Hartosh Singh Bal’s hatred for Indian national interest

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi often remarks jokingly, that many journalists and media companies would have to shut their shops if they don’t carry on their hate campaign against him. The now-editor of Carvan, Hartosh Singh Bal is easily one of such shop owners who wouldn’t have a career if he didn’t sell his inventory of anti-Modi habiliments on an ongoing basis.

Bal’s clan fortunately for India is dwindling but in a last-ditch effort to save the ship from sinking into the ocean of ideological and moral putrefaction, the Bals of the world are hitting the rancid waters with their ores of fabrications. This is why you see a Rajdeep Sardesai mocking at and getting into a public brawl with Indians settled in the US who don’t subscribe to his anti-Modi “views.” And now, a Hartosh Bal “advising” the US government to maintain a safe distance from Narendra Modi due to his “past”. These are signs of desperation and frustration. These are also signs of a sinister mindset.

In the present article, Hartosh counsels the US government to practice caution while striking new alliances with Narendra Modi in particular and the BJP in general. He reminds the Americans in case they have forgotten, why Modi was denied entry to the United States and how the very same reasons still stand irrespective of the thumping and unprecedented endorsement the PM has received both politically as well as personally. While sharing his wisdom and cautioning the US government, Bal totally ignores the fact that no Indian court has convicted or has been able to convict Narendra Modi and even the committee set up by the Supreme Court didn’t find any evidence of his involvement in the unfortunate events that unfolded in 2002.

modi sit

But then, who cares for truth and the country’s justice system when the survival of one’s shop is at stake? As phony secularists often say, “What’s the use of development if you don’t feel safe in the country?” while trying to conjure up a doomsday scenario for the Muslims of the country under the Narendra Modi government. Following their own logic, this translates to: what’s the use of the verdicts of the courts if they don’t suit your purpose?

What do people like Hartosh Bal stand to gain by broadcasting their ululations interminably? The recent elections have shown that their decade-long  propaganda of vileness has failed miserably. In their limited stock of intellectual and journalistic skulduggery they have used practically everything and now the only option left to them is repetition. Keep repeating the same old lies again, and again, and again, even if they don’t achieve anything. They have to show to their political masters that they’re doing something. Like a pet hamster, they are running in the wheel of lies they have created for themselves just to pretend to do some sort of activity.

More evilly, they’re also trying to instigate unrest in the society. What journalists like Hartosh Bal fear the most is irrelevance. So they are writing provocative articles even to the extent of writing completely outlandish pieces, expecting some sort of retort from Narendra Modi or his supporters so that they can scream to the world that look, we are being targeted for speaking out. This is in the fond hope that they can gain instant stardom.

Indeed, this was what Rajdeep Sardesai, the practiced Modi hate-monger was trying to achieve during Narendra Modi’s US visit but the entire fiasco backfired with the original unedited video surfacing on the Internet that shows that he was the one who mounted the physical assault. The same video also showed that it was the so-called Modi-bhakts who exercised restraint and prevented the situation from getting out of hand. Let’s also not forget that Tarun Tejpal, the infamous managing editor of Tehelka—now facing rape charges—won the International Premio Hemingway award in Italy for “outstanding journalism from a conflict zone” – the rackets these people run in the name of “fearless journalism” are unlimited.

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The goodies that ensue from such racketeering is also one of the reasons why writers and journalists of the ilk of Hartosh Bal feel emboldened. If they are attacked, intellectually, legally or in the rarest of the rare scenarios, physically, they will receive instant victimhood. Suddenly awards will rain down upon them. The floodgates of “secular” opportunities will be opened all over the world, especially in the western, left-dominated world of the media and academia. Book deals will be signed. Grants will be given. They will be called to various conferences to deliver lectures on how repressive and anti-minorities the current Indian government is, and so on.

When your entire career is based on manufacturing and propagating lies, you don’t develop the habit of doing the actual work, which is hard and which takes integrity and where no rewards and awards are guaranteed. Hence the easy way: keep writing stuff that you have been writing for decades, keep regurgitating stuff that has been written for decades, spin a few words here and there to make your stuff appear original or topical and there you have it, another hallmark of “unrelenting journalism in pursuit of truth and justice”.

In this so-called pursuit for justice, they have now plummeted to such depths that they don’t even realise whether they are writing for their own country or serving the interests of another country, even an enemy country. It’s hard to even imagine the kind of mentality you must have in order to urge another country not to trust and strike up alliances with the PM of your own country. But expecting such decency from people like Hartosh Singh Bal would be expecting the Moon.

The funny part is that people like Bal are so conceited that they have gotten themselves into believing that what they say matters. Why would the US government care what he or anybody like him has to say about Modi? International relations don’t hinge upon rumours and hearsays let alone rabid and fraudulent pieces. If forming alliances with Narendra Modi goes counter to the US interests, they will maintain a distance, and if it is in their interest, no matter what these weeping Cassandras have to say, they will go ahead and form every alliance possible under the sun.

There’s no nice way of saying this: how does Hartosh Singh Bal even face himself in the mirror?



Amrit Hallan provides professional content writing services. He generally mind his own business, but when he strongly feels about particular issues, he likes to take on the mantle of a journalist and commentator.
  • C Siddarth

    The author seems to think that Modi is ‘doodh ka dhula hua’. Modi, like every politician, has also risen out of the muck called politics. He has done the dirty work too.
    True that the court has absolved him of all guilt, but do you really trust the Indian judiciary? The same judiciary that let Jayalalithaa and Sasikalaa go scot free. There was enough circumstantial evidence of the Gujarat government not taking action against the rioters.
    This article seems to just sound the grievances of the right wing when a journalist does his work of questioning. And yes. He has every right to question even the prime minister

  • k.godara60

    I personally obliged by reading that such type of traitors are in the guise of Journalists

  • arishsahani

    Amrit you are great and courageous. The anti hindu writers paid well by our enemy are like Man Singh of today and they should be put in jail hale for Desh Drohi . We need laws to expose these and put them in jail for telling and spreading lies.

  • Ameeta

    Media pimp par excellence. Someone ask him if the gesture is being reciprocated by an American testifying against their country with the Indian government.

  • Jayesh Sanghani

    I have heard Bal in TV news debates and the article is bang on about who this minnow is. It is too much to expect patriotism (India first) from these sick-u-liars.

  • Ameeta

    He is a misguided fool. He is selling off his country’s interests by appealing to a nation which always puts its own interest first.

  • Sekhars

    We must hold journalist accountable for their mis-information. Sepoys like Bal are the biggest problem we have. These people are in true sense -anti nationals.

  • Manohar Sharma

    People like Bal are like Ku Klux Klan or Nazi party members. They get moral support from other members. We have to confront these people at every opportunity and let them know that their communal distorted version of events will be challenged.

  • Adbul Ham

    By quoting Bal here you are only giving him readership. You are allowed to defecate in open as long as you point it towards Pakistan and it is in deep Jungle. That is what Hartosh is doing. Dont give him importance, he will die on his own. People dont write controversial articles because they feel that way. They write these because that is what will be read?

  • Gangaraju VP

    Bal is an idiot doesn’t know whom he’s talking to for two reasons:
    1)He’s talking BS.
    2) Forget about Modi. US supplies arms to extremists to topple leaders who are democratically elected. Its their National Interest they care about. And he’s thinking that they’ll listen to him.

  • Sam

    Bal is just a symptom of a much deeper Indian malaise. When you have Indian parliamentary legislators petitioning a foreign head of state to refuse entry to a citizen of their nation; a high-ranking elected official of a major state in the union which they serve, it reflects a peculiarly servile mindset that is seen nowhere else in the world. Modi is the lightening rod that brings this uniquely Indian behavior out in the open, when it usually bubbles under the surface in Lutyen’s Delhi and other similar concentrations of this particular breed. It is no doubt a consequence of a millennium of foreign rule and the selection over many generations of the quintessential brown sepoys for service. These are the same people who unquestioningly fired into the crowd at Jallianwallah Bagh when ordered to, and served drinks in premises that fronted signs stating no dogs and Indians were allowed.

  • Kishan Sharma

    Bal is not an Idiot, he is a first rate rascal and a paid stooge of Imperialists. That Modi was denied visa because of 2002 riots is a falsity propagated by the paid stooges like Bal as a smoke-screen to hide the real reason. Imperialists who have killed lakhs of innocent Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, would they bother about the death of eight hundred odd Indian Muslims? The real reason was that Modi had come down hard on the fraudulent Evangelist conversion industry in Dang and other districts of Gujarat. The wording of the resolution that was passed to deny Visa to Modi makes this clear, if one reads it carefully. The Mediacrooks website gave full details of this fraud on Indian people, in a post some years back.

  • Happy

    We have in India Pesudosecular jouranlists Industry whose main job is to Lie, Cheat and propaganda against Modi/BJP and their head is Congress and other Leftish parties.

  • mhndv

    Why the simple fact these foolish Goebbels of present generation donot know that the time is different? In those days it was time of dictetorship where total state control was on news. It was state monopoly to peddle and circulate lies that they wish to. Goebbels dictum ‘lies told hundred time become truth’,no more in this age, at least within the country. They need to be told Nixon’s confession that ‘Hate is self-destructive’. Are they intellectuals or fools? How they can presume that the other side is so stupid that they will believe?. They will give ‘balls’ to advice of Bal!

  • Peter Aremone

    Awesome article !

  • Guest

    And Modi is speaking in India’s interest?

    GMO crops, experimental drugs, defense expenditure, nuclear energy (Fukushima notwithstanding) are about to be pushed down the throats of gullible Indians.

    Yet not one squeak out of our nationalist PMs mouth on the US funding of PAK military which runs into the billions of dollars! US is playing the common citizens of India and Pak for fools, in the age old divide & conquer approach. Our leaders are bought and paid for.

    Enjoy your democracy! The mantra for the 3rd world nations is “loot or be looted” 😀

    • Peter Aremone

      If you think it is illegal wealth (not made from businesses), feel free to file a case in court.

      • Ashok

        absolutely… WHy an organisation like Association for Democratic Reforms, whose very name sounds like a front for China funded leftist organisation, file a case against Vithal Radadiya, when people of lesser means like Subramaniam Swamy have brought leaders of far greater power like Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi to their knees by filing cases in courts.

    • Happy

      Guest is another anti Modi idiot.

  • Nagarajan B V

    This article spits right on the face of Bal. If I were him, I wouldn’t think about writing an article again. But these guys are shameless. Will write anything for survival.

  • Usha

    Can’t believe that such idiots as Singh Bal exist.