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History of Hindu Heroism: A brief chronicle

IndiaFacts columnist Manini has put together a compelling presentation chronicling the long history of Hindu heroism for IndiaFacts. Here’s how she describes the presentation:

This is a quick chronicle of all those Hindu bravehearts who for over 550 years, fought Islamization and paid with their lives to keep the Hindu religious and cultural identity alive.

We invite our readers to watch, share, and disseminate this rather superlative and visually pleasing presentation.

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  • Prithviraj

    The so called Secularists keep arguing that muslim rulers were tolerant and the infected educational system produce kids who consider these idol breakers as real heroes and forget the unsung ones, Pathetic indeed!

    A similar distortion can be seen below


  • You forgot to mention Battle of Rajasthan fought by Bappa Rawal and other Hindu kings jointly wherein it was said that No place under the sun could be found for the muslims to take refuge making them return to sindh. Also add marathas, Jats, Dogras, Sikhs, Ahoms etc struggle in it

  • arindam

    Two hundred years of heroic resistance by Hindu shahis Of Kabul who sacrificed their entire clan in their fight against the Central Asian invaders is forgotten chapter of Indian history which must be highlighted to burst the myth of easy Hindu surrender to the invaders.
    Memorials must erected to the Kings such as Jaypal and Trilochanpal of this dynasty who paid with their lives to stem the tide of the barbarians.

  • cool

    check this out

    1.Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders

    2. Fierce and persistent Hindu resistance to the Islamic Jihad prevented the complete Islamization of India

    3. Narasa Nayaka

    • Prithviraj

      This too:


  • cool

    check this out

    1, Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders

    2. http://www.historyofjihad.org/india.html

  • varunreddy2

    One more fact highlighted by Sita Ram Goel was that there was never a continuous Islamic rule over India except under Akbar and Aurangazeb.
    There was always Hindu resistance and thats why Hindus/Hinduism survived not because of the ‘inclusive’ spirit of Islamic rulers as suggested by ’eminent’ Historians.When Islamic rulers’ court historians proudly say that countless Hindu skulls are being collected by their rulers and iconoclasm was being carried out,what kind of a devious mind argues on the contrary?
    This sickness has to be called Indian secularism.

    • Stop Islam & Communism

      You know the Marxists fool the ignorant Hindus by asking ” tell us how the Muslim rule was cruel and violent, when Majority Hindus still survive, had the Muslims been intolerant We all would have been Muslims by now”

  • Praveen A V

    Fantastic work team.
    Somethings that I remembered while reading the PPT was:
    1. Vijayanagara Kings defended Southern India for 400 years. They wiped out Sulanate of Madhurai. Etc…
    2. Rastrakutas drove out arabs from Gujarat.

  • ccc

    fullscreen is not working

    • Vivek

      Click button next to full screen which opens slide in slideshare website. Try fullscreen option there. It works!

      • Aparna

        Oh thanks for this! Was trying for long 🙂