Seven Evangelical media networks active in India

Listing out seven Evangelical media networks active in India.

1. CBN India

cbnHeadquartered in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR), the Christian Broadcasting Network claims it reaches across the country sharing the good news of the Gospel coupled with giving assistance to those in need to “one and all without any discrimination of faith, opportunity or status.”

Pat Robertson, founder and Chairman of CBN says, “The events of recent days around the world, remind us that we are living in tumultuous times! Yet in spite of global unrest and uncertainty, and relentless division and rancor…. we can lead successful prosperous and meaningful lives, no matter what this world brings our way.”

CBN also sponsors television programmes, which besides documenting the work of CBN Foundation also propagates tales of people who allegedly overcame life’s many problems with the extraordinary strength of faith (in Christ).

These programmes are telecast in four Indian languages:

  1. Hindi: ‘Ek Nayee Zindagi
  2. Punjabi: ‘Ik Navi Zindagi
  3. Telugu: ‘Nireekshana
  4. Bengali: ‘Samadhan

It is clear that this is an overt propaganda as it paints humanitarian activities in Christian hues, and the TV hosts asking the participants to offer prayers over live broadcast. These shows are broadcasted on television channels like Sony TV.

CBN also makes good use of technology as it has interactive games for children titled ‘Bible Games.’ CBN and its chief Pat Robertson have in the past branded Hindus as devil worshippers and have called for mass-scale conversions.

On 23 March 1995, Robertson in his television program “The 700 Club” said this about Indians:

“I feel that these beautiful people, they are so hungry for God. You know this is the largest democracy in the world, over a billion people, and perhaps this would be considered the most religious country on earth. But they are looking for the wrong God. I believe they are open to Jesus, and my hope is to see 100 million Indians come to the Lord Jesus Christ in the next few years.”

In this video, Pat Robertson cautions against participation in Yoga and seems to think that “Hindu” is a language. And in this video we see Robertson interviewing Dr. Paul Dhinakaran who is the Vice-Chancellor of Karunya University (a Deemed University located in Coimbatore) about his ministry in India. Dinakaran claims even BJP Chief Ministers welcome him to organize ‘miracle shows.’

From a 1995 edition of Hinduism Today:

The March 23rd episode details Robertson’s conversion of some Hindu people of Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, India, to the Christian religion. In the course of the show, Robertson makes shameful, unChristian accusations against the Hindu faith, the world’s oldest religion. When contacted, Mr. Robertson’s office told us he was “unavailable for comment.”

To begin, Robertson’s experiences in Rajahmundry are described by a narrator. The scene is of a poverty-stricken people, bathing in the river at the head of which rests a statue of Lord Siva. Water is pouring out of Siva’s head and a snake is wrapped around his head as well.

Robertson and his son are found in the midst of the scene, observing and mocking the early morning prayers of Hindus. As they witness the scene, they make incorrect reference to the river as “Siva’s sperm,” and claim that the people “were supposed to wash away their sins in the sperm of the God.”

Robertson goes on to characterize Hinduism as having evil tendencies toward random spiritual worship and polytheism. Mr. Robertson’s son and fellow evangelist, Gordon, stated disparagingly, “Whenever [Hindus] feel any sort of inspiration, whether it’s by a river or under a tree, on top of a hill, they figure that some God or spirit is responsible for that.

And so they’ll worship that tree, they’ll worship that hill or they’ll worship anything.” What was even more regrettable was Robertson’s assertion of some connection between idol worship and the poverty in India. Robertson does not deny his son’s claim that “Wherever you find this type of idolatry, you’ll find a grinding poverty. The land has been cursed.”

But if the argument of poverty as the curse of India is not enough for the American audience of “The 700 Club,” they next hear Hinduism boldly labeled “demonic.” Robertson says, “Siva [is] the God of Destruction, and his consort, the Goddess of death [Kali] — that black, ugly statue there with all those fierce eyes.”

He then suggests that the evil tendencies of death and destruction can be found in those who worship the deities: “I mean these people are out to kill other human beings in the name of their God.”

Pat Robertson also heads the Regent University which trains Indian Christians in the methods of gaining more and more converts. In doing so these graduates are often seen demeaning indigenous traditions.CBN has consistently backed Evangelicals in the Republican Party and many members like Mike Huckabee are open about this association.

2. BosNewsLife

bosnewsThis is Central Europe’s first Christian News Agency which publishes overtly communaland distorted news items about India.A few representative samples would suffice to illustrate its agenda:

i.  India Police Attack Christian Missionaries

ii.                  Former Jailed Widow Evangelist Dies In India

iii.                Christians Injured In India Church Attack

iv.                India Police Detain Christians After Killing of Pastor

Even after police investigations have proved that these were misleading and fraudulent reports, the aforementioned news items have not been corrected. BosNewsLife also provides atrocity literature on caste violence to a neutral-sounding institution namedOxford Centre for Religion and Public Life, headed by an Evangelical academic named Rev’d Canon Dr. Vinay K. Samuel.

3. Gegrapha

GegraphaThis organization of journalists all over the world seek to “build fellowships of Christians in newsrooms around the world, strengthen them in their profession, and encourage others to join them.”

Gegrapha has chapters in the United States and across the world and offers annual conferences, opportunities for mentorship, and prayer support.

Gegrapha began as a small prayer group in the mid-1980s when a group of Christians working for several media outlets in Washington, D.C. gathered to pray for the life of Terry Anderson. Anderson was the one-time bureau chief for the Associated Press who was taken hostage by the extremist group Hezbollah and held in captivity until 1991.

By that time, the group had become organized and started functioning as a network. David Aikman, then a senior correspondent for Time magazine, termed this network Gegrapha in 2002. David Aikman is a Christian fundamentalist who believes that:

As journalists all over the world, many of us operate in cultures which either do not acknowledge truth to exist or are hostile to those who claim that it exists and can be known. In this climate, we need to remind ourselves that we serve a King [i.e. Jesus] who embodies both truth and justice, and who indeed is the truth (John 14 : 6).

During the 1999 General Elections in India, NDTV journalist Jennifer Arul was featured prominently at the Gegrapha International Conference in England, where she said:

The burning of a missionary, the rape of nuns, the destruction of churches, the assault on a priest, are ominous signals to Christians of all denominations…. How many perpetrators against the Christian community in Indian have been brought to book? Commissions of inquiry are appointed but very little comes out of them. Action? Seldom! A true picture or a report objectively and dispassionately, to be correct and impartial. It is no wonder that those who try to do their Christian duty are branded as activists. Talking of activists, three days before I left Chennai I met John Dayal, the editor of the midday newspaper, based in Delhi. He has involved himself in the United Christian Council, which is currently involved in telling Christians about various anti-Christian activities around India, activities which, as a journalist, he obviously is privy to. We are due to have our general election during the month of September and the information he gave at that meeting was most valuable. I heard him and I also saw the reaction from the six hundred organizations that were represented…. Christian media persons like ourselves have to use the power we have to influence.

On another occasion she clearly stated that she prioritized her Christian identity over that of a journalist:

Do we believe we are journalists first and foremost and only then does the Christian label get tagged on? It’s a tricky question and one that needs thinking about. As for me, I believe that being a Christian journalist puts me in a uniquely privileged position to bring the truth, as I see it, to my 375 millions viewers who are of course the public Square.

Stephen David is another Gegrapha member who is the principal correspondent on political and current affairs for India Today. The impressions that are created internationally by these Indian Christian journalists, is that Hindus terrorize Christians, and therefore, foreign intervention is necessary for justice for Christians in India.

4. Mission News network

 Mission News networkAn Evangelical news channel which paints India as a hostile rogue nation.

The oppressive caste system is blocking social mobility. Economic wealth is unevenly distributed. A new Hindu government (in power since May 2014 and led by Hindu hardliner Narendra Modi) is radicalizing society. All traditions of Christianity are affected by persecution in India, but Christian converts from a Hindu background and non-traditional Protestant groups are suffering most. At the top level the influence of fundamentalist Hindus has increased. Hindu radicals have started monitoring Christian activity in much detail. Many of them have planted spies in churches. Reports on pastors and church members beaten because of allegations of conversion are frequent; sometimes Christians are even killed.

Its website named OpenDoors ranks India at #21 in the list of countries “where Christians face the most persecution.” It has put India on a “Watch List.” Open Doorsalso has elaborate statistics and fairly detailed information about the political system of India, demographics, economics, and an entire fact sheet on India.

Also, interestingly, the first item on its “Prayer Points” reads thus:

For Christian converts to stand strong against those who are trying to force a return to Hinduism.[Emphasis added]

5. The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the MartyrsThe Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) claims that its organization is dedicated to “assisting our persecuted family worldwide”where “family” means Christians. It is actually an umbrella of several related Christian organizations “started through the influence of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand”and has presence in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.Its website also describes VOM as a “family of missions .collectively called the International Christian Association (ICA).” It runs the innocuously named website, and makes no bones about its agenda. It even offers to smuggle Bibles to what it calls “captive nations”:

Christians residing in restricted nations are often denied access to Bibles. This fund helps VOM print and smuggle Bibles to believers—in their own language—who would otherwise live their lives without ever reading the word of God.

6. North India Harvest Network (NIHN)


The stated mission of this network is “Plug, Prem and be Nice” where:

Plug= People in everyLanguage in every urban centre in every geographic division.

Prem= Prayer,Research, Equipping & training and Mobilisation

Nice=Networking, Initiative, Catalyst and Encouraging the missionaries.

This mission statement-cum-tactics have been put into proper use by other groups like the Seventh Day Adventists. Their activities in India started with the Canadian national, D.R. Watts, President for the South Asian Division of Seventh Day Adventists, who had been residing in India on a Business Visa.

When Watts arrived in India in 1997, the Seventh Day Adventist Church had a membership of 2.25 lakhs. Within five years of his arrival, membership shot up to seven lakhs.

Helping the Adventists in their activities is the Maranatha Volunteers International, a non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California which has two main goals. The first is to provide buildings needed for Seventh-day Adventist Churches around the world and, at the same time, to provide opportunities for mission volunteers.

These groups achieved their greatest success in the Ongole municipality in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. Here, according to Pastor Michael Ryan, director of Global Mission (the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s international outreach department), some 100 Global Mission pioneers completed training and baptized 50 villages surrounding Ongole beginning in September 2000.

7. Assist News Service (ANS)

ansAn evangelical channel known to have links with the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America (FIACONA), which often acts as a pressure group asking the US government to interfere in the internal matters of India.

FIACONA has a controversial history as this news item shows:

A former President of the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America (FIACONA) was arrested and charged with battery after he attempted to choke a demonstrator at a rally protesting the government control of temples in India.

JayachandPallekonda, 62, of 4110 Potter, Des Plaines, was charged with battery after he allegedly choked a demonstrator with his hands outside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 9301 Bryn Mawr Ave. at 5:39 p.m. May 6.

Click here to watch the former President of FIACONA getting handcuffed by the Rosemont Police. It happens a minute and 13 seconds into the video.

ANS also has links with the infamous Gospel for Asia (read IndiaFacts exposes on Gospel for Asia), which published a news report on ANS as recently as three days ago (Note: IndiaFacts has captured a screenshot of the said news report in case ANS takes it down). The report details how various Churches in India are playing a huge role in the deadly earthquake that has devastated Nepal:

Members from many GFA-supported churches in India are responding unconditionally to the disastrous April 25 earthquake in Nepal with widespread prayer, fasting, generous giving, clothing and food drives, as well as sending relief teams to help restore their neighboring country… Their actions demonstrate the strength of the Christian church in South Asia… Among those responding are Believers Church congregations in the Uttar Pradesh region of northern India…. One of the most generous responses is being organized in Delhi…Gospel for Asia-supported Believers Churches in Kolkata have contributed enough donations to set a goal of rebuilding at least 100 homes, providing rations to 200 families for two to three weeks, and providing for children’s educational needs… Numerous churches have already been involved in fasting and prayer, such as in Bihar, which called for a three-day period of special fasting and prayer for God’s grace… Church-wide observances are scheduled for May 8 in Delhi and May 12 in Udaipur.

Gospel for Asia has served the church in Nepal for more than 25 years. [Emphasis added]

This is just the latest episode that shows the extent of penetration that Gospel for Asia has managed to achieve in North and East India, and shows how well-networked it is, for example, by utilizing ANS as a media platform.

IndiaFacts Staff articles, reports and guest pieces
  • Beware of #MIMAAP

    Very good article, informative also exposed how non Hindus keep their religion above their profession, so no surprise we always get to see ‘christs under seige’ stories from them!!!

    BJP CMs organising miracle camps? Hmmmm

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  • Dr. MS

    Remember this:

    Roger from Duronio, New Jersey writes:

    Religion has proven itself sterile. It does not contribute to a search for truth. Truth is only to be found in its thousands of year old books that are the presumed word of an omnipotent and loving God. But neither the books, nor the priests interpretations of books, help in solving the problems of life. They don’t lead to more food clothing or shelter. They don’t address our health care needs, transportation needs, communication needs.

    There are two explanation for our existence: science and religion. Religion gives no explanation as to how our existence works so gives no advice on how we can improve our lives and prepare for our future. That’s wht I mean by its being sterile. It’s truth cannot grow, it cannot be applied to physical problems, biological problems, or chemical problems. Religion ignores this world for the spiritual world, But we get no information from the spiritual world that can assist us in making cars and planes, in fighting diseases, in making new materials, new fuels, and discovering new applications for what we have previously learned. Praying to have a broken car or broken computer fixed is universally ineffective.

    And omnipotence is logically impossible. An omnipotent being cannot make a brick that he cannot pick up, or a sinner he cannot save, or a saint he cannot corrupt, and on and on. It is a logical contradiction.

    God helps them who help themselves is an admission that god is no help at all. We must look to science to solve problems. We do

    And thank goodness there are “isms” that do not get caught up in its “isms”…and hence can bring spirituality and science together in very creative, personal and experiential ways. Unlike Christianity.

  • Dr. MS

    Here are comments from NYT readers (who definitely think and write better than some of the commentators on this site) to the survey by Pew Center that shows Christia

  • Dr. MS

    Interesting report on declining Christian membership in the United States. A big drop since 2007…a Pew Study Report.

  • importingtrash

    Jesus couldn’t save himself from crucifying, what can he save others?

  • importingtrash

    Those SCs who covert should not get quota benefits. Ban conversions

  • Sree Charan R

    I always wondered…there are a few Jew organisations in North East and extreme south….for the same purpose of conversions…..and people rarely speak about it….even though the reason for this Jewish activity are very complex….

  • Seel

    Excellent work to expose western media network bend on destroying India by religious terrorism.

  • KC

    Watch what CBN owner Pat Roberton says about Hindu Dharma, Devtas and Traditonns.

    Just in 9 minutes, you will get big ideas about how Christians Mind think.

  • Dr. MS

    How do Bengalis feel about their State possibly going from Communism to Christianity? There is a pipeline from Hinduism to Internal Confusion to Widespread Atheism to Communism to Spiritual Vacuum to Christianity. China is facing this pipeline. Much like Kerala: From Spiritual Diversity to Chaos to Internal Confusion…then from Internal Confusion to Political Atheism and/or Communism and then to Christianity. It is a pipeline.

    • Jishnu

      Which ignoramus taught you history?

      ” If there were many smart Hindu men would we have been so easily invaded, brutalized. occupied, exploited and colonized?”

      Why the hell do you not study how “easily” we were invaded and occupied, what it took for who, how many generations tried doing it and when they finally succeeded and at the same time how other victims of these barbaric invasions fared?

      “Hinduism to Internal Confusion to Widespread Atheism to Communism to Spiritual Vacuum to Christianity”

      Another nonsensical theory when past is clear: the biggest obliteration of Hinduism came from Islam in Kerala, and British state funded missionary work. Communism was a rather new reaction that fed upon the fertile ground of invaders’ oppression.

      Again which idiot taught you that there was a progression from “spiritual diversity to confusion” and not from oppression to imposition?

      So ms ignoramus, YOU go learn. You are attributing your ignorance as a failure of others.

      • Abyss

        You are wasting your time here, mate. One can not hope to put forth genuine points across to a person who is simply unwilling to even acknowledge that point of view.

        • Jishnu

          No, indiafacts is a rare forum that cannot be allowed to be hijacked by scum like ms. Hence you have to prevail.

          • Abyss

            I agree, but, you do realize that the whole point of her rants is to provoke people and digress from the actual topic. This is a fairly consistent pattern I’ve observed from her comments, where she accuses others of creating chaos, but, she herself is doing it (and, claiming to be a martyr). Just make sure that you don’t wear yourself out in the process.

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            Crazy people are lurking here to divert discussions

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        Tsk, tsk, tsk…you keep proving me right over and over again. Your verbal abuse, your bad manners, your poor analysis and your unconvincing responses….convince me, and few others watching your internet behaviors, that I am right. Thanks for increasing the amount of contempt some people are feeling for Indian men like you. Hopefully you are a minority like the DMK party in the country. And again, “Jishnu” is an impolite way of referring to Vishnu. When people show contempt or disapproval to Hindu Gods they say “What is that Vishnu Jishnu’?” And you are actually using the term Jishnu. Now we know.

        • Jishnu

          It is abuse to call you an ignoramus when you exhibit your arrogance and ignorance? By the way ms ignoramus, there is nothing impolite about the word Jishnu. Go learn.

          • Dr. MS

            Yes, I am very inspired to learn from your abuse. Hindu mn must be all like you: authoritative, rude, crude, low class in behavior, thuggishness, brutishness…certainly providing great role models. It is all going into a book called: damaged Y chromosomes of Hindus…and how it plays out. Now go learn manners and better thinking. A pipeline, moron, does not have to have all the phases. There is everything impolite about the word Jishnu…Are all Shiva worshippers this rude and crude?

            This website like so many is soon going to be read by ten people and with the same ten commentators like you going around and around in circles…mistaking pedantic statements for scholarship.

          • Jishnu

            What yes, you ignoramus? How exactly is it authoritative to call you an ignoramus, you liar? Demonstrate how my previous posts prove at least one of your mannerless adjectives. Then I will demonstrate how EACH of my adjectives is accurate about your post you arrogant, dishonest mannerless subhuman. I don’t need to demonstrate manners with barbarians like you, I just gave it back in the coin YOU coined, get it you liar?

            Now demonstrate what exactly is impolite about the word Jishnu or take your word back, you illmannered dishonest liar.

            As for history, I know more than you and ALL your ilk put together, you ignoramus. Having demonstrated your abundant ignorance how exactly do you even plan to figure out how much I know, when you have no clue to make out what is historically accurate and what is a heap of lies, you ignoramus?

            And before showing the audacity to talk of my contribution you worthless liar, demonstrate what is your contribution and qualify to ask of me.

          • Indian

            Hey You white skinned arrogant slut. Damaged chromosome of Hindu men. Heh slut look at the white skinned animals, the christian savages. Wiped out excellent civilizations like Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Tainos, Maoris, Prussians, Genteels , Greeks HAD WE HAD DAMAGED Y chromosome the hite skinned would be like DODOS.DEAD. What is High level for you ??? DAUGHETER AND SON FUCKING which is in for you white christian beasts. India is THIRD WORLD because of you bloody white skinned gutter scums coming from somewhere.GO STUDY some geniune history, even written by the Filthy white DNA, christian in nature. India was a GOLDEN BIRD which taught civilizations to world, except the WHITE SKINNED SLUTS AND BEASTS, because civilization is not part of your DNA.Go slut around will be better

          • Indian

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        • Sree Charan R

          It is very enlightening to disclose to this beautiful world that, you have an exponentially plummeting mass of grain that is often called as intelligence; an arrogantly increasing memory for the modern world called as ignorance; and critically diminishing pile of ash that is today understood as Ethics.

          ( Many, and definitely not most, of your comments/ideas are really worth pondering/contemplating, and evocative to discuss; but your unfathomable interest in personal ideologies/ agendas and name-calling or uncritical criticism of genuine comments cannot be encou-‘raged’ and is not welcomed. )
          Note:No more arguments/responses for this; as you would like to say: Full stop and Stop.

          Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in the above comment are purely personal.Any resemblance to the real characters is not encouraged.Also, if it hurts the feelings of anyone, please excuse.And, no animals/birds/trees are injured in the commenting process.And, mocking is injurious to health.
          Thank You

      • Dr. MS

        People like you who use derogatory words land expect a civilized democracy or developed society. I feel ashamed that men like you exist in India…and consider themselves as “Hindus or non-Hindus”. How sad that this country has such uncouth unevolved men like you? I did not dialogue with you or discuss anything with you. I did not attack you…but you choose to follow me around like an insecure mentally unwell person looking to hurt or to attack. In real life you must be a rapist. Try to create, invent or innovate something…in stead of destroying smart people and evolved human being in other countries and cultures or in other genders. We call men like you “Parayaaas”…unevolved and beyond positive evolution.

    • Indian

      Which are well known?? NDTV ruled by a bastard called PORNO roy and his oversized, overused white licked cunt whose rancid smell is creating obnoxious smell around. FEMINIST SLUTS serve their white skinned masters very dediccatedly by the way, providing all three services

      • Dr. MS

        People like you who use derogatory words like “sluts” etc. are also the problem. I feel ashamed that men like you exist in India…and consider themselves as “Hindus or non-Hindus”. How sad that this country has such uncouth unevolved men like you? I did not dialogue with you or discuss anything with you. I did not attack you…but you choose to follow me around like an insecure mentally unwell person looking to hurt or to attack. In real life you must be a rapist. That makes you a non-Indian and very likely a non-Hindu. You are not an Indian…and don’t you ever consider yourself as one. Third rate. I’ll have you arrested if ever you are in my class. There is a reason why Pakistan never evolves, with third rate cheap thugs, pretending to be Indians. Try to create, invent or innovate something…in stead of destroying smart people and evolved human being in other countries and cultures. We call men like you “Parayaaas”…unevolved and beyond positive evolution.

  • Sree Charan R

    Gurumurthyji has rightly called Religious conversions as the “Mother of All Debates”.

    1) Firstly, most of the conversions are not for genuine appreciation of the Recipient Faith/Tradition; they only happen because of underneath hatred or financial reasons.And hence, EVERYTHING is wrong with Religious conversions.
    2) A whole corpus of sociological and historical theories have been invented precisely for evangelical purposes.The job of these theorists is simple: distort a Religion–in this case, Hinduism, it`s history, social philosophies to an extent of self-alienation of the community.These ideas had a HUGE support in the recent times.
    3) Nothing is voluntary these days; every minutest aspect of lives is diluted/conditioned/manipulated.So, the argument of free will for conversions is NOT valid, except for a few cases.
    4)In India, God is above Religion and Living Beings are above God; so, the narrow philosophical ideas of few Religions are more destructive than anything to support their cause as “social conditions of Hindus”.
    Thank You

  • Krispy K

    Praise Jeebus

  • Pramod Sharma

    Religion is not without its political trappings. Those who say conversion is OK if of free will ..they should realise that in this world nothing is free fill everything is controlled by media and marketing and advertising. Indians and particularly hindus/santan dharmis should not fool themselves into believing this humbug. Be scientific and thoroughly probe all religions. Your money, national allegiance, and international outlook are all influenced by religion. All the world wars were promoted by Christian/Jews and the next by Christian-Jews versus Muslims. we are simply behaving like stupid bystanders.

    • Krispy K

      No genuine Hindu with at least half a brain will be fooled.

  • Dr. MS

    Thanks for this information. In fact one person told me in the States that many call centers located in Noida and Gurgaon, near Delhi, have a huge number of young converted Christians…whose work name is not John or Peter but real name.given to them during conversion. But they keep their Indian name strictly to avoid suspicion in the larger community.

    Is this true?

    One should be very concerned about Andhra Pradesh and the kind of people from AP moving into places like Chennai: converted, or connected to the conversion agenda. AP does not have much economically. It is one large dry State..with a lot of poverty and disenfranchisement. This explains their Naxalite movement. .There are many Nepali Maoists and AP Naxalites among the working class moving into Tamil Nadu. And some upper class or upper caste converts as well. There is one group that is clueless about what is going on in their own communities: living in their wealthy bubble, focused exclusively on their family, business and few cultural activities. Some of these people are closely aligned with the DMK for their business or power. Some upper classes are converting for money. Some in the IT industry are vulnerable to conversions for jobs or to go abroad…especially among the AP circles.

    Prediction is that in another thirty years there might be a bloody conflict in Tamil Nadu and/or Andhra Pradesh between Christian converts/Christian Fundamentalists, Maoists/Naxalites.Communists/Atheists and the Muslims (both extremists and moderates). Is there any effort on the part of the State govts to prepare for this, or prevent it? Is there continued political cluelessness and lethargy?

    • Samir

      I hope we are clear here that any such religious ideology that is marketed or advertized cannot be said to be accepted’ vaolantaryly…

    • Jishnu

      Which ignoramus/fraud taught you that conversion is voluntary and non-traumatic?

      • Dr. MS

        There are Christians, Muslims and Jews who have converted to Hinduism. They did it voluntarily, by choice, and with full freedom. Hinduism does not have conversion…so individuals, through certain experiences, explorations and examinations, decide to embrace a belief and practice that is connected deeply to their heart and soul, or connects their heart and soul.

        By the way, “Julia Roberts”, a very famous American actress, is a Hindu…and openly says it in and outside Hollywood. Her son’s name is Ganesh. She converted because of an amazingly intense experience with a guru.

        So…yes, conversions can come without force or without trauma.

        Jishnu, which is the most impolite way to refer to a Hindu God of Protection “Vishnu”, you are the ignoramus. Attacking me does not elevate you. I assure you…your behaviors must have helped many convert out of Hinduism…which is probably your agenda.

        • Rama

          I thought you promised that you will not be commenting on this forum!

          • shankar

            You thought wrong….The cockroach keeps coming….

        • Jishnu

          Once you say “Hinduism does not have conversion” it is clear you are not talking of conversions. Whereas long history stands proof that all conversions into abrahamisms are traumatic.

    • ccc

      conversion is pure evil. Its arsenic to native civilization.

      Its the biggest con.

      • Reversion is King

        Disagree. Conversion from Hinduism to Christianity and Islam is a problem to native civilization.

        However, reversion to the Hinduism by Christians and Muslims is an excellent development.

        The Hindus should become very, very, very proactive in obtaining conversions. VHP should step up its game to the next level.

        • ccc

          Exactly, its bad for NATIVE civilization. besides its not conversion if former hindus return back to hindu tradition.

          There is the choice to explore different paths and that is not conversion but conversion to Islam and christianity is different, these cults demands you to hate every other path.