Hindu View of the World: A beginning

Our idea was to present a series of articles on the Hindu view of the world.

Dear Readers,

Thanks for your wonderful response to our introductory series on Hinduism.

For nearly six months, we have been incubating this idea and we’re thrilled that it’s finally seeing the light of day. Our idea was to present a series of articles on the Hindu view of the world. We wanted to discuss several current issues (lifestyle, society, religion, rituals, etc.) in the light of the traditional wisdom of India.

However, we felt that before getting into the various issues in detail, we should lay a solid foundation of the fundamental concepts of Hinduism, the foundational texts, as well as important terms that we would be invoking frequently. A good understanding of these basics will give us the requisite tools to understand the Hindu view better. Further, whenever we come across a particularly knotty problem, we can look back at these building blocks in order to find a resolution.

As we discuss various issues – be it vegetarianism or homosexuality or inter-caste marriage or freedom of speech – we will draw freely from the several foundational texts in the Hindu tradition as well as medieval literature to showcase what one might call the Hindu view. We will also provide detailed references for those who wish to go deeper into the study of our ancient culture and heritage.

We hope you will enjoy reading these articles. We request you to actively engage with the content and share your thoughts. If you would like us to discuss a certain issue, please feel to write to us at [email protected].

With warm regards,

ŚatāvadhāniDr. R Ganesh

Hari Ravikumar

Dr. Ganesh is a Shatavadhani, a multi-faceted scholar, linguist, and poet and polyglot and author of numerous books on philosophy, Hinduism, art, music, dance, and culture.
  • Rama

    I agree with Dr MS . Also, can you please not use the term MEDIEVAL with the Hindu context. We didn’t have a medieval period as such. There was no period of enlightenment. These terms are applicable only to European civilisations.

    • Krispy K

      Don’t be fooled. It seems such people are finding a new technique – make some of the right noises and then slip in some of the same old crap to try and lend some legitimacy to the latter. Underneath all the deception, the Marxist agenda is the same.

      See the name, skip the post.

      • Dr. MS

        Are you one of them? There is something dangerous in men like you: with a name like Krispy, which is an American doughnut brand. You follow smart Hindu and/or Indian women around and destroy them so you can have idiots dominating Hinduism and India… thereby destroying it from within. People are on to your strategy. Am I correct? India does not need the kind of evil it has in its damaged men, and its minority men, and that includes you. Minorities are not just religious minorities, but also mentally screwed up people like you…who sell out their own country.

        Jealousy and fear runs your life…What a pathetic human being you are. The non Indians and non Hindus who run this website must love you.

        • Arya

          Cool down ma’am…..dere r sm people lacking ‘Intellectually daring Mind and Heart’ which is obvious due to numerous attacks from all sides through out 1k years n more……..either pacify them by putting sufficient facts and logic or just ignore them……bt don loose temper ……just go for pursuit for fact,logic and justice……..as we’ll progress better….confidence will build up among people…..dere will be lesser inferiority, lesser fear….lesser impatience and consequent lesser irrational aggression……

          BTW…….i have gone through few of ur post and i found u to be very studious …..cud i know smth abt u….wat do u do????? my email id [email protected]

          Thanks & Regards,

        • Krispy K

          Stop stalking me, you racist.

  • Dr. MS

    I do not see any mention on gender issues and philosophy rather than religion. Dharma in Santana Dharma does not translate into the word “religion”. So lets stop using it…and be proactive in coming up with another more appropriate English word.

    I liked Nando’s definition: Dharma is a word used often in Hinduist and Buddhist schools of thought, but its meaning is much wider and different than religion. Dharma has a lot of meanings, most of them coming from its literal translation, “that which upholds, supports or maintains” each and everything the universe is and has to offer.. Sanathana Dharma is considered to be that eternal that upholds, as the eternal Truth. In that sense, one can relate that to the Truth searched by Philosophy, or by Science.

    Hence Philosophy and Science.are given equal weight and importance in Hinduism and Buddhism, hence science, good and ethical science, are integrated into Hindu thought, pursuits and practices.

    Let us use the word Hindu philosophy, and not religion, with some belief-based practices, confined to temples or meditation, etc. that some people find useful, helpful and attractive.