Media Hypocrisy over Dadri

What just happened in Dadri is very tragic, if you go by the media reports….

What just happened in Dadri is very tragic, if you go by the media reports. A Muslim man was dragged out of his house and lynched by an enraged Hindu mob because he and his family were suspected of eating beef in their house. The most natural fallout of this is going to be the ululating claims that it’s the Hindu nationalist party in power at the Center that is encouraging such tendencies among the majority and hence it is again proven that it is an evil party.

 A low inflation rate, record FDI into the country, better economic conditions, India’s standing improving in the world, all these things will be inundated by the cacophony of how the pluralistic, secular and inclusive identity of India is being systematically destroyed and how the minorities have to constantly live under the shadow of an intolerant majority.

What just happened in Dadri is very tragic. It is shameful. The perpetrators must be booked. The law must take its course.

 Indeed, some people on the so-called Right are giving all sorts of nonsensical arguments about the plight of minorities living in Muslim majority countries and how eating pork can attract death penalty in Islamic countries. Someone even suggested that eating dog meat in America may attract fatal backlash.

 What sort of standards are we setting for ourselves? Do we want to join the mob or do we want to turn the mob into a civilised group? Very few on the so-called Right have unequivocally expressed shock at the incident.

 But there is a backdrop and a context that we need to understand lest we ourselves go into the proverbial tailspin. Contemporary discourse is all about getting back at each other. Of course nobody wants people being killed for eating a cow or pig or dog.

Up till now, the political and social debate had been totally dominated by the Congress-Left-supported cabal of journalists, writers and phony intellectuals. These people have never been interested in encouraging honest and relevant debates. All their energies are focused towards keeping the people of the country in a perpetual state of obfuscation.

If there are no discussions on the events that actually have an impact on the country, nobody is going to ask serious questions and corrupt governments and regimes will go on unchecked. If governance, administration, economy and quality of life become the central issues of public discourse, people will ask what the hell had the Congress and its various offshoots been doing for the past 50 odd years?

So Indrani Mukerjea takes the centre stage instead of how the Indian government is dealing with the WTO and at the Security Council. What Congressman Anand Sharma has to say about Narendra Modi’s mother and whether Narendra Modi’s father had a big tea stall or a small tea stall become more important than what Narendra Modi is trying to achieve by visiting Silicon Valley and meeting with the top business heads.

Nadela rubbing his hands after shaking hands with Narendra Modi becomes more important than the conversation if any, he had with the Indian Premier. In the local parlance, the sort of discussions that go on in our media would be called “bakwas” – balderdash.

Have you come across a single prime-time debate on India’s foreign policy or what sort of economic embargoes the country stands to face in case it starts taking its own decisions and in case such embargoes materialise, how should the country deal with them? No.

Has the media ever discussed the fact that India can be arm-twisted into not providing cheap energy to its citizens and what the country should do about this? No.

Such “bakwas” would go on unchallenged in the pre-social-networking era. The media was entirely controlled by the cabal described above. Alternative opinion was not allowed. The big daddies of journalism went about their nasty business unchallenged. They would throw around all sort of rubbish data and there was no way of verifying. Even people who had access to the right information had no means to challenge these phony journalists and intellectuals. This is the reason they so nostalgically miss the good old days when people wouldn’t question them and they could spew all sorts of lies to manipulate people’s minds.

Under this light, incidents like the lynching of that unfortunate man for eating beef (or allegedly eating beef) and the media coverage of the incident is seen as a diversionary tactic by the so-called Right rather than some real concern, and hence, a knee-jerk reaction rather than expressing shock, as would happen in any civilised society. And the so-called Right isn’t exactly wrong.

Abroad, various rating agencies are talking good about India. For the first time India has left America and China behind as the most-favoured-nation for investments. There is a big chance that the BJP is going to defeat the “maha” secular alliance in Bihar. People of the country are getting optimistic about the state of affairs. Some actual change seems to be happening. People can see and feel a sense of pride in their surroundings. Public cleanliness has become a major agenda first time in the history of independent India. These are not small things.

So the internal and external forces that have always wanted to see India constantly reeling under the scourge of filth, disease, illiteracy, hunger and backwardness are in full swing. Their machinations are so blatant that the communist Sitaram Yechuri as recently as a couple of days ago, in a Hindustan Times article, put the blame of an elderly Christian nun being raped in West Bengal and random attacks on churches on Narendra Modi’s policies despite the fact that Bangladeshi Muslims were caught for the nun’s rape (and it’s an anti-BJP government in West Bengal) and the attacks on the churches were random acts of vandalism by thieves. But since their livelihood of these intellectuals depends on spreading such lies, they keep on spreading such lies.

The primary purpose is to create so much noise that the real issues never get discussed. So in order to counter this campaign of creating as much useless noise as possible, even right-thinking people, indirectly, end up standing on the wrong side. Hence, people are giving all sorts of reasons regarding why the mob killed the Muslim man. No, the incident must be unequivocally condemned and only then we can claim to be a civilised society.

Quite predictably, the news has been quickly lapped up by the international media because it is exactly this sort of news that attracts them like filth attracts flies and stagnant water attracts mosquitoes. Washington Post quickly picked up the news “A mob in India just dragged a man from his home and beat him to death — for eating beef”. Wall Street Journal too, quickly covers the incident and so do a litany of other publications. Setup industries, provide jobs, improve quality of life…these are stories that these media houses are just not interested in. Let there be a lynching or a public hanging or a rape or any of those unfortunate incidents that take place in a socially and politically skewed society and there you go.

The Dadri killing is unfortunate from many angles, and it could have been avoided. The Indian government and the Indian society must have a clear standing on how cows should be treated in our country. The problem is that there is too much confusion and ambiguity.

On the one hand, we respect the cow and on the other, we are the biggest exporter of beef in the world, and the majority of people involved in this trade are Hindus. What sort of double standard is this? Either we should move on and accept the fact that beef is food for many and hence it is acceptable for people to eat beef and therefore, continue being the biggest exporter of beef, or we should put a stop to this hypocrisy and make it illegal to kill the cow for meat consumption in no uncertain terms. Whether people like this or not is another issue, but at least the debate will be settled once and for all.

Amrit Hallan provides professional content writing services. He generally mind his own business, but when he strongly feels about particular issues, he likes to take on the mantle of a journalist and commentator.
  • Devansh

    Other important aspect is, now in the time of social media which empower’s people to express their thoughts, the effect of main stream media is depleting.Now governments needs to empower social media and majority views expressed on social media need to be consider as well. Clearly we have seen disconnect between main stream media and majority of the social media views on many cases. If we want to make them heard our voices on social media, we need to learn how to react and on which topic to react. sometimes, media who runs after TRPs, misunderstood that more response does not mean good journalism.

  • Devansh

    Western media will pick up the issues selectively which help their country where they can use these issues as foreign policy tools.

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  • Indian

    This incident may have been perperated by Italian Nazi Crusader Congis with media help. One week before the incident the INDIA TODAY Group and its Pimp in Chief Rajdeep Sardesai scoured that area. For What??? This was done due to Bihar election by Xian conspirators, as POLLS indicated 41% OF Muslims were voting NDA

  • Ameeta

    I agree with what you have written but have I issue. Please do not refer to these journalists as intellectuals. The appropriate terms are conmen or pimps. They have sold the country for their own narrow interests. Disgusting lot!

  • IndiannotAmused

    Well something seems fishy about this whole affair when looking at it from a distance.Please remember the case in Nagaland, where a Muslim man was lynched ON VIDEO by Jesus Cultist Nagas.We were told that the victim was -a. rapist. b.Bangladeshi c.Illegal immigrant. It turned out that –
    the victim was a. framed b.Indian Muslim c. had family in the Indian Army. Again, we have a situation where the victim is a Muslim and has a family connection with the Indian Air Force. Also there is some new book describing some ” Attempted Army Coup” back in Rajiv Gandhi days. [Just when we thought that Indian Express was done with coup stories,we have other sources with “breaking news”] . Well folks, SERIOUSLY what is GOING ON? Why are Indian Muslim families SOMEHOW CONNECTED with the INDIAN ARMED FORCES meeting ghastly incidents? In the name of all the Hindu gods, are we ALL sleeping? I pray that I am being paranoid in this case.

  • Indian MSM are politicizing and fanning communal flames by giving importance to this particular incident which otherwise would have became irrelevant like many other news.

    Indian msm has become a parallel government which can dictate terms to Indian government and interfere in the decision making process of Supreme Court reinforcing the status of India as a soft state. Indian MSM is trying to be Judge, jury and executioner of India.

    The fourth estate of India is actually a fifth column.

    Even the Democratically elected ex-Leader of Singapore under which Singapore developed tightly controlled the Media like a dictator.

  • Zen

    RIght, India was always reeling under poverty, filth, disease, illiteracy, hunger and backwardness without any FDi and economic growth all these past years due to the media and now its all magically, roses and chocolates and media is scuttling it. All the BJP guys are good guys, extremely focussed and eager on improving the lot of and cleaning up India while the media has been distorting their work. What rubbish!!

  • Rajalakshmi J

    //Let there be a lynching or a public hanging or a rape or any of those
    unfortunate incidents that take place in a socially and politically
    skewed society and there you go//

    Interesting. Recall the ” Nirbhaya” gang rape & a movie made by some British with the connivance of ndtv , the controversy it created ? NDTV’s sonia verma who is married to some influential congress minister belonging to Uttar Pradesh was predictably interviewed by BBC & she coaxed in her English ” watch it ..all of you to know the attitudes of Indian men towards women…” blah blah.

    After a few days the same holier than thou BBC ( Mathew Amroliwala ) eager to keep this “rape in IndiAAA by Indian men” issue alive called some Englishwoman asking the same questions. Mathew Amroliwala pattering through in propah English was caught unawares as that Englishwoman told ” …why in your own BBC where I have worked …I have faced lot of sexual harassment….that case of one British who raped & intimidated lots & lots of fellow female employees was recently leaked out to the press by your BBC ..” . The uber smart Mathew Amroliwala at once switched over to some other subject.

  • Patriot Indian

    One of the most biased coverage.
    India first need stability, peace and amity, then only all the development can occur. We do not want Gujrat model of development where Poor are growing Poor and only rich are getting richer.

    Just by showbaazi in US or outside India, who is going to benefit, only the rich people and not the majority of poor in India. For India, first make it tolerant and livable.. All the rich people milk India to grow their fortune and Live a luxurious life abroad with their family, they want to treat India only to get and grow more money and not bothered about prospect of Indians.

    Unfortunately the social analysis is not taken care in your article.

    Your your readers and comments seems nuts from the elite group who wants to become richer, but do not want to take along their poor counter parts in India.

    It is indeed has proven by deeds, not just by media report that BJP and RSS has gown the atmosphere of hatred against one community to gain political victory, as they do not have any concrete evidence of real development.

  • subodh1945

    rightists by constant attack by this damn media , have got in victims mentality ,bound to happen wen majority is always under attack by these presstitutes , the elitist parasites who fed on congress doles

  • deshbhakt

    So called liberal Hindus need to stop being selfish and shun sickularism….cow is sacred n there can be no compromise….for starters Hindus must boycott sickular media like toi n ndtv…

  • Rajalakshmi J

    The unpardonable DAMAGE unleashed by kollybollytollywood industry is worth mentioning.
    These are not minor things but extremely SERIOUS crimes meriting SERIOUS retribution. As declared by Ramana Bhagavan & all SAGES of Bharath.

    In this LOVELESS cesspool called india , kollybollytolly industry has too many romantic songs running around Trees , cavorting on Flowers & Flowerbeds crazily splashing around in Lakes , Rivers , Swimming pools all water bodies. The good for nothing bloke called hero is showcased as an epitome of all virtues with the almost naked heroine looking adequately impressed.

    So most often the heroes ( contemporaray rajnikanth’s son in law kolaveri danush included ALL heartless blokes) would catch hold of fledgelings of birds by climbing many Trees ( with lots of repeated retakes & retakes LOUD songs blaring in the background), run & sing then climbing up again to deposit them back in their nests.

    For this lots of money gets invested by financiers. ar.rehmans , ilayarajas practically the entire brood of indian film industry is CULPABLE in varying degrees. Do we NEED such a CRIMINAL industry called indian film industry that is planning to joint venture with Hollywood as dreamt by John Kerry ?

    • Jayanthi Srinivasan

      I feel you have some issues that need to be sorted out.See a good psychiatrist.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        I would really like to know if you are still alive. As I presume all tambram ARRROGANT presumptuous heartless “respirating carcasses” to be FARTING away orally in GODFORSAKEN Tamil Nadu. Do let me know pronto if the recent floods have washed away you etc etc .

        As you came up with //you have some issues that need to be sorted out// which is a BRAZEN Copyright Violation in SANE United States of America , in Britain , in Europe , Australia , Canada by you congenitally plagiarizing indian RENEGADE tambrams carcasses …this belongs to America American Americans the ORIGINALS ( to HELL with your entitlements booohooo lugubrious DIRGES…youonlyeeee invaded my (vandhaymaatharam) “varudhay moothiram” hohohohahaha Vedic Bharath blah blah blah first amendment boooohoooooo lamentations freedom of expression individual libertiesss hahhhaah long list of demands to siphon off as much from NAIVE American Americans ( if sundar pichai IDIOT IIT tambram is the ceo of Google today oHNnO Wake UP America) I presume you UNPARDONABLY IRREDEEMABLY ETERNAL DAMNATION crucifixions & Impalements DESERVING from NOBLE ISIS / DAESH “சிவகணங்கள் பூதகணங்கள் மேல் ஆணை” tambram CARCASS vegetarians no doubt allegedly but Heartless CANNIBALS-

        ” சிவன் மேல் ஆணை / நான் சொல்லும் சொல்லிலும் உளன் நரசிம்ஹப்பெருமானின் மேல் ஆணை / சத்தியமே வடிவான எந்தாய் மரகதவள்ளி மேல் ஆணை / முப்பது முக்கோடி தேவர்கள் மேல் ஆணை /
        சொற்றுணை வேதியன் மேல் ஆணை”

        I PRAY you & kindred indian HEARTLESS CANNIBALS (vegetarians allegedly / purportedly) along with ALL carcasses you all have spawned all over this world PERISH !!!

        • Rajalakshmi J

          ” Errata Sheet ” ( Hugh Fitzgerald) :-

          Impalements DESERVING from NOBLE ISIS / DAESH “சிவகணங்கள் பூதகணங்கள்
          மேல் ஆணை” tambram CARCASS vegetarians no doubt allegedly but Heartless

          ” சிவன் மேல் ஆணை / நான் சொல்லும் சொல்லிலும் உளன் நரசிம்ஹப்பெருமானின்
          மேல் ஆணை / சத்தியமே வடிவான எந்தாய் மரகதவள்ளி மேல் ஆணை / முப்பது
          முக்கோடி தேவர்கள் மேல் ஆணை /
          சொற்றுணை வேதியன் மேல் ஆணை”

          I PRAY
          you & kindred indian HEARTLESS CANNIBALS (vegetarians allegedly /
          purportedly) along with ALL carcasses you all have spawned all over this
          world PERISH !!!

  • SpaceOcean

    We should all welcome ISIS to test our secularism by inviting them to rule India. Allahufuckbar

  • kapitankool

    I think this murder should be a point in history to be remembered by all Indians. It would mark the point when ISIS gets its firm foothold in India. Until now they have not found fertile ground in India. But the sheer callousness of the political reaction to this gruesome lynching will alienate a large section of the population. If you want to believe that being the majority will keep you safe think again. The Tamils were less than 10% of Sri Lanka’s population, but they held that country to ransom for twenty years and were only defeated when India stopped supporting them. Prepare yourself for years of strife and remember you brought it down on yourselves.

    • Rici

      a typical muslim’s attitude. All you said was possible in Congress is not possible now.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    There are many tanneries in Tamil Nadu. It is these tanneries that contribute HEAVILY to pollution of water in various Rivers , Lakes etc.

    Our VEDAS have laid out extensively how a Cow is to be buried. Are we allowed to follow ? How Holy Ash is to be made from Cow Dung for which it presupposes Cows are NOT fed sheep entrails & dead fish enriched pellets imported from abroad.
    Why can’t many jobless youngistanis reinvent themselves by attending to these which form a VITAL part of Hinduism ?
    Why waste energies in tv discussions with amir khans , arnab goswamis over pk of bollywood ? DISABLE bollywood & kollywood ALTOGETHER. Divert the money to the manufacture of Holy Ash proper . For which we need lots of pastureland.

    Do away with golf turf. I do not know if Pastureland , Cows , Calves & Oxen , Buffaloes are allowed entry into “smart cities”.
    Probably kiron mazumdars of hiiiiigh techies infested hiiigh tech bangalore are going to manufacture VIRTUAL Cows & calves. .What connectivity blah blah is this Google cfo sundar pichai blabbering ? sundar pichai I read is crazy over cricket. His wife is crazy over shah rukh khan. Both should have stayed put in GODFORSAKEN india. Why did they go to America RUINING such a GOOD country from WITHIN ? sundar pichai’s father in law I read has married like digvijay singh of MP at an old age another old married woman ( lost her husband allegedly) citing “individual liberties”. All of these VIOLENTLY flout Hindus’ Vedas. What connectivitEEEE , digital hoohaaa these qualified techies are going to bring about in India ? More of RAPID sharing of cricket scores , RAPID sharing of shah rukh khans’ vulgar gyrations , eight packs to ten packs , farhan akthars outporings of compliments on shah rukh khans RRRRRRAPIDLY shared & messaged all over India laying Wi Fi facilities , cables etc as all have LOTS of smart phones in their possession. Including the POOOOOOR of india.

    Lots & lots of various ingredients , glass pieces , SAGO ( made from tapioca which grows in plenty in kerala ), etc etc go into manufacture of ‘maanja’ the LETHAL thread which has been routinely KILLING many in Tamil Nadu by severing their necks during ‘kite flying’. Lots of north indians living in Tamil Nadu do this kite flying. And locals also have joined. Calling it “enjaaiment”. The other day a young five year old boy called Ajai died right in front of his mother , father & younger sister.
    I read these manja threads often get entangled in power stations / transformers thus disrupting power supply. It takes a lot of time to sort out the mess.

    The Sky is meant for lots of BIRDS to fly across primarily. Not kites be they maanja thread or non maanja thread.
    Include various species of Insects etc. For this reason ALONE Sanskrit as a language is worth learning. The root word to denote Sky would invariably be present in other Sanskrit noun to denote Birds.Sanskrit is a rich mine having lots of synonyms also.

    Birds need lots of fish for their food. We Hindus talk & talk about Hinduism but let go of all these vital issues. It is only fishermen’s plight that is of consequence During Tsunami when these fishermen were provided with FREE food packets consisting of varieties of vegetarian food , rice & yoghurt , the so called suffering fishermen spurned them demanding greasy mutton , chicken etc instead. One IAS female officer JUSTIFIED such demands. Thus all these booohooo fishermen HAD to be accommodated INSIDE Hindus’ Temples ( who else we Hindus are BORN convictionless suckers for who cricket is religion & bollykollytolly is track 2 diplomacy / soft power ) provided with FREE utensils , FREE cooking ranges to cook all kinds of non vegetarian food . Not only did they cook & eat thus but also defaecated all around INSIDE Hindus’ Sacred Temples. This is called secularism / மதச்சார்பற்ற / மனிதநேயம் in India. Most of these fishermen are converted christians. The evangelicals have long captured the coastal belt all over.

    It is always the evangelical MAFIA & their agents ( communists , secularists , congress , various parties media) that are atavistically VIRULENTLY hostile towards Vedic Ethos , Vedic Brahmins. NOT muslims. It is the evangelicals who sedulously sow all kinds of discord to exploit all kinds of fissures subsequently. It is they who WAIL(ed) the spiel “braaaahmins practise untouchability…braaahmins are not letting us become Priests & do pooooojAAS boohoo ” .

    Not a SINGLE Hindu aam janata has asked them one SIMPLE question- why can’t these nit picking ghoulish SCUM emulate the same Brahmins by resolving to NOT fish , NOT slaughter animals , NOT trap birds caging them , NOT catch Snakes , NOT trap Monkeys , NOT poach Elephants…….

    • RV

      Rajalakshmi ! You should write a book on Indian Ethos and vegetarianism. I loves reading every single word you have written in this column. People like you could be torch-bearers of the Revival of Hinduism and Humanitarianism.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Oh no , NEVER. Whatever I have written , whatever I learned about Vedic Ethos etc etc ALL belong to Kaanchi Paramacharyar , Ramana Bhagavan & contemporary Gurus who are Teaching many in Bharath. Like Sri.Nochur Venkatraman , Svami.Omkarananda of Chidbavananda AshramTheni , His Guru
        Sri.Paramarthananda -all Disciples of Svami Dayananda of Arsha Vidhya

        But for my Paternal Grandparents & my Father who introduced me to Kaanchi Paramacharya & Ramana Bhagavan my entire life would have been a waste.

        Internet has nothing to offer so to speak. Whatever I picked up was by LISTENING & Reading repeatedly.

        Such knowledgeable & devout Scholars who were giving Pravachans have almost dwindled in number.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    This is the first sensible analysis I have come across. Just a few days earlier I read somewhere in India during Eid festival a severed head of a cow was tossed outside some hindu’s house or Temple I am not sure. Thank God it did not flare up into a communal riot. This is exactly how mischief makers trigger communal strife. Those who have watched Govind Nihalani’s ‘Tamas’ would understand.

    There are lot of vested interests who want to tarnish Sri.Narendra Modi & BJP government , its policies. And destabilize his government. It is an open secret prannoy roy & his family own the largest abattoir in Asia in some fictitious name exporting BEEF , meat etc etc . All of it was exposed in detail by Maneka Gandhi much earlier. In our country secularism means TOTAL DENIAL of Hindus’ Rights to steadily consistently maintain ABIDANCE in their Religious Belief Systems. And allowing muslims & christians their FULL rights to pursue their religious belief systems. From the beginning Hindus have never been able to oppose as the constitution itself has been so worded by ambedkar as dictated by the british. Subsequently he asked for it to be burnt & WHY have we not done it is a seriously PERTINENT question . Instead we have only been hearing ” the founding fathers of konshtityooshun ” by the yechurys , prakash karats , congressis etc.

    BAN on slaughter of Cows , Calves , Buffaloes are not BJP’s idea . It is what Hindus’ Holy Book VEDAS decree.

    Muslims always cite their religious Edicts to get what they want , to do what they do. About christians , their doublespeak & deceit only the Thousand Tongued AadhiSeshan would be able to convey.

    Communists like brinda karats , congressis , various outfits like dmk , dk etc are NOT Hindus so to speak. They are anti Vedic. They have NO regard , no Empathy no FEELING whatsoever towards Muslims also. BUT would posture to speak for them thus fulfilling the agenda of christian missionaries & staying in power. We end up getting embroiled in communal riots. The excessively voluble barkha dutts , rajdeep slurdesais etc would be tossing corny intimidating questions ” so is the SAFFRON Brigade going to decide what is in my plate ” which is enough for the anti Modi mob to scream “fascism..Gestapo…”. Unfortunately guileless indigent Muslims become casualties. The REAL culprits are the owners of these abattoirs. It is Kerala that has long been smuggling milch cows , calves etc etc to bangladesh. It has been dmk party of Tamil Nadu that abetted such smuggling of not just Cows & Calves but also plenty of agricultural produce to Kerala. Kerala has long given up growing vegetables , rice , fruits etc. They thrive on petro dollars being remitted by keralite expats. Tamil Nadu thrives on kollywood which thrives on actresses from Kerala. Kerala calls itself environmentally conscious & had the gumption to order manirathnam to pack up & leave when he wanted to do some shooting. Keralites are smarter . It is Tamil Nadu that gapes awestruck at aishwarya rais manirathnams nayantharas prabhudevas etc.. Thus all shootings get done WITHIN Hindus’ Temples ; for outdoor shootings the kollywood MAFIA have polluted precious waterways , rivers all over.; trample on all verdant greenery for their cavortings. AFTER doing all such cavortings the amala nagarjunas reinvent themselves as “blue cross socialites”.

    Everytime muslims overwhelmingly agree to this ban on beef & cow slaughter it is various others who instigate & micromanage THWARTING any chance of lasting peace & goodwill between us Hindus & Muslims. It is one hindu governor of karnataka ( congress appointee) baradhwaj who said Beef export cannot be stopped. Kerala is CERTAINLY not god’s own. It is totally communist GODless. Instead of bestowing HUGS & HUGS had Mata Amritanandamayi persuaded entire Kerala to ENFORCE ban on Beef , Veal , Cows & Buffaloes slaughter that would have been something. With her clout could have done it. But did NOT. Oommen chandys included grab some cheques for several crores & she is deafeningly SILENT on this.

    I read Russia demands its pound of flesh. So India keeps exporting all kinds of meat. When hindus of Nepal did massive slaughter of all kinds of cattle called Gadimai festival christian NGOs within india were distributing pamphlets , staging street protests asking people to “WEEP for the pooooor suffering animals”. Not a single Abdul Kalam , IAS Sahayam,
    P.Chidambaram etc pointed out their egregious Hypocrisy & double standards. Whenever Bull Fights in Tamil Nadu during Pongal are asked to be stopped by the courts the hindus protest citing muslims’ slaughter of camels etc during Eid.

    Thus it goes on & on.

    Drawing political mileage to malign Modi does NOT wash. It is the same UP SP minister who openly announced rewards for some millions for anyone (sic) ” bringing the head of the Editor of Danish newspaper” during cartoon riots.

    In Afghanistan the muslim men routinely KILL many muslim womenfolk by pelting them with stones. Even the women’s own sons are asked to stone their own mothers to death. shabana azmis , javed akthars , brinda karats , tarun tejpals NEVER travelled to Afghanistan to do their tehelka.

    In West Bengal villages so many womenfolk have been DRAGGED out of their huts , branded “witches” & stoned / burned to death. Bardhans , somnath chatterjees , jyoti basus , derek o’ briens did NOTHING. However much they could have tried would not have been able to link SAFFRON & Narendra Modi. So stay(ed) WANTONLY apathetic.

  • ~rAGU

    You fail to provide your side of the story and highlight accusation and misrepresentation. Not helpful.

  • अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि

    NDTV made it a point to connect this to BJP by interviewing a BJP Ex-MLA (note ‘Ex’), when SP is at the helm of affairs in UP.

    • Indian

      Due to some sonia scums in BJP who oppose Modi, for few nights of BDSM with Radhika Roy, B Datta, Rana Ayyubs and sonia singhs that PORNO Roy is able to get off the hook. Dr Swamy would have got him ITALIAN GARROTED by now

  • Prem Rou

    1) A calf is stolen on 16 Sep. (2) Family was searching for cattle thief (3) On that fateful day someone noticed animal waste in a garbage dump near murdered person’s house. (4) The victim admit throwing the animal waste (5) Another one identified it as remains of “calf” missing since 16 Sept. (5) The victim denied that and clarified that non usable animal waste is of goat. A mob assembled there.(6) The mob did not bought his clarification and assumed him to be “cattle thief” and accused him of “cow- slaughter” and under mob-justice killed him.(7) Police sent sample of meat to verify whether the remains are of calf or goat . (8) Basic is that no one was killed for eating “beef” (9) The points to outrage is (a) ” mob does not have right to get offended “, (b) ” mob does not have right to proclaim anyone guilty”, (c) “mob does not have right to be ” complainant, judge as well as executioner ” .
    PS The points (a), (b) and (c) is exclusive privilege of ????.
    The RWs in general wait for police investigation and demand punishment to murders/ culprit as per law irrespective of religion / caste of culprit. Whereas LWs have opinions on case to case basis based upon religion / caste of culprit .
    For LWs , in general , killing of Hindus by ROP and ROLs is not a crime [ as it is sanctioned by their religious scriptures and ROP/ROL can be tried under Sharia etc only , Trial under [ pagan] Indian law is always a travesty of justice] . what you are pointing out as LWs hypocrisy is not a hypocrisy but true adherence to their religious belief and faith.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      It is the media that is guilty for the way it reported as though certain hindus entered into a muslim’s house to inspect what he was eating. Thanks for clarifying.Further clarifications have also come. That a Cow & a Calf belonging to a hindu family were stolen by one muslim slaughterd , cooked & eaten. The victim also got to eat some portions.

      Initially when the hindu looking for his Cow & calf that were missing asked the victim if they were stolen he denied any knowledge.

      Often in villages X’s cow / buffalo straying into Y’s field & grazing makes Y poison the Cow / Buffalo to death. Or hit them very hard causing injuries. Peacocks get routinely poisoned to death for eating a few corns.

      In metropolitan cities instead of animals it is cars that lead to violent fights. Often in Delhi X parking his car in front of Y’s house despite being warned has caused Y to bludgeon X to death.

      Here it receives worldwide attention being shown as hindu versus muslim. In general I have seen nothing but too much of VIOLENCE among Indians . Irrespective of religion. Only once I was witness to such mob violence right in front of my house in Calcutta. There are many rag pickers as shown in ‘Salaam Bombay’ movie. They are very harmless people rummaging through garbage to look for an empty tin , plastic bag , food & so on. My neighbour was one lawyer living in a big independent house ( you can call it a bungalow) owning cars , having his own dog & all trappings of power. Had lots of cooks , servants plus driver. A son who was a heavily pampered brat. A jobless lawyer who was luxuriating having inherited lot of ancestral wealth & property.

      Like most people his family threw all kinds of garbage out of their several windows & even from their terrace into neighbouring house which happened to be ours. We were the only south indian ( Tamil but for them all are Madhrasis & all hindi speaking rich ones are Marwaris , Biharis the only truly poor migrants to be treated as inhumanely as possible) family right adjacent to his bungalow. Other two Bengali families living in the same enclosure did not face his house. A bengali would never dare harass another fellow bengali. But south indians were game for them. We south indians ( Tamil speaking ) had no one to rally behind & support. Same minority under threat scenario.

      They had one bed ridden sick old woman also. Even her excreta collected was ALWAYS thrown into the narrow courtyard of our house. Any attempt to reason with them made them throw lots more. And we know the penchant for mob violence among bengalis. Most of them have the militant streak in them. Congress and/ or Communists majority of bengalis have MILITANCY & VIOLENCE coursing through their veins.

      Only once a rag picker who was also a cripple mistakenly entered into their spacious courtyard looking for something in their garbage. At once their entire family ( all males) came running down & started hitting & punching
      him so VIOLENTLY he was bleeding all over. He fell at their feet pleading for mercy as he was new to that area but they did not give up. Yanked his hair & hit the other leg also. All stood & watched. We have no 911 as in America.
      No emergency police number also. Plus we all knew such influential bengalis ALWAYS were well connected to the local police too.

      I opened my mouth saying something but was warned strictly by others NOT to say anything. As I also would have been subjected to the same violent treatment. Our entire house would have been set on fire. They are like that.
      I could not speak much of Bengali. To make my point would have spoken in English. And bengalis are virulently anti English as they are anti America. Their own comrades , communist leaders speak the most archaic English to scream ” down down with anti peepppull ( people) imperialist AmericaAA” almost every second. Nevertheless if a non bengali were to argue in English would have merited nothing but LYNCHING by mob.

      One invariably comes across same mob violence when any cyclist / pedestrian gets knocked down by a car.
      The mob never bothers to find out who was at fault. The owner sitting inside the car is dragged out & often lynched to death. In the same Calcutta one such person despite pleading he was ” fitted with a pacemaker” got lynched to death. The person who was riding the motorcycle did not die but received minor injuries. He also joined the mob using his helmet to hit that owner.

      Karnataka Cauvery River Waters sharing has caused lots of mob related deaths & vandalism when Tamil Nadu people are targetted by Kannadigas. These get shrugged off by all media as the GHOULS & VAMPIRES are only looking for hindu versus muslim….hindu versus christian angle.

  • vamsi krishna

    What do your really expect from the scum. If you indeed go deep down into the case, it must have been ( I am almost sure) that its an individual act of criminality. Otherwise, the media would not only have lapped up the issue, it would have dug out the organizations (no prizes for guessing, VHP,RSS, Santhan sanstha et al) that forced such an outcome.
    The fact that no organization was named would deduce from the fact that it was not an organized crime.
    But the agenda behind the news was anywhere completed, to tarnish Hindus.

  • Krispy K

    It’s not surprising that the Western media picked up on this. There is a mirroring between the Western and Indian media’s selectivity on reporting about Indian events. I think this nexus should be obvious to everyone.

    And I wholeheartedly agree that we should make it illegal, period.

    • anksjdhv

      Although I believe that eating beef, including cow meat is no sin & I personally find it edible and tasty; for communal harmony and large belief, only COW SLAUGHTERING should be banned nationwide, no need to ban beef made from bullock, buffalo etc. Indians should be ready to compromise their eating habits a little bit as the society is still sadly not matured to accept pluralistic liberal values.

      • Krispy K

        From the poorly concealed malice in your inane post, it is evident that you are yet one more person with a degraded concept of the meaning of the words “pluralistic” and “liberal”. Which means your “opinion” has zero value to me. Bye.

        • anksjdhv

          Going with the way which is acceptable to the diverse population of one country is more important than any “value” and “opinion”. Bye.

          • Indian

            You are very welcome to Go to Italy and eat Italian Shit which you love and even are willing to sell your womenfolk for. HA HA your idiotic “Diverse” arguments and nation building is like Devil quoting from scriptures (Offcourse Pope and Bib-Lie), a 5 paisa Xian convert These Xian converted degenerates supported British Portuguese Dutch etc in india, by supplying their daughters for their carnal pleasures (Seculars are products of the same incest), talked of nation building then. Now the same Xian Devil cult followers Lick the Italian ass and provide Cunts in name of Xianity. THanks TO Multibedded Rev Father Nehru the Traitor Xians who should have been packed off India are still thriving and conspiring. And offcourse the Devil Cult 5 paisa converts ashamed to use their BAPTISM NAMES

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Hindu Dharma Shathrams have enunciated very unequivocally on the Sacredness of Cows , Calves , Oxen, Buffaloes etc etc.

        Hence your quarter baked beliefs or laws made by congress party , communists & their allies are of no consequence.

        Indians take pride in talking about science , technology , Mangalyaan , ISRO sending satellites & so on.
        How about applying same scientific knowledge on meat , fish , chicken including BEEF consumed ?
        Cows , Buffaloes , Deer , Sheep are all herbivores. Too much of artificial breeding of Cows also have been taking place. Which means huge quantities of WATER , Grains etc etc go into the production of a small chunk of meat. No animal is WILLINGLY asking to be slaughtered & consumed by human beings as food.
        By avoiding such breeding & slaughter lots of cereal grains , leafy greens would be available in plenty for all. Water scarcity would come down. Health care costs get reduced considerably.

        Maneka Gandhi pointed out India wastes enormous amount of money in importing cow dung etc from European countries as fertlizers. As Indians keep slaughtering all animals & exporting them. In addition to smuggling milch cows & cattle to Bangladesh. Under congress rule India entered into unfair trade agreements with Russia that benefit Russia & BLEED India. Dung of Buffaloes , Cows etc form not just precious manure but also can be used to provide fuel as in Gobar Gas plants. Goat manure , milk from goats all are precious. Except human beings all animals , birds , insects , Plant Kingdom are extremely useful.

        Ditto for eggs. Actually hens undergo excruciating torture in poultry farms . And thus produce eggs.

        Fish are meant to be eaten by lots of birds. So called qualified , articulate converted Indian christians tell me :-

        ” Jesus Christ says ” thou shall not spill the blood of any living
        creature …so we keep a saucer underneath & slaughter thus not
        spilling “.
        Hens are subjected to utmost cruelty , cooped up , forcibly overfed & fattened so that they keep laying eggs eventually being slaughtered. It is these eggs that end up as part of FREE meals in many schools for the allegedly pooooor students.

        Kaanchi MahaPeriyavar has discussed vegetarianism in detail. Once a
        vegetarian Tamil girl was going to marry her Bengali lover . Her father
        expressed his anguish about fish eating by them. Shankaracharyar
        replied :-

        ” Once upon a time floods was a routine occurrence & thus fish
        eating evolved. Now when vegetables & fruits are available in plenty
        there is no justification for fish & meat eating AT ALL”.
        Sri.Ramana Bhagavan also INSISTED on all giving up non veg food. He also
        decried animal slaughter in Temples & elsewhere. But as The Lord
        says ” Over actions one has choices ; not over their consequences.”.

        Once a hunter who was going to kill a peacock was warned by Bhagavan
        Ramana not to do so. He spurned & killed the peacock. Much later he
        lost his entire arm in an accident.

        Rest of the countries follow their own self styled rules &
        regulations . Only Hindu India exists to cater to the adharmic people’s
        demands. That is the reason missiles & shields don’t enthuse me at
        all. Indians cannot escape from gruesome deaths.

        About cows , after sufficiently feeding the calves the cow would
        want to be relieved of its milk. Hence milk consumption is not bad.
        However as Radha Rajan points out cows today are not looked after by a
        Lord Krishna. The amount of torture they undergo including oxytocin
        injections , their calves being separated….one ought to write another
        article. And I believe calf rennet is used in cheese production.

        Radha Rajan writes :-
        ” Veganism grew as reactive
        way of life to farm animals in the west raised in the most horrific
        living conditions for dairy products. Pl dont suffer the illusion that
        cows wander in idyllic pastures to give us cheese and milk. Those cows
        can at best produce enough milk for a village’s demand for cheese and
        milk. When you export cheese, cream and other milk products then you
        have to raise animals in those numbers in farms. Veganism grew there,
        not here in India. Without considering the soil in which these
        philosophies grow, dont dismiss any of them. I respect western feminism
        even if I may not practice it in its extreme forms, ditto with Veganism
        because these are brave people fighting abuse which we cant even imagine
        here in India.”

        Beef eating muslims do NOT belong to Vedic Bharath. They ought to quit India as they can be accommodated in Saudi Arabia , Yemen , Timbaktu , Nigeria etc etc. Ditto for christians who can quit India for Portugal , Italy , UK , Australia etc. Communists . barkha dutts , rishi kapoors ( so called “liberals” in your words ) shobhaa des etc etc can also quit India.

        • anksjdhv

          Though I’m hardcore non-vegetarian, I respect and partially agree to your views as they are collectively based on knowledge & conviction. With all these views you have stated, they are based on the fact/assumption that Hindu’s are the most tolerant, sensitive and always accommodative of all the other faiths and various traditions. (of course caste system aside.) And that’s why our society is in existence when lot of other societies are extinct and the traditions are still alive since Anant Kaal.

          And today world respects us more because of these very facts which are universal in nature have always existed in India, and we as Indians of all faiths & food habits should never forget this.

          So you are quite correct in stating that “Beef eating Muslims do not belong to VEDIC BHARATH”, as today’s India is CONTEMPORARY INDIA well aware & connected to the world traditions and not VEDIC BHARATH, where the ways of communication are information were limited and MUSLIM/ISLAM didn’t even exist in that period.

          Though your points are believable about vegetarianism, around 2/3rds of Contemporary Indians are still non-vegetarian because of the vary fact that “MEAT IS ALMOST ALWAYS TASTIER THAN VEGETARIAN FOOD”.

          So meat eating can be a debating issue of TASTE, HEALTH & WEALTH, but looking through the glasses of ANY RELIGION it is only tasty, healthy & wealthy to politicians and not the regular people who only end up fighting amongst each other because of communal viewpoints.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            I know lot of hindus are non vegetarians. Some even eat beef & pork. Including NRI hindus.


            I disagree. Whatever taste comes is owing to lots of spices & condiments used which are all VEGETARIAN. The flavour is entirely owing to Garam Masala , onions , garlic etc that constitute the gravy.

            Indian allopaths including hindu doctors are all avaricious. In the name of medical tourism they & the hospitals that are run like corporate offices / five star hotels stand to make lot of money by allowing in many patients from abroad particularly Bangladesh. These patients are all given eggs , meat , fish , chicken , BEEF containing meals. Most of the patients come to undergo bypass surgeries , organ transplants etc. Their ailments are owing to unhealthy lifestyles which very much includes consumption of non vegetarian food. Instead of addressing the root cause what is the point in promotion of “medical tourism”? Such degenerate lifestyles prove beneficial to the doctors as more & more patients keep coming , more & more organs get ILLEGALLY removed from healthy people . There is a huge racket going on in India where no one is held accountable & no one gets punished.

            Like Pranab Mukherjee do not keep repeating hindus are the “most accommodative…” yada yada.
            Masochism & Cowardice are being called erroneously ” tolerant spirit ” by the dhimmis. We Hindus were given no choice . Such is the Holocaust wrought by invading marauders. Fake history is being thrust upon us as though muslim invaders came to introduce us Hindus to God , to restore order blah blah. Ditto for christian missionaries & other colonizers. Land grabbing , resources grabbing , STEALING have been their only motives. Not a wee bit of altruistic motives as being repeatedly bludgeoned on Hindus’ heads.

            ///And today world respects us more because of these very facts///

            Why this hunger for approval seeking from “the world” ?

            I have my Ramana Bhagavan. He NEVER had this servile attitude towards ANYONE including the supercilious british , congress’s nehru etc etc. Ramana Bhagavan INSISTED UNEQUIVOCALLY on vegetarianism. Says:- ” I am accountable to my Maker ” while ensuring even a tiny mustard , a single grain of rice did not go waste.

            Nowhere does Bhagavan say He has to “impress the world”.

            Calculate how much of grains , WATER etc etc get wasted in the production of a sliver of meat .
            And the PAIN various Animals undergo. Why should Hindus even bother to sit & debate for the umpteenth time with INIMICALS when they are convinced rest of the animals , birds etc are all (sic) “inferior existing to be consumed by the superior human beings”.

            This penchant for labelling everything “communal , secular ” blah blah obfuscates the truth.
            In Tamil Nadu a muslim woman who was addressing many public meetings exhorting her own community to give up cow slaughter , BEEF eating etc etc was hacked to death by fellow muslims.
            sagarika ghoses , swaminathan anklesarias , mani shankar aiyars , dmk etc said NOTHING.

          • anksjdhv

            Haha. though I can contradict your post point by point, I agree to disagree as both point of views are going completely opposite. But We must agree that in today’s day and time, both these views should co-exist peacefully and food habits of a person should never come in between. For eg. If a person like you who has strong opinions about vegetarianism is having a meal with me, I’m happy to keep my priorities aside and have a vegan meal as comfort & happiness of the person is more important than the food in the platter.

            But there is still a lot of poverty in India and poor still can’t afford to have the choices and demands like educated middle-class and rich but need something nutritious, cheap & edible to keep their stomachs full. And eggs fulfill those purposes.

            I have seen a family just surviving on boiled skin of thrown feet of chicken EVERY DAY and they couldn’t even afford the salt to put in that, and this is in the city of Mumbai. And we don’t know what they had when there was a 5 day meat ban last month; and here it becomes a matter of shame to fight over such an issue.

            So my last point is the PERCEPTION OF EDIBLE FOOD is different from rich to poor, region to religion, & person to person. Food is a basic necessity of every living being and when people have more options (that’s going to be unstoppable as humans are always evolving), it also becomes a matter of choice. And eventually a part of culture. And then comes the responsibility to respect each other’s choices; as when there’s an uncontrolled conflict; it’s sure all humanity will doom eventually.

            That’s why we must treat GROWING FOOD CHOICES as part of the culture and NOT THE FOOD ITSELF. (Eg. growing acceptance of imported vegetables like mushroom, broccoli etc.) And avoid and resist it to make just another instrument to have a conflict, fight & lethal instrument of divisive politics.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Despite my explaining in detail all non vegetarian food including EGGS are but ENORMOUS quantities of vegetarian cereals , grains , greens WATER in appreciable amounts ( thus proving non vegetarians end up consuming lot more than us vegetarians but NOT getting taxed for WATER etc etc ) you are harping on your points starting with one self congratulatory “Haha”.

            Why would I ever have a meal with you to start with ? Highly presumptuous of you. I do not believe in pot luck , picnics etc. These charades get forced down the throats of people like me. I am not such an idiot to go around telling ” you know you know x despite being a non vegetarian kept his “priorities aside ensuring my “comfort & happiness”.

            There you go again pooooooor …who have no salt….In Mumbai you have your RICHEST bollywood industry. Ask them to supply salt etc etc. Btw , in your Mummmmmbai , the rich salman khan ran over & KILLED many poor Muslims belonging to UP. hemamalinis , playback singer abhijeet etc etc entire bollywood fraternity did NOTHING to rehabilitate the poor victims. the RICHHHH salman khan did not even own up his crimes. How about engaging sagarika ghoses & international media over this rich bollywood brat muslim KILLING poor UP Muslims ?? Bollywood BRAT saif ali khan is not just guilty of FERA violations but lot more crimes & misdemeanours. Connect the dots. You would understand where & how money remains stagnant in the hands of such bollykolly UNTOUCHABLES. The poor UP Muslims are not going to bare their torsos like salman khan , saif khan , shah rukh khan thus generating BILLIONS for the film producers.
            Countries like UAE , indian diaspora in America including sundar pichais & his wives WILLINGLY welcome only muslims like shah rukh khans , saif ali khan , salman khan etc. Not those poor victims who are also MUSLIMS.

            India Today often reported about poooor in Kalahandi Odisha having nothing to eat save some rats. Many sold their babies for a pot of rice they wrote. That time itself I wondered why could not aroon puries , madhu trehans , suman dubeys , shekar guptas , inderjit bhadwars , prabhu chawlas ( all these were working in India Today) donate whatever they had instead of writing essays thus drawing their pay cheques , FREE travel to Iraq etc etc. How much of money , paper , newsprint WASTED by india today dwelling on the anatomy of sridevi of bollywood , khusboo etc etc. Those writing on “povertyEEEEE & pooooor” are invariably the uber rich leftists. Madhu Trehan’s husband Naresh Trehan an allopath ( surgeon cardiologist ) justified his running of hospitals like profit making corporate offices.

            So called sociologists ( the ashish nandys) always justified irresponsible breeding by the poooooor.

            This is how we always talk around in circles.

            Please do not bother to reply. Not interested in your vacuous comments.

          • anksjdhv

            I am not interested to reply at all but just because of your last sentence has compelled me to. 🙂 One who only dedicates a para just to react to simple “haha” negates any honest reply. At last, this just underlines the existence of some kind of inferiority complex among a few vegetarianism propagating individuals.

            I REST MY CASE. Let’s hope someday someone will take notice of this thread & it will take a rat’s part in future construction of our country. 🙂

          • Rajalakshmi J

            //avoid and resist it to make just another instrument to have a conflict, fight & lethal instrument of divisive politics//

            Look who is talking:-((
            During Tsunami christian missionaries were willing to hand over biscuit packets to the victims ONLY if they were ready to convert to christianity.

            I heard some Tamil writer say that when some Englishmen found shortage of ground pepper to sprinkle on their non vegetarian food ( poached EGGS or scrambled EGGS I am not sure) at once ordered for full blown wars as Pepper etc were coming from Kerala.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            It is gorement of india that always came up with “andey khao…murgi kay andae khao ” ads all over print media & tv channels. Calculate the amount of money WASTED on such harmful ads.

            Such warped economics is beyond me. Nutritious fruits & vegetables keep getting more & more expensive & scarce whereas eggs are being offered FREE to allegedly pooooooor students in schools for their FREE midday meals. What are eggs made of ?? How much of TORTURE the hens undergo?? Are the animals & birds being given freedom to decide their lot??

            Whereas debauchees like ramgopal vermas , rishikapoors etc etc keep tweeting on “freedom of choice” to not just gorging on non vegetarian food but also access to porn movies etc. It is these debauchees infested indian film industry that is forever partying with cakes cutting . Too many eggs get used up in making of these cakes. And rant & rant on celluloid ” desh premeeee desh ki suraksha…paapi paet ka savaal hai….roti kapda aur makhaan….my name is khan….”.

            Should God WILLING these debauchees get annihilated by any entity we should not mourn. It is their “freedom” to annihilate. Period.

        • RV

          Very well written Rajalakshmi. Kudos. People should read GOKARUNANIDHI written by the Great Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati a century and a half back, where he elaborates how Cow Breeding can give boost to a nation’s economy, and. if one considers it from the modern day’s Environmental Aspects. It can do wonders to Environmental Protection – which is the need of the day. The world powers should get out of the box and consider giving the Cow a ‘Mother’ status. No animal teaches compassion as much as a cow does. The modern day science should study the impacts of cow-breeding and its benefits to the human society.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Thank you. You are right. Cows are in fact superior to human beings. This has been told by Krupanandha Vaariyar. All the Angels reside in a Cow’s Body.

            There are many potent Hymns in Tamil extolling animals & decrying human beings. Translating them would rob them of their magic I feel.

      • sai kiran sharma

        Have you ever cared to think on these lines? Put a fruit and a rabbit in front of a two year old kid. Lets see which one the kid tries to play with and which one the kid tries eat. If our natural instincts were for eating meat, then the kid should try to eat the rabbit, or it will be successful at biting off a small chunk of meat atleast. That being said meat eating species donot have a jaw which can grind food i.e. move jaws sideways. All meat eating species have jaws which only have a monotonous up and down motion of Jaws. We are not a meat eating species by nature, we just went for it mimicking other species during our course of evolution. Thats called science , logic and evolution for you.

        • anksjdhv

          Eating non veg food is part of world culture. Beef, pork, chicken, mutton, lamb, duck, turkey, fish, crabs etc. have their distinct tastes and cooking styles which billions love. Having a great time over food, helping each other’s from buying meat to marinating it to cooking is the experience beyond just culinary pleasure & scientific facts. So it’s completely idiotic to fight over others food preferences! And to those propagating complete vegetarianism have full freedom to do so also as nobody can be force fed and each individual has liberty to choose their preferred food.

  • guest

    and a healthy public discourse is what a democracy is known by anyway…not the ‘slug fest’ that today’s indian media is…

    • Krispy K

      Well the Indian media *is* run by slugs, so what do we expect?