Julio Ribeiro

Julio Ribeiro says Hindu Rashtra proponents emboldened under Modi

  • I get an impression that this chap has been pressurised by his church who might be supporting him financially or otherwise. Hence he is under compulsion from the criminal church goons. Both Muslims and Christians have their international connections and are very powerful. Hence India is on their radar for religious conversions and they will never stop their agendas. Their entire conspiracy is to cook up stories and blow them up in MSM and then destroy the state. We know it but Hindus must fight these barbarians at international fora by mind n wit.

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  • IndiannotAmused

    Here is Julio Boy’s religion …..examined in depth…….by a Westerner…….Take ur time and be amazed……..http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/

  • pvas

    Riberio has had so many accusations against him for his heavy-handed approach in Punjab, that it’s hilarious that he is ‘crying me a river.’ He is simply milking the situation for all its worth, in exchange for a two minute fame and possibly some petty cash, if not for himself, for his family.
    In the end, all he is going to be is stuffed and mounted up in the Christian Hall of Fame. Thats what happens to all deceitful and dishonest christians.

  • mhndv

    Spit against Modi is sure way to seek public attention through media. Any Tom Dick and Harry when blabber against Modi/BJP it become media celebrity. And the attention-seeking itch of person like Julio Riberio who was in wilderness of retirement made him uttered silly diatribe against Modi government. His comment though not important but ridiculous put his onetime admirers also in thinking that with the age his sanity is going in reverse. Because he was big cop, and we expect that during his tenure he must have learned that in investigative procedure collection of proofs is essential before you direct suspicion to X or Y. Instead he preferred system that was prevalent from imperial period- Catch the person and paste Criminal on him.

    We believed in media’s capacity to fool naïve but not to the person like JB. However it is difficult to presume whether JB got influenced by section of media’s partisan propaganda or deep within him adherence to faith has dented his rationality. But surly one fall out of this
    would not be welcomed- so far Hindus have never seen the religious credentials of persons before he/she has been made darling and taken on their shoulders but such a prejudiced statement could definitely make them rethink.

    Is Julio Riberio ignorant of the manner and means that evangelists apply for conversion or within his heart he is approving such methods?

  • We should actually expect more such activities in our country. Unfortunately partly this is a truth also. Hindu activists are stupid trollers oblivious of international Christian ploys of conversion and divisive politics by US as their head via Vatican. Hindus must educate themselves of such foreign powerful elements lest Modi shall be defeated in his own house by his own ppl. Please don’t get in their trap. Hindus beware of such damaging Christian underhand politics.

    • IndiannotAmused

      There is enough intellectual ammo available if anyone were to seriously confront these cheaters…..

      1. http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/

      2. http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Bankers-History-Money-Vatican/dp/1416576576

      We need an integrated,managed cadre which will dedicate itself to offensive academic-intellectual pursuit to nail these b…..s. Lets say a core group of 20-30 scholars,a media group of 10-15 speakers, an authors group of 10-15 writers and finally a debaters group of 50-60 individuals.All will be supported in both defensive and offensive capabilities by a university-Dharma Math network. How costly or politically difficult can that be ? Sad that it is only the man on the street that is worried about such things.

    • Globalaryan

      What makes you say Hindu activists are oblivious of these ploys and you call them stupid trollers? And what is the ‘truth” you are talking about? It is no surprise or secret that English MSM is littered with nehruvian style sickular ultra-left so-called Lutyens journalists (many of them communist/marxists ideology like Karan Thapar who regularly writes for The Hindu. Also, various media have allegiances e.g. HT is owned by Shobana Bharatiya – a Congress RS member and IE,TOI has Congress leanings also so they will try their best to paint BJP government negatively while fully realizing that they are playing into the western colonial church agenda that doesn’t want a nationalist government in India because then they will not be able to dictate their terms.

      As far as Congress goes, they are a corrupt sold-out and majority of that party has never cared much for India or Hindus/Sikhs and practiced christian and muslim minority pleasing policies and resulting media discourse becomes anti-Hindu. That is what we’re seeing in full gear these days manipulated by the west and it’s shrewd media that works hand-in-glove with the conversion agenda.

      Their trap that you talk about is all around the English MSM and there is a select group of people who control the news flow out of India. I find PTI and IANS are both showing jingoistic and anti-Hindu news and are part of this carefully planted media web. It’s our nation and it is our fault that we’ve allowed these anti-Hindu entities to flourish right under our noses and they’ve taken advantage of our secularism and tolerance. More and more Hindus are realizing the brainwashing, and oppression they’ve been subjected and that in reality they’ve been the minority all along in their own nation.

      • Thank you for your awareness. Kindly keep it up. You are one of the beacons of light India needs.

  • It reminds me of an article by Prof Madhav Nalapat recently a month or so ago when he expressed his concern on such targeted messages and unsocial activities to defame Narendra Modi and his government because he is a bête noir of Westewrn powerful colonial elements. It also reminds me of the departing venomous blurts of Obama and he reiterated his anti Hindu anti India speech to please his fundamentalist Christian lobby. I shall not be surprised, if these activities are being planned, executed by their own Christian fundamentalists in the garb of sheeps like Sonia, Ribeiro, etc. Christian missionary is deeply involved in subcversion activities under the patronage of US – CIA. Kundankulum is one such glaring exampole and the divisive forces in our North East are yet another glaring examples.

  • Seel

    All those support from the paid media show how corrupt and biased India’s press is.

  • Seel

    Julio was involved in large size violence in Punjab, his words are due to contempt of Hindus and their way of life.

  • suru

    Let All those who tweeted above and J. Ribeiro watch this video that answers all their questions.


    • Bhartiya

      All above know what the truth is, all above are anti Modi. They will make mountain of a mole, put more and more masala. These are scum of our society. Their carelessness and bebuniyad articles, statements on tweeter are causing damage to nation. They are helping US to collect atrocity material. These are selfish people who do not see what is going to happen to their third and generations beyond! Their goal is short term! Destructive agendas just because they do not like Modi

  • P. B. Josh

    Exaggeration is Secular’s birth right. In both cases, Haryana Church vandal attack and Bengal’s nun rape, there were previous altercation-between church priest and local people and the convent nun and local politician and his supporters for removing politician’s son from the school. Justification or reasons behind these altercation should be investigated by the state government. Center has nothing to do with it. As far as Swamy’s statement of Mosques, Muslim leaders in Muslim countries are demolishing Mosques at great rate. Egypt banned 2700 Mosques in Egypt for anti-national activities.