IndiaFacts Impact: Sagarika Ghose Apologizes

In keeping with the IndiaFacts credo of reintroducing decency in public discourse, we ran a Fact Check on Sagarika Ghose’s tweet that called the Supreme Court judge–who delivered the Section 377 verdict–a crackpot. As with other IndiaFacts Fact Meters, this one, too was well-researched and cited several legal precedents to arrive at the conclusion that Sagarika Ghose’s tweet maybe liable for contempt of court.

In the wake of our Fact check, Sagarika Ghose tweeted an apology for calling the judge a crackpot. 

Just to refresh: here is the original “crackpot” tweet.



And here is her apology tweet.



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  • Rajiv Sharma

    This bimbo has pea sized brain. Under the Congress rule, she supported the Mafia and the Mafia supported her, a mutually back scratching. Now the bimbo has no support and nobody pays attention to her, and her crazy husband, who goes about hitting people who oppose his Mafia queen benefactor.

  • jayesh

    This women is a proud Rhodes Scholar and RHODES took pride and supported the British Colonial Empire, we don’t need advise from her!! ENGLISH OXFORD EDUCATED BROWN INDIAN like her sister UNEDUCATED WHITE ITALIAN SONIA both are same.

  • tch tch tch! I can see wrinkles appearing on the diva’s face… the make up is no longer enough to hide the horrifying fact that granny-ness is around the corner! No longer a diva… what then?

    I am reminded of these lines from a song in purab pashchim:

    “darpan tumhe jab daraane lage, jawaani bhi daaman chhuDaane lage…”

  • rahul

    you guys are at best laughable

  • Hi

    that is just another sarcastic tweet, no apology