US Consulate in Mumbai interferes in India’s internal issues

The graphic below is an invitation printed in the US Consulate General’s name (in Mumbai) giving information about an event the U.S. Consulate General has organized on the 16th of March in Mumbai. The event is a panel discussion on a topic titled “Women Security in India: Understanding your Legal and Civil Rights.” 


As we have witnessed recently, the United States has taken upon itself to act as a teacher and adviser to India on issues ranging from secularism, women’s rights and freedom of expression. Some commentators opine that because India is a fast-growing economy, the US is giving friendly “tips” to India because it wants world’s largest democracy as its ally. Even if that ‘excuse’ is valid, then shouldn’t this teacher-adviser business be a two-way street?

Do we see the Indian government advising the USA on every day and burning issues in their society? Do we see the Indian government or media advising and/or castigating the US over all-too-frequent accounts of racism, mass shootings in schools and more importantly, does the Indian government show the widespread abuse of women there and the fact that the world’s only superpower is also the land which tops the rapes chart list? Here is some hard data about rape in the United States purely by way of academic interest to the the US Consulate in Mumbai:


–          over 300,000 rape/sexual assault crimes reported in (officially-defined) “poor” households (and more than  63,000 in “low income”, 100,000 in “mid-income” and almost  60,000 in “high income” households);

–          juvenile sex offenders (ages 6-17, of whom 93% were male) comprised more than ¼ of all sex offenders and more than 1/3rd of the sex offenders against minors;

–          5% of the juvenile sex offenders were younger than 9 years, and 16% younger than 12 years;

–          the proportion of victims younger than the age of 12 was 59% for juvenile sex offenders, compared with 39% for adult sex offenders;

–          offenders younger than age 12 were somewhat more likely than offenders age 12 or older to be female and to offend in multiple offender and multiple victim episodes;

–          30% of military women were raped while in service, 71% were sexually assaulted, and 90% were sexually harassed;

–          some 90% of sexual assaults of military personnel while in service were never reported.


–          of sexual assault victims within the defence services, 54% of women and 27% of men did not report sexual assault because they feared retaliation;

–          47% of women and 20% of men did not report because they had heard other victims had a negative experience after reporting;

–          at least 140,000 prisoners had been raped while incarcerated.


–          over 80,000 prisoners reported sexual victimization while incarcerated.


–           approximately 26,000 women and men were sexually assaulted within the defence services;

–          of these, only 3,374 cases were reported;

–          rape was described as an epidemic in the defence services.


–          the number of reported cases of sexual assault within the defence services rose to 5,061;

–          of these, only 484 cases went to trial, and only 376 resulted in convictions;

–          90% of the assault victims were eventually involuntarily discharged;

–          there were over 300,000 rape/sexual assault crimes within the country.

The US Consulate in Mumbai may also note this gem of wisdom from Rick Santorum who was a candidate in the Republican presidential field in 2012:

I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you. As you know, we have to, in lots of different aspects of our life. We have horrible things happen. I can’t think of anything more horrible. But, nevertheless, we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Based on these kinds of statements and the aforementioned statistics, the US Consulate in Mumbai can very well carry out such panel discussions on the abysmal treatment of women in its own country.

Does the Indian government show the widespread abuse of women there and the fact that the world’s only superpower is also the land which tops the rapes chart list?

But thankfully, as believers in democracy and following traditions of decency and non-interference in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs, the Government of India is decent enough to let the US administration take care of the shocking treatment of women and rapes in its country.

Now we can look at the panelists invited to this so-called event:

  1. Tiffany Williamsis the Senior Human Trafficking and Labor Rights Specialist for the Global Economy project of the Institute for Policy Studies. She also serves as the coordinator for the Beyond Survival campaign of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and is known to speak for domestic workers who survived human trafficking and labor exploitation in the Washington metro area.Tiffany graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, and from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is a licensed social worker in the District of Columbia.She claimed that the Devyani Khobragade issue was an issue of abuse of domestic workers in India. She is associated with the groups who were demanding that US President Obama raise questions about free expression and political intimidation while visiting India.2. Insia Dariwala Pandey is a filmmaker and writer who has initiated workshops to sensitize children and educators about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

    3. Audrey D’Mello is a programme director of the Majlis Legal Center headed by the well-known legal expert and feminist Flavia Agnes who is known to oppose the Uniform Civil Code. She has authored Of Lofty Claims and Muffled Voices: A Perspective of the Gujarat Carnage, which gives a biased account of the 2002 Gujarat riots pinning blame on current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and various Hindu groups, a familiar but discredited narrative. 

    4. Shalini Sharmais a Police Inspector of Mumbai’s Crime Investigative Unit (CIU). She was chosen for a $10,000 scholarship to learn Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Management from Scotland Yard in 2008.

The event is moderated by Aarefa Johari, a journalist associated with, a far-left online media venture whose open antipathy towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, the BJP, is well-known.    

All of this naturally begs the question: wouldn’t it have been fitting to invite someone from the Government to give the government’s perspective? Or at any rate, in the interest of transparency, why not reveal the ideological affiliations of the panellists?  Or if the answer is that this panel discussion is a private event then this question arises: why is it being sponsored by the US Consulate under its own banner?

Indeed, in light of recent events, it doesn’t take much to understand what the Consulate is doing and why it has selected the topic it has. This must be examined in the light of the purposeful mischief created by the BBC which aired the agenda-driven film, “India’s Daughter,” last week, and which is scheduled for release in New York later this year.

The names and fronts of the sponsors of this documentary, which includes Hillary Clinton makes the anti-India agenda of the US-UK clear. Which is also unsurprising given how Hillary Clinton has repeatedly interfered in and tried to stall among other things, the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. The noted commentator Rajeev Srinivasan describes this ruthless anti-India propaganda and all-out attack by the US-UK as the “US Deep State,” whose blind follower is the UK. Apart from trying to shame India on the international stage, the motive also seems to be to make Indians feel ashamed about their own culture and society through relentless propaganda, eventually leading to the breakup of the Indian society.

The Indian Government must not tolerate this sort of destructive propaganda-driven panel discussions on its own soil and must warn the US Consulate General against such interference and mischief. India has enough and more agencies, bodies, organizations and institutions both in the private and public sector who can educate our women about their legal and civil rights. The US Consulate General must purely stick to diplomatic functions.

Or India must respond in kind—the United States must not be surprised or outraged if the Indian Consulate organizes similar events in Washington and New York involving activists from ACLU while taking inputs from media houses like Fox News and MSNBC.

  • Paneendra Kumar

    please ask them to close the consulate

  • Today, the Whitewo/men has engulfed the entire globe by their nuke capability. Hindus must learn from Jewish and align with them. Jews are another most persecuted tribe but they are another Abrahamic sibling. Hindus need to involve in US politics and garner support there just like Jews. This is the only way to protect oneself. Hindus must exercise their wit on these criminal tribal desert tribes.

  • Jaya

    Perhaps we should do a seminar on “Human Rights and the advantages of not criminalizing their population for developed countries” in Ferguson sponsored by the Indian Embassy:

    In the city of Ferguson, nearly everyone is a wanted criminal.

    That may seem like hyperbole, but it is a literal fact. In Ferguson — a city with a population of 21,000 — 16,000 people have outstanding arrest warrants, meaning that they are currently actively wanted by the police. In other words, if you were to take four people at random, the Ferguson police would consider three of them fugitives.

    That statistic should be truly shocking. Yet in the wake of the Department of Justice’swithering report on the city’s policing practices, it has gone almost entirely unmentioned. News reports and analysis have focused on the racism discovered in departmental emails, and the gangsterish financial “shakedown” methods deployed against African Americans. In doing so, they have missed the full picture of Ferguson’s operation, which reveals a totalizing police regime beyond any of Kafka’s ghastliest nightmares.

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  • SSundar

    The Americans are good at operating right under our noses. Hope Indians are smart enought to play along but turn the tables at the end of the game. The more they target our nationa, the more Nature will send in ISIS like elements and Ladens to torment them and make their lives miserable. The day they see this and India has more intelligent citizens we have to bear this onslaught by building awareness and participating in the politics and social media outlets of our times. We really dont have to worry though too much and commit acts of violence. Dharma protects those who follow Dharma.But Let us be be Vigilant and alert at the same time. Hope India wins the subtle but deadly war that is being waged against it.

  • Dr. MS

    Thank you for the write up. It is informative and scary. I did not realize this was going on. There was a time when it was a pleasure to visit the American embassy and consulates…where there was courtesy, humor, directness, honesty, with an openness that made America impressive. A place that represented a country where poor immigrants and rich immigrants alike wanted to go to. Their universities were very good…but now many are dwindling in standards and global knowledge. What happened to that place? I cannot put my finger on it. And why are its consulates looking like fortresses? It would be wonderful if NYT or other magazines can publish more on these changes. I wish the US well….I lived there for a long long time. There was another shooting of a young Black man as well as another homeless man. I am not sure DC can fix these problems. What is going on? All so sad!

  • Bhartiya

    What’s jews number in US and what’s Indians number?

    Jews have powerful lobby ,what Indians do ? Jindal converted!!!

    Lots of us have colonial mindset, why Mumbai police is attending the above meeting?

    Let’s file petition, why our techno savvy not creating a platform to oppose this non sense activities in India and abroad?

    Let’s organise a meeting on crimes in US and expose them, let’s make films on how they treat Africans!

    Let’s make fims on their teenage lifestyle, there’s loads and loads to talk about their society! Let’s talk about their elderly

    Bollywood is spineless as they are controlled by mafias , money laundering industry?

    • US is the most filthiest country, n most dangerous too, to b brief.

  • Indian

    THE SAME RASCAL WHO CAME AND ENJOYED INDIAN HOSPITALITY, AND THEN LECTURED India on Religious Freedom, the worshipper of Infernal God of desert. They teach us, while the Quran Burning terroist white skin quoted

    [Senator Steve Vick, who walked out of the Senate chamber before Mr. Zed’s invocation, said that Hindu prayers should not be allowed because the U.S. was “built on the Judeo-Christian, not only religion, but work ethic, and I don’t want to see that undermined”, the Statesman reported. Hindus “have a caste system,” he added. “They worship cows.”

    He was one of the three Republican senators to boycott the prayer. Senator Sheryl Nuxoll said she boycotted Mr. Zed’s prayer because she believed the United States is a Christian nation and “Hindu is a false faith with false gods,” according to the newspaper.]

    AND ITALIAN SONIA the rabid christian conspiracy against India started giving missionary visas, breaking the Law of 1956 by her own Nehru family Patriarch Nehru, which banned foreign missionaries in India. Throw these white skinned mercenary beasts out of India. Most of protests are a conspiracy by United Snakes of AmeriKKKa christian nazis and their INDIAN counterpart, the christians and derivates like commies, congis, and mediawhores

    • Bhirava

      Explains why Church in US is so racially segregated.

  • Indian

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    • Dr. MS

      Mr. Ind, I understand your passion and anger…but go easy on the words.. And try to change your name to something more specific. I had some woman ask me if Indians wrote and spoke like you: dirty and filthy. You might give Indians a bad image…though you are just being a guy who is upset. There are men. I am assuming you are a man, who write like this on European and American newspaper too. But important comments you make gets overridden by the filthy language. Kindly remove that. Just a request. No offense.

      • Mikael T

        Fuck you very much along with your stupidity and over-simplistic perception of India as well.

        • Dr. MS

          With a name like Mikael (that does not spelt like the traditional Indian Michael) you are an expert on India??? Just who are you, and why are you following me around on the web? Bit creepy, and do we need to get Snowden on you.

          • Sud d s(h)ame not apply 2 u dear pedantic? Sorry 4 being intrusive but just BTW….

          • Dr. MS

            I do not have anything to hide or be ashamed about. I did not go around using foul language like you or the person above you. Nor do I go after people on the internet like some dirty creepy pervert like you. You are more than crazy or creepy. You are evil. Sorry you became that way. I do not want to lower myself to your unclassy suspicious dirty evil ways. Do not ever write to me again Tejpal or Mikael.

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          • Dr. MS

            Anyone who makes these tall allegations without knowing the person, or their achievements, has certainly something to hide. As they say, “Trash throws trash…”. So stop being silly and low class. I am sorry I responded to your statements. I am learning not to mess with trash. As they will drag people down to their level, and never allow smartness, culture, capabilities and dignity to rise far.. They are not listeners or thinkers or reflective people.

            Do attend my class on critical thinking and good writing.
            Kindly do not write to me anymore.

            Good luck.

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            Goods luck to you too.
            Fake degree holder Dr. not welcome. Hope u get it…..

          • Dr. MS

            Are you nuts, or just a mud slinger who constantly hits out at Indian and Hindu women? I have a Ph.D., and three other degrees, from several top universities from around the world, with much of my education, unlike you, without any of your capitation fee, high level State benefits for mediocrity and third rate curriculum. Learn to write better. Your poor education, lack of culture, lack of basic courtesy and lack of sophisticated thinking and behaviors show. In my travels around the world it is men (or women) like you who give Indians and Hindus a bad name. Your mud slinging towards Indian women speaks volume of the very crude verbally abusive patriarchy that Jihadists and Crusaders love. How different are you? You might want to migrate out, and we can do without your gene.

          • This hubris makes stupid Indians like u who thinks him/herself high headed thinking others lower ignorantly ranting. Wonder, how does ur rant make you so great? MMS is all Cambridge, Harvard etc, yet how disastrous did he prove for his country? How do u know that I haven’t visited west and don’t hold their qualifications. On the contrary, I declined foreign citizenship offered on a platter. I’m a proud Indian and stop showing off to hide your stupidity. Poor background makes you pseudo-elite pedantic…….stop whining n be realistic….

    • Bhirava

      That’s not a civilized way to make your point. Cam down!

  • suru

    You have rightly pointed out.

    This is how USA ties to destroys every country’s culture.

    Who are these foreigners who are to teach Indians on topic related to Women security in India
    and legal and civil rights?

    No country in the world teach us India’s how women in India be treated. Indian culture
    worship woman as Shakthi. Do you westerners worship women? Do you give equal
    status in all the fields of commerce and Industry? Do you have WOMAN PRESIDENT?

    These so called western speakers should read our scriptures before they could talk on
    Indian women.

    I wish some Indian women in the seminar pose some of the questions to those foreign guests.

  • Indian

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  • Indian

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    • Shubhangi Raykar

      You are very angry and so am i but the Hindus are soft targets. We are avowed to political correctness. We have to stand up and say enough is enough. The greatest value in Sanatan dharma is to speak truth and the truth must be told and the fraud religions that give second class status to women must be shown the mirror.