Persecution of Hindus seminar

IndiaFacts seminar proceedings: Persecution of Hindus

On 21 June 2014, IndiaFacts organized a successful seminar entitled Persecution of Hindus: Historical and Contemporary Narratives at India International Centre, Delhi.  Speakers at the seminar included the following distinguished personalities:

Dr. J.K. Bajaj: An eminent physicist, scholar, and perhaps India’s best known demographer. His pathbreaking work on Indian demographics is the volume entitled,  Religious Demography of India, a must read.

Dr. Anirban Ganguly: Director of the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Foundation and a scholar of the highest merit. He is an acknowledged expert on Sri Aurobindo and is also an IndiaFacts columnist.

Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi: BJP Member of Parliament from New Delhi, a Supreme Court lawyer and public figure who has supported various public causes.

Dr. Omendra Ratnu: A surgeon from Rajasthan and an activist working for the rescue and rehabilitation of Hindu refugees from Pakistan.

Seminar Proceedings

The following covers the key highlights of the proceedings of the seminar.

Dr. J.K. Bajaj

Opened with an alarming but very accurate observation that Hindus since the beginning of the last millennium have been so continuously persecuted that today, they don’t even realize that they are being persecuted. In his own words, “today, Hindus have stopped believing that they are being persecuted…persecution seems to be the natural state of Hindus.” As also the fact that the sheer physical numbers of Hindus have been worryingly declining since the end of the last century till now. He provided the demographic data to buttress this point.

Hindus have ceded their mind space and physical space to Abrahamic faiths, which have been continuously growing at the expense of Hindus.

The situation has worsened after Independence where the population of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh have dwindled to absymal levels. This is not an issue for anyone because Hindus themselves don’t think it is persecution, so the rest of the world is similarly not bothered. This kind of situation is simply unimaginable with any community or religion anywhere in the world.

Hindus have also completely abandoned even a pretence of maintaining, reclaiming, and preserving their physical space and structures like ancient and medieval temples and other architecture. We have no respect for our physical space and the Hindu physical space, we are destroying.

Importance of preserving the way and continuity of life and traditions in villages, jaatis, janajaatis, and even the Hindu family as an undivided unit.

With respect to the mental space, Romila Thapar and others who rewrote history textbooks…these books are designed to make a child hate himself/herself. In any other self-respecting country, the parents will go and burn the school if such kind of texts are taught. This is the mental persecution of the extreme kind. No wonder that at the end of the day, if our children pass out of say, IIT, they will immediately buy a ticket to the US because we have taught them that India is no place to be in.

Dr. Anirban Ganguly

We have to document data. More specifically, we have to develop our own corpus of Holocaust literature. We have been very bad at documentation: videos, audios, books, references etc. to make a case of Hindu persecution in the subcontinent.

Without documentation, our efforts to help Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh will amount to little.  The biggest opponents that prevent this from happening are the Indian media.

Conduct discussions and seminars like IndiaFacts is doing on based on such documentation.

Bring out an annual status of Hindus report. This status report should look at the condition of Hindus anywhere in the world.

Situation in West Bengal is precarious. Most persecuted Hindus from East Bengal turned Communists. They live in denial of the fact that they were unable to protect their physical and mental spaces and wanted to forget it.

Our history textbooks don’t even talk about Hindus as a persecuted and a challenged civilization. Unless we don’t tell our children this fact, the current state of affairs will continue.

Smt Meenakshi Lekhi

Nobody uses the word “genocide” in connection with the persecution of Hindus as if nothing wrong has ever happened to Hindus. If we look at a time frame–say 50 years or even a 1000 years, we are a shrinking civilization. The strange part is that nobody calls this massive dwindling of Hindu population as genocide. No Amnesty International, no UN body calls it genocide.

2011 Census report has not even been published. When it is published, you will see the shrinking number of Hindus even within this country. Demographically, Hindus are being reduced alarmingly, district by district.

Hindu Munnani and other Hindu workers are being killed casually all over India but there is no proper recording of the fact.

There is a calculated plan to do away with certain civilizational groups: Hindus in this case.

Dr. Omendra Ratnu

The man on the street is motivated by self-interest  and not truth, however lofty the truth maybe.  Hindus must stop crying for being wronged and do something about it.

Every Hindu has to understand that his/her very survival is at stake. Only then will he/she be awakened out of this inertia.

Hindus can choose to continue being the sacrificial lambs for the Abrahamic faiths like the Jews did for so long. Or they can fall back on and take inspiration from the valorous sacrifices of Shivaji, Rana Pratap and others to regain our lost pride and spaces.

This is akin to war and in today’s times, it will be fought largely with the pen and therefore we need to create an ecosystem for right wing writers and thinkers.

We need to generate local Hindu leaders who can mix Dharmic traditions with aggressive onslaught on the ills of our own system and mount a counter to Abrahamic faiths effectively. We need to generate a whole tribe of such intellectual kshatriyas .

Complete Video

The complete video of the IndiaFacts seminar on the persecution of Hindus is embedded below.

IndiaFacts Staff articles, reports and guest pieces
  • This article should be translated and published in all Indian languages. What is stated and suggested here is a brilliant analysis of the situation. ‘Uttishthat Jagrat’. Do what is needed to save your glorious religion and culture.

  • 1)“today, Hindus have stopped believing that they are being persecuted…persecution seems to be the natural state of Hindus.”- Bajaj
    2)Hindus have ceded their mind space and physical space – Bajaj
    3)With respect to the mental space,…history textbooks…these books are designed to make a child hate himself/herself…This is the mental persecution of the extreme kind. -Bajaj
    4)we have to develop our own corpus of Holocaust literature …make a case of Hindu persecution in the subcontinent.-Ganguly.
    5)Most persecuted Hindus from East Bengal turned Communists. They live in denial of the fact that they were unable to protect their physical and mental spaces and wanted to forget it- Ganguly.
    6)Our history textbooks don’t even talk about Hindus as a persecuted and a challenged civilization. Unless we don’t tell our children this fact, the current state of affairs will continue- Ganguly
    7)Nobody uses the word “genocide” in connection with the persecution of Hindus as if nothing wrong has ever happened to Hindus-Lekhi
    8)No Amnesty International, no UN body calls it genocide-Lekhi.
    9)There is a calculated plan to do away with certain civilizational groups: Hindus in this case- Lekhi
    10)The man on the street is motivated by self-interest and not truth,-Ratnu
    11)This is akin to war and in today’s times, it will be fought largely with the pen and therefore we need to create an ecosystem for right wing writers and thinkers- Ratnu
    12)local Hindu leaders who can mix Dharmic traditions with aggressive onslaught on the ills of our own system and mount a counter to Abrahamic faiths- Ratnu
    With respect to the above comments by the above participants of the seminar, I offer my opinion.Since the topic is crucial but immensely complex,it is impossible to be very terse.
    Hindus do not perceive that they are being persecuted because of one of the basic make up of their collective mindset. The Hindu mindset is largely composed of elements that contribute to a sense of a carefree aloneness. There was a time in Hindu history when there were no competing predatory civilizational groups like the Abrahamists in India to induce a sense of threat to Hindu civilization. With all their doctrinal antagonism to orthodox Hinduism, Buddhists and Jains share the same civilizational ethos. The real threat came only with the islamic and later christian intrusions. But the Hindu collective mind continued to be in the same old rut responding to the islamic and christian vandalism on ad hoc basis at the best. Hindus never studied or understood the two abrahamic ideologies as they did the various thought currents born in India. For instance, such intellectual giants like Vidyaranya, the mentor of Harihara and Bukka, the originators of Vijayanagara empire, an empire expressly established as a bulwark against islamic onslaught, never seem to have studied or wrote anything about islam as a religion or as a system of thought. Similarly Samartha Rama Dasa, the mentor of Shivaji did not seem to study or analyse, much less enlighten his associates about the asuric islamic inspiration behind the misanthropic vandalism of muslim hordes. All they did was to inspire some talented and patriotic individuals to stand up to what they vaguely perceived as adharmic marauders.
    This colossal intellectual failure of Hindu mind rendered Hindu society impervious to any threat perception in the context of islamic and christian threat. Firstly it is important to sensitise the Hindu collective mind to the threat in clear intellectual terms. No doubt, at the mass level there is sufficient inchoate awareness of the threat, but unless it is converted into a public discourse, no remedial action can be taken.
    Hindus have not conceded the mind space as contended by one of the participants. They simply do not have any idea of civilizational mind space as Hindus because of their outdated mindset. When you don’t see any ‘other’, where is the question of seeing someone snatching your space, be it physical or mental? Here we have the classic case of cognitive dissonance with suicidal consequences.
    In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the excessive mental stress and discomfort experienced by an individual who (1) holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas ..
    This dissonance is created by 1)two centuries of christian missionary, imperialist combine through massive propaganda, Macaulay education system, and state support to everything that hurts Hindu civilization.2) sixty five years of post independence Indian system which includes the history text books.
    Thus not only the Hindu inherited an outdated mindset, but more inimical mental luggage is added to it through successive foreign occupations and also the desi-subversion. As a result of all these complex happenings, a sort profound cultural confusion is created with fatal consequences to the Hindu and his civilization. Nobody is ready to recognize the problem as civilizational. Most attribute it to history, politics, and what not. The problem is metaphysical.
    Yes we have to create our own corpus of holocaust literature. But unless you feel that you are subjected in the past to holocaust and are being subjected to it till date, how can you create a record of it? Hindus are in a deadly state of denial. They refuse to admit that there is any serious threat to their society except poverty, caste rivalries, corruption, dowry, rapes etc.etc. If you tell them that the sort of ‘caste problem’ you see today is the creation of the British imperialists(Nicholas Dirks), if you say that the kind of large scale break down of rural institutions, rural poverty, superstitions are the direct result of poverty created by the British imperialists (Dharampal), if you say that dowry problem as you see it today is the result of the alterations in land ownership wrought by the British (Veena Talwar Oldenberg), if you say that the present day corruption is the natural outcome of the institutional framework created by the British, if you say that the rapes are the result of massive changes to the worse in the value system are due to the erosion of Hindu value system and ascendency of christian values, most Hindus will turn against you. Because they are taught day in and day out that we are secular nation and that we should not scrutinize the causes of our present day problems in so far as they touch the minorities and their sensibilities even if such a selective amnesia amounts to assigning undeserving and unfounded blame to Hinduism. So first of all create a sense of necessity in the Hindu mind for a dispassionate, thorough study and analysis.
    But there is no dearth of documentation on issues vital to the Hindus. But who will sponsor and finance the publication and wide distribution of such documentation? Most of the monied people in the country sponsor projects only if they are based in foreign countries and manned by white west christians. A Narayana Murty or Anand Mahindra will give millions of dollars donations to establish chairs in foreign universities and create facilities to edit, translate and publish Hindu texts only by wwc savants. Who is there to finance, say, the large scale publication and distribution of Dharampal’s works and get them prescribed as text books in colleges and universities? So unless the men with means in India start thinking themselves as Hindus and not as pseudo-universalists, any amount of work by any number of patriotic Hindus will not bring the desired changes in the Hindu mindset.
    Documentation should proceed on two lines. One to document the performance of the muslim and christian societies with respect to their stated values and the actual practice over selected period. Two document the Hindu history under Hindu dispensation with its stated values and practices. Also document the deformities introduced into Hindu customs and practices by the foreign invaders and rulers under state power. A comparison will bring out the necessary lessons.
    For instance while discussing and documenting Hindu history, we go on listing the atrocities committed by the arab,turk or afghan muslims, and frech,dutch, english christians, but we never trace their actions and words to the inspiration of their religions on the respective votaries. At the same time we do not hesitate to put the blame for, say, sati, on Hinduism. For the sake of balance why not put the blame of large scale killings by islamics to their principle of jihad and the killings by christians to their crusader spirit? Moreover why not consider the horrors of inquisition and witch hunts as christian legacy that inspires them to commit untold modern holocausts?
    We do not do any of this because we are prevented by our education system and mass communication system from knowing about this face of our minorities.
    Long back Bankim Chatterji turned the ideological table on the abrahamists by posing the question:
    “If the principles of christianity are not responsible for the slaughter of crusades, the butcheries of Alva, the massacre of saint Bartholomew or the flames of the Inquisition…I do not understand how the principles of Hinduism are to be held responsible for the civil disabilities of the Shudras under the Brahmin regime. The critics of Hinduism have one measure for their own religion and another for Hinduism.”
    Present day problem of Hindus is that large sections of their educated are stricken by unwarranted sense of guilt. And this guilt is purposely injected into them through two centuries of missionary propaganda and an evil education system. Weighed down by their own guity conscience not many educated Hindus are confident enough to take on the muslim and christian propagandists. Lack of Hindu religio-cultural education on proper lines is not forthcoming from any quarter- school, home or temple. Again the nefarious secular government is the culprit of this massive subversion of Hindu culture. In this anti-Hindu atmosphere the abrahamic propagandists are able to conceal their own gory record and concoct and highlight the Hindu ‘defects’.
    As a result the articulate Hindu is fighting two fully armed monsters with his two hands tied to his back. Not only that, his own fellow Hindus dousing his fighting spirit by raising the bogey of ‘first making amends for our own bad deeds before blaming others’. To salvage the situation, a thorough comparative study of Hindu, christian, islamic texts is essential along with their histories. Then only the superiority of Hindu values as reflected in its texts and the inhuman, sub human nature of abrahamic value systems will be made known to Hindus so that they stop flagellate themselves for each and every enemy accusation. This is not to say that Hindus do not need introspection and reform. But if we admit that we are in a battle field, we should know that a battle field is not the right place for introspection and reform. After all that is what Sri Krishna told Arjuna in the midst of Kurukshetra- Uddhasva Bharata. Don’t introspect. Just fight. Introspection can come later when we vanquished our foes and took our destiny into our own hands.
    Yes Hindus have been subjected to genocide since at least eleventh century. We have to meticulously document the men, women and children killed in every raid by every muslim goon and every person enslaved by them. We should list out the wealth looted by invaders and also settlers from century to century, decade to decade or year by year. We should list the details of books and libraries burnt by them, the details of artisans, pundits, experts killed and enslaved by them. The genocide is of two types according to the UNO- genocide proper and cultural genocide. We should document the details of both varieties. Then inform our fellow Hindus. The knowledge of the scale of horrors perpetrated on their fore fathers should form part of every grownup Hindu’s mind. Then their outdated mindset will slowly change. Then they will get the determination to join the battle for survival as Hindus. If Hindus win this mental battle, the eventuality of physical battles can be avoided. But if they shirk from this mental battle, physical battle is sure to occur in ever more virulence with fatal results to Hindudom. We are already witnessing the results of such physical(albeit one sided) battles in Bangladesh and Pakistan by way of genocide of Hindus. Presently genocide of Hindus is going on right within the boundaries of India but successive anti-Hindu governments and anti-Hindu media keep Hindus sedated all the while.
    It is true that certain civilizational groups among Hindus are sought to be eliminated by the Hindu enemies. Strange it may sound, this is done through active connivance of other groups of Hindus. Caste is the biggest weapon used by the enemy to turn civilization categories into socio-political categories thereby generating identity clashes through rigged up grievances based on concocted histories. A case in point is the Brahmin-non Brahmin divide and the dalit-upper caste divide. In the Hindu enemy lexicon, a Brahmin is one who forms a stumbling block in his destroy-Hinduism campaign. To eliminate the Brahmin physically if possible or at least neutralize his threat to ‘destroy-Hinduism’ campaign by smashing his credibility with his co religionists has been the grand strategy. In this evil design many a well meaning but ill informed Hindu became pawn. The pseudo progressives, leftists, self appointed reformers of all sorts are the unwitting collaborators in the anti-brahmin movements. In all this emotionally grouse-based rather than reason and evidence movements, Hindu enemy is the beneficiary rather than the supposed oppressed. What started as anti-brahmin movement gradually snowballed into dalit-upper caste divide. Now the Hindu enemies are working hard to get caste declared as race on international forums so that they can raise the charge of racism against Hindus and deny civilizational status.
    To my mind lack of support to Hindu scholars from the Hindu money bags and support brigades is the main problem. Presently there are many active Hindus working on these issues. But they cannot come out into the open on their own given the rowdy muslim and missionary elements stalking the public space.