Exposing Mehdi Hasan’s Accomplices

This article is a continuation of Responding to Mehdi Hasan – How Hindus Should Engage Their Opponents.

This article is a continuation of Responding to Mehdi Hasan – How Hindus Should Engage Their Opponents. This is an attempt to outline ways of engaging with those who have unscrupulously joined hands with the opponents of Hindus.

Mehdi Hasan had an accomplice in panelist Nitasha Kaul when he recently engaged a Hindu activist and leader on Al Jazeera. She attempted to portray the RSS as a militant organization.

Dr. Gautam Sen, one of the panelists, refuted that charge and aptly pointed out that the RSS is a benign organization and that it is only anxious about the loss of Indian heritage as a result of 1,200 years of colonial occupation. Kaul took umbrage at the portrayal of Islamic invaders as occupiers. Protesting animatedly, she asked:

1. Are the Mughals occupiers?


Sen did an excellent job by dismissing her with a curt reply in the affirmative. However, the Hindu activist on the stage who was the guest failed to seize the opportunity. Here is the response he should’ve given:

Yes, the Mughals were as much occupiers of India as the Conquistadors were of Native American lands and white settlers were of Africa. The Mughals treated the Hindus as second class citizens. No, let me rephrase it. They treated the Hindus as animals.

Mehdi Hasan should be able to relate to that because he too has calls non-Muslims animals. The Mughals imposed the jizya tax on the Hindus, and demolished thousands of Hindu temples. That is precisely why the great ruler Shivaji proclaimed that he is fighting the Muslims (and Mughals) to defend the Hindus.

Every Muslim ruler of India was an invader and occupier. None of them self-identified as Indian. Every one of those claimed to have Arab, Persian, or Afghan ancestry. They created a social order in which the Indians were at the bottom of the hierarchy – barely human. Some of the occupiers couldn’t return to their homeland after laying waste to India because either another interloper had taken it over or India offered the kind of wealth those parasites could plunder till their death.

Ms. Kaul, I am afraid you were born 50 years too late. You would’ve made a fortune and a name for yourself by arguing that the white settlers were not occupiers in the Caribbean, South Africa, or the Americas. I am glad that you’re not a lawyer defending rapists. You might have argued that a rapist shouldn’t be seen as a violent intruder in a defenseless woman’s bed because after raping her he fell asleep in that bed for a few hours!

Note 1:  Now, look at the audience and say the following:

Islamic invasion was horrifying to say the least. Professor K. S. Lal has shown that 80 million Hindus died in the genocides that lasted 1,200 years. Women and children were taken into sex slavery. Many were marched across the Hindu Kush as chattels where they perished in the bitter cold.

The word Hindu Kush itself means the graveyard of the Hindus. You must be familiar with the Roma people. They are often derogatorily called Gypsies. They are Hindus who hailed from India’s Punjab province. They were taken as war booty by the Muslim invaders and sold into slavery in Armenia and Iraq. They were again resold to the Christians of Europe. Such were the terrible sufferings inflicted upon the Hindu people by the Muslim occupiers.

In her zeal to become exotic flesh in bed with the Islamists (figuratively speaking of course) Kaul romanticizes the worst aggressors against women’s freedom as part of her heritage. Such aggressors can only be part of the heritage of the most perverted and unscrupulous opportunists. To every reasonable and scrupulous person who has even a modicum of empathy, every Muslim ruler was an invader and occupier of the Indian soil. They are not part of our heritage any more than white slave masters could be part of black American heritage.

Note 2: Kaul would be unable to handle this torpedo and become silent or visibly agitated. However, never forget that a direct attack on a woman would motivate a Nehru-like napuṁsaka to take up the cudgel on her behalf. Mehdi Hasan or someone else from the audience may start protesting. You should cut him off right away and add:

churchillMadhusree Mukerjee wrote a brilliant book called Churchill’s Secret War. She marshals irrefutable evidence to demonstrate that the British willfully unleashed one famine after another to commit genocide of millions of Indians.

If Kaul were to rewrite India’s history, she would indoctrinate the children that those British monsters were not occupiers but were part of India’s heritage. Thankfully, all decent human beings would disagree with her. Had she lived during India’s struggle for independence, she might’ve collaborated with the British handlers and told the freedom fighters not to treat the British colonial masters as aggressive invaders and occupiers because they were part of India’s heritage.

Nobody would ever dare to tell black Americans that Jim Crow is part of their heritage. Nobody would dare to tell the Jews that Adolf Hitler or Martin Luther is part of their heritage. But Islamists, leftists, and their bedfellows have the audacity to tell the Hindus that the Muslim invaders and occupiers are part of Hindu heritage. Our role model is a valiant fighter like Jhalkari Bai and not some exotic flesh in bed with the Islamists.

Note 3: Somebody is likely to hurl accusation that you’re being misogynistic by using the phrase exotic flesh. Curtly inform that as you already pointed out it is a figure of speech. It has been employed by the American left to portray the likes of Michelle Malkin, who collaborates with the most reactionary elements on the right. Point out that the likes of Kaul, who justifies Islamic occupation and its resultant slavery of women, is hardly an epitome of feminism.

2. Kaul alleged that a fringe speaker in a rally in a remote place had called for exhuming the bodies of dead Muslim women and raping them. She then falsely alleged that those incidents happened and blamed it on the RSS.


The response to this charge should be:

You just advertised your perverted mind Ms. Kaul. If any hothead made a call for rape that is terrible and unacceptable. However, when you concoct a fiction that someone actually raped exhumed corpses you are displaying what a sick mind you have.

It is shameless liars like you that make the hotheads look like saints. You emulate the fiction-writer Arundhati Roy in lying. It may be politically and financially rewarding to lie through the teeth but how far would you degrade yourself to be an opportunist? I dare you to file evidence of necrophilia-rape much less by any member of the RSS.

Here are the facts for the benefit of everyone. There was news a few months ago that the body of a Muslim woman had been exhumed near Meerut. However, the police denied that any necrophilia-sex had taken place. The identity of the miscreant who exhumed isn’t known yet. It would take a sick mind like Kaul’s to fabricate the lie that necrophilia-rape occurred and to blame it on the RSS.

However, one such a real incident actually happened in Pakistan. A Pakistani Muslim man exhumed more than 50 dead bodies and raped those. It is that incident that Kaul has expediently projected on the RSS. It is a pity that the British universities hire unscrupulous perverts such as Kaul.

3. Kaul raised concern that there is a rise in ghar wapasi ever since Modi became PM.


The following should be the response:

Yes, ghar wapasi programs to reconvert India’s Christians and Muslims are going on in full vigor. It would be invigorated further. For 2,000 years, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Parsis, and Buddhists came to India as refugees. Hindus never proselytized any of those.

Instead, Hindus allowed them to preserve and nurture their respective religions. Jews, Parsis, and Buddhists reciprocated in kind. But Christians and Muslims have not. They both set out to convert the Hindus and destroy Hinduism. The pope even announced on a visit to India that he wants all of India to become Christian. Missionaries have repeatedly announced that Nagaland is for Christ. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander too. Hindus will launch active ghar wapasi. The constitution allows it and the BJP government will defend a constitutional right.

However, our ghar wapasi will be different from Christian conversions. We will encourage everyone to come back to their precious ancestral religions. India is not only home to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. It is also home to numerous tribal traditions.

Christian missionaries in particular have laid waste to tribal traditions and converted the tribal people to Christianity. When we reconvert them to their tribal religions through ghar wapasi we are preserving what is essentially Indian heritage. Leftists, Islamists, and Christian missionaries do not care about the destruction of precious tribal religions. But we do care for those traditions.

Every reasonable person should support ghar wapasi. Do you not support local businesses and crafts and oppose the predations of multinational corporations? How can you then not support ghar wapasi which preserves native traditions and shields them from western- and petro dollar-funded Christian and Islamic predatory proselytism respectively? Let us all look forward to the glorious day when every Indian Christian and Muslim would’ve embraced one’s ancestral religion.

India will also endeavor to bring in parity. Today, Hindu temples and institutions are owned and managed by the government. But Christian and Islamic institutions are controlled by western and Arab powers.

I want to clarify one thing. We wouldn’t want to bring the likes of Kaul back to Hinduism or any Indian tradition through ghar wapasi. She is welcome to officially convert to Islam or even acquire Pakistani citizenship. Gautam Sen quipped that Kaul is acting like the de facto spokesperson for the Pakistani Embassy. I think the Pakistanis owe her a citizenship. A Pakistani citizenship may not be worth a lot but a dhimmi deserves a token of appreciation.

4. Kaul accused the RSS of instructing its cadre in the use of arms.


The correct response should be:

Even though the RSS doesn’t instruct its cadre in the use of arms, I think it should now since you’ve brought it up. India has a rich tradition of martial arts and arms training. We have martial traditions like the kaḻaripayattu which mandate arms training for men as well as women. If we incorporate such training to all youth, we would not only be making them fitter but also reviving a traditional art. Many of those teachers hail from underprivileged communities such as the Ezhava. So, when we make martial training universal, we empower those teachers.

Let me put it this way. Islam veiled the woman and confined her to the harem. Christianity taught that a woman is subservient to the man. Hindu martial traditions teach that a woman is as fierce and independent as a man is. Goddess Kāḻi symbolizes this woman.

In many places such as Pakistan, Kashmir, and Bangladesh, the minority Hindus have been ethnically-cleansed and systematically raped. In such places, arms training would’ve helped the Hindus defend themselves.

sardar patelDuring the run up to the partition in 1947, Hindus were brutally massacred by the Muslims in Pakistan. The great Indian leader, Sardar Patel, encouraged the Hindus to take to arms in self-defense and even funded arms factories. This reality continues until today. In Pakistan or Bangladesh, Hindus get no justice from the government or the Muslim majority. So, they have no option other than take to arms

Note: Hasan may rhetorically ask whether the Muslim minority in India should also take to arms. Promptly respond that whereas the Hindu minority in Kashmir, Pakistan, and Bangladesh has been persecuted the Muslims in India are treated very well.

A Muslim became the president of India and was felicitated by the BJP. Numerous Muslims have become Bollywood stars and musicians. Muslims in enjoy freedom and equality. That is precisely why so many Bangladeshi Muslims illegally migrate to India every year. So, Muslims in India should abide by the law.

Hasan, will the British government tolerate if you called upon the Muslims to take to arms? They won’t because Britain is a functioning democracy and you’ve recourse to judiciary. Likewise, India is a functioning democracy and Muslims have recourse to the judiciary. More importantly, Indian Muslims enjoy greater privileges than the Hindus. The Haj pilgrimage is subsidized by the taxpayer and Islamic schools are funded by the government. Hindus do not enjoy similar privileges. So, no insurrection would be tolerated.


5. The Hindu activist and leader had ably stated that the only pending issue is of POK.  A Pakistani Muslim guy in the audience said that he is not from the POK but from Azad Kashmir – free Kashmir.


The correct response would’ve been:

You are entitled to your share of fantasy young man but if you want the rest of the world to believe that you are free in POK stand up and declare yourself an apostate. Are you married? Then, can your wife courageously stand up and declare that nobody – neither Allah nor his Prophet nor any mullah – can determine what attire she could wear. She alone could.

Get someone to say that they reject the abominable practice of child genital mutilation in the form of circumcision. Let that person say that the Bronze Age whims of Allah or his prophet cannot trump the rights of a child. The day these individuals can stand up and speak freely, I will believe you live in Free Kashmir. But today, if you exercise freedom, you would be killed for apostasy. Would you relish freedom post mortem while they load you on the heaven- or hell- bound cargo?

Sorry to break your delusional spell dude. You are no more than a chattel in the Pakistani scheme of things. Hey, guess what, even in the Pakistani army, you have to play the second fiddle to the Punjabi Muslim. Everywhere, fidayeen and assorted Muslim terrorists and mercenaries from around the world take your women as if they are mere commodities. You may have marginally more rights than an Ahmadiyya, who is a persona non grata, but don’t fool yourself that you’re free. You have got a long way to go. And delusion isn’t getting you there.

It is very important to expose the likes of Kaul or this Pakistani guy. The likes of Kaul would advertise their Hindu birth, align themselves with the Islamists, and lie through their teeth. They create the false impression that they are Hindu insiders standing up for what is right. Hence, their efficacy, unless exposed, is higher than that of Hasan’s.

Islamists know their value which is why they empanel them. A Hindu should know the damage they could do and expose them. It is the same with the Pakistani guy. He identifies himself as a Kashmiri from the POK and announces that he is free. His aim is to reinforce the false impression that India is oppressing Kashmiris. It is the Kashmiri Muslims who ethnically cleansed 700,000 Hindus. A section of Kashmiri Muslims had been subjugated by the Pakistanis. In much of Kashmir, jihadis and fidayeen mercenaries run amok by entering into muta marriage with local women. It is a form of sexual slavery and rape of the ephemeral variety. The Pakistani propagandist is trying to deflect attention from this reality and is falsely demonizing India. Focus the spotlight on the reality. He too is, in a certain sense, exotic flesh in bed with the Islamists.
Continued in the next part.

Kalavai Venkat is a Silicon Valley-based writer, an atheist, a practicing orthodox Hindu, and author of the book “What Every Hindu should know about Christianity.”
  • Rajalakshmi J

    Kollywood’s kamalhassan who was given one padma-blahblah by congress & who has been made one of the members of Censor Board (by bjp government) always repeated (sic) ” babri masjid is part of our heritage”.

  • muslims kings being part of India heritage is the grand narrative perpetrated by commies and lapped up by secular dhimmis.

  • Dipak Bose

    Sen was not allowed to reply in most cases and was ignored by Mehdi Hasan, who is a Pakistani-British now employed by Qatar. Qatar also was the new home for FM Hussaein who regularly used to paint Hindu Deities in nude and ran away to Qatar. Qatar also is financing the ISIS in Syria. Thus, Mehdi hasan is indirectly linked with the ISIS.

    Qatar because of its money just hired the hall from the Oxford Union, otherwise it has nothing to do with this Qatari Organization. I have seen when I was in both Oxford and Cambridge that colleges regularly rent out halls or food courts for marriage parties, which have nothing to do with the Universities.

  • Amak4u

    Mr Author you can’t be seriously a Hindu for saying Buddhists migrated to India and Hindus tolerated them. Buddhists are indigenous and part of Hinduism. Its wrong to say they migrated to India.

  • UNaiR
  • vasan

    Great job Venkat.

  • kumar

    Hindu Organisations have to counter all these lies with facts and with lot aggression.

  • Savarkar’s Disciple
  • RVenkatanarayanan

    This Kaul lady in the panel was making abominable allegations against Hindus, RSS. She was introduced as an academic in the UK. Amazing hatred in the vitriol
    of this woman!

  • Jitendra Desai

    Most of such debating events are left driven and meant to spread lies against Hindus and their civilization.Those who wish to participate in such events should go well prepared and should display aggressiveness and should be ready to walk out if others cross certain limits.These are not debates as described in our scriptures.They are events planned to denigrate Hindus.Hence those participating for Hindus should not be worried about decency etc.

  • Samrat Bharat

    Here is how you condemn ISIS, jihad, Hafeez Sayeed and Lakhvi in style and prevent our youth from going astray: https://goo.gl/VwzB0v

  • Nitin

    Natasha Kaul is a bloody treacherous Hindu-hating Islam-loving Leftist!!

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      She declared herself as a Hindu. Such Hindus who have nothing Hindu about them and have Hindu baiting agenda should not declare their religion. Why Kashmir which once had a great Shaivite tradition and created the best scholars in Sanskrit Poetics once was reduced to a Hindu minority region is clear when one looks at this woman.

  • Ashish

    Kaul – ha, another Kashmiri Pandit.. no wonder why pandits are keep suffering as they have entire population of jaichands

  • Samrat Bharat

    Instead of RSS idiots, we should just send Asaduddin Owaisi (Hyderbad MP) to such panels. See how he takes down these Pakistani panelists for bringing up Gujarat:


    • Zohrab

      ………………Dr. Gautam Sen, one of the panelists, refuted that charge and aptly pointed out that the RSS is a benign organization and that it is only anxious about the loss of Indian heritage as a result of 1,200 years of colonial occupation……………
      Turning a blind eye towards the naked truth will not make it a lie. Truth will prevail. RSS a benign organization !!! This one point alone is enough to evaluate the whole article and conceive the path it is taking! Why don’t you go and check the archives of all communal riots occurred in India since 1947 and the reports of the appointed judicial commissions in which they clearly cited the role of RSS office bearers in each and almost every case !!!

      Luckily, majority Hindus know this and hence it cannot come forward openly and hide behind hypocrites under BJP banner!

      Learn the difference between Hinduism and the RSS brand Hindutva that they call Hinduism first.

      • Samrat Bharat

        You are addressing the orthodox Hindu atheist Silicon Valley author or me?

        But interesting to head about the judicial commission archives. Where are these?

      • Samrat Bharat

        (Correcting typos)

        You are addressing the orthodox Hindu atheist Silicon Valley author or me?

        But interesting to **hear about the judicial commission archives. Where are these?

      • BalancedCentre

        Have u checked these so-called judicial commissions reports? You sound so sure, so why don’t you share the references or sources or urls? In the same token, Telling a lie surely and convincingly will not make it a truth. You made an accusation, the onus is on you to prove it with factual references!!

        Also, you have no idea about majority of Hindus, because your “majority” of Hindus is mostly namesake confused Hindus like the award wapsi gang who are the byproduct of India’s colonial education system that places taboo on and undermines our heritage and true history, those who have grown up reading about pages and pages of “glorious” Mughals history in India while ignoring their immense atrocities against Hindus and other non-muslims. Those Hindus are NOT the majority but are the minority. Also FYI BJP doesn’t define Hindus. If BJP doesn’t address the aspirations of Hindus to have a truly secular and fair system in India, then in time there WILL be a new political entity to fill that void.

        Must say you have no clue about Hindutva. No one (sane) calls Hindutva as Hinduism. Hindutva is about being a proud Hindu and acknowledging the root of Indian civilization as Hindu of which itihasas themselves are proof. Which religion/philosophy has been in continuous habitation in this land even before the foreign religions arrived? Hindutva considers Indic religions Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, tribal traditions in it’s fold and respects them as separate religions. Looks to me that like some leftist communist libtards you cannot accept the notion of a proud Hindu, ain’t that right “zohrab”?

        • Zohrab

          Hi Balanced….

          ……..Have u checked these so-called judicial commissions reports? You sound so sure, so why don’t you share the references or sources or urls?…….

          The reports are available with the concerned authorities of respective states for you to check. I mention a few here: Jamshedpur, Banaras (Varanasi), Meerut, Bhivandi, Bhagatpur and many more mainly in UP. These were all well before the Babri masjid demolition.

          In fact, I don’t have any grudge with the Hindus but the Sanghparivar. What is your opinion about the book Vicharadhara authored by M. S. Golwalkar? Do you agree with him that everybody except the Hindus should be treated as second class citizens? No! Slaves in reality! See a quote from wiki: “According to Ramachandra Guha, Golwalkar had written, “In this land Hindus have been the owners, Parsis and Jews the guests, and Muslims and Christians the dacoits.” Guha calls Golwalkar the “guru of Hate”. Shall I have remind you that this man IS the guru of Sanghparivar, and their horrifying ideology that led to the assassination of our Rashtrapita; Mahamtma Gandhi by its. So I have every reason to justify my stance and I standby my statement on RSS and its ideology of Hindutva, whatever the definition you are bringing forward.

          Before Aryans importing their Vedic faith to India there was no Hinduism in existence as the RSS preaches now. You are right. It’s not the BJP that defines Hindus but RSS, fortunately only to a fraction of Hindus. Sorry for the mistake and you see what is the RSS.

          I am sure that “the aspirations of Hindus to have a truly secular and fair system in India” will no way give an upper hand to RSS as they are based on totally a racist false-ideology”.