#IndiasDaughter: Dear FOE advocates, this too revolts us

  • benrand

    Articles on this site are good, but some–like this–sound like emotional diatribes and aren’t logical. Facts & righteousness is on your side; why squander it with this blather?

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  • Chandra Ravikumar

    Please have some censorship on the language, though not the opinions. Rage and a feeling of helplessness at the injustice that Hindus have undergone for over a millenium, and which is continuing today in more subtle and dangerous ways, is enough to drive even a sage amongst us to violence, language being its mildest form. Still any civilized person must have control over what arises from within him/herself. Let us be proud of anyone calling himself or herself an “Indian”.

  • Dr. MS

    This the problem with write-ups like this. It digs itself a bigger hole and buries itself in its defensiveness, reactionary statements and a tendency to appear, or be, anti-women ; anti-liberation of women and anti-feminist…as if these things are anti-Hindu. Articles like these give the opposing side plenty of ammunition and weapons to attack them more,. And I cannot keep defending the Hindu man when he behaves, writes and justifies idiocy of this kind.

    This is what many of you idiots should have said but did not:

    1) Rape is a crime and it is punishable by a long sentence and even death in India. In many countries, up until 2001, including in the US, men got less than seven years for rape with battery.

    2) It is easy to focus on extreme cases because they get attention, sensationalistic coverage and create unity among people who do not see the more hidden or insidious forms of sexism, and/or are unable to see the ugly stuff in their own lives or communities. Why did the documentarian not focus on the average struggles of a college graduate and many women with Ph.Ds who are looking for equality and fair opportunity.

    3) Rape maybe a bigger problem for Muslim women, who are getting out of purdha, or Jewish women who are getting out of Israel. But many Hindu men, as idiotic as some of them are in their communication or lack of, simply give weapons to these foreign women to beat them with, as they often give weapons to fair skinned women all over the world. Blame it on the Hindu male inferiority complex that is yet to be fully resolved.

    4) Safety is an important issue for women. Nobody should deny that. But some countries, some parties and some people have turned it into a political issue…not to improve the status of women but, like the old colonialists, use it for their own cultural, economic, social or religious agenda. That is scary. Politicizing rape for an international agenda that has geo-political and military aspiration is as dangerous as rape itself. The documentarian would be accused of being a political rapist for using the victims (the raped woman and her family) and their pain for her money making agenda She is raping the vulnerability of women of India by inserting her agenda. Some would say she is raping the people of India by inserting her agenda into one sensationalistic case.

    5) As long as our Hindu men remain patriarchally petty, stupid, weak and do not know what to defend or not defend in their own country, and do not promote smart women and smart feminists among them, expect every third rate fool, with a need for abusing perversity for money, to make a documentary and promote it. You Hindu men also colluded with it, as some did with colonialists.

    Somebody said, “While they kill Muslims in their own backyard they’ll make movies showing rape of one Muslim elsewhere. While they slowly eliminate Christians in the US or Germany they’ll talk about persecution of Christians in Thailand or China. That is how you distract and distort”. If this is true…how did it get this far? How? You dumb highly emotional irrational Hindu men allowed it. Because you never knew how to learn from your smart women, promote them, protect them in the right way and make them your allies. Did you?

    When I spoke on women’s issues years ago, in stead of applauding me, working with me and supporting me…some Hindu men abroad attacked me, only driving me and others out of their own community. In the end the community became a genetically flawed and weak because smart women did not marry within the community, they did not have children and they married outside the community. That stupidity of Hindu men has not changed.

    At least now get a spine and some sense…and support the smart strong women leaders in your community who are not perpetually feeding your belly and/or inflating your ego. Do it.

    • Sree Charan R

      With all due respects–
      This is the problem with critics.They are both genuine and hypocritical at the same time!!

      1)We need to understand that Indian society is,fortunately,even today traditional in its outlook. And hence,when we have to solve a problem–say,that of Rape–we strictly do NOT need any kind of imported ideologies to do that.
      Rape is a crime everywhere and no one can accept it;but law alone cannot solve the problem,society and cultural background also matters.And Indian society has largely succeeded–at least, till recently– in imparting good ethical values to their children.And, it is precisely these cultural value imparting process that those “pseudo-intellectuals” are wanting to destroy,in the name of “Empowerment of Women”(again,with few rare exceptions).

      2)Even many male students face the similar–sometimes more–problems in the lethargic Academia of today.One does not look for any fashionable prejudices to solve that problem–which mainly arises because of egoistic people.But we need to think about it deeper to solve the problem.

      3)Being a “liberated” women does not mean ‘anti-culture’,’anti-tradition’ as it is unfortunately assumed today.But it means to get the ability to think and act independently;and Indian culture encourages that,but only under an Ethical boundary.Just to give an example,
      (from my personal experience)-
      “When the greatest pleasure that any women can get is that of giving birth to a child,one can not justify their ‘liberalism’ by saying that they are ‘career-minded’ ,’modern’ to (kind of) escape from that Divine task of giving birth to a child.This is not ’empowerment’,right?”

      4)Now,coming to FACTS-
      in terms of percentage,the correct way to understand the magnitude of problem, India(along with Bangladesh) has the lowest number of Rape, in the world.Now we can understand that, it is media ploy to “focus on extreme cases because they get attention, sensationalist coverage “.We need to understand that ‘case for (solving the problem of)Rape’ has become a ‘Geo-political’ and mainly, an ‘ideological’ bandwagon.And it is our duty not to bend for such plots,for he benefit of the .

      And speaking about Women`s issues is considered a fashion today,not because of the intention to solve that problem(which women are facing);but to clear one`s own personal agendas.The real people(which includes men too) fighting for the case are almost unknown, even to most of the women.

      5)The criticism that Hinduism (and Hindus) are patriarchal is utter Falsehood.
      Hindu Dharma,both practically and theoretically,suggests for an equitable(and NOT equal) distribution of work;which again,is situated under the umbrella of cultural and ethical boundary.
      Just to make sure,India does NOT–I repeat,NOT–belong to any Third World Nation today.
      {{To understand the real agendas behind this foul propaganda of rape, I think it would be better–for netizens,at least –to study the works of S. Gurumurthy and Rajiv Malhotra in this area.Most of which are available in the internet,in form of YouTube videos and articles.}}
      Thank You
      (Just remembered, today is Women`s day–let us start to think in an NEW dimension, to solve this problem)

      • Dr. MS

        Your comment is without “due respect” or “good research”. It does what Hinduism does not want or expect: pontificate, preach and tell women “what kind of women’s issues they must follow” and “how anything that challenges them is Western, blah, blah..” on women’s day. I have met evolved men, thank goodness for that, who would never respond the way you do. It reeks of the very patriarchy I write about. If you want a male world where only men discuss with men, and women are either spectators or your chumcha geeree listening to petty preachings as if they are perpetual children then at least admit that. Don’t pretend to write in English with the most colonial bias preaching to Indian women on women’s day. Hinduism is an evolving philosophy…and thank goodness for that..

        • Sree Charan R

          My comment is with “all due respects”.
          I can NOT–and I do not dare to–preach anyone,especially in this modern world,simply because I am just a honest student with little experience.I do NOT have colonial bias.
          I am a humble Indian–human being and only then, a man–I am just a boy!!
          The “Women`s Day” comment is because,we need to change radically on how we are tackling the issue of Safety and Respect of Women–without any ideologies.
          And remember, I have never commented anything against women.
          If you have read my words completely,you could have not responded like this.(Your response STRICTLY has to do nothing with what I said.)
          1)Regarding research,it is a FACT–not saying this with “arrogance” or “Internet-Enlightenment”–that India has one of the lowest Rape percentage in the world.Indian Feminists need to note that.
          2)Women are definitely facing problems in India.But these problems are being exploited by few “pseudo intellectuals” writing “atrocity literature” and to Defame India,which in turn benefits their personal agendas(I believe I have said “again,with few rare exceptions”)–they are doing this with the support of Foreign Funded Media and ignorant followers of them in India.This is definitely being used as a Geo-Political tool against India–I said this in the contest of the recent incident of (which is the topic of discussion here,please note) “BBC– Leslie Udwin”.

          • Dr. MS

            I’ll be the judge of whether you are writing with respect and pontificating or preaching. You are! Full stop! And stop!

          • Sree Charan R

            Thank You .GOOD BYE.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      You are right. The Hindu male inferiority complex is the legacy of colonialism. First the MUslim-Arab and then the British -Christian

      • Dr. MS

        I am glad you agree, and see it also. It would be wonderful if you, as a man, can write an article on this subject. There was an idiot MP in India who recently made a cruel crude remark about “dark skinned South Indian women”…whom he called “darkies…with good bodies”. Why even mention a person’s skin color? That is crude and cruel. Can we have an article on this?

  • Indian

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  • Indian

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  • Indian

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    • Sree Charan R

      Please do not make this kind of comments.Whatever you said may be true or may not be–but this is not the way.And we need to be careful with our words.