JNU Chronicles: Love Jihad

The fourth part of the series of real-life tales from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), often known…

The fourth part of the series of real-life tales from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), often known as the citadel of Indian Marxism, narrated by a former student of JNU. 

In JNU there are few hostels in which one section is occupied by boys and another section is occupied by girls. Dining hall and TV room are common for both girls and boys. As every year new students join JNU, one newly married girl got admitted for her M.Phil. She was allotted Sabarmati Hostel which is one of those few hostels where both boys and girls are accommodated.

As newcomers join the campus. they start getting amorous proposals, The married woman was also approached by several men but she declined them as she was already married. Normally people stop making approaches after they get to know about the married part. But not all of the boys have only Love in mind. for some of them it can lead to path of Jihad. One such man continued trying with no success. Then he took help of commies. Comrades would do anything to make this man happy as his community ensured a big chunk of votes for them. Few communist girls would always invite her for meetings and get togethers. It was ensured by them that both Man and married woman would meet daily on different pretexts. Very much like the movie ‘Fifty First dates’. It is ironic that it sounds romantic. Gradually the married woman would spend more time with this man, as they stayed in same hostel, it was easy for them to meet on daily basis.

Community of the man always ensured that he was never short of money or car or good cloths as he was on a holy mission. She fell for the illusion created by him with help of lies. She asked her husband for divorce. She was not ready to hear her parents or anybody at all. She destroyed her support system which would have protected her in situation of distress. The man was Arabic language student with no source of income or any future at all. Many Arabic language Students of JNU end up typing thesis of other students or driving auto rickshaws in Delhi. He never loved her anyway and agenda was already fulfilled, he would pressurize her to sleep with other members of brotherhood who had invested their money earlier. She went into depression, she tried to commit suicide and finally accepted her fate. She became a drug addict and a sex toy of Ummah. Who could she blame for her situation, herself, her naivety and her secular ignorance. What could we do to save her, nothing at all, finally she left campus and I hope she has found some reasons to live a happy life.  She was a bait for comrades for whom she was just a tool to satisfy their vote bank.

A girl’s life is nothing when compared to revolution. And for those who think Love Jehad is a fake concept, don’t blame anybody else when your daughter becomes a victim.

Navneet is self-employed in Africa. His interests include writing stories rooted in life.
  • Shyam Shyam

    These communists act as pimps who broker their own state girls to be spoilt by other men. Even in my college, a Bengali girl used to live in with a Muslim guy for 3 years after 1st year break up with her 1st boyfriend. Finally her lover left her after using her well for 3 years and after getting Rs.1,00,000 from that girl’s father to mentally release her !!

  • Indian

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  • Indian

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  • Qaw

    I really wonder how authentic this narrative is, seems more of a sensational imagination.

  • Tarun Prasad

    Dear editor of this website: posts from this JNU chronicles are harming the credibility of your otherwise great initiative. No proof of this story is given. Being concerned about Love Jihad is one thing and letting such garbage published is quite another.

  • NK Sarma

    since when India’facts’ became a site for gossips and college stories? Are the editors out on early dasara vacation?

    • Democrazist

      Looks like the author answered that question in the very last line of the article.

      • NK Sarma

        very smart, but pls don’t assume anything more than what I wrote. Editors, if they read, would know what I meant. Btw, that last line doesn’t answer, because I think Love Jihad is real.

        • Democrazist

          The non-believers of Love Jihad were answered in the last line! Believers like you and me don’t need any new information.

          Well – college stories or gossip-looking stuff can be real. I thought that the author was narrating a true incident; and that the college happened to be an element in the overall delineation.

          • NK Sarma

            yes they ‘can be’ real. but my point is about indiafacts whose focus is to present the views through facts. I just felt these chronicles dilute that uniqueness of the indiafacts. Editors (and some readers like you) may disagree and I’m fine with that. adios.

  • Nice Punchline: A girl’s life is nothing when compared to revolution. And for those who
    think Love Jehad is a fake concept, don’t blame anybody else when your
    daughter becomes a victim.

  • ItsIntheQuran

    Of course Love Jihad is real. Muslims are not allowed to marry anyone unless they convert

    And do not marry the idolatresses until they believe, and certainly a believing maid is better than an idolatress woman,
    even though she should please you; and do not give (believing women) in marriage to idolaters until they believe, and certainly a believing servant is better than an idolater, even though he should please you; these invite to the fire, and Allah invites to the garden and to forgiveness by His will, and makes clear His communications to men, that they may be mindful. Quran Surah 2, Verse 221

    They are also allowed sexual harems of unbelieving women to rape

    Successful indeed are the believers Who are humble in their prayers, And who shun vain conversation, And who are payers of the poor-due, And who guard their private parts – Save from their wives or the (slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy. Quran Surah 23, Verses 1-6

    “right hand possess” = slaves

  • vamsi krishna

    If true, thats an amazing story.

  • Pankaj Keshari

    @Navneet N- What is the source of this story?


      His imagination.

      • Zohrab

        This was first published in the hatemongering hindutva website http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/ on December 21st., that itself is self-explanatory of article’s authenticity. I had heard this website was shut down by UP Police, for initiating the love jihad fallacy two years ago. Also during the same period the JNU girl-students chased away the ultra-nationalist students for defaming them by citing this theory and for questioning the Hindu girls’ guts.