Congress Loses its Marbles

The sight of a sombre Manish Tiwari denouncing Narendra Modi in hushed tones of angst, for suggesting the ailing imported empress abdicate in favour of her befuddled son, illustrated poignantly the ignominy to which the GOP has descended. The party that fought for Indian independence is now in the thrall of an uneducated and greedy foreigner of no noticeable merit. The Congress party is a mere appendage to her utterly vacuous imperious airs that hint at innate supremacy. The bevy of nauseous courtiers like Tiwari, Khurshid and Ramesh and others, less versed in the Queen’s English, but perfectly capable of shocking obsequiousness in Hindi, have sunk to the lowest possible depths. Modi is having a lot of fun puncturing the inflated egos of these degraded court jesters and their absurd leaderene, while precipitating delighted mirth in his vast audiences.

You would imagine that she might have the nous to identify competent speechwriters who would get basic facts right. But her recent piqued Chhattishgarh litany, in wooden Hindi, recited otherwise from the Latin scriptis; something was profoundly amiss. It seems their only qualification is shameless obeisance and unctuous obedience, hence the serial hilarity the speeches of mother and son invariably provoke. Rahul Gandhi may have been awarded the M.Phil. Degree by Trinity, Cambridge, tutored by an earnest Bangladeshi economist and, no doubt, monitored solicitously by the family’s own Nobel laureate, its President at the time. But his autistic patter reveals he gained little from it. Either the degree had become worthless by the time he had supposedly studied for it and evidently passed three of its four component papers, or there is something profoundly amiss. It is unlikely the truth will ever be known.

The Congress is really no longer a political party at all. It is entirely a vehicle for the perpetuation of a clapped out dynasty that has outsourced itself socially and culturally from India. It supreme leader and her family party abroad, enjoy healthcare in elite foreign hospitals and spend like owners of Pharaonic wealth, while hypocritically feigning concern for India’s poor. Their wasteful programmes for alleged upliftment are a form of double jeopardy. It robs India of painfully accumulated savings, in shameless attempts to bribe the electorate, while the political incumbents loot simultaneously without respite. It is a disgrace bereft of moral limits, cynically bolstered by a corrupt, anti-national media and a retinue of politicians who behave no better than domestics. Their plunder would have made Nadir Shah blanch and its intolerable brazenness prompts rage in anyone with a modicum of honesty and insight!

The dynasty enjoys the support of a fetid chorus of arrogant Stephenian and other obnoxiously pseudo Westernized anchors and journalists who control communications in India, as if it was their birthright. The main purport of this scandalous of colonial subversion seems to deprive individuals of the capacity for independent thinking and adopt instead, dangerous anti-national, ideological conformism. Most of these half-educated journalists are apt to rabbit on endlessly, on any and every subject. There seems to have been no exposure to any serious thinking beyond the tendentious rubbish on India published by the likes of Penguin and OUP and lightweight airport drivel by the likes Ramachandra Guha. Of course they are also self-consciously impervious to anything that might offend their political patrons as India Today’s nincompoop chief editor demonstrates day in day out. Just recently he confronted Sushma Swaraj with witless nonsense about an alleged Narendra Modi faux pas on Indian history, unaware or unwilling to face up to the chapter and verse rebuttal replete on the Internet. Perhaps he could have the temerity to put a few embarrassingly anodyne questions to the Congress President though that may lose him his comfortable sinecure masquerading as a journalist!

In the end, none of this would matter, in the grand scheme of things, were it not for the fact that India’s parochial elites–intelligentsia being an unduly elevated ascription–and its imbecilic political class seem unaware of the chaos in their geographical vicinity. Nor do they seem conscious that such fearful turmoil has been the historic norm for most societies. The Anglo-American-French imperial grand masters are currently busy redrawing the map of much of the Middle East, to the accompaniment of prodigious quantities of blood spilling. This was achieved in Africa during the past decade, with more than 5 million dead in the Congo alone. It is unlikely that India in the throes of suicidal provincialism, riven by religious fracture and every division their Indian surrogates can muster, is not also a candidate for their attentions?

Most of its allegedly cosmopolitan intelligentsia, breathless when invited to a foreign seminar, though travelling economy class, in keeping with their now modest social status, will happily turn into coolies and catamites. Much of the political class will evaporate into the rural backwaters where they mostly originate, tending buffaloes and busy spanking their hapless womenfolk.

The author taught International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians and Co-director of the Dharmic Ideas and Policy Foundation. He taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.
  • S. Suchindranath Aiyer

    That the Indian National Congress that had some impact on India’s independence, albeit far less than the German Chancellor and the Japanese Prime Minister of those days, is in any way related to the Congress of today is a very big assumption. The true idealists who fought for Indian Independence such as The Servants of India Society and the fine Congress leaders of intellect and integrity such as Rajaji, Sarojini Naidu and Minoo Masani quit to form the Swatantra Party that was massacred by the venal, corrupt, and amoral Congress which did not close shop as Gandhi had wanted but pursued its career of subverting the Constitution and the Law to apply State Resources to the personal pomp, pleasure, pelf and power of its leaders and camp followers. Indeed, the Congress of today is the biggest beneficiary of the assassination of Gandhi which allowed them freedom from any form of conscience or curb.

  • Sridhar

    Fantastic article that should have gone viral by now but won’t because the populace is ignorant and completely unaware of the suffering brought about by what came out of the loins of Motilal Nehru

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  • http://gravatar.com/balayogiv balayogi

    I read with interest your excellent article which captures the entire gamut of media menace. As a former freelance journalist in the late 80s it actually pains me to see media corrupting the society more than any other domain, I would rate even politicians only second to them because these people corrupt the minds of children, youth and all pseudo intellectuals.
    Media, the popular ones have become a real malign cancer and the best way to fight their lies, though a tedious one, could be printing counter pamphlets with truth and distribute house to house to those who do not use the net and to the rest through social media.
    Here are some of my postings on the net in the past few years about media.

    http://contentwriteups.blogspot.in/2010/12/freedom-of-media.html [ this I wrote in 1990]




  • http://gravatar.com/balayogiv balayogi

    first this congress has nothing to do with this congress, except name actually I have suggested to two big shots to find out legal means to remove usage of this name congress for any party in India without any prefix or suffix. so the congress we have now is congress-I, Indra Congress and not the one started on the proposal of Hume of Theosophical society in the late 18th century

  • http://twitter.com/ady_writes ady (@ady_writes)

    wow .. such a transparent view of the indian top political echelons .


    “The party that fought for Indian independence is now in the thrall of an uneducated and greedy foreigner of no noticeable merit”.

    The current Congress(I) is not the one that fought for freedom. It is the party designed by Indira to make India her personal property.

  • http://Rediffmail.com Arindam

    Fantastically searing language capturing the state of affairs,wish this message could be made available to general public in all Indian languages.

    • https://plus.google.com/100967505052841173823 R “Truth Speaks” Prasad

      Fully agree. I think Oneindia.in site allows to submit comments in most Indian languages.