Is Times LitFest Intolerant Of Acche Din?

As India Stands Up Against Your Right to Media Terrorism, would you today confess that you and people like you are actually intolerant of economic development?

Dear TOI, you make fabulous ads, and you have engaged a very competent advertising agency for the job.

Happy? Okay, now let’s move further from compliments and get to the heart of the matter. You might be great at making ads but you don’t do a great job of what you are supposed to. In fact, you do a pathetic job, if any.

So, this fantastic ad for Times LitFest shows an alarming visual of India as a Mike in chains and reads “Thou Shall Not! The chains are tightening. Slowly. We can feel them. Sing, but not this. Laugh, but not at that. Is intolerance the first sign of a disintegrating society? Are bans the answer? Or are they questions disguised as answers? Times LitFest looks beyond words, at the chaos that stares us today. Please come and be part of something that, who knows, may not be allowed to be part of tomorrow“.

And with that you set a rather chilling narrative not just for your LitFest, but also for India, declaring as it were – An Apocalypse Has Descended. There are chains, there is chaos, there is intolerance, there are bans, India is disintegrating and who knows, Kal India Ho Na Ho.

With this kind of an alarmist, hard lined narrative, where is the room for dissent at your LitFest? Or is it that only those who believe your narrative are invited?

Dear Old Lady of Boribunder, your motto is ‘Let Truth Prevail’. Where is the truth in this? Who has been chained? Who has been banned? Which chaos is disintegrating India (besides the high decibel cacophony of your Viagra-injected ‘Super Prime Man’ on Times Now)? Which meteor is destined to hit Earth at a precise latitude and longitude of 22° 00′ N and 77° 00′ E, that has made you believe India or your Litfest may not be part of tomorrow? Is your advert, which announces doomsday, based on facts and data, or is it just bombastic rhetoric to terrorise unsuspecting Indians?

Who gives you the right to terrorise us? Do you know it is punishable by law in some countries to create such panic? This when India has never looked better. And unlike you, I can back that statement with facts. Here, face them:

  • Indian Economy grows to 7.4%.
  • Manufacturing grows to 9.3%.
  • India’s Brand Value is at its highest ever.
  • India ranks No.1 on the Global Consumer Confidence Index, ahead of US.
  • Amidst a global slowdown, India rises to No.1 position in attracting FDI, ahead of China and US.
  • Proactive reforms and transparent governance have made India an investment hotbed.
  • In the world’s largest financial inclusion scheme, 180 million bank accounts have been opened – eliminating poverty through empowerment.
  • Fiscal deficit is reined in as this government has turned a consumption-oriented spending budget, into an investment-oriented budget, and this is why inflation has come down.
  • For the first time the world is celebrating an International Yoga Day.

Acche Din Are Here…and TOI’s LitFest Ad says “Thou shall not (get Acche din?)”.

India is witnessing the highest ever Power generation due to its brilliant achievements in the coal, power, new and renewable energy sectors. Power deficit has hit a record low of 2.4%. From 1/3rd of India being powerless and the rest facing huge power cuts, India will soon be 100% electrified.

Acche Din Are Here….and TOI’s LitFest Ad says “Thou shall not!.. The chains are tightening. Slowly. We can feel them..”.

For the first time since Nehru allotted bungalows, the elite of India are being evicted: all of UPA ex-ministers, 27 artists and next, 60 journalists are vacating their illegally occupied Lutyens bungalows.

For the first time since Nehru, Communists are being shut out of the system. Communists, who are not even 1% of India, had been occupying majority of key posts in academia and government organisations. Strange? Yes, but no more. For the first time thousands of NGOs indulging in anti-national activities have been shut down as their foreign funding us being gagged.

Acche Din Are Here….and TOI’s LitFest ad says “Thou shall not! .. Sing, but not this. Laugh, but not that. Is intolerance the first sign of a disintegrating society?”

Indian’s National Security has never been given greater importance than now. A once paralysed defence sector has today cleared projects in access of One Lakh Crores. OROP, which was neglected for 40 years since Indira Gandhi scrapped it, was cleared in 18 months. With the border issue settled after 40 years, thousands of Bangladeshis and Indians, living on No Man’s Land, have found their identity.

Forces at the borders have for the first time got orders to fire back at Pakistan. Chinese troops no longer walk into India as if it were their daddy’s garden. Naga insurgency, pending since 1950’s has finally been resolved. Chotta Rajan and ULFA’s Anup Chetia are back in India. Dawood for the first time is quivering in his pants.

Acche Din Are Here….and TOI’s LitFest ad says “Thou shall not!.. Are bans the answer? Or are they questions disguised as answers?”

India on its way to building one million school toilets, has in one year built an incredible 4-lakh school toilets. Which effectively means that for the first time since 1947, the main reason for girls not enrolling in schools or dropping out, the main reason the girl child was disadvantaged, is being removed. How can a country progress if 50% of its population is not given equal opportunity in schools and life? The Toilet Revolution is doing just that, empowering India by empowering the girl child.

Acche Din Are Here…..and TOI’s LitFest Ad says “Thou shall not!.. Times LitFest looks beyond words, at the chaos that stares us today.”

modiFor the first time in history, India has a PM who speaks with us directly, every month through ‘Mann ki Baat’ – a strong interactive tool for good governance. For the first time a PM has envisioned participative democracy through ‘MyGov’.

For the first time an Indian PM has said that if you send a distress tweet from anywhere in the world to the External Affairs Minister at 1:00 AM, she will respond at 1:10 AM. She does.

For the first time a Power Minister in India openly declares, Rural Electrification Targets and says ‘I’m accountable, you can track my progress by logging on..”

Indians have woken up to development in a big way and incidents of communal violence are finally down as numbers reveal (and majority of communal incidents are from Congress ruled states).

For the first time India’s ‘Intoleratti’, have complete freedom to terrorise, criticise, defame and abuse India, Indians and its PM. Something that was not possible under Nehru who was so sensitive to criticism that he amended the constitution to gag freedom of speech. Neither was it possible under Indira who imposed Emergency. And nor was it possible under Sonia who locked up Congress President Sitaram Kesari in the loo, so she could preside over the eventual loot of India.

For the first time, the common man has not only freedom of speech but also the freedom to be heard and learn the truth, beyond the Nehruvian Gospel.

ACCHE DIN ARE FINALLY HERE…..and TOI’s LitFest Ad concludes by saying “.. Please come and be part of something (LitFest) that, who knows, may not be allowed to be part of tomorrow”

You, The Times Group, are supposed to be a responsible citizen. More so because you have a voice that influences, moulds and creates opinions across the country. For long, people have not only looked up to you but believed that you believe in your motto, Let Truth Prevail, Satyameva Jayate.

And when you put out your ad, in your own paper, which you have made into a semi-porn rag, people look at it, notice it, and take it at face value. I am from advertising too, with two-dozen awards behind me. And I have enough professional credibility to say, this is the worst kind of irresponsible advertising.

A similar fest organized by you, called Times ThinkFest, had Tarun Tejpal, a man who had been accused of raping a young woman the age of his daughter, as a principal speaker and prime mover. Is that what your fests are all about? Platforms for rape accused? And he is invited to speak on, lo and behold, “Tyranny of Power!”. And then you have the gall to accuse present day India of intolerance? When you actually are the presiding deity of degeneration and decline in morality?

Basically this is what you and all your “venerable Intellectuals” told us girls at your Times ThinkFest, “Who cares a **** whether you get raped. Go scream your lungs out for justice. Boys will be boys, we don’t just physically rape, we also celebrate it thereafter, with Kinkfests to intellectually rape you… do what you can”.

Next time hypocrites like you scream “Dignity of women”, we know exactly what you are doing!

maniBut wait. You have gone further to damage the atmosphere in the country. Yes you, the venerable Old lady of Boribunder, has that paragon of virtue, Mani Shankar Aiyer as the opening speaker for this LitFest that you advertised so bombastically, claiming the entire moral grounds that India boasts of, every inch, every acre. The same man who denigrates the country by asking the enemy country on their National Television to help throw out the current disposition – “Modi ko Hatao”. And with Mani the motor mouth, the foul mouth as your principal interlocutor, you have the gall to call this country a place where there may be no tomorrow for free expression?

Ok, just an aside. You are the media behemoth of the country that has legalized “Paid News.” Didn’t you pioneer the business with your MEDIANET, with rate cards for square centimetres of space and business executives flashing grand designations?

My Dear Times Group, you are beginning to sound very much like the writings of one your weekly columnists, the porn writer, Shobhaa De. And just the way a bird-brained person like her is looked at as an expert on all subjects, you too are seen as an expert on everything. Tragic, isn’t it? Why should you, TOI, continue to wear that cross of upholding the truth when you just can’t be bothered about it?

Okay, go now, get that motley bunch together, tie yourself up in imaginary chains, and bind your readers as well. As youngsters, we looked up to The Times Group. As grown men and women, you have forced us to look down upon you. Have the mighty fallen? Oh so much that one can’t even see you.

As India Stands Up Against Your Right to Media Terrorism, would you today confess that you and people like you are actually intolerant of economic development? Speak now or stay silent forever!

Sumedha is a designer and writer and a strong nationalist who doesn’t believe in being a bystander or a fence-sitter.
  • JK

    TOI’s City Times for e.g XXX Times are full of Pornography only…
    GOI must issue strict warning to people of India that TOI must be purchased and read by people above and 18 Years of Age with BOLD letter Highlighting it on TOP with Letter “A”…

  • Sumathi Megavarnam

    Thought provoking one from the writer……….Well what else can we expect from TOI ,

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Good to see u online I hope things r better since the rains have stopped

      • Sumathi Megavarnam

        🙂 Situation is improving , this is the first time i have seen such a devastating rain here , it is being told that during the late 70’s & early 80’s there were rains of such fury , during 2008 there was a flash flood but it was limited to pockets of the city , this time around most of the State had suffered from the fury of the nature , but this is a True eye opener ,that we are after all nothing in front of the Mother nature…….Humans greed is the reason for this suffering to a greater extent almost 90 % of the Water storage facilities have been done away with by building houses on the rivers , ponds etc….in the last 50 years or so & most of it in the last 20 years ……& now its really insane on part of the people crying over lost property & other things…..

  • JustSaying

    Well, Indian express garnered much publicity by featuring the nonsensical Aamir Khan spouting an even more nonsensical interview. Times Group is trying to out do them. These idiotic media groups have really started believing that manufactured false dissent sells. People should not buy into it .

  • Indian

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  • Indian

    Times of India = TOILET OF ITALY, the Filthy Gutter Street Dog of Italia Vineet Jain, and his bastardized family shud be on the hitlist of all Nationalists, torn to pieces like a tattered piece of cloth. These Gutter Dogs shout Intolerance NOW this ame Vineet Jain the street Dog TOILET got an article just after one day of Mumbai Train Blasts by that PIG Vardarajan justifying the killing of hundreds of Indians, the same street dog Vineet Jain just a Day after Mumbai attacks had a editorial by a Xian white street Dog Rommel a begger shit insect (maybe the Bedmate of Both Indu Jain and Vineet Jain daughter) repeating like a dog, what Antulay said. VUNEET JAIN if u read my reaction read my lips, Pig we will make such a dead meat of you that your filthy generations will dread taking Birth In India, enough is enough, we will see which Italian Mafia saves your skin, we will deskin you and ur family born to unknown fathers and whore mothers, in most Islamic way

  • Doraani

    A brilliant piece by Sumedha.The guys who control TOI have unabashedly declared that theirs is not a newspaper but just publishes news in between huge ads.And Times Litfest (Litterfest) hatchet woman for the Jains is Bachi Karkaria,a woman as senile as you can imagine.She is the chief organiser( organ raiser ) of the event and the entire proceedings of this fest is a carbon copy of numerous other fests.But as they say ‘Any lit fest’ is a gathering of the venal,banal,morally corrupt,seditionist,decrepit and past by age intellectual morons whose sole aim is to trash India

  • Rajanna

    If TOI has guts, let them publish this article in this Sunday Times in their Guest column’s pages where they feature Shobha de & others. Enough of TOI and Times Now, which in any case Broadcasts Fish market (with due apologies to the Fishing industry) scene every day at 9pm on wards, Many are permanently avoiding the 9pm news slots.

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Great article. But why bother? ToI is a porn medium and not worthy of your time and talent.

  • importingtrash

    Thank you Sumedha, well said. Proud Hindus should stop buying from their advertisers and let those ad companies know that we ban TOI-let paper

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Really heart warming. Felt very happy and assured that there are some who see and speak the truth Otherwise the cacophony of ‘intolerance’ was deafening. Falsehood would have prevailed.

  • P. B. Josh

    We seldom appreciate prevention of terrorist attack, but Modi government prevented 26-11 type terrorist attack when it blew up Pakistani boat (or forced it to blow up) off Gujarat coast.

  • Slasher

    It takes a Woman to finally show Men how it’s done! Fantastic Piece of Writing!!!

    Sumedha: YOU need TO STAND FOR ELECTION OR AT LEAST MAKE A CALL TO MR. MODI when he is in town so that you can get a job as I&B Minister. If Modi did so, the Desh Drohis in the Media will run for cover.

    Unfortunately, the Desh Drohi in Chief, Arun Jaitley himself is our I&B Minister! What a BLUNDER that Modi made that has cost him 2 elections already.

    Mr. Modi: It is still not too late to Fire Arun Jaitley and appoint a new I&B MInister in the mold of Sumedha or Subramania Swamy. The Indian people are watching. Arun Jaitley has no place to hide his love for the Benami Media.


  • ashish02

    This is one super article. But, I wonder, why Times moved from being a Modi praiser before the LS elections to Modi haters now. Did they expect some favors from the government in return of their praises, which were turned down? Or, did the Congress promise them a fatter cheque? All said, I still buy TOI. It has the highest ROI, when it comes to selling “raddi”…

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      You have understood what is happening and at whose behest. Our buying or not buying Times is not going to change things.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Little children, when cornered, will often howl even if no harm is offered to them. Pie dogs too, often, kiyi-kiyi away in memory of past dangers even when there s no clear and present danger. The inspiration for India’s secular and tolerant people howls thorough illegally amplified megaphones five times a day disturbing the peace and law abiding citizens when the only cause for alarm is the alarm itself. Frogs ribbit similarly when the cause celebre of rain has passed and the Neta-Babus of Tamilnadu have long since banked all the relief donations into their personal accounts in Mauritius, Singapore or London. It would seem that India’s Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Communist consensus, their successors heirs and assigns are NOT doing the same thing. Their dilemma is different for they are riven by conscience. They took away the freedom of thought and expression of all not off their camp in so many ways for so many years and emasculated if not lobotomized free thinkers for 69 years that they are mighty afraid that this might happen to them. So, all this “tolerance” bilge is really a shot across the bows. A warning of just how much louder they will howl, in chorus with Obama, if they are not allowed to talk freely about how intolerant those whose freedoms and rights they have destroyed are. Particularly the descendants of those who were Hindu prior to 1921 whose freedom of religion and commonwealth including temples, irrigation tanks, grazing lands, treasure, agricultural lands, educational institutions and traditions were confiscated in 1959.

    • Slasher

      Well Well Well, even God has punished the Desh Drohis in power in Dravida Nadu! Hopefully, the people will learn their lesson and throw out both Amma and Karuna from power and into the trash bin of history. If not, not even God can save Dravida Nadu!

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        How can you say such things when it is the common people who have suffered most?

        • SuchindranathAiyer

          They have voted dacoits from the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Communist-Moslem-Christian Consensus to power over and over again. They deserve what they get.

          • Sumathi Megavarnam

            Your right the Souls stealing beggars have completely vanished into thin air during the time of Crisis , Let the Converted craps at least now come to know about the Criminal morons whose work is only Soul stealing’s

          • SuchindranathAiyer

            Is there any guarantee that floods won’t occur next year and will TN own up the responsibility of managing the floods without any disruption to normal life and property?

            Harshest North-East monsoon rains ever witnessed in the past decade, has brought the city of 4 million people down to its knees.All but two of 34 districts witnessed heavy rains exceeding the normal levels, while 5 districts witnessed twice the avg. rainfall causing 30 lakes to flood in these 5 districts- Kancheepuram, Tiruvellore, Vellore, Tirunelveli and Chennai.

            Let’s see some imp factors that make us realise in more ways than one, the deluge in Tamil Nadu is man-made.:

            1)Shrinking wetland: Pallikaranai marsh, which is the major flood sink in the city, has been totally killed by buildings and roads that pass over it.Some 40 years ago, Pallikaranai was a 50 sq. km marshland and now it has been reduced to a tenth of its size.Tamil Nadu only valued the land and not the water body which came to be treated as wasteland. In 2002, a survey by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board showed that that the marsh lost around 90 per cent of its original extent.Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act prevents the conversion of wetlands for other purposes.But this act also did not stop the encroachment of the wetlands. National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi, says that there are over 30,000 slums on the banks of water-bodies in these areas.According to records of the state’s Water Resources Department, the area of 19 major lakes has shrunk from a total of 1,130 hectares (ha) in the 1980s to nearly 645 ha in early 2000s, reducing their storage capacity.Wetlands are important as they help reduce the impact of storm damage and flooding, but these are fast shrinking.

            2) Failed drainage system: The 855 km human-made storm water drains constructed to drain the flood water are clogged and require immediate desiltation. This drainage stretch is not long enough when compared to 2847 km urban road, & even a marginally heavy rainfall causes havoc in the city.Chennai population has grown 8 times in the last century and the existing drainage system in unable to dispose the runoff.

            3) False Claims by Chennai Corp:Ironically, when the meteorological department warned in September of excess rainfall, the Chennai Corporation issued statements that it was prepared for the monsoon, claims that have now fallen flat. The civic body even released a statement on the quantity of silt removed from drains across the city.

            4) Lack of preparedness:In the aftermath of the Uttarakhand disaster of 2013, a bench headed by Justice A K Patnaik sought response from the Centre, six states and the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands on disaster preparedness. However, responses from Tamil Nadu government showed that most of the plans were only on paper. For instance,the state advisory board, which is supposed to meet periodically to review disaster preparedness, has not met even once.

            Although the rains in Chennai may be unprecedented, the damage and inconvenience caused were avoidable. One major question that remains unanswered is:

            Why hasn’t there been a floods, waterlogging, disruption of normal life in Poes Garden (Jayalalitha’s place) and in Gopalapuram (Karunanidhi’s place)?

            This is natural. What were poor and poor vote dependent rogues of the 50s and 60s are now the super rich Neta-Babu-Cop-Milard-Crony Preferred Caste/Tribe/Religion Kleptocracy who seek only to feather their own nests at the cost of everybody else who are orphaned by the Indian State

  • Anil Kumar Tandale

    The learned author has torn the clothes of the self proclaimed intellectuals at the most awkward places and they cannot even run for cover. Deserves billion likes.

  • Rajesh Soman

    Absolutely Stunning Madam. …..I was enthralled by the writing……I am quite surprised that TOI has made its decision on this fight for India’s soul. You have sided with that joker called Mani Shankar Aiyer and there is no further proof needed of your intentions…….

  • seasons

    What a stunning piece of writing ! Very well articulated.. Hope this false front collapses some day..and we get to read from people of your thinking and attitude. May your tribe grow !!