Dear Sagarika Ghose: Why not rewrite the Bible?

In a recent blog, the leftist Indian journalist Sagarika Ghose traces the origin of the caste system to a verse in the Puruṣa Sūkta and makes an appeal to publicly re-write the hymn, which she claims is fundamentally unjust. Her understanding of the hymn is incorrect and her assertion no more than a repeat of the 19th century Christian propaganda. However, I am not going to defend the hymn or explain its correct meaning in this article. But I will mention that only a scientifically ignorant person would continue to think that some scripture created the caste system. So, it is not necessary to refute Ghose’s claims in further detail.

Instead, I am going to agree with her that if a religious text is unjust or intolerant, it should be rewritten or even abandoned. In light of this, I am going to evaluate a few Christian teachings in the Bible to argue that they are unjust.

The New Testament calls the Jews “Christ-killers,” “children of the Devil,” “brood of vipers,” etc. Many of these anti-Semitic phrases were uttered by Jesus himself (e.g., Matthew 3:7). Norman Beck, a distinguished academic and Lutheran theologian, demonstrates that the New Testament contains over 450 anti-Semitic remarks [1] — thus making the Bible the most comprehensive hate-filled anti-Semitic scripture in the world. As Richard Dawkins points out, Martin Luther and Hitler were inspired by Jesus when they too called the Jews a “brood of vipers [2].” The Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel has shown that the Nazi system was the consequence of the Christian tradition and teachings and was inseparable from it [3].

At the minimum, this alone would require rewriting over 450 verses of the Bible as they have been unjust when seen from the perspective of a Jew or any civilized person. One may consult my paper From the Holy Cross to the Holocaust [4], where I discuss many other anti-Semitic Christian teachings to expand on the list of verses to be rewritten. But rewriting 450 verses would be a welcome start.

A law enshrined in The Bible (Deuteronomy 22:13-21) requires a groom to drag his bride on the nuptial night to her father’s doorstep and stone her to death on the suspicion that she may not be a virgin. It urges onlookers to participate in this violent orgy. Our leftist ideologues may think that virginity is just a big issue over a small tissue but Jesus thought otherwise. Jesus announces that he has come to fulfill misogynistic laws unto the last word (Matthew 5:17). This announcement makes the Taliban look like progressive feminists in comparison to Jesus. So, one may consider giving Jesus a makeover. ‘Botox for Jesus’ could be a worthy creative pursuit.

The New Testament urges Christians to wait for the Second Coming of Jesus. On this occasion, the cosmic Jesus would return to earth and judge everyone. Non-believers would be tortured for a period of five months on earth (Revelation 9:4-5) before they are butchered and put on the hell-bound cargo postmortem. Let us rewrite this verse as it advocates the genocide of non-believers. It also portrays Jesus as a stereotypical proto-Middle Eastern terrorist. So, ‘Botox for Jesus’ is no longer just a creative pursuit. It has now become a necessity.

In my forthcoming book, What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity, I decisively argue that the teachings of Christianity are entirely immoral. Therefore, I am skeptical that a rewrite could transform The Bible and Jesus into anything desirable than a rewrite could render the Mein Kampf and Hitler desirable. But, I would let the creative minds have a go at preserving the ‘religion of love.’ But until the rewrite and ‘Botox for Jesus’ are complete, can we propose a law to keep The Bible out of the reach of innocent children and pregnant women?

I will also propose a similar initiative to rewrite The Quran and give Muhammad a makeover.

In the meanwhile, let us thank Sagarika Ghose for triggering this important project. I never thought that support for such an initiative would come from the leftists. I have always thought of them as the minions of western imperialists and Islamists. I am counting on Ghose’s support to rewrite The Bible and the ‘Botox for Jesus’ initiative in the spirit of free speech and justice. I shouldn’t be overly optimistic though. The writer Arvind Kumar points out that another leftist colleague of Ghose, Siddharth Varadarajan advocates suppression of any criticism of Islam but encourages free speech to abuse Hinduism. So, let me cautiously hope that Ghose’s advocacy to rewrite religious texts is not directed at Hinduism only. In an era where petro-dollars and imperial missionary funding determines leftist posturing in the media, caution must underline optimism.

Shall we launch ‘Project Sagarika Ghose’ so that she gets due credit for triggering this important initiative? Ghose might be busy rewriting the Puruṣa Sūkta. So, others may embark on rewriting The Bible and The Quran under the project that is named in her honor.


[1] Beck, Norman A.: Removing Anti-Jewish Polemic from our Christian Lectionaries, a Proposal,
[2] Dawkins, Richard: The God Delusion, Kindle Locations 4398-4402.
[3] Abrahamson, Irving [ed.]: Against Silence, the Voice and Vision of Elie Wiesel, Vol. 1, p. 33.[4] Published as part of the anthology Expressions of Christianity with a Special Focus on India.

[The author is a Silicon Valley-based writer, an atheist, a practicing orthodox Hindu, and author of the forthcoming book What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity.]

Kalavai Venkat is a Silicon Valley-based writer, an atheist, a practicing orthodox Hindu, and author of the book “What Every Hindu should know about Christianity.”
  • Maximus Decimus

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  • srikant

    she is a lady canine.A negative evil backed by congress evils

  • Akshat

    Sagarika is a moron. She should be best ignored. She will not learn atleast in this life.

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  • The neocolonial world order has India as it’s constituent like all other colonised countries. Critics of neocolonialism content that private, foreign business companies continue to exploit the resources of post colonial countries, and that this economic control inherent to neocolonialism is akin to classical European colonialism practised from the 16th to 20th centuries. Neocolonialism may simply refer to involvement of powerful countries in the affairs of the less powerful countries. The powerful countries in turn are controlled by secret organisations.

    One variant of neocolonialism theory suggests the existence of cultural colonialism, the desire of neocolonial powers to control other nations’ values and perceptions through cultural means such as media, language, education, and religion, purportedly ultimately for economic reasons.

    One element of this is the ‘ Colonial Mentality ‘ which critics have traced well beyond the legacy of 19th century colonial empires. These critics argue that people, once subject to colonial or imperial rule, latch onto physical and cultural differences between the foreigners and themselves, leading some to associate power and success with the foreigners’ ways. This eventually leads to the foreigners’ ways being regarded as the better way and being held in higher esteem than previous indigenous ways. In much the same fashion, and with the same reasoning of better-ness, the colonised people may over time equate the colonisers race or ethnicity itself as being responsible for their superiority.

    The colonial powers in India had succeeded in creating, nourishing and sustaining political parties in India, and corporations like Tata and Birla, and media like Times of India and the Hindu, and the religious divide like Pakistan, and introduction of English language as media of education from pre primary onwards.

    When it is apparent that the entire political, cultural, educational and economic activities of India are being controlled by the neocolonial powers, it is obvious that all these activities are entrusted to selected and wetted natives. The English media journalists are part of a vast network of mind control experiment project of the neocolonialists.

  • kaushik

    She is also called as Ghosadiki…… can’t expect anything else from these “GutterSnipes”

  • Looking forward to your new book Ms Goshe I suspect will find it hard to understand

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  • Sam

    Here’s the sort of investigative reporting on the Vatican that will never get aired in India by C5M and her ilk, who walk on eggshells when it comes to anyone but the Hindus:


  • Prakash

    SG is just not a bloody leftist , in fact is a true islamo-Stalino- Fascist!
    Any doubt? Do a DNA test!

  • Dr. Rajendra L. Banerjee

    One should not pay any heed to persons like Sagarika. The people of her kind will say anything and do anything to enhance their career. They are Shudradhams. There are many Bengali Shudra who are great Hindu, like Aravinda Ghose. Sagarika Ghose and Ram Chandra Guha are exceptions. They are traitors.

  • Wonderful article. Any independant minded person reading your article will immediately start detesting Christians and will start loving Hinduism as the only religion preaching Truth and Love. Your insight into Biblical verses may be second only to that of a Pope. Your writings will really help you to sell your books and earn lot of money enough to buy an island like our beloved Baba Ramdev has done. Hope you will be able to sell, at least a million copies. But dont you think, your book may open the doors of an urge to study more about Christianity& the same may end up counter productive, since most of your findings are based on wrong interpretations put forward in the past by sickly people. But I am sure your claim to be a Hindu, will make everyone start loving Hindus in general.

  • Mahadevaiyer Hariharakrishnan

    I am adding some more versions from the Book “Loving BIBLE”1.)According to Deutoronomy16:22,should be read by one and all,which states on Idol worship.
    2.)Deutoronomy-27:15,talks of Killing of Idol worshippers.3.)Exodus22.20 talks of Stoning to Death of Converters .
    Christianity preaches hatred than Love.

  • Kalavai Venkat

    Dear AVS and Raj Kashyap,

    Thanks for your kind notes. My forthcoming book, “What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity,” which would be released on April 26-27, 2014, demolishes Christianity in the most comprehensive, scholarly, scientific, and sarcastic manner. In short, the book makes a decisive case that Christianity is an immoral religion in toto. I would request every one of you to please procure, read, and distribute it among all Hindus. It also has an extensive appendix on the caste system, which is something the missionaries always attacked to tarnish Hinduism. Once again, in my opinion, I present the most comprehensive defense of caste while simultaneously answering the charges made against it.

    On the parable of Jesus forgiving the adulteress, Prof. Bart Ehrman has conclusively shown that it is a later day interpolation (see Misquoting Jesus – The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, pp. 63-65). Jesus, on the other hand, equates a divorced woman to an adulteress and urges his followers to shun her elsewhere in the Bible. Sometime in the third century, a pagan convert convert who was probably embarrassed by the immoral stances of Jesus inserted such parables to give the proto-Middle Eastern terrorist a makeover. I discuss these episodes extensively in my book.

    So, Christian apologists cannot invoke such parables to vindicate Jesus. I examine every verse Christian apologists invoke to portray Jesus in positive light in my book and decisively argue that those verses actually prove that Jesus is an unedifying immoral character.

    • Nikunj Patel

      Dear Kalavai ji, I am eagerly waiting for your forthcoming book since I first heard about it. I wanted to attend the book launch personally.Can you tell where will be the launch? Is it in India or in US?

      • Kalavai Venkat

        Dear Nikunj,

        The book release is in San Francisco on April 26-27, 2014. The plan is to sell the book everywhere, including India. Also in every format. There is also a plan for me to deliver speeches in India as well as in the U.S. to educate the Hindus on the true nature of Christianity and about the dangers it poses a civilized society. Please email me @ [email protected] or follow me in Twitter @KalavaiVenkat so I could make sure the announcements reach you.


    • Dear Venkatji would the book be released on Kindle?

  • Reg. the stoning: They’ll point out that J stopped a stoning > “cast the first stone” story. The narrative has a well-developed [good-cop vs bad-cop] mechanism in place to withstand these attacks. They can simply quote good-cop stuff: “turn the other cheek”, golden rule etc to shut up critics, & carry on with usual destruction. Same taqqiyah strategy.

  • 1 Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

  • AVS

    Dear Kalavai Venkat, I love the fitting reply from you as a TIT for TAT – Not just to Sagarika Ghose who is a SICKular but also to many who are abusing Sacred Hinduism for bloody western money with NO ground what so ever!!

    We need more of champions like you who can enlighten this orchestrated attack on Hinduism with their secret malice motives.

  • KARTHIK S (@karthiks_india)

    “Sagarika Ghost is a person who is ignorant of many things -..well it also includes her intelligence…I mean the lack of it

  • Guest

    Wish there was an ‘edit’ option. Would have corrected the ‘watched’ to ‘watching.’ Sigh!

  • Guest

    Sagarika Ghost is a person who is ignorant of many things. One that was let loose in the media in the garb of a journalist. Any one who watches her wonders how she has ever managed to stay one after dishing out trash.

    I stopped watched CNN-IBN about three years ago out of sheer disgust.

  • GD Singh

    Great commentary & research indeed. Project Sagarika Ghosh is a novel idea, all the best!