Mr. Julio Ribeiro, aren’t you an Indian first?

In the 16 March edition of the Indian Express, the well-respected (retired) police officer Julio Ribeiro wrote an alarmist column claiming how he is feeling threatened and alienated as a Christian in his land of birth. He makes the unsubstantiated claim that Christians are being systematically targeted under PM Narendra Modi’s rule.

Unlike most of the typical secular alarmists in the media, academia and intelligentsia, Mr. Riberio gives a slightly different account of his encounters with the RSS:

When 25 RSS men on parade were shot dead in cold blood one morning, then Punjab Governor S.S. Ray and I rushed to the spot to console the stricken families. The governor visited 12 homes, I visited the rest. The governor’s experience was different from mine. He was heckled and abused. I was welcomed.

Indeed, this is a departure from the typical secularist image, which paints the RSS as an organization of bloodthirsty Swayamsevaks. But then Mr. Ribeiro stops here and treads on really sensitive ground:

Is it coincidence or a well-thought-out plan that the systematic targeting of a small and peaceful community should begin only after the BJP government of Narendra Modi came to power last May? “Ghar wapsi”, the declaration of Christmas as “Good Governance Day”, the attack on Christian churches and schools in Delhi, all added to a sense of siege that now afflicts these peaceful people.

Christians have consistently punched above their weight — not as much as the tiny Parsi community, but just as noticeably. Education, in particular, has been their forte. Many schools, colleges, related establishments that teach skills for jobs have been set up and run by Christians. They are much in demand. Even diehard Hindus have sought admission in such centres of learning and benefited from the commitment and sincerity of Christian teachers. Incidentally, no one seems to have been converted to Christianity, though many, many have imbibed Christian values and turned “pseudo-secularist”.

Hospitals, nursing homes, hospices for dying cancer patients needing palliative care — many of these are run by Christian religious orders or Christian laymen devoted to the service of humanity. Should they desist from doing such humanitarian work for fear of being so admired and loved that a stray beneficiary converts of his or her own accord? Should only Hindus be permitted to do work that could sway the sentiments of stricken people in need of human love and care?

It seems Mr. Ribeiro has been convinced by the scaremongering assertions of many of our secular alarmists who make such accusations without providing any evidence. As far as Christmas is concerned, I feel Mr. Ribeiro is wrongly concerned. If anything, Christians should rejoice that they have one extra reason now to commemorate on 25 December unless Mr. Ribeiro is suggesting that Indian Christians are not fond of former Prime Minister Vajpayee.

As far as the so-called attacks on the Delhi Christian school are concerned, the staff and management of the Holy Child Auxilium, who as Mr. Ribeiro should know are Christians, conceded that there was no “communal” angle to the incident and it was a case of theft.

Mr. Ribeiro then goes on to say how the Christian community has contributed to healthcare and education but in giving them credit (which in some cases they do deserve) Mr. Ribeiro seems to have forgotten that many Hindu groups such as the Arya Samaj , Ramakrishna Mission and SNDP among others, have also made substantial contributions to the concerned fields and these ‘Good Samaritans’ help all in need regardless of caste, creed or sex.

And what does Mr. Riberio mean by ‘Christian values’? Going by the logic of Indian Secularism, since all religions teach compassion, benevolence and selflessness, what is specifically significant about Christian values?

It is fitting for Mr. Ribeiro to ask the secular media as to why they paint all activities of the Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram and Seva Bharti as ‘saffron agenda’? Shouldn’t these organizations carry out selfless service for those in need? Or is it only the preserve of “Christian-values”-carrying organizations? As Mr. Ribeiro knows the RSS and its affiliates carry out several philanthropic activities in spite of facing many malevolent accusations. And so in the same vein, the humanitarian Christian groups should not bother what others have to say about their services.

Going by the logic of Indian Secularism, since all religions teach compassion, benevolence and selflessness, what is specifically significant about Christian values?

Next, Mr. Ribeiro goes on to state that

…the outburst of Mohan Bhagwat against Mother Teresa, an acknowledged saint — acknowledged by all communities and peoples — has put me back on the hit list. Even more so because BJP leaders, like Meenakshi Lekhi, chose to justify their chief’s remarks.

What should I do? What can I do to restore my confidence? I was born in this country. So were my ancestors, some 5,000 or more years ago. If my DNA is tested, it will not differ markedly from Bhagwat’s. It will certainly be the same as the country’s defence minister’s as our ancestors arrived in Goa with the sage Parshuram at the same time. Perhaps we share a common ancestor somewhere down the line. It is an accident of history that my forefathers converted and his did not. I do not and never shall know the circumstances that made it so.

This is the exact part where the proverb ‘truth is bitter’ fits the best.

All Mr. Ribeiro has to do is go through Christopher Hitchens’ “The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice”,  and Dr Arup Chatterjee’s “Mother Teresa, the final verdict” to know the true tale of the late ‘Good old Mother.’

These books clear the widespread misconception among people that Teresa “helped cure” the sick and the diseased. Both the authors show how her “Home for the Dying“, “had no doctors saving lives, but it was a place for victims to suffer and die.” Mother Teresa’s own statement, should clarify any doubts about her conviction-filled views on suffering:

“There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering”

In this video, Dr Chatterjee states that “Mother Teresa’s order was to not provide proper beds, but just little hammocks. There is a communal toilet where people have to defecate in presence of each other and the inmates are not allowed visits from their friends and relatives“. Dr Chatterjee also remarks that “It was her obsession with suffering, and her obsession that people need to suffer, in order to come close to Jesus“.

And Mr. Ribeiro, do try telling our secular brethren that your DNA makeup is not that different from Mohan Bhagwat or that your own ancestors arrived in Goa with the sage Parshuram and you will realise that it is not the Hindu nationalists who scream ‘wolf’ whenever the ‘H’ word is uttered.  You seem to have forgotten the outrage our secular media displayed when a Christian leader in Goa proudly stated that:

“Hindu is my culture, Christianity is my religion. When I say Hindu, it means culture and not religion. Hinduism is 5,000 years old, while my religion is 2,000 years old.”

The leader in question was forced to apologize in the end, thanks to enormous pressure from the powerful Christian lobby. All this for stating the truth about his, yours and almost every Indian Christian’s roots. So Mr. Ribeiro. kindly do not be misled by agenda-driven alarmism and kindly do not mislead us either. And going by your logic and based on these reports, I as a Hindu should also feel  threatened in this country. Did you pause to reflect that if you had thought of yourself as an Indian first, you wouldn’t have titled your piece the way you did.

May the Lord guide your path.

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  • Corgi

    “It is an accident of history that my forefathers converted ……… I do not and never shall know the circumstances that made it so.”
    As sample you should read write ups on Goa Inquest, many of them graphically describe how brutally conversion was carried out. It’s not too late Mr. Ribeirio. You should understand the tortures carried by your religion.

  • India’s Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Odisha, tribal areas of other Indian states where there is no civilisation (thanks to our dear first PM and his family aka Congress) and these Christian missionaries quietly snoop in and carry out their dastardly anti national anti social divisive immoral unethical inhuman act of conversions. These Christian organisations pretend charity and civilise the ppl but this is their silly excuse to demoralise these backward poor ppl only to instigate them against the majority community for conversions and then build an army to instigate for their subversive activities. Shame to this old imbecile fellow – Julio Ribeirto.

  • Iraq has been torn apart by Western forces for only converting these brute Muslims by their benevolent Christian charitable uncharitable missionaries. They have converted a lot of Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, etc. This is why ISIOS has cropped up. Will Ribeiro kindly peruse the charitable activities of his peaceful communal community there?

  • We have a man here whom India and her majority community gave so much of respect and position unlike a Hindu would get in any Christian or Muslim country. But he spews only venom against us. Shame on this hypocrite. He should only visit the North East India where his beloved Christian missionaries can speak for itself. How these missionaries have divided India in the name of their yet another peaceful community. Entire North East has become a destabilised territory due to the Christian peaceful community. Thanks to your Catholic Church Mr Ribeiro. Catholic Church must be banned for its anti national activities by: 1. Dividing the society by their conversion agendas in the name of charity, a canard. 2. They are engaged in spying activities in collusion with US CIA agency. Their such activities are well known in African countries and Middle East. Indian North East and tribal belt is no exception. Can Ribeiro look into his own armpit???

  • Mother Teresa was planted by West for their hidden missionary agendas. Initially when she arrived in India, she wasn’t promoted by Church but is allegedly picked by the notorious womaniser Malcolm Muggeridge who was employed by BBC but kicked out after he questioned, “Does Britain need monarchy (Queen)”? He picked Mother Teresa and exploited her as well as promoted her. Mother Teresa was subsequently promoted and visited by every Western VIPs that gave her further Philip. Her organisation was a known criminal house where she piled the poor destitutes who had no voice to defend them. Hence such voiceless poor street children became her easy prey and targeted for media propagandas. She was never at peace with herself and died a most restless death. Now Vatican has discovered false stories to canonise her. They just make up their minds to canonise and then invent stories to fool the rest of the world. The current media are their most powerful arm. Vatican owns half a dozen media for its propagandas. Why?

  • In fact, it surprises me more than Julio Ribeiro that a senior officer of his rank and file should cook up such misleading stories. He must beware of Christian missionary agendas in India. They aren’t a small peaceful community but a far more aggressive communal force allied to foreign adversary linked to CIA/Vatican whose only agendas are to: 1. Convert the Hindus for dividing the country on religious lines. 2. Act as soft spying conduits to supply intelligence to the Western powerful countries who then use such information for political insinuations and destabilisation of the country. This helps them to destabilise these weaker countries to break them. Then they can exploit them as per their set agendas. White West is the root of majority of global problems. I hope Mr Ribeiro would know it.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      I agree with you. Religion has played a pivotal role in colonization. Look at Africa.With conversion the divide is vertical.Look at Islam and Arab Supremacy. In India, after 1857 and the Queen’s Declaration/Proclamation The Brits were forced to impose a condition on themselves that they would not interfere in the religions. So the conversions were not legal in India. Nehru for all the terrible things he did, did not allow missionary operations here. So Maino Gandhi has started encouraging the Evangelical NGOS and there are rampant conversions in the past 10/12 years.

      • Thank you but the injunction of Queen didn’t work fully as the missionary activities kept going till our independence. They changed their modus operandi to keep hidden in rural bed and quietly worked to convert. This act has become extrovert after independence during the Congress rule and I also agree with you that Sonia Gandhi took Hindus (majority meaning communal, funny) for granted. Because she is surrounded by cheap easy going corrupt congressis who had become habituated to easy money minting. Indian tax payer contributes huge amount of money by taxes and annual Indian budget used to be to the tune of about 20 Lac Crores of Rupees. All that money was pocketed by these corrupt congis. Sonia must be having a percentage in every monetary transaction. Otherwise she won’t let them work or digest the bouty. Kalmadi, A. Raja were all good examples. You recall the Zero loss theory of Kapil Sibbal! Only 8 coal blocks has been auctioned and already more than 2 Lac Crore rupees has been retrieved from it. It’s estimated that when the full auction wud have taken place, more than 20 Lac Crores of Rupess would be profited in Government coffers. Imagine the loot…!!!

      • Sonia is now patronised by Vatican (Catholic Industry) and Western super powers. That’s where her strength comes from. She is practically an illiterate woman and is one of the strongest person of earth. Wow….all in her skin colour. Racist West….

        • Manjunath Venkataramana

          She will soon be canonized as St.Sonia…..

          • Lol, y did I not think of it, brilliant…. she will be yet another fake St like M0thEr TeRe$a…. they r excellent in discovering their miracles by paid trollers….

  • Bhartiya
  • Be Happy

    The fear mongering is happening with those who subscribe to the fundamentalist right wing Sangh Parivar views. They are promoting Hindutva which is not Pride. It is Jingoism. Hatred of others who pray differently. Their former leader Golwalker has written this hatred in his books.
    In india Catholic “Convent” Schools & colleges and MBA Schools run by Xaviers have been highly sought after institutions because of the high academic standards and values upheld. No conversions have happened in these institutions although 10s of millions of non Catholic students have passed through their portals.
    I have personally seen the selfless work by missionaries in many dirt poor tribal communities for their social upliftment. These tribals know nothing about Hindu scriptures (Vedas & Puranas) Similarly great work has been done with dalit (“untouchable”) Indians who have always been desperate to break out of the oppressive social practices imposed on them by Brahmanical traditions.
    The Christian missionaries working in remote areas are Karma Yogis. Just like Hindu Rama Krishna missionaries have recently started serving humanity to improve their Karma and next life so also Christian missionaries are doing the same as their own Dharma instructs them to do since the last 2000 years.
    jesus Christ left a simple message for humanity. Honour God by loving/serving your fellow human. This is the straight-forward, simple, Christian path to salvation/heaven/moksha – however you choose to label it. Christianity also has a lot of rites and rituals like those prescribed in Hindu scripture. These are not essential. What is essential is to live by the core values. Honour God by loving/serving your fellow human.
    There is no evil intent. It is also open ended -you can leave anytime if you are no longer convinced. If you are convinced when you see the core values in action then live by the values. Forget the rest of the rites and rituals. They are unimportant.
    And please stop talking about what wrongs that may have been done 100s of years ago to punish those who did not strictly follow religious rules. Please instead focus on the good works and institutions that you have see around the country during your own lifetime.

    • Bhartiya

      Ya, that’s why where ever they went wiped out local culture.

      To believe what you are believing is either a tactic to lure people or you are fooling yourself

  • K.Harapriya

    I don’t know how these Christians pretend to be victims all the time. Every time they play the victim card, we Hindus should point out that the stated goal of the Vatican is to plant a cross in India; that Christianity has wiped out all the native religions of the Americas, Europe, and Africa; and that Hindus are not going to go quietly into the night, keeping silent while they are slowly weaned away from their ancestral religions. We will fight back and we will prevail because Christianity is fundamentally a flawed false personality cult which has nothing to offer anyone spiritually or intellectually.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      The Christians call our Gods as false Gods but Christianity as a religion is a big fraud. Pretending to be victims all the time is a minority syndrome.

  • Bhartiya
  • I just “love” how he brags about how so many educational institutions are run by Christian organizations…

    Well, as we say in America: “Duh!”

    The British set that up, and ensured that non-Christians would not be able to “compete”, and unfortunately, the post-Independence government of India did not have the bravery to do anything about it. It’s like “bragging” that in the United States, the government has given reservations to Native Americans, and has been responsible for setting up their educational institutions! What wonderfully compassionate people those Christians are! /sarcasm

  • Bhartiya

    Please watch, biggest threat to hinduism and hindus. Please share! Expose people!

    We are constantly attacked and they play victimhood to hide their horrible activities and goals

  • GM

    Julio contributed more to this country than all you passing comments combined. If a police and political veteran like him is feeling threatened, people of India should take note. Imagine what sentiment people of other religions are facing too. This sort of resentment among communities of India that have positivly contributed to her development will breed a lifetime of hatred among her young. I used to feel that 5-10 years of a political rule and pursual of a certain idealogy doesn’t really make much difference in ones entire lifetime, until someone mention that what a 10 year old today will see in the next 10 years, will shape him for his entire life.

    • Bhartiya

      A-the threat is not real!

      B- he should introspect what’s going on in churches, where the real threat lies

      Thirdly, what so called mother (monster ) teresa did and how she treated Indians and her only aim was conversion!

      So can you tell me where the threat is?

      Missionaries in India like like cancer. We Hindus are threatened. Our land is grabbed by Churches

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      He corrected himself by saying that the sentence was an exaggeration. But how many will read the note that comes after the damage has been done. If Indian constitution gives all religions right to propagate why such hue and cry about ghar vapasi?

      • GM

        Bhartiya and Shubhangi R, thanks for considering my comments. Attempt to convert others to one’s religion are not new and in my view, this is one of the main issue with religions in general, especially with Islam and Christianity that actively pursue conversions; with that in mind there shouldn’t be any issue with ‘ghar wapsi’, but there is one big problem – no conversion drive in this secular country, to date, has been sanctioned by the top administration, going as far back as British rule. To search for last such example, you will have to go back to the mughal rule.

        I agree that the threat is perceived but let’s think for a second, what has led this 86 year old man to perceive such threat for the first time in his life. I presume none of us three having this discussion are feeling threatened. There is a real wave of resentment that is simmering through this country’s minorities and when humans feel threatened, they start connecting dots that aren’t there – only a matter of time before you will start hearing comments such as: “I lost my job because I was muslim”, “babu wants money from me because I am Christian”, etc; when in reality ‘babus’ want money from everyone and people find/lose jobs all the time – religion often has nothing to do this.

        I have more to say and I’ll add in my next post…

        • GM

          I looked at the links you posted and I am not sure what you are trying to convey by picking on mother Teresa or pointing out illicit relationships within convents, it has nothing to do with the topic we are discussing, which is to do with the fear our minority religions are feeling. If I now start Picking up on Gandhi, Nehru, Jesus, Mohammad or Ram; it will serve no purpose to Julio’s or your’s plight. However, out of respect, I read your comments objectively and below are my thoughts:

          – Sexual shenanigans within Catholic institutions are a worldwide problem so nothing new here and I am not surprised.

          – I had never heard anything bad about mother Teresa before so I did little research and found a wikipedia article titled ‘criticism of mother Teresa’, and I was surprised to read it. I guess you have every right to call her a monster. In my humble opinion, if you look at all her deeds and mis-deeds, from the perspective of a catholic who truly believe in Christ, you may see the rationale. If given the chance of having another mother Teresa, I am sure most people of my country will gladly take it.

          – I couldn’t find anything on the internet on Christians grabbing “our” lands. The closest I came across was an article where the churches have realised that their land holdings are worth a lot of money and they are selling it. Reminded me of an article in TOI on Congress party going through a similar exercise – they have realised they have a massive land bank that is being exploited. On a humorous note, the tenant who was after my land has now vacated it (thanks to ram, allah and jesus) and now it will remain vacant out of fear of getting another evil- minded tenant but even then I am worried about local encroachers who may try to nab it. Churches are last of my worry at this stage.

          I intentionally used my initials rather than my name when writing these posts so as to hide my religion by hiding my name because people start to presume things based on one’s religion, but at this stage I feel compelled to disclose that I am a Hindu.

          • bhartiya

            See how pathetic this man is , for him all Christians are his, Nehru and Gandhi belong to hindus!
            Hey I do not mind if you pick on Gandhi and Nehru.they are all yours please feel free.

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          During the British rule active encouragement to conversions was stopped after 1857 and the Queen Victoria’s s proclamation that there will be no religious interference.After Independence Missionaries were not given the visas. During past few years they are being given visas under the pretext that they are working for the NGOs. Many of these are supported by the Evangelists ans Ford Foundation etc.Churches are coming up at various places in India. New high rising mosques are also coming up. Many are converting and inculturation is going on. Won’t the Hindus feel threatened by it? The Hindu inclusive fabric of India is under challenge. I feel threatened by what is happening and also feel that Sonia is responsible for this in some way.When religion of majority is under siege the divide will be vertical. I do not subscribe to it when young Hindus react the way they do but I can understand it.They have to do things in legally acceptable manner.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Imaginary fears.

    • bhartiya

      Hey he has changed his colour like a chameleon. GM , you must be very proud of him.

      See that’s why we write here. To expose you lot.
      Spreading Christianity with money, coercing, bribing, denegrating Hinduism.vilifying our PM- you guys have an agenda granted from your western mother nations.

      Jay hind
      Days of Hindu bashing over! We will not be silenced under the banner of tolerance.
      We have rights to voice against wrong not like you drum beating and false accusations and fabrication

  • Bhartiya

    Ulta chor kotwal ko dante.

    • GM

      Go read his biography or maybe just his Wikipedia page. It is shameful to read comments such as yours under the title ‘bhartiya’

      • Bhartiya

        Fine ,ask this man to list the threats for the public and we can list all the threats against Hindus

        He must be suffering from paranoia as the threats are perceived not real!

        A man who writes this article speaks volumes about this man.

      • Here we go yet again with another impostor trolling and showing the wicked literature like Wikipedia. Since when this catholic medium became an honest magazine for Hindus/Indians to peruse as a reliable source? If anything, it would exaggerate everything Christian or Muslim when it comes to issues related to Hindu or coloured Indian. Do you know the very meaning of the word – India? Stop lecturing here. Go and sleep cosy with ur whatsoever master is.

      • Remember, India is secular as long as it has its Hindu majority character. Once it looses its Hindu majority, there will not be any issues of minority-majority. We are seeing the result in other countries including Europe and Americas. Australia/NZ are no different but one doesn’t hear much about them because they are B team of Western powers. India is their bête noire and they look at us only as “consumers”. India for them is a huge market of 1.2 billion consumers. They sell us their WMDs to make money and dump their garbage that is unsuitable for other developed countries.

      • Vatican looks at us for a huge mass of Hindus (1 billion odd) for conversions. Their conversion industry has multifold purpose. They divide the society in the name of different ideology though there is no ideology in Christianity except by criticising Hindu scriptures. 2. These Christian missionaries act as spying instruments in collusion with CIA/MI5-6 and help the Western super powers for economic, cultural, social etc exploitation and also insinuate politically. There are many examples in India and outside. If one peruse the history of Vatican on net, it’s full of criminality. Who killed the banker Roberto Calvi is still a mystery?

  • Bhartiya

    When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.

    Desmond tutu

    You are the biggest threat to hindus, we do not feel safe. Christian missionaries are like cancer, has spread and is spreading. Wherever Christianity has gone, those places are destroyed and native culture is wiped out

    We do not feel safe in our own land because of you. The Church has grabbed our land.

    Stop playing victimhood and stop diverting people’s attention so your missionaries can continue their dirty work luring people onto a christianity .Your behaviour is comparable to Pakistan army when the terrorist want to enter Indian territory they start attacking indian posts!

  • Bhartiya

    Mr Rebeiro, by whom?

    Don’t pass comments for the sake of it. Are you in the gang of people collecting atrocity material?

    Just because hindu killings are not on the news because paid media does not care. Paid media is anti -hindu, nothing on hindus get reported. You are an educated person , collect all figures and then compare! You bring disharmony. Stop playing victimhood ! All Indians are as safe as anybody. Stop false propaganda.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Why does he feel threatened by minuscule Ghar vapasi? No one is asking him to revert to Hinduism.Hinduism has opened its doors to those who want to come back. That is all. There is no compulsion, no allurement and unfortunately for Hindus temple trust money of most of the temples is with the government/ State govts unlike the money in the Waqfs and Churches. So what is he afraid of? We have always respected him as a great police officer. His religion is never a matter of significance. Does he not see that Hinduism is under threat due to new conversions to Christianity by the Evangelist lobby and the Christian NGOs? Why does he not say a word about this nefarious activity?

  • Sujata Srinath

    I find these lines more interesting: “It is an accident of history that my forefathers converted and his did not. I do not and never shall know the circumstances that made it so.” Does this mean that Julio Riberio does not read history or that he does not accept the history of Christian conversions in Goa? As an IPS officer, we are convinced of his education and capability; with that background, does he really want us to believe that only ‘stray’ conversions happen to Christianity? Is he delusional or an ostrich to say, ‘…never shall know the circumstances that made it so’ ? Indeed.