the jesus cult (also known as christianity).

      Just don’t forget to recommend all these links and books to your fellow sheeples too. They have a right to know as well, don’t you think?

      Remember: the west is flogging a product among Indians that has been rejected and thus failed in its own backyard. And the only reason they’re flogging that failed product now in India (and all of Asia and Africa) is because they want to plunge us into the Dark Ages that christianism inevitably brings on and which kept Europe in said Dark Ages for over 1.5 millennia. This is why, even as the west is eager to get itself out of christianism, it wants to chain Asia–which has been rising alarmingly–in the quagmire of christianity a.k.a. the vicious cycle of the Dark Ages. The west wants to remain the 1st world forever (in the same way the US wants to be the sole superpower) and keep the rest of the world forever lower in their hierarchy.

      Don’t be one of those 3rd world retards–who are the only kind that fall for christianity. If you’re going to mimic the west, then mimic those who had the sense to opt out of the junkware.
      (And if you want to continue to call yourself Reason, you can’t be a christian: being an oxymoron and all.)

    • Vadakkan

      Nice Christian Taqiyya.

      If you want to let Hindus be Hindus, why the urge to ‘tell Hindus about your “true” God’? Why can’t you leave them alone? This is the disconnect why Hindus or any “pagans” don’t trust Christian missionaries however you couch your intentions in a “loving” language. Take a look at how native Americans protesting in American against Christian thugs like Junipero Serra.

      We know how multimillion-dollar missionaries work

      Search on internet. It is full of Indian Christians telling their American/European counterparts how they are converting the heathen devil worshipers/idol worshipers/false gods worshipers and they need their support(read dollars/euros) for converting more. You are talking in peaceful terms now because Christianity lost its blunt edge in Europe where it thrived once(Christianity put Europe in darkness for a millennia before they woke up.) Hindus haven’t forgotten the inquisitions.

      Burn the idols, eh?

  • krishnamoorthy

    Can we think of an event like this to perpetuate the Hindu existence leave alone starting of a pro-Hindu pro-naionalist newspaper and tv. It is high time we awake to the devastating advent of christian onslaught on Indian culture and on unsuspecting Hindus especially north Indians. Indiafacts through prominent authors and its own staff brilliantly brought out various articles revealing the hidden agendas of two Abrahamic cults. NaMo is representing a political party and now is constitutional entity. There is a limit he could do to boost our nationalism. Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has done commendable job in bringing to the notice of Hindus the vicious paths of both Christianity and Islam and its expansionism. Now he is 75. What we need is younsters below 40 to take up the task of preventing the two reliogions to expand its base. The only viable option is to start Hindu missionary to spread its goal of peace, love, brotherliness etc. to reach the mass, illiterate and gullible.

  • Krispy K

    The same lack of intellect that compels the mentally inadequate to become Christian (missionary or otherwise) also underpins their failure to question why their “God” should require lies, cheap tactics of deception and crude salesman’s techniques to entrap more followers.

    It’s important to remember that this is all politics in the guise of religion, and these efforts should be treated as political infiltration where “freedom of religion” becomes irrelevant. And if the likes of Google are involved, or permitting their senior employees to be involved, they should be made to pay commercial consequences.

  • malavika

    I started using Bing after google had a MFHusain doodle.

    We Indians must have our own search engine.

    • asdf

      Bing is owned by Microsoft, owned by the Gates. Gates Foundation partners with World Vision in being a massive donor to USAID.

      Yes, create your own. (Good luck!)

  • Karigar Medha


  • Kailash

    Why is @google participating in a Christian evangelism project in India? What will it do next? Trend #GoogleFail on tweeter/social media and raise public awareness on this issue.

  • Subramaniam Narasimhan

    The secularists are blaringly silent in this matter. However, a similar event held by a group of Sanatan Dharmis would have elicited outrage among the secularists – a torrent of editorials would have poured out exhorting the communalists BJP and RSS to leave technology alone and keep their communalism out of the ambit of technology. We are reaping what we sowed earlier, thoughtlessly voting to power one congress party government after another for decades.

    • Krispy K

      “Secularists are blaringly silent in this matter…”

      So what’s new? These scumbags (they are *not* “secularists”) are enemies of the state and Hindus in general. What did anyone expect?

      Removing them from India is not only the need of the hour, it is the only engagement they deserve.

      • Anfauglir

        > So what’s new? These scumbags (they are *not* “secularists”)

        Their silence is calculated because they’re crypto-christians and all this is their agenda.