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India’s Daughter and Richard Dawkins’ Racism

The BBC documentary India’s Daughter announces that every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India. It characterizes Indian society as inherently patriarchal and misogynistic.

We shouldn’t tolerate a single incident of rape or any form of misogyny. However, the frequency of rape in western societies is at least an order of magnitude higher than in India. In the USA, for example, a woman is raped every two minutes. Yet, the BBC doesn’t make a documentary in which it castigates western societies for being patriarchal and misogynistic.

The Indian government has banned the documentary. This has attracted the ire of white activists and their brown sepoys. Richard Dawkins, the distinguished biologist and atheist, is the latest white person to join the fray. He tweeted, “Salute those thousands of brave Indians determined to fight the traditional culture of misogyny.”



What Dawkins calls the “traditional culture of misogyny” is the ‘gift’ of Christian Europe to India. Travelogues by foreigners confirm that Hindu society was quite embracing of public display of sensuality even until the 13th century CE. Marco Polo, visiting the Malabar Coast in 1288 CE, observes that parents dedicated their daughters to play musical instruments, sing and dance at temples thereby creating a festive atmosphere. After a few years of public dancing career, these women, known as dēvadāsis, got married. They were highly respected in society. Of course, being a Christian prude, Marco Polo also remarks that their dances are full of ‘wanton gestures’ (see Komroff, Manuel and Lapshin, Nikolai Fyodorovitch: The Travels of Marco Polo, pp. 393-394). One that is familiar with the Hindu classical dance system would recognize it as śṛṅgāra, i.e., erotic expressions of love.

British colonial rule had a debilitating effect on the Hindu attitude toward sexuality and led to the widespread decline in the status of women. In the 19th century CE, the British Christian rulers even banned public dancing. Today, one of the descendants of those colonial British rulers ironically blames the British-enforced misogyny on India’s traditional culture.

Dawkins also tweeted, “They “punished” her for violating their cultural traditions by going out in the evening with a man who was not family.”


Here, Dawkins effectively argues that the rapists acted the way they did because, in their eyes, “Nirbhaya” (Jyoti Singh) had allegedly violated some cultural norm by going out with an unrelated male. This argument is illogical and inexcusable. Anyone who has been to New Delhi would testify that the sight of young men and women going out together is a common sight in its metro trains, buses, and two-wheelers. A potential rapist would not know whether the young woman he is targeting is related to the man that accompanies her. Even if Nirbhaya had been married, and her husband had accompanied her, the rapists would’ve ruthlessly assaulted her.

Why so?

Because, as I explain in my article Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in the Aftermath of Delhi Gang-Rape, rape has a biological basis. Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer have decisively shown that rape is primarily motivated by sexual urges. Animals rape too, so it is not even a uniquely human phenomenon. Since it has a basis in evolutionary biology, it is reasonable to conclude that a rapist evaluates the cost and benefit of the heinous deed he commits and picks the most vulnerable target (read my article, cited above, for a discussion). It is inexcusable when a biologist like Dawkins provides a pseudo-scientific explanation for the rapists’ behavior.

India’s Daughter shows the defense lawyers as blaming the victim. Their behavior is despicable and unscrupulous. But do they represent India’s ‘tradition of misogyny?’ Facts prove otherwise. I will present a few data points from my article Why Do They Blame the Victim of Rape?:


  • 71% of British women and 57% of British men blame the victim of rape.
  • Of the younger generation of British, aged 18 to 24, 33% blamed the rape victim if she was provocatively attired.
  • A Christian advisory service for women in the USA teaches that a woman who is provocatively attired is as culpable as her rapist.
  • An American government agency even advertisedthat the victim of rape should be blamed if she had consumed alcohol.
  • In the USA, Judge Derek Johnson, recently dealing with a rapist who had threatened to mutilate his victim with a heated screwdriver, said, “I can tell you something, if someone doesn’t want to have sexual intercourse the body shuts down. The body will not permit that to happen unless a lot of damage is inflicted.” In other words, he was saying that a victim who did not resist to the extent of self-inflicting significant physical damage is to be blamed for the rape.
  • An attorney defending the American basketball player Kobe Bryant in a rape case attempted to discredit the victim by informing the judge that she was promiscuous and hence “not worthy of (the judge’s) belief” just as the attorney defending the accused rapists in the Delhi gang-rape case is attempting to discredit the victim by shifting the blame on her.

The lawyers who blamed Nirbhaya must be condemned. However, they are in the company of the vast majority of westerners cited above. Yet, Dawkins would never characterize western civilization as the ‘tradition of misogyny.’ Such characterizations are reserved for the Indians.

Dawkins may believe that he has the right to be condescending and racist. He may believe that he has the right to offer pseudo-scientific explanations for a rapist’s behavior as much as the partisan white British filmmaker he defends has offered. However Indians needn’t be grateful to Dawkins for carrying the white man’s burden. Unlike an overwhelming majority of the British who blame the victim of rape, a majority of Indians sympathized with Nirbhaya. Thousands braved the harsh winter and police brutality to express their solidarity with her. Never have westerners protested publicly in defense of a rape victim like that. Indians may not be perfect but as the data reveals they are better than the Europeans and Americans in dealing with rape. They do not need the guidance of a benevolent racist.

Some readers might think that the banning of the documentary is a suppression of free speech. It is important to see this issue in its broader context. Can an Indian film-maker ever interview the rapists in prison in America or Britain and make a documentary that castigates America’s or Britain’s tradition of patriarchy and misogyny? Would the BBC or the CNN telecast it? The obvious answer is no. So, where is free speech in such cases?

On the other hand, Indians are expected to roll out the red carpet to white persons to bash their culture. Such an enterprise is sanctified under the guise of free speech whereas, in reality, it is a classic case of asymmetry of power. India has every right to insist that access to Indian media would only be on a reciprocal basis. If a western filmmaker or her Indian associates want to make a documentary on such issues as rape, India should only grant permission if the concerned western countries grant reciprocal access to Indian filmmakers. If a judgmental western-made documentary were to be telecast in an Indian channel, a judgmental Indian documentary should be telecast in western channels.

The documentary attributes the rapists’ behavior to their alleged poverty. It even portrays the juvenile rapist as normal. These are simply unacceptable portrayals because, as explained earlier, a rapist is driven by biological urges and is a predatory criminal. To attribute his behavior to economic factors is nothing short of sanitizing his behavior. Leslie Udwin must be a thorough misogynist or worse to rationalize the behavior of the rapists. Indeed, she has admitted it obliquely in so many words. It is for this single reason the documentary deserves to be censured.

Richard Dawkins must be ashamed of defending such a documentary. If he has a modicum of decency, he must apologize.


Kalavai Venkat is a Silicon Valley-based writer, an atheist, a practicing orthodox Hindu, and author of the book “What Every Hindu should know about Christianity.”
  • kalyani rajesh

    Excellent article Kalavai Venkat.

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  • Dawkins defended Paedophilia

    This typical English hypocrite defended the “touching up” of English boarding school headmasters on their young pupils.

    CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Richard Dawkins, one of the world’s best-known and outspoken atheists, has provoked outrage among child
    protection agencies and experts after suggesting that recent child abuse scandals have been overblown.

    In an interview in The Times magazine on Saturday (Sept. 7), Dawkins, 72, he said he was unable to condemn what he called “the mild pedophilia” he experienced at an English school when he was a child in the 1950s.

    Referring to his early days at a boarding school in Salisbury, he recalled how one of the(unnamed) masters “pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts.”

    He said other children in his school peer group had been molested by the same teacher but concluded: “I don’t think he did any of us lasting

    “I am very conscious that you can’t condemn people of an earlier era by the standards of ours. Just as we don’t look back at the 18th and 19th centuries and condemn people for racism in the same way as we would condemn a modern person for racism, I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild pedophilia, and can’t find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today,” he said.

    He said the most notorious cases of pedophilia involve rape and even murder and should not be bracketed with what he called “just mild touching up.”

  • rama ranjan

    Looks like a number of eminent western personalities have been waking up from woodwork nearly 2 years after ghastly crime in Delhi had happened, only to make caricatures of their otherwise intellectual selves by making public parade of their long held beliefs and stereotypes about India and Indians. Dawkins seems to be a late joiner in this India bashing Woodstock festival.

    ““They “punished” her for violating their cultural traditions by going out in the evening with a man who was not family.”

    Looks like Mr. Dawkins, despite his stature as an eminent scientist & publicist of evolutionary biology, has little regard for facts of the infamous 2012 Delhi rape incident. If he ever followed the course of events that happened on that fateful night, this criminal troop of six had premeditated a ‘hunt’ that evening & were on the prowl after closing their duties. This had nothing to do with them having a conviction to ‘teach lessons’. All this is an a posteriori confession extracted from a couple of sick minded individuals who were clutching to any straws of argument to defend their position. Or, the confession was extracted after bribing Mukhesh Singh for Rs.40,000.

    Dawkins is not an isolated example. The university of Leipzig professor(in) Annette Beck-Sickinger was lately exposed for conspiring in a racially and sexually discriminatory act of denying an Indian male student for his alleged crime of belonging to a country of rapists(*). She also claimed that a number of her European female colleagues are engaging the same practice. Will the European Human Rights Authorities please investigate Ms. Sickinger and her coterie of female friends for this racially & gender-wise prejudiced practice? In what capacity are they overreaching their institutional authority as academicians with their personal prejudices about other nations and genders? When exposed, Ms. Sickinger had deleted all her email trails & the university stands by her statement that she did not discriminate. In legal language, this is called obstruction of justice. The same as Enron chiefs shredding reams of documents overnight.

    BBC, NPR, Wahsington Post, NYTimes and a number of western media megaphones openly display the ‘whitemans burden’ syndrome. At least when some British politician said it, he was remotely connected with ruling India in some capacity. Usually, the whiteman-burden columns are authored by none other than a Krishnaswami, a Varadarajan, a Bannerjee – a typical career journalist who will report anything his/her master wants of India. India runs a train network, the operational scale of which does not exist anywhere in the world. India’s RBI controls on banking, unlike in their European/American counterparts (where the Fed led the economy down the precipice), shielded Indian economy from the European/American induced banking catastrophes. India has an enviable public health care by US standards – the poor are treated for free. India still has functionally strong communal bonds, where as in the eurocentric world – communities, locales and even families have disintegrated in the new world ideologies of capitalism, individualism and sexism. India still has a magnificent (yet thoroughly exploited) artisan class that makes wonderful artwork with their hands. India also boasts a great many ‘mahatmas’ in their locales – individuals from all cross sections of society who, out of choice, dedicated their lives for helping others in return for nothing.

    India still has a highly diverse news media that reports independently. The US has only Fox media that practically controls all new outlets. This year’s Fields medal winner Manjul Bhargav is second generation Indian – I am willing to bet that neither Dawkins nor Sickinger ,nor Hillary have know this for a fact. When it comes to reporting India, BBC/NPR/WP/NYT & their desi conterparts join a chorus of colonial ballads of repeated stereotypes. They have nothing to report about the ongoing progress and change that has been sweeping India since 1947. I clearly remember in 2009, when the largest democracy in the world went through elections, the western media hardly even cared to mention a para or a blurb. When Modi contested in 2014, it was his religious identity and sentiment that was highlighted without any reference to the colossus of corruption that was presided by Manmohan Singh and his party. Instead of reporting what is current & vibrant about the Indian society in general, most western media have a fixation for ‘oddly enough’ columns on India and blowing them beyond proportions.

    Back in colonial times, Indians had no better way to know the world except through through the authority asserted by their British masters. Today, Indians are more versed in English than any average European or American, travel the world better than the Americans and understand a thing or two about the cultural divides, sensibilities that separate India from the rest of the world. I do not know how many time either Dawkins or Sickinger ventured to travel to India & mingle with the Indian common men and women. Nearly all of the average westerner’s impression of India is through what their media feeds them with a repetitive refrain – India is a backward country, ridden with superstitions, casteism, domestic violence, . . . This is not any different from what they used to ask 20 years ago when I came to this country – “do elephants and snakes wander on your streets. do they burn women regularly”. Looks like India had moved on, but western intellectual obsessed with caricatures of India has not. Yet, somehow, when it comes to telling the story of India or Indians, they average westerner who can not spell five cities of India is ever more trustworthy and authoritative than 1.2 billion Indians put together.

    Like everyone else, I have followed the events, discourse and interpretations after the infamous and ghastly event of December 2012 with intense attention. Sad and mind numbing as the event is, a number of organizations, media outlets, individuals, political ideologues have hijacked the discourse into one of a battle of the sexes. “Why do Indian Men Rape” was the headliner in BBC and a number of comparable worldwide media outlets. Times of India echoes the same headlines triumphantly. It is a political stance promoted by a number of violent ideologues that does not even deserve a comment. I do not even know how these reporters and journalists sell their conscience when writing such language. A little while ago a similar ‘research study’ was conducted by some leading luminaries from some world wide organization to conclude that “one in 5 women in India is sexually attacked in her lifetime”. As and Indian who lived 5 decades by now, having known a few hundred women in family and outside, this statistic does not even pass the stench test, leave alone a smell test. Such is the level of intellectual debauchery when it comes to selling political ideologies in public space. Yes this gets quoted as “studies show that”, “study after study shows that, . . . “. Noone ever gets to know how the study was conducted, under what circumstances, who are interviewed, how the definition of ‘sexual attack’ was extended to include a shoulder rub in a crowded bus, or the experience of a professional prostitute.

    I would think that a legitimate cure for whiteman-burden syndrome is for the westerners to take the plunge and spend a little while in India. Not in the luxury hotels, Goa beaches and Maharaja train rides where the get to meet like minded white crusaders of justice. Go and mingle with the people. Spend time in the small places. Observe how the common people conduct themselves. Branding Indian men as ‘rapists’ might give the smug satisfaction of a cultural superiority, but is gross injustice to some 0.6 billion people who are just going about their lives, working hard to feed their families. It gives absolutely now clue to the countless Indian men and women who are toiling hard in fields, mines, quarries, construction, roads, stores, offices, depths of gutters to the heights of Himalayas. Anyone who tries to sum up such vastness and diversity by clubbing two words ‘men’ and ‘rapists’ is simply parading naked his or her abysmal comprehension skills.

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  • BBC are Hypocrites

    The BBC itself tried to cover up reporting on its own entertainer, Jimmy Saville, who raped children (and corpses apparently!) for decades while working for the BBC. The fact that the BBC tried to prevent this documentary going forward, and punished the whistleblowers, exposes them as using Uddin’s film for propaganda, because if they really cared about rape they would have also shown a documentary on their own rapist.

    The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC

    The scandal is simply this: the BBC is forcing out or demoting the journalists who exposed Jimmy Savile as a voracious abuser of girls. As Meirion Jones put it to me: “There is a small group of powerful people at the BBC who think it would have been better if the truth about Savile had never come
    out. And they aim to punish the reporters who revealed it.”

    Jones was one of the BBC’s best investigative producers. He had suspected that Savile was not the “national treasure” the BBC, NHS,
    monarchy and public adored, ever since he had seen Savile take girls away in his car from an approved school his aunt ran in the 1970s. He
    broke the story which showed that Savile was one of the most prolific sex abusers in British history, and handed the BBC what would have been
    one of its biggest scoops. If it had run it. Which, of course, it did not. The editor of Newsnight banned the report. Thus began a cover-up which tore the BBC apart.

    A week ago, Jones’s managers told him that a temporary assignment on Panorama was over. He should have been able to go back to his old job. But there was no old job to go back to. He had been fired.

  • BBC are Hypocrites

    This was posted in another thread but it should be here as well. The BBC hypocrites have provided scant coverage to the ongoing, depraved, Westminster Pedophile Network revelations. UK Politicians have been raping and murdering young children for decades….yes, decades! The proof that it has been going on well before the 1980’s (the decade that most of the media is covering) is seen in this video of UK Conservative Tim Fortescue, who openly admitted that they would use a “scandal involving a small boy” as a means to blackmail other politicians. Fortescue served from 1966-74, so the UK Politicians have been engaging in rape of children for greater than 50 years, at MINIMUM!

  • Krispy K

    Richard Dawkins always has been a self-important narrow-minded tosspot.

  • jannloch

    That the English Church made India misogonyst, is interesting. But what has this to do with Dawkins?

    • Kalavai Venkat

      In that case, Dawkins should’ve blamed the current misogyny on the ‘English Church-enforced misogyny which destroyed the traditional culture that publicly celebrated feminine sensuality’ and not on the ‘traditional (Indian) culture of misogyny’ as he unfairly did. Facts show that misogyny in the West is much higher than what it is in India (even after the debilitating effects of colonial rule). So, it is unfair to single out India when the rate of incidence of rape is higher, conviction rates lower, and misogyny higher in the West than in India. I am afraid that Dawkins’ inherent racism actually came out in this issue. He abandoned scientific scruples to promote the documentary’s pseudo-scientific explanation that blamed the rapists’ behavior on their childhood poverty and the alleged abuse of women they witnessed growing up (for which no evidence exists – and which anyway doesn’t make one a rapist). He also wilfully defended the racist Leslie Udwin who selectively portrayed all Indian men as rapists with her phrase “the entire barrel is rotten.” My next article on this topic, due tomorrow in India Facts, presents additional information that Dawkins was biased and being racist in this episode.

      • jannloch

        I do think that Dawkins are more concerned about people living now. And think it is great what is happening in India now.

  • K.Harapriya

    A rapist in America or Europe is just a rapist. A Catholic priest who is a pedophile is just a pedophile. But a rapist in India suddenly becomes a representative of 1.25 billion people and reflects their mindset accurately. We are no longer the white man’s burden and the sun has well and truly set on the British empire. Mr. Dawkins should turn his reasoning and understanding on what he does best, attack Christian beliefs.
    Excellent article. BTW where can I get Kalavai Venkat’s book in India. Was not able to get it on flipkart or amazon india.

  • cswaminathan

    The rapists should be punished on the spot by cutting their hands and legs and keep them alive. This kind of punishment definitely stop further attempts.

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  • SuchindranathAiyer

    There never will be a film about the Rotherham rapes because they were
    perpetrated by a Moslem gang that enjoyed the protection of the British
    Police. i.e. The British Crown. This is what drives the anger and resentment in
    India. Rape is a global phenomenon with the US leading the world in this as in
    most things. That said, yes. Moslem Rape gangs roam Bangalore and other Cities
    in India with the same impunity as in Britain and France, protected by the
    “secular” politicians, victims’ fear, and Moslem Police Officers as came to
    light in Frazer Town, Bangalore. India is a depraved society that bends law to
    convenience of wealthy and influential individuals and classes (such as Politicians, Moslems
    and Dalits) with inequality under law and exceptions to the rule of law
    enshrined in its Constitution, celebrated by India’s venal and corrupt
    judiciary, fostering, over 67 years, a socially engineered cess-pool ruled by
    criminals. A democracy in the spitting image of the United States of America.

  • ಪೆಡಂಭೂತ

    Of course misogyny is out there everywhere anybody would accept that, but in today’s time isn’t it more in India compared to – say Britain for example? Which of the two countries have a higher rate of crime against woman and which country has more social restrictions on woman? Do you need an expert to answer this? Isn’t that stemming from a tradition of misogyny?

    • Sree Charan R


    • qwertyytrewq

      may be in your family they have social restrictions!

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  • IndiannotAmused

    The need of the hour is that some Indian group like maybe IndiaFacts team comes up with a diagram or flow chart detailing every face- the NGOs, The Western pseudo-intellectuals,the Indian mainstream media houses, the compromised reporters, the Indian pesudo intellectuals ,the Maoist leaders, so called Dalit-Christian leaders, the Jihadist leaders and ABOVE ALL the ” secular intellectuals” that have come together as a network to harm India. Please include faces, current activity, affiliation and organizations in a compact flow diagram. It should be open ended and like the annual terror-chart that the FBI comes out with. We should be declaring these people as enemies of humanity.
    On a side note, while the NDTV group and the Hindu newspaper group are much maligned [ rightly so] the Anandabazar Patrika [ ABP ] group escapes unhurt. Probably because it is mostly Bengali and so people all over India do not really know how intensely pro-SICKULAR and pro-EVERTHING ANTI HINDUTVA it is. [ Has been ALL THROUGH the cpm rule and now even more so during Mamta regime] . Also it serves as the nodal platform for all the ultra communist criminals based in Jadavpur university and Presidency college. All the CPM era intellectuals and their cronies regard it as their home port and use it as a platform to spread anti-nationalism among the Kolkata based Indian Bengali middle class. On a side note , its editorial group is extremely biased to Bangladeshi antics and urge the population to accommodate Bangladeshi stance in many different spheres of national activity.Only the gods can save this unfortunate nation from such widespread and easily accepted sedition. Kolkata has turned into a hotbed of activity of sickulars like the converted singer Kabir Suman who is more rabidly anti-Hindu than the Jaamat-ud-Dawa chief and serves as mouthpiece of Maoist and Jihadist groups from time to time.
    Time to dish back some of what we have received.

  • Rama Krishna Ayyagari

    How logically you spread the facts out on the table!

    Fairest outside, the Darkest inside!
    Treacherous Whites with Bible & Gun in either hand,
    Ruined civilizations; gobbled up land & wealth across the globe.

    Worse still, they subjugated the psyche of the stupid millions.

    Reprehensible, we have in India, great many Browns rejoicing in & celebrating their intellectual slavery.

  • Kanagaraj Easwaran

    “Never have westerners protested publicly in defense of a rape victim like that. Indians may not be perfect but as the data reveals they are better than the Europeans and Americans in dealing with rape. They do not need the guidance of a benevolent racist”. Excellent Venkat ji.

    • jannloch

      Of course indians are much, much better than westerners :p

  • Dr. MS

    There is an old joke. There are three kind of British or English men: Those who want to know, learn and are healthily curious ; those who are closed minded, rigid, highly judgmental and arrogant ; those who simply spy and gather information for power, money, control and perpetual colonialism or military exercise.

    Most English men above 50 probably belong to the three categories given above. One sees the big difference between “the Guardian, BBC and the Sun”. It is like these three separate groups control three different newspapers. One attempts to report and be fair (though it does not always succeed). The other is a propaganda tool. Third is nothing but sleaze and sensationalism.

    When civilizations are disappearing, dwindling or declining…there is the tendency for some old guards to become “more rigid, more closed, more paranoid, more aggressive, more perverse and bigger manipulators and liars”.

    If the Brits like Dawkins want to believe in their superiority that is fine…but he should keep it inside his mouth, in his pants, in his home, in his royal houses and in his country. Don’t invade, occupy, intrude and mess with others. Then you pay the price of becoming a predatory wolf that ultimately eats up its self.

    There are wonderful people in England…but they unfortunately are not in the media, in journalism or doing meaningful reporting, analysis or research. They love cheapness.

    Why do you Hindu men, who should have more pride and dignity and send, give third rates such importance? Why do you allow it? A full coverage for someone who does not deserve it. Don’t cheapen yourself IndiaFacts. Mentioning him or his biased or propaganda work is fine…but a whole page. He must feel like “God” for this level of coverage. Grow up IndiaFacts and stop giving third rate Brits, or any third rate non-Indian or Indian, this much attention.

  • RVenkatanarayanan

    The BBC woman behind this sordid episode, the BBC, people like Dawkins in the West are racists at heart. Why did this Udwin woman select India and the Nirbhaya tragedy for her film? Is it not a statement that rape is much more common in India than in her own country or in the US? Selling the film despite the outrage in India is crass commercialism that exposes the motive of this lofty lady. She had the audacity and impertinence to say later that India was committing suicide by banning her film. She wantonly broke the conditions subject to which she got the film done. She must be held accountable for this. As for the brown sepoys: the fellows who did the actual filming must be hauled up. Indian men and women seminar-circuit entrepreneurs whose pastime is to denounce and denigrate their own society from their Ford-Foundation funded air conditioned chambers should shut up.

  • IndiannotAmused
  • Shubhangi Raykar

    A very good article. I feel very angry when Indian men are labelled as misogynistic when the reality is far from it. Why insult Indian men by generalization when majority of them are decent folk?

    • Kalavai Venkat

      Thank you very much for mentioning this Shubhangi Raykar. An overwhelming majority of Indian men and women are decent human beings who are generous to a fault. However, the same cannot be said of the Western media and celebrities who demonize the Hindus. A friend informed me that a BBC DJ and TV host Jimmy Saville sexually abused over 1,000 children over several years. The BBC suppressed the story and thwarted all investigation until Saville died. Mark Thompson, the BBC CEO who thwarted the investigation and suppressed the release of the documents then became the CEO of the New York Times (NYT). Now the NYT also suppresses the investigative reports. Please remember that it is media channels like the BBC and the NYT which are guilty of facilitating the sexual abuse of children and then thwarting any investigation which are today pontificating to the Indians. Shameless racists like Richard Dawkins had never criticized the BBC or the NYT for these heinous crimes. Instead, he has appeared on the BBC as if the rape of the children in his own backyard is nothing to worry about. And the racist and hypocrite has the temerity to castigate India for its ‘tradition of misogyny.’ These are old school racists who deflect the attention away from the misdeeds of their own society by falsely implicating other societies. Please see this report: .

      • bollywood only copy except few

        you should tweet these reports to richardthescumdawkins.

  • prashants5 .

    Dear Venkat,
    An excellent analysis and unbiased article based on facts and figure. I would like you ( it seems you have already read) and others, the book “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra. National Best Seller. It has very clearly exposed the hidden agendas of these Western Breaking India forces, mostly funded from Churches from USA.

    We need this kind of unbiased reporting from the Mainstream media. But unfortunately 90% of such media are run either by Pro-Westerner or are sold to foreign breaking India forces.

  • Faraz Talat

    Save the race card for another day. Today, try to swallow your pride and acknowledge that misogynism in India is insanely out of control. Your children will thank you.

    Also, note that rape in first world countries is more meticulously recorded than in India – where martial rape is still legal, and what happens in distant rural areas doesn’t even show up in the directories of Delhi.

    • Kalavai Venkat

      Rape in the West is meticulously reported? I know Pakistanis delude themselves into believing that they are Arabs and that the Prophet Muhammad took a nocturnal flight to heaven but even they should resist deluding themselves all the time. Here is the cure for your delusion: : 68% of rapes in America isn’t reported and 98% of American rapists never spend a day in prison. Marital rape would become legal in India only when it becomes a Muslim nation and all Indians start emulating the Prophet Muhammad: . I know that it is hard for a Pakistani to feel any self-esteem whatsoever because whenever you’re not bullied into submission by the American occupying forces you are forced to follow the diktats of Saudi-controlled Wahhabi mullahs. But you should still try to have some reasonable pride. I think the repeated bullying by Westerners has drained the Pakistanis of even a modicum of self-esteem. Please stop child abuse in the form of genital mutilation through circumcision and practice yöga. You may get some of your self-esteem back.

      • Faraz Talat

        Regrettably, not all arguments can be won by spouting personal attacks at the opponent’s Pakistani nationality, or angrily yelling “White! White! White!” repeatedly.

        So again, keep your jingoism in check, and educate yourself. The world isn’t divided into people who acknowledge India’s horrible misogyny problem, and people who are white racists / brown sepoys. I realize continuing this discussion will be a colossal waste of my time.

        • Kalavai Venkat

          You tried the usual Islamist tactic of mudslinging before running away. But once the statistics were flung at you demolishing your deluded belief and propaganda that rape is “meticulously recorded” in the West you have no option other than to run away. You can run but you cannot hide. Please tell me why is it that Islamists like you alternate between abusing children through genital mutilation and sucking up to the white racists in the hope that they will throw some chewed halal bone at you? Sorry to let you know that such servility on your part will not prevent Westerners from whipping your Islamist butt. Why don’t you gain a modicum of respect instead? Don’t you have any scruples whatsoever that you would defend such apologists for rape as Udwin and Dawkins? Are you no better than the rapist Prophet Muhammad? Look at what Islam has done to you? You should be ashamed of yourself for defending apologists for rape.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            And these are all Islamists of Hindu Indian origin and certainly not Arabs. Arabs look down upon them.

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          Run away because you know that the false arguments do not win ultimately.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Oh Oh. Recorded does not mean shown to the world in the form of a soft porn film labelled as a documentary and illegally made and released. It is an effort to tarnish India’s image. If men are misogynists they would be so across religions.and economies. Why select India? First wash your own dirty linen in public.

    • bollywood only copy except few

      porki, no need to preach Indians or do you want to see rape reports from your islamic nation porkistan and other islamic nations which hide rape incidents since a woman cannot produce 4 male eyewitnesses.

      your religion was given a separate nation porkistan.

  • Anil

    In your article you have blamed British Colonialism, Dawkins and Biology for rape in India. Good Job! You helped us Indian Males weasel out of every possible responsibility for rape. Maybe some guy will rape a woman and then use your article as a defense! Nice, yaar!

    • Kalavai Venkat

      Quite the opposite. It is Leslie Udwin (and Dawkins by supporting the documentary) who gave an excuse to potential rapists to deny culpability by advancing the pseudo-scientific argument that poverty is what induced them to rape and by portraying the juvenile rapist and murderer as normal. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t tolerate any crime against women. I wouldn’t tolerate racists like Udwin and Dawkins from rationalizing the behavior of rapists through pseudo-scientific rationalizations and thereby treating women as commodity. On whether I believe the problem exists in India or not, why don’t you read the two articles Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine in the Aftermath of Delhi Gang-Rape and Why Do They Blame the Victim of Rape? – both referenced in this article?). Why don’t you ask Dawkins and Udwin to explain their stance? A brown man needn’t only be a native informant. He can talk back.

  • Anil

    Does quoting rape statistics from other countries alleviate the problem we have here in India? Or perhaps you don’t believe there is a problem in India?

  • Bahu of Bengal

    Given that the Beeb was one of the first to air India’s Daughter, we should turn the lens on the UK concerning the inaction of law enforcement on prosecuting Muslim sex grooming rings or the Beeb’s not acting on child abuse by its presenter Jimmy Saville.

    • The brown Bollywood film makers are a$s lickers and won’t do it.

      • bollywood only copy except few

        bollywood only cares for money laundering . instead some activist and non-mainstream independent filmmaker should do it with the help of GOI to malign UK and US.

  • viswag59

    As usual, a very well argued and well written article by Venkat. Brings out his sharp polemical style. However, it detracts us from the main issue.

    While Venkat is right in painting and maintaining a broader picture of misogyny that engulfs Indian, Western and other societies the only way for us Indians is to rise above everyone and prove ourselves non-misogynistic. Our Lokayata traditions (as opposed to the Vedic-Brahmanical traditions) were extremely reverend of the female. These Lokayata traditions are still discernible in our worshipping of Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi, This
    is the tradition we need to revive, revitalize and re-invigorate our 21st century Indian civilization. The question is: How do we do so?

    This is the question that we have to ask ourselves.

    Our goal is not to defend ourselves against the ‘white’ colonialists or racists but to demonstrate through our everyday action that we were and are better in accepting equal freedom for our mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives.

    To answer that question, we need to first recognize and accept that misogyny is also an integral part of our Vedic-Brahmanical traditions. On the
    contrary, (and to repeat) our Lokayata traditions are non-misogynistic and extremely reverend of the female. Again, let us ask ourselves: How do we revive our Lokayata traditions and revitalize the 21st century Indian civilization with our Lokayata traditions?

  • Sweden which is highest rape country (instantly also the country in global glare for false rape charges against Jillian Assange) in the world and it’s funny to note its definition of rape. If you haven’t known or perused it, kindly do so here: Jillian was framed by his female partner under inducement by Obama’s coterie after he (Obama) failed to constrain him from publication of the treachery of US military/Admin brute realities via Wikileaks.
    Sweden has a law, if the initial consensual female partner subsequently asks him to discontinue further sexual act half way (for male) and in the event of male continuing it further shall constitute rape. Isn’t it funny and that’s the most advanced funny White country and its advanced (certainly far advanced) society.

  • Prof Madhav Nalapat had recently written a column on his magazine – Sunday Guardian that by next year, i.e. this year summer period, there are going to be such events that will attack India and create law and order issues to destabilise Modi to derail his rule that is looked upon as hostile by West. US shall never like such a regime anywhere that’s hostile or not pro US/West. Is there any wonder, for such films that will form a convenient and timely handy instrument, God sent with blessings by their agent Sonia – our dear crooked lady. She was the one who had also given a permission for Slumdog Millionaire in 2009. More India/Hindus are defamed, demoralised, Sonia feel happier. She was judged as World’s most powerful woman, can you recall? Because of her support by US/West/Vatican. Even Modi or Obama doesn’t enjoy that pleasure considering her credentials or other antecedents.

  • BBC is certainly funded by BBC and lot of other Western media especially English media to target Indian elites are funded by Vatican. I’m sure on it. For better detail study, someone should look up at appropriate sites. Unfortunately Indian MSM are no better on this count as most of them have directly or indirectly links to Western funding sources or petro-dollars of Saudi money. This is why, Godhra became a Muslim atrocity centric than blaming the Muslims for burning the Hindu Karsevaks and yet more Hindus burnt even in post Godhra massacre alongwith Muslims. Facts were brutally hidden only to highlight and exaggerate the Muslim victimhood. This is still going on.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      And lair and distorter Teesta became a great icon through her lies allowed to be presented as research.

      • BBC has always been hyper on anything Indian to get an opportunity for maligning. If you knew, BBC was one that had been promoting slanderers like self portrayed atheist late Basava Premanand worthless fellow only at the instance of Vatican because Sai Baba had become an indirect threat to their Western Christian societies that are moving away from church. Vatican was/is solely responsible for propping up few venal Christian rogues from West to defame Baba but failed miserably. P0pe Benedict XVI had been involved in sexual scandals and defamation leading him to resign, first time in Catholic history but Vatican has hidden this criminal to shield from legal prosecution and hide their scandalous truth from the world. This also left millions of bruised Catholic families from their emotional repairs without redressal of their grievances.

  • Western society is turning to “I’m not religious but spiritual” themes and church goers have diminished by more than half (about 60%). This has resulted into their loss of footfalls as well as diminishing donations. This was why Vatican had employed a large number of Christian recruits to defame Sri Satya Sai Baba during His lifetime because a large number of Western Christians were getting attracted to His fold angering the high priests and Vatican. Now this portrayal of India as a rape country is yet another high powered ploy by same Vatican via its media arm. Vatican has its spy wing – Opus Dei (unless it has changed its name lately), has its more than half a dozen propaganda machinery of media, alliance with US spying agency CIA, it’s mafia Bank it calls by a funny disguising name – “Institute for the Works of Religion”. Nobody shall ever guess it that it’s a Bank. Yet this Bank is most notorious Bank of the world for funding the drug mafias, human traffickers, weapon dealers, etc but not for feeding the hungry. In fact Church want more n more hunger to facilitate her conversion agendas.

  • Recall the 2009 movie – Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle ( again filmed during the regime of our dear Italian fitch and no wonder that her corrupt communal UPA regime granted this permission without proper controls only for poor (already defamed) Modi to deal with. One will see that it’s these congis who are shouting most too. But this is the filth of politics. West always likes to find an excuse to lay blame on (Hindu) India. There is yet another reason I shall post separately here for better visibility. However interestingly, the highest numbers of rapes take place in top five Christian countries, not India.

    • IndiannotAmused

      The other b…..h-the half b…..d brown inside white outside converted Christian female Freida Pinto is attending the gala screening of the documentary in USA and is “wearing a black dress to commiserate with the victim” [ and smiling coyly for the cameras] .This more or less shows that the entire network is connected.

  • How many ppl know the meaning of English word – Indic or India? Why did British called it India instead of naming it something like “Rhodesia” etc? The very word India means “uncultured, aborigine, uncivilised” etc. If one glance at their denoting Indian like “East Indian or West Indian”, they mean it by those understanding and coloured races. A sign of white supremacy or racism. This is hard to get out of their mind.

    • Master Mandarin

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      Why do I need two ID when one is enough for an idiot like you…. And these are IDs and not your fathers that exist in multiples 🙂

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      • Two criminal Abrahamics are responsible for the majority of global problems idiotically because of their wild medieval mindset born in a desert. Both these criminals – crusaders and jihadis are at each other and have destabilised the entire world for their rapacious audacious sense of false superiority. Both together have murdered more than four million innocent people, raped millions of innocent hapless women, produced orphaned yet another millions of destitute children. I only hope that you are not one of them going by your language impromptu. I’m sure, you shall have better filth to come back with after this. Do come back to give your better introduction than this.

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            Couldn’t be better than this to suit ur ancestral ID single or double, take your pick if u have any brain of even ant’s size, though I doubt it very much. Get it boy/girl, u could be anyone of them since Western society has the highest rate of rape despite their free night club goings with open sEx.

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  • Krishna Maheshwari

    From Wikipedia:
    Adjusted for population growth over time, the annual rape rate in India
    has increased from 1.9 to 2.0 per 100,000 people over 2008-2012 period.
    This compares to a reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 3.6 per 100,000 in Morocco, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden, and world’s highest rate of 114.9 rapes per 100,000 in South Africa.[28][127]

    • Kalavai Venkat

      Thanks for the input Krishna Maheshwari. Can you please the Wiki URL as well? I will publicize it on FB.

      • dr.viraj pradhan

        Mr.Venkat,I have another blog-MariaWirthBlog by Ms.Wirth who is a German Indophile.She has expressed pain over a news item /article that appeared(According to her sister in Germany,since Ms.Wirth has settled down in India)in BILD to the effect that hundreds or even thousands of rapes occur every day in India.Ms Wirth is asking us Indians as to why our activists/journalists are helping ruin our nations reputation.Bild has quoted Indian sources Regards,.Dr Pradhan,Mumbai.

      • Quote: “Non-consensual sexual penetration is termed “Rape” in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania; “Sexual Assault” in New South Wales; “Sexual intercourse without consent” in the ACT and the Northern Territory; “Sexual penetration without consent” in Western Australia. All these offenses are gender neutral and applicable in marriage. The laws in Australia have evolved from the English common law offense of rape, but have gradually changed, especially in the late 20th century.[26][27]

        In Australia the reported rape rate per 100,000 people is relatively high, although it is in a decreasing trend, coming down from 91.6 in the year 2003 [28] to 28.6 in 2010.[29] This stands in contrast to reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 1.8 per 100,000 in India, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden, and world’s highest rate of 114.9 rapes per 100,000 in South Africa.[28][29]” Unquote

        Here is another link of “Top Ten Countries With Highest Rape Crimes”

        You just need to Google it to get into this jungle of Websites.

      • Krishna Maheshwari (under the section on India)

      • Vinay

        In England and Wales alone, where the population is less than 56 million, about 78,000 rapes are estimated to occur every year. That amounts to more than 9 rapes every hour. You can do the math yourself. “Three women raped per hour in India,” the European press cried out recently. But they forget to mention that this is out of a population of 1.25 billion.

        In England and Wales child rape cases are up by 37% in last five years. Hundreds of registered sex offenders are missing in the UK, according to new figures. Some have been at large for over a decade.

  • Very enlightening post as usual. Sometimes I even reproduce the posts here on my blog with appropriate few modifications without altering its main theme.

  • mohanraj jebamani

    I blame BJP for this embarrassing situation. The BJP should have nailed piriyanka vadhraa (and cong i) when she visited rajiv killer Nalini in prison. If BJP took up this issue ruthlessly this English lady would not have dared to visit an Indian prison. The administration stinks.

    • You are perhaps inebriated now. Better get back tomorrow later than sooner only when the hang over is over.

  • suru

    Dear Venkat, Thank you and appreciate you very much for so nice explanation. I have been making the same comments in comments columns of other channels including NDTV””Can an Indian film-maker ever interview the rapists in prison in
    America or Britain and make a documentary that castigates America’s or
    Britain’s tradition of patriarchy and misogyny? Would the BBC or the CNN telecast it?””’
    I don’t know why neither NDTV or those big brains who support don’t comment on these aspects.
    Why the documentory maker does n’t film on her own incident(as told by her) and show it on BBC? Why she chose Indian incident?

  • Madhu K Agnihotri

    British wanna make indians slave again demoralizing demonising tactics break our Indian strong unity.How insane stereotyping a rapist to entire cult civilization nation.we Indians outraged against law of the land against injustice nothing against culture

    • prashants5 .

      You should read “Breaking India” book by Rajiv Malhotra ( Best National Seller) and also “Being Different”. You will thank me for lifetime, for recommending such jewels.

  • Sree Charan R

    If this is the kind of responses that “they”(and we….) are facing,then it is really a scary situation ahead.And we need to be courageous enough to face the problem.

  • A2ZRT

    Great piece on racist mindset of BBC. Some Indian media are accomplices of Clinton foundation, others are victim of perception. Together, these two kind of media creates panic in Indian society. I wonder why udwin choose India when she was raped in UK ? The statistics also goes against UK in much worse form than India. Modi is stupid . He doesn’t deserve to be PM . I regret that I voted him.

    • And you think that we shall take ur words lying down for voting Modi. If anything, you are an impostor feigning to be his voter. I challenge that you never voted but only obstructed his voters as you are doing just now by ur trolls. This is what is typical Western White haters that has led to such documentary permitted by your white b!tch in India during UPA regime and never tried to look into what was being portrayed? Modi is caught in this crossfire unduly. Blame our dear white b!tCh.

      • A2ZRT

        I am just an ordinary supporter not a herd like you.

        • ur language declares ur veracity n colour. There are plenty of trollers around. Keep going on ur trolls…

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Modi is embroiled by the handiwork of leftists and the Evangelists and now the Islamists. I wish India was declared a Hindu nation and the words secular was not added in the amendment.All of us have to unite and stop or counter this campaign to malign India under the BJP govt.

  • Sandeep Sai

    It is one of the best critics I have ever read on any topic. Reading such articles brings optimism in the face of distortions. India facts is doing great job and so are its columnists.
    The article reverses the tide of propaganda completely. It is better if Richard Dawkins reserves his contempt for Islamism and not venture into Indian and Hindu Society thereby exposing his stupidity.

    • Richard Dawkins and Noam Chomsky are both gallingly atheists as they like to be portrayed but are anti Hindu racists by heart. They will never criticise Islamist jihadi murderers for whatever reasons or fears they only shall know best. Hindus are a soft target for their historical mistake of benevolence and humility. Otherwise India would never have had such a pluralistic society unlike any other country in the world.

      • g.m

        Coming Next , CNN started,MARITAL RAPE as a Indian issue.The next one,Child labour and Human right. must be on the way, get prepared to face , this is a opportunity to discuss India’s position threadbare. NDTV must be preparing, we need to make them run for cover.

        • You must remember that CNN is perhaps one of half a dozen media owned or funded by Vatican which wants to defame and humiliate Hindus for their vested interests, not because India has these negative issues like rape, poverty, corruption, caste etc. There are many more countries than India with worst parameters but not a Hindu population that will make a huge mass for easy conversions into Christianity.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            I agree.

          • Master Mandarin

            India like Africa is still a third world country with hardly any law enforcement procedures… Right from Vijay Mallaya who siphoned off money from SBI to a small rapist, either the justice is delayed for years together or denied. Every police officer is corrupt not because he wants to be corrupt but because the system from top has made them corrupt… And this is never a political issue… it is our own indian mindset issue that needs clean up….. until we stop praying politicians as god and fight for religion, we are going to stay that way…. Just by doing labor jobs for west countries doesn’t make us technology super power…

          • Entire Western nations are a criminal society who had gone out and usurped the remote lands of locals and murdered them in millions. USA, Australia, South Americas, etc, all were looted by white coloniser criminals, whose offspring u r. A criminal goon whose language is as filthy as his ancestral background. What can one expect from such a lowly up bred goon???
            I must remind u again that I love n enjoy ur trolls because more u burn, more it soothes me. Hence I love to see you itching n burning.

          • Count ur blebs and tell us all here. I enjoy ur itch n burns. A scalded cat scratches her own face. Please get some relief in a nearby mental asylum. Typical criminal shameless fellow born 0ut of a-$eXual multiplication. Even a b!tch need a d0g but your birth took place even without that. No wonder that this planet smells so foul because of ugly creature like u moron hypocrite. Get back to have more nails and pains. I love ur trolls because it s00thes me. I enjoy trolling and wasting ur energy.

          • Master Mandarin

            Welcome back my bitch to get raped by me again…. but you know what i have others to screw so you are in queue…. stay in line and dont leave….

          • Yeah, I love your burning heart in anger and u r a by-product of your own mentality born out of f—king [email protected] via a b!tchy w0mb….
            This is typical of these Abrahamic criminals who have destabilised the entire globe. More u burn, more I love it and it soothes me. Get f–ked again here but I don’t do that job now a days. However I can help u select a better d0g…..satisfaction guaranteed….

          • Master Mandarin

            You are so deeply pained with my rapes now that you need 10 comments to express your anger…. Teju thats okay… your mom could spread legs for countless hours without cribbing… and you get down in few hours… dont worry… i will have some vaseline next time for you…..or ask your mom… i had given her packets of vaseline because ever since you took birth her V has deformed due to an alien creature coming out dancing…..
            Your attempts use the same words irritation, pain, burns etc has no impact on me… it just reconfirms that you come from a generation of prostitutes and pimps that are trained to find customers for money and entertainment.. keep going… i will not interfere in your family business…..

            PS – The stink that you experiencing is the smell of the shit your family eats everyday because instead of sleeping with customers for money, you have been on FP all day and they dont get two square meals….. Try getting customers who pay you…. you might be able to feed your family……
            I couldn’t stop lauging while writing this… do show it to your mom… she will agree every bit word by word…..

            PS 1 – Comment something new and innovating instead of the same burns and irritation…. You are now sounding like a compounder in a burns ward in some government hospital that has knowledge of 3-4 words in english….. Lolzzzzz

          • the length of ur troll itself shows the size of ur pain and burns. Fourth degree burns, no chance for survival…
            Sorry darling, get f–ked elsewhere. I hate such cheap b!tches like u.

          • More u burn, more I love it. Keep it up. I understand ur itch n pain. Good for u….

          • At India doesn’t have Hillary Clinton like thieves who even stole a credit card of UN chief. Yes, our so called darling Sonia is expert in Hillary’s art but u can link her skin together in their racial characters. White West is wasted in their racism n hate. As long as v have third class looters like ur ancestry, I agree with you criminal.

      • Jeremy Smith

        Noam Chomsky is best at criticizing Israel and the US. He seems to not want to acknowledge the murderous nature of Islamic supremacy.

      • Sree Charan R

        “historical mistake of benevolence and humility….”

        We should not think it as a mistake;rather celebrate our distinctive qualities. Just because it has been misused by others(and us too…) during a particular historical period, we must not lose those.
        Thank You.

    • Anil

      You have about 1/10th the IQ of Richard Dawkins – don’t comment on his stupidity, because that makes your intelligence equal to “a not very active jellyfish”. Haha!

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        Richard Dawkins is not an authority on India nor is he an authority on psychology of rapists. He should first comment on the rape situation in UK and Us and other European countries before trying to defend Leslie Udwin who has violated the Indian law. Why wasn’t there a world premier of Rotherham scandal? Why was it not released in New Delhi by the BBC so that Indian men would have been educated in this respect?

        • IndiannotAmused

          To do that, we need to transform the Doordarshan into a platform of national posturing with world class infra-support and staffing. The Russians have done this with RT ,the Chinese have Xinhua,The Gulf Council has Al-Jazeera while we have a headless chicken.The propaganda wars of tomorrow are here today. Are we prepared?

  • Deepak

    Further since the matter is subjudice, it is illegal to publicize comments of criminal or the victims during the pendancy of case.

    • God bless our dear white b!tcH of UPA who did it all. She (Sonia) has no respect for her adopted or never adopted country except for minting corrupt money.

      • bollywood only copy except few

        congress leader italian sonia never cared for India as she was vatican missionary is disguise planted as a honeypot to fool rajiv gandhi and infiltrate into major party which had headed Indian politics .
        only thing she wanted was to demoralize and reduce the self esteem of Hindus so vatican can convert whole of India into a christian nation.

        people with too much western liberal mindset and too much of west is always right like nehru or people at top marrying foreign honey pots will always turn disastrous for India.The only good thing was India had nationalist Advisors and officers in the pm office like V. K. Krishna Menon noted for being architect of the non-aligned movement.

        IIT Wikipedia
        The concept of the IITs originated even before India gained independence in 1947. After the end of the Second World War and before India got independence, Sir Ardeshir Dalal from the Viceroy’s Executive Council foresaw that the future prosperity of India would depend not so much on capital as on technology. He, therefore, proposed the setting up of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. To man those laboratories, he persuaded the US government to offer hundreds of doctoral fellowships under the Technology Cooperation Mission (TCM) program. However realizing that such steps can not help in the long run for the development of India after it gains independence, he conceptualized institutes that would train such work forces in the country itself. This is believed to be the first conceptualization of IITs.

        Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who strove to unite India should have become the then PM of India since 12 out of 15 congress committee nominated him and gandhi .

        • Nehru was planted by Churchill Inc post independence because Churchill hated the dhoti clad to knee level Gandhi Sr. and Nehru was his favourite because of his taste for English everything including their white skin (women). Lady Edwina did the rest what Churchill wanted Nehru to do.

          • bollywood only copy except few

            is your reply based on ajitvadakayil blog?
            Whites are despicable human scum as they think they are superior yet follow the semitic religion. these scums dont get that they easily got converted and licking church boots since its inception.
            whites are albinos who hate their skin so try to soak sun to change the color.

            why are muslim given position of educational minister(maulan azad of independent India), president of India(kalam) and vice president of India(ansari) when in fact every muslim hates everything Hindu and India.

            bjp should not follow the congrss libtard socialist leftist marxist model ofappeasing muslim and so stop selecting muslim at top position as this enforces the belief of muslim scum.
            only nonreligious muslims who are less muslims and more Indians are good people.

            the educational emphasis of India is due of Ancient Indian ideology while muslim religion which is geocentric, claims earth is flat and every knowledge of the universe exist in their book quran.
            if president muslim kalam was brought up in muslim majority and as

            religious 5 times ass raising guy he would ended up as terrorist.

            will modify this post after sometime.

          • deleted but so is my friend…..y did u permit him?>????

          • bollywood only copy except few

            Is your reply based on ajitvadakayil blog?

          • No. On P0pe Francis’s blog.

          • bollywood only copy except few

            link to francis and who is this poop francis?

          • R u serious? Entire world knows this P0pe Francis. Google it and you will get millions of links for him. But enlighten me about ur ajitvadakayil blog. Y did u say so?

          • bollywood only copy except few

            vadakayil also spreads nonsense and hates jews for no reason and believes in jew conspiracy.

            link the nehru part by poop francis.

          • So ur angst against ajit is because of ur Jewish sensibility. I get it. And you wanted me to believe you don’t know this poop francis. Yet another Abrahamic impostor. Internet is the best medium to hide identity and spew venom. Dear friend, there is too much of hate brewing on this earth. Simple reason is that too many idle mouths have cropped up on this planet. And as the saying go, “Idle mind is devil’s home”.

            Your main fight is for that small building in old Jerusalem for which all three delinquent Abrahamic children are fighting tooth and nail. What a fun? I would love to see u all three together as you are. Middle East has become a hell on this earth.

            I tell you, next WW III shall be fought by the Abrahamic fools and kill each other and only then peace shall prevail. Hindus never indulge in religious gimmicks until recently when they have been threatened in their own ancient land.

          • bollywood only copy except few

            who cares about jews when the real danger to India now is islam and their 20-40 children making muslims.

          • deleted

          • bollywood only copy except few

            no sensibility attached but it is just that his blog post about nehru 1962 war and claiming edwina was rotchschild jew was baseless.

            btw you are free to check my comment history by cecking tmy profile. Since you abuse on christians , there is missionary mister india on firstpost newsblogs.

          • Typical diversionary tactic. You keep meandering from one to other and non stop blathers irrelevant to topic. If telling truth irks you, so be it. Fact of the matter is that Abrahamic community is the cause of majority of global problems.

          • bollywood only copy except few

            just check my comments through my profile.

  • Sree Charan R

    I have completely lost my respect on Richard Dawkins(and I am thinking,why did I have respect in the first place??).
    However another good article of the article.
    Thank You.

    • R.Radhakrishnan

      Indians are their own enemies. India has the highest Youth population and the way things are going india can take the world by storm. How to stop this?
      Paint india in such a bad light that no foreigner would like to do business here. Remember the recent Noble Prize winner? No one in India had heard about this Indian. But the western world recognized him with the highest award? Why?
      We have a media that just shouts. Never analyses. Not interested in analysis. Just tarnish and then run away. We Suffer from a serious inferiority complex. Anything white is superb. This has been ingrained by white rule. Every family wants a fair girl. In the same vein , we believe that whatever a white man says is the gospel truth.The media joins in. They are controlled by forces inimical to the interest of India.
      Our Youth gets easily swayed by the media. And that’s why we see this support to this sort of image that interested parties are out to Paint india with.

      • Sree Charan R

        Matured view,just to add,
        In a recent survey that GOI,Department of IT,did–they found a very dramatically plummeting response for “Faith in Mainstream Media(MSM)”-it is in negative percentage,and that to, in double digit–indeed shocking!
        Large number of people (unfortunately,not youth,as you have stated) are really irritated by the propaganda machinery that is Media.
        And Social Media is increasingly becoming (I am afraid,it has already became) THE substitute of MSM. We can only hope–and we have every Right and Responsibility to do that– for the day when India realizes her own Genius.
        To sum up–
        “India,as a nation,is suffering from ‘Hanuman Syndrome’–until and unless someone, preferably a foreigner,speaks about our potential, we seem not to react to it.And hence “If India were to be like India,then she would lead the world.And world is truly wishing for that– for A Wishing Tree.”

      • My dear friend, once a chance is missed, it doesn’t come again so easily. India’s chance was immediately after independence. Unfortunately her first undeserving PM wasted that valuable opportunity for his personal corrupt lazy and womanisation. Anyone in doubt should get acquainted with his life and illicit social behaviours including his loveable daughter Indira Gandhi aka Memuna Begum aka wife of Feroze Khan aka Feroze Gandhi.

  • Sekhars

    Dawkins is racist ranter. West trying to change India’s grand narrative as now they are threatened by the rise of India. Their own bloody backyard Rape is much worse, 23% US army women are sexually assaulted but BBC never made a documentary of ARMY OF RAPIST IN USA. We do not need another british intervention in India. They should clean themselves. Their rape rate are worse than INDIA