Narendra Modi

It’s all your fault Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Sri Narendra Modi,

We, the great middle class of this country voted for you. Overwhelmingly voted for you. Gave your party its biggest ever mandate. We trusted you with our destiny. We also laboured hard to increase the voting percentage by a significant 10 per cent and put you on the throne in Delhi. But what have we got in return?

Only ideas like Swachch  Bhaarat. Only schemes like the Jana DhanaYojna. Coal auctions. Pah! Fall in inflation; an economy undergoing repair. Oh apparently, you’ve managed to put our foreign policy on track. Big deal!

picAll of these things are really, really no big deal. The really big deal Mr. Modi is this: what have you done for me? I took the trouble to open the newspapers. I reflected on the Congress misrule. I watched prime time news for weeks to update myself about the impending doom. Then I wasted my one full day to vote for you and this is what I get in return?

Where are my income tax exemptions?  Where are my subsidies? Mr. Modi, you are a smart man who stays in touch with directly with the people via social media so let me make you some home truths. Even if you have not done anything for me, I am benevolent enough to give you advice about your very survival as PM. Free of charge. So please hear me out.

I must tell you that you are getting carried away by personal glory with all these nonstop tours abroad. We ordinary Indians do not think much of leaders who talk about the resurgence of India on the global stage. We regard that as stark arrogance.

Didn’t you know that countries like China and Pakistan take offence to such an aggressive stance? For nearly seventy years, we’ve been used to our leaders walking with their tail tucked between their legs, drooping shoulders, and sporting wimpy attitudes, who have surrendered our interests at the feet of terrorist nations and bullies of the world.

Why should you offend so many sensibilities by attempting to make the world invest in India sir? What will happen to our peaceful neighbours if you rob them of all FDI? No sir, we do not approve of such selfish leaders. Neighbours are more important than our national interests. I think it’s about time you rolled back your aggressive economics. You will be hailed as a true Indian leader if you get back to doing lip service to FDI and let our glorious neighbours prospers.

My next advice to you is about a personality trait that you have displayed throughout your political life but it has escalated uncontrollably recently. You wore a Rs.10 Lakh suit when you met Obama. I know there isn’t consensus on the cost of the suit but lest you forget, we are a nation which dances to the tunes of juicy media narratives without bothering to check whether the media is lying through its teeth. I mean, imagine— aRs.10 Lakh suit! With your name printed on it. Now that was height of narcissism. We are a nation which loves to sing praises of Chaacha Nehru and Indira Gandhi and their progeny and doesn’t question the billions spent on Rajiv Gandhi yojnas for this or that .

image-suitBut a Rs.10 lakh suit? Blasphemous in a poor nation like ours. Take my advice dear sir and get back to Khadi Kurtas. That is so touching. We just love our leaders in Khadi. It helps. It’s how the nation was robbed with a smile. Do wear Khadi sir.

You don’t believe me sir? See how we punished you for your arrogance? We reduced your party to three seats in Delhi elections because of your high-headedness.

Now you get the drift of what I am saying? You see, you dared to get personal about our beloved revolutionary Kejriwal and his vast army of armchair intellectuals. We just love our revolutionaries. You see, this is how we get rid of our moral burden of not doing something for the poor and also get invited to posh clubs with premium memberships. Win win, all the way!

I repeat sir, you had no business getting personal about a self-proclaimed anarchist trying to change a rotten system no matter that the same rotten system allows me to live in my cozy four bedrooms flat, driving my favorite SUV and educating my children abroad.

You should have allowed him to bring his Dharna culture to the Capital along with the proven Leftist economic model of freebies. Why on earth should you attempt to create wealth when we Indians have our mighty government to suckle us till eternity? Why should you add to the stress of the hard working middle class citizen?

Please Mr. Modi, learn your lessons and embark on course correction before it is too late. My last advice to you is on the budget.

It was a disaster for the middle class. No raising tax slabs, no relaxations in taxation structure, not even a symbolic fall in the prices of cars. Of course we want a superb infrastructure, we want jobs, we want the economy to be robust but will you make the US pay for all these things? We of course can’t live without our annual tax exemptions and the rest so we can’t pay for all of this. Is this the ‘achche din’ you promised Mr. Modi?

Sorry but this is not why I voted for you.  In the end, I would suggest you take inspiration from the dynasty that you despise and threw out in such style. Stop bothering about fiscal discipline and start throwing freebies to the middle class, which is your core constituency. Don’t bother about the macroeconomics of freebies—these things usually take care of themselves—learn from the Congress.

lBesides, now that coal blocks and spectrum are going to bring in billions, you can surely spare us poor middle class. We must have our comfortable life. Of course we do care about the poor and the deprived sections of our society. But then the Indian socialist state has always taken care of its weaker sections. That job is doesn’t belong to the middle class Mr. Modi. You see, we are doing our bit by going to the monthly meetings of Lions club and annual Rotary functions. And don’t you forget our occasional cheque to CARE India. You can’t really expect us to do more than this. That is purely your job.

Mr. Modi, you will do well to take lessons in humility from the great middle class of this nation and express constant gratitude to us for electing you. The gratitude must be expressed both in words and actions. Else please get ready for a repeat of Delhi in Bihar.

  • Pushkar Lakhe

    You should ask your self what you have done for the country except just voting!! People like you want to relax at home and believe that it is government’s job to do everything. Remember, “Saamaj ko sarkar bhii waisi hi milti hai jaisa samaj khud hota hai “

  • Mohit Mahawar

    Good satire sir.Enjoyed reading it.

  • Sandeep

    Oh! Thank God I read it fully. I badly wanted to abuse u after reading the headline!!

    • Omendra Ratnu

      Patience takes us far dear friend .

      • Sandeep

        totally agree!

  • Sudhir Shinde

    Smells app mentality in writer..always unsatisfied souls..

    • Omendra Ratnu

      O bhai , Heard of Satire !!!

  • Manju

    Service tax is increased and import duty on petrol/diesel is increased. these two are direct burden on common people.

  • P. B. Josh

    Funny. But it is not surprising that many many Indian voters change their votes like changing their under-wares based on what he (or party) has done for me? After giving sixty some years to Congress many voters will switch their votes because Modi did not do enough for me in ten months. Case in point is Delhi voters. Look what they got? We Indian voters value what foreigners say about us. Shouldn’t we be proud that American high ranking senator says Modi is the strongest leader India has produced in his generation (means since India’s independence, as the senator is in his seventies).

    • Lakshmidas Gurukkalk

      Ask that US senator who was Vajpayee, he would say he was a great poet.

    • Prasanth Nair

      The purpose of an underwear and a voted govt. is the same, to serve us. If the purpose is not met, pull it down and change it, that is what democracy is all about. If its our duty to vote it’s our right to choose. Choice is always based on what ‘I’ get, ‘I’ refer to the collective Indian masses not the individual me. Also, please have the courtesy to not generalise what you think is right. Indians do not care about what some american senator thought about their pm. Indians can think for themselves and they have which is why we have new pm, if we still feel our choice has not served the purpose we change it again. Change is democracy.

      • P. B. Josh

        In democracy Voters wish is supreme. You missed point I was making. We gave sixty some years to Congress hoping it will give ‘me’ what I wanted, but started complaining about Modi in ten months. We started asking where are infrastructures benefiting me? is it unrealistic or what?

    • Omendra Ratnu

      People get a government they deserve . 🙂

  • sapna

    I know this is in humour. But what u say in jest is true. Modi ignores the middle class to his detriment! where is the infrastructure? Is it ready? can I use it? where is the lakhs of crores of rupees that came in from the coal and spectrum auctions? what is that going to be used for? 24 hour electricity? where is it? Have any of the corrupt people been punished yet? Is the black money back yet?

    Nope. No. Nada. So it seems status quo. While the budget still held out sops to the poor. It did nothing for the middle class! I supported Modi. I campaigned and voted for him. In his chai-pe-charcha. he said when he forms govt. when he gets money. the first he would do is put money back in the pockets of the middle class. Who are the only tax paying citizens of this country! did he? Nope.

    But instead what does he do? He appeals to us to give up our LPG subidy! You got to be kidding me! I certainly will not.

    I am disappointed and disillusioned by Modi. Let him go to as many christian functions and address their hypothetical fears. let him pander to the muslims. But you know what? They will never vote BJP! Mr. Modi, you aint getting their vote.

    The only people who vote BJP are the hindu middle class. And he is ignoring us. surprise surprise… you might become a one term wonder!…. then dont ask us why!


    • Omendra Ratnu

      You have no idea of what you speak ma’am .

      This article was meant just for folks like yourself . 🙂

      • sapna

        Possibly. That is why I read it. And when I did, it did not make me shift my opinion. It convinced me further that Modi is taking the middle class hindu for granted…..
        And BTW all the corruption and scandals of the UPA govt. only came out in UPA2. So dont point out that there is no corruption. We need to wait a few years to see if anything falls out… before declaring the nation corruption free…….

        FYI. I am a modi supporter and believe that only if he succeeds will India be able to pull herself out of this shit hole we are in.
        But that does not make me blind…..

    • PanSinghTomar

      You deserve Chinese Gandhi’s……

      • sapna

        I may or may not deserve the chinese Gandhi’s. Leave that to me. Since you engaged in discussion… can you care to answer any of my questions? Has anything changed for you in this country? oh yeah one thing did change… I now Pay 2% extra on service tax! there you go! anything else changed? Nope. Nada!

  • CJ

    Whoa!! In between I was in splits as to whether this is real or a sarcastically written piece 🙂

    • Omendra Ratnu


  • sourabh bhattacharya

    Hilarious, stupendous, marvellous can’t stop my laugh reading the whole article. Jai ho

    • Omendra Ratnu

      Thanks for reading and replying . Few in this nation understand satire. 🙂

      • Karthick

        I totally agree. I’m sure more than a few readers may mistake your article for a rant, and agree 😉

  • ChanderS

    satirical and informative too. Nice attempt

    • Omendra Ratnu