Sad Sardesai, Happy India

Exposing the hypocrisy of Rajdeep Sardesai over dadri issue.

I’m writing this in response to Rajdeep Sardesai’s lament that begins with the famous Javed Akhtar song from SilsilaYeh kahan aa gaye hum…in terms of what a vitriolic atmosphere we have gotten ourselves into in the country.

As of now, 40 odd literary and scholarly figures of ’eminence’ have returned their official awards in protest of the alleged attack on freedom of expression.

Narendra Modi

These literary and scholarly figures claim in national and international forums and publications that free thinking is being curtailed in the country ever since the new, mostly BJP-dominated government came to power in New Delhi. They claim that the government, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with his sustained silence over the Dadri killing and attacks on rationalists, liberals and secularists, tacitly condones the rapidly rising voices of intolerance in the country.

If you believe this crop of journalists, writers and intellectuals, during the days of the Congress and the UPA (and even during the pre-NDA-1 era) we had a vibrant society imbued with the radiance of pluralism, tolerance, communal harmony and freedom of speech. People were not attacked. Monuments were not vandalised. Religion was not the subject of conflict and religious books were not desecrated. Eating cow was as simple as having your evening dose of paani-puri from the roadside vendor.

In every sphere of civilisational propensity, we were constantly setting examples for the world to follow. Farmers never committed suicides. People never died of hunger. Farmlands were never usurped by industrialists and landlords. Politicians behaved as if they were living in the Satya Yuga.

Corruption? Nobody knew the expression back then. Remember that highly emotional, tear-inducing Rafi song Ab koi gulshan na ujde ab vatan azaad hai (let not be a garden ravaged now that the country is free of foreign rule)? The philosophy of the song was actually visible in the country with all-round prosperity, justice, lawlessness and bubbling human health.

And even if things turned shitty on weekly basis, just the fact that there was a “secular” government perched at the Center, according to Sahitya Kala Award Returnee Nayantara Sahgal, we could do with a few massacres here and a few genocides there every few years.

As this particular lump of journalists, intellectuals and writers indulge in a vicious rabble rousing exercise, Sardesai attributes the current air of intolerance to the powers that be that have come to exist after the 2014 general election results.

He feels sad that the people of his ilk are not allowed to outrage selectively (he actually mentions that if you can believe it, if you don’t, just read what he has written).

It breaks Sardesai’s heart when a much-loved and appreciated artist like Naseeruddin Shah’s nationalistic credentials are doubted merely because he finds Pakistan much more tolerant compared to India.

Ghulam Ali

He goes into a depression when the ghazal singer Ghulam Ali is not allowed to perform in Mumbai. He questions the idea of India when Sudheerendra Kulkarni’s face is blackened by the Shiv Sainik’s for helping the person who helped the Pakistani government orchestrate the Kargil attack, launch a book in Mumbai.

His salivary glands go into tizzy the moment someone says “steak” or “beef” while beef-ban slogans are being raised to deny him the blood-dripping gormandizing pleasures.

Modi Bhakts on social media are constantly using the needle of his own moral compass to prick him at all sorts of uncomfortable places.

Yes, indeed, in India these days it is a sad state of affairs. Phony intellectuals and writers are constantly being harangued. For decades they had reigned supreme over the affairs of academia, cultural firmament of the country, journalistic fiefdoms and intellectual cabals. While their papas, chachas, tayas, mamas, uncles, aunties this-in-law and that-in-law clung to high profile bureaucratic postings and political portfolios, these intellectuals could lay waste the entire country through misrepresenting history and blaming Hindus for every lack of progress and civilisational signs.

There is a mind-boggling web of interconnectedness that relates one intellectual-journalist-writer-politician-bureaucrat with another intellectual-journalist-writer-politician-bureaucrat. Here is a sample:

Suzanna Arundhati Roy is neice of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV)
Prannoy Roy is married to Radhika Roy
Radhika Roy is sister of Brinda Karat (CPI(M))
Brinda Karat is married to Prakash Karat (CPI(M) — General Secretary)
CPI(M)’s senior member of Politburo and Parliamentary Group Leader is Sitaram Yechury.
Sitaram Yechury is married to Seema Chisthi.
Seema Chisthi is the Resident Editor of Indian Express

Barkha Dutt works at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai was Managing Editor at NDTV
Rajdeep Sardesai is married to Sagrika Ghose
Sagarika Ghose is the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose.
Bhaskar Ghose was Director General of Doordarshan.
Sagarika Ghose’s aunt is Ruma Pal.
Ruma Pal is former justice of Supreme Court.
Sagarika Ghose’s other aunt is Arundhati Ghose.
Arundhati Ghose was India’s permanent representative/ambassador to United Nations.

Karan Thapar’s mama (mother’s brother) is married to Nayantara Sahgal who recently set the award-returning ball rolling.

Here is a complete compilation of all these usual suspects who have affiliations and relations with each other. It’s almost like a big Italian (the sorts we see in Hollywood movies) mafia family.

This nexus has been quite old and it came into existence during and after the British rule and if you dig deeper, you can safely assume that this nexus existed even during the Mughal rule.

If you read recent books by Kuldip Nayar, Tavleen Singh and Sanjaya Baru you will find almost every high-profile person in the Congress-Communist establishment related to each other whether it is in politics or bureaucracy or journalism.

Sanjaya Baru

Communists and socialist regimes (the Congress-types) are very adept at creating long-lasting systems to monitor and mold people’s minds and this is what this crop of writers, historians and intellectuals are used for. They are the wheels and nuts and bolts of the massive engine of corrupt and repressive regimes. They misrepresent the history of the country. They keep people misinformed. They are constantly covering up for the inefficiencies of the establishment. They are perpetually promoting each other to sustain themselves as well as the system that sustains them. They closely monitor the intellectual and scholarly happenings in the country. They hold the education system in their clutches.

Through articles, stories, editorials, books, essays, plays, movies, dramas and poetry, they brainwash people into believing that whatever is wrong with the country is beyond anybody’s control and we should be happy about the way things are and any sort of change would be destructive and catastrophic.

And even if someone or something is to be blamed, it is the people themselves (in India’s case, the Hindus and their way of living)

The system has worked well for them. They award each other. They promote each other. They get married to each other. The bear each other’s progeny even without getting married to each other for that matter.

They recommend each other’s kids in case they want to go abroad and study. Government postings are obtained easily. People get jobs in the embassies in the much-coveted countries.

Government bungalows are allocated to them with all the resources at their beck and call at the expense of the exchequer. Memberships to elite clubs are available to them either free or at throwaway prices.

Journalists get direct access to top-level politicians for writing friendly articles or for looking the other way. They get residential and commercial properties dirt-cheap. They get tax benefits. Their foreign visits are sponsored. Their “scholarly” papers are published in reputable journals in India as well as abroad. Connections are used to get jobs and get access to resources that are never available to the common man and woman. The sordid list is endless.

Merit isn’t really important. You just need to be related to someone. The babus (bureaucrats) of the Indian government are notorious for not working and creating obstructions in the ways of those who want to work.

This is a carefully developed system. You see, if a few work, people have something to compare. Then those who don’t want to work also have to work and unfortunately in our country, the number of people who don’t want to work are thousands of times more than people who want to work.

And so, a culture of non-work, non-performance and overarching mediocrity has been systematically maintained, especially to keep things easy for those who have been surviving on this behemoth system.

A good example of not-having-to-work are our TV news channels. Do you ever see them covering important news? They are more interested in what Sakshi Maharaj has to say than what Russia is doing in Syria or what is China doing to increase its military and economic clout in the Security Council.

Have you ever come across a debate on India’s foreign policy or any other major event taking place in the world? Are significant ground level news covered? Never.

Rohit Sardana

Recently in a TV debate (I must confess that Zee TV has begun to distance itself from the louts that you normally come across on TV) discussing why “eminent” writers and intellectuals are returning their awards, the firebrand journalist Rohit Sardana asked one of the panelists if, during the previous decades even one book has been written by the so-called eminent writers that the youngsters of India can proudly claim that yes, an Indian author has written this book? None of the panelists could cite such a book.

Safely wedged between mediocrity and peer support, these writers and intellectuals have been sustaining themselves on government grants, meaningless postings and a tight control over whose books are published and whose books are purchased for schools and colleges.

Alternative views are throttled, and even if somehow those alternative views manage to get published, every forum is used by these “eminent” intellectuals and writers to trash those alternative views and label them as “Hindutavadi” and communal.

So yes, since this cozy nexus is being threatened by either another nexus close to the new government or by the government itself, it’s pulling no punches to cling at the last straws.

For more than a decade this nexus fought tooth and nail to prevent Narendra Modi from assuming power in Delhi because they knew that if the system that sustained them lost power, they would too. Unfortunately for this coterie, Narendra Modi couldn’t be stopped and consequently, it is feeling threatened.

It is necessary to dismantle this coterie because it has a tight grip over many institutions of the country.

It’s not just literary organisations that they control. It is a big racket consisting of bureaucrats, business persons running Ponzi schemes, judges of various hues, social activists, politicians, artists, journalists and even some people in the armed forces.

They outrage selectively. They prop one community against another. They encourage divisive politics. They pitch castes and communities against each other. They deride traditional Hinduism because they know its inherent strength can empower the common folks in case this strength percolates among the masses.

They help the vested interests in minority communities to interminably play the victim card and demonise the majority community.

In case a favourable government (a Congress-Communist combo) is not ruling the country, they flood the foreign press with anti-government articles claiming how relentless anti-people campaigns are being run and human rights are being violated and people are being attacked and killed for exercising freedom of expression and whatnot.

Propaganda is their strength, it is their main weapon, and they are using this weapon to the hilt.

It is important to dismantle this coterie because it shapes the mind of the nation. They have a tight control over the academia. They decide which history, political science and literature books our children read in schools and universities.

They decide mostly which books should be available in public libraries. They decide what sort of articles, essays and opinion pieces should be published in newspapers and magazines.

During TV debates they decide who should be able to speak and whose opinion must be buried under the din. They decide which intellectuals are to be pushed forward and which must be held back.

This tight grip is being loosened. A different government with a different mindset and perhaps with its own coterie is in charge of the affairs.

The foundations of the ivory tower have also been weakened by the rise of the Internet where people can easily question these haloed intellectuals.

People can now clearly see through the one-sided agenda these writers and intellectuals have been running, practically unchallenged, ever since the British left.

People are pissed off, understandably. They are no longer in a mood of tolerating biased outrages. They no longer want to be driven up against the wall for no reason. They don’t like it when their religious practices are mocked at while even intolerant religious practices of other religions are tolerated and even promoted.

They no longer want to live like second-class citizens in their own country the way it used to happen during the Mughal and British rules.

People like Rajdeep Sardesai have benefited hugely from the above-explained coterie. They have enjoyed the connections. They have lived affluent lives due to the connections. They have followed luxurious lifestyles while thrusting socialism down people’s throats and forcing them to live in poverty and scarcity.

And now, since this system is feeling threatened, these people are feeling bad. Their “good old days” seem to be a thing of the past.

You will often come across them reminiscing about the days when they could express themselves without being challenged or questioned.This a new world for them.

In this new world, it is difficult for them to survive because during the easy times, during the “good old days” they never had to even try to rise above their mediocrities. Mountains of goodies were theirs for the asking.

Remember how we miss our childhoods? Those carefree days when there was no worry for earning a livelihood or going through the day-to-day challenges of the world? These people are going through the same phase.

And so, you find Rajdeep appreciating the melancholic meaning of “Yeh kahan aa gaye hum…

Amrit Hallan provides professional content writing services. He generally mind his own business, but when he strongly feels about particular issues, he likes to take on the mantle of a journalist and commentator.
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  • Prakash

    This compilation was long awaited – It is an eye opener . The question is how to deal with these presstitutes and the award returnees .

  • Govindan

    CPI(M) is the only party in India which has no hesitation to engineer the killing of their own people whenever anybody leaves the party and joins another party. This is evident in the numerous murders we saw in Kerala, the most recent among them being the brutal murder of T.P.Chandrasekharan who formed his own rebel party. ​One has to read the article “Kerala’s Political Killing Fields – BJP’s rise alarming CPM?
    Most of the writers who returned their awards are supporters of Marxist ideology and CPI (M)
    members . Whenever any party member receives any award, the party demands
    a part of the amount for the party fund. Those leftists/atheists who were
    murdered might not have obliged the party. Majority of the CPI(M) cadres
    are Hindus. By committing the murders, CPIM (M) is getting double
    benefit. They have taken revenge on the man for not giving money to the party
    and at the same time they can easily blame the Modi Govt., because even if the
    police is able to find out the real murderer he will have a Hindu name and it very difficult for
    them to identify whether he is a CPI(M)supporter..CPI (M) has created many Hindus as fantasist and not RSS. Communists and two desert religions are mainly responsible for genocides in 20th century.
    Latest incident in Kerala house is another example in their indolent . CPI(M) have maximum MPS from Kerala.

  • San Jose

    Even if this coterie is dismantled now, a new coterie will come up in its place in years to come.This coterie was groomed by the Congress, from the times of Indira Gandhi.Its good to recognize that these handful of closely interconnected journalists are holding the country to ransom, by maintaining a pro-congress view all the time,but now, they seem to be falling apart.

  • Dilip Dwivedi

    Very well written Amrit Bhaiya. I was thinking about this but you have put it in a very structured and precise manner.

  • Doraani

    Wow ! A mind blowing article indeed.It certainly has yanked off the mask of respectability these ‘intellectuals ‘ and writers and journalists enjoyed and stripped them naked to reveal a complex web of dangerous liaisons,incestuous cohabitation and illicit relationships.More such articles are the need of the hour.Kudos Amrit !

  • Dr. MS

    So…this is pretending to be questioning so called “Indian secularism” while listing all the problems of India that looks like left handed way of “disagreeing with something…while really agreeing with it”. Is Mr. Hallan agreeing with “some of the sad secularists that he is bringing up in his article”? I got the sense that he was really acting as IndiaFacts’ Beaumarchais…while pretending to be anti Beaumarchais and pro-government. This kind of satire gets tiring, and almost backfires. But thanks for the litany of complaints about India that your secret secularist friends have shouted about, complained about or whispered about…That’s what most people got out of this.

  • shantanu

    amazing article

  • Boboy

    I normally never comment but could’nt resist …………..simply brilliant piece of reading !!!

  • sridhar chatti

    Congrats to Amrit hallan for his article in any case none views these so called pvt sponsored English TV channels like ndtv cnnibn or Times now these channels only give wide publicity to bad things in India I appeal to all nationalist parties to boycott these channels discussion program

    • Noshir Chikliwala

      Kudos to Amrut Hallan for his timely & well articulated article. Now its clear why this coterie of so called intellectuals want to hold this country at ransom. Nehruvian days have ruined this country with their appeasement and divide & rule policies. This Nehru Dynasty still want to hold on to their supremacy. They even did not the want the patriotism & the heroics displayed by Netaji Subashchandra Bose to be made public least their supremacy dimmed in the eyes of the public. They systematically destroyed all relevant files pertaining to his period. Shame on this Congress regime and its blind followers and partymen,

  • Kalyanamahadevi Gopala Goutham

    Good article. Thank you.

  • S Sm Balaji

    Each and every word is true..cozy frauds ruling the roost now feeling threatened …brilliant…the power of a civilization slowly awakening against the enemies within

  • Atul Kale

    Well articulated! No Doubt that media is in its,most corrupt state as of today. But as I see, this article is full of just theories (which at times make sense) and blames. No pointers to proofs or facts whatsoever. No doubt that this author himself looks very much an Agent of BJP. Such an irony, he talks about media that spreads hatred amongst religions, and that’s exactly what he does through this article. The nexus theory is a definite possibility but it applies to all governments including the current!
    Overall this article is no different than others where authors serve you hatred and prejudice covered by so called “Patriotism”.

  • Neville N

    Very well written article sir.

    The propaganda machinery you refer to is very active in national and international media. But as in boxing, throwing punches left and right (mob violence and innocuous public statements by politicians for e.g.) only exposes one’s body and against a stronger opponent, it is lethal. A powerful and logical left hook with data towards the end of a debate is sufficient to incapacitate a more entrenched and loud but equally tired opponent (Jaitley’s and Seetharaman’s statements on debates of communalism for e.g.).

    We are facing a lose coterie of Christian Right-Indian Left that is united in their hatred of Hinduism and piggyback on each other to further their vested interests. This is the most duplicitous and dangerous group. This lot combines ‘Hinduism equals oppression’ (by Indian left) with ‘Christianity equals liberation and equality’ (Christian right) and find their common ground in the ‘secular’ politics of India perpetually attacking Hindu traditions in Hindu homeland! They blissfully disregard hundreds of years of slavery, Inquisition, cultural genocides, Christian origins of Nazism and even present day attacks and killings in Black churches (as we speak, at least 6 black churches have been burned down by White arsonists in the US, but alas the mainstream media won’t cover it!) and rubbish all the inclusive aspects of Hinduism.

    The Indian left may nevertheless be right in criticizing oppression and most Hindus certainly appreciate it. Which right minded Hindu of this generation doesn’t want to see all Indians live as equals? But this civilized criticism and correction mechanism amongst Hindus should not be allowed to be used as a conduit by the Christian Right to further their vested interest and conversion activities. This should not be tolerated!

  • Shiju Rajan

    Please update about us link. Want to know who you guys are.

  • Pradeep Mishra

    Well thought and nicely written article exposing the real face of media in this country. They highly regulate what people see and read…the so called intellectuals, activists and bla bla are expert in fuelling a propoganda when their vested interests are at risk. People deserve meaningful discussions on unemployment, economic growth, education system, infrastructure, corruption rather than who ate what, who said what, who wrote what and who preach what…

  • Mahesh Bhosale

    Hats off to u one can stop these changes & ppl like rajdeep,lalu,Raga Saga will no longer be liked by ppl whi are aware of this nexus.Thks for article

  • Mohan Lal Sharma

    Pl be prepared, due to prevailing condition after Mr Modi has taken over the Govt with land slide victory nutured by people of India, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha dutt,are planning to commit suicide in protest.
    RINP( Rest In No Peace)

  • Praveen

    this is called post mortem while alive 🙂 superly drafted and hit..i am still waiting for that last nail on the congress coffin.. 44 to zero..

  • Rajnesh Sharma Chandigarh

    Hats off sir

  • Sankar

    Off the mark. That Mr Sardesai and other journalists benefited from their connections in the bureaucracy and polity (even if true) is not a refutation of the points they make. A proper refutation would have the author show through facts and evidence that the ills the journalists attribute to Modi have existed in equal measure or more in alternate political dispensations.

  • Pradyot Sathe

    Wonderful expression of thoughts. This is a stark reality. Media has become polished and intellectual prostitute and leftist cronies along with congress can not digest the transformation of society. It is therefor we can see the ordinary hooliganism by a section is being blown out of proportion and all good initiatives and good work being done by new government is denigrated. This is a systematic fabrication and this kind of atmosphere is being manufactured today by the people who you have discussed in the article. Also neo intellectuals like followers of that idiot Kejriwal and co. are a nasty addition to the bunch of hypocrites.

  • harish thakkar

    A big salute to you Amrit Hallan for exposing the nexus and educating the uneducated about it. You have nailed it. Rajdeep and his ilk are being kicked out for good and that’s the reason they they are raising this hue and cry about stifling their voices. For them, ‘Achche Din’ are over forever.

  • Dear Mr. Amrit,
    I must say you have done great service to the people of India by writing this article. Salute to you sir for throwing light on what had been hidden so far.

  • Jivraj

    Now that we have awakened and thanks to social media we shall call their bluff….

  • Satish Choudhary

    They would rather have a criminal like Laloo as PM for be would be over awed by these English speaking buffoons.

  • deshbhakt

    I would love to print this article in all sickular news papers like times of India…we can collect money and print this as an add so that this solid truth comes out n reaches masses who are so fed up with sickular media….infact I have blocked all news channels on TV and web as just watching them spread lies made me so angry !! Time to change the media completely….

  • Ruchita

    Dear Mr. Amrit
    Kudos!!! This is the best & a crisp article on the subject until now, covering all aspects in the existing system …the best analysis I have read of the pseudo-secular brigade.. totally disrobed all these freeloading parasites and stooges of the Congress-Communist establishment ! Nation stands with U!!

  • arishsahani

    When our hindus will wake up. Our spiritual and political leaders never talk of enemy with in and outside as they don’t care India exist or die. They just want to live and enjoy the time.
    leaders means making locals are of the facts ,
    Media means keep locals posted what is happening and what could happen based on facts not lies.

  • Frank

    And the above have now been replaced by the likes of sudhir chaudhary of zee news and rajat sharma of India TV and madhu kishwar n mr venkatesh and other so called analysts …so basically nothing changes…independent journalism remains a dream.. Wonder y the PM hasn’t even addressed a single press conference in India since the election ? One on one interviews might be biased but a PC ? One way communication is it ?? Its the corporate politician nexus. The day businessman realize returns r not coming Modi will meet the same fate as what happened to their once blue eyed boy ex-pm MMS !! The same people who took him to great heights will not deter to pull him down and his opponents in the RSS and own party will be too happy to oblige.

    • sahil_mehta

      Fair points. BJP is replacing Congress stooges with its own stooges so things probably haven’t changed much. Stepping into BJP shoes, lets say they are able to get independent minded people at right positions. Let’s say government changes after 5 years and Congress is back to power. It will be easily be able to replace these guys with its own stooges. BJP’s strategy might be to first penetrate with its own people and then start bringing in right people.

      Of course there is no guarantee BJP will do something like this and then we run into a risk of getting stooges, just aligned to a different part.

  • M Sharma

    Peace and Prosperity Loving Hindus – Please Unite

    Who is a Hindu ?? or a follower of Sanatana Dharma

    Sri SS Sarma during Sri Devi bhagavatham discourse: Who is a Hindu or a follower of Sanatana dharma

    (with my own notes and English translation)

    1. Religion (Mata -in Sanskrit) is based on a set of beliefs and one needs to follow faithfully (Mata has a miti (Sanskrit) – religion has a limitation).

    2. Sanatana dharma is based on vishwa nirmana Jnana and tatwa jnana. A person who believes in this jnana (knowledge) is a Hindu.

    So a Hindu believes in the knowledge heard, verified and established by rishis (Sages) and does not foolishly follow a set of man made rules by some supreme leader

    (this is exactly the reason why Hindus do not have a supreme religious leader, there are 1000s of saints who have come and gone, verified this knowledge with direct experimentation)

    My own commentary: A person who believes in a set of rules devised by its leaders will follow that doctrine and this could end up as a religion, cult or group. We have seen all over the world – our cult and /or religion is better than yours and the religious wars that followed with zealots plundering nation after nation for natural resources. If someone has had a different view, then kill that person or conquer that person was the motto. This is the “kill or conquer or forcibly convert” concept that emanated from desert and snow cultures.

    Whereas in Bharata Varsha (Hindustan or modern India) people and its culture was evolved and always rich in natural resources and farm animals.

    Nature provided plenty and people had the time to think through many issues: astronomy, stars, who am I, where do I come from, is there some order in this universe, what is action, meditation, limits of human mind; rather than kill or conquer to survive and eat and make a living and thrive inflicting harm to other cultures.

    Rishis had the vision, experimented with various logical arguments and arrived at one conclusion that there is only one supreme power or energy. And people call it using different names. This fact is established by rishis and verified recently by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (a true yogi has NO religion) and numerous saints.

  • Indian

    india facts team, VHS team, OpIndia Team, BharatBharti Team, Swarajya Mag, Media Crooks, Dr Radha Raju, Dr Swamy etc HAVE TO COMBINE FORCES AND MAKE A TEAM and Political outfit OR NATIONALISTS, and its Political Party like AAP is for Naxalites. A Ultra Right, extremely aggressive force which will take these Commie-Italian SOBBs from Parliament to streets, no holds barred, zero tolerance for so called SECULAR: Actually a bastardized product of British, Potuguese, and above all ITALIANS and the prostitutes and keeps who satiated their carnal pleasures like a SOW

  • Indian

    Today is Dussehra. High Time we Indians REALLY CELEBERATED DUSSERA by burning the demons like this DRACULA SUAR-desai, let us release him from his miserable existence by tearing open his filthy stomach. Right of Expression HAH SUAR-desai RTI activists have asked you and your suspiciously twin looking Boss AROON PURIE (Well ur mother’s character is her personal) about your wealth, where than the right of freedom vanishes, How were you in Malegaon 5 mins before the blasts, WHY WERE YOU SCORING DADRI A WEEK B4 INCIDENT.ALL should read a very good book on the Vatican’s bastardized Progeny called Communism (In India Christian ISIS led by Italian Sonia), “1984” by George Orwell and another “Animal Farm’ by same author. The Commie Congi traitors are vey good at creating Smokescreens, DOUBLE TALK, DOUBLE THINK, DOUBLE ACT. these evil Vatican worse than ISIS use all tactics from torture to Drugs to control the populations, who are derisively called “proles”.In India “proles” are Hindus and RSS is targettted and Muslims used because they want Hindus and Muslims to shed each other blood. Muslims are nothing but cannon fodder for them against Hindus. Their evil and most cunning BAAP is CHURCH. By the way, is it not a fact that the so called Naxalites were confined to Andhra till 2004, even becoming so audacious to attack CM CB Naidu, AS SOON AS THE XIAN CM YSR Reddy and XIAN FOREIGN ITALIAN BARDANCER took power they disappeared like Dodos from Andhra in a day to reappear in BJP Chattisgarh, MP, Orissa etc. They have kiled only Hindus and Security forces.Their Boss is ITALIAN XIAN SONIA. The attack on Congi slaves during elections, killed ONLY HEAVYWEIGHT HINDU leaders, who were a threat to Christian Ajit Jogi, sonia’s bedmate Netam, V.C. Shukla etc. while Xian Ajit Jogi excused himself 5 mins b4 attack and sonia had delayed her arrival by 1 day??

  • Donald E. Reuben

    Very nice and true article written. Basically law should not be taken on ones’ hand but let the Law of the Land take its course. Cast, creed, taste, color, religion ………can’t be discussed, and let it be a right of one or all. For this the prerequisite is righteousness…….

  • Arun Goyal

    Not true any more. The writers contentions were true in the 1970s when cpi was behind IG. Its not ideology. Caste region culture makes the grade. Read Sanjaya Baru and his days at pmo to get a feel on how things move.
    It is still the same. Only rss link may help.
    Come on man, don’t try to justify attacks on churches and masques. Its just not done. Period.

    • harish thakkar

      So you are a crypto christian with a Hindu name or simply fool to believe the MSM propaganda of attacks on churches and mosques? What attacks are you talking about? Just check your facts before commenting like a fool.

    • BalancedCentre

      You missed the point. The communal incidents have been happening since decades due to the divisive policies of CONgress to pitch minorities against Hindus. where was this sickular lot of sycophant pseudo-intellectuals and presstitutes when 1984, Kashmir genocides happened or when Hindus rights are trampled on in India and neighbouring countries?? KPs still are not able to go to their ancestral homeland!!! Why isn’t any of these sickulars worried about secular rights of KP’s?? This hardly gets any coverage but dadri will be on news for a month!!

      All these bigots are now crying foul while the truth is it is THEM who have been playing foul all these years. People are realizing the seriousness and the scope of this collusion between the sickular brigade who only know selective secularism!! Simple disgusting lot who only care about their means and to hell with the nation!!

      Their manufactured outrage is exposed when they rant about curbs on freedom of speech while writing editorial after editorial spewing venom and hatred against Hindus/VHP/RSS/BJP/Modi!!! What a bunch of pathological liars!!

  • ganesh

    coming to bhaskar ghose his tenure in doordarshan helped star tv grow.later he was hosting a talk show in star tv which noone watched but helped him draw a huge salary.he also managed to marry a eminent woman a second time with his influence

  • Prem Kapoor

    Wonderful,realistic analysis,time is coming very fast when such traitors,enemies of the nation will be kicked out.

  • RV

    Just S U P E R B !

  • Vijay Chauhan

    Zee’s Rohit Sardana a firebrand? Speaks all about writer of this article.

  • Ameeta

    You hit the nail on the head each time. Wherever we might be headed government wise, it is clear that these conmen who have been mooching off the sweat and toil of their countrymen are fast losing their stature as opinion makers.

  • Srinjay Banerjee

    you said it mann

  • Vasanthakumarnair kaiprath

    My dear friend Amrit Hallen,You did a wonderful job in bringing out some hard facts which are simmering inside all Patriotic Indians since petty long times..As a senior citizen watching Indian and International Politics fo the [past five decades I was sure that the fake History which were fed to us would explode one day.Let everything come in open,,let people understand the realities around them.Thank you my friend.

  • Murali Chemuturi

    I always suspected the neus and now I have details. But on the book written by an Indian about which a young Indian can be proud of, I have something to inform you. I wrote five books on IT topics published in USA and are available on Amazon website. They are used as text books in 32 universities in 17 countries all over the world including USA, UK, Spain and India. Of course, I never won any literary award. – Murali Chemuturi

  • Rajendra Rele

    Amrit this is the best analysis I have read of the pseudo-secular brigade, well done and keep it up !! The nation stands with you !!

  • Adi

    Much as you have researched what you are saying and written a beautiful piece here.. Just because of the underlying aggression it sounds like a biased article ..!

    Though very correctly pointed out that citizens today don’t want to feel like a second class being in their own country …!!

  • Shyamsundar V N

    Very correctly said by the writer…

  • S Viswanathan

    Well written. Sardesai wants to be outrageous selectively. That is the point. He wants to make this a right. He is defending the indefensible.

  • Tellitasitis

    The main media is so full of crap by the so-called intelligentsia that it is refreshing to find someone unhesitatingly spill the beans about the network of this group and their relationship through marriage.Thank you for a timely article. Thank you for putting the issue in a proper perspective. It is not that one supports the foolish or insensitive sayings and doings of the saffron loony fringe, but the way Dadri is highlighted and Moodbidri killing is played down as a law and order issue leads one to doubt the ‘impartiality’ of reporting.

  • balayogi

    MODI’s clarity of perception and vision are excellent in
    terms of not only knowing what the wrongs with India [as a nation in terms of
    its political journey in the past 6 decades] are but also prioritizing in addressing
    to rectify those wrongs over everything else.

    He knows the wrongs are poverty, lack of governance, hygiene
    and overall development.

    Modi is going about doing all things that are need to be done to correct these wrongs and
    how to do it through inevitable long term plans because the rot created over 6
    decades cannot be totally corrected even in six years.

    In this process he is carrying on every activity
    relentlessly one by one addressing every detail ensuring the participation of
    many except the hardcore anti-development brigade and certain media houses who
    get their sustenance by anti-developmental projections.

    Meaning is injected when we emphasis substance over
    superficiality; performance over mere planning and projections; actions over
    tall talk; properly prioritizing things even if they are not politically
    correct [may not get brownie points in terms of vote garnering gimmicks- an
    obsession of next election minding politicians].

    He wants to inject substance into every area of Indian
    governance and sincerely and seriously prefers to push that over

    He is improving the image and importance of every vital
    institution to enhance its credibility in the eyes of all through certain restructuring
    process involving justification through transparent and ethically high
    standards for those institutions at all levels.

    Closing down certain institutions which have outlived their
    relevance, like The Planning Commission of India.

    Getting rid of many outdated laws and practices like
    attestation by gazetted officers etc.

    He wanted to ensure delivery of benefits to the deserving
    for example started it by opening bank
    accounts, made people voluntarily give up subsidies, started Swatch Bharath, Digital
    India, Insurance and pension for many etc.

    Started new and improved institutions to ensure transparent,
    efficient and better governance and quick delivery like NITI AAYOG etc

    To any unbiased observer the present government of India
    irrespective of whichever party is ruling, whoever is the leader or whoever is
    taking credit for all that is happening, as a nation, India is doing certain
    things with long term vision which are very good and vital for not only the
    economic development, governance etc but for the very sustenance of faith in
    the institutions of governance, delivery of necessary things for decent life of
    all and overall sustained growth of civilized life.

    However the present Government did two great mistakes:-

    One , the government has failed in informing in easily
    understandable terms and educating the public about the long terms benefits,
    inevitable changes and short term inconveniences in the forms of adjustments to
    be made to achieve those long term goals etc or probably it was too naïve to
    believe that media would be interested in imparting information in national
    interest and still not investigating scam of UPA Govt using tax payers’ money to sponsor the
    trips abroad along with PM MMS of only certain select private media houses why?
    And also why government has not yet probed all links of all media personalities
    because of their pronounced anti- India tirade? These must be done in national
    interest because the media is a greater security threat both internally and

    Two, failed to put a gag on all outfits that are trying in
    all seriousness or claiming to address issues relating to the wrongs caused to
    India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization. These are not our
    priority now and the worst part is these activities become a very easy tool for
    media that assigns labels, propels propaganda and tags everything to the
    government in power; even the ones engineered by their pay masters and these
    also give room to divide Indian society to facilitate consolidated vote banks
    of divided groups.

  • balayogi
  • balayogi

    orry folks this is just the tip of the iceberg. unfortunately it is a huge international mafia that operates. The dynamics of international political mafia’s operations are tough to understand and tougher to handle. Their operations are highly sophisticated and manipulations are done through insiders and mass opinions molding industry which generates perception bias. There are some interesting documentaries free on the net each running into minimum of 2.30 hours but you learn the history of a few generations and how the atlas can be really shrugged and geographical barriers thrown out of the equation totally in an age of great connectivity. There is a lot more that is rotten with many institutions including media and hoards of self proclaimed intelligentsia which is funded by forces inimical to India’s growth and development. There are many other unpleasant facts omitted about media here. Just do a check on newsX karthikeya sharma brother of notorious murderer and son of Cong MP. Even media houses with pronounced political affiliation we can either welcome or ignore as per our wish but the real poison is the leftover Left of India which dominates this arena of mass opinion molding industry called media. The hope is social media. I have been writing reams and reams of material on the menace of media mafia. The most unfortunate thing is in India there is good media too but they are either not visible or people do not choose them. why can’t people start a movement to stop buying newspapers like The Hindu, stop watching channels like NDTV, India Today, Times NOW etc. Don’t worry in a short time from now FB will be flashing important news items like Flipboard the work is going on. That’s why they started criticizing Mark’s meting with MODI too much and are also sponsoring articles against twitter’s impact . I have given link of the latest article against twitter at the end Modi correctly prioritizing rectifying all that are wrong with India:–poverty, lack of governance &hygiene etc
    Addressing issues relating to the wrongs caused to India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization are not the priority.
    Reforms involve restructuring which disturbs status quo addicts whose profits and prominence get reduced.
    However the present Government did two great mistakes:-
    One , the government has failed in informing in easily understandable terms and educating the public about the long terms benefits, inevitable changes and short term inconveniences in the forms of adjustments to be made to achieve those long term goals etc or probably it was too naïve to believe that media would be interested in imparting information in national interest and still not investigating scam of UPA Govt using tax payers’ money to sponsor the trips abroad along with PM MMS of only certain select private media houses why? And also why government has not yet probed all links of all media personalities because of their pronounced anti- India tirade? These must be done in national interest because the media is a greater security threat both internally and internationally.
    Two, failed to put a gag on all outfits that are trying in all seriousness or claiming to address issues relating to the wrongs caused to India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization. These are not our priority now and the worst part is these activities become a very easy tool for media that assigns labels, propels propaganda and tags everything to the government in power; even the ones engineered by their pay masters and these also give room to divide Indian society to facilitate consolidated vote banks of divided groups.
    There is big group which is working on stemming the rot in media space legally and I am happy to tell you I am part of it but my contention is that their negative posturing has reached a saturation point that people will automatically in due course reject them like the Indian communist party and CONG both of which managed to damage the nation for 60 years. Obviously MSM-Media is very much aware of this ad are trying all the tricks in the books. Actually it was there over doing anti-Modi campaign and pro Rahul stuff that got 16 seats more for BJP in 2014. article against twitter my simple rejoinder to the writer No need to worry about any social media read this in link below my rejoinder in attachment.

    Twitter is actually a great tool
    1. Well written and worthy observations and most of it are very relevant to take note of.
    2. However, Twitter actually has immense business potential. I will give a brief outline later on how.
    3. Besides, coming back to the predominant feature of your observations, is there a domain which has not been misused, over used or abused or misinterpreted starting from well meaning socio religious morals, to scientific and technological tools to nuclear power to media propaganda to political power to business operations? No.
    4. The positives of all social media networks is that it has taken the exclusive privilege and preserve of a few of opinion peddlers, cocooned in their own comfortable ideological identities, like established media houses and instead empowered many to freely express their counter views.
    5. So in a way the mass opinion molding and propaganda industry operating through select media houses has been greatly affected both in terms of their business and also in terms of their protected domain of influence.
    6. As the number of people expression opinions/criticizing etc is more, we may see more abuse in certain issues.
    7. Equivalently there are many useful, meaningful exchanges of information, knowledge, policies, and practices etc which are shared by greater number of people.
    8. There is nothing wrong by the fundamental function of the tool as it is. It is the user who defines it as a good new sharp knife in a war front can be used for emergency operation or cutting the throat of anyone around. The knife or its sharpness is not at fault.
    9. So, all social media networks are different emerging stars in the sky, not passing clouds, each with its own influence and impact.
    10. It can actually enhance enormously through introducing many new simple features, upgrading certain functions, incorporating many apps, having tie ups with other stars in social media in the horizon etc

    • RS

      Give a man a rope long enough and he/she will hang himself/herself. I think that is what Modi is hoping. Going after media may be a step too far. Media will hang itself. BUT we must be vigilant.
      Spread the message.

  • Arvind Lavarake

    Briliant, absolutely brilliant, Amrit. I sincerely hope readers will be inspired to write their views on the current brood of “intellectuals” with guts and gusto. This article should, in fact, be included as compulsory reading in all Indian colleges.

  • Arun Babu

    I returned my blue jeans ~ a blog abt writers returning their awards ~

  • Senthil

    Wonderful hard hitting facts. Long may it continue

  • rintu

    what is the problem, in Modi rule we will and can try these bastards like burkha rajdwip to be hang till death for desh droh case , just ut some false cases on them, the day they get punished all other liberals and speudo seculars will find there nuts tight and will not do any desh drohi activity, and I know Modi can do it.

  • Krishna Prakash

    Its heartening to read an unbiased article with a no non sense approach… Hats off to you Sri Amrit. Your clarity on the subject is as clear as sphatik. Congrats.

  • Futura Logic

    Perfect – explains the WHOLE ecosystem and root cause of all EVIL!

  • Bahu of Bengal

    I recommend a visualization of the Nexus Between Entities Influencing India,, using Muckety,

  • Bazinga

    Salute! Couldn’t have been written better.

  • suru

    Kudos for your writing specially “””For more than a decade this nexus fought tooth and nail to prevent Narendra Modi
    from assuming power in Delhi because they knew that if the system that
    sustained them lost power, they would too. Unfortunately for this coterie,Narendra Modi couldn’t be stopped and consequently, it is feeling threatened.””””

    It has already felt threatened and coterie is now feeling the heat.
    If Modi continues for a second term as PM, this coterie will either run away from
    India seeking citizenship of another country or will come to streets each accusing
    the other.


    What a wonderful statement :

    A good example of not-having-to-work are our TV news channels. Do you ever see them covering important news? They are more interested in what Sakshi Maharaj has to say than what Russia is doing in Syria or what is China doing to increase its military and economic clout in the Security Council.

    So all of India should be interested in what Russia is doing in Syria !

    Is this guy even for real ?

    We are living in a country where a 50 year old person can be dragged from his house and beaten to death on the suspicion of being a cow slaughterer or having beef in his house ; we are living in a country where 2 toddlers can be locked inside their house and the house set on fire because the family happens to be Dalit , and what is the author’s recommendation to take away our attention from such horror ? Get to know what Russia is doing in Syria ! Why ?? Because obviously that is more important !

    • Krispy K

      Oh dear. If there was suspicion before, there is no doubt now. COMMIE ALERT.

      You know, everywhere in the world you bastards have lost relevance. But only in India do you still breathe to poison everything you touch.

      For India to progress, all Commies must disappear from this country.

    • Vinashak

      Yes, we should only eat and sleep in our own well… and remain what Nehru made us… a third world country of beggars…

    • mazharuddin

      You are just bubbling idiot and carried away by the media propaganda. Don’t you know that member so called dalit community killed 3 members of other community? It was not cast violence but personal animosity feud between two families which media is lovingly affectionately portraying such as caste violence perpetuate in Dalit community in order to internalize it,

      • Krispy K

        You must be a communal chaddi-wearing Hindutva fascist minority-murdering Modi bhakt to even dare suggest such a thing.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Excellent one by Amrit Hallan !

    rajdeep sardesai was actually going to marry barkha dutt who was his inseparable shadow. I do not know what happened , married sagarika ghose.

    But all were receiving enormous amounts of money from christian missionaries abroad. And Saudi Arabia too.

    I really look forward to the day when people of India storm into their homes , tv studios torching them alive & accessing their ill gotten wealth. As it happens in Bruce Lee’s unforgettable ‘Enter The Dragon’.

    The usual burp of narasimha rao ” let the law take its own course ” is the most ineffective.

  • Awesome, superbly written. By the way Nayantara Sehgal was UNWORTHY of the prize she had received. So I am glad she returned the prize. I would urge her to ALSO return the cash award with interest please.

    • Krispy K

      Why would she do that? Returning the award was enough for the big show of fake “conscience” and it’s not like Congress scum and their slaves would give up actual money without a fight. Having said that, I’m sure she’d pay back the prize if Congress agreed to subsidise that particular “gesture”.

    • Venkateshwar Pottabathini

      Well Said Sirji


    The compilation of the relationships between various people is indeed painstaking work but so is the building of a sand castle on the sea shore. What exactly is proven by these relationships ?

    It is a fact that when you cannot punch holes in an argument , deflect the debate to some irrelevant tripe.

    Do you mean to say that within the BJP there are no such relationships ?

    The following lines :

    They misrepresent the history of the country. They keep people misinformed. They are constantly covering up for the inefficiencies of the establishment.

    can equally well be applied to a lot of the content on all of the following websites :

    Opindia , Indiafacts , Niticentral

    and several others like them.

    If you disagree with my statement , post at least one link criticising Modi and / or his government.

    • Krispy K

      Notwithstanding the fact that many of the websites and blogs that aren’t shameless fake-Gandhi cheerleaders arose in reaction to the culture of bullshit you people created and consequently are not likely to toe the line your Congress overlords have decreed, here’s a link which took me less than a minute to find on one of the sites you mentioned:

      Since we both know you will not/cannot read anything I write, there’s little point in me looking for other links. But they are there.

      But of course, what you mean by “criticism” is the only thing that you will accept – a regurgitation of Congress-sanctioned anti-Modi propaganda, verbatim. Anyone who doesn’t accept that Modi is a fascist, Muslim-murdering dictator who will destroy freedom of speech and kill everyone opposed to him is automatically a chaddi-wearing, minority-bashing member of this legendary “Hindutva brigade” you maggots have nightmares about every night. And of course you will ignore the many examples of *constructive* (operative word) criticism that he gets, not just on non-fake-secular news websites, but also by commentators including people here and yes including MYSELF, because that’s not the kind of “criticism” that suits your parochial agenda.

      And your pathetic attempt to hold the moral high ground regarding the inability to make an argument? One day, posts such as yours will stand as examples to schoolchildren everywhere of that phenomenon, and the witless hypocrisy that accompanies it.

      Just give up already. Get Antonia to allocate you another task, because you ain’t cutting it here. Maybe cleaning the toilets, I hear there’s lots of this weird whitish powder lying all over Rahul’s bathroom.


        Thanks for that link.

        • Krispy K

          I don’t give a shit about your gratitude so save it.

      • maverik

        Nailed it.

      • Vow!

  • VP

    Great article Amrit! This is a crisp article, covering all aspects in the existing system. Eye opener for me at least. Thanks much!


    Garbage as usual ; at least a dozen lines are taken up by irrelevant drivel. Just because we complain about the present does not mean our past was glorious. Conversely , just because our past was horrendous does not mean we accept the present if it is equally horrendous.

    I wonder why authors such as this never get their drivel published anywhere else except in websites with such glorified names.

    • Krispy K

      Translation: I have no means of arguing against any of the facts. Instead, in lieu of anything of real substance, I will pretend to have the moral high ground by making wishy-washy, grandiose sweeping statements which have no relevance here but make me sound wise to myself, whilst at the same time expressing the usual large dollop of double standards, even though nobody will fall for it. Please don’t reject Congress, my job depends on it.

      And your last statement, even by your standards of vegetable-level “intelligence”, takes the biscuit. The day the self-styled “left-wing” media EVER publish anything they don’t agree with, your master Rahul might spend one whole week without visiting a crack den or whorehouse.


      • Bazinga

        haha.. translated well Krispy K

  • Kamal

    Bloody sick presstitutes rascal

  • Sujata Srinath

    The line: “They bear each other’s progeny even without getting married to each other for that matter.” had me laughing out loud. Deliciously angry article…I am so glad you felt strongly about this particular issue. You have crystallized what the current situation is with the frauds. We’re in a good place, now. Turbulent times with the poison spewing out but if PM Modi swallows it without it getting under his skin, he will win and with him what is essentially Indian will win too.

  • Article rambles quite a bit. How about you make it shorter, and more pointed?

    • Rajalakshmi J

      No. Not at all. Amrit Hallan is superb.

      ” More pointed ” events would get when these slurdesais , prannoy roys , congressis perish for good.

  • Naveen – IndianNationalist

    NaMo is the perfect man for this humungous task to set things right.

  • krishnakumar

    Wonderfully written article. Simply by pointing fingers at this mega web or by abusing them, Hindutvavadins can not swim against the tide. You can not just demolish this web just like that by planting people belonging to different ideology. Thats temporary and even such temporarily appointed people are not even allowed to work …….. leave alone produce results……….by vested interests. What is the need of the hour for Hindutva is to build its own empire in MSM. Both in print and visual media. The daily lies and half truths spread by MSM shall be demolished on daily basis not just in social Media and in MSM also. Plus, the government of the day shall not only repeal unwanted legislations. Earlier the better, the government shall make out a list of white elephant think tanks established by this congi-communist nexus for the purpose of looting taxpayers money for the pecuniary benefit of families in the congi-communist web. And close down all such unproductive anti national rumor mills.

    • yogesh

      It will take time to build such MSM who can propagate right view let alone the Hindu view….so better options are these:

      1. Stop watching/reading these media who are clearly biased: NDTV, AAJTAK(INDIA TODAY), ABP, IBN, HINDUSTAN TIMES, TIMES OF INDIA, TIMES NOW, INDIAN EXPRESS, THE HINDU.

      You should also stop clicking their websites.

      Instead encourage and watch/read: ZEE news, INDIA TV, Dailypioneer, newindianexpress, SwarajyaMAG, INDIAFACTS, NITI CENTRAL,

      Someone can edit these list as I might not be aware of complete picture.

      2. We need more and more nationalist individuals to either become volunteer writer(write your own blogs) or take up the full or part time carrier as writer. Intentions is to fill the gap or counter the view portrayed by these pseudo-secular anti national media houses.

  • Rama Krishna Ayyagari

    Kudos! Great post indeed.

    Besides being analytical, this stands out as one very true depiction of the exploitation and ruin these media vultures, social parasites brought upon this nation.

    Doubtless, the changed scenario hurts their edifice. They find it tougher by the day, what with the overwhelming web readership by young India.

  • subodh1945

    rajdeep sardesais’s arethe white ants eating the vitals of indian society ,parsites of old order

  • Sree Charan R

    This is probably the best and first article on the subject that speaks boldly and truly,hope more and more people read it, and not just “like minded people”.And yes,*towers are falling* indeed,definitely for good.

  • mhndv

    Excellent from Amrit Hallan

  • P. B. Josh

    Fantastic article. One of the best, if not the best on the subject.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Masterly written article about the Presstitutes of Independent India ! Every letter , word and sentence is 100% true ! You have totally disrobed all these freeloading parasites and stooges of the Congress-Communist establishment !

  • Rahul

    Very aptly put… We should expose their biased attitude on the Global stage.

  • vinirish

    Very well written! Yes,the present crop of Lutyens ecosystem is the descendent of the older one,full of congi commie ppl! Now they are threatened !

  • Krispy K

    “Communists and socialist regimes (the Congress-types) are very adept at creating long-lasting systems to monitor and mold people’s minds”

    Not any more. All their tricks are failing miserably. They now need to be finished off.

    • Vinashak

      not really… there is still a long way to go…
      every day I see many gullible people falling for the propaganda… especially in the last couple of months they have made a serious effort and managed to convert a lot of ill-informed people into (pseudo) seculars…
      You must have noticed antimodi hashtags trending repeatedly nowadays… they did not enjoy much support earlier but they played this beef game very well…

      and this is the time for genuine rightwingers to stand up… people who can make real arguments.. not the loud mouthed morons scoring selfgoals all the time…

      • Krispy K

        Yes there is a clear increase in the effort to amplify such propaganda and moderate their approach to fool people (this Narayan Rao commie fraud is an example, projecting a facade of being “reasonable” while inserting the same outdated poison here and there, hoping to breach the barrier) and there will always be stupid people who fall for it, but the question is: is the rate of indoctrination of innocents decreasing or increasing? I’m a realist, but I tend towards optimism and I think most people can see through it. I don’t think these rogues have a hope of winning in the end. Truth will out.

      • Sledgehammer

        True, we are still a long way from uprooting this incestuous cabal. And that is a good thing. We should be patient and take our own sweet time to carefully uproot them making sure that they do not spread their poisonous seeds during the process.