Open Letter to Karan Johar

What stopped Karan Johar and his ‘talent’ from across the border from issuing a simple statement condemning the #UriAttacks?

Dear Karan Johar,

The other day, someone sent me a link to your ‘atonement’ video. Wow!! What a bravura performance. The funereal atmosphere, the sombre black background, the black tee-shirt to signify deep mourning, the low, sad, anguished voice talking about the blood, sweat and tears of your crew. Wah, kya scene tha. So emotional. You should be an actor, dude, not just a director. You would give even Om Puri’s fake tears a run for the money.

Waise, it is nice to see that you have rediscovered your latent patriotism. The #UriAttacks happened…let me see… on September 18th, your video statement came exactly a month later. But I can understand that. Mumbai is so far away from #Uri. It takes time for the news to travel. But I am glad you have said you ‘respect’ our army. Exactly what the Indian army needed, a certificate of patriotism from THE Karan Johar.

Oh, Karan, we all know how ‘patriotic’ you are, we always see that mandatory scene of candy-floss Deshbhakti in your movies. Remember that touching scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, When young Krish starts singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ at his school function for his mum, and all the people in the audience stand up with their hands on their heart? Oh, that was SO patriotic. I felt as tear-choked and emotional at the scene while watching the movie as Kajol did on the screen!

I have a small question, though, what stopped you and your ‘talent’ from across the border from issuing a simple statement condemning the #UriAttacks?

BTW, there is no BAN on your movie. People are mad at you, and they don’t want to see your movie of their volition. It is called a ‘boycott’. Two different terms, entirely. If you are interested to know the meanings, I could gift you a dictionary for free, though I am not sure if you know how to use it. You can find both these words under the alphabet B.

I also appreciate your concern for the well-being of the ‘over 300 Indian people who have put their blood, sweat and tears into your film’. You want us to watch #ADHM for their sake. SO noble of you, but er, does that mean that you haven’t PAID those 300 people yet? Even after your movie was completed and is ready for release?

See, if the 300 crew members have been already paid for their work, it shouldn’t mean anything to them if your movie is a success or a failure. If Dharma Productions has NOT paid them yet, that means YOU have economically exploited them and made them work for free for your film. In that case, you should be sued, Sir.

It is nice to see all your champagne swigging liberal friends stand-up for you in your efforts to spread ‘love’ and helping you by spreading deliberate calumnies about #ADHM being banned. Unfortunately for you, the ordinary cine-goer in India is a lot more patriotic than your liberal friends. I may be wrong, but I think #ADHM will bomb, despite your emotional video appeal. But don’t worry, you can always repay ‘the blood sweat and tears of your 300 Indian crew members’ by earning money as an actor in future!

BTW, Bharat Mata Ki Jai – to quote your friend and colleague Anurag Kashyap.

Warm Regards,

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Shefali Vaidya is a freelance writer and newspaper columnist based in Pune. She is trying to perfect the fine art of sarcasm.
  • Rajat Datta

    Most of the bollywood is funded by the underworld including Dawood, so it is hardly surprising that KJ would have the slightest regard for anything else other than cash.

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Johar will pay no attention to any open or close letter. Best way to handle the psuedo liberals is to hurt them in the pocket book. They will forget their sympathy for jihadi causes and straighten out.

  • Abhishek Oza

    A small grammatical correction: ‘B’ is not alphabet. ‘B’ is a letter. English has only 1 alphabet, and that 1 alphabet has 26 letters.

  • Ali Asgar

    “See, if the 300 crew members have been already paid for their work, it shouldn’t mean anything to them if your movie is a success or a failure.”
    Really? Do you get no satisfaction when your work is appreciated?
    Sadly for you, being in Karan Johar’s team, I strongly want my hardwork to get screened even if it makes me return my earnings.
    The article speaks much about you than Karan Johar.

    • Rama

      You should have thought really hard about the RISKS of working/collaborating with Pakistanis. Your “Hard work” does not deserve any recognition. Period.. You took a risk, hence you pay for it. Screw any recognition when one sleeps with the enemy.

      • Ali Asgar

        Lol. So by going with the logic you have tried to apply by mentioning hard hitting allegations like sleeping with the enemy, which of course should be mentioned as the trademark of the in-trend nationalist trolls. The movie was produced and directed by a pakistani and Karan Johar is an employee working for Fawad Khan. Work of 299 indians doesn’t matter, existence of one pakistani does. Tax earned through this money will fund Pakistan’s economy and not the Indian economy. Right?
        And if you think the scene is vice versa. Why would you go with the zombie-flow?

        • Rama

          What is your point? ?????

  • JustSaying

    The irony is that the production house is named “Dharma” production while the owner of Dharma production is hob-nobbing with Pakis who hate Dharma.
    Excellent article as always.

  • P. B. Josh

    All they had to say was we condemn terrorist attack on sleeping Uri soldiers. Even Pakistani actors could have done that because Pakistan had not taken responsibility of the attack. If the attack was by Nexals, wouldn’t they condemn it right away?

  • dinesh_parikh

    Sister, two small corrections, One is the date it should be 18th Oct 2016 and the other one it’s not THE Karan Johar, it should be THE KHAN Johar !!! 😀

  • Indian

    I don’t understand why a producer should incurr loss because of casting a paki actor. Was he casting them illegally ?? If not why should they incur a loss. After all the producer is an Indian. The loss is for an Indian and not for a Pakistani. If all talks about patriotism then whoever didn’t Raised concerns , their movies also shouldn’t be Released. Aren’t we talking illogical to ban an Indian producer for no fault of his. Otherwise all of us can contribute from our own fund and reimburse the producer and ban the movie. Without spending even a penny it’s funny to look at people talking big.

    • guest

      hummm….you may have named yourself Indian, but you are far from it. Let me explain a bit of diplomacy. Pakistan has been the root of terror for as long as Pakistan has existed. The producers should be smart and not hire them ANYWAY. But for all these years, in the name of art, film industry has been insulting India –not to mention what they are doing to the culture with their crappy movies. USSR & US banned exchange of artists, we did not play cricket with south africa due to their apartheid and the way Indians were treated in the country, And ban on Indian movies has not been new in Pakistan, its been an ongoing thing. Did you know that Sarees and bindis were banned in Pakistan? can these things create terror??? Nope, they are a symbol. As are these actors. And please stand corrected—there WAS NO BAN. It WAS AND IS A BOYCOTT. I wish you had read that part in the article. And stopping this now, is also an example for the future. No interaction with them, as the world isolates them When we are doing that, you do not go around cheering at their movies. KJ, needs to learn a lesson anyway. I think it is about time that common people teach these ‘big shots’ that they are not the ones who call the ‘shots’ anymore. It is the public!!

      • Indian

        I don’t understand what lessons we are teaching pakis. It’s our Indians who is losing. I think it’s just politician n media who is creating sensations n trying to play with our feelings. Pakis are not going to lose even a penny because of we losing. If we had to ban then we shouldn’t allow them inside india. These kind of sensations are only to get some money and not lessons. Why did we allow the paki stars to act in the first place. Basics are wrong and we are trying to justify ourselves.

        • guest

          Why did we allow the paki stars to act in the first place.

          EXACTLY, ASK BOLLYWOOD!! (govt put no restrictions and even now has not. it is the public sentiment. the public is angry. and the govt instead has been working on a ‘dialogue’. but cowards killed sleeping soldiers. so, no more talking to them. again, no ban on the film. the theatres do not want to support Karan Johar and anyone involved with the movie. A lesson for the future. Like I said, the big shots need to know that it is always the public that calls the shots. No one else, but Karan Johar will be affected unless of course he is one of those directors who pays his staff based on how a movie does (which is unethical) in which case, he does not deserve sympathy anyway.

          • Indian

            Boss it’s business and it’s not theatres doesn’t want to support such movies. It’s politician who raise violance against the theatres and obviously they are worried about he damage to their theatres. The decision should be left to the audience to decide whether they want to watch the movie or not. It is driven by politics and not after getting 5 crores politicians does t have any issue in realizing the movies. By protesting the movie only india loses the hard work of so many Indians in the movie against one paki and nothing matters to Paki. Further when the movie is realsed only Indian government is going collect the tax and it’s pakis are not going to get a penny. So. By protesting the movie only we are at loss and Paki will be only happy that one paki was able to incurr so much loss to india. I think you will be aware of our taxation on how much money government get from business. Look at the below link. All are politically motivated


          • guest

            First of all you know that MSM in India is sold and so we need these sites like IndiaFacts to give us the other side of the story with details. And —the exhibitors also decided to not screen. here is the thing though, people are going to boycott. and you will still be told it did well, to save face. The public is generally against KJ, who uses media to bring degeneracy. The studios distributing the film are fox studios, I mean seriously!!! NOPE INDIA LOOSES NOTHING. ONlY KJO AND HE NEEDS TO LEARN ANYWAY. And what you are calling politics is NEEDED under what Pakistan has been doing, so weak to not even accept surgical strikes—and hurting their own people. THIS MOVE is NEEDED. No Indians are loosing. JUST KARAN JOHAR. His ‘being indian at heart’ is very much in question.

          • That KJ scum is also responsible for this shit too. Bet his being Indian at Heart will go down the drain if we ask him to include a song on rape victim and sexually abused aisha.


          • guest

            I have often thought about this song, and using the name of Krishna and the vulgarity he has associated with it. And only recently after many people talking about it, have started to pay attention to the sufiazation or islamisation of the songs in bollywood (many of which I have enjoyed). But bhajans are missing, so are bindis, and forget women, even men wear fewer clothes in Kj’s movies.

  • I dont think such open letter mean anything to these dhimmi Punjabis. They were busy giving BJs to fellow punjabi muslims and pathans even while the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, granddaughters of their fellow punjabi brethren were gangraped and massacred in their home state during Partition. Many punjabi womenfolks committed suicide as a result.

    The blame for the rise of muslims in the bollywood ranks solely lies with these refugee Punjabis of Bollywood.

    For them, their love for muslims is greater than the honor of Punjabi womenfolks or the lives of fellow Hindus and definitely much more than their love for the land that gave them refuge.

    • guest

      not all punjabis are the same but the Bollywood lot is rotten!!

    • singh.Varun Vikram

      Ray are you bengal though ? (No I am not a punjabi) but if you are from bengal and criticizing the punjabis while bengal is ……….. 🙂 enough said

    • krishnamoorthy

      KJ is Sindhi

      • I dont think you understood what I really meant here. Ethnically his father Yash Johar (born on September 6, 1929 in Amritsar, Punjab, British India) is listed as Punjabi but the ethnicity is not the main crux of my post

        Similarly, Mani Shankar Aiyar too is a Punjabi, as he was born in Lahore, British India.

        Similarly, Sunil Dutt is Punjabi, born on 6 June 1930 in Khurd village, Jhelum district, Punjab Province, Porkistan.

        Bollywood exists because of Marathis who created it in the first place. These refugees have back-stabbed the Marathi community who gave them refuge and safety in their land.

        Punjabis due to growing muslim population pre-Independence in their own land got subjected to dhimmitude* with increase in muslim population which give rise to islamic thoughts and culture .
        * – dhimmi is a person who is either a muslim apologist(e.g., Gandhi) as he has already accepted defeat or someone who is very scared of muslims and suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. These 2 symptoms eventually result in one becoming a closet-muslim with islamic mindset.

        Dhimmis are basically anti-Hindu traitors and we had many since islamic invasions started. Dhimmi Hindus have weakened the Hindus from within for close to a millennia now.

        This is not an attack on Punjabis but dhimmi Hindus in general. Today even Marathi people like Ashutosh Gowariker, Ritesh Deshmukh or rather anyone who prostrates before muslims of Bollywood are dhimmis and Parties like SS-MNS just extort money to keep the gullible masses fooled.

  • subodh1945

    this chap pays his crew only after movie release and all the returns ,means after a year , expoliter no1 karan johar