Secular tweet digest cover

Introducing Daily Secular Tweet Digest

In keeping with its commitment to provide a credible, alternate narrative in public discourse, IndiaFacts  introduces a new feature: the Daily Secular Tweet Digest starting today.

The Daily Secular Tweet Digest is basically a daily aggregation/collection of noteworthy tweets by the famous and not-so-famous secularists, liberals, intellectuals and academicians in a photo slideshow format.

Presenting below is the Daily Secular Tweet Digest for 1 October — 3 October 2014.

  • dorkopter

    Auto-advance is irritating. Let the reader decide when to move to the next slide. Some tweets are repeated, and some seem irrelevant to the topic.

    It would be prudent to avoid giving any further publicity to Islamists like BrownDingo and SonekiRandi. JokerDas too.