In Conversation with Nithin Sridhar on ‘Musings on Hinduism’

Kushal Mehra discusses number of issues about Hinduism with Nithin Sridhar as they discuss Nithin’s latest book “Musings on Hinduism”

What is Dharma? Why do you call yourself a Hindu? After all, what is the Hindu view on certain issues like menstruation? Is there a distinct Hindu gaze? Also, is that gaze a fixed rigid gaze? Or is it something that keeps evolving from time to time? Isn’t that the question that bothers all of us.

Kushal Mehra discusses this and a number of issues with Nithin Sridhar, the Editor of IndiaFacts, as they discuss Nithin’s latest book “Musings on Hinduism“. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


  • Hipo

    Stunning conversation between two great pandits. Here Kushal ji takes the position of Charvak. He raised very sensible questions, doubt regarding taboo of menstruation, Sabarimal issue and Nitinji addressed all issues with scientific viewpoint.

    One can get a glimpse of how argument occupied a major position in Hinduism and it was very common among various groups of Sanatan Dharma. Without declaring holy war against each other we solved issues just by discussing hour after hour. Thank you Indiafact team and waiting for more.