England Love Jihad

The reality of Love Jihad in England

This presentation was sent by an IndiaFacts supporter from England. It was prepared by the Sikh community in Britain to educate and spread awareness about the phenomenon of Love Jihad that’s widespread in England and has now reached alarming proportions in India.

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  • Gloria

    muslims men who abuse women are disgunting.

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  • Varun Hegde

    Good awareness campaign by the Sikh brothers.

  • Kilroy

    The incident I relate to took place right before 9/11
    Every day in Asian news section of BBC (or some such program, the exact name of which I am not able to recall now) the topic was Muslims trying to convert Sikhs. There was vociferous defense from the Muslim side that they are duty bound to do it nothing can stop them.
    I do not think the conversions stopped but the news stopped due to 9/11 which swamped the media.
    Anyone who recalls those days of BBC will be able to confirm me.