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Indian Secularism is Colour Blind

People are angry at the murder of Muhammad Akhlaq in Dadri over allegations that he…

People are angry at the murder of Muhammad Akhlaq in Dadri over allegations that he ate beef. Some say they are angry at Akhlaq’s murder, while others say they are angry at the murder of the cow. Some people are angry at the cancellation of Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali’s show of 9 October in Mumbai due to the Shiv Sena’s threat, while others are angry at Pakistani actors and singers being invited in India.

In the natural world, animals are made of meat and bones. Humans too, made of bones and meat, are animals. What angers them? Let’s look at their habits and ideas.

It is a bogus claim that we as humans are concerned about life, whether the life be of an animal or of a human being. For example, lots of people who argue that they believe in non-violence are non-vegetarians and eat meat in full awareness that an animal has been murdered.

In purely humanist considerations, the life of an animal cannot be less precious than the life of a human being. Among vegetarians, Jains deserve respect as they strive not to hurt even insects. It does not automatically mean that all Jains are vegetarians and pacifists, or that vegetarians do not murder.

On 23 June, Pakistani police killed a boy after he posed for selfie with a toy gun in Faisalabad, but Pakistani people did not protest. But if a Palestinian child is injured in firing by Israeli police, there are global protests by leftists and journalists file numerous outraged reports.

When the U.S. launched the war in Iraq, there were protests across the world by anti-war activists. When Saudi Arabia launched the current air strikes on Yemen, anti-war activists went to sleep. Pakistani army regularly kills people in Balochistan, but Pakistanis do not rise up. In India, secular journalists who claim they are concerned about human rights do not get angry when victims are Hindu.

Indian secularism is colour-blind.

Secular journalists who are angry at Akhlaq’s killing adopted total silence on a number of murders recently. Last August, army jawan Vedmitra Chaudhury was lynched to death in Hardevnagar, near Meerut, for saving a girl from molesters. In March, a Hindu man was abducted and murdered in Hajipur of Bihar for marrying a Muslim girl. Last June, a man was lynched to death near Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. A mob killed a man in Bhandup West area of Mumbai in June.

Secular journalists’ colour-blindness prevents them from seeing these murders: they do not get angry; they want Muslims to be murdered; only then they speak up. Indian secularism has tasted the Muslim blood.

Indian secularism is not only colour-blind, it is also half-Pakistani.

Secular leader Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, spoke with Ghulam Ali after his show was cancelled and will host him in Delhi. Secular leader Akhilesh Yadav, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, organised Ghulam Ali’s show in Lucknow.


But Kejriwal and Akhilesh didn’t invite our own Oscar-winning musician A. R. Rahman when his music show of 13 September in Delhi was cancelled due to a fatwa by the Barelvi group Raza Academy. Secularism does not like Indian Muslim singers; it does not like Indian writers like Salman Rushdie. Mamata Banerjee, another secular leader, supported Ghulam Ali, saying music has no international boundaries but she will not support Taslima Nasreen, the Bangladeshi writer.

Indian secularism is truly Pakistani, not even a quarter-Bangladeshi.

Indian secularism is also counter-nationalist: secular lawyers turned out at midnight before the Supreme Court to save the life of convicted terrorist Yakub Menon but remain silent on death sentences of common Indians.

Secular journalist Nikhil Wagle wrote: “Without secularism, India is a Hindu Pakistan.

Indian secularism is not even Indian: it is incomplete without eating beef. It loves to eat beef because Pakistanis eat beef. It is essentially Pakistani. It aligns with Pakistanis.

In 1947, our people thought that they could give away a piece of India’s territory to buy permanent peace. The secular government of Manmohan Singh came close to conceding a part of Kashmir to Pakistan in talks with General Pervez Musharraf, the architect of arguably the largest jihad in modern times in Kargil.  Indian secularism is without sex, without consummating with Pakistan.

In his landmark book “On War”, German military strategist Carl von Clausewitz observed: “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” The reason Indians do not want Pakistani singers here is because Pakistan is practically in a state of war against India for nearly seven decades.

Through television and social media, common Indians can understand Pakistan’s war by other means. Pakistan has not formally declared a war, but Indians have grasped the obvious fact of our times that we are in a state of war because Pakistan continues to send jihadists into India. Aamir Khan’s movie Sarfarosh showed us that Pakistan sends arms dealers posing as ghazal singers.

Indian secularism is also Islamist.

In 2012, the secular Congress government did not allow Salman Rushdie to speak in Jaipur because secularism is in an incestuous relationship with Islamists. Mamata Banerjee does not support Taslima Nasreen because the West Bengal CM is in league with Islamists in the state.

Kejriwal’s secularism is in open alliance with Islamists. In 2013, Kejriwal visited Bareilly to meet Islamic cleric Tauqeer Raza Khan to seek Muslim votes. Last year, he sent Alka Lamba to meet Imam Bukhari’s brother to seek Muslim votes. In 1986, Rajiv Gandhi’s secularism surrendered before Islamic clerics in the Shah Bano case. Indian secularism is incomplete without its ideological cohabitation with Islamists.

Shobhaa De

On 1 October, secular gossip columnist Shobhaa De tweeted: “I just ate beef. Come and murder me.” The question also is: Will she draw a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad at the Gateway of India?

In a tweet dated 4 October, secular journalist Sagarika Ghose wrote: “Citizens of India, we need a campaign like Je Suis Charlie. Hold your head high and say ‘I am a beef eater’.” The question is: Will secular journalists draw the same cartoon in front of Delhi’s Jamaa Masjid?

The outrage is not about beef or cartoon. Indian youths are concerned over secularism’s double standards; they will support your right to eat beef if you are willing to draw a cartoon, even from your kitchen. The secular NDTV, supported by Aircel, began Save Our Tiger campaign. Why not a Save the Cow campaign?

India is a great nation. Its reality is this: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan makes the movie #PK in which Hindu god Lord Shiva is locked up in a bathroom and threatened, but he cannot make a movie on Prophet Muhammad. This is the imbalance in our national conversation that threatens India’s social cohesion. It is fostered by journalists.

India is witnessing the emergence of fascism from newsrooms, a movement of totalitarian ideas that divides us in order to win. Indian journalists are beaten up by Indians in New York or Dadri for their double standards. On social media, they are being called pimps and presstitutes, bimbos and bazaaru media because they sell their souls for a bungalow or a Rajya Sabha seat.

This secular fascism, in league with Islamic totalitarianism, wins by dividing us, but police must deal ruthlessly with any Indian who takes law into their own hands.

 (A version of this article was published on October 15 by Dainik Jagran, India’s largest Hindi-language newspaper under the title “Secular Qabeeley Ke Log”)

Former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad is the executive director of the Open Source Institute, New Delhi. Ahmad is the author of “Jihadist Threat to India – The Case for Islamic Reformation by an Indian Muslim.” He tweets @tufailelif
  • keval

    Classic. Only Tufail can write it. Rare combination of bravery, integrity and intellect.

  • Indiana Nivas


  • Raghvendra Raghao

    Its well written article and exposes pseudo secularists and their bias. Also, writer gives a hint on reform of islam and joins league of Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie. As written by Marx, religion is morphine for humankind, it is indeed proving itself with rise of terrorism in name of religion and retaliatory fundamentalism in response to it from affected religious groups. True secularists have responsibilty to reform all religions to include sense of equality among religions, tolerance on manners and methods of different religions and sense of human brotherhood. The very thought of superiority of one religion over other is poisonous and is reason for religious extremism and terrorism spreading in world and Indian subcontinent. For true secularism, secularist will need to attack all religions and reform them to new reality of globalised one world.

  • Krishna

    “When the U.S. launched the war in Iraq, there were protests across the world by anti-war activists. When Saudi Arabia launched the current air strikes on Yemen, anti-war activists went to sleep.”

    What was happening was Arab Countries used the USA using their oil power to take revenge against Iraq for attacking Kuwait. They are the one who financed war. Currently the USA is using domestically produced natural gas and dependency on Arab oil is not there. Now Arabs are forced to fight their own war. So no protests from slaves of Arabs against them.

  • Sampath Aghalayam

    I had read in one paper. Desi cow as god. Imported cow can be used for beef. Then what about crossbreeds. Is it half holy. Can this be used to eat?.

  • Saurav

    Very few people like Tufail have the guts to call a spade a spade. Hats off to you sir.

  • Narayan Krishna

    The author has written an unbiased report of the conditions prevailing in India where the secularism is just a one sided affair and appeasement of certain minorities. When we have frenemies like Sardesai and Dutt why do we require real enemies to spoil the image of India?. If one has noticed the questioning by Sardesai to some of the spokesmen, it is just outrightly stupid. A few like…Do you feel the CM of JK has a right to stay due to her outburst OR the other day beginning a debate by asking Mr Baig after the PM clarified the position in Kashmir earlier….In the last 2 months the indian security forces have killed many Kashmiris and the tension is still you still support the PM’s initiative? It is another matter that Baig answered back in a diplomatic manner. What is A Purie doing with such biased journalists. Rahul Kanwal is much better poised than this senior man.

  • Skanoza

    Brilliant! Such a breath of fresh air to see an expression of *truly liberal*, well-reasoned, progressive and honest ideas.

  • Guardians

    This will go on as long as there are too many parties, hatred groups, foreign NGOs. This all can be controlled by law. Any one who declares secular including Authors, Politicians, parties should behave secular otherwise when proved should be punished.

  • preeti

    As a sikh secular who has best friends belonging to all religions sikh , hindu , muslim ,and christian , I can say this article is written to get quick brownie points . Let me bring in some of my observations on the recent trends here in India as a middle class unbiased person and express point of view of my secular friends

    1. If you criticize Modi or BJP or even say that whats wrong with India .. You hear non sense for hours and you are immediately called ” non Indians “ are advised to leave india
    2. A friend who is hindu when posted merry Christmas was attached by friends so harshly on FB that she had to put the comment down
    3.My muslim best friend was called pakistani even though she played for India
    4.Sikhs all over the world are mourning over humiliation of our holy book in Punjab …not a word about it in indian media . o one cares that sikhs all over did not celebrate diwali this year.
    5.we see stupid posts over bans and people justifying it. and I ironically i have Muslim vegetarian friends , muslim friends who drink and eat pork and Hindu friends who eat beef . All secular and liberals.
    6. We as a nation are in denial . We want to turn into stupid mobs and kill everyone .
    7. We are herds without brain : one woman lying about rape and all women are liars , one man rapes and every man in the country is a rapist . Headlines have caste , religion and state . we sensationalize and forget the next day.
    8. we are justifying killing , we are comparing crimes . One life is not better than another ..criminals are criminals . One set trying to win arguments over another . This is getting stupider by the day
    9. Making cartoons of anyone or throwing meat on a religious place will not make u a better person or prove your secularism . This is a dumb comparison . both acts are equally stupid . But right to chose to eat is personal . what is criminal if you force a non beef eater to eat beef . or to even force a veg to eat meat of any kind.
    10. I believe if you respect and know your religion , you will respect others as well . You may not agree to to .but u will respect it . I cannot think of wearing bhurka .. But i have stayed with a girl who did hijab . My another muslim friend sepnds all her holidays in Bikinis by the beach .. Clothing do not define a person and so does eating meat or drinking. we should leave people with their choices.
    11. so many of my christian friends are married to hindus an vice versa . My cousin is marrying a hindu next week . I know best of all religion and I cannot say that I can hate religion because I know such amazing people from those religions. But when someone is in love with a christian or Muslim , every one calls it love jihad .Most of them don’t talk about conversions any more as they go for civil wedding. Its allowed by indian law .
    12. I would suggest have some inter religion friends , talk to them unbiased with an open mind. You will find them as humane as you are .
    13. If you can justify killing , think of killing anyone or support killer .. I cannot associate with you . You can even belong to my family . That’s stand of most seculars .
    14. If you have been abroad and have met pakistanis, sri lankan or bangaladeshi .. You will know how wonderful a regular pakistani or sri lankan or bangla are ..just like a regular Indian . we are so similar .
    15 . We all love india and want it to be a better place . But with recent events in this country , we are all thinking of leaving it and also want all our families to be out of it . As an average indian I am scared when they take offense and when i am attacked . i dont want to give my opinion . I don’t want to do anything with politics .. damn i just want to be invisible till i get out of here ..and I am the same person who left H1 for the love of country many years ago . who wanted to start an NGO for girls education and set up old age homes with my friend .

  • Hannay

    I agree there are enough number of problems in the country and by having a biased spotlight towards one set of problems, media is trying to showcase only one fracture in secularism…..Bottom line is “there is a fracture”….I know assuming “fixing “Beef” problem equals we have solved all issues with Secularism” would be naive, but thinking that “one particular fracture should not be discussed just because it is in spotlight” would be a horrendous mistake as well….every journey needs the first step and if you are truly a secular person that means that step could be in any direction….many comments seem to miss a simple point….the article is about ‘Irresponsible Journalism and Biased public perception’ and not ‘Start endorsing Bans because there are other segments not given proper weight-ages’….The article does not gives a license to ‘discriminate’ with any sect of people just because there is discrimination elsewhere

  • Rakesh Roshan

    Secularism means the state and religion should be separate[]. That very concept is broken when we have got different personal laws. State continuously talk about religion. That is breaking the concept of secularism.

  • Such a brilliant and unbiased write-up… Just hope everyone understands that we need to “Give Respect To Get Respect…”

  • Aayush Raj Ojha

    The irony is that at the time of partition both Hindus & Muslims were given the option of choosing their statehood. It was abundantly clear that Pakistan became a Muslim and India a Hindu dominant nation. So, the Indian muslims chose to remain in India knowing the facts that it would be dominated by centuries old Indian culture, more particularly in the backdrop of the fact that the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, himself used to talk about Ram Rajya (although it has yet not been established). But the cheap vote-bank politics have made the present scenario entirely different from what was intended back then at the time of partition. Today, you are a secular and a nationalist only when you’re a pro-Islam and Hindu bashing ‘Sick-ular’. As long as this trend continues, there is not going to be communal harmony in this country because appeasing a minority community, to the prejudice of the majority community, in any country would cause hatred. It’s only the tolerant nature of Hindus that such things don’t grow. Such a divisive politics wouldn’t have sustained even for decade in a European nation.

  • Shilpa M B

    Nicely written. . Hats off to you sir

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  • Vikas Yadav

    Dear sir, This is one of the best analysis of pseudo secularism i have read ever. Take a bow.

  • Puneet

    Too good sir….Salute your astute mind and courage

  • rangarajan srinivasa

    Sick of pseudo secularists. Good article..

  • Balasingh Hillary Sitther

    The facts put forward are good. we have to go to the basic concepts of the space between a barbaric state and that of a civilized state. where do you draw the line. where do you stand. The majority of violence in India is brought about by sycophants who are trying to impress the religious bosses of various religious outfits. Very often the majority of people are treated like pawns in the chess board being herded from behind by power brokers (REMEMBER EVEN THE MOST CLEVER PEOPLE OF OUR TIMES – THE GERMANS -WERE MADE TO BELIEVE BY THE NAZIS THAT THE JEWS WERE WRONG AND MILLIONS OF JEWS WERE MURDERED BY HITLER AND HIS COHORTS ). i want to live in this great old secular large democracy that is MY INDIA. In spite of various events remember peace and tolerance. Please do not get CONNED into violence. LIVE IN A CIVILIZED WORLD. LIVE AND LET LIVE. JAI HIND

  • Rajesh

    Good informative piece of article.! You have guts to say the facts . Thanks much Tufail.

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  • Aditi

    I am a pro-secular person. India is a home to various religions. That apart it is a free country. People have freedom of expression. Freedom to eat their favorite food comes along. I am myself a vegetarian. But I don’t support killing other people because they are eating beef. It is totally their choice. It is a law of nature and that is how the food chain works. Would you kill all tigers if a tiger kills and eats a cow? If Muslims act insane if some movie is made with a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad locked in a bathroom by banning the movie and threatening the entire crew, you wouldn’t do that right? That is the difference between sane and insane. This entire article is pro-hindu and anti-muslim/christians. Indian secularism is not colorblind, its the people making fuss about it in the name of revenge, religion and politics.

  • ramprasad bysani

    Superb ideas. Hurrah we have still a few journos like you. Which so called secular journos have ever said VANDEMAATARAM.

  • k.godara60

    I first time read an article by a muslim writer fairly defining secularism. There may be others but they do not openly write in this way. Now social media is a strong tools to get news and information. This is the reason why in spite of so long propaganda against Modi had win the election. People know he developed Gujrat without any biased attitude.

  • Chithrabhanu

    example, lots of people who argue that they believe in non-violence are
    non-vegetarians and eat meat in full awareness that an animal has been

    Really? Are you comparing food habits and violence?

    //The secular NDTV, supported by Aircel, began Save Our Tiger campaign. Why not a Save the Cow campaign?//

    Such childish arguments!

    has not formally declared a war, but Indians have grasped the obvious
    fact of our times that we are in a state of war because Pakistan
    continues to send jihadists into India. Aamir Khan’s movie Sarfarosh
    showed us that Pakistan sends arms dealers posing as ghazal singers.//

    So Gulam Ali is an arms dealer? What a finding man!

    secularism is not even Indian: it is incomplete without eating beef. It
    loves to eat beef because Pakistanis eat beef. //

    Common stupidity have some limits.

  • Priya Krisshnan

    depicts reality and honest to the core!

  • Bhavesh Sisodia

    Great discussion. Eye Opening to double standard media and politicians and so called secular forces on earth. Great effort. hats of to you.

  • Vijay Chawla

    Tufail, I wish you had not presented half-truths to prove that “Indian secularism has tasted Muslim blood”. Surprisingly, in your piece there is not a single word about the deeds of anti-secularists as if they represent the “island of peace and communal harmony” in India which has “suffered greatly” because of the “misdeeds” of Indian secularists. Let me first complete your half truths. I think you know that soldier Vedmitra of Meerut was killed by fellow Hindus whom he confronted for misbehaving with a girl. Alas, he was not a Hemraj beheaded by Pakistani intruders on the border. That’s why the great lady Sushma Swaraj kept mum on his killing; otherwise she would have demanded from her own government 10 Pakistani heads as a compensation for his killing. You talk about other murders which have not been protested by the secularists. Let me give you a heart-rending example. A Hindu girl goes for a love marriage with a Hindu boy (I don’t know whether of her own caste or not.). In due course she becomes pregnant and is invited by her parents on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. But when she visits her parents, all hell breaks loose. Both she (remember she is pregnant) and her husband are brutally assaulted by her parents and brothers. Her husband is killed in the assault and she ends up in the hospital fighting for her life. So, this is an intra-religion case. Shouldn’t it be protested by non-secularists? You see, every day brutal rapes and murders happen in this country. But it is not wise to compare them with the killing of Dadri’s Akhlaq or for that matter with the burning of Australian missionary Staines and his two young sons by a certain Dara Singh. These two murders fall in the category of earth-shaking events like 1984 (Delhi), 1992 (Ayodhya) and 2002 (Gujarat). I don’t think any intellectual except Khushwant Singh returned their awards for 1984, 1992 and 2002. Your entire piece harps on the double standards of Indian secularists. But who provides the fodder for these secularists to chew??? Khushwant Singh gives an example of a certain Guru Golwalkar who had objected to the Indian government honouring Keelor bothers and martyr Abdul Hamid for their acts of bravery during the 1965 war. The beliefs of the followers of Guru Golwalkar have turned India into a peculiar entity among all developed democracies. Peculiar, because I don’t think in developed democracies the participating political parties take such a contrary stand on any fundamental premise/principle of their constitution as has been taken by the Golwalkar bandwagon on secularism. From the very birth of the Independent India they did not subscribe to secularism and all their propaganda is aimed at proving our secularism hollow. For them even paying homage to the victims of communal carnage is a pick ‘n’ choose. For example, the BJP fully supports the demand for building a memorial in Delhi for the victims of the 1984 carnage. But what about building memorials for those who fell to Bhindranwale’s bullets in Punjab or became the victims of the Godhara communal conflagration. Many political observers blame Congress for creating Bhindranwale but that does not devalue those innocent people who became victims of terrorism in Punjab so as not to deserve a memorial. Similar is the case of Godhara victims. Next, the cancellation of the Rahman show in Delhi. Rahman himself cancelled the show, just to not allow the Fatwa against him snowballing into a huge controversy. Mind you, the Rahman issue was an intra-community issue. But Rahman gave a beautiful convincing rejoinder to the Fatwa publicly through Facebook. I had posted its Hindi translation on my Facebook timeline. You went against propriety to charge Amir Khan of making fun of Hindu God Lord Shiva in the PK movie but not having the guts of making a movie on Prophet Mohammad. Propriety demands consideration of two facts while analyzing PK’s Lord Shiva sequence. First, Rajkumar Hirani deliberately presented Amir as a religion-less alien devoid of any earthly religious emotions and prejudices so as not to identify him with any religion. Second, the followers of Hindu religion have been imagining God in numerous avtaars and staging plays and making films on their gods/goddesses. But Islam does not permit this. Also a big issue should not be made out of the Lord Shiva fun sequence when we ourselves crack many jokes on the human characters of Ramlila. For example, here is a Haryanvi joke regarding रलदू who plays the Hanuman character in a Ramlila. In the joke रलदू as Hanuman says to the Ravan :- (सीता) ना देणी ते नु कर एक बीड़ी प्या दे , फेर राम ने जाके बता दूंगा अक कोन्नी देता ससुरा .. You say the secular government of Manmohan was ready to concede a part of Kashmir to Pakistan. But former Pakistan Foreign Minister Kasuri has given the impression (The Week, October 18) that they continued the parleys which they had begun with Manmohan’s predecessor Vajpayee. In fact, for the success of these parleys in which Brajesh Mishra hinted at India making compromises, they wanted Vajpayee to win the 2004 polls. You may have a point in the Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen issues but we are living in times of high intolerance. So, I think the government of the day takes such decisions, which may appear unpleasant to intellectuals, but they are meant to preserve the precarious peace in society. In this regard I would give you a recent example. One noted author at a children literature training session wanted to narrate a story by Tolstoy but he was stopped by a gentleman, saying, “Why narrate a story of a foreign writer. Bharat is Vishv Guru. Tell a story by an Indian writer.” And, you know not one person from a gathering of 50 educated people objected to that gentleman.You end your piece with a suggestion — “… police must deal ruthlessly with any Indian who takes law into their own hands.” I would say it’s a million dollar suggestion, no no, question because in India, it does not take much time for some sections of the administrative machinery to become communally polarized if there exist favourable conditions.

    • Indian

      Here comes a Delhi AAPtard Pig. There is somebody called Kejru and his Delhi Bastards. The pack of beggers who grow nothing do nothing, half white due to the dialllances of their slut mothers and degenerate families, The pigs who lay their mothers, and daughters for gang bang as soon as they see a white. Anyway the rapes are committed by the degenerate, demented Delhites, Rape capital of the world. Know why, because Delhites are anyway Born Bastards (somehow Delhites are half white due to the filthy christian Baaps of You). Bloody Chawla parents you came like beggers, Bhookhe Nange Kuttae Bikhari RAPED AND LOOTED FROM PORKISTAN.Why? Is India as Orphanage for the Beggars Naked. We Indians gave them food, and clothes, but because of their filthy Porkistani genes due to Rape and then slut mothers. Bastard Pig Kejriwal gutter dog, Go what you do best. dELHI IS TEEMING WITH BANGALDESHI PIGS. YOUR MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS BFs. GO WHAY YOU DO BEST..SAALE PAKISTAN KEE PAIDAISH HARAMI.RAPIST,TERRORIST, WIFE ABUSER PARTY PIG..INDIA IS NOT DELHI, DELHITES ARE BEGGERS, FILTHY GUTTER BEGGARS DEPENDING LIKE GUTTER PIGS ON ELECTRCITY, FOOD AND WATER ON OTHER STATES, AND LIKE HUNGRY PIGS MIGRATE TO OTHER STATES IN SEARCH OF LIVING.EVEN THESE HARAMIS WANT TO LIVE..BLOODY DEMENTED PIG GO TO PAKISTAN FROM WHERE YOUR FILTHY GENES CAME..YES WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF PICKING UP WEAPONS YOU RED KACCHA.

      • Vijay Chawla

        Tufail, I don’t think we can carry a healthy, democratic debate if people like Indian are allowed to post their abusive comments. Tufail, please tell me frankly, how do you view the filthy comment of Indian and why you allowed its publication. A healthy discussion is one where you counter the views you do not agree with, using facts and appropriate but civilized arguments. But Indian has not touched even a single point raised by me.

    • Vijay Chawla, your passionate defense of secularists is praiseworthy. What you have done is put forward classic strawman arguments. Indeed, that is the only way anyone can defend such a sorry position. For example, Vedmitra being murdered by co-religionists does not make any difference to Tufail’s argument. Know why? Because he’s not looking through the colorblind vision of secularists. He makes a larger point about why only “Hindu kills Muslim” evokes moral outrage from your co-secularists and not “Hindu kills Hindu”, “Muslim kills Muslim” and (hush hush) “Muslim kills Hindu”. Anti secularists are bigoted, aren’t they? So why should they bother with killings that suit their ideology? Your question is a pathetic example of circular logic. Then, you take names of secularist stalwarts like Khushwant Singh of 1975 emergency fame to make some twisted point about Golwalkar, deflecting the attention again to someone who is known for his partisan views that secularists never fail to point out all over TV and newspapers. Also, interesting that you declare 1984, 1993 and 2002 as earth shattering events, leaving 1990, 1999, 2003 massacres of Hindus in Kashmir. Oh but I forget, it is not part of India per your ideologue Prashant Bhushan. Last, Hindus have changed. We no longer tolerate people making a one-sided mockery of our spiritual beliefs, if we don’t have the same liberty to ridicule their beliefs. Deal with it!

      • Vijay Chawla

        Dear Infinitchy, thanks for presenting your views on my reaction. You term my arguments classic strawman arguments but frankly speaking I feel Tufail is appeasing anti-secularists by charging “SECULAR” Manmohan with trying to settle the Kashmir dispute by giving one-third of Kashmir to Pakistan? You have kept mum on the fact that “NON-SECULAR” Vajpayee was also ready to MAKE COMPROMISES with the Musharraf-Kasuri duo to settle the Kashmir dispute. And that too with that Musharraf who was the architect of Kargil war, which derailed the Vajpayee-Sharif peace process. Mind you, any future Kashmir settlement would entail give-and-take by India and Pakistan. You have also not said anything on my contention — why SOLDIER Vedmitra dying at the hands of Hindus has not caused Sushma Swaraj the same pain as the killing of SOLDIER Hemraj by Pakistani intruders? You may give umpteen examples of secularists not speaking on this murder or that rape. But the truth is that even you or Tufail or me cannot always feel bothered on murders and rapes (whether communal or non-communal) occurring around the world. And, I am also sure that no independent media analyst or political observer will put the Akhalq and Vedmitra murders on the same footing as Tufail has done.

        I don’t know whether you have read any work of Khushwant with desired focus. Just read his autobiography to have a true measure of his persona. True, he was close to the Congress, particularly Sanjay and Maneka. But then he has written many things against the Congress, Sanjay and Maneka. In fact, it was because of a suit filed by Maneka regarding some content of Khuhwant’s autobiography that its publication was delayed by 4-5 years. Ultimately, Maneka lost the case. Khushwant after his disillusionment with the Congress had supported Advani from the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat in the 1989 elections. But later he also criticized Advani for his Ram Mandir rath yatra which vitiated communal harmony in the country. Khushwant vehemently opposed Bhindranwale for spewing venom against Hindus. He was on Bhindranwale’s hit list and was provided security by the government for 15 years. Khushwant did not believe in God and rarely visited Gurdwaras but he returned his Padma award to protest Indira Gandhi’s Operation Blue Star on the Golden Temple which he believed resulted from mishandling of Sikh terrorism by her government. You see when the Operation Blue Star came up for debate in the Rajya Sabha, Khushwant, who was nominated by the Indira government to the Upper House, spoke against her government.

        I just can’t put 1984, 1992 and 2002 in a different compartment than what you call 1990, 1999, 2003 “massacres” of Hindus in Kashmir. I consider the death of every innocent Indian in any communal violence a loss to the nation. I think by 1999 you are referring to the Kargil war. The killing or fleeing Kashmiri Hindus, by and large, happened because of terrorist violence just like the one perpetrated by Bhindranwale men against Hindus in Punjab in the early 1980s. Had there been MASSACRES (using your term) of Kashmiri Hindus of the kind of Sikhs (1984) and Muslims (2002), my common sense says India would have been left burning for months. Particularly, considering the fact that 2002 (when Gujarati Muslims paid a heavy price for the Godhra train burning audacity) was very close to your Kashmir “massacre” year 2003. One more thing, during both 1984 and 2002, one common people had targeted the other common people of a different religion. But I don’t think there are any incidents of common Muslims en masse targeting common Hindus in Kashmir.

        You say, “We no longer tolerate people making a one-sided mockery of our spiritual beliefs.” I think only MF Husain has taken liberty to make some controversial paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses. Though Husain or other modern artists might have positive explanations for these paintings, common Hindus felt hurt by these paintings. Please tell me apart from Husain, who else has hurt Hindu religious or spiritual beliefs. By the way, we Hindus have our own Asarams and Rampals to make mockery of our religious/spiritual beliefs. The other day BJP Minister Nirmala Seetharaman said that India had yet to conduct a debate on communalism. Urdu poet Munawwar Rana while returning his Sahitya Akademi award has also demanded that the government define who is a terrorist. And, I wish that the government define secularism, non-secularism and pseudo-secularism. Let these definitions be set in stone and people and political parties be encouraged to take their stand on what type of India they want — secular, non-secular or pseudo-secular.

      • Vijay Chawla

        So, Tufail you decided not to publish my reply to Infinitchy. Hope, next time while writing on India, you will focus on the points raised by me in my reply to Infinitchy. As your website is named, I wish you present facts as well as both sides of the coin.

  • Venkita Giri

    Taslima Nasreen also has expressed similar views. The following abstract from her interview is really worth a lot.

    “In an interview to the Times of India, Nasreen said that when her book was banned in West Bengal and when five fatwas were issued against her, most of the writers chose to remain silent. Indeed, some also went further to appeal to then CM of West Bengal Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to impose ban on her book.”

    On the returning of Sahithya awards by some authors in India, she has this to say-

    “They have decided to raise voice against injustices by returning their awards. There is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes somebody gets an idea, others like it. But, many writers are guilty of double standards when it comes to dissent,” TOI quoted her as saying.

    When asked about her views on secularism in India, Nasreen said most secular people are anti-Hindu.

    “Most secular people are pro-Muslims and anti-Hindu.”

  • balayogi

    1. Indian media has been dominated by a dangerous breed
    of leftover Indian Left who have also incidentally appropriated the label
    liberal [ a questionable term by itself]; pseudo intellectuals [whose knowledge
    is confined to what certain institutes in US of A want to feed] have
    appropriated the label intelligentsia; pseudo secularists [ here secularism is
    anything anti-Hindu and sometimes anti- Christian too because the chopping of a
    Christian professor’s hand did
    not upset the concept of secularism].

    2. These worthies have been funded and projected as the
    official intellectual voice of India by vested interest lobbies, PR
    mills, political dispensation
    that ruined India for 6 decades.

    3. Is it not a scam to use public money to sponsor
    the trips abroad along with PM of UPA of selected private media houses? Why the
    present Govt is not probing into this?

    4. Anyway the media, most of the English media is
    anti-India and therefore is not likely to remain without peddling lies,
    engineering scandals, imputing motives to GOI, interpreting everything to
    implicate anyone who is not sponsoring them etc.

    5. I have been writing a lot about MSM filth which is a
    actual malign cancer which impacts the collective psychology of Indian

    6. Though they will
    be left out gradually like the leftover LEFT or consigned Cong but then the
    damage would be heavy like it has happened to two great states Kerala and
    Bengal suffering without industrial development

  • IndiannotAmused

    There still is hope for India if Men of Substance like Tufail can dare to pen such columns.Hats off to Tufail and IndiaFacts for carrying this piece.

  • Just Think !

    A fantastic article on the bane of India ! It clearly brings out how the terrorist & myopic ideologies are manifesting & multiplying because of the ‘presstitutes, bimbos and bazaaru media’.
    Wake Up INDIA , its time to revive your original character as the mother of all ideologies that is truly all encompassing & do away with this Amir Khan-like / Shobha De-like / NDTV-like pseudo-ism in other word the Congress’iya deceit & anti-nationalism given to us thru the Nehru clan; that find it convenient to joke about all things Hindu (whose core philosophy is respect for all ), but not have the to guts talk about the hatred / genocide / terrorism that Islam is propagating thru the world !

  • Indian

    About this Duo the 2 bit Sagarika Ghosh and her most degenerate and demented so called Husband (Here I have some doubt, how the faces of Aroon “Tomato” Purie, a Hindu will write Arun Puri match like being from the same gutter stock), which should be easy for Govt to wipe these duo ivy 4 ever (if Govt have the guts)
    Jan 2005 (do not exactly remember 25th or so). Channel 7-jtv (a channel of Well established Jagran Group) carried a News report evening 9.00 PM that Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Report was out, and it was so explosive that the then Central Law Minster H.R Bhardwaj (later the notorious Gov of Karnataka), himself personally went to suppress it. The channel anchors asked this person pointed question about the same, however he just stood as a Sphinx not even squeaking. The news was repeated in 9.30 telecast, but afterwards there was NO MENTION of this news in that channel. NO OTHER CHANNEL carried this news
    Next Day Channel7-JTV was OUT of Transmission and very next day (2 days) after the above was out, this channel as was mentioned was BOUGHT LOCK STOCK AND BARREL by some Rs 15000/- earning NewsReader of no consequence called Sardesai and his so called wife, whole CNN-IBN was created in 2 days, had a professional team ready, did a Rs 1 Lakh false sting on Hapless B.Laxman and the news was never heard of
    What more is needed. However, needs Guts. Dr Swamy would have got them by now had he been PM

  • Rajesh Patil

    TufailJi – this will create ‘Tufaan’ amongst the so called ‘Sikulars’ of India !! Taslima Nasrin also states this in different words — These So called ‘Hindu Secularists’ are Anti-Hindu and Pro-Muslim ! They did not utter a word when MIM leader threatened Government to take off Police for 15 minutes and they will see what they will do to a Billion Hindus !!

  • Parameswaran Rajeswaran

    True. Agreed. I’m also one of those ‘secular’ Indians who wouldn’t DARE to portray Prophet Mohamed (PbuH) in any light but would jump at every opportunity to criticise actions of the so-called Hindu extremists. Unfortunately Tufail fails to realise that this is so because we, as Indians, (leave the politicians here, please, they have their own calculations) do not want any form of such EXTREMIST ideas to get into the minds of the non-Muslim population here. While most Muslims are peace-lovers, they are not in a position to free themselves from notions about their religion that are still strongly fundamental. Your article somehow appears to provoke the Hindus to become hardliners like Islamic fundamentalists! Those who are criticised by you in your article are those who sincerely DO NOT WANT HINDUS to IMITATE the violent reactionaries of Islam! We know we cannot get into the Islamic religious fold and make any reforms over there.We are ‘fakirs’ and ‘infidels’. Such a reformation can only come from within the adherents of Islam, not from outsiders like us. We can only endeavour to protect our people from extremism! And that’s precisely what we are doing. THANK YOU!

    • prashants5 .

      >>Your article somehow appears to provoke the Hindus to become hardliners like Islamic fundamentalists!

      Nope I don’t think so. Assuming you are a Hindu, do you think you are proveked? I am a Hindu and I don’t think I am provoked by this artilce. Rather, I feel I am enlightened and empowered more as a Hindu. By the way, Secular is neither an Indian word nor it fits into the context of Indians. As you call yourself Secular, do make some research to find out what is exactly the meaning of “Secular” and where it came from? Unfortunately, the Secular ( and 99% of other Indians) are still colonized. The solution is to de-Colonizing oneself. “Dharma Nirapeksha” is the right word. The origin of “Secular” term has a barbarian and violent background, particularly to stop Christian Aggression in the Europe. Now do you see how much colonized our mind is? We just blindly copy some terms to use it feel good and smart…

      And yes like you said, we can only endeavour to protect our people and protect the Dharma ( again don’t get confused with Religion). For your knowledge, Dharma is not Religion. And that is what, Mr. Tufali Ahmed precisely doing here. That’s exposing the Secular Media and Breaking India forces that operates in India with their mercies of Colonial masters. Please read “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra and please educate yourself and don’t write as an Passive Indian. We all should be Responsible and Well informed Indians. Neither under-informed or ill-informed that the so called Secular Media is trying to spread.

      Btw, Arjuna was trying to be Secular and hence avoiding the War. We moronized Hindus needs to get ready for another Kurukshetra not with weapons or Arms but with intelligence and intellect. And that is not extremism as you are labeling but empowerment of one’s ownself.

  • Harsh

    Awesome indeed ! And yes, one needs to be based in the U.S. to be able to write this and survive – in India he would have become an outcast in no time !

  • Rajalakshmi J

    sagarika ghose is one of the lowest level scum. Like barkha dutt , vikram chandra , prannoy roy etc etc.

    She supported those muslim extremists who were involved in Charlie Hebdo massacres in France ; she came up
    with faux lamentations supporting only muslims over what happened in
    Dadri. Says NOTHING when muslims literally lynch to death a muslim woman
    in Afghanistan setting her on fire. This is exactly how mk.gandhi
    behaved. During Moplah massacres he had not a word of censure for
    muslims , did not threaten he would go on fast; instead endorsed
    whatever the muslims did telling they are following what their religion
    teaches them to do. Why were these media scum apathetic when
    bollywood sanjay khan & his wife brutally assaulted
    muslim Zeenat Aman in Mumbai permanently injuring one of her eyes. Mazar
    Khan her husband also hit her physically several times in Mumbai.
    Along with their two sons. What a religion of peace:-((

    Look around the world. Arabs do NOT want Syrians , Libyans as refugees in
    their countries. bangladeshis are DENIED visas. bangladeshis DENIED
    entry to rohingya muslims. Whereas it is Hindus’ India that gets coerced
    into suckling all these TOXIC inimical parasites in our own country .

    I do not find shah rukh khan, kamalhassan , shabana azmi , tabu , salman khan , cricketer azaruddin , javed akthar , amir khan , ar.rehman , prabudevas , owaisis , mufti mohammaed sayeed , his daughter , farookh abdullah , omar abdullah ,
    saif ali khan , sharmila , hemamalini dynasty , ghulam ali of pakistan etc living
    with syrian & libyan muslims refugees sharing their money , food ,
    clothes, all possessions doing lungi dance , singing ghazals &
    praying facing the West. Let sania mirza cook cauldrons of biryani
    assisted by farah khan & feed all those muslim refugees inundating
    European countries. Angela Merkel’s burden would get lightened.

    We Hindus should firmly resolve NOT to celebrate Diwali this year until & unless ALL indian muslims , their secular appeasers along with Ghulam Ali of Pakistan , bollykolly bimbos & blokes ( mostly muslims ) , dmk , dk , communists of India , all media SLUTS spend their money to travel & join all the suffering muslim refugees in Syria , Yemen , Libya , Turkey , Germany , Greece , Austria , Hungary DONATING all their accumulated money , gold , silks , diamonds etc etc to the starving refugees , regale them with lungi dance ( shah rukh khan did this in Edinburg UK instead nicely enjoying when his own muslim brethren are suffering) please DRAG shah rukh khan there making him do lungi dance non stop for FREE,
    amir khan is quite an expert in shedding tears ( sathyameva jayate show experience). salman khan has to take off his shirt that is all it takes to make them all forget their woes. All of them should spend minimum five years CO- EXISTING with the suffering muslim refugees & not come back to India.

    Some of those Syrian refugees can easily CO EXIST with yalda hakim of bbc in her house . Some with mishal hussain of bbc. Both yalda hakim & mishal hussain are INCREDIBLY large hearted I know. They are still crying copiously for the long dead muslims during 1947 during Partition. yalda hakim simply cannot get over her love for the bangladeshi muslims. She is very religion specific . Not colour specific. It is Hindus like us they HATE.

    All said & done a COW is a far more precious Being than abdul kalam for who indians have erected yet another statue to circumambulate around. We have ambedkar statues , lots of indira gandhi , nehru , EVR the selective anti Hindu atheist statues ..soon congressis will come up with kushboo statue also. Hindus have every right to get agitated over slaughter of cows , calves , buffaloes etc etc. Whereas muslims worldwide went berserk over a few lines scribbled calling them “cartoon riots”. How come the “rationalists” of India , of Karnataka , the Edamaruku who says he is living in exile in Finland , the appeasers of India find nothing wrong , nothing outrageously IRRATIONAL over few scribblings. Scribblings do not give us milk & milk products ; they contribute NOTHING at all. No Panchakavyam. No Holy Ash.

    amir khan has a convent educated nutcase as his current wife. No wonder he could only ridicule Hindus leaving his own muslims untouched. He ought to have taken up scribblings & the cartoon mayhem by muslims as his movie plot.

  • सुनीत उमट


    “India is witnessing the emergence of fascism from newsrooms, a movement of totalitarian ideas that divides us in order to win. Indian journalists are beaten up by Indians in New York or Dadri for their double standards. On social media, they are being called pimps and presstitutes, bimbos and bazaaru media because they sell their souls for a bungalow or a Rajya Sabha seat.

    This secular fascism, in league with Islamic totalitarianism, wins by dividing us, but police must deal ruthlessly with any Indian who takes law into their own hands.” BANG-ON-DOT Sirjee -Thank you.

  • discerning.user


  • ertf123

    One word to describe this hardhitting article: awesome!

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  • Sathish Amara

    Very good article … well said!!!

  • Arun Kumar

    Sir, thanks for writing this article. Currently anti-nationals, ISI backed terrorists occupied our news rooms. under the cover of “freedom of speech” these people are openly stabbing India from back. Being an open society we are suffering and these anti-nationals are thriving. I hope soon people realize and drive these elements out of our country.

  • ramparts2

    Kudos to your in-depth analysis. Religious and caste based politics has retarded the much expected growth of this nation. Respect. Special appreciation for the fact that you despite being from the minority community, have risen above and have presented an impartial view.

    You are a true Bhaarateeya

  • Shankar M

    Really a good, unbiased, clean and honest view brother. I’m proud of you to have exposed these leftist media journalists. Your opinion bears weight. I do hope that the Western media takes cognizance of your views!!!

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Great article as usual.

  • Harilal R

    In Kerala, few days back, Rahul Easwar’s (who is a close companion of Mr Arnab Goswami himself in his NEWS HOUR discussions) car was thrashed by the “Secular” leftist student wing, SFI, for opting out from supporting their Beef Fest. No writer returned their awards, no channel, regional or national, conducted any “secular” debates or no one screamed for Mr. Chandy’s resignation. In these contexts, this article should be really an eye-opener for many; else India will move into a more dangerous situation emerging from natural reactions from the real secular majority.

  • Harilal R

    Great article Gentleman! You have observed many a things right, which a common Indian miss by chance and a “secular” media person miss by purpose. Wonderful! Keep up your good job! We(now, after reading your article, call ourselves, real secular indians) will be there to support you always! Wish you good luck!

  • Tufail Ahmad, have you left islam? dont you know that allah will send you to hell for eternity on judgement day for siding with kuffars. You are committing blasphemy against allah and he will punish you for this.

    Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Those Muslims who befriend unbelievers will abide in hell.

    Qur’an (3:28) – “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah:

    Qur’an (9:23) – “O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers” Even family members are not to be taken as friends if they do not accept Islam. (This is the mildest interpretation of this verse from the 9th Sura, which also advocates “slaying the unbeliever wherever ye find them”).

    quran 9:113-114
    Even praying for their forgiveness in the afterlife is forbidden.

    It is not fitting, for the Prophet and those who
    believe, that they should pray for forgiveness for Pagans, even though
    they be of kin, after it is clear to them that they are companions of
    the Fire. And Abraham prayed for his father’s forgiveness only because
    of a promise he had made to him. But when it became clear to him that he
    was an enemy to God, he dissociated himself from him: for Abraham was
    most tender-hearted, forbearing.

  • Srinath Ramakrishna

    Brilliant piece of article Mr.Ahmad. Wish the pimps…err, the secular journalists realize that they cannot fool anymore!

  • Srik

    Very powerful! Sadly, this is all real.

  • sreeram

    Excellent. The real picture of indian media explained very well in this article. We are not support the safari but at the same time we are against so called liberals like shobade,Kerri, etc. Need much more articles from you sir.

  • somayajulu csjr

    Thought provoking and candid analysis indeed.
    Tiger is an omnivore like our secular journalists, but Cow only eats Chara(grass)
    and gives wholesome drink ‘milk’ and of course Beef. It is a delicacy because
    Hindus desist it. Hindus can mostly be rhetorical and vocal whereas Islamists
    can be decisive to settle scores. That is why no cartoons even in their
    kitchens can be drawn by these seculars. Police are busy searching the cattle
    may be for the beef needs they need permission to perform their duty .

  • Jivraj

    Hats off to you Mr Ahmad for writing the

  • Kailash

    Tufail, you are doing a great service to the Truth itself. Keep spreading the light of truth, my friend.
    Your writings are very much needed in order to establish the sanity in the discourse. More power to you.

  • Ka Sandeep

    haha funny, if you cant understand the difference between political agenda( ie hiduthwa, now they are ruling) and religious fundamentalism( ie Muslims fundamentalism) which has no chance to get power in India. then we can feel pitty on u

    • concernedindian

      Thank God that you didn’t equate hinduthwa with religious fundamentalism :-p

      • Ka Sandeep

        both are based on religion , but Muslim fundamentalist cant change our nation or they cant rule us. but hinduthwa can do this . they can kill our freedom

        • Amit

          Stuff beef up your ____ to prevent anybody from taking your freedom.

        • prashants5 .

          >> but Muslim fundamentalist cant change our nation or they cant rule us.

          Yep and thats how you and your previous forefathers were ruled for 500 years by Muslims and then 200 more years by colonial masters. And during that period Indians had the highest level of Freedom.

          • Ka Sandeep


  • Yuvraj Sambhy

    You are wrong while comparing “Save Tiger” and asking for “Save Cow”. Better visit again your feed back why “Save Tiger” is initiated in India and abroad. Also revisit classification under species Cow that Indians worship.

  • N.Paramasivam

    super. Especially “Indian Secularism is Pakistani, & also Islamist”. This is proved by you with examples. Dual faces of Delhi and UP CMs also exposed by you. A great write up.

  • Jagdish Mangalore

    Awesome article !!

  • Ritendra -Ram Sharma

    Hats off to you….Tufail Ahmad. This is brilliant piece of writing exposing dangerous alliance of anti-Hindu forces and their deceptions….

  • Vedantham Srinivasan

    Sir,—I’m worried for your safety.Please take care

    • somayajulu csjr

      We cannot any ways do such discourse so vibrantly but do not spread fear psychosis.

  • 0nlyPeace

    Great compilation sir. Kudos.

  • Kamalesh

    Good one.

  • Sibby

    This is a great article. Unlike The Wire, this site allows me to express my feelings in comment.

    My comment was deleted by the wire. Hence I am using India facts to write my views on the article published in THE WIRE. ( See here ).

    “Worst article ever! Why blame whole community for the acts of few. Is anyone blaming all Muslims for the terrorist activities by few. India’s top 20 Most wanted terrorists/criminals happen to be Muslims.(read ) But it will not be right to blame all muslim community for these terrorists. Why this writer is blaming whole Hindu community for it. This is totally absurd. You keep shy of saying “Islamic Terrorism”, but you are fine to blame whole Hindu community for a “local” incident.

    You tend to suggest that without secularism, India will become “Hindu Pakistan”. The only Hindu Nation in the world was Nepal which actually became secular country few years back. When it was Hindu nation, then also there was no communal violence in the country. On the other hand, Pakistan, with started as a secular country, turned into an Islamic country within 1 year of independence. The population of Hindus declined from 14% (1941) to ~1% (2015). Another country Bangladesh, which also started as secular country turned islamic, the hindu population declined from 22% (1951) to ~9% (2015). Source: Where were these eminent writers at the time of execution of Hindus in these country. In India too. percentage wise population of hindus have declined from 84% (1951) to ~80% (2011), where as Muslim population has increased from 10% to 14% during this period. Unlike Indian Minorities, Hindus do not have much rights in either Pakistan or Bangladesh. Unlike Indian Muslims, American Muslims does have right of Triple Talaq or multiple marriage.

    Please let us all Indians (Hindu, Muslim, Christians, Buddhists, etc) live in peace. None of us is minority, but we are 1.2 billion strong Indian majority. Don’t try to divide us. We all respect each other. We all respect our Nation.”

  • seasons

    Cannot be more perfect than this…perfect points, perfect words !

    Dont know how long this battle with dis-honesty is to go on. Also readers like me, who already agree with the points, read such posts and rejoice, that their thoughts have been articulated so well by someone. But this does not increase our tribe. It can happen only when such articles fins place in Main Stream Media. Then only the public discourse will be influenced and changed and by-product would be lesser dis-honest highlighting. But how to do it ??

  • Sujata Srinath

    Thank you, Tufail Ahmad. Your article shines like a beacon of hope for sane people who now cringe at the open and brazen display of double standards by the corrupt media. How do they hold their heads up and walk in public, I wonder?

    • Krispy K

      One might attribute their defiance to irrevocability, and their shamelessness to sheer stupidity. Because God knows everyone else can see the writing on the wall.

      • Sujata Srinath

        I hope it is a case of Vinaasha kaale vipareeta buddhi.

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          QUITE TRUE. If secularism exists in India it is because it is a Hindu majority nation. Its pluralism is also due to Hindus.

  • AR

    Sir, what a brilliant piece. How much ever I can compliment you, it is less!

    Infact many of whom I know including myself who were completely apolitical – to the extent that we did not bother about who the ministers were in UPA cabinet for quite a long time, have been compelled to become politically active.
    This double standard by press is very disturbing and Media is pushing for communal tensions! They will keep doing this till 2019 and for them they just want one Godhra to happen again and they would have achieved their goals.

    We need more enlightened people like you sharing inputs and creating awareness!

    • Krispy K

      They are stupid enough to try for another Godhra, ignoring the fact that the first one (which acted as a pretext for the decade-long witch-hunt of Modi by the same morons) simply strengthened support for him. But these imbeciles don’t have a plan B, so they’ll keep trying the same failed methods over and over again. If they didn’t cause so many people so much pain doing it we could just ignore them, but they cannot get away with deliberately causing communal tension and then blaming the victims. If this government doesn’t make them pay one way or another, they haven’t done their job.

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        They need not be shown grace by ignoring them They need to be attacked- not with violence but with display of Hindu solidarity. Hindus have to unite and say we are Hindus-and we have a duty to save our nation. Anybody who respects Hinduism is safe in this country. That is how it has been for thousands of years.

        • Krispy K

          If violence turns out to be necessary (and quite frankly, talking has done nothing to stop these people so far) then so be it. Hindus need to let go of this aversion to a tool that sometimes cannot be avoided, however distasteful it may be for us. Enemies of Hindus will never think twice about using it against us.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            I prefer they are punished most VIOLENTLY as they have earned it. They deserve no amnesty , no clemency. Period. Instead of testing its missiles whatever in Chandipur India can jolly well test by firing on all these tv studios exterminating them all for good. I know Hindus are too pusillanimous to do so. Hence better we enlist the assistance of China.

          • Indian

            if they do not do so this is the last hurrah for Hindus, they will be exterminated like Mayas, Incas Aztecs Jews Yazidis in next 10 years. These SLUTSECULARS actually Vatican Italian Pimps have huge money tucked in Foreign Black accounts, they will migrate to US/EU

          • Krispy K

            I’ve long thought that JNU would be good target practice for new tanks and precision-guided munitions launched from aircraft. Under Modi there’s a good chance our military-industrial complex will develop and there will be a need for such technologies to be tested. We should build a new Sanskrit-based academy in its place.

          • Indian

            BRAVO SIR I AM WITH YOU GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT.LET all Hindus Unite Under VHS of Dr Swamy, he is a leader with Guts whose name sends the chill of fear down the filthy spines of these Slave Drivers of Today The italian Mafia-Chinese Pimp Congi-Commies. ALL HINDUS NEED TO COMBINE else just imagine, If this Italian bardancer planted by Western Xian Beasts and Bastardized Progeny of Vatican called Xianity, she will destroy Hindus like DODOs. ITALIAN NAZI CONGIS are infinitely more dangerous and evil than ALL TIMURS India has faced combined billion times. YES WITHOUT VIOLENCE nothing will be solved. INTENSE SHORT TIME VIOLENCE will solve the issue.In case, Italian Mafia sonia manages to come to power 9she may with the help of animals like Kejriwal who is inciting Khalistani movement in Panjab with Media-Why SUAR-desai was in Punjab one week back? Whom he met). Book by George Orwell “1984” and “Animal Farm” clearly layout how these RED-CROSS beast will operate. She will take all voting rights from Hindus in name of “Secularism”, she will legalize rape of Hindu women by White skins, Xians etc in name of Communal Violence Bill and anybody fighting back will be liable to be jailed. Already this sonia Xian ISIS-Commies have broken Hindu families in name of DVA2005, surprisingly this law is not valid for foreigners (Read White) who “marry” Indian women to leave them. She will destroy all vestiges of Freedom in name of SLUT SECULAISM/. Its a stark choice between SLAVERY called SLUT SECULARISM and SOVERIGNITY AND FREEDOM. Choice is stark n question of survival. Bloodthirsty Xianity and barbaric Communism has lost against Islam. Now they have found a soft target in Hindus, because of traitors and 5 paisa converts with false Hindu names. Communists should not be treated as Hindus but the most deadly enemy to be wiped off

  • Harry

    you will be targeted by sickulars now 🙁

  • Samyajit Gupta

    awesome sir ji… u have shown courage to publish this article. .. explained nicely the truth of so called secularism of India. … hats off…

    • pradeep

      indeed, a true representation.. i wonder how much they are earning being pimps..

      • Kumar

        One should ask those in Main stream Media (English Media)…they very well drool on everything that is anti-Indian

  • krishnamoorthy

    Some prominent MSM released articles on beef but not on pork. why? Who will dare eat pork in front of Jama Masjid or Charminar even if police comes to security?

    • NK Sarma

      anyone can eat, you can also eat. Just that you will be considered filthy. Just like what you will think of a person eating rat in front of you. Beef is different, eating cow meat is intimidation similar to abducting women. Its a direct challenge to hindus. Don’t trivialize it with eating pork, most hindu sects and castes don’t consider pig as eatable anyway.

      • Indian

        But for Commies and Congi Italian pigs eating Italian DogShit and drinking Italian pig piss, is what matters at all, Or sorry I forgot Chinese Dog and pig shit

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        Of course pork is eaten in India on large scale as it is eaten all over Europe and in America. Ham and bacon are common. Pig is abomination only in Islam. A Muslim teacher I knew was very angry with me when I uttered the word dukkar- a Marathi word for pig in a totally different context and said she would go to hell because of my utterance. And almost threatened me that I should not utter that word again in front of her. I had met her accidentally and had uttered the word in a totally different context. If I had made this public I would certainly have been criticized for offending her sensibilities.

        • concernedindian

          Muslims according to a muslim friend of mine cannot eat even certain kinds of fishes as muslims are prohibited from eating anything without backbone!

        • mazharuddin

          Yeah Muslim will leave no opportunity to bash hindu and rant all the while cow and Just mentioning the world pig he got so offended.
          This craven subservience and pusillanimty passive meekness is up the moral of Islamist_ Now I have seen that Hindu have been lovingly eat Halal meat and credulously accepting Islamist shariat on them.
          No matter how much educated moderate Muslim is _ He will never non halal meat so why should hindus/christian are doing it? It is really surprising to me.
          Because Moderate or secular Islam is oxymoron.
          head of IsIs Abu Bagdadi got PHD in Islamic studies If hindu still think that Educated Muslims aint bad then they are living in denial when Muslim form majority in this country they would opt for another Pakistan.
          Hindus should at least have 4 kids so as not be swamped by Islamic breeding.

  • Indian

    For these RUNNING bedmates OF ITALY-Muslim and Hindu Blood does not matter. These Hideous christian pigs like Rajdeep SUAR-Desai and his keep Sagarika Ghosh and likes of Barkha Dutt and PORNO roy hide their Real Desert Ideology of Devil Cult behind a false facade of Hindu names (maybe they are so ashamed of their Mothers characterlessness), does not Sardesai, Aroon Purie and Ashutosh look the product from same gutter Portuguese stock? Is not N.Ram, Aakar Patels, PORNO Roys, BRENDA KARATS suspiciously white skinned for a Indian or Tamilian?
    For these beasts Muslims are just a Cannon Fodder against Hindus, as Xian Bloodthirsty demons are not upto the numbers against Hindus. They are “PROLES” to be expended against Hindus so that XIAN ISIS THEOCRATIC MEDIEVAL INQUISITION STATE LED BY THE ITALIAN BARDANCER CAN BE SET UP IN INDIA AS DEMON POPE IS BEING KICKED IN EUROPE. No 2. THEY are viciously Opposed to “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”, as a educated Indian cannot be Mind wahed by their LIES, DRUGS, PORNOGRAPHY, BROTHEL CULTURE (B4 CONGRESS BROTHEL CULTURE WAS PIONEERED BY COMMIES AND TOI = TOILET OF ITALY) AND won’t easily be suppressed and converted into “Prole”. The Classic Commie-Christi DOUBLESPEAK. DID THAT ITALIAN SLT SONIA AND HER MEDIA SHITEATING B..TDS GO TO MALI AND CAR WHERE THE XIAN BEASTS HAVE ETHNICALLY CLEANSED THE MUSLIMS..FOR THESE SO CALLED SECULARS ALL MATTER IS EVIL DEVIL CULT OF CHURCHIANITY..WAS NOT INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN = IM = ITALIAN MAFIA OF SONIA, WHICH KILLED 10000 INDIANS IN BOMB BLASTS? Just check Vigilonline The Mumbai attacks were planned and executed by the same Italian Imposter in India.BY THE WAY MARCOS are there in Mumbai itself, with Navy’s Western Command, Army’s Southern Command is in Pune, why it took 14 hrs to act? Why was Maharashtra administration christianized just 2 weeks b4 attacks? AND ACTION was taken only when 11 SONIA white BFs were killed,and 2 ISRAELIS AND ISRAELIS threatened action on “ACTUAL” conpsirators

    • asdf

      Can you explain the last few lines in greater detail, if possible? Thanks……

    • Anfauglir


      On that subject:

      In the UK, during the protestant Guy Fawkes festival, the protestant Brits in some major town actually burn effigies of the pope, as per descriptions in the news. How about bringing this ‘tradition’ to India? (Not guy fawkes obviously, but the burning of an effigy of the pope–to remember the horrors of the Goan inquisition, etc.) And whenever anyone accuses Hindus of intolerance over it, point to the Brits and say “they do it too”: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Alternatively, do what christians do when attacking Hindus: play cryptos. So declare you’re an anglican and that it’s your religious right therefore to burn effigies of the pope.

      USAToday, 5 November 2015, “Q&A: Remember, remember the fifth of November. Who is Guy Fawkes anyway?”

      In essence, Fawkes is being celebrated for not succeeding

      The burning is undertaken with particular relish in Lewes, England, a town tucked away at the foot of the chalky South Downs hill range amid some of Britain’s most scenic countryside. Bonfire Night visitors to Lewes encounter a chaotic scene that has been described as Halloween meets Mardi Gras,
      with burning banners, torches, tar barrels, crosses and outlandish, often politicized,
      displays vying with huge crowds, colorful fireworks and the occasional frightened-looking child. In 2011, an effigy of Osama bin Laden was carried through the town. The pope’s likeness — smoldering — features regularly.

      Another thing to do is that whenever anyone brings up the vatican/pope, Indians should say: “You mean the guy that the Greek orthodox priests and archbishop have denounced as satan/heretic/whatever and no one but catholics care about and would recognise?”

      Any time anything catholic threatens to visit India, do what the Greek orthodox church did and clamour to deny them entry, citing Greek orthodox reasons. See below.
      Whenever some catholic (or christian) wants to ascend political power in India, cite the still-standing English laws (laws which the British population have specifically repeatedly voted to keep to this day) on why catholic monarchs and monarchs with catholic spouses or girlfriends are debarred from holding ruling positions in England. And that such laws should doubly apply in India. I mean, why can only christian nations prevent their fellow monotheists from usurping positions of power, right? Even England doesn’t trust catholics as far as they can throw them (nor should these be trusted). And heathen nations like India have even less reason to trust any monotheist.

      Pope Visits Greece Today on a Tough Mission of Reconciliation, NY Times, 4 May 2001

      ROME, May 3— Orthodox priests and monks have held protest vigils and marched under signs that read ”the heretic pope” and ”two-horned monster of Rome.” Archbishop Christodoulos, head of the Greek Orthodox Church, has vowed not to pray alongside the Roman Catholic pope, who arrives in Athens on Friday.

      Repeatedly refer to the pope as the “two-horned monster of Rome” and cite Greek orthodox christian precedent (Indian christians won’t dare to oppose that, else they’ll have to publicly denounce fellow christians–theologically-trained archbishops and priests no less–for their accusations of the pope based on their intimate knowledge of what the catholic pope/vatican really is.)

  • krishnamoorthy

    So far secularism fake or genuine paid rich dividends. But now due to the advent of Islam and Christianity in most of the States and dwindling population of Hindus, secularism is now seen merely as pseudo, fake in the eyes of Hindus. They slowly realise the importance of Hindu Unity. Hindus cannot be taken for granted any more. The MSM, left liberals, congis and other fake secularism who are biased to Muslims and Christians now should realise their folly of dividing Hindus. MK Stalin in TN said 90% of partymen are Hindus revealed that their losing vote base is due to anti-Hindu stance taken by Karunanidhi. MK Stalin also visited some temples along with family. Hindus by their patience and political maturity showed India and world that Hinduism is reliagion of peace and progress

  • Indian

    The Book 1984 by George Orwell available free on the net and Animal Farm from the same author should be Read by all Nationalists to know how the “Haramzada” media the running dogs of Vaticunt and their Bastardized Progeny the Commie Pig thinking. For them General Mass are “Proles” to be subjected for ever under the Boot so that Few Filthy Rich evil and vile Whites can Enjoy. Communism is a Extreme Form of Vaticuntist Devil in Vatican. After WWII and the Vatican Dracula dalliance with Demon Hitler, in Genocide of Jews, and taking their wealth, there was a extreme Revulsion to the Death Cult of Xianity, hence the Murder Inc communists were created by them as they are the Hidden cobras in the manger, hiding behind false Hindu names. Their incestuous even Mother Fcking relationship with evil and vile Xian ISIS Congi led by the hideous and evil White skinned TDK from ITaly, a Gutter born to unknown Father Bardancer is well known. The Conspiracy against Hindus started well before False Freedom. The original “Manmohan Singh” some beast called JL Nehru (again a Xian pimp of suspect parentage, Jawahar is NOT an Indian Name but a Arabic Name more common in GCC and there are No Nehrus in Kashmiri Pandits), more interested in licking the white c..t of Lady Mountbatten than running India,connived with the Commie Red Gutter pigs in killing Netaji, Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, etc, because Commies are the worst degenerate deranged Pigs in human clothing for whom incest with mothers is also allwed. They supplied JLN with ample supply of Red sluts, some of whom like Romilla Thapar, Bastard Amartya Sen etc became Doyens for which they were EMINENTLY UNSUITED.No doubT DUE TO THIS TRAITIOR and his greatest Evil Family of unknown white parentage, NOW LED BY A SINISTER BARMAID FROM ITALY, never banned Commie Pigs and applied SUHARTO SOLUTION to them despite their support to British against Freedom Fighters, THEIR SUPPORT TO PAKISTAN FORMATION WITH CHRISTIAN CRETIN (IDEA OF PAKISTAN WAS NOT ORIGINAL JINNAH’S BUT THE COMMIE RAD RAG IQBAL), THEIR INCEST WITH RAZAKARS AGAINST INDIA, their laying of their daughters for Chinese in 1962.By the way just A glance at the parentage of the Commie Pigs like Sun Yat Sen, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, KIM ILL SUNG shows they are Christian rags, just like DAHAL, VAIDYA in Nepal and BASTARD GUTTER BORN KARATS,YECHURIES IN INDIA

  • am

    “Indian secularism has tasted the Muslim blood”-This one sentence that too from an Indian muslim is very very rare only one word can describe it-brutal.

    • Sujata Srinath

      Brutal it is. And can be further clarified as: Indian secularism has tasted the Muslim blood drawn exclusively by Hindus. When a Muslim draws Muslim blood, its okay, you know…

  • om

    Sir u are right but what if u are not secular how the politics can survive, afterall power in India stand by u if u are a MLA, MP and to get vote first touch religious people. All as u said the media is playing lead role to set the path for long term benefit with both leader. At some point all power hungry and want a mask to hide the real motive. No one is clean.

  • Krispy K

    These imbeciles are never going to change. They are neither willing to change, nor able to change. Integrity and intelligence are required to realise and acknowledge mistakes, and implement changes. They don’t have these things. Their removal from the public space will likely have to be done actively, rather than passively.

    If only the government would get their fingers out and start tightening regulations and restrictions on the behaviour of “journalists”, maybe they could be thrown in jail sooner.

    • Indian

      Do not know why Govt is Dilly Dallying. Lot of data exists in Public to destroy the Likes of the Pimp of World Christian Council TOI = Toilet of Italy and shoot its owner Vineet Jain like a Rabid Mad Dog on the streets.
      1. TOI with ITALIAN SONIA support bought a Big Karnataka media organization, despite huge resistance JUST A DAY BEFORE MUMBAI TRAIN BOMB BLASTS. No doubt this Pimp of WCC Vineet Jain (who is so ashamed of his Call MOTHER character that he still carries a False Tag of Jain and supports Beef and Meat) paid back by carrying an abusive article by the Commie Maddog Vardarajan Siddarth just a Day after, supporting the Terror attack and blaming Gujaratis and MODI (This pigs multibedded slut wife however works in Gujarat why Gujaratis have not killed the same is beyond me). So by his Logic 2002 riots led to blasts. Same Logic should be applied to these Bastards. Their support for terrorists led to 10000 Indian casualties so Indians have full right to Butcher the Commie-Media and Congis, atleast 100000 of them. But atleast BASTARDIZED prdcts of BROTHELS, so called families of SUAR-desai, Pronoy Roy (James Roy), Burkha Datta, VINEET JAIN AND AROON “PURIE” (Biggest printer of BIB-LIES in India) should be handed over to the families of those killed. Those who supported Yakub like PIG BHUSHAN have no right to live and earn . WE HAVE TO ACTIVELY DECIMATE THEIR FAMILIES and not BY SHOOTING BUT SHEER TORTURE.
      2. Just a few days b4 Mumbai attacks, Vineet Jain TOILET OF ITALY, the Father of Brothel Cukture set up TIMESNOW-REUTARS channel and also became World biggest Media whorehouse Real Business Child pornography and Blue Films. This could not have been achieved by having Graft frm worst sources. Again the Pimp of WCC and Italian shiteater carried a article by a Christian white monster called ‘Rommel” an Italian-German name, supporting the attacks and again repeating the LIES of the DEAD DOG ANTULAY about Karkare
      3. NDTV: Its involvement in Rs 6000 Crore P.Chidambram Hawala scam and the Transmission of India Forces positions to Pakistan during Mumbai attacks is well known, but evidently there are MODI enemies the trojan horses of ITALY in BJP also, for whom a night of BDSM with likes of Smelly overused B Dutt and Rana Ayyubs is worth it

      • Sumathi Megavarnam

        So much of Abusiveness will divert attention from your REALLY VALID points , implies to your earlier comment too

      • Anfauglir

        I second Sumathi Meghavarnam’s advice. Tone it down and then the essence of what you’re saying will have a better chance of reaching more people and better argue for your actual purpose: exposing the criminal memes behind it all.

        Also, if you could insert some links/references to support what is not generally known (some of what you say is very new information to me, and perhaps to others too), that would add value to your comments and help others to pass on your findings.

  • Sumathi Megavarnam

    SECULARISM is a Bogus Concept , Just to satisfy certain peoples vested Interests…..I hate very much the likes of the Columnists/Presstitutes/Politicians the Writer has mentioned , Because they are the BANE of the Society…Either Be & Do Good to the Society or Else its better they can Sit tight & be Quiet rather Spreading Hatred among people…..One can hear them saying they are fighting for the cause of the Society……But then it should be Neutral , instead of a Step motherly attitude towards the most peaceful group……they are applying Lime on One Eye & Butter on the Other Eye…..Mr.Tufail has Hit the nail right on the Heads of the fakers as he does always

    • Krispy K

      Secularism is a bogus concept *in India*. It has little meaning or relevance here. The idiots who call themselves “secularists” are just blindly aping the whites they look up to, like the brainless buffoons that they are, with no real understanding of the meaning, history and context of the concept of secularism. All part of their delusions of being some kind of “elite” class lording it over the natives.

    • nandita

      Are you kidding me sister .India is a secular state and always will be .I was a secular hindu now a secular christian married to a christian man .The problem is you guys can’t tolerate freedom of religion ,u just want India to be a Hindu state .Which i must say ever was nor will be Have good day sister

      • Don’t worry my beautiful sister, just eat that rice and ignore these Hindoo fassshists

      • Sumathi Megavarnam

        In Simple words you people are Viruses that needs to be culled ……….& Mind you I am Pretty straight forward in my comments , There is no need for me to appease the TRAITORS(Like you) , Converts are Traitors…….Shameless souls……

      • Phani Challa

        oh brainwashed nonsense… where did she even mention about turning India into Hindu state..
        and coming back to your “can’t tolerate” comment… is that the reason why Hindus can be converted into Christians by missionaries in often forceful means and there is so much hulla bulla over reconversion…

      • Jai Sindh

        At least 90% of Hindus believe in religious freedom. The fact is most Muslims & secularists don’t. Secularists are selective in their outrage. Secularism means every individual is equal before the law. This is not the case in India. Biggest fault of Mahatma Gandhi was that he always tilted if favour of Muslims. He thought everything from communal point of view. He said Hindus should give into demands of Muslims because Hindus are majority “big brother”. In true secularism every individual is equal – equal rights & equal responsibility. Mr. Tufail have articulated the problems of Indian secularism and pseudo secularism of pseudo intellectuals very well.

      • Anfauglir


        So where were you when your christian brothers/sisters/whatsits–who convert-or-killed the native heathens of India’s northeast–recently literally declared Mizoram “Christian State”, CS (non-different from Islamic State, IS) complete with announcing christian shariah laws such as “no soccer on Sundays”?

        Church diktat bans soccer on Sundays for Mizo youth, Times of India, 21 Sep 2012

        AIZAWL: Youth of Christian-dominated Mizoram are at a crossroads between passion and religion. The dilemma follows a recent appeal on a ban on playing football on Sundays by the Synod, the highest decision-making body of the powerful Mizoram Presbyterian Church.

        A statement signed by Synod moderator Rev Thangzauva and Synod secretary “Upa” (elder) DP Biakkhuma says, “The Presbyterian Church Synod appeals to all people of Mizoram to refrain from any sporting activities on Sundays as Mizoram is a Christian state and Sunday is a sacred and important day for Christians.” It, however, expressed happiness over the success of Mizo youth in sports. The statement added, “The church appeals to all people to respect our sacred day.”

        [Jonathan L Hnamte] said the Presbyterian Church was powerful enough to dictate terms to the state government. [More proof that “the church state separation” aka “secularism” that christians demand in India evaporates in Christian State just as in Islamic State.] Accusing its leaders of acting like religious bigots, he added that issuing restrictions to the people of Mizoram revealed their arrogant attitude.

        He said liquor was prohibited since the past 15 years as successive governments could not defy the church’s “appeal” despite the state losing revenue.

        How dare christians be allowed to declare tracts of ancestral native heathen land as “christian”–after ethnically cleansing and convert-or-killing the natives–and lecture Hindus that they may not dare to refer to Bharatam as Hindu?

        And where were you, you terrorist-supporter pretending (like a typical christian) to be against intolerance, when your christian brothers of the christian terrorist outfits the NLFT and NSCN etc went and genocided the native heathens of Tripura, Nagaland and other parts of the northeast to convert these places to the “Kingdom of christ”?

        Even the BBC has had to admit this much:

        ‘Church backing Tripura rebels’, Tuesday, 18 April 2000, BBC

        The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura’s indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control.

        Last year, they issued a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja.

        The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura.

        You do know this IS how the entire northeast has been converted (and Europe and the Americas and Africa etc)? You’re not going to pretend otherwise, right? And you’re not going to pretend that jesus is the prince of “peace” instead of being the artifice for aggression that he is, right?

        And also, where was your pretence at “indignation” when your vile christian brothers in the christian terrorist outfit the NLFT have been gangraping “tribals” (read: native heathens) to make christian porn movies at gunpoint to fund their NLFT project of “the kingdom of your god and your christ in Tripura”?

        India rebels ‘making porn films’, 27 August 2005, BBC

        Rebels in India’s north-eastern state of Tripura are making pornographic films to raise money for their separatist campaign [i.e. for the “kingdom of jesus-god in tripura”], officials say. The information has come from surrendered guerrillas of the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), according to police. They say the rebels are forcing captured tribal women, and some men, to take part in the films.

        But while forcing tribal women to have sex with them at gunpoint or carrying them away to the rebel camps is not new, using them to produce pornography certainly is.

        And that’s just what the BBC has been forced to admit, despite the BBC being a major Hindu-baiting plug for monotheism.

        Local news networks such as in Assam have had far more blood curdling reports of christian genocides and ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Buddhists to report.

        So, next time you think of opening your gob to non-monotheists on “intolerance”, just shut up, you terrorist-supporter and convert to terrorism.

        By the way, why aren’t you in the Christian State, CS, of the Central African Republic doing what you christians always do: genociding others? I read in international news (where the matter is grossly underreported, by the way) that your christian brethren have genocided and ethnically cleansed 1 million muslims up to early 2014 alone. Who knows how many muslims you jesus junkies have offed or displaced there this year?

        UN evacuates 100 Muslims from CAR, SBS Australa news, 22 Apr 2014

        The UN has evacuated 93 Muslims from the capital of the crisis-torn Central African Republic to protect them from Christian vigilante groups.

        The Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, plunged into a crisis after a coup by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels in March last year. After seizing power, some rebels went rogue and embarked on a campaign of killing, raping and looting.

        The abuses prompted members of the Christian majority to form vigilante groups, unleashing brutal tit-for-tat killings – leaving thousands dead, close to a million displaced and warnings the country is on the brink of genocide.

        You’re not going to justify this christian genocide of innocent muslims in retaliation for some muslims having allegedly killed a few christians, right? I mean, consider where you would then stand on Godhra, etc, you hypocrite. So do not even dream of justifying the christian genocide of muslims in the CAR, else it would just out you for the christian hypocritical genocide-apologist you are.

        Just look how you christians are turning the Central African Republic into India’s northeast, aka the dreaded “Christian State”. But christians always do this. (Remember what your brothers in christ did to the native Americans? To the natives of northeastern Europe? To the natives of the Roman empire? To all of Europe?)

        JesusNeverExisted Com, but the number of people murdered on account of that vile fictional character is countless now. And all of it is the indisputable fault of that “jesus christ” fiction. Evil, evil religion.

        And christians–including nancita–are even worse: slyly pretending that their religion and “jesus character” is peaceful–and other such PR falsehoods–and lecturing victims about “intolerance”, when christianity has genocided more people than even islam, and is STILL genociding people. (Not just in India’s northeast and in the CAR either. For example, journalist Norman Lewis has documented cases in other parts of the globe.)

        The convert Nancita, by keeping a studied silence about the ongoing christian genocides of non-christians, is in league with such christian terrorism. The fact that she lectures non-christians when her own jesus is still inspiring largescale genocide in multiple continents further proves she’s an apologist for selective genocide: that by christians of non-christians. Evil, evil jesus-junkie Nancita. Jesus/christianity has made her into a tacit supporter of genocides.

      • Guardians

        Secularism doesn’t mean religious conversion. It means not supporting or being against any religion.

      • Krishna

        If christians are tolerant of other religions then why there are still so many christian countries in the world? Why so many christian majority countries of world have recognized christianity as their state religion? ‘Secular Christian’ can be appreciated when the christian majority countries remove ‘state religion’ tag for Christianity. There is nothing great in saying ‘secular christian’ staying in a hindu majority country which is secular because hindus allowed it to be.