Looming Spectre of Anti-Hindu Political Front: Now It is Hindus Versus All Others

India won freedom in 1947 after passing through a blood bath of unimagineable proportions. At that time it was believed that in the coming decades the Hindus will be able to live peaceably in their ancient homeland. Unfortunately that did not happen and during the last 68 years the Hindu community, especially the poorest among counting nearly 34 crores, have been pushed into utter penury. In the name of promoting minority welfare the ruling gang of secularists have reduced a large mass of Hindus virtually to the status of hewers of wood and drawers of water.

The initial mischief was done at the time framing the Indian Constitution by incorporating Articles 25 to 30 for protecting the interests of the so-called minorities – without defining the word ‘minority anywhere in the Consttution. These Articles have been misused for showering on minorities a number of privileges which have been denied to the majority community, the Hindus. In addition, a National Minorities Commission was set up in 1992, after enacting the National Minorities Act.

The objective was to promote the exclusive welfare of five communities, namely the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Sikhs and the Parsis. The most questionable, nay reprehensible, indeed was the fact that excepting the Muslims, the remaining four communities are more prosperous and better placed than Hindus in five important human development indices.

The anti-national cult of votebank politics received a shot in the arm when the UPA government appointed a high-powered Committee under Justice Sachar to evaluate the socio-economic and educational status of Muslims and recommend measures for their upliftment.

It was followed by establishing a full-fledged Ministry of Minority Affairs for drawing up plans consolidating the five minority communities by showering millions of scholarships and concessional loans as a privileged group for pitting them against Hindus who were denied any share in 2 crore scholarships and concessional loans, etc.

The plumbing depth of discrimination against Hindus was reached when on December 9, 2006 (birthday of Sonia Gandhi) the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh made a policy declaration that the Muslims and the minorities will have the first claim on India’s resources. The proclamation meant that the Hindus will be entitled only to the left-over crumbs after the Muslims and other minorities had gobbled their fill of the national resources.

It has remained an unresolved mystery why this pro-Muslim and anti Hindu policy statement was made by the former Prime Minister on birthday of Sonia Gandhi. According to the Lutyens rumor mill thereby hangs a tale!

The demeaning acts of discrimination against the Hindu poor, by showering two crore scholarships on Muslims and minorities plus cheap loans, , were practiced to achieve the following two political objectives :

Firstly, to consolidate the five minorities as a solid votebank to serve the ulterior designs of the self-styled secular coterie.

Secondly, to drive the Hindus, especially their poorest component comprising nearly 34 les miserables, living below the poverty line, to the edge of economic misery, unless they converted to Islam or Christianity.

Meanwhile due to incessant flow of foreign funds during the UPA rule thousands of new mosques and churches have been built across the country and a substantial number of poverty-stricken Hindus seeking free scholarships have reportedly been tempted to convert to Islam and Christianity.

Millions of dollars have been pouring into India from petro-dollar rich Sheikhdoms and countries like, America, Canada and Germany for pursuing the evangelisaton agenda of Joshua Project, World Vision,, Christian Aid and Seventh Day Adventist Church, etc., for harvesting the souls of the so-called ‘heathen’ Hindus.


But God is great. In 2014 He performed a remarkable rescue act to save the beleaguered Hindus from annihilation through the personae of Narendra Modi who brought victory to the Bharatiya Janata Party. But the revival of Hindu nationalism has made all anti-Hindu parties and the mainstream English language media join hands.

They have formed a formidable Anti-Hindu Front now under the leadership of an ace anti-Hindu politician, Arvind Kejriwal, who has managed to entice Anna Hazare, an ignoramus who does not know AAP’s anti-national and Muslim-centric politics into his team.   Their sole objective is to defeat the rising clout of the saffron wave among masses.

Courtesy our noisy anti-Hindu media, a roaring cacophony has been created  by the Aam Aadmi Party, the Congress Party, the left-over leftists and communalists belonging to militant Muslim and aggressive Christian groups against the BJP. Though ostensibly the left-over leftists have decided to take to streets for opposing the proposed Land Acquisition law, the real purpose of the newly formed political coterie is to subsume and supplant the Hindu identity of India by defeating the forces of Hindu nationalism.

The sole aim of the newly formed Anti-Hindu United Front is to pull down Narendra Modi’s government because of its saffron hue and commitment to restore India’s long lost glory. Leaving India aside, there are not many dumb nations where considerations of regional loyalties, family fiefdom, religious denomination and caste considerations are preferred over national interests.

Hindus must understand that in India secularism has become a duplicitous dogma which supports the two minorities, namely the Muslims and the Christians, but despises and berates the Hindus, especially the 34 crore Hindus living below the poverty line.   That is the key plank of the ugly votebank politics.

Both Islam and Christianity are aggressively proselytizing religions. In recent years a few Hindu organizations have tried to organise ‘ghar wapsi’ (i.e., return to Hindu faith) of those who had been enticed away from their ancient faith by the missionaries of Christians and Islam by allurements.   This has created a furor among secularists and anchors and analysts of some English language media having a solid stranglehold over tele-media and print media of India.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in eating thereof. The manner in which all opposition parties united together and out-voted the BJP government in Rajya Sabha by a margin of 61 votes during the motion of thanks to the President’s address on March 4, 2015, shows the shape of things to come. A motion of thanks moved by the BJP government in the Upper House was atrociously modified by an amendment moved by Sitaram Yechury supported by all opposition parties. It naturally left the government of Narendra Modi red faced, though not despondent. It is a dangerous signal for the Hindu society which continues to remain divided by a number of casteist and regional preferences. Unless the RSS and the BJP make another massive bid to unite the Hindu society, the leftist-cum-Muslim-cum- Christian gang will try to re-establish an anti-Hindu regime at the centre. That is the bottom line.

Testing Times Ahead for Hindu Leadership

Finally a warning to Hindus. Let us not be carried away by the spectacular success of Narendra Modi in turning the tables on the enemies of the Indian nation. There are many pitfalls ahead, including the dreadful possibility of failing to capitalize on the success of BJP in 2014 general elections. The formidable threat has manifested itself in the spectacular victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in the recently held elections to Delhi State Assembly. It was caused by the calculus of combined voting power of Muslims and Christians. There is no dearth of self-seekers and back-stabbers in Hindu society. Frankly, quite a few can be seen right now lurking behind fast-growing thorny bushes of treachery to ambush and thwart the forward march of the saffron ideology.


Apart from the supine Hindu leaders, it is introspection times for the Hindu masses, too.   They must question the utility and relevance of Hindu outfits like the VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena , Hindu Mahasabha, etc., which have been functioning after the gory blood bath called the partition of India.    What’s the purpose of these Hindu groups being in existence for several decades if they could not awaken and make the Hindu masses realise the ‘dhimmie’ status assigned to them in their ancient homeland? Why could they not unite the majority community and make them fight for their legitimate rights by making the Hindus vote tactically – just as Muslims and Christians have been doing? Frankly, many of these outfits have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some of them have been getting adverse publicity at the hands of acerbic telemedia anchors and inadequately-read print media columnists! An effort must be made to merge all these splinter groups swearing by the colour saffron into the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Hindu leaders have failed to awaken the poorest of the poor Hindus, living below the poverty line, about the monumental discrimination practiced against them by the self-styled secularist club in the name of ‘inclusive growth’.   Time has come to publicly identify and name and shame all anti-national and anti-Hindu chatterati in every walk of life – be they be in the media, or politics, or in the academia. In sharp contrast, the Muslim and Christian leaders are far cleverer than their passivity-opiated Hindu counterparts. Ever since independence, the minorities across India have always been voting tactically to erase the interests of Hindus.   When will Hindus learn from the tactically-honed win-win strategies adopted by the Muslims and Christians ?

Urgent Need for Course Correction by Hindu Leadership

Time has come for Hindu leaders to frankly admit their old and recent failures, reorient themselves and devise better strategies. Furthermore, they must speak out loudly and alert the Hindu masses that the passive philosophy of unlimited tolerance of oppression is totally contrary to the robust teachings of Sri Krishna at the battleground of Kurukshetra.

In a nutshell, the Hindu society will have to devise and implement an effective strategy to meet the centuries old challenge of savagery practiced by jihadis. Unremitting savagery is the most important arrow in the quiver of lakhs of jihadi militants led by al-Qaeda and the newly proclaimed IS caliphate.

The present stage of the re-awakened Hindu nationalist movement reminds one of the following famous lines of Robert Browning in his inspirational poem, Prospice.

“Fear death? – to feel the fog in my throat,

The mist in my face,

When the snows begin, and the blasts denote

I am nearing the place,

The power of the night, the press of the storm,

Yet the strong man must go:

For the journey is done, and the summit attained,

And the barriers fall,

Though a battle is to fight, ere the guerdon be gained,

The reward of it all.

I was ever a fighter, so – one fight more,

The best and the last! “

To sum up, a ‘Maha Sangram’ or final battle is yet to be fought and won by Hindus for restoring the long lost glory of Mother India.

Ram Ohri is a former IPS officer and writes regularly on security issues, demographics, and occasionally, on policy.
  • observer

    Dear Ramji,

    I fully agree with your article…

    I think we as worlds ancient civilization are facing a syndrome called ” Hanuman syndrome “..

    We should be told what is our greatness in order to know about our real strength.

    Once we are awaken then i strongly believe that the world will come back again to sathya yuga.

  • Dr. MS

    Years ago a very smart Anglo American, honest, insightful and belonging to a rare breed of academics and intellectuals with integrity, said to me, “Monotheism by its very rigidity of ‘one male God, one theology, one doctrine and one almighty moralizing patriarchal God’, leaves little room for real discourse, inclusion, co-existence, tolerance and true democracy. Hence combat, conflict and wars become integral part of such a paradigm. Christians fought the Jews, Jews fight the Muslims, Christians fight the Muslims and then one takes the side with another to fight the third. Like the current baayee bayee relationship between some Jews and Muslim to attack Christians or Communists or Atheist or Buddhists or Sikhs, etc. Or an alliance between Christians and Jews to attack Muslims, polytheists and non-Muslims…It keeps going in circles and it will keep going in circles…unless the paradigm changes”. I was at the time a young naive doctoral student. His statement and analysis opened my eyes to things that I had not thought about at all.

    But how do we create the third paradigm that is so beautiful stated in Devi Mahatmayee where the Goddess says. “I shall come down to destroy the false gods of men. I shall come and destroy their illusions and delusions that are enforced as reality.”?

    Even many Hindu men are stuck in that paradigm as “reactions, in reactionary mode, in defensiveness with cluelessness…and with minds that have not overcome internalized colonialism”.

    Where do we go from here…to find that global paradise, create heaven on earth, Vrindavan, Nirvana (without drugs or props)…? That which will make the big contact possible (as one SETI scientist noted).

    But how do we do it when so many are stuck in the same paradigm?

    At least the discourse has begun. It is a beginning…Some articles on IndiaFacts are part of that new discourse.

    Thanks for that.

    This too…”Namahaa!”

    • Guest

      what you stated of the abrahamic god, it is also responsible for feminazism which also has its basis in the former?

  • Indian

    The Crux is going for a ULTRA RIGHT HINDU NATIONALIST organization on lines of Shiv Sena which will not even shirk from Violence. Go for the Jugular, exposing the LIES OF THE MEDIA WHOREHOUSES AND “SECULARS” Their nefarious evil agenda to convert India into another Phillipines, a GIANT WHORE HOUSE for White skinned animals and their carnal pleasures and Pedophilia and child rape of Church. ITALIAN MONSTER SONIA has to be exposed on all fronts, even with LIES, PROPOGANDA, and out and out street attacks. MORONS LIKE HAZARE have to be exposed for not filing their returns for many years (He speaks of Anti Corruption yet compromised with likes of SIBAL AND AGNIVESH AND his himself a puppet).People like Togadia are morons. SECULARS should be branded as what they are “PRODUCTS OF WHITE SKINNED BRITISH, SOLDIESRS AND THUGS EU AND NOW ITALIANS AND THEIR KEEPS” and 99% christian who want to HINDU WOMEN RAPED BY ITALIANS AND BANGLADESHI DOGS WHILE A HUSBAND, SON OR FATHER TRYING TO PROTECT THE WOMEN WILL BE PENALISED, ATTACK SONIA AND COMMIES VIGROUSLY AND SAVAGELY FOR COMMUNAL VIOLENCE ACT TO RAPE HINDU WOMEN, AND ATTACK MEDIA WHOREHOUSES BY PROPAGATING THEIR TRUTH THAT THEY ARE IN PAYROLLS OF VATICAN-ISI-OPUS DEI-ITALIAN DRUG ORGAN BLUE FILM CHILD PAEDOPHILE MAFIA ISIL-ISIS HEAD CUTTERS AND THE HATE MODI because MODI is A BROWN INDIAN and they eat the shit of white skinned bardancers and whores and gigs.COMMIES ACTIONS FROM 1947 TO NOW should be exposed through street propaganda and Net.VICIOUS-NO HOLDS BARRED AND SAVAGE ATTACK SHOULD BE MOUNTED ON THESE BASTARDS CALLED ‘SECULAR LUTYENS BRIGANDS’ and CHRISTIAN NAZI THUGS CALLED CONGIS..SONIA MAY WELL BE PLANNING A MAIDAN LIKE UKRAINE-EGYPT-LIBYA-SYRIA WITH CIAI-ISI-OPUS DEI-ITALIAN MAFIA.
    ATTACK CONGIS COMMIES and MEDIA WHOREHOUSES for being pimps of ISIS create a Revenge psychosis among Hindu Masses that their families are about to be prostitutized and India plundered. DELHI LUTYENS BRIGADE IS A PACK OF SLUTS AND WHORES WHO CHANGE THEIR WHITE BFs 21600 TIMES A DAY. Uttarakhand and UP should be made Up in Arms by propoganting the Mulayam and Congis are selling cheap power to Delhi slut paraders while the people there are bereft of Power and water. WHY NANDIGRAM GENOCIDE, is not at centre stage.ALL TERRORIST ATTACKS TILL MUMBAI were ACTUALLY ITALIAN MAFIA = INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN hindu genocide tactically a Black Church Sonia Op BY SONIA MAFIA..MULAYAM’S GOONS RAPE AND KILLING OF UTTRAKHANDI WOMEN AND CHILDRENB SHOULD BE USED TO VICIOUSLY ATTACK HIM AND FILE CASES AGAINST HIM UNDER POCSA..Hindu Leaders are MORONS..BHARTIYA KISAN UNION should be brought in action against KEJRIS AND HAZARES MISCHIEFS

    • Dr. MS

      Mr. Indian, if you are one (I do not think you are), the crux is NOT ultra right nationalism…Stop bringing this up to embarrass, co-opt and somehow internally manipulate. Full stop.

  • sudhirb

    That is so true. Let us hope present Govt succeeds in putting things on track.

  • Raj Prabhakar

    I also want to add my concern regarding the lack of initiative and apathy of the Hindus such as : Why do they send their children to convent schools and subject them to alienation and humiliation and mistreatment? Can they not get their act together and have some good schools for the children. They have the funds and the required talent. Then why not? Also there are so many anti Hindu television and radio and newspaper outfits. Can they get their act together do something. I realize now some religious channels like Astha and Sanskar etc. have come up. But these donot cover the news etc. Also it is good to see some gurukuls are getting started or expanded.

    Regarding Radha Rajan ji ‘s comments if I may say the same attacking each other, criticising and thus dissipating the energy rather then getting united and work for our survival under the present serious threats from the OTHERS.

    • Dharadhar Shayan

      With respect to Hindus not being able to start schools of their own, you should read RealityCheck’s posts on RTE. How this dracnonian law puts curbs on how Hindus can run a school and how these curbs are exempted for a minority Institution.

      • Raj Prabhakar

        Many Thanks for informing me about this matter. Of course we all know same is the situation with the management of Hindu temples. It is very sad and pathetic. Rather then fighting the enemy we are busy with all the infighting.
        There again unfortunately not being united Hindus have no power no clout and so others rule over us and exploit the country. Some , it seems like to out do each other in criticising our netas thus providing more ammunition to the opposition While the Muslims fight with each other but they are all united against Hindus. Same is the case with the christians. They are all united inspite of many internal differences.
        So the most urgent need of the time is to STAND UNITED to remove the draconian laws and manage our temples, our schools ,our jobs and our lives OURSELVES.
        My prayer May the DIVINE grant us some Sadbuddhi.
        Om Shanti Shanti Shantih:

  • Radha Rajan

    Shubangi Tejpal did not mean Grorge is naive, but Srinivas who thinks we just have to propagate Vivekananda’s hinduism for the world to become Hindus. And when Vivkananda already daiod according to Modi sarkar that there is truth in all religions, Srinivas are you sure we wnat to propagate Vivekananda’s views on hinduism with which i dont agree at all. I dont think all religions are true because of that were so then all religions wld lead to the same goal – another secularist abrahamic anti hindu lemoin which only Hindus buy with such enthusiasm. George consider yourself well and truly hugged. Brilliant as always and remarkable.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      I stand corrected.

  • Raj Prabhakar

    Dear Sir:
    A very timely and important article. In our small private circles we have also expressed the same opinion and have come to the same conclusion. I notice and feel dismayed that many well known people or groups do not see the urgency of the situation and try to run with their own agenda and try to criticise other Hindu groups or persons. I get particularly worried when these people criticize Sri Modi ji our Prime Minister. In my estimation he is a Rajrishi in this kali age and India is very fortunate to have him as the prime minister. But it is the misfortune of us Indians that we do not realise and appreciate that special gift. He has some formidable enemies insside and outside India. Then does he need more static from the well wishers of Hindus. If I may mention recently I was disappointed to see Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s remarks about Sri Atal Bihari ji and a kind of one upmanship about the government of India’s plans. proposals and bills etc.
    At this juncture it is very critical, it is almost a question of survival. for us. We have to become UNITED,ASSERTIVE,STRONG,SUPPORTIVE and VERY AGGRESSIVE to protect ourselves for our own sake and for the ultimate welfare of humankind.
    My special regards to you. Please keep writing more such articles.


    • Radha Rajan

      These are the very arguments which silenced Patel, Rajaji, Munshi and other towering Hindus when Gandhi9 was leading the country towards visection. This culture of silence does not serve the hindu nation. And Modi has to earn my trust; it is not a given.

  • Sree Charan R

    Good Article.And very timely.
    (A small note…)
    But– in the final line– I don`t think so it would be right and factual to call “the long lost glory of Mother India”;because it was never lost and India has a cultural continuity of almost 10000 years–even though we have been ignorant about our glorious past in the recent times.And fortunately it seems that we are realizing it.

  • Srinivas

    While the Muslim League got a separate Muslim homeland just after seven years after
    declaring its goal for achieving it, why the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra
    has remained a mirage, this all Hindus should introspect. Please read and share
    this link https://thinkerspad.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/achieving-hindu-unity/

    • Ganesh Jadhav

      I have been keenly going through pro Hindu websites and for the first time found
      someone go deeply and analyze the causes for disunity among Hindus. Beginning
      from Buddha to Babasaheb Ambedkar, all social and religious reformers had criticized
      the Vedas, but not the Upanishads. In fact as you had said in one of your
      researched article, Babasaheb Ambedkar wanted Hindu society to be built on the
      principles of the Upanishads. But the hold of the orthodox on Hindu society is
      so great that everyone without bothering to read what is there in the Vedas
      consider it as sacred and the word of God. In modern India only two persons
      Dayananda Saraswathi and Aurobindo (both Brahmins) spoke in favour of the
      Vedas. While Dayananda Saraswathi feels that the Vedas have been misinterpreted
      (it appears that even the acharyas, Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhwa misunderstood
      the Vedas and hence they used the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Brahma Sutras
      to formulate their respective philosophies and not the Vedas), with regards to
      Aurobindo I would just say what Osho had said- ‘what he (Aurobindo) writes
      nobody cannot understand. The missionary zeal in which you speak of Hindu unity
      make me feel that you belong to an upper caste, but I appreciate your honesty
      and concern for uniting Hindus. But the question is will the Manuvadis who
      control all Hindu organization heed for your opinion and views when they
      discarded the appeal of Babasaheb Ambedkar to reform Hindu society to save
      Hindus from the Muslim onslaught?

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        Harping on Manuvad is apolitical activity. Manusmruti was not literally followed It had become a political baton quite early or so it seems.