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India’s Constitution clearly states that Government should not pass any bill to benefit a specific religion. Additionally, there is no definition of the word “Minorities” in the Constitution. In fact, no Constitution in any robust democracy in the world has special Bills or laws that provide special benefits for religious minorities purely because such groups are religious minorities.

What is ironical is the fact that Muslims and Christians, who are the top two religions of world are treated as minorities in India although their population share in India is more than 20 per cent.  According to Articles 15,16,26, and 30 of the Indian Constitution, any Bill or law passed by any State or Central Government exclusively to favour minorities is illegal.

However, in practice, for over six decades, successive Central Governments and various State Governments have passed a whopping number of Bills and schemes that favour minorities at the expense of the majority.

The objective of this research presentation is to provide a partial list of  some big ticket expenditures made by such Governments till April, 2014 for Muslims and Christians.

Muslims and Christians enjoy unique and discriminatory benefits as compared to Hindus–whether they be SC/ST and Hindu OBCs–under some of these heads:

  • State Minority Benefit Schemes
  • OBC Benefit Schemes – Approximately more than 50 per cent of Muslims and Christians were moved to the OBC category by National Committee for Backward Classes (NCBC)
  • SC/ST Schemes – A big percentage of Muslims and Christians were moved to SC/ST. Hindu SC/STs converted to Christianity continue to enjoy SC/ST benefits with Christian and OBC benefits
  • Central Benefit Schemes for Minorities

The schemes listed in the presentation are not applicable for Hindu SC/STs. Some of the bills are also applicable for Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis. But the percentage of expenditure equivalent is in the range of 15 to 5 per cent.

What is even more stunning is the fact that a majority of these privileges for Muslims and Christians in India are not available for Muslims in Pakistan and other Muslim, and Christian Countries.

This presentation or the list of bills therein is not complete. It is the first of sorts in a larger project to bring to light such state-sponsored discrimination against Hindus.

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  • Cyriac. V. J.

    Please do not club the percentage of Christians in India with other minorities like Muslim. Christians are just 2% of the population. More people are converted from Christianity to Hinduism in Christian majority countries. While Sanyasees and Sanyasinis from India are free to enter in to Christian majority countries, preach their religion and construct temples and ashrams, why should we make a big hoax about conversions in India? Even after 60 years of independence and the so called conversions Christians are still only 2% of the Indian population. These popular leaders did their education in Christian Institutions and they were not converted. 1. LK Advani did his schoolinf in St, Patircs Scholl in Karachi, 2. Vasundhare Raje Scindia completed her school education from Presentation Convent, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, and later graduated with Economics and Political Science degrees (Hons.) from Sophia College, affiliated to Mumbai University, Mumbai. 3. Smrithi Irani studied up to class 12 at Holy Child Auxilium School. 4. Arun Jaitly studied at St. Xavier’s School, New Delhi from 1957–69, 5. Jayalalithaa attended Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.[7] She completed her childhood education at Sacred Heart Matriculation School (popularly known as Church Park Presentation Convent or Presentation Church Park Convent) in Chennai, 6. Maneka Gandhi was educated at the Lawrence School, There are hundreds of thousands of Hindus who did their education in Christian institutions and reached high levels in life. None of them were converted and they still have great respect for those institutions. I am not a scholar to argue with learned scholars like you. But as a patriotic ordinary citizen of India, I am aware that who ever is spreading hatred among the people of a nation are not doing it for the best interest of their country. As I said earlier I am not eligible for a discussion or arguments on this subject. So good bye.

  • Ambarish

    Height of appeasment …….Speechless….

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Is that the reason why recent religious conversions to Christianity are from these communities? This is extremely discriminatory. The concessions on caste basis should be available only to Hindu backward castes. This way Hindus have to pay for the destruction of their religion. As it is their religion is blamed for caste division and they bear the brunt. On top of it they also indirectly help religious conversions. SANATAN DHARM KHATAREME.

  • N.Paramasivam

    It is a shame to call us a democratic country, wherein people are divided and a particular religious people are getting special treatment by Government. Instead Govt. can proclaim that they will care for those people, who are minority in Govt. angle? Atleast, people from Majority religion will opt out of Govt. activities.