Project ACRPR: Racial Profiling of Hindus

Project ACRPR is nothing but an exercise of legitimizing and glorifying Islamic terrorists.

The ACRPR Project Report titled ‘Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence: The Right to Heal’ claims that its primary aim is to study ‘gender and sexual violence in conflict’: that it wants to fight for the ‘privileged and the disadvantaged’, and the ‘marginalized’.

By conflict, it means communal riots and secessionist movements in India. The four cases under focus in the Project Report are: the Gujarat riots of 2002, anti-Sikh riots of 1984, the Kashmir Separatist Movement and the Odisha violence on 2007-08.

The report comprises three sections.

Section I presents the theory of the Project and the ideology of its members. It is full of undecipherable jargon common among the writings of political scientists of post-modernist orientation.

One of the contributing authors, Homi K Bhabha is famous for writing absolute nonsense in philosophical-sounding verbiage. He has even been awarded the second prize in “Bad Writing Competition” by Philosophy and Literature Journal in 1998. The Award “celebrates bad writing from the most stylistically lamentable passages found in scholarly books and articles.” Bhabha was awarded the prize for this sentence in his most famous book The Location of Culture:

“If, for a while, the ruse of desire is calculable for the uses of discipline soon the repetition of guilt, justification, pseudo-scientific theories, superstition, spurious authorities, and classifications can be seen as the desperate effort to “normalize” formally the disturbance of a discourse of splitting that violates the rational, enlightened claims of its enunciatory modality.”

Almost the entire theoretical section of the ACRPR Report reads like this. The authors quote directly from Foucault, Derrida, Lacan and other post-modernist authors, affecting a pseudo-philosophical disposition, while their goal is extremely political and partisan: to implicate Narendra Modi, the BJP government and the Hindu society in every crime imaginable.

The Theory

The “Report” is nothing more than a venomous diatribe against the Hindu community in general and against Narendra Modi and the BJP in particular. However, the authors of the Report have tried to make their vicious anti-Hindu invectives sound like outcome of scientific analysis of social theory. For this they go to great lengths.

The ‘philosophers’ that they call to their aid are infamous for being opaque in language and meaningless in content.

derridaThe Report (the page number of the quotation from the report of ACRPR Project, titled “Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence: The Right to heal” will be quoted in brackets) starts explaining its theory by quoting a meaningless line by Jacques Derrida, the father of most post-modernist jibber-jabber that goes around in ‘academic’ circles these days. Derrida is quoted to the effect:

…all nation-states are born and found themselves in violence… The foundational violence is not only forgotten. The foundation is made in order to hide it; by its essence it tends to organize amnesia, sometimes under the celebration and sublimation of the grand beginnings.” (p. 19-20)

Notice the categorical condemnation of the formation of all nation-states in the very first sentence and then absolutely no effort to substantiate the claim in the subsequent lines. This ridiculous claim is left completely unsubstantiated and the reader is supposed to believe in the veracity of the statement by the power vested in Derrida by… well… Derrida himself.

And this is the basis of much that follows in the Report, this assertion by Derrida that “all nation-states are found in violence”. His statement is taken as axiomatic truth; this ‘truth’ is considered as theory; and the theory is accepted as fact.

And India is judged on this basis.

That the Indian State is always violent; that it is always evil and anyone fighting it is always the oppressed. There can be no exceptions to this grand theoretical truth.

Once this ‘truth’ is ‘proved,’ the authors go on to further ‘prove’ that the majority community is always evil and oppressive and the minority community is always the oppressed one.

“Conflicted democracies in the Global South content with hyper-nationalism as the national majority community consolidates and unifies itself into the governing elite, solidifying a majority-minority binary.” (p. 21)

While using pseudo-scientific, pseudo-philosophical terms such as ‘hyper-nationalism’ and ‘majority-minority binary’, the basic assertion of the authors is that the Hindus, with their violent nationalism, are responsible for all violence in Indian society.

It is further claimed that the majority community always engages in violence for grabbing the ‘national resources’:

“Such societies orchestrate and submit to cycles of state and group violence toward nationalizing resources and assimilating and homogenizing dissenting peoples and social difference.” (p. 21)

India is called a ‘majoritarian democracy’ which is defined as the system in which the religious majority brutalizes and terrorizes the minorities. It is juxtaposed to a ‘consensus democracy’ but interestingly no country is cited as an example.

The ‘always’ rule

The authors have used many semantic tricks to make their ideology appear like the truth. There is the ‘always’ rule. The majority is ‘always violent’; the minority is ‘always the victim’. Religion is ‘always peaceful’; the majority ‘always makes it violent’. Nationalism is ‘always violent’, the nationalistic violence is ‘always sexual, related to gender’.

The conclusion of this ‘always premise’ is that the Hindus are ‘always evil’ while the Muslims are ‘always innocent’. No exceptions are entertained to this absolute rule of an absolute ideology. No verification is ever considered necessary to test it.

Denunciation by Association

India is equated to the colonial-settler communities of Australia, Canada and the U.S. subtly suggesting that just like the majority communities of these countries are foreign settlers who destroyed and killed most of the natives, the Hindus in India are too invaders from outside who subjugated the minorities in India.

The indigenous people are called Adivasis, (aboriginals) who are not considered Hindus. The Hindus are seen as foreign Aryan invaders. In this scenario, the Hindus seem similar to the Christian Conquistadors from Spain and Portugal who invaded the Americas and decimated their culture, society, religion and civilization.

On the other hand, the Muslims are always clubbed along with the Adivasis, and the Dalits. The phrase always runs like this: “Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Dalit, Adivasi”. The real atrocities committed upon Dalits in some cases are taken to be the norm rather than the exception and by clubbing Muslims with Dalits, Muslims are also presented as victims.

India as a dictatorship

The report explains that India was chosen as a case study because, although India is theoretically a democracy, it is just a ‘political democracy’ and a ‘conflicted political democracy’ on that. One wonders, what an ‘apolitical democracy’ is.

bookIn reality, which democracy does not have problems or conflicts? The United States still battles racism, ethnic conflicts, gender violence, juvenile delinquency and a host of other problems. Native Americans still struggle for their rights against the government.

Scotland, a state of the United Kingdom held a plebiscite in 2015, whether it wanted to remain in the U.K. By a very narrow margin the Scots voted to remain with the United Kingdom. The pro-independence nationalists are not happy and the coming years will further strain relations between Scotland and London. The question of Northern Island is still a thorn in the side. Wales is not far behind in demanding greater autonomy and even freedom.

France battles with the problem of ‘assimilating Asian and African migrants’. The Islamic minority has grown to as large as 10% of. It is unassimilated and regularly engages in riots and communal conflagrations across the country.

Germany also has similar sets of problems. On the one hand, the flooding of ‘refugees’ has caused great social and political problems. On the other hand, in reaction to the refugee influx, neo-Nazis are becoming stronger again.

Sweden has one of the highest rates of per capita rape in the world. Benelux battles with the growing problem of Islamic terrorism. Spain is on the verge of falling apart in its constituent states.

And these are some of the most stable democracies in the world. By using the phrase ‘political democracy’, the subtle implication is that India is democracy just in name. Veena Das puts this in very clear words in the Foreword of the report:

“But the question is this – can we make a clear separation between democratic states and authoritarian states when the torture apparatus developed in the latter is used by democratic states to evade their own laws in keeping a global regime of torture, incarceration and sexual violence fully functional? And within democratic states themselves there are zones defined as “dangerous”, because of militant movements or insurgencies, that prove the excuse for suspending the law or enacting extraordinary measures through which extrajudicial killing, police violence, and arming of militias to keep the order, becomes part of the normal?” (p. xvi)

First, for token’s sake, authoritarian regimes are lamented upon. Then quickly, democracies are equated to totalitarian dictatorships by asserting that ‘State torture’ takes place in democracies too.

Then, in a swift stroke, India is condemned in the same vein as a dreaded dictatorship would be. And all this, without a shred of proof.

The word ‘conflicted’ is meant to give the impression that India is a disturbed land where the social fabric is so disturbed that it needs help in the form of external, foreign intervention.

Racial Profiling of Hindus

The authors of the Report have a pathological hatred of Hinduism, Hindu culture and Hindu society. Hindus are blamed for every crime under the sky. No explanation is given for this alleged monstrous behavior.

The only reason that can be inferred is that the authors believe that the Hindus constitute a race and that there is something wrong with their blood. There is no other reason why an entire demographic group would be blamed for so many crimes. This Hinduphobia is reflected in the racial profiling of the Hindus that the authors have done throughout the Report.

Hinduism for them is no valid religious category. The British viewed Hinduism as a modern invention of the nationalist freedom fighters. Islam and Christianity are of course not put under this scrutiny. This colonial view of Hinduism is repeated by the authors of the report in the following words:

“The religionization of the state in India draws its history from the imperial and feudal-nationalist assimilation of diverse traditions into a monolithic Hinduism. The Orientalist positioning of Hinduism as a world religion, began by the British in the 1830s, was amalgamated by the Bramho Samaj, the Arya Samaj, and thereafter by the RSS, and others.” (p. 77)

Using some classic anti-Hindu tricks, the Report mentions the ‘Hinduization’ and ‘Sanskritization’ of Adivasi and Dalit populations in Odisha, implying that they are not Hindus and Hindu fundamentalist organizations forcibly convert them to Hinduism. On the other hand, the very real threat of Christianization of Hindu tribals is dismissed as majoritarian scaremongering.

The authors castigate all Hindu men as monsters by this statement that: “…the female experience in India as commonly consisting of a ‘continuum of violence… from the ‘womb to the tomb’”. (p. 88-89)

Reconversions to Hinduism are always ‘forced’, however conversions to Christianity are not only voluntary, they are also redemptive and transformative. (p. 138)

Hindus are portrayed as absolute monsters, waving evil tridents and impaling Muslim women on them. (p. 154)

Every lapse in legal judgment is claimed as a conspiracy against the minority, ignoring the fact that the judicial process in India is lethargic in general. (p. 219)

By equating the minority as ‘victims’, the majority as ‘perpetrators’ and riots to the act of rape, the authors of the Report build a narrative in which it is always Hindu men who rape Muslim women and the vice versa never happens.

The authors lament that there are 38 listed terrorist groups in India and none of them are Hindu. It does not matter to them whether any Hindu organization is really involved in terrorism or no. The government should declare Hindu organizations as terrorist just because the ideology of these authors tells them that it is always the majority which is evil and violent. This is the level of ‘scholarship’ involved in the ACRPR Project.

Gujarat, Kashmir and Odisha

The narrative about India, Kashmir, Odisha and Gujarat is familiar. Godhra is presented as a suspicious incident, implying that the Hindus immolated themselves. On the other hand, Gujarat riots are not only called as pre-planned but the Narendra Modi government, the BJP and entire Hindu community is said to be a part of the conspiracy where every Hindu conspired for the “genocide” of Muslims.

There are familiar and extremely graphic tales of how Muslims were massacred by brutal Hindus; how Indian Army is nothing more than rape machine which terrorizes and massacres the Muslims; how in Odisha Hindus run riot among Christians whenever the fancy strikes and butcher the hapless Christians without care; how the Indian State has or had draconian laws like TADA, POTA or USPA and how they should be repealed.

The Babri Masjid demolition is mentioned repeatedly as an attack upon democracy: however, no mention of any Hindu temple being destroyed is ever made. Even the Mumbai bomb blasts by Islamic terrorists are blamed on the Hindus. There is nothing new in these baseless allegations.

It is the language that the authors use that is of interest.

In the Godhra case, a Muslim mob ‘allegedly’ set fire to the bogey of the train carrying Hindu pilgrims. But then the authors hurry to suggest that later investigations ‘pointed out’ that the fire was set from inside the bogey. (p. 129)

The authors are indicating that the evil and devious Hindus are so scheming in their designs that around sixty of them, including women and children willfully immolated themselves so that Gujarat riots could be ‘staged’ later.

modiDespite the repeated exoneration of Narendra Modi by the Supreme Court and other courts, the authors leave no doubt that they consider him a monster. During the Gujarat riots of 2002, in the Gulberg case, a former Congress

Member of Parliament, Ehsan Jafri called Narendra Modi for help as the riots were ongoing. The authors quote Narendra Modi as saying: “You have not died yet?”  (p. 134)

There is absolutely no record of Mr. Modi saying anything to the effect. The only source of this scandalous allegation is the unnamed, unreferenced, unverifiable investigation conducted by the Project authors themselves.

As discussed earlier, the truth is of no consequence to them. The parameters of truth, as they said, should be realigned. And the realignment is always in the anti-Hindu direction.

Glorifying Terrorism

The Project does not differentiate between freedom fighters and terrorists. Veena Das states in the Foreword: “Chatterji and her colleagues do not yield to any nostalgic rendering of violence perpetrated by militants, insurgents, freedom fighters, terrorists – all names that can morph into each other.” (p. xvi)

The Islamic terrorists are legitimized and glorified by equating them with freedom fighters. They are called ‘combatants’. On the other hand, all Hindu organizations are depicted as terrorist organizations by default. For these authors, Bhagat Singh would be no different than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They may even praise Baghdadi as a revolutionary and condemn Bhagat Singh as a proponent of male chauvinism.

The Report claims that the Hindu organization, RSS has more weapons and armed fighters than Islamic terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba or Hizbul Mujahideen.

Only someone fed on the propaganda of the Taliban and the ISI would believe that but our authors pass this lunatic idea as truth. “The strength of minority militant organizations that use force as a strategy in India is not co-equal to the strength of their Hindu nationalist counterparts.” (p. 80)

Kashmiri secessionism is termed as ‘self-determination movement’. J & K is mentioned as a separate territory which has ‘to be incorporated’ into India. Every time the authors have to mention the ‘militancy’ of Kashmiri Muslims, it is carefully mentioned that there are many of non-violent protests and non-violent actions too.

In the case of Indian Army, no such mention of non-violent methods is made. While the Islamic terrorists are glorified, the Indian Army is demonized. Hindus are called ‘criminals’, Islamic terrorists are called freedom fighters and ‘combatants from minority communities.’ (p. 249) In short, Pakistan’s and ISI’s positions are reiterated as against India’s positions.

One should keep in mind that the most heinous of Islamic terrorists of organizations such as the Al-Qaeda, the ISIS, the Hezbollah and the Hamas also call their terrorists ‘ghazis’ or ‘martyrs’, believing that they are actually doing God’s good work and are chaste fighters in a righteous holy war.

The word that the authors use for Islamic terrorists in Kashmir, ‘combatants’ is not very different from the word ‘ghazis’ and ‘martyrs’. Do the authors actually believe in the ideology of the Islamic terrorists so much so that they have even internalized their terminology?

It is mentioned that certain border areas in India are reluctant to remain in the Indian Union, while nowhere mentioning that Pakistan and China invaded and occupied the Kashmiri territory and that they are also unwelcome in the region, mostly evident from recent protests. (p. 21)

Indian Army is accused of mass rapes (p. 127) without giving any reference whatsoever of any kind.

Regarding the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, the report does not at all mention the role of the Congress Party. It does not mention that it was not in fact a Hindu-Sikh riot, but a Congress-directed genocide of Sikhs.

After ‘proving’ India to be an evil state, that the Indian Army as nothing better than a rapist gang, that Hindus a brutal majority, the authors proceed to term Kashmir as an ‘internal armed conflict’, thus denying that Pakistan or any other foreign agency has significance part to play in it; and then denying that Islam also plays a role in this centuries’ long record of Hindu hatred.

Thus, Project ACRPR is nothing but an exercise of legitimizing and glorifying Islamic terrorists; a covert way of supporting the Islamist agenda of the ISI against India and her innocent people, and a semantic way to cover up the Hinduphobic racism inherent in the report.'
Pankaj Saxena is a scholar of History, Hindu Architecture and Literature. He has visited more than 400 sites of ancient Hindu temples and has photographed the evidence. He’s also writes articles, research papers and reviews in various print and online newspapers and magazines and is the author of three books.
  • srikrishna sadula

    Countless terrorist attacks not only in India but across the globe. Whom to blame ? which selfish nexus is supporting all these? Its none other than pampered kids of Abrahamic faiths or Bolsheviks. Infiltration of such elements into academy/media/policy-making houses causing a world to a chaotic place. Its much inevitable situation to the human population either face the wrath or fight to retain the glory!!

  • Rajalakshmi J

    I could not agree more with Sri.Pankaj Saxena & Rajiv Malhotra . That the main agenda of western nations ( they use the word ‘secular’ to DENY only HINDUS their legitimate rights to abide by whatever our Vedas decree. Whereas all christian countries have nothing but ‘CHURCHIANITY’ ( Svami Abhedananda Ramakrishna Paramahamsar’s Devotee coined this word) as their very foundation . Their christian belief systems permeate each & everything they do. By now they have almost appropriated everything belonging to us HINDUS through wily inculturation.

    Recently harvard university invited anti Vedic secular indian charlatans kollybollywood kamalhassan , shashi tharoor & they have come up with priceless drivel. Not worth posting here at all. Christians USE muslims attempting to “legitimize Islamic terrorists” ONLY with a view to annihilating as many Hindus as possible. Within their own country they follow a different doctrine. kamalhassan is a RENEGADE tambram. Unmitigated debauch who has from the beginning endeared himself to both muslims & christians by endorsing BEEF consumption , mutton etc etc , irresponsible bohemian lifestyle like promiscuity live in relationships calling them “individual liberties”. This born & bred debauch has always been a dk follower. A clone of dmk karunanidhi who would allow his own daughter to “pay a visit” to say Thirupathy Temple conning all ” look how very secular individual freedom friendly i am”. Most Hindus have long become IDIOTS having consumed bollykolly fare & congress styled secularism vomitus for decades.

    Thank God TNTJ knocked down his arrogance over his movie viswarupam. Do remember politically correct SSSSRS of art of living has consistently supported this debauch. Hindus rallying behind SSSSRS are mostly idiots. As SSSRavishankar has NO grasp over Dharma Sasthrams . Just recycles & peddles Hindus’ Spiritual Scriptures as his ( sic) “own discoveries”.

    Christians have long been doing that. Hence could effortlessly unmask him. nobel prizes , magsaysay awards are all effective tools in the hands of western nations to “extend embrace & purchase” such anti Vedic entities who go about executing their agenda. Hindus WITHIN India gape at them awestruck swallowing their crap without questioning.

    BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit has been persuading Narendra Modi to embrace this traitor thus making him “swachch bharath” ambassador. With a view to harvesting the votes of his fans. For most indians ” reel life is real life”. This debauch’s niece a divorcee anu has remarried an investment banker of uk now calling herself anu graham. Original husband is from Indian Army I read.

    The anti Vedic western countries always confer awards on indian movies that besmirch Hindus as much as possible. We all know about deepa mehta’s water , earth etc. Now comes this ‘visaranai’ made by a product of Loyola college ( all anti Vedic christian entities full of CRAFTIEST sophistry) allegedly based on a “true story” written by one auto driver of Coimbatore. Any anti Establishment movie made by indian ( it should malign our Police , our Army thus demoralizing them) upstarts is sure to win prizes in Italy , France , Los Angeles & any back of beyond.

    Recently AP Police took action against certain tamil speaking Red Sandalwood smugglers ( all belong to PMK political outfit notorious for Trees decimation on a large scale , caste wars & illicit liquor industry ostensibly screaming at Jayalalithaa for tasmac outlets) who have been cutting all Red Sandalwood Trees belonging to The Deity of Thirupathy.

    The director of visaranai has thrown in that bit to stir all tamil speaking people into frenziedly supporting this movie. His mentor is balu mahendra who in REAL life though married to one woman had illicit relationships with many. It is a well known fact he murdered one actress as she pestered him to “marry” her. But the murder was called “suicide” with the clout of balu mahendra. A product of some jesuit institution in Ceylon.

    Earlier the same director of visaranai made one similar lousy movie maligning PIZZA pitting it against HINDUS” indigenous Dosai(s) & sent it to Italy , France , USA etc. Was REJECTED outright. These ‘directors’ invariably play the dalit card , oppressed repressed pooooor artifices which is EXACTLY what christian nations WANT.

    AP.Nagarajan’s Thiruvilaiyaadal & Chinnappa Dhevar’s Dhaivam & Thunaivan would be rejected BUT appropriated craftily & remade as their movies. In the same way Vael Ilangu Kanni Temple became velankanni church etc etc.

    • Slasher

      Awesome post. Very detailed.

      Thank you for enlightening us some more about our famous Desh Drohis like Kamal Hassan and his Drohi family. You forgot to mention that his brother Charu Hassan has secretly or publicly converted to Christianity and is now making Anti Hindu noises loudly through movies and dramas. It is a stinging disgrace.

      I think Kali Yug is accelerating the decline of India and especially TN. I see no hope for Hindus in TN after 10 more years of this brainwashing. I would expect a Pakistani Hindu kind of look when someone says they are a Tamil Hindu in the future. It will be such a rarity.

      What a stunning fall for India and TN!

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Thank you.

        kamalhassan makes pro muslim noises or else they would not hesitate to KILL him. It is sheer expediency. As soon as Hindus “REARRANGED Sri.Ram Temple in Ayodhya” (Varsha Bhosle’s most accurate way of describing instead of secular media’s misleading ‘babri masjid brought down’) kamalhassan twirled his now-you-see-now-you-don’t-moustache telling all (sic) “one historical treasure has been brought down”. Obviously muslims are very fond of applauding his anti Hindu propaganda. javed jaffreys , amir khans , etc etc call themselves his “fans”. Khalid Mohammad the film critic was also one of his fans but did not hesitate to express his revulsion after seeing his movie ‘hey ram’. It is THAT vulgar THAT profane. I was appalled to find many hindus including many renegade tambrams relishing this movie. The tolerance levels of many hindus of Tamil Nadu towards profanity would leave you speechless with shock. This is where muslims score better. Hence I was jubilant when Tamil Nadu muslims of TNTJ knocked him down making him almost bankrupt. Soon siddarth basu orchestrated one show for his benefit gifting a cheque for One Crore Indian rupees to him & his current paramour gauthami ( married to someone else , divorced & then resumed her affair with kamalhassan bringing in her daughter too who is also aiming for a foray into movies).

        He has always been a member of dk of EVR. And very close to dmk also. Today art of living sssssrs has gone to dmk stalin’s house doing the same shawls draping blah blah.

        Whereas he is very much pro christian & anti Vedic. Today christianity has come to endorse debauchery like live in relationships , licentiousness like kissing contest , promiscuity like multiple sex partners etc etc . His own suhasini & kushboo who was with dmk & now in congress advised women to go for free sex calling it “individual liberties of females” provided they took adequate precautions to avoid getting pregnant.

        No politician , no new legislation can fix the problems caused by such debauchery. Except Mujahideens or call it by any name. Hindus of VHP , Hindu Munnani can only talk. We are not AUTHORIZED to kill. The Establishment alone is but has always abdicated from this responsibility as our laws follow obsolete british system. Vedic Dharma Sasthrams also prescribe Sharia like punishments for treason & promiscuity . These kollywood sleazeballs have long been the mentors of many indians within India & indian diaspora abroad.

        • Slasher

          I hear you.

          I am aware of these happenings in India and especially TN. I know of one Hindu Activist who worked tirelessly in TN and AP fighting against Conversion. He told me 12 years ago that TN cannot be saved but AP can. But I notice that they have now broken up AP into two. So I assume that even AP could not be saved. He is no longer an Activist. He has given up!

          Foolish and Selfish Hindus in India did nothing while their neighbour’s houses burnt thinking that they will be saved. But now in speaking to them, I find that almost all of them are fearful because their house might be next. Hahaha. Funny how they say Karma is a b*tch though I don’t endorse the denigration of women implied in that line.

          All of us need to come together – otherwise there is no hope for Hindus in India and especially TN and AP.


      • Rajalakshmi J

        Apropos that balu mahendra ( died recently Thank GOD !!!) who killed the actress who was his paramour calling it a “suicide” & having the “case closed”. He was having an affair with that actress’s mother also. Both carried on concurrently. It was reported this mother was an accomplice in the murder of her daughter.

        Point being . Modi’s BJP should SHUN indian film fraternity altogether. They cannot claim to represent Sanathana Dharma , Sanskriti in tandem with having “meetings” with kollybolly SCUM just because venkaiah naidu desires so. There is no dearth of GOOD Hindus for them who are all grassroot workers in RSS.

        Why did they nominate one useless hemamalini then is beyond me.

        Both Andhra & Tamil Nadu people are higghhhhly tolerant of profanity & VULGARITY. They never fail to break one coconut before the Photograph of Lord Venkateshvara of Thirupathy before launching their movies full of unmitigated vulgarity. manirathnams included.

  • Indian

    Those who feel that minuscule Parsis are a peaceful minority remember that they are the most deceitful, venomous serpents, the veritable Cobras in manger, evil vile and dangerours.who came as beggers expelled as refugees frm Iran. Because of their small size they escaped attention, however, the most vicious of enemies have been them, Mohd Ali Jinnah mother was a Parsi, Soli Sorabjee, Padamsee, Britsh Pimp Dadabhai Naroji are all Parsis. Dis BASTD Homi K Bhabha is a Parsi. RAJIB GANDHI BAAP was (rumoured) Parsi. These venomous creatures are the most vicious racists also. They feel all Non Persians as inferior refusing to have any relation. The most bigoted. Thankless animals would have been extinct but for Hindu tolerance they are most Filthy Rich. Tatas, Godrej, Premjis billionaires all. These venomous snakes are indrectly responsible 4 partition of India n Hindu genocide surpassing Hitler genocide of Jews. PACK THEM TO PAKISTAN OR KHOMEINI IRA HINDUS DON’T BE FOOLED BY ALL BEGGERS.

    • Dipanjan

      Good one !

      65 PARSI backstabbers were “KNIGHTED” by the British East India Company (shows where their loyalty lies)

      The Tatas , Wadias were OPIUM Drug dealers of the British east India Company (that is how they made their money).

      When it comes Jinnah , his wife was also a PARSI and his daughter also married a PARSI .

      Interesting news on ratan tata:

      “ratan tata had to CORNELL UNIVERSITY there with a HUGE donation, as he is ex-cornell.

      the indian students were very excited. but they got cold water on their heads , as ratan did “NOT bother” to meet the indians.”

      • Even capt’s son goes to Cornell University. Also the capt is a crypto-muslim, a creation of Nehruvian Secularism who is known muslim apologist and also associates with muslim cause of Palestine, now forwarding the Leftist Propaganda of Anti-Brahminism, Anti-Vashnavism, Anti-Tamil, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Sikhism, Anti-North-India ideas in his blogs through which the stance of Hindus who follow him waivers with every new article. This is how he masks his blog by associating it with Hinduism and ends it with Youtube links to Hindu hymns.

        Similar tactics were used by muhammad by spreading hate and lies by mixing it with observations and knowledge of surroundings adopted from other religions.

        Also your capt has copied his parsi article from this website

      • Indian

        Correct, also IT IS RATAN TATA traitor Parsi, who brought DOW to India, sponsoring them. DOW is the UCC of yesteryears, which killed 10000 Indian Browns

    • Romi

      Jinnah was not Parsi. He was a Rajput Muslim from Gujarat. He did marry a Parsi woman. And his daughter married a Parsi too (the Bombay Dyeing heir).

      Do you think they are worse than Muslims? I think Muslims are the ultimate serpents.

      • Indian

        Muslims are serpents we know BUT they real serpents are the Xtians, who are behind every evil that has befallen India. Its the Church-Vatican-OpusDei nexus behind Islamic terrorism, its they who feed it INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN = IM=ITALIAN MAFIA, Naxalism is Church-sonia financed, just think of it Naxals HAVE NEVER attacked any church, Naxalism was confined to ONLY AP till 2005 when ChandraBabu Naidu was the CM, they even bombed his car. AS SOON AS XTIAN YSR, sonia’s bedmate became CM overnight they disappeared from Andhra, to reappear in BJP ruled Chattisgarh, NDA ruled Orissa suddenly. Also in 2013 the so called Naxalites killed Congress top order, as it seems, HOWEVER, all those killed were strong HINDU Leaders like V.C. Shukla, Netam etc., who would have been a threat to CHRISTIAN FAV OF ITALIAN SONIA, AJIT JOGI not very surprising that XTIAN AJIT JOGI and Charan Das just excused themselves 5 mins b4 the attack AND were NOT followed. Opus Dei-Sonia Blackhand

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Yes , I have also noticed they live in OUR Bharath gobbling up space , drinking water , breathing the air , eating food grown in our country but fiercely loyal to british several miles away. Why can’t they settle down in uk ?

    • You are targeting the whole Parsi community for the actions of selected few. You can use the same logic and blame entire Punjabis speaking population of Punjab for the few Punjabi dhimmis based in Mumbai associated with Bollywood who are known muslim bootlickers.

      BTW Sam Manekshaw was a Parsi.

      You need to understand the different Ideologies prevalent in India which sway even Hindus to become anti-National. Even this article here has cited many Hindus who now associate themselves with muslims due to nehruvian Secularism/dhimmitude/Communism etc.

      There is no need to target Parsis specifically because Parsi are guilty only due to thinking for their Minuscule community first as under British they did some unlawful activities.

      Most of these problems arose because the British accorded to themselves the Intellectual discourse of the country when they colonized India creating many Brown Sepoys.

      So who is more guilty here, The sepoys, Nepali Gurkhas who killed Indians in Jallianwala Bagh or the Parsis through their involvement in Opium trade fattened the treasury of British.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        The truth however is Sri.Jagjit Singh Arora is far far superior to Manekshaw.

        After Manekshaw’s death these truths came out. Some British newspaper ( I do not remember) came up with an honest assessment of Manekshaw. It is useless Indian media that painted a larger than life picture of him.
        Manekshaw was very close to Indira Gandhi. She was always unnerved by intelligent people. Hence preferred to have around less intelligent or those favourably disposed towards her. In short sycophants.

        • I too dont like Manekshaw because of his condescending views towards Chhatrapti Shivaji where he ridiculed him and considered himself superior. But I think he too was a product of bhadwa Nehru hatred for Hindus.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Let me tell you one thing Parsees,Muslaahs,Chrisities,Syrians all kinds of Western Universalist and those whose Holyland or Ancestoral land or Ideological Land is a foreign nation have often been seemed to act unkindly towards natives such as us.Even Parsis dont forget they themselves are the Papa of Monotheism later on which came back to bite them.I have seen their attitudes towards Hindus and trust me they look at us just the way Britishers and those Moghuls did towards us.There have never been full throttle riots but I dont trust them may be between a Muslim and a Parsi I might (its a big might) wanna trust them for a second but if given a choice I would want even their Shuddhikaran.As much as Subramaniam Swamy says that orthodox Parsees don’t eat beef but the reality is they do join the Western World View brigade and today most Parsis eat everything and anything.

          • Dipanjan

            I think Subramaniam Swamy’s wife is a PARSI .

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Please dont start your Vadakayilian reasons to bash up Parsis I just mentioned what I have experienced.Even if Subbu’s wife is a Parsi he is right about one thing he cant say that Parsis have no Hindu blood in them its impossible that they have not mixed up with Hindus.By way this is also true about Ban Israelis whom your Kaptaan Sahab hates they too if you see look very much Indian.But the problem is the alienation which Nehruvians continued due to which we see all these different communities which could have been brought back to the Hindu fold or assimilated by removing certain exclusive claims have become Sanatan Dharmas biggest enemies.

      • Indian

        Crap, yes I’am targetting the whole Parsi community, why not. Its a Truth that these evil and vicious Parsis were responsible for the Genocide of Hindus on par with Jewish genocide. Jinnah Mother, wife all were Parsis, this Homi K Bhabha, sonia ass licker Padamsee (award wapasi thug), Godrej all are Parsis. They were thrown out like beggers from Iran. These Filthy Rich buggers, Its INDIA which made them super rich, Tata, Godrej, Premji, Bhabha. However, these racist traitors maintain RACIST PURITY, you should know that no Hindu or Asian (except white thugs their Baaps) can enter their temples, these Asian Klannists think other Asian as inferior race, a Parsi woman marrying outside is thrown out. Apartheid against the same people who made them super rich. Did Tata, Godrej ANY OF THEM PLAY ANY PART IN INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE? They are a vicious, evil minority LET THEM LEAVE INDIA AS THEY CAME. IN THEIR JHOLAS

      • Indian

        As 2 the answer abt Muslim asslicker Panjabi dhimmis of Bollywood, they are ACTUALLY products of RAPE, migrants from Pakistan, prds of bedlayers of Pakistani Muslims with false Hindu names. Their filthy gutter genes e.g. why was Raj Kapoor and family suspiciously Blue eyed and white skin like a white skinned Gora , because the so called SECULARS are actually bastd prdts of Keeps of British, Portuguese, and now Italians and other white skinned bstds. Bollywood is the biggest money laundering scheme for Drug, child prostitution, human smuggling Italian mafia, and Dawood, including ISIS, all these Punjabis in Bollywood bed Dawood and other terrorists. By the way, a little observation. Since Italian Opus Dei illiterate bardancer captured power in 2004 suddenly no Bollywood movie was complete WITHOUT white skinned naked sl..ts? Jobs to whites all sonia BFs? In fact not only Bollywood BUT entire Migrant Panjabi community is a pack of B… See in Delhi these filthy rich planted Kejri for Free WiFi and Italy, their filthy genetics showed up. And irony of this is they were saved begger and naked by RSS only in 1947 otherwise they were dead dogs. SAME WILL REPEAT WITH THE BANGLADESHI GUTTER DOGS NOW FILLING INDIA AND ITALIAN BEGGER TO QUEEN.REMEMBER NOT ALL BEGGERS SHOULD BE FED.BRITS CAME AS BEGGERS TO HUMAYUN, ARABS AS BEGGER TRADERS, AND OFFCOURSE THEIR FATHER XTIANS, Syrian Malabar who were given space, all facilities by Malabar KINGS AND they backstabbed the same people who fed milk to serpents, by supporting Portuguese and calling them to attack Kerala

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          So is your source the Great 12 Strand DNA and PAPA of Moronsmriti Capt. Ajit the Vadakayil????
          Coz fair skin has to do with Melanin pigmentation and as far as Kapoors are concerned they have more of Mongoloid features than White.You might wanna do an update the Sakas,Kushans,Huns,Yavans all attacked India but were assimilated and started practicing the Dharmik tradition.Unfortunately when the Buddhists became extremely rigid and hell bent on giving up on Himsa they were overpowered so those states suffered which were close to Buddhism or under Buddhism.You wanna tell me that Afghanis all of them are ARABS,turks coz their skin colour is lighter and eyes are green blue brown,Well then you will say Chitpawan Brahmins are Jews too and this will go on to what extend till Mr.Kaptaansahab is satisfied that everyone who disagrees with his views is a Jewish Rothschild Zionist.

          “214.The Sakas l i v e d i n Central A s i a beyond B a c t r ia
          ( B a l h i k ) i n large w i l d gangs*. The region beyond them was
          occupied by tribes, equally wild and ferocious*. Even
          beyond t h i s region right in China, there were s t i l l wilder.
          more ferocious, but braver nomadic tribes of t h e millions of
          Huns ( H s i u n g N u ) w h i c h were always at war w i t h one another*.
          These Sakas, Kushans and the Huns entertained bitter
          e n m i t y towards one another and were constantly at war.

          215. About a hundred and fifty years before Christ,
          t r i b a l feuds amongst these nomadic tribes flared up i n such
          “terrible manner as were never heard of before. One of these
          tribes, the Huns or H s i u n g Nus of China who were the most
          pertinacious desperados of a l l , f e l l w i t h a l l t h e i r f e r o c i t y and might upon the neighbouring tribe o f the Kushans, d r i v i ng
          them off completely out of their homeland towards the
          “west®. So the Kushans i n t h e i r t u r n fell i n repeated violent
          “tidal waves upon t h e i r next neighbours, the Sakas, who were
          then h a p p i l y ensconced to the north of B a c t r i a (Balhik) ;
          •and after exterminating the l a t t e r from their abode they
          founded there their own kingdom, instead. The Sakas
          f a i t h f u l l y forwarded that k i c k to the adjoining Bactrians
          •whom t h e y attacked i n s t a n t l y . In B a c t r i a ( B a l h i k ) were at t h i s time, small Greek states, m a i n t a i n i n g their precarious
          •existence since the time of Alexander. But against the
          irepeated attacks of these w i l d tribes i n w h i c h the women too,
          on horse back, fought shoulder to shoulder w i t h men, these
          B a c t r i a n Greeks were a b s o l u t e l y unable to h o l d o n any longer and were, therefore, completely destroyed’, their l a nd
          •being o v e r r u n and occupied e n t i r e l y by the Sakas. But
          •even there, a n d w i t h i n a short span of a hundred years or
          so, came i n hot p u r s u i t t h e i r inveterate enemies, the Kushans,
          whose lives were spent, as those of the Sakas, more on camp
          a i g n i n g o n horses and i n f u l l y armed m i l i t a r y camps than
          ; i n s t a b i l i z e d a n d prosperous cities. The H u n s again attacked the Saka-Kushans and ousting them even from B a c t r i a and •other countries, established their own rule there. These
          exterminated Saka-Kushans, being blocked from behind and
          f r om the sides, had to descend into the region of Baluchist
          a n ‘ , and along the route through the B o l a n P a s s t h e y dashed
          -avalanche-like on the I n d i a n t e r r i t o r i e s of S i n d h , K a t h i a w ad and Gujarat. They t r a m p l e d under t h e i r horses’ hoofs adjoining I n d i a n t e r r i t o r y rushing v i o l e n t l y , plundering and burning towns a n d cities, s p a r i n g neither women nor c h i l d r e n . H i s t o r y ,unfortunately, does not know for c e r t a i n what Indian states existed there at that time, or whether or not, they could
          arrest this irrepressible aggression of these Mlenchchas.

          However i t i s not necessary to discuss the p r o b l em here as i t
          does not f a l l w i t h i n the scope of this book which has been
          o u t l i n e d i n P a r a g r a p h 7. It is enough to state here t h at
          round about the beginning of the C h r i s t i a n era these Sakas
          had occupied the I n d i a n t e r r i t o r y of B a l u c h i s t a n , Sindh,
          K a t h i a w a d , Gujarat and some parts of A p a r a n t a k (Konkan)
          to the south, right upto U j j a y i n i * . And the whole of I n d ia
          was extremely uneasy at the gruesome prospect of the
          possible incursions o f the Kushans and Huns who were to
          f o l l ow the Sakas!”
          Refer-Six Glorious Epochs VD Savarkar pg 88-90
          These different people were assimilated and became a part of Dharmik civilisation now as far as RACE is concerned its not a Bharatiya concept its alien it comes from HAMITIC HYPOTHESIS.

          And as far as love for lighter skin is concerned its coz of the recent colonisation and lack of decolonisation due to which people still love GORA badan.Since I pressume you are promoting Vadakayil’s work here are a few relevant things you need to know.

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil has produced ZERO{0} works and all he has done is spread the Jewish Zionist Conspiracy which is based on a fabricated Judeophobic work known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is similar to the Hinduphobic material produced by the likes of Wendy Doniger.

          Along with hatred for everything Hindu with which he disagrees with he called Veer Savarkar The Father of Hindutva a Chitwpawan Jewish Rothschild.Vadakayil says that the Peshwas compromised because they were Chitpawan Jews and hence the transfer of Power happened,Vadakayil’s Chitpawan Anti Brahminism is exactly what the British started since they knew the role of Brahmins in overthrowing the foreign yoke out of our nation.

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil called Rabindranath Tagore a stooge,he says that no one understood Vedanta after Adi Shankara by that he justified the NEO HINDUISM claim that Vivekananda created this false religion Hinduism,he hates the Bhakti poets(who helped Hinduism survive the Muslim onslaught) he believes that Kamasutra is a British creation(Dharma,Artha KAMA??? Moksha) He does not allow any dissent and hence disallows any contradictory view on his blog.

          Ajit Vadakayil called Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar a British stooge(Ambedkar was among the first to dismiss the Aryan Invasion Theory and Herbert Risleys Nasal Index and also he HATED ISLAM as he mentioned in his work Thoughts on Pakistan that Buddhism was destroyed by ISLAM).

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil says that Nathuram Godse was not a part of the RSS coz his Daddy b4 dieing had a heart to heart RIGHT!!! as if thats gonna prove anything,read How I became a Hindu?By David Frawley Pg 137-138(Pdfs available online),Nathuram was first in the Congress then he joined the RSS and in the end he joined HMS.I can go on with the number N Number of Lies that Kaptaan sahab has been telling but Vadakayilians like VarahMihir here would never understand or stop worshipping this false God whose also a Poison pill to Hinduism.

          Refer Pg 8,13 & 16

          Its people like VarahMihir who are the reason Communo-Secular-Libtards dismiss every Hindu Scholarship like that of Rajivji’s as CHAUVINIST Claims.

          There are much better sources than your Ajit.

          Refer David Frawleys works

          And since people like VarahMihir find it difficult to connect the dots as to how this guy is a poison pill I will just help you with the with relevant proofs.

          The guy is promoting Anti Semitism and today most Anti Semitics are found in Islamic Countries & since Israel is an ally of India and never having had any hostile designs towards Hindus this kind of fabricated distortions could be detrimental to our alliance.

          Read Tarek Fateh The Jew is not my enemy

          Anti Brahminism is Anti Hinduism when Captain Ajit Vadakayil the FALSE GOD starts making claims that Chitpawan Brahmins are jews he does exactly what the British and the Nehrus and other Secularists have claimed that Brahmins are evil and should be irradicated permenantly.

          By calling Brahmins Jews great God Vadakayil has done is denied the Last Hindu Empire (PESHWAS) which lasted for over 50 years and helped the Nehruvian Marxist with the theory that India was always invaded by foreigners and the British took over from MUSLIMS. BIG LIE!!!!

          Captain Ajit Vadakayil should NEVER use the word HINDUTVA since it was first coined by a Bengali Nationalist in 1880 and later on given a Political ideology by VEER SAVARKAR

          Vivekananda did not understand Vedanta infact is the creator of NEO HINDUISM and after Adi Shankara only Mr.Vadakayil understands it RIGHT!!!!

          Refer Indra’Net of Rajiv Malhotra

          Ambedkar the STOOGE falsely claimed by MORON Captain Ajit Vadakayil proved wrong by Arvindan Neelakandan

          AJIT VADAYIL as a DESHDROHI uses The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for his JUDEOPHOBIS Hate mongering

          • Indian

            I do not know who is Ajit Vadakayil. However, when U face the enemy who is organized, evil and vile like Xtians-Commies et-al U have to be unrelenting and savage. “A WINNER WINS FIRST AND GOES TO WAR LATER” SUN-TZU, the ART OF WAR. If U attack Commies U have to attack it in name of Pol Pots, Stalins Mao and not try to drill sense into shameless. Has anybody ever reformed a Commie by silence of RSS. However a Shiv Sena strikes terror in their evil hearts. This is what it is. However Jewish idea is outlandish but Xtianity is the most dangerous READ Illuminati, Freemasonry, alpha beta gamma, kappa phi epsilon, Black Lodges on the net, Vatican is a greatest BLACK LODGE And Xtianity a More Mortal danger. ISLAM is KNOWN enemy. But the Brain behind is Xtianity . What u think ISIS suddenly came from .ITS A BLACK OP OF CIA-OPUS DEI Blackwater Inc of US set it up.TARGET CHINA,RUSSIA INDIA

  • Subramaniam Narasimhan

    Respected Sir,

    From the accounts resulting from your painstaking research, it is very clear that these activities can not be happening without official patronage of the Western Governments and their collaborators over here. It serves as an eye opener to the RSS & Parivar. However, going by their past actions they had taken in their own defence, one gets nagged by the doubts if their eyes would open at all!

    One needs to counter these bigots ensconced in Academia and other lucrative chairs in the West by starting similar think tanks like the HVK and spreading the realities of the generic church, the generic mosque and to a certain extent the
    generic synagogue.

    It is from the generic synagogue that the former two derived their raison-de-etre. The commandments of Prophet Moses are 600 plus in number and most of these have formed the foundations of all the Abrahamic religions. Had the followers of early
    Judaism been tolerant to other religious practices in West Asia, the other two would probably not have arisen or petered out after a while.

    Marxism-Leninism as practised in the erstwhile USSR may have long gone. However, it thrives all over the world, especially in the Academia in the West rather overtly. It has provided platforms for the anti-Indian propaganda. The Abrahamics all over have conveniently latched their bandwagons to these institutions in pursuit of their sabotage against India.

    At home, the congress party created powerful institutions in the Universities, Bureaucracy and NGOs. As long as they exist – some of them must — the deviousness of the Gandhi-Nehru politics shall remain on the fore. Without worrying over the patronage the BJP and Sangh Parivar outfits must start counter propaganda, shunning all niceties in their criticism of the perfidies of Gandhi – Nehru politics.

    After all, decency, tolerance, mutual respect are two way streets. When these are not forthcoming from their enemies, why should a Vajapayee sing praises on a Nehru or why should an Advani eulogise a Manmohan? It is sickening for one to
    witness these suicidal acts repeat ad-nauseam over the years.

    Always remember Nehru’s ‘crushing’ words against S.P.Mukerjee in the Parliament and Lakshmi Sehal’s insults to Manohar Joshi on the stage. Personal friendship, decencies, social and political standings of the individuals must take a back-seat when it comes to dealing with these bigoted men and women from the congress party and the communist party.

  • Dipanjan

    Homi K Bhabha – The name is of PARSI (Iranian Zoroastrian Refugee).Shows how ungrateful refugees can be .Hindus can be sure the some day these


    Armenian Christians


    refugees will also turn against Hindus.
    A classic case of ” BITING THE HAND THAT FED YOU”.

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Absolutely agree with you.

      When congress , tr balu & dmk along with leftists were adamantinely for DESECRATION of Sri.Ram’s Sethu bringing in heavy machinery from Norway , it was dmk chief minister karunanidhi that demanded ” certificate in civil engineering ” of Lord Sri.Ram. When the case went to supreme court fali nariman spoke AGAINST our Lord Sri.Ram.

      As soon as Narendra Modi was elected PM of India bbc became DYSPEPTIC. Its reporter jon sopel came to India interviewing all anti Modi people. Including anti Modi womenfolk. One such woman representing hindu newspaper said (sic) ” Modi is very anti women…don’t we all know what RSS is….all women of india are scared”. One parsi woman in Mumbai said :- ” booohooo parsis are all feeling insecure threatened as Modi has come to power….we parsis are declining in number”. Normally ULTRA shrewd englishmen of bbc would have shot down such asinine statements. BUT only because the DAMAGE they wanted to inflict on Modi & Hindus was being done encouraged such idiocy through & through.

      For such Mumbaikars & anti Hindu indians all over Bharath Hindus like us NEED Kasabs & Afzal Gurus. RSS & VHP are powerless to crack down. So RSS & VHP should ally with Kasabs within and / or without annihilating treasonous media , dk , communists , bollykolly sleaziest scum & all anti Vedic ngos. Cadavers CANNOT file cases , cannot RUN to americaaAAA , uk seeking asylum.

      This is the ONLY way our Economy can revive. And Hindus’ MORALE. Tear down such anti Vedic colleges WITHIN Bharath. Deport all oppressed repressed pooooor booohooo to uk , america asking them to “educate , uplift & empower” them creating quotas in their countries accommodating them in their churches granting citizenship , FREE meals , FREE everything .

      Thus we can tear down ubiquitous structures calling themselves churches in every crevice in Hindus’ Bharath going in for EXTENSIVE Horticulture , Agriculture , Dairy Farming letting our Cows & Cattle to live PEACEFULLY.

      The demand for aviation fuel , petrol etc would come down DRASTICALLY. Impose travel ban on bbc & all foreigners. Deport the existing ones. They are the ones demanding BEEF , continental cuisine to golf turfs.

      By co-existing with them citing ROTTEN constitution it is HINDUS who LOSE. Our inimicals are our parasites . NOT our friends.

      • For such Mumbaikars & anti Hindu indians all over Bharath Hindus like us NEED Kasabs & Afzal Gurus.

        Are you specifically targeting Mumbaikars?
        Shiv Sena who orchestrated the killings of many muslims in riots is also based in Mumbai.

        The actual problem in rampant migration where many dhimmis from muslim majority areas like UP, Bihar have come and settled in Mumbai and its suburbs who then go onto vote for muslim appeasing parties like Congress. In the future it will be AAP.

  • Cybil Peril

    Basic fact is, “There is no one to be worthy of being called original American, Australian, Canadian etc”. It is all these European criminals invaded these lands in the first place and annihilated its inhabitants and now claim as legitimate citizens. Shame on these Abrahamic criminal brigades of dirty tribal class haters, looters, rapists, and criminals of highest grade on this earth. They r basically invested in hate n violence that describes them best. Example of such living crime are the two WWs and the ongoing Middle East conflict. Perhaps shame is too small a word for them!!!

    • Rajalakshmi J

      uk is TRULY SHAMELESS. Trust them to “legalize” rape , shooting , looting , genocide , terrorism , DECEIT , LYING (gambling is legalized by supercilious uk whereas HIndus’ Srimad Bhagavatham unequivocally states Kali Purusha resides in VICES like gambling etc etc) religious conversions & trust their clones in India to nod & follow them.

      uk has spurned UN’s Judgement on Julian Assange.

      When one englishman was caught with a group of female “prostitutes” in sado masochistic orgies the DIShonourable judge acquitted him citing “individual liberties”. The same uk SCREAMS at Muslims during their Muharram Festival crying aiyo aiyo at some self lashings . For uk alone one lashing is “individual liberty” & the other lashing is (sic) “terrorism / medieval / barbaric “.

      Do NOT forget it was their Samuel Jonson who instead of admitting he HIT a passerby said ” by a circumlocutory motion of my hand his body’s position changed from verticality to horizontality”.

      • Cybil Peril

        Rajalakshmi, its true but u r only at the leaves, not on the main trunk of the tree of historical problems. Kindly peruse the history of Europe for last couple of millennia and it would help enlighten on their behavioural causes. Middle East and nearby Europe has a very interesting history. Roman Empire ruled for about eight hundred years including the Britain upto its northern parts. English language is a duplicate language derived from borrowed words from Greek and Latin languages showing their historical roots. Even now, Greek and Latin maxims are proudly used in English language to increase its impact just like Sanskrit in Hindi.
        Current scuffle between the two Abrahamic proselytising violent groups (Muslims and Christians) is not going to settle easily unless some miracle happens but I doubt it. This is a very complex issue. Keep your eyes and ears open to let more ideas percolate in. Both ideologues are based in hate, violence, immoral ideology of “superiority-inferiority” complex. Both are highly arrogant determined. More later.

        • Rajalakshmi J


          Even a cursory reading of uk’s history – their Royal Family inseparable from their christian clergy would make us realize how anti Girl child , anti women they were. They were very fond of beheadings too. No difference between them & muslims. Even today one such christian fellow is in Rwanda telling

          ” I want to uplift these disenfranchised people ….do something for them… is a big mission….not some mini project NGOs undertake….my sons etc would take over after my death…..teaching them to grow crops ….so many are hungryEEEEEEE…staaaarvingg…….”.

          All Deja Vu.

          • Cybil Peril

            Kindly peruse d Rwanda massacre by Church incited by whites. Also peruse the crimes committed by Cecil Rhodes in Rhodesia on locals to consolidatre British monarchy.


          • Rajalakshmi J

            I will. I am already in so much PAIN . This will only increase it. Nevertheless…..

            The movie ” Twelve Years A Slave ” a true story & DJango Unchained are freshly etched in my mind.

          • Cybil Peril

            Sorry for it. Another true story of a US slave – “Sojourner Truth”. Have a go: Wikipedia

            Sojourner Truth (c. 1797 – November 26, 1883) was the self-given name, from 1843 onward, of Isabella Baumfree, an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Truth was born into slavery in Swartekill, Ulster County, New York. In 1826, she escaped with her infant daughter to freedom. After going to court to recover her son, she became the first black woman to win such a case against a white man. Her best-known extemporaneous speech on gender inequalities, “Ain’t I a Woman?”, was delivered in 1851 at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. During the Civil War, Truth helped recruit black troops for the Union Army; after the war, she tried unsuccessfully to secure land grants from the federal government for former slaves.

            “Female Slavery in United States”: Link –

          • Cybil Peril

            100 yrs ago, women in UK weren’t allowed voting and had to be in veil. They couldn’t read, write and go to school. Peruse the life of “George Eliot”, a woman under the male pseudonym. If u r in UK, kindly visit some beaches in Ilfracombe, South West of England. I don’t know, if British have dismantled this historical shame or still preserved them as artichectural heritage monuments?

      • Indian

        RajaLakshiji, True and U truely have Great knowledge, somehow this needs to be percolated downwards. for this to Happen TODAY we need a strong aggressive Indian ULTRA RIGHT because these so called Right of Centre approach is useless. A organization on lines of Brownshirts or EDL,to save INDIA specially from the so called SECUALRS: The street loons who are products of keeps and prostitutes who sexually entertained the perverted British, Portuguese then Soviets, EU and now Italians, all crypto christians behind false Hindu names.
        Come to think of it Xtians talking of humanity, human rights, its only in Xtianity that all mass murdering evil maniacs have been born from Dracula to Bush.
        This blood thirsty child killerVatican is sonia’s God

        The genocide of natives is UNPARALLELED IN HISTORY, EXCEPT BY THE BASTD PROGENY OF CHURCH CALLED COMMUNISM. AND THESE DEMONS TALK OF HUMAN RIGHTS FROM FORKED FANGS? Xtianity has survived only on creating Targets for genocide, as its nothing but devil creed with false god of eternal hell

        Indigenous Central Americans Seek Apology From Pope Francis for Genocid

        Read more:
        IF SONIA IS NOT WIPED WITH FAMILY HINDUS WILL BE WIPED OFF IN NAME OF CHURCH AND LOOOORRRDDD JESUSSSSSSS LIKE NATIVES ABOVE EXCEPT THE PROPORTION WUD BE MAGNITUDES AHEAD..DO YOU think that under Xtian-Italian HARLOT RULE all Hindu major melas like Kumbh, Ardh Kumbh, Kedranath Yatra…ALL HAD SUDDEN stampedes, aciidents, fires resulting in huge Hindu loss of life. Twice is a coincidence but more is a Conspiracy, in this case hatched by Xian Nazi, daughter of a Jew killer fascist father from Italy AND the Church-Vatican-OpusDei 20000 Hindus lost life. Another 10000 in Sonia supported Terrorist blasts monthly (Dry run of ISIS in India supported by SONIA-Church). Its in filthy evil crook genes of whites and Demoniac Xtianity they will always bite the hand that feeds them in very cunning way. They USED native bedders n bastrds everywhere, like Indian sounding Seculars to finish off the original inhabitants WITH MISSIONARIES bringing blessings of Jesus in form of small pox, measles etc. The First Biological war was by evil Spanish in Americas which has decimated the original gentle cultured inhabitants. ANY COINCIDENCE that Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, Bird Flu, TamiFlu, Dengue, ..appear ONLY in non white-non Xtian nations?

        • Rajalakshmi J

          Nothing is my knowledge. All belongs to Kaanchi Paramacharya. Gathered from Sathsangs , Grandparents as many of us traditionally have been learning.

          Unfortunately our schools , education syllabus etc are sterile totally divorced from our rich Spiritual Knowledge.

          Did you hear the latest news ? Orthodox Church of Russia ( many say this is the Original) & Vatican Catholic Pope have decided to join hands after many centuries.

          • Indian

            RajalakshmiJi what you say is correct, Yet you have really absorbed the teachings of the Great Gurudev Kanchi Parmacharya. I always tried and visited all Satsangs of ALL GURUS as all of them teach the best only.
            The schools syllabus etc WAS deliberately and in most cunning way, MADE sterile and ANTI HINDU due to the devilish conspiracy by British to place the ANTI HINDU (hidden Xtian) Nehru, as White west slave, and Nehru-Commie conspiracy to De Hinduise India. Come to think of it, Nehru DELIBERATELY Lost War to China so that KAILASH MANSAROVAR can pass to Demonaic Communists as GYAN GANJ the Hidden Siddha Loka is somewhere near Mansarowar and those Hidden Yogis could have seen a Rise of Hinduism. As Baba Ramdev has clearly said it was Nehru-Mao conspiracy No doubt OpusDei-ISIS and savagery is rising
            Yes I saw the news about Pope and Eastern orthodox church meeting. However, it will result in Greater attack on Hinduism by demonic forces of Xtianity. Bad times ahead. Hinduism is good as dead. ALL CONSTITUTIONS from US to SriLanka have it in their Constitution to “Preserve the Essential Religion and Culture of Country” EXCEPT India, Thanks to Evil Xtian-Commie nexus- called Secular (Mixed Breed prdcts of Portuguese-Brits-Soviets and ITALIANS And their Escort services Keeps). Shameless Indians even allowed a foreign illiterate to rule us. The bastardization is such that a Bangali Bhaand, the asslickers of Brit and white in general, the editor of so called Independent of Uk has decided to call Mumbai as Bombay to PROTEST “Hindu nationalism” and to “PROTECT OPEN SECULAR COSMOPOLITANISM” OF MUMBAI. But in reality to Asslick his white Xtian bosses

  • srikanth

    The anti national authours who work aganist India along with 1) Congress( the European Boot Lickers), 2)communists of India and lastly Indian faltu 3)media persons should be eliminated silently by a secret govt. Op

  • Rajat Datta

    The authors of this report are nothing but another extension of the ISI policy of ‘bleeding India through a thousand cuts’. The question is how to counter such rogue elements since there are many in this country who are participating in such evil schemes with alacrity.There is no dearth of Jaichands and Mir Jafars in Bharatvarsha who would go to any extent to destroy the Hindu culture and tradition, the primary among them being the media.

  • seasons

    Reading this series has been eye opening. It is scary that we have such snakes among us and we dont have any solid counters for this kind of nasty anti Hindu movement.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    //In reality, which democracy does not have problems or conflicts?//

    True. Both christians & muslims ABHOR us Hindus. Congress party has always been an extension of uk abetting large scale looting & conversions ( thus facilitating Land grabbing with its resources) plus engineering communal riots. Muslims always reach some compromises with christians but are vehemently & virulently anti Hindus. Communists of India are also equally treasonous anti Hindus. These are the reasons Sri.Narendra Modi is being singled out & pilloried. Vajpayee & Advani have always been politically correct.

    To conquer their stoop Hindus should take up pursuit of Sathsangs than worship of film fraternity & cricket. Disable indian media altogether that is funded by christian missionaries.

    • Romi

      Let us make a group of true hindus on, Dr Viraj and Ms Rajalakshmi. Hindus need to mobilize before it is too late. Every new convert pushes us farther over the edge. I am sorry to see that both of you have settings which do not even allow like-minded people like me to follow you.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        I am sorry. Like minded people like you are in a minority. Our adversaries outnumber us. That we are able to share our thoughts at least now is some consolation. The best course is to PRAY to Lord Ssiva.

        • Cybil Peril

          “Dharmo rakshati rakshitah”

        • Romi

          I wish praying to Shiva guaranteed relief. I find that praying to ANY god, if HE is genuine, is never enough. One has to struggle and prove oneself’s worthiness to receive HIS favour. And in this matter, that means we have to ORGANIZE, and meet the challenge of organized Chrislam Church-Mosque network, that has combined with the dastardly unending lies and distortions of both history and reality, of the shameless and evil Left.

    • Zohrab

      In fact, no Indian Muslim can hate his Hindu brothers since he has a duty ordained by his faith to love his mother country. A fraction of Hindus with an altered ideology is dwelling in a self-made prison imagining the whole world posing against them. Instead of asking others to reform it is better for them to reform themselves first which in turn will be beneficial to all Indians.

      Most unlikely!

  • Hamlet

    This whole Project is an Evil design of ISI & needs to be shut down ASAP!