Media’s chronic hate-Hindu narrative thrives

Too many scare mongering articles on the so-called minorities are in the papers these days.  It’s a known practice now – lie once and lie loud. Repeat that lie often using our secular-liberals as willing accomplices and people will slowly begin to believe it as the truth.

So, while the Shekhar Guptas, Rana Ayyubs and Sagarika Ghoses write on the “fringe becoming mainstream (sic)”, a Times of India headline will carry a full page feature on why Christians are unsafe in India and Julio Ribeiro will give interviews on his columns where he wrote that he feels he is on a hit list. Never mind that he himself admitted that he exaggerated. Then there was a page 1 story on how the Muslims too feel unsafe under Modi’s rule.

Alarmist headlines, to which the actual news bears no semblance – check this out: the article says something else and the headline is screaming attacks. Thus, the narrative that Christians and Muslims are feeling unsafe under the Modi regime is now established for posterity. Articles, op-eds in papers, online news and TV programmes – all of them will tell of how the first year under a Hindu Modi was so unsafe for the minorities.

And just why is India suddenly unsafe? Because of church attacks! Never mind that not a single attack on a church has shown a pattern of persecution. Some reports say they were insider jobs, some say theft was the motive, and some say it was to protest conversions. Whatever the cause, no religious place should be attacked and neither should such vandalism be tolerated. But is this really the case?

Can’t a Hindu feel threatened?

The liberal heart of the media bleeds only for these attacks on churches because if they wanted all religious places to be protected and Indians to feel safe, the media would report on temples being looted too. Check this stat on temples: aren’t these numbers enough for several page 1 and lead stories?

chartBut the media hasn’t reported extensively on this threat to Hindus. That they haven’t, shows their bias and their intent to cause strife. If they want to fight this charge why do not they write on why Hindus feel unsafe in their own motherland? Why is it that when it concerns the Hindu, it’s an individual problem, but when it’s the other faiths, the whole community feels threatened? Can’t a Hindu feel threatened when Tirupati sees acts of evangelism and vandalism? Can’t a Hindu feel threatened when he reads of reports of a temple he worshipped being looted and ancient idols from his place of worship being stolen? Can’t a Hindu feel threatened when his community is accused of harbouring rapist tendencies? Can’t a Hindu feel angry that when a rape is reported in a church, fingers are pointed at his community? But when the rapists turn out to be Bangladeshis the very same media observes a deafening silence!

Debate and deride everything Hindu, yet expect silence

The average Indian including Hindus cheer a Mary Kom and revel in her success. So when she says she feels threatened in India, how does that make Hindus feel? Similarly when a former Navy chief, a top cop – all who have risen the ranks despite and in spite of their religion, speak like they are threatened, can’t Hindus outrage and feel sad? Surely, Hindus did not think of religion when we cheered their success. Hindus are amazingly tolerant to the point of cowardice and thus, liberals make fun of our gods, our rituals and our festivals. They debate the necessity of the Mangalasutra and ask if our marriage vows are misogynist? They debate our rigid mind-sets when most inter-caste marriages happen among the Hindus. We Hindus have our flaws like caste discrimination, but when an organisation like the RSS makes a statement to address that flaw, that is conveniently ignored.

Hinduism has survived because we work on our flaws and make serious efforts to correct them. We question and not blindly follow. And hence, when we see that only a certain community’s psychology is pandered to, we question why not ours? Why should the Hindu suffer in silence? Why can’t he question or speak up? And when he does, why is he made to feel guilty and labelled a bigot?

Will the media carry this?

The day a full page report is carried in the MSM about Hindu temples being vandalised in India will I begin to believe that objectivity is not lost in the media. The day our prominent liberals stand up for the Hindus and say let’s not deride their customs and their Gods, I will believe their statement that religion is a personal choice that should be respected. The day a priest/maulvi/sadhvi are equally hounded for their “regressive” statements  will I believe in meting out equal treatment. The day the media does a story on fraudulent Christian and Muslim godmen like it does on Hindu godmen, will I believe that the media does not treat Hindus differently. The day the money in conversion activities is given as big a coverage as ghar wapsi,  will I believe that the Hindus are not being targeted. There is lots more that can be asked for from the media, but let them at least start with this.

chartThe day this sort of objective reportage emerges will also be the day when this very media may learn that getting a true Hindu who says he feels a stranger in his own land will be tough. We Hindus believe that to be wanted in your motherland you cannot selectively outrage and be politically correct.

You have to love your country despite its flaws and work for its reform – the reform that the Modi government is currently doing. But then again, the mainstream media will never know this because it is so steeped in its hatred for Modi that the positive things that are happening in the nation are being blanked out by this very media.

The author is a commentator on current affairs.
  • g kapuria

    News18 shows are sponsored by Tabernacle Baptist church. They are an affiliate of southern Baptist church. If you recall, President Carter used to be a member of that church, but later he quit because he could not agree with their approach.

  • Rathiraj

    Some semi-educated Hindu leaders shoot their own foot and give agenda points to the Hindu baiters. Its them who are responsible for the loss of Hindu credibility and sensibility. Media takes them seriously and blow everything out of proportion irrespective of the facts. These acts give ammunition to anti-Hindu factions who bask in glory thereafter.

    • BenDoverUranus

      There are no “Hindu” leaders in India! The last Hindu leader I remember was ADI Shankar who revived& revitalized hinduism and philosophical​ly defeated Buddha philosophy.

      IMO hindu philosophy is ultimately superior to Buddhist one, Buddhism says there’s only one way to attain enlightenment&moksha and that’s being stoic ànd detaching yourself from the cruel world.

      HINDU philosophy says there are multiple ways for enlightenment&moksha and that path is yours to lead! Yes the world is cruel but you don’t have to detach yourself from it for humanity has the ultimate ethical virtue dharma! Which is nothing but striving to be the best of humanity!

      By doing so you attain true happiness & fulfilment in life! Sadly this philosophy is not followed by ANY hindu! It’s only going to be rediscovered&given back to humanity long after HINDUISM (by extension most of India) ceases to exist…i’m not sad though! Like the Yadav’s we are destroying ourselves and we don’t even realise it…

      Hinduism can ONLY BE DESTROYED BY HINDUS THEMSELVES! And we’re doing a fantastic job of it.

      Now Hinduism does need a shakaracharya if has to save itself from being slowly destroyed in the game of cut throat politics and Hindus losing their “Hinduness” as a result of Cosmopolitan universalism having a death grip.

      Cosmopolitan universalism = Urban Hindu life… Only a “hindu” by name at this point. It’s inevitable, HINDUISM is doomed…

      • Rathiraj

        Well said.

  • Rathiraj

    The lop-sided India loses credibility and yet not feel ashamed. Indian media shows its character quite brazenly and that’s why nobody takes it seriously. The TRP factor is too high in their agenda and fight for popularity space kills truth and rejuvenate lie.

  • Indian media are Indian only for their physical location but mentally they live else where as per the maxim: One who pays the piper calls the tune. Hence it shouldn’t come by any surprise. However this trend needs radically to change for the very core value of survival. Hence those aware of such media treachery should raise their voice which will have twofold effects:

    1. It will desensitise the media to be careful about anti Hindu rants.

    2. It will also increase awareness among the readers to further aware the masses who can increase the impact of bashing them.

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Congrats. A lot needs to be published in the regional media and there has to be picketing near the churches.

  • Bharat

    100 likes for this article! 🙂

  • gopi thomas

    The English media jumps at the first instance and takes the position giving a headline completely distorting the incident. For example, the recent Haryana ‘church demolition’… A Hanuman bust near the cross may not be welcome to many; however, it hardly qualifies as demolition. There are too many examples..

    One would think there is an ISIS type attack on Yazdis happening here!

    There are many NGOs whose survival depends on fund collection from abroad by magnifying these. May be they are pumping money into newspapers/editors. I cannot see any other reason for distorting and undue coverage – of course the Modi hate is there … How did the chaiwallah come to power after ‘we put up a major obstacle”..

    I was a lil disturbed by Sri Rubio’s article.. may be he is becoming senile. Age catches up.

    I was more than troubled by my Cardinal – Cleemes – statement about cow protection /women protection/ nun protection. I believe t ddnt come from him; he was forced to make that statement.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      I doubt. Christians begin to suffer from minority syndrome the moment there are attacks on their institutions and even police officers jump to conclusion even before the culprits are booked.

    • Vaishak Viswam

      The pro british english nehru is responsible today to all the media and including the so called self-righteous intellectuals to rise against hindus and plus hates to hear and dismiss india’s past contribution of vedic science as plague and lies. Pathetic

  • suru

    Kudos to you for this article.

    Will any electronic or print media dare to give those statistical data while reporting?? Some of
    these media are funded by Christian missionaries from abroad only to report selective news as if the minorities are being troubled.

    Did any popular Indian electronic or print media (except one or two Telugu media)cover the news about Tirupati where these evangelism tried to disturb the peace (not once but a couple of times in the past)? If the same activity were to be done by Hindus in a well known church just imagine what would have happened??

    Some of the media and western counties are feeling much disturbed because BJP has formed the Govt and that modiji has become PM
    .So now they try to look for bits of news from here and there to blow up in their channels without verifying the facts sothat their Christian funding organizations are happy.

    Some of the golden wordings in this article “Why is it that when it concerns the Hindu, it’s an individual problem, but when it’s the other faiths,
    the whole community feels threatened?”” is like driving long iron nails in the skull of these media which selectively report as if
    minorities are unsafe in India.

  • K.Harapriya

    Hindus need to have their own English and regional news channels which report from the Hindu or Dharmic perspective. This is one project that I don’t see either RSS or VHP taking seriously. The independent self motivated Hindus who articulate the Hindu point of view are often more erudite and scholarly than those from these Hindu organizations. The problem is two fold. The leftist media is one. But the right wing groups seem disorderly and incoherent. Why doesn’t the RSS get as its spokesperson someone like Rajiv Malhotra who can articulate points accurately.

    • bharatpremi

      Rajiv Malhotra has already answered this type of question. He gets lot of suggestions about what should be done. recently on twitter. Read his response. There are lot of people wanting this thing happen (seeing on twitter, comments). All of you (people with genuine feeling and interest) should get together and plan for the channel.
      Also I see this more often …. there left, right and self is nowhere…

    • dragonfly

      Yeah, RSS/VHP aside, lets convene all such devout Hindus and create a group for this purpose. The question is, do you have a will to join and contribute?

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        YES. VERY MUCH SO.

        • dragonfly

          hehe… welcome to the club sister, now there’s two of us! But we need action on the ground, ‘coz all this anti-hindu rubbish is happening on-the-ground. Where do you live? How many more could you ask to join? I’ve been inviting people on such social groups but only a few respond and none has shown a will to take it further. So, at the end, there’s much rhetoric and less will/action from these so called “devout Hindus”. If you still want to go ahead, I will create a disqus group for this purpose and plan further. What say?

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          Yes. Let us first start a discuss group and take it up from there. I will join and contribute as well. let us decide on the strategies and the action plan.

          • dragonfly

            Deal! I’ll get a host and get on with it. CY later when done!

          • dragonfly

            Hey Shubhangi, I got the forum made and uploaded. Please register at the given below link and check your mail for my approval:

            http://forums. bqtweb. com [remove spaces]

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            I am in London and I could not download or open the page on the laptop I am using. I will sort the matter and register.

          • dragonfly

            did you remove the spaces from the given link?

    • Bharat

      Unfortunately, Hindus are not that organized in the verbal defense of their religion and how it is viewed by the public. We have become lax and lazy in doing so.

      Plus many Hindus are secretly ashamed of their religion, and put up a facade of “secularism” in order to defend their shame.

      Definitely, a right-wing news channel which employed strong and top-notch media personalities would be a great idea. Someone like Rajiv Malhotra could help a lot in debunking commonly held misconceptions about Hinduism and our culture.

    • Vivek

      Most Hindus are so alienated from their culture and past with decades of brainwashing that they lost ability to see from Dharmic point of view. They don’t know Muhammad Bin Qasim, they don’t even know Myanmar, Tibet, Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand were part of Greater India and Hindu dominated just a millennium ago.

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        When I was on a tour of Thailand 3 years ago My guide on day 1 was a Thai girl, who showed me a photo of lord Ganesha from her purse. She said she regularly prays to him for success in studies. Next day the same thing happened with another girl who also was studying and preparing for an exam. The same thing happened in Cambodia. The guide had a Christian sounding name. He showed us round Angkor wat. I thought he was a Christian but actually he was a Buddhist who told me they worship Ganesh personally for success in studies and career.

  • Rajendra Tangwan

    Shit on these #MEDIA THUGS,#SICKULAR SICKOs from a great height