Something awry in IIT Madras: the full story

Student activism and disruptive intellectualism inside IIT Madras is beginning to look dangerously like student rowdyism bordering on violence.

And the rot is in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences(HSS).

From the time Dr.Ananth as Director, IIT Madras started the integrated five-year MA course in English, Development Studies and Economics in 2006, this premier institution of higher learning has been on a downward slope. From a research and development institute which attracted the best brains in the country committed to learning and scholarship in the areas of science, technology and engineering, the institute has been dragged down to cater to the lowest common denominator which presently characterises the Marxist/Christian/Dravidian politics-driven faculty members of HSS and various student groups.

Student activism and disruptive intellectualism inside IIT Madras is beginning to look dangerously like student rowdyism bordering on violence generally associated with the Madras Law College, Nandanam Arts College or Presidency College. The ideological affiliations of several members of the faculty of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, the political ideology of speakers invited to speak from various forums, the topics chosen for lectures and debates, the ‘kiss and love’ protest in November 2014 and now the orchestrated protests fuelled and egged on by 24-hour English news channels against the ban on the vicious and publicly anti-Hindu student group Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle (APSC) are all the outwardly visible lesions of the cancer that has now afflicted this once world-class education institution. It would not be overstating to say the prestige of IIT Madras and its intellectual climate have been seriously jeopardised by this cancer.

Modi sarkar must seize the events leading up to the de-recognition of APSC by Dean of Students (DoST) as an opportunity to take a hard look at why IIT Madras was persuaded/pressured by UPA II to introduce the five year integrated course in Economics, English and Development Studies in 2006. The Modi Government must scrutinise the syllabus of these courses and the teaching staff who have been recruited as faculty members into HSS because the course content, the ideological affiliations of the faculty and the kind of students admitted to these courses best demonstrate the intent behind starting the integrated M.A courses. The present Government must also get to the bottom of why Prof. S. Chella Rajan as HoD HSS scrapped the five year dual degree course in Economics.

‘With an interdisciplinary perspective at the heart of its approach, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras, which is one of the oldest departments in the Institute, provides intellectual and cultural foundations for the study of human relations in contemporary contexts. During the course of more than fifty years, it has grown into a vibrant department with teaching and research programmes run by a globally acknowledged team of faculty members.

The five-year integrated Master of Arts (M.A.) programme is designed to meet the needs of students who seek a broader learning forum and who appreciate the unique design of inter-disciplinary studies. The programme encourages students to engage in critical thinking and research on ideas, people, society and the human condition. HSEE-2014 is intended to admit students to this programme in two streams: Development Studies and English Studies. The first two years of the curriculum are common to all students, after which they branch out into one of the two streams.’

This is the opening paragraph of noble posturing by the Department of HSS in the information brochure for students appearing for the entrance exam to the integrated M.A course. The humanities department may be one of the oldest in IIT Madras but that’s just half the truth because the integrated M.A course began only in 2006.

There is serious mischief behind this ‘inter-disciplinary’ approach to history. ‘Inter-disciplinary’ is the latest weapon in the battleground of academia where pseudo sciences like political science, social science and anthropology are used to evaluate historical data concerned with determining (and negate) issues of nation, nationality and nationalism. This inter-disciplinary approach to history was invented in the context of expansionist white Church writing the history of lands and peoples it invaded, conquered and occupied.

In America, this weapon was used to manufacture the Bering Strait Theory which said Native Americans were not native to America and long, long ago they too migrated to America by hopping across the Bering Strait at low tide. In India this inter-disciplinary façade in history has been used to dislodge Sanskrit from its position of pre-eminence and using the Aryan Invasion Theory to place Brahmins outside national borders by calling them invading Aryans. In IIT Madras, the inter-disciplinary approach to Development Studies and English Studies is only ten different chutneys accompanying a plate of idly in five star hotels instead of the routine two offered by push cart idly vendors. In the end, the idly is the same.

‘The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) is one of the earliest departments at IITM. The Department is essentially multi-disciplinary in nature and has faculty from diverse Streams, such as Development Studies, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Health Studies, History, International Relations, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology.’

Several of these so-called Streams can be manipulated to have caste, class, feminist and tribal content; tragically, no thinker has seen the M.A integrated course in IIT Madras for what it is – an academic battleground. European Christian missionaries in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries arrived in India with long-term intent which included creating English medium schools, colleges and universities, either funded and controlled directly by the local church or the regional Christian-colonial administration.

After independence in 1947, the country’s academia, especially, history has been under the direct control of Marxists and indirect control of missionaries. In Tamil Nadu, Dravidian ideology which has a marked anti-Brahmin, anti-Hindu slant, has controlled academia.

The rise of the BJP in the country’s polity culminating in the BJP-led NDA government in Delhi in 1996, and the consequent beginning of the end of political disempowerment of Hindus frightened the Generic Church and it wanted the academic battleground to shift from the mass-based non-premier colleges to premier institutions of higher learning. The objective was to use the faculty in humanities to condition the mind and thinking of students against Hindu nationalism and against the party which was perceived as a Hindu political vehicle.

The challenge was to persuade/pressure premier institutions of higher learning to start courses which would serve the same idly, dosa and pongal served in street corner eateries and push-carts but on silver cutlery. The Generic Church wanted slick packaging for the same anti-Hindu content in history, in what goes by the name of ‘liberal arts’, and in the pseudo sciences.The faculty recruited to teach the integrated M.A course with their stints in foreign universities, in Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, with their Rockefeller connections and Fulbright scholarships provided the expensive packaging.

Indians with Harvard, Yale and Cambridge behind them would not come back to India to teach in Madras Law College or Presidency Collegebut teaching the same Aryan Invasion Theory and mouthing the same anti-Brahmin, anti-Hindu, anti-Sanskrit discredited theories in history and linguistics, but as teachers in IIT Madras was something else which would give academic Hindu-bashing a veneer of serious scholarship. A certain Prof.Madhivanan with a Ph.D in History from Madras University holding forth on ‘brahminical Hinduism’, caste oppression or ‘recolonization’ by Aryans of Dravidian peoples is not the same as a Professor or Associate Professor saying the same thing as faculty member of HSS in IIT Madras, in refined language and perfect English. Anti-Hindu academia was all set to get a facelift in IIT Madras.

Before we look at the menu card of what is being offered in the department of HSS in IIT Madras, it is vital to inspect the cutlery.

HSS Syllabus and Faculty as weapons of war

  • ANUP KUMAR BHANDARI has MSc Economics from Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India. He did PhD in Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute.
  • AYSHA IQBAL is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences. She has an MA (Lit) , MPhil (Lit) and PhD (Lit) from Vikram University, Madhya Pradesh. She did MPhil (ELT) andPGDTE from English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad and has been a Visiting Scholar at Simon Fraser University , Vancouver (Canada) where she worked in the area of Film Studies. Her core research interests are Drama, Contemporary Literature and Film Studies.
  • BINITHA V THAMPI has an MA in Politics and International Relations from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, PhD in Development Studies from Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, India.
  • DEVAKI REDDY has an MA and PhD from JNU, New Delhi. She has been on the editorial board of International Reading Association, and has been a resource person to the British Council. Her current interests include topics in Sociolinguistics and English Language Teaching.
  • EVANGELINE MANICKAM has an MA and PhD from the University of Madras. She was a Senior Fulbright Scholar at the University of Georgia and the Louisiana State University. She specializes in American Studies, South Asian (expatriate) Literature and Humour studies. She also teaches French.
  • HARENDRA KUMAR BEHERA has an MA(Economics) and PhD(Economics) from the University of Hydrabad. He has been an Economist (Research Officer during December 2005 to December 2012 and Assistant Adviser since January 2013) in Reserve Bank of India.
  • JOE THOMAS KARACKATTU has MA, MPhil and PhD (International Relations) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi). He has been a Fox Fellow – (2008-09) at Yale University. His current interest are
  • Economic interdependence and conflict, Sino-Indian relations, China’s foreign and economic policy, Cross-Strait ties and Democratization and economic development in Taiwan.
  • JOHN BOSCO LOURDUSAMY has an MA from Pondicherry University and DPhil from the University of Oxford. He has been a Queen Elizabeth Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. His current
  • interests include Religion & Science, Technology & Rural Participation and History of Science.
  • JYOTIRMAYA TRIPATHY has an MA from Berhampur University, Orissa and PhD from IIT Kharagpur. He is interested in English Literature and Cultural Theory, Postcolonial historiography, Political history, Cultural Studies and Alternative Development.
  • KALPANA K has an M.A History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi and PhD from the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), Chennai.
  • MALATHY D has an MA and PhD from the University of Madras. She was a Rockefeller Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Economic Growth Centre, Yale University. Her areas of interest include Applied Econometrics, Economics of Human Resources (Education, Health, Labour and Population) Industrial Economics, Economics of Gender, and Money, Banking & Finance.
  • MATHANGI KRISHNAMURTHY has an MA and PhD from The University of Texas at Austin. She was a Andrew W.Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at Institute for Research in the Humanities and Dept. of
  • Anthropology, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Her areas of interest include Anthropology of Work, Globalization, Virtuality, Affective labor, Gender and Work, Media studies, South Asia.
  • MILIND BRAHME has an MA and PhD from JNU, New Delhi. He has been a DAAD Pre-doctoral Fellow at the University of Göttingen, Germany (1994-95) and a Franz Werfel Post-doctoral Fellow at the
  • University of Klagenfurt, Austria (2005). His current interests include modern German and Marathi literature and Comparative Literature.
  • MOHAN S has an MA from the University of Madras. His areas of specialization include Freshman English (English for Communication) Indian Fiction in English, Science Fiction and Technical/Business
  • Communication.
  • MURALEEDHARAN V R has an MA (Hons) from BITS, Pilani and PhD from IIT Madras. He was a Takemi Fellow in International Health at Harvard School of Public Health during 1995-96.
  • PREMA RAJAGOPALAN has an MA from the University of Madras, and PhD from IIT Kanpur. She specializes in sociology of science and technology. She has worked in China on Technology Transfer
  • under the India-China bilateral Cultural Exchange Programme. Her current interests include built environment & society and gender studies.
  • RAJESH KUMAR graduated with a PhD in linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The areas of his teaching and research include, language in education, sociolinguistics, linguistic theory, and language in cognition. He has presented his work at several professional meetings including the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.
  • SABUJ KUMAR MANDAL has an M.Sc. (Economics) from University of Calcutta and Ph.D. (Economics) from Institute for Social and Economic Change Bangalore. His current interests Energy and
  • Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, BehavioralEconomics,Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (frontier approach).
  • SANTHOSH ABRAHAM has MPhil and PhD in History from the University of Hyderabad. His research interests include, Legal History, Courts, Trials and Punishment in History, Police and Prisons in India,
  • Colonial Subjects and Indigenous Resistances to Colonialism, Social and Cultural History, History of Education and Automobile in Indian History and Culture.
  • SANTHOSH R has an M.A. in Sociology from Bangalore University and Ph.D. (Sociology) from Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore. His current interests Sociology of Religion, Islam,
  • Identity and Ethnic Relations, Social movements, Development.
  • SATYA SUNDAR SETHY has an MA and PhD (Philosophy) from the University of Hyderabad. His current interests include Analytical Philosophy, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Philosophy ofLanguage, Logic, Development of Student Skills, Theories and Forms of Learning, Information and communication Technology(ICT) in Education.
  • SHREESH CHAUDHARY has an MA from Mithila University, Bihar; a Certificate in ELT from Lancaster, U.K. and PhD from CIEFL, Hyderabad. He has been a Hornby Foundation Fellow and a CharlesWallace Trust scholar in the U.K. He is interested in the form and function of English in India, and has researched the cognitive aspects of language learning and multilingualism.
  • SOLOMON J BENJAMIN has an MS (Arch.) S. Master Science in Architectural Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts and PhD in Department of Urban Studies andPlanning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • SONIKA GUPTA has an MA, M.Phil and Ph.D from JNU, New Delhi in International Relations &Politics and Chinese Studies. She has worked with prominent think tanks in New Delhi (Institute of Peace andConflict Studies & Observer Research Foundation) and Bangalore (National Institute of Advanced Studies). Her major research interests are International Relations Theory, Chinese Foreign Policy,Chinese Domestic Politics, Human Security and Nuclearisation of South Asia. She has introduced and teaches courses on International Relations Theory and Chinese politics at HSS.
  • SREEKUMAR N has an MA from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and PhD from the University of Hyderabad. His current interests include Philosophy of Language, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology,Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Film and Media Studies and Indian Thought.
  • SRILATA K has an MA from the University of Madras and PhD from the University of Hyderabad. She was a Fulbright Pre-doctoral Fellow at the University of California, Santa Cruz and received a Charles
  • Wallace grant for a course in creative writing in the U.K. Her current interests include women’s writing, literature in translation and creative writing.
  • SUBASH S has PhD in Economics from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. His current interests include Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Technology and Applied Industrial Economics
  • SUDARSAN P has an MA from National College, Tirchy, PhD from Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, in the area of critical social theory and another PhD from University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida,USA, in the area of comparative, social and political philosophy. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kenyon College, Ohio and during Spring 2007 taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philiosophy, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.
  • SUDHIR CHELLA RAJAN has a B.Tech from IIT Bombay, an MS in Meteorology from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Environmental Scienceand Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles. He has been a Senior Fellow at Tellus Institute, working on Climate Policy and Global Politics and Institutions. His current interests are inPolitical Theory and the Environment, Institutional Theories of Development and Sustainable Development Policy.

The last on the list, Sudhir Chella Rajan, his live-in companion/wife (?) Sujatha Byravan, and Milind Brahme, according to some students and alumni from IIT Madras who spoke to me, are the brains and driving force behind the rapidly evolving role of the HSS department and several student groups including APSC, as the new anti-Hindu academic battleground.

Ministry of HRD, Government of India would do well to put these three persons and the entire HSS faculty under the scanner. Milind Brahme joined IIT Madras before Chella Rajan but while Milind Brahme, for some inconceivable reason is still Associate Professor, Chella Rajan who joined as Associate Professor, was elevated to Professor, and then Head of the Department of HSS. He is now Head of Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS). It is unclear what is the exact mandate of the IGCS considering that it operates out of IIT Madras, and has the backing of the German government.

It was Prof.Chella Rajan, as HoD, HSS who recruited most of the current faculty members for the inter-disciplinary HSS department. It was Prof. Sudhir Chella Rajan who gave the HSS faculty its anti-Hindu religious and ideological demography. The entire faculty is weighted heavily on the side of Christians, the avowedly Marxist and anti-Hindu JNU, and feminists.

Pondicherry University, like JNU also has a presence inside IIT Madras not only as faculty in HSS but also as guest speakers in their student forums. If there are indeed any Hindus among the HSS faculty, they are almost certainly the ‘afraid-to-be Hindu/afraid-to-say Hindu’ type who are no match to Marxists, Christians and feminists on the academic battleground.

Centre for Chinese Studies is a new Stream in HSS and another window opened for more Marxists to enter IIT Madras. Sounika Gupta, also from JNU besides being the IIT Madras China Expert, is also several other things. The first two years of the HSS curriculum are common to all students.Students of English Studies and Development Studies study the same subjects for the first two years.If the real intent behind the five year M.A course is to shift the academic battleground to premier education institutions and teaching history constitutes the core of this intent, then history is almost certain to be a part of this common curriculum.This is because history with liberal doses of white Christian political ideology which not only preaches but gets the U.S and U.N to enforce all kinds of freedoms and rights, is the best brainwashing medium in all academia. The history syllabus reproduced below proves my point.

Indian Society and Culture

  1. Structure of Indian Society: Caste, Class and Tribe, Institutions of Marriage, Family and Kinship, Political institutions, Demographic Indicators and Trends.
  2. Social Change in India: Sanskritization, Modernisation, Westernization and Secularization, Social Movements and Regionalism, Panchayati Raj Institutions& Governance, Affirmative Action Programme of the Government, Commissions and Policy Interventions.
  3. History and the Making of Indian Society: Mughal era and Islamisation, British Raj, Sepoy Mutiny, Reform Movements in the 19th Century and the Emergence of India.
  4. Indian Philosophy and Thinkers: Jainism and Mahavira, Budhha and his Teachings, the Charvakins, Orthodox Systems, Sikhism, Sufism, Gandhi and Non-violence.

If we keep in mind the intent behind the five year integrated course, then it is obvious that what the syllabus offers, the slant it gives to history and what it has studiously ignored makes the intent clear. The history syllabus titled Indian Society and Culture

  •         provides the necessary space and context to undermine Jaati, varna and kulavyavasta, which is specific to Hindu dharmic tradition.
  •      provides feminists, anarchists and disruptive intellectualism among faculty and students to undermine the institutions of marriage and family. Ever since some research study in the US concluded that the fundamental reason why Indians succeed phenomenally in school and at work both in India and in any part of the world was a stable home and family, relentless attempts have been made to disrupt and destabilise the two foundational institutions of Indian society by several means including advocating free sex and homosexuality.
  •      gives a fillip to Nehruvian secular politics which held the country’s polity in thrall for six decades and which still continues to drive Indian academe.
  •       has studiously avoided mentioning Hindus and Hinduism by name, and
  •         has ignored the entire philosophical, intellectual, and political wealth of knowledge, information and wisdom contained in our sruti, smriti, puranas and itihasas, and telescoped our six streams of philosophy into the non-descript ‘Orthodox Systems’.

The intent behind the integrated M.A course by IIT Madras was to wage war against Hindus, Hindu nationalism and the ancient timeless civilization. The course content, the teachers and the students constitute the weapons in this war.

Student Groups as agent-provocateurs

The anti-Hindu bias of student groups and a section of HSS faculty remained dormant because the BJP lost the 2009 elections but began to manifest itself in earnest from around 2012 when it became obvious that the country wanted to be rid of the scam-ridden Congress and its imported first family. Student groups in the IIT geared up for action and what began in 2012 culminated in the ban on APSC in May 2015.

There are several student groups in IIT Madras and except for Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC) and Vande Mataram, the same students are behind the rest of the groups, all covertly supported by Sudhir Chella Rajan and Milind Brahme.

Around March-April 2012 the issue of free sex in the hostels of IIT Madras raises its head.At the centre of this controversy is Prof.Chella Rajan of the Department of HSS and the then Dean of Students, Prof. LS Ganesh. I have with me classified email exchanges on the issue: specifically the email exchanged between DoST and Prof.Chella Rajan.

Hostel rules in IIT Madras mandated that when women and girls visited men in the men’s hostel, the doors of the room must be left open. The campaign for free sex began with the seemingly innocuous demand to right of privacy which included keeping the doors of student rooms closed. The catch was, advocates for free sex wanted the right to meet with girls behind locked doors and the demand to keep their doors locked was made by the advocates of free sex in the guise of right to privacy.

Prof. Ganesh as DoST cautioned the advocates of free sex among the students and faculty that the idea of free sex went against the culture of this country which Prof. Ganesh described as ‘punyabhumi and karma bhumi’. Prof. Ganesh insisted that inside the campus, the students were the responsibility of the wardens and the Dean of students and unsafe sex and unwanted pregnancies were not only detrimental to the pursuit of academic excellence but also had grave health implications.  Prof. Ganesh also warned Chellsa Rajan that free sex inside the IIT campus and any scandal linked to it would only expose the institution to bad press considering the press thrived on sensationalism.

  1. ‘In any case, should any undesirable sex-related event (example, adolescent/pre-marital pregnancy, bobitting, AIDS, etc.,) occur within our students community, the students’ administration is answerable. We cannot shut our eyes and turn away. Nor will we have the luxury of taking comfort in flat denials. And, there and then we will have perform our duties and fulfill responsibilities, whether we like it or not, unfortunately. In my understanding, many of us faculty members of IIT Madras have consistently preferred to use the principles of ‘prevention is better than correction and/or cure’, and ‘nip it in the bud’. This is when and why we begin specification of hostel rules and regulations concerning sex and boy-girl or man-woman or boy-boy or girl-girl or man-man or woman-woman interactions. I believe we are on the right track and with the right intensity.’

Not surprisingly Prof. Ganesh’s sensible and measured reply to demands for free sex was labelled ‘talibanised response’. Prof.Chella Rajan who was openly for free sex wrote back to Prof. Ganesh. Here’s the email:


Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 3:10 PM

To: GANESH L S; [emailidwithheld]

Subject: RE: [Faculty] FW: communication among wardens

Dear Ganesh,

I initially had a hard time interpreting your rant, but since I’ve had a fair amount of practice trying to interpret difficult texts for my recent courses, I shall attempt to summarise what you’ve just said:

First, we are a Hindu nation;Second, the press is bad;Third, controlling sex among students on campus is (probably) a good thing. I’m still confused about whether you have an argument at all, but Idon’t believe so.Given that you are in charge of managing the hostels and the student community,I believe you should work on developing a more cogent position on this important issue of student freedoms for the welfare of our institute as a whole.


Sudhir Chella Rajan Professor and Head Humanities and Social Sciences,CoordinatorIndo-German Centre for Sustainability

It is not coincidental that Prof.Chella Rajan locates himself in the middle of sex-related controversies. In June 2010, Ashley Tellis, Associate Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad, was sacked by IIT (H) for his publicly professed homosexual orientation. There had been stiff resistance from several members of the faculty to Ashley Tellis’ recruitment into IIT (H).

Interestingly, Prof.Chella Rajan was then Head of Department, Liberal Arts in IIT Hyderabad and was Ashley Tellis’ boss. It is beginning to look as if a section of academics like Chella Rajan want to make our institutions of higher learning some kind of lab experiment in social disruption.

The five year integrated M.A course in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences with people like Milind Brahme, Sounika Gupta and Chella Rajan has become a five-year internship in professional dissent, advocacy activism for free sex and other sundry anti-social freedoms and rights laced generously with anti-Hindu poison.

The ‘kiss of love’ protest in IIT Madras in November 2014 was more of the same. This protest was organized by the same bunch of for-free-sex students numbering around hundred, with the active support of Milind Brahme. The protest was organized demanding ‘openness’ in the student community and against what the students called ‘tradition’ and ‘moral policing’. However, Milind Brahme who joined the students in the frenzy of hugging and kissing endorsing what many would call libertinism, permissiveness and licentiousness, did not bring his family with him:

Student groups, faculty advisers, guest speakers and end objective

The more active of the several student groups inside IIT Madras are EML (Extra Mural Lectures), Chinta Bar, IIT for Society, Colloquium, Vivekananda Study Circle, Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle, VandeMataram and IIT Christian Fellowships.

While EML is a lectures forum, Colloquium is a debating forum. IIT for Society undertakes social service and social charity (more on this later). Chinta Bar and APSC are more of the same.

As mentioned earlier in the article, by around 2012 the general feeling in the country was the Congress would be rejected by the people in the 2014 General Elections and the BJP was almost certainly poised to form a coalition government in Delhi. It was also widely believed that this time Narendra Modi would be the BJP’s choice for Prime Minister.

IIT Madras began to prepare the soil for sowing the anti-BJP, anti-Modi seeds and used student forums to begin their election campaign, a good two years before the elections. A quick look at the speakers invited by IIT Madras to speak to students from different forums is revealing:

  • SiddharthVaradarajan on Justice and the Politics of Memory&Forgetting: 1984 and 2002 – November 11, 2012. Varadarajan was invited by IIT for Society and he walked into the hall with MilindBrahme in tow
  • Narendra Nayak, President Federation of Indian Rational Associations – January 23, 2013; He spoke on The Need for Rational Thinking
  • Dr. Rajeev Bhargava, Director CSDS spoke on Secularism: How should States respond to Religious Diversity – January 31, 2013
  • Jayakumar Christian, Director, World Vision India, invited by IIT Christian Fellowship for Christmas celebrations inside IIT Madras
  • Anand Patwardhan, Documentary maker; he made ‘Ram ke naam’ on the demolition of the Babri Mosque – 28, 29 and 30th January, 2014. He was invited by the Department of HSS and EML. Patwardhan spoke on Cinema of Resistance: A Documentary Journey
  • Teesta SetalvadHuman Rights and Communal Harmony – 10th February, 2014. She was invited by IIT for Society and EML
  • Muruganandam, Pondicherry University – Sanskrit and Language Politics then and now – invited by APSC, October 10, 2014. Read more about the vicious attack against Hindus and Hindu dharma at
  • Rajdeep SardesaiHas 2014 Elections Really Changed India? – 17th January, 2015. Invited by EML
  • Prof. Vivekananda Gopal – 14 April 2015, invited by APSC, spoke on Contemporary Relevance of Dr.Ambedkar

APSC was de-recognised and placed under temporary ban, subject to review by Board of Students, for the inflammatory poster that they had put up around the IIT campus ahead of the talk on April 14, 2015. The poster in question besides carrying two quotations from Ambedkar’s writings calling for Hinduism to be destroyed, is a veritable diatribe against Narendra Modi, Land Acquisition Bill, GharVapsi and beef ban.

APSC now claims that the poster was in fact a summary of the talk delivered by Prof. Gopal, a claim rejected by Prof. Gopal himselfand also refuted by other students who say the posters were up in IIT Madras not after the talk but before the talk.

Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle is only a cruder, less refined version of EML, Colloquium or IIT for Society. Between 2012 and 2015, all student bodies inside IIT Madras mentioned above have been equally anti-Hindu, anti-BJP and anti-Modi. While being anti-Modi and anti-BJP can be explained away as political opinion, vicious anti-Hindu sentiments are actually punishable under the Indian Constitution, Ambedkar or no Ambedkar.

Christian tentacles inside IIT Madras

Students of IITM showed me a poster of some summit organized under the aegis of Indo-German Centre for Sustainability in partnership with World Vision India.

World Vision International and World Vision India are self-proclaimed evangelical Christian funding agencies which fund Christian NGOs allegedly doing social charity while it is common knowledge that the money is diverted for church planting and religious conversion activities. And yet, IIT Madras allowed IGCS, located inside its campus with a member of its faculty serving as Co-ordinator to partner an explicitly communal outfit. The website of IGCS however does not mention WV in any context and it is anybody’s guess as to what exactly is the role of World Vision International or World Vision India in the activities of IGCS.

iitThe management of IIT Madras has allowed the church to open shop inside the campus in the form of another student body – IIT Christian Fellowship. For good measure, I was told that there are two groups – one for Catholics and another for Protestants. Students who spoke to me also told me it was common sight (until recently) to see Christians from different churches standing around bus-stops inside the IIT, around canteens and messes and in hostels, distributing Christian missionary pamphlets. One such Christian missionary was caught by the students inside the IIT campus on January 9, 2015 and handed over to the local police. The local police instead of booking the Christian missionary for unlawful religious activities inside an educational institution filed an FIR against him for trespassing!

The HSS integrated five year course has polluted the once-healthy learning climate in IIT Madras. While a large part of the blame can be laid squarely at the doors of the faculty of HSS, Directors past and present of IIT cannot be absolved of blame. The degeneration of IIT Madras happened right under their noses.

The HRD Ministry and Government of India must look beyond criticism of Modi and the government’s political and economic policies. The anti-Hindu bias of HSS both among the faculty and the students is a bigger cause for worry as is the intellectual slant of lecture and debating forums in IIT Madras. It is obvious that both the faculty and students of HSS have time on their hands and we know the old adage of idle minds and devil’s workshop.

Government of India must either scrap the five year integrated M.A courses in the Department of HSS, or make it intellectually more rigorous and academically demanding.


  1. Pamphlet circulated at IITM on a lecture titled Contemporary Relevance of Ambedkar.


  1. Mischievous poster on Facebook announcing this event, quoting Ambedkar out of context. The media alleged that the poster of the talk delivered on AmbedkarJayanti by Mr Vivekanandan was put up after his talk. However the IITM students I met confirm that this poster was distributed in front of the Central Mess named Himalayas and in some hostels on 13 April during dinner time.



  1. IIT Christian Fellowship (at IIT Madras) Facebook page: Screenshot of the said Facebook page in case it is deleted at a later date:

iit c


  1. Pamphlet put up near hostels and messes at IITM in November 2014 inciting students against the MHRD.

iit m'
Radha Rajan is a Chennai-based political analyst. She is also author and animal activist.
  • kris here

    Yes Nehru and the congress virus is eating into our country. Nehru dumbness was never in question, but to get Ambedkar to draft the constitution gets the cake. What ever is left of the country is being scavenged by the christian missionaries and anti-hindus. Free sex and homosexuality what next.

  • S.Shankar

    The problem with IITM is that it is at the bottom of the heap precisely because it is so brahminical. This author, who is clearly an epsilon-minus, intellectually and morally, cannot see the horror of caste and untouchability. No matter, she and her fellow brahmins will understand (too late) the flow of history here when Shudra uprising, that is just round the corner, sends them all into oblivion.

  • Gnanam Ponnaiah

    Why there is no reaction on sc|st commission’s strong remarks.
    Please come forward radha rajan,bhimrao .it’s only a small step.we have miles to go.we will go despite of you people.

  • Saturnsson

    Interesting Bering Strait Migration theory along with Hamitic Myth trying to look at the Natives of the land through the Biblical prism similar to Aryan Invasion theory and also similar theory about the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Africa basically trying to justify the Colonization in the name of the Male God.All these theories are foundation pillars to Genocides.

  • Raghavender Raghunathan

    I study at IITM. And`let me put it bluntly. This article’s dishonesty is only matched by its incoherence. I would hope that the author would atleast be a little more subtle in promoting his/her agenda.

    I’m a research scholar at IITM. I don’t belong to the concerned department. And my view has always been that IITs should stick to doing science. Nothing else. Devoting time and energy to any other cause, however noble it may be, is merely a distraction to the pursuit of furthering science. There are better forums in this country to have political debates. And I would’ve joined them, if I had wanted a political debate. But thats just my view.

    When the author mentions about the wheat-meat issue or the kiss-and-love protest, I might have had a fleeting moment of concurrence. But after that, the author takes a downward spiral. Allow me to clear the air.

    1. “Several of these so-called Streams can be manipulated to have caste, class, feminist and tribal content”
    This is the author’s reflection of what an interdisciplinary education in humanities means. Quite a disturbing reflection, in my opinion. Why would it be a manipulative to have caste, creed or feminism content in a sociology class? How else are you going to understand political sytems and social behaviour if you dont discuss about caste, religion and feminism?

    2. The quoted mail exchange is simply a dishonest attempt to tarnish the concerned person’s image. By selectively quoting portions of the exchange, you’re simply trying to make the person appear dislikeable.
    “I initially had a hard time interpreting your rant, but since I’ve had a fair amount of practice trying to interpret difficult texts for my recent courses, I shall attempt to summarise what you’ve just said:
    First, we are a Hindu nation;Second, the press is bad;Third, controlling sex among students on campus is (probably) a good thing. I’m still confused about whether you have an argument at all, but I don’t believe so”

    This is simply quoting out of context. Large portions of the previous correspondence was removed. The above quote makes three summaries. Assuming the summaries are logical, we can only work backwards and infer what the previous correspondence must’ve been. And lets face it, even the part of the letter that is revealed to us doesn’t really make a strong argument.

    3. “The entire faculty is weighted heavily on the side of Christians, the avowedly Marxist and anti-Hindu JNU, and feminists”. Whoa, slow down Sherlock. How did you come to this conclusion? From their place of birth and study? I don’t see any supporting evidence.

    4. “There are several student groups in IIT Madras and except for Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC) and Vande Mataram, the same students are behind the rest of the groups, all covertly supported by Sudhir Chella Rajan and Milind Brahme”.
    Again, no evidence presented. Anyway, being an IITian and having seen these groups work in close quarters, I’m quite sure that its not the case.

    5. “The rise of the BJP in the country’s polity culminating in the BJP-led NDA government in Delhi in 1996, and the consequent beginning of the end of political disempowerment of Hindus frightened the Generic Church and it wanted the academic battleground to shift from the mass-based non-premier colleges to premier institutions of higher learning. The objective was to use the faculty in humanities to condition the mind and thinking of students against Hindu nationalism and against the party which was perceived as a Hindu political vehicle”.
    More babble… and less evidence. ‘Wanted the academic battleground to shift?’ – what’re you even talking about?

    There are a few more that I can quote. But this is enough to make my point. I hope that some of your readers atleast demand a more coherent piece, if not a convincing one.

    • Radha Rajan

      If I am Sherlock than you are foolish slow-on-the-uptake Watson.I have reproduced the HSS faculty list. Even a quick look will proive my point. And as for the email exchange i read the entire thread but repriduced only that which made my point – that Chella Rajan is obnoxious. Lats face it, IIT Madras like most educational institutions has also sunk low and become another den for drugs and free sex. You can get apoplectic but doesnt change facts.

  • Tellitasitis

    A good honest report is much appreciated. Now the required surgery of the cancer. who will do it? How? I think the entire department of HSS has to be shifted from IIT and merged with University of Madras, if not entirely closed down. Spare the IIT’s famed Engineering and Technology areas from this dreaded disease.

  • Sekaran

    The way the discussion has gone on so far here to us it appears as if a new kind of wholly Indian ISIS concept is taking roots.God save every body from the chuvinists and intelligent Idiots.

  • bhima rao

    Dear Mr.chella,
    Just look at the Meek Surrender by the IIT-M Admin and Management to a bunch of rebels who took IIT to Ransom for Two weeks tarnishing the image of IIT to dust. why were the nationalists faculty silent on this meek surrender. how can the management and the APSC give a joint statement after all this blackmailing with political parties of TN by a small group.if student bodies, Institute-backed/ Independent or otherwise, indulge in hate mongering, the due legal processes MUST be activated to the most logical conclusion, viz., jail terms for the hate mongers.why is the IIT- -Management hesitant to get an undertaking from the APSC now ???

    There are gross distortions in the IIT management statements on the reason for the granting status to APSC becoz –
    1. The guidelines were framed in January 2015, disseminated in February 2015. It was only the summary of the minutes of meeting that was circulated on April 18.

    2. IIT M undertook a survey last week seeking the views of the students on APSC ban. IIT M has not disclosed the results of the survey to the students before revoking the ban. This is undemocratic; the unholy who swear by democracy when their own rights are curbed are now ok with not disclosing the results of the survey.

    3. IIT M is making a distinction between Institute Student Bodies and Independent Student Bodies. This, to out it impolitely is bullshit. As long as these bodies operate from within th campus of IIT, no matter if they are independent or institute they cannot hold anti-Hindu, anti-Nation meetings.

    4. It was grievously wrong on the part of the IIT M to have shown APSC the letter he recd from the Ministry HRD. But these Leftist Groups were poisonously anti-Hindu which is against the constitution. No individual or entity can publicly wound religious sentiments. Legal Action shud have taken place by the mgmt, why the delay ??

    5. Not just APSC but all student bodies under the infleunce of Marxists in the faculty and dravidian anti-Hindu political parties from outside had been conducting only anti-Hinduism meetings in the guise of being Progressive , feminist, Liberal, Marxist leninists etc.
    6..If student bodies, Institute-backed / Independent or otherwise, indulge in any hate mongering, the due legal processes must be activated to the most logical conclusion, viz., jail terms for the hate mongers.plz handover the hate mongers to the police as per IPC and Crpc. Act. Hurting the beliefs of a Religious community by saying Destroy Hinduism is punishable today under the IPC, can someone quote publish posters of the – Satanic verses in IIT- today as mentioned by the great writer salman rushdie or Read the book the Last temptation of christ.
    why is the Mgmt silent in getting an written Undertaking from the APSC on these lines ??? Milind brahme of Humanities advisor to the APSC is wrong as he belongs to the same feather of the Leftist lobby then how can he chek the hatred secret campaigns of the Leftist students.??
    God save IIT- M !!
    May, my beloved India Awake !!!
    jai Bhim

    • Radha Rajan

      Shri Bhima Rao in an earlier comment on this article you made reference to the temples of IIT Madras and how one of the professors in IIT wanted a church inside the campus. Well, I have uploaded today on vigilonline a brilliant article by some students of IIT a history if the temples inside IIT Madras. There are stunningly beautiful priceless pictures and photographs. of the IIT temples several decades ago.

    • Radha Rajan
  • George Varghese

    The readers of your magazine are right wing as expected. The political climate today seems to be in favor of fascist ideologies of a right wing type. Your article upholds those ideologies to perfection. But, fortunately, right wing extremism is still a fringe element in India. The progressive left leads humanities and social sciences research as in all progressive world as in India also. In homogenous hierarchical and status quoist moralism Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are the same. But change and human desire for equality and freedom are sweeping across the globe. Radha Rajan and her right wing commentators on this forum do not believe that this will do any good to humanity. They still think that a rule of oppression under a king would be the best for India and the world. This is an outdated idea; IT IS AN IDEA WHOSE TIME IS OVER. This idea was dead with the French revolution. If it comes back to India at this time (there seems to be a chance with the change of guard at Delhi), that will be for a short while, for human desire and imagination has seen much better things than the prudish, scrupulous wisdom of the writer and her admirers.

    • Radha Rajan

      Dearie, as I told you on First Post, you belong to a cult which expanded across continents through genocide, extermination of entire peoples, and subjugation thru slavery, colonialism and apartheid. So pl, no lectures to Hindus on Hindu bhumi. Hindus are neither right nor left. We are the majority and spread right across the spectrum. If anything is fringe on this bhumi it is the adherents of the Abrahamic cults

    • Radha Rajan

      Speaking of fascism, that too is Christian. Mussolini, remember? Every monstrous ideology – capitalism, communism, stalinism, leninism, marxism, fascism – every one of them has a christian root. And the Nazi Pope, Eugenio Pacelli or Pope Pius XII? Some one write a book abt him titled Hitler’s Pope? So before you speak about Hindus take a good hard look at your own house, its front yard and back yard.

  • Dr. MS

    This article could have been better written, better edited and could have been more brief and succinct. It comes across as a gossip column by someone who did not get into IIT, or has problems with faculty who cohabitate with other faculty as single adults. How do these personal issues, which may or may not be true, affect a political argument?

    If the author takes cheap shots at people who are actually smart, though they many have their own social or value biases, it will come to not only haunt her, but it literally dissolves any fact or relevance in her arguments.

    As I often say, “Indian thinking, lack of clarity, consistency, bad writing, or circular writing, works against them and their points”.

    I actually shook with embarrassment, as an academic who wishes to see less ideological rigidity in our institutions of higher learning, when I read this article.

    I want to see more useful, helpful, scholarly and insightful debates and discussions in our institutions of higher learning, and I wish to see more equity and fairness for all relevant and intelligent view points…but this article will not achieve that, as it is badly written and appears like a cheap gossip column.

  • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

    Congrats Ms. Radha !

    Believe me ! I have never read such an analytical and brilliant article on any matter so far ! I’ve read it more than a 100 times ! So informative ! Why journalists of this calibre are not given their due and scoundrels like Barkha Dutt et al have become so prominent ?

  • Amak4u

    Have the non-Christian students and faculty of IIT Madras been sleeping while this evangelism been going on? They are equally guilty for not demanding action.

    • Radha Rajan

      They have been fighting a courageous battle in extremely hostile conditions.

  • Senthil Kumar

    I suggest all non-technical study circles should banned…including those hindutva groups…

    • Radha Rajan

      What Hindutva group? If there was even one Hindutva group anti-Hinduism would not raise its head inside IIT M.

  • Radha Rajan

    For readers at IF. IIT M revoked the ban on APSC late last night. IIT M gave this false explanation. IIT M stated that they were revoking the ban because APSC approached them and told them that IIT M had circulated guidelines for student bodies only on April 18 and because their meeting was on April 14 they did not know the guidelines. For the moment what APSC said may be set aside. The fact that IIT M accepted this explanation is perpetrating falsehood of the most unforgivable kind. It can revoke the ban because it is vested with the authority to do so. But to say it revoked the ban for reasons cited by APSC is to insult the intelligence and integrity of students who blew the whistle on the scandal. the guidelines were framed on january 28 and passed on to and approved by Board of Students in february 2015. What was circulated on April 18 was only the summary of the Miniutes of Meeting or MOM. The Board of Students comprises not just students but also the teaching faculty. So IIT M is making its case on revoking the ban on a bunch of damn lies. Ministry of HRD knew all this. So why is Modi Sarkar unable to deal with a scum student body firmly? It is because TN goes to polls in 2016 and perhaps they dotn want to be seen to be anti-Tamil and anti- dalit which is co-terminus in TN’s perverted politics. But it is ok for Modi sarkar and TN BJP to be seen to be anti-Hindu. Students who blew the whistle are depressed and feel let down. Cant say I blame them.

    • JagatguruDas

      When Modi Sarkar has no qualm in shaking hands with Asuric lady who had the temerity to arrest Kanchi Acarya, why would they interfere in this trivial issue? This is UPA V3.0.

    • JagatguruDas

      Now one Christian fanatic IAS guy Alex Paul Menon has dragged both the kanci acaryas into this controversy

      • Radha Rajan

        Pl visit I have uploaded a brilliant article on the history of temples inside IIT Madras with precious and priceless photographs and pictures.

        • JagatguruDas

          Yes I did read that one. Thanks

    • Observer

      Depressing developments. But expecting Modi sarkar to get involved is not realistic. That is just what media scumbags are waiting for, to manufacture next week’s news controversy. Hindus must use these incidents not to bash Modi but to promote Modi the secularist, just as leftists and Muslims have promoted Congress as secularist. He is still the best we got, even though that may not look like much sometimes.

      • Radha Rajan

        Modi Sarkar was dragged into this by the Christian Undersecretary in HRD Ministry Prisca Mathews who wrote the letter to the Director IIT M and made out the objections to be about being anti-Modi and anti-HRD. This lady must be transferred out of the ministry for entangling the ministry into the scandal on untenable basis. If she had written to say that student bodies are becoming increasingly anti-Hindu communal then the Ministry would have been on a more sure footing.

        • Observer

          The Undersecretary’s letter clearly states that she is being directed (presumably by someone above her in the MHRD) to look into into the anonymous complaint about the goings-on at IIT-M. Her letter does not characterize the group as anti-Modi or anti-anything. But the anonymous student complaint mentions both anti-PM and anti-Hindu activities by the Ambi-Periyar group. You shouldn’t be vilifying someone just because she is Christian, it doesn’t help your credibility. What should be more interesting is whether Ms. Mathews’ letter was forwarded to the APSC by the IITM admin (extremely dumb of them if they did, and should be investigated to determine if they did so with mal-intent or plain stupidity) or whether it was leaked to create a public uproar, and if so by whom.

          • Radha Rajan

            Deeply suspicious is more accurate than vilifying. In TN you have Christians in 2 vital positions – in HR in big corporates where they ate in charge of hiring, in the outer office as some kind of staff where they are listening posts. So am I suspicious? Yes particularly when I see them physically close to power centers. And Observer this is not the time for niceties.

          • Observer

            It’s more than ‘deeply suspicious’ when you accuse the Undersecretary of doing something that she clearly did not do, simply on the basis of her religion. With this sort of rhetoric among Modi supporters, Modi and the BJP actually comes off better staying above the fray.

          • Radha Rajan

            False premise Sir. I am not a Modi supporter, I am a Hindu nationalist and ask yourself this question – how did this lady find herself in the Ministry of HRD? And whether she did this or did not do that is piffle compared to the fact that both Modi satkar and IIT M management caved in to the periayarites. And pl Modi bhaktas should not reduce everything to Modi. Hindus did this with Gandhi and ended up losing their lives and bhumi.

          • Observer

            Perhaps the lady had the necessary qualifications to get hired?? We shall have to agree to disagree on what constitutes piffle – this kind of shoot-and-scoot modus operandi is more Abrahamic than Hindu nationalist. And how has Modi sarkar caved in to anyone, when their only involvement was to ask the IITM management for a report? Presumably, they will still get it. Yes, IIITM caved in, so the rot needs to be fixed there. Who at IITM was responsible for leaking the MHRD letter to APSC or the public? And who at IITM is withholding the results of the student survey?

          • Radha Rajan

            I am not scooting anywhere am I ? Have you heard of Krishna Neeti during war? And I always stick to the dictum know your enemy and always, always look at the enemy as a monolith. Look at the components only if fragmenting the enemy is your objective. And you make the mistake of thinking this concerns only the April 14 meeting. IIT M student bodies have a had a recent history of holding anti-Hindu meetings. So having shot of a letter to IIT M, Ministry HRD should have sought a detailed report from the management of all student bodies and the kind of meetings they were holding inside the campus. Surely I dont have to explain all this to you. Even before gathering all information on the issue, HRD went along with the IIT management in lifting the derecognition of APSC. This they did because Seeman and Thol Thirumavalavan had threatened to enter IIT campus and these two are the most violent and disruptive of all dravidian anti-Hindu political parties in TN. So while you find tortuous excuses for Modi sarkar pl know that power is meant to be used to tame anti-Hindu forces whereever they raise their head.

  • daarshanik

    The author is a ch***ya! I personally know some IITM HSS faculty who are “Hindu leaning.” There is a way to denounce APSC and its modus operendi, but this ch***yapanti is typical of brainless Hindu nationalists. They would do well to learn from the West how to handle propaganda.

    • Slasher

      There is no reason to use abusive language. This forum is for debate. If you have a point which I have not seen yet from you, make it. If not go back to to your Dravidian cave and dream your Aryan Invasion theories. What you have done is absolutely unacceptable and I urge the moderators to delete this post and ban the writer.

  • Chella

    Many leftist group within IIT M. To name a few APSC, Chintabar, quest. The current controversy irrupted when Prof Shivakumar (Dean, students) recognized the APSC. The Chintabar doesnt even have recognition but still it conduct programs. IIT M bows down to them. Apart from these independent bodies two more bodies work as leftist forums, colloquium & IIT for society. These body function with institute money. Shame on IIT Madras! In case of IIT Madras, only their volunteers can become core member. Because of this rule, IIT for Society has become ancestral property of leftists. Last year, Prof Shivakumar (dean students) put Aarya Prakash as core for colloquium without calling for applications. The rest of IIT M junta was not given any opportunity to lead this forum. Its pure dictatorship of Prof Shivakumar. IN current controversy he leaked ministries letter. Moreover he was the faculty adviser of APSC. It speak volumes!

  • Chella

    I am studying in IIT Madras. I was happy to see this article. I would like to thank the author for going to the core of the problem. Everybody is busy in APSC fight but madam kudos to you for digging the left menace IITM.

  • Dr. MS

    The arguments from the commentators are funny and contradictory. They have all assumed Hinduism is Capitalism and Corporatism because it is not Leftism or Marxism. Hinduism is not an economic theory. So it is annoying when there is so much pro-Right promotion with a lot of anti Left bashing on a weblog that wants people to become more aware of their Hindu history, Hindu identity and Hindu struggles…even in India where there are supposed to be 800 million HIndus.

    Am I to take it that these comments themselves reveal an India that is totally disconnected from its own history and culture that was fairly clear and evident less than 30 years ago.

    Any university must allow different points of view to be expressed, debated and critiqued intelligently, politely and with facts, data, research and reason. In fact that is the truth about Hindu education and culture…There is not just obedient listening and following. But there are passionate discussions,debates and arguments…that do not cross democratic decency and human courtesy.

    The problem is those who forget where the core of discussion and debates come from…and now want to give credit to Abrahamic religions for the democracy in our schools and universities. What debate is possible in Islamic countries, how far can you go with your disagreements and protests in China and how much of your expression is being recorded by the NSA and other Western govt. So I say to students…enjoy your freedom. your discussions and your open disagreements…but know that it comes from a philosophy and a culture that has encouraged it, fostered and protected it…and respect that Hindu mindset for not just tolerance and co-existence with so many differences…but for the actaul encouragement of debates…

    There are over fifteen words for debate in Sanskrit Here are a few: परिचर्चा ; न्यूनीकरण ; आलोवाद ]वादविवाद ; विप्रलप्त व्युदित

    Over 40 words for Discussion. Here are a few: चर्चाcarc ; वार्तालापv ; अलम् विस्तरेन ; अलम् विवादेन ; विचारणा ; मीमांसा ; कथा ; प्रौढि ; विचारकता ; वाद ; वादविवाद ; विचार ;संवाद ; विगृह्यवाद ; विप्रलाप ; निर्णय ; प्रकरण ; विचारण

    There words in Thamizh விவாதம் , கலந்துரையாடல் ; உணர்ச்சி வாதம்

    So enjoy your discussion and debate in Hindi, Thamizh or Sanskrit…just don’t forget where ti came from…

  • periyar pundamavanu

    sooth-irans may enter IIT, but they cannot pass the 4th year
    I guarantee that
    sooth-irans have brains in their Kundi

    • Slasher

      What a troll!! You have to be ashamed of yourself!

    • अक्षय

      Yours must be non-existent I imagine. Move along troll.

  • periyar pundamavanu

    put the periyar goons in Jail

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  • Anonymous Indian

    Who the fuck is Radha Radhan. Does she also have a live-in companion/wife? And how the fuck does she have the audacity to call herself a political analyst?

  • S M

    The most ridiculous article I have ever read in my life.

    Firstly, for someone who claims to be a political analyst and wants to be taken seriously, it is downright shameful to be making personal attacks against the faculty members baselessly. These faculty members do a lot of actual work instead of just writing provocative articles to get fame. Should you have an issue with the work they do, have the courage to challenge them in a meaningful debate and prove yourself.

    Secondly, by noting down the names and qualifications of all the faculty members, without it contributing in any way to the article, thank you for giving them free advertisement.

    Thirdly, are you really saying that it is only one department that has caused so much damage to society? If you’re saying that engineering and science related streams are “being polluted” by the humanities and social sciences, you are in a way glorifying the sciences, glorifying the West, which you claim is how the department is ruining the society. If you were to take a look at Indian history closely, which you seem to have problematized so well, you’ll find that India has a great tradition of studying sociology, political sciences, history etc., and the greatest of scholars have engaged in and invited debate on these topics through the ages. Yet, if you think we started these debates only because of Western influence and you think Indians are incapable of independent thought, you can device where you really stand.

    Finally, don’t call yourself a political analyst or anything related because you’re not worth it. Maybe do an ad for L’oreal if you really want to be.

    • Slasher

      What the hell is your point? You have not given any facts to counter the facts provided by the writer. Just calling her names wouldn’t do any good here. Go someplace and dream your Dravidian theory fantasies. It won’t work here.

      • Siya S

        The author herself does not have any facts.

        Secondly, I have no idea what you mean by my Dravidian theory fantasies, please don’t make me laugh.

        Finally, my point is that if the author really wished to challenge the ideas being “fostered” in the said department, she should have the courage to publicly and openly challenge those she chooses to slander so shamelessly to an academic debate. This article cannot be said to be an open forum and is just a coward’s way of letting off steam.

    • अक्षय

      Sciences are as Indian as they are Western. The humanities are not. I’m sure you’ll find a White man’s argument far more convincing (given that you don’t seem to have any aptitude at all),

      • Dr. MS

        Noam Chomsky speaks succinctly, eloquently and intelligently, with good analysis supported by facts and logical reasoning…the way he does his linguistic analysis. This article is far from succinct, logical or fact based,

        • अक्षय

          Well, Chomsky has his own biases.

          When it comes to India, he takes the usual line which has been popular in Oriental studies circles for centuries. He also seems to have an odd attraction to Mao.

  • vimal

    It is great efforts to fact before public disregarding blind public see facts or not but some who see shall be dynamic to support good that has been taken ow thanks keep it up for Nation Bharat

  • Sree Charan R

    Something more is there to this whole incident.
    1) Just read an article in a leading Telugu newspaper, about this event,(which otherwise is known for such political articles), blaming Hindus, for the whole event–in a regular communist-secular-“eminent historian”-rational manner–this proves that the matter goes too deep, and too far.
    2) A Mathematician, from Harvard University, expressed “distrust” for this whole incident; and he had(?) “great respect” for Ambedkar.What was he doing when Dr.Swamy was not allowed to speak in Harvard ?

    • Slasher

      He is yet another Tool in the Chrislamist Mafia. As you rightly pointed out Rajiv Malhotra has exposed a lot of these fake theories like Afro Dalit but it doesn’t mean that it is dead. How many people in Modi’s cabinet or in the leadership of BJP have read “Breaking India”? According to Rajiv, none.

      The same Hindu fools who sold us down a river in the last BJP government are still the same: fools without a plan.

      Rajiv and many others have given these idiots so much information that the first year of Modi Sarkar could have been used productively to stomp those forces. But with the entire focus on so called “Sabka Vikas, the Breaking India forces have gotten stronger and more virulent.

      I see the Modi Sarkar as a one term pony.

      Unless Modi governs everyday as if it was the last day of his Sarkar, then we won’t have any gains.

      In 50 years, Hinduism in India will be finished as we will be a minority in at least half the states of the Union. After that, the Chrislamists will go in for the kill through massive violence and atrocities against the Minority Hindus.

  • bhima rao

    Dear Author madam ,
    One more important point u missed to mention is about the one and only – Prof. Binita .V.Thampi, the indisputable GOD MOTHER TO all the leftist students in Humanities dept and to Malayalis from other depts of IIT too, these selected students from kerala are from various Mao leninist fronts of kerala as – SFI, DYFI, RSF – Revolutionary students front,AUSU,SIMI, RSU, ML, CPI- ML, etc . intelligence reports have also come about their MONTHLY MARXIST MEETINGS IN THE DEPT.
    The RED ARMY from Kerala are like the Trojan horses who have entered into IIT – M, – Prof.Binitha Thampi a leftist activist from Kottayam and her popular elder sister Anitha Thampi , who is a very renowned Marxist Poet she presents revolutionary poems in malayalam to the Comrades in kerala in various public events and writes in their CPI_M magazines frequently., The Thampis are Thumping away to glory !!! Trumpets to the Thampi SISTERS Anita and Binita !! kudos to them for their perseverance.

    Ms.Radha, also write an investigative article on the students from kerala who r selected in a planned manner by the humanities dept which is totally controlled by this group so as to create a Base for the future. If so what is their game plan ? Is the RED Army from Nalanda UNIVERSITY moving to IIT – M , is it a reality now. , who are the perpetrators !!!
    May the Home Ministry, IB, investigate … why is the IIT- M Board of Directors SILENT on all this . we just know only the tip of the ice berg , there is lot more to be investigated thoroughly. by the I.B..,
    But the root cause is becoz of the PSEDO SECULARS in IIT like – .Prof. L.S.Ganesh, who fed milk to the snakes and strengthened them. As a former dean – students his damage is unforgivable for causing all this confusion and a harakiri , why cry over the spilt milk now Prof. LSG ??? The future gen. students of IIT- M will not forgive him for all his SINs, May he see the writing- (disaster) on the wall at-least now and may sanity prevail in his chicken headed Brain !!
    .Jai Bhim. Jai Ambedkar.

  • bhima rao

    Dear Author, May i request you to a sequel – 2 to this article as lot
    more details needs to published which the HRD ministry needs to know
    thru your Article and this site , for eg. Did you know the following
    details –

    Another rabidly leftist forum run with institute funds is IIT for Society
    1. 14th Feb 2015 – screening of documentary by Ananda Patwardhan – Father, Son, and Holy War (Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha)
    30th Sept 2014 – IIT for Society and The Colloquium welcome everyone to
    the screening of “India Untouched”, directed by Stalin K followed by
    panel discussion headed by Dr. Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor, MIDS.
    India Untouched-
    3. Plz see the poster “Madani”. The movie
    “fabricated” was in support of terrorist Madani (blore bomb blast). Then
    group discussion happened.
    4. Colloquium arranged many programs on
    LGBT under mask of gender equality. Even though Govt has not yet revoked
    article 377. IIT Madras has started a support & resource group When people asked what
    exactly mean by support & resource, administration keeps quite or
    tries to shut the mouth of the person. Its open provocation to break
    constitutional provisions in this case article 377. It is bad precedent
    for a Govt institute.

  • bhima rao

    Dear Author, May i request you to a sequel – 2 to this article as lot more details needs to published which the HRD ministry needs to know thru your Article and this site , for eg. Did you know the following details –

    Another rabidly leftist forum run with institute funds is IIT for Society
    1. 14th Feb 2015 – screening of documentary by Ananda Patwardhan – Father, Son, and Holy War (Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha)
    2. 30th Sept 2014 – IIT for Society and The Colloquium welcome everyone to the screening of “India Untouched”, directed by Stalin K followed by panel discussion headed by Dr. Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor, MIDS. India Untouched-
    3. Plz see the poster “Madani”. The movie “fabricated” was in support of terrorist Madani (blore bomb blast). Then group discussion happened.
    4. Colloquium arranged many programs on LGBT under mask of gender equality. Even though Govt has not yet revoked article 377. IIT Madras has started a support & resource group When people asked what exactly mean by support & resource, administration keeps quite or tries to shut the mouth of the person. Its open provocation to break constitutional provisions in this case article 377. It is bad precedent for a Govt institute.

  • Dr. MS

    Here is something slightly off the point, but related to the larger issue. India Facts might want to reprint this article, or do its own analysis of the Canadian document that is out now. The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Committee findings present a scathing report of how Aboriginal children of Canada, Inuit, Indians, etc., were systematically deceived, abused and torn from their culture by the Churches and missionaries of the colonialists. and early pioneers and settlers, .The report findings are based on very well done quantitative and qualitative research….including 6,750 interviews. It is hard to reject the findings.

    Read On:

    Canada’s Forced Schooling of Aboriginal Children Was ‘Cultural Genocide,’ Report Finds


    JUNE 2, 2015

    Canada’s former policy of forcibly removing aboriginal children from their families for schooling “can best be described as ‘cultural genocide.’ ”

    That is the conclusion reached by the country’sTruth and Reconciliation Commission after six years of intensive research, including 6,750 interviews. The commission published asummary version on Tuesday of what will ultimately be a multivolume report, documenting widespread physical, cultural and sexual abuse at government-sponsored residential schools that Indian, Inuit and other indigenous children were forced to attend.

    The schools, financed by the government but run largely by churches, were in operation for more than a century, from 1883 until the last one closed in 1998.

    The commission documented that at least 3,201 students died while attending the schools, many because of mistreatment or neglect, in the first comprehensive tally of such deaths.

    The report linked the abuses at the schools, which came to broad public attention over the last four decades, to social, health, economic and emotional problems affecting many indigenous Canadians today. It concluded that although some teachers and administrators at the schools were well intentioned, the overriding motive for the program was economic, not educational.

    “The Canadian government pursued this policy of cultural genocide because it wished to divest itself of its legal and financial obligations to aboriginal people and gain control over their lands and resources,” the report said. “If every aboriginal person had been ‘absorbed into the body politic,’ there would be no reserves, no treaties and no aboriginal rights.”

    The Canadian government apologized to former students in a landmark 2008 court settlement and established the commission to document what had happened and to reconcile Canada’s native and nonnative peoples.

    Read On….

  • rajiv tripathi

    certainly they are vigorous on their agenda but it reminds that we are surely slack and sleepy to our enemy actions.we must take it as wake up call and be proactive for our social responsibilities.their enormous activities need our strong reply by our concerted and visioned moves. thanks to ms radha for her herculean efforts to wake us up.

  • 4thewin

    I read your article with mounting horror and sorrow. We definitely do not need JNU pop-ups sinking other institutes while the original still stands, proud and well-funded.

    I am however, horrified at a lot of the comments below, most of which have nothing to do with the JNUisation of IIT Madras.

    I grew up thinking it was just us dhimmi north Indians, insecure in our culture, language, destroyed iconography and lost frames of reference, who needed a rude awakening. In fact as a north Indian who’s studied, worked and married in the south, I have had more than my fair share of racist, uninformed, stereotypical remarks from colleagues, relatives & regular people but the comments here show a singular lack of proportion.

    But then Indians on the whole are almost the same from metro to mofussil…slavish to foreigners, mercenary to other Indians, mocking all cultures and blaming the govt. for everything.

  • Siddharth Hande

    expressing my sentiment in meme form.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Thank God for Smt. Radha Rajan . For writing such a detailed much needed article.

    Narendra Modi’s BJP ought not to allow this calling it “democracy”. He should take very stern action against them.
    This periyar -dravidian -ambedkar-marxist group is the deadliest TERRORIST group. Their anti Brahmin venom is for real.

    Popular speakers like politically correct suki sivam recently told (in Thuglak) ” Mangalsutra is mentioned in Silappadhikaram…however as a democratic country dk’s cutting of thali / mangalsutra is not to be frowned upon”.

    When we have Kaanchi Paramacharya the AUTHORITY , why do people flock to suki sivams who do selective cherry pickings from Kaanchi Seer mixing in his own wrong faulty inputs ?

    In general I have noticed Muslims do not have any anti Brahmin venom as the dmk , dk , communist evangelical mafia of India have. I hope Modi is perspicacious enough to understand this & act accordingly.

    • IndiannotAmused

      All this is so scary…..maybe the Hindu Nationalist Forces need to come together in much bigger numbers for a change in how politics is conducted in this country.I shudder to think what happens to India if and when the following happen-
      1. BJP loses at the centre.
      2. The current nationalist discourse … called Internet Hindus…….lose steam.
      3. Congress [ British Imperialist fifth column-left back to complete what they started ] -Marxist [ Fifth column of Anyone/ Everyone that wants to destroy India] come back to power.
      Given the number of ILLITERATE peasants we have [ and I apologize for the harsh and politically incorrect statement] the above are not far-fetched.The monsoons are going to fail this year.Combine the Land Acquistion Act at such a juncture and you have potentially thousands of fall-outs when some
      ” poor peasant ” goes and does something stupid.The vultures will then descend to take full political advantage.There is a real possibility of a Congress-Raul Maino- Commi combine coming back in the next Parliament.May the Gods save us.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        It is worthwhile to remember what Smt.Radha Rajan has written ” dravidian ideology furthers church agenda “.

        BJP for all its focus on Ram Temple , Ayodhya & pavlovian anti Pakistan stand is shockingly amnesiac to several stark truths. Pakistan & Muslims ( include CHINA also) did NOT “arrest” Kaanchi Shankaracharya .

        Long along ago so long ago Babur etc came & after that lot more has happened. It is very important we keep our focus on the present. We know what UK & other colonial powers did. However they did have the wisdom to discern what is BEST in Vedas ( I have come to dislike this word Hinduism as it reminds me of ‘hinduism is a way of life’ repeated by several hindu idiots to justify debauchery) & took (or stole) lot of BEST from us.

        What did we hindus do ? Took their kirikettooo (cricket) turning it into our “religion” & deluding ourselves by making one “lagaan” ( a craftily contrived story ) we have achieved something grrrrrreat. Don’t we know Indians are suckers for flattery & everything CHEAP & mediocre.

        Arab countries have ALSO been colonized by the same colonial forces. YET , they have managed NOT to become idiotic characterless suckers like us. In governance Arab Rulers are laudably good. Far far superior to the useless idiots in the guise of indian MPs & MLAs. It is a fact many Hindus themselves felt mighty disappointed when Afzal Guru was thwarted in his mission of bomb blasting away indian parliament members.

        When Sri.Adi Shankara Himself is of no consequence to GODFORSAKEN indians who cares for this indian parliament , ambedkars shambedkars leave alone terrorists like dk evr , communists karats & bardhans.

        Svami Vivekananda says ” We need an ISLAMIC body with a Hindu mind “. Had we heeded this precious counsel would have had the conviction to exterminate all dk , evr , communist terrorists in our midst.

        China offered their help long time back on their OWN volition ” Should you require assistance in eliminating marxists from your country we are EVER READY to do so “.

        Instead like perfectly dangerous idiots we are discussing “border border border”.

        Call Him / Her / IT Ram , Ssiva , Parvathy all Trees & Plants , waterbodies are all MahaVishnu.

        Our precious Flora & Fauna have been vanishing right before our eyes to make way for churches & more churches. And the same idiots are planning how to build smart cities , how to solve water problems , land acquisition blah blah. Tear down the churches , tear down IITs , tear down all abodes of filthiest politicians & film stars , cricketers & we get PLENTY of LAND.

        No Pakistan , no Muslim hit Sri.Ram with chappals in Tamil Nadu.
        It is evr of dk who did so. And till date we have been enduring them all. dmk is but dk. kushboo of congress is evr worshipper. So are many kollywood THUGS.

        Pakistan would SPIT on kushboos. It is congress (rahul gandhi is her fan he confessed to her) , dmk & indians who salivate for her.

        If Monsoons are erratic what is there to wonder & worry ? It has been unambiguously declared in Vedas & Thirukkural ” where Cows & Calves are slaughtered , ill treated the benefits accruing from Vedic Rites & Rituals performed diligently by Vedic Brahmins would be DENIED to the people , the gorement , ambedkarshambedkars included”.

        Any karma / act by itself is INERT. We can only do various acts. Our freedom starts & stops there.

        Consequences are ORDAINED by The Lord.

        For idiotic Indians someone waving a Green Flag belonging to Pakistan becomes hooohaa issue like seeing a “ghost behind every post “.

        Whereas REAL danger from indian scum ( dk evr ambedkar amorphous SCUM) is ‘democracyeeee right to dissent ….blah blah.

        A WISER Ruler would grant Pakistan the right to wave their Green Flag if ONLY they would TOTALLY annihilate the multitudinous terrorists WITHIN.

        Indoooos do NOT have it in them. They treasure kiriketto , torrid movies & mediocrity.

        • IndiannotAmused

          I agree……Muslims and Chinese are far more sure of who they are and where they are going.We Hindus lack political consciousness. Some changes need to be made……

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Always remember the virulently anti Sanskrit scum of Tamil Nadu though eloquent in Tamil are all anti BRAHMINS. They use Tamil language ( Special Kudos to Radha Rajan who has been very perspicacious in discerning this vital fact) to spit venom on Brahmins , Vedas , glorifying annadurais , evrs , excessively dwelling on Silappadhikaram all leading to “tamil FANATICISM”.

            It is the terrorist group called PMK party ( it is NOT in Pakistan / China but in india) that has been cutting & smuggling Red Sandalwood Trees belonging to The Deity in Thirupathy. When a few of the allegedly pooooooor CRIMINALS were shot to death by Andhra Pradesh it is various Tamil Nadu tamil FANATICS who scream ” how dare AP kill tamil speaking people “. The issue is anything but language spoken. Trees & Plants cannot be classified as tamilian telugu. BUT , that is EXACTLY what is taking place before our eyes. This PMK wears the uber sanctimonious anti alcohol , anti tobacco veshti.

            PMK is one BIG ECO terrorist. Its leader is called “மரம் வெட்டி” ramadoss. His son anbumani ramadoss made huge noises of not allowing smoking in indian movies as a central minister in UPA gorement of congress.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            The following ” A State’s wittypedia ” by TR.Jawahar trenchantly sums up tamil nadu .

            It is dmk & dk that introduced unbridled ROWDYISM which is called ” சைக்கிள் செயின் கலாச்சாரம் ” inside all educational institutions including Annamalai University Chidambaram .

            Congress’s indira gandhi an unscrupulous person had no qualms allying with such THUGS infested dmk as she saw real threat in SANE Kamarajar who had seen through her. In West Bengal & Kerala the same communists-marxists selective atheists introduced the SAME ” சைக்கிள் செயின் கலாச்சாரம் ” / ROWDYISM in all educational institutions.

            The wily way of silencing / disabling GOOD people is slapping a title on them.

            Thus Rajaji who minced no words in telling upfront ” you communists are the WORST enemies ” had the title “மூதறிஞர்” slapped on him by dmk THUGS. I read similarly jawaharlal nehru too shrewdly decided to relegate mk.gandhi to a worship worthy status taking inept politics into his incompetent hands. Much before Indian journos decided to take a second look at their chachabathija nehru , Kaanchi Paramacharya categorically declared ” nehru is anti-Vedic…has nothing but CONTEMPT for Vedic Ethos”.

            Rajaji was totally against division of India on linguistic basis warning ” this would lead to tribalism”.

            What else do we see but tribalism & parochailism with too many chief ministers , too many politicians & parties all claiming to “look after & develop various constituencies ” by LOOTING Hindus’ TEMPLES.

            Pakistan & China are NOT looting our Temples. It is indian policy makers & politicians who are GUILTY.

            I cannot fathom why indooooos glorify vajpayees & advanis ? Only NOW decrepit advani says he is

            ” going through few chapters a day in Bhagavad Geetha & finding sssssso muchhhhh peace”.

            vajpayee fell in love with his own hindi & hindi poetry blah blah. People keep repeating one “golden quadrilateral” & ” Lahore bus” in addition to Pokhran blah blah as his sooooooooper achievements.

            That time itself I strongly felt why not hand over ALL Seven Volumes of ” தெய்வத்தின் குரல் ” to

            no nonsense Pervez Musharraf so that he would get a clear grasp over TRUTH & act accordingly.
            vajpayee had one halo manufactured around him as some “plant lover” blah blah. In truth it is

            Pervez Musharraf who is well known for his true interest in Horticulture etc etc.

            When vajpayee won the first time (which lasted for 13 days ) all the Lutyens idiots rushed forward to congratulate him trampling over his “potted plants” thus successfully destroying them. It was said vajpayee said ” mera poudhaey poudhaey ” ( Gosh….my plants my plants….) & this was enough for his sycophants to elevate him to the level of “plant lover” blah blah.

            Pervez Musharraf would have effortlessly ensured autonomy & security of Hindus’ Temples in tandem with eliminating all anti Vedic scum of India.

            Indians are NEVER going to do this. As indians CANNOT survive without their kollybolly SCUM.
            Indians are least interested in Lord Ram. Exceptions prove the rule.

            I request you read this first:-


          • Rajalakshmi J

            Several tamil speaking “widely travelled” ( the seemingly hummmblesimmmple tamil speaking micromanagers of opinions travel very very frequently to America & many European countries , Australia …do not be conned by their simmmmple attire…the indian diaspora is one perennially disgruntled anti American anti Anglo Saxon anti this & anti that suffering from identity crisis. They have plenty of money to invite all these quarter baked fanatics who keep raking up long DEAD history whipping up spite against Host Countries like America etc …most of the indian diaspora are NOT what we presume them to be but kollywood & bollywood besotted CRETINS. During festivals suddenly slap one wig of long plait , wear gharara sharara or Gujarati styled saree , stick one plastic bindi , take out the mangalsutra from their cupboards wearing them around their necks , put some flowers , sing Carnatic songs in a funny accent & learn some traditional dances preening they are the descendants of the greatestest oldestest civilization) பேச்சாளர்கள் who have written some books in Tamil are impertinently talking about how ” East India Company came into India when they found peppercorns in short supply & then colonized india…….how America is doing this & that in Central American countries ONLY because they want to eat bananas growing there …blah blah ” Too outrageous claims are being made to whip up anti American spite among indians who are still unable to get over the DEAD past. The same tamil fanatics are AVOIDING talking about Cow Slaughter , Beef consumption & export by Indians & WITHIN india that is happening TODAY. This is important. Not what East India Company did once upon a time. Forever talking about fishermen fishermen AIYO AIYO fishermen….NOT asking WHY KILL marine Creatures ???

          • Dr. MS

            Ms Rajalakshmi I do not know how many countries in the world you have traveled to or lived in but I have lived in four countries and traveled to over 30. My father has traveled to over 70 countries and my sister to over 45. I find some Indians abroad far more sensible in their understanding of Hinduism than Hindus in India…who either tend to be highly ritualistic and opinionated (without listening or learning anything different) or they tend to be ethnocentric or provincial (not knowing Hinduism beyond their own family traditions and village customs). You might also be seeing the business class or the computer software class which tends to not go beyond Bollywood and Kollywood…but that is a different jaathi and generation below 45.

            My aunt, who is now in her 70s, lived and worked in Canada and the US in a saree and is pukka vegetarian. She is well read and has taught many kids about India (from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu).
            Many Indians in India have only now begun to see India outside their State.

            Some idiots in Tamil Nadu think Singapore shopping and a short Dubai stay is world travel. The educated class in the US are a different breed. Their knowledge about India, not just Tamil Nadu or popular culture, is very high. They can argue better and more intelligently than half the crowd on this weblog.

            Learning requires humility and creativity, not just borrowing from others and than throwing it at others as if you invented it.

            I find half the commentators say exactly what I write or what I share and then pretend like they wrote it. And then they make up stories about countries they have never visited or lived in US is more than New York and California, and the West is more than US, England and Canada. And Australia is not Western ecologically or geographically…though racially, culturally and politically it is. I have lived in Australia too.

            India is more than Tamil Nadu or Tamilians in Dubai and Kuwait. I met a Manipuri Indian Hindu who told me that many Tamilians in Tamil Nadu and outside India assume he is Chinese and forget that his tribe has been part of the Indian sub continent for thousand of years. I learnt a lot about their Devi worship which is unique compared to Tamil Nadu and even Bengal.

            One must travel within India and one must associate with people of other States…and engage them in intelligent conversations with curiosity. Not attack everybody like uncultured indians or Hindus seem to be doing on these websites.

            My own grandmother traveled by barefeet in a 9 yard saree in the 1950s all the way from Tanjore to Kedarnath now in Uttarakhand as part of her Hindu yatra. Amazing woman with an amazing first hand knowledge of India. How many Indians do that? Many don’t even drive their car or scooter in a different route…and they have opinions about Hindus in the US, England or Germany. And many also don’t know how to work with smart Indian women or Hindu women abroad.

            That is why Indian female leadership, and Hindu female leadership, is weak.

          • अक्षय

            Your assessment of the Diaspora is bang on.

        • IndiannotAmused

          Look at this…….. If you like it, discuss it online please.

  • subras3d

    At the out-set ,the report
    by Radha Rajan seems to be a mirror view of the campus of IIT-M . .A thorough investigation by Sociologists
    & Educationalists with no political affliations – in a time bound manner – is the
    need of the hour to sustain IIT-M as a Centre of Excellence ..

  • abhishek purohit

    Thanks very much to you.

  • bhima rao

    Veena vimala Mani of humanities the chief coordinator Marxist of CHINTA BHAR also euphorically and erotically started the kiss of Love as in her native town of Kerala !! The iit Director Bhaskar Rammurthy encouraged it without any action. ,his Procrastination, pretending to be unaware, Ostrich syndrome has brought iit to this state of DOOM !! The entire blame is on the Mgmt for spoiling the tranquility and name of IIT-M. May the HRD ministry Sack them lock stock and barrel ….. .

  • bhima rao

    The Author has also forgotten to Mention the dangerous Mao group in the name of CHINTABHAR headed by
    another keralite Leftist Ms.Veena vimalaMani of Humanities dept. who created a stir in IIt when she screened a FABRICATED DOCUMENTARY eulogising Md. Madhani on the dreaded terrorist leader of kerala who was behind the Coimbatore bomb blasts on 15 th April 2014 .There was a plea to release him in the open forum and a discussion by leftist journalists .The IIT- Management did nothing and were sleeping then too !! wah !! what a state of inertia Mr. LSG !! What you sow , so you reap, God save IIT – M !!!

  • bhima rao

    The Author has not done the homework well, she has not Mentioned the man who laid the foundation for all Leftist, Mao, revolutionary ideas amongst the students in IIT-m , he was the pioneer the one and only DEEPAK JOHNSON , leftist Activist from Kerala who became the student GENERAL SECERETARY in the year 2013-14 when he invited the contoversial – TEESTA SETALVAD the founder of combat communalism for an extra mural lecture, that set the divide and rule policy in IIT-M, later Anand patwardhan was invited and he screened his contoversial film – ram ke nam par, which divided the students further , shocking that the IIT management did not foresee the danger ahead,the technocrats BRAINS were BLINDED by the magnanimity of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION TO ONE AND ALL, NOW THEY ARE PAYING THE DIVIDENDS FOR THE HIMALAYAN BLUNDER !!

    SHAME ON THE THEN DEAN OF STUDENTS Prof. L.S.Ganesh for his suicidal steps to encourage Deepak Johnson. Prof. LSG committed a disastarous HARAKIRI by nurturing the Virus within which has become a FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER now, this has tarnished the illustrious name of IIT- M forever , i think the FACULTY ARE SOLELY TO BE BLAMED FOR THIS SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS m may sanity prevail amongst the illogical, foolish psedo secular technorat Academicia atleast now……!! JAI BHIM , jai bharath !!!

    • Radha Rajan

      I suppose you are a student of IIT. Pl let me make a few things clear. I did not sit down one fine day and decide to do some kind of research on IIT Madras. Four days ago a group of IIT students and alumni came home to meet with me to pour out their deep distress at the durection in which student activism was heading with the full backing of a section of the IIT faculty and with implicit support of the IIT management because the management seemed disin clined to stop any of it. The Maudhani angle for some reason was not conveyed to me. But I am grateful that you have brought this out with your comment. The argticle was intended to expose student and faculty activism in social disruption. IIT is not the place for this kind of anti-Hindu dravidianism or sub-altern history or atrena for destructive freedoms which ignore social responsibilities. Thank you again but pl dont be under the impression that this is some kind of huge research project altho like someone else suggested in this forum India Facts must undertake research in student activism in universities.

      • bhima rao

        old photo of IIT- m students assembly was repeated in Times of india as an agitation in support of APSC ,
        TOI have not only used fake pics to create a fake controversy about the HRD MINISTRY, they even deleted their fraudulent article with
        fraudulent pics from their web pages. But the TOI nuts still don’t know
        that the Internet has an elephant’s memory. This is the crime the TOI committed: –

      • अक्षय

        > IIT is not the place for this kind of anti-Hindu
        Most IITians I know have been distinctly Hinduphobic… You know the kind. Went to a classist speak-only-english elite city schools, and then onto a M.S/PhD in the US (other than the ISCKON folk that is).

    • Chella

      Dear Bhima Rao
      I request you to look at Prof Ganesh’s role with some more light. He was DoST (dean students) when leftist Deepak Mercy Johnson (DJ) was student general secretory, Chella Rajan was head of HSS department and congress at the center. Both DJ & Chella rajan was very aggressive. I feel he did ok job, if not best. It is important to win war & not every battle.

  • nitin

    This is certainly the conspiracy of anti Hindu group present in India and funded by some gulf and western countries. Government must clutch them from the jaw. These days I am much surprise why people like Owaisi using the term Muslim and dalit(term is not exist now a days but it is in the mentality of some people for temporary benefits). Modi government must grip people like him for peace and trust between citizens instead of following the suite of appeasement.

  • bhima rao

    Very good article but the author has not told the real intent behind the mobilising done by the IIT Christian Fellowship (at IIT Madras)where the christian faculty, staff, esp. christians enjoying the reservations in the garb of Dalits actually want to build a church in IIT campus, efforts are on from the days of prof. Kuriakose in 1975. Infact they had posted in their that the two temples inside IIT-M should be removed !! how i wish some ex iitians can throw more light on the ancient temples in IIT- M which i was told by the senior professors in iit that the very land on which iit -m functions today actually belongs to the Temple Land of the nearby Velacherry and Taramani villages. So IIT-madras are the real encroachers,/ intruders in a land belonging to the ancient Temples of IIT-M. Will HRand C dept of TN do the research and collect the necessary Rentals from IIT-M management plz.????

  • bhima rao

    We students of are first of all ashamed for having a forum named after Periyar an Anti Nationalist who wanted a Thani tamilnadu – ie. a separate tamilnadu and he wanted TN to secede from India after Independence and he wanted the Britishers to stay back. whereas Ambedkar was Indias first Law minister and a nationalist to the core.. plz dont equate a god fearing Ambedkar with an Atheist and antinational like Periyar plz., may the IIT-M management change the Name of our forum as Ambedkar Resurgent….


  • Arun Murthy

    Scrap the HSS major courses in IIT’s. That is the solution. Keep minimum HSS faculty only to teach courses relevant to BTech students.

    • Observer

      Best solution I’ve heard in this entire discussion.

    • अक्षय

      Or better yet, scrap HSS and create a Sanskrit department. The geeks at IIT-M will love Panini far more than the dreary pseudo-sciences promulgated by mindless drones.

  • IndiannotAmused

    I request IndiaFacts to do the next piece on the COMPLETELY colonized and virulently anti-Hindu Jadavpur University [ Calcutta] campus.It has traditionally been a Leftist/Marxist den [ like any such den ….there is a veneer of intellectual superiority about the institute……which does NOT stand up to close scrutiny-but that’s another article.] What this campus has done is vitiate the air of Calcutta down the decades. In the recent times, there was the Kissing Movement and the Sanitary Napkin movement where ” Progressive Female Marxists” protested against ” Caste-Ridden, Patriarchal Hindu Society ” by pasting Sanitary Pads, some of them splattered with red-ink , all over the campus and the adjoining communities in the city. When confronted, they lashed out that it is against their “feminist rights “, “human rights” etc. to be challenged.They next plan to have a communal live-in housing -a colony of free-sex of sorts, right in the middle of the city.Just like Tamil Nadu has been wrecked by Dravidian politics, Bengal has been burned by Commie dogs……Mamata’s election has changed little…..Please help Hindutva in Bengal by doing a piece on Jadavpur University.

  • shankar

    Feel so sad….The IIT which I graduated from (in 2004) has degraded so much. Those days Humanities dept was just a skeleton dept to finish our minor course credits.

    Prof. Ananth is a humble and good intentioned person. He would not have thought about the anti-national criminals who control the Humanities narrative throughout the world. As the author mentions, it is clearly a Christian-Sonia-led-campaign which has implanted pests, cancer cells & viruses in all important academic positions. IITM has unfortunately fallen in the trap. Not much an IIT director can do if the Central Govt pressurises.

    I hope Smriti Irani has a set of patriotic advisers who highlight this criminal cancer. She is the only hope now to remove the cancer. I am confident she is capable of this. Even the Left Criminals/ Media know she is capable of this. That is the reason the Media-Attacks on her keeps increasing every day.

    The first thing to do is dissolve/trim the Humanities Dept from all Tech institutes. IITs have no business giving Humanities Degrees. Let that be handled by specific central universities, dedicated to Arts/Humanities/Commerce. Concentrate all the anti-national criminals in a few universities & go for full-fledged quarantine of such hot-spots. Limit the damage to a few institutes. Spare the rest of the population.

    • The really tragic situation is that Humanities and Social Sciences have been completely destoyed by the onslaught of these post colonial anarchists.

      • अक्षय

        Being a pseudo-science does that too.

  • The activities of the Periyar Amedkar Study Circle are motivated by the prevailing intellectual fashion often termed post colonialism. The anarchy from the deconstructionist impulse makes rational political and intellectual discourse impossible. Instead of seeing the intellectual paternity of these socially divisive ideas from a religious point of view, it would be better to discourage post colonial studies altogether at least in government funded Institutes.

  • Jaya

    It looks like since IIT MAdras got Dharmpal to come and lecture on his findings – the western deep state lead this time by germany has got into the act of infiltrating IIT Madras and using the HSS department to set up a counter pole to the spread of the information from Dharmpals findings. So it looks like in Business – the deep state intervention in India is led by UK and US, In academia and evangelism – by Germany and US , in activism – by Norway, Denmark & US ( Ford , rockefleer foudnations & Greenpeace) . It is astounding how UPA 1 & UPA II have pretty much sold India down the river – to all these folks. India and the IITs need to wake up before it is too late!!

    • IndiannotAmused

      Your comment is crisp and comprehensive. IndiaFacts regularly produces excellent articles including this one.Your comment provides the framework of a new article- where EACH of the above axes of INVASION will be exposed and the backers will be called by name. Sad to see how LOW the ” civilized ” West can stoop.I do hope that a massive anti-church ,pro-pagan/whatever anti-church movement rises up in the West and swamps the christian leaches.

      • अक्षय

        I don’t think the “deep states” that the parent talks of is “conscious” in any tangible way.

    • good and helpful insights.

  • Aparna

    This is such an eye opener. While we outrage over so many things…its amazing how the Congress got thru the education system and created the generation of Hindu haters we have today. And its tentacles have spread far and wide – right from elementary education to post-grad! It is the reason we Hindus should financially contribute to sites like this so the right Indic research goes on and whats more gets spread. Imagine many young scholars being funded by India Facts to do research on varios subjecst – it can well alter the course of not just disocurse but correct the incorrect history. Till this happes, we will have the Fords, Fulbrights and other NGOs contributing money and getting their agenda forward through us Indians!

    • vijay c s

      I am afraid the author is wrong on many counts. And is jumping to conclusions on many fronts. I say so because of personal associations with the institute. The association of Vivekananda study circle (mostly extension of Ramakrishna aashrama) with leftist propaganda is ridiculous.

      First of all, does the institute have a christian lobby? YES (mostly converts). Does it have a Marxist group (both student and faculty)? YES. Do they try to influence activities? YES, several times.

      Now, does the institute have a right wing student activities? YES. Are there RSS svayamsevaks in the institute? YES.

      Are there talks and lectures from leftist groups? YES. Are there right wing speakers as well? Absolutely YES (including Rajiv Malhotra, David Frawley, Padma Subrmanium etc ).

      Is the leftist + christian lobby stronger? YES, plus are more organized and articulate.

      The author has taken one instance and generalized it to the entire department. IITM is a educational institution where all kinds of ideologies meet, debate, agree to disagree and move one with their thoughts. It is a rare instance that a group (student / faculty) becomes aggressive as in this case wrt APSC. And hence was rightly banned. And the students are smart enough to understand the difference and are capable of making the right decisions.

      • Radha Rajan

        With one critical difference. The Abrahamic cults are political entities pretending to be religious. They conquer territory, rule nations and peoples not their own and either genocide or subjugate peoples of other faiths. Religious conversion is increasing the armies of Christ and Allah. The RSS does not do any kind of conversion, it is not an army around a cult. It is certainly an idea, an ideology. So pl dont compare apples with oranges or should I say kshatriyas with asuras.

        • jayashreeRAM

          Radha, how come the nationalists are always slow to react? why is this nation in a state of Eclipse even today.
          IF DON”T LEARN FROM HISTORY , WE WILL BE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT THE BLUNDERS AGAIN AND AGAIN. What is the reason for this meek surrender by our Dear – CREAM of India ie IIT students to this systematic Leftists onslaughts, when will they WAKE Up ????

        • vijay c s

          Completely agree. If I say there are members of Bajarand dal and Ram sene also, will that be apples and apples. The tussles happening in IITM are mainly intellectual, and painting them as anything else will be injustice to the many people who are trying to settle matters through debate (on both sides).

          An important point to understand is, IITM’s role is to felicitate all kinds of ideologies and let there be discussions and allow students the freedom to decide for themselves. And knowing a little bit of Abrahamic cults, I dont think they dont stand a chance against dharmic systems. But the question is, are people of dharmic following ready to debate? Or shall we get to settling scores in local (kuru)__kshetras.

          A point which is generally made about why Abrahamic cults were not defeated the instant they tried to set foot here is (inspite of having stalwarts like Sayana – Madhava etc), there texts are undeserving of debate, their flaws are obvious. Today we understand them and their quality, but if they are not contrasted through debate in public, there is no point in that study. IITM tries to provide a stage for that debate.

          Anyways, the statutes of IITM restrict such aggressors; and when violated (as in this case), such org are rightly banned. Its important to stand by dharma and not just our own side.

          • Radha Rajan

            The tussle inside is not simply intellectual; it is ideational. When you try to destroy the idea of something you are actually seeking to destroy the thing itself. Here this Marxist-Missionary driven student body and faculty is destroying the idea of Hindu India.

          • Radha Rajan

            Let me correct this to: The Marxist-Christian-Anarchist faculty of HSS is so terrified of Hindu India that they attack the idea of India.

          • Acharya

            Not India, Brahmnism.

          • vijay c s

            Two points.

            1. The institute banned the organization.
            2. Marxist-Christian-Anarchist faculty is faction of the faculty. The author lists the entire faculty of HSS, i.e. saying the entire department !!

          • Radha Rajan

            Ah no, pl read that segment again. The entire list is presented to show how heavily it is weighted on the side of Christians, JNU.

          • vijay c s


            check out what the students are saying …. like I said they are smart enough to distinguishing what’s what … so let them be.

          • Radha Rajan

            If they were indeed capable of making the distinction then this article would have been unnecessary.

          • Chella

            to take action, one needs courage. At IIT Madras this is what lags

          • अक्षय

            Defeating Abrahamic cults makes no sense. They don’t believe in knowing the truth – you accept whatever is given to you (and play with language and interpretations).

        • Shubhangi Raykar

          Radhaji, Is this Milind Brahme from Fergusson College Pune -JNU- student of German ? If yes then I know the man and his leftist conversion at JNU. The half baked intelligence with inadequate grasp over borrowed idealogy is dangerous and disruptive.

      • jayashreeRAM

        very VERY sorry mr.Vijay , the students are not smart enough to take a
        smart decision in this impressionable age of theirs , they are being
        slow poisoned by the leftists in a sytematic manner as the
        TECHNOCRATS do not have a knowledge of INDIAN HISTORY nor indian
        culture they depend on such lectures . IIT-M is one LAB for the
        experiments of the Leftists, beware and BE AWARE !!!!

        • vijay c s

          Madam, I said / meant students are smart enough to decide as to who is giving a better argument. Not in identifying one sided propaganda. Instead of demonizing leftists for their idiotic ideas, why cant we counter them with the right ideas?

          Like I said, both voices are welcome at IITM, However, leftists are winning mainly because there are simply better organized and more articulate (able to sell properly). Now one can leave the students to measure the quality of the product (which like you said may not be possible) or better options can be provided.

          And Madam, it is a little insulting to hear that IITians are only technocrats and have no interest in subjects of arts and is not studied at an individual level. Please refrain from such generalizations. Humanities is indeed one of the oldest departments in IITM, because students wanted to study those subjects. Now if right wing people from arts background did not get involved in the department, why blame the leftists.

          • kalpak

            She means in the brahminical sense; cultural and intellectual activities are beyond technocrats, they are a lower varna.

        • kalpak

          I know of an IITian who went to jail when he was a student during emergency.
          He is an RSS member.
          Are you claiming he also does not know Indian history?
          And how many technocrats do you really know?
          Or is it because of their higher intellectual level they ask too many questions?
          That they are able to separate history from mythology?

  • Radha Rajan

    This comment was sent to my private email by reader Ravi. “I also suspect a nefarious role played by faux-Dalit feminazi Meena Kandasamy’s mother Dr. W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy (who works in IIT-Madras’s Mathematics department).

    Vasantha Kandasamy is such a Hindu-hater, virulent casteist and Brahminophobe that she arm-twisted and forced her husband (Kandasamy) and made him quit his position as the editor/writer of a RSS Tamil Newspaper (“Vijaya Bharatham”). I heard this from a very senior RSS pracharak.”

      • Dr. MS

        You talk as if Hinduism requires bonded labor of women in a household, with a girl married off at 15 or 18, perpetually feeding the male belly and male ego. If you read Devi Mahatmayee it is pretty amazing on its sexual liberation of women which is not all marriage, motherhood, sacrifice and singlehood and celibacy.

        Hinduism, at least in the north, recognized all kinds of choices in relationships…such as dating before marriage, marriage based on love and not just family arrangement, platonic relationships, romance with or without sex, marriage with or without sex, divorce and/or remarriage. women having more than one husband, women who do not marry at all, and women who dress like men (transgender) or cohabit with women (lesbians)….Hinduism recognized many personalities and inner identities. Only through self awareness and self exploration could one know truly want one is and what one wants and pursue that honestly and with community support, as well as make community contributions.

        Many gay indian men marry just to please their parents, community and for some Hindu rituals that requires a wife. That is hypocritical and unfair to the wife who is being misled. There are women who are not allowed to go out even with their fiance and end up running away with idiots because of excessive control.

        If you read a lot of the literature on atrocities against Hindu widows, against Hindu women who married outside the community and Hindu women who divorce…then you would realize why Hindus have married and bred a lot of idiots. Because smart women are sent out of the community unlike the Jewish community. So don’t assume prudishness and strictness on women, and their well controlled and conservative relationships with men, is the only definition of Hinduism. That is Islamization or Colonization of Hinduism.

        • I have a soft corner for you. You know, some of my best friends are superior wimmin. A good position for men like us to be in ;-0

          On another post, you asked why I am hiding under a non-Hindu name ! And you were disappointed at my position on Aparigraha. Quote. “Then do enjoy your poverty, your insular life, your isolation and the colonialism that keeps coming. I don’t think you believe anything you write…with a name like Contrarian. Why don’t you have an Indian Hindu name.”

          This kind of eccentricity is strange for a superior, accomplished, Single PhD (?) card-carrying academician who has lived abroad, married a white male and left him, and returned to India. I wonder if all the patriarchal “dravida” types have given you such a chip on the shoulder that you agree with Nandita “every man is a potential rapist” Das. While you make subtle and insightful observations regarding Indian society, culture, insecurities etc, you also make appalling generalizations, like weak males, chromosome flaws, mamma’s boys, inferior intellects, etc.

          Just because I link to some positions of other academics or their daughters, does it mean I am a puritanical, patriarchal, outdated Hindu under a hidden name ? I have a liberal position on sexual mores, freedom for women, Tantra, Aghoris, pre-victorian liberalism for sexual preferences, the third gender and so on. That women did not wear blouses, and went about decorating their open breasts with “tattoos” in 5th century B.C. That Gargi defeated Yajnavalkya in a debate. So rest assured regarding that part, I am with you in general. The repression is a gift of Islamic and Victorian rule over Hindus.

          That said, combining various types of victim-hood (Dalit, Woman) to bash “Oppressive Brahminical tyranny” is an old trick of Revolution and Anarchy seekers. Seeing caste angles to promotions and merit-based positions, and thus intimidating the decision-makers is a cheap and despicable tactic. Brahmins-by-birth in offices are terrified of being accused of anti-Dalit bias in Govt. offices. Should these things now spread at places like IIT-M, it will be one more addition to the mediocre, quarrel-filled, more-casteist-than-thou reservation raj and expel-the-pappans movement that TN is infamous for.

          My heart did melt when I saw your painstaking attempt at KannaDa writing in the Masti article. Kudos and thanks. But please stop seeing an MCP under every post, and blah blahing all over the internets. Thought is your fortè. Don’t spill out so many, spoiling the effect.

  • Radha Rajan

    A student sent me this small correction about the Christian missionary caught by the students:”The missionary was caught on 6th Jan 2015. The security officer wrote for trespassing complaint to police. To the best of my knowledge FIR was not filed.Previously also this guy was handled to admin many times but nothing happened.”
    The unfortunate thing in all this is that the Hindu students inside IIT did not confront the Director or the Dean of Students about missionaries having a free run inside the IIT. Their second mistake is in not dragging the missionary directly to the police. Instead they handed him over several times to the security officer. the security officer is an employee of the institution and he will do only what the management asks him to do. So obviously the IIT management did not want to deal sternly with Christian missionaries inside the IIT.

    • Indian

      You cannot drag a missionary for preaching Jesus.. btu if he professes miracles that can be booked under acts where it encourages blind practice.. or even when they tend to be abusive of Hinduism as spreading communal hatred… now a days hte evangelical literature is moving to safe legal grounds to prevent abuse on legal grounds !!!!!

      The firm way is to keep all these away from legal IIT sponsorship and ensure the department is weeded of these polluting minds….else, we have another stupid JNU in our midst in Chennai…

      • Radha Rajan

        Of course you can haul the scum to the police station if he is inside an educational institution or in the vicinity of schools and temples. Point is very few people know it is an offence. They can shout all they want on the streets but even on the streets they cannot preach near temples. Ditto inside schools and colleges..

  • dilip ram

    Very good article. It is all facts. One particular point which needs elaborate discussion is the presence of a number of Malayali students in the humanities section. There are doubts among us student community that whether these students were given question papers of the entrance examination in advance to help them pass the tests. Though we were trying to find out what Sudhir Chella Rajan, aeronautical engineer and material scientist , is doing in the humanities wing, we are yet to find answer. He is not a social or humanities scientist but a Marxist who wants to spread free sex in the campus.

    • Radha Rajan

      One such student from Kerala Akhil Bharatan is spearheading the APSC and the current agaitation against the ban. This Akhil Bharatan hails from Kannur, the heartland of communist terrorists in Kerala. He is also suspected to have either DYFI or SFI links. This man enrolled himself for the five year integrated M.A course seven years ago; which means even two years after he was supposed to have completed his course, he is still inside IIT Madras because he has not written his final semester exams. Students inside IIT tell me he does not attend classes and has therefore made lack of attendance the excuse for not writingn his exam which in turn gives him the excuse to continue to stay in IIT Madras to brew poison and keep the student community in a state of unrest and in the agitation mode. The entire blame for this rests with the IIT management for not evicting him in disgrace and without completing his course.

      • IndiannotAmused

        The sons of anarchy feel that their last frontier within ” mainland ” India …..Central Kerala and Tamil Nadu is going to slip out. Hindutva is a rising tide. With the BRICS bank and the AIIB coming to fruition the staying power of the White Christian West in this fight is now questionable.The outcome is frantic attempts at staying relevant.That day is not far off when Nagaland is going to be the only shop open for the snakes.I sincerely hope the Burmese can douse the Christian terrorist flames in their backyard. We may then have a return to normalcy in Asia.

        • अक्षय

          > Christian terrorist flames in their backyard.

          Unlikely, see,

          I hear the Rohingyas too have links with terrorists in Bangladesh. No idea about the magnitude or extent.

          • IndiannotAmused

            Is it not curious how the two Abrahamic groups almost never get into a fight with each other in South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.They are keeping their Jihad and Crusade in bay till the Heahens or Kaffirs have been dealt with.

          • अक्षय

            True in the sense of propaganda. I think immigrants into Nagaland who don’t appear as locals have been known for being assaulted upon (take for instance the arrested man who was hacked by the mob recently).

            I imagine racism is also part of equation, because the Buddhists in Myanmar haven’t been known for attacking Christians, only the “Indian-looking” Rohingyas. Again, I have no idea about the truth on this affair.

          • IndiannotAmused


  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    Bishop Caldwel’s ‘chelas’ at work. But this stupid Nation never learns from history !! Result : 1000 years of slavery. So its not just the Bourbons who never learnt from history !!

    • अक्षय

      They’d learn from History, if they were fed propaganda.

      तम आसीत्तमसा गूहळमग्रे ।

  • R Nanjappa

    What we now witness in IIT Chennai is not surprising ,. It represents the convergence of two trends.
    1. For over hundred years now, the Dravidian theory (Aryan Invasion) has been promoted vigorously from political platforms. Since 1967, it has become an article of the state’s policy, embedded in its text-books and taught as part of the school curriculum. Since then, only persons with a Dravidian orientation is appointed as teacher at all leves.Thus, for two generations now, students have been exposed to a monoculture of the mind, and it is likely that most students are genuinely unaware of the facts or alternative perspectives.

    2.The system is exam-oriented, and based entirely on prescribed books.Even in the humanities, one cannot use other books. In the class-room discussions too, the stuedent has to conform to what the professors say, and any contrary opinion is likely to elicit the remark that “he will be taken care of”- in their own language, at the time of assessemnt. So, dissenting voice is effectively suppressed. The person expressing such opinion is also subjcted to intense peer pressure and public ridicule. Conforming is the way to survive.

    3.The real effect of this situation is not just pro-Dravidian feelings. It translates into anti- Indian and not just anti-Hindu stance, in the long run, all non-Tamilians (the rest of India) are considered Aryan. The so-called national parties have been blind to this and allied with the dravidian outfits since 1971. They have nursed this poison plant.

    4. There is a well-organised movement in the West, especially in the US to foster, in the name of multi-culturalism, moral relativism, etc,elements which are inimical, or not sympathetic to the national culture. In the US, the academies have become the bastions of leftists, in the name of ‘liberalism’ (which word is always used there in a sense different from its British origins). Harvard, Cornell, Berkeley are prime examples of this. Tammy Bruce has explained the situation in Cornell and Berkeley based on her own experience, in her book “The Death of Right and Wrong” (Crown group, Random House,2003) She has explained how this dispensation is berating Western civilization, denigrating its historical figures like Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and not allowing even historical facts to be read aor revealed in the class. She has also explained how mainline newspapers like the New York Times have become leftist, and do not .provide space for contray opinions, even by way of a reply in op-ed. Thomas Sowell had shown even earlier how the US school system is based on psychological conditiong, and the university system enforces hidden ideological agendas, encouraging anti-intellectual and emotionalised response to situations. (Thomas Sowell: “Inside American Education”, The Free Press.1993.) What is happening in the US comes to us with a time lag!.

    5. Indian universities have never been autonomous or even academically independent. They have only followed the govt line. The Nehru dispensation ensured the take over of all national educational outfits like CBSE. ICHR etc by leftists. And in the last 10 years of UPA rule the situation became worse. Unlike in the US, the non-left elements lack organisation, their own media or academic voices and vehcles. In Tamil Nadu, there was also the infiltration by the Sri-Lankan elements, who were supported by the Church groups. It is the Sri Lankan way of pronouncing Tamil that is accepted as the standard or ideal now!

    6. I have given so much detail to show how deep-rooted is the problem. There are hidden masters and hidden agendas.The HRD minister has her hands full. She should deal with the situation firmly, even if it means closure of that discipline in that institution.

    7. In the long run, alternative curriculum for teaching of social sciences should be drawn up, and implemented , if neccessary through new institutions. Stifling dissent is not advisable in a democracy, and hopefully, truth will see the light of day in our academic institutions.

    • Dr. MS

      Mr. Nanjappa, thank you for your comments. I am curious as to why neighboring States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, which also have a large native population (including tribes, and those who might pass for Dravidian, like Rajnikant and his ancestors), does not have such a problem. I am impressed with Bangalore and Mysore being so diverse, even more than a century ago. Why is Tamil Nadu the exception? It baffles me and embarasses me.

      My father helped a Tamil graduate, in his 20s, get a job in Delhi with good pay recently. This would have given the young man an exposure to other communities, and help him make connections for his future in Delhi. The graduate refused to go. His answer was that he’d rather be close to his Tamil family, Chennai friends and South Indian community. In 21st century one should not expect this from young men and women who should be adventurous, daring and eager for new experiences…at least within India. Tamil psychology does not seem to do that…unless large majority are Tamilians. What is going on?

      Monocultures can develop fast, like dictatorships, but after awhile they begin to stagnate. You raise a good point. Any comparison between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on social psychology? Would love your input.

      Thank you,
      Dr. MS

      • R Nanjappa

        Sir, thank you.
        What we now see in Tamil Nadu is the total absence of a Pan-Indian feeling or perspective, resulting from a century of propaganda, and half a century of false education. This is complicated by factors such as absence of large intermediate castes.

        Tamilians are taught that they are a separate race, that their language is the oldest , unique, and best.. They are taught about the ancient Tamil kingdoms. They are not told that those kings were very much Indian (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist )as in the rest of the country The ancient Tamil kingdoms were conquered by the Kalabhras who ruled from the 3rd to 7th century AD, when they were defeated by Pallavas,Pandyas and Chalukyas. The pure Tamil origin of Pallavas is also suspect. The Tamil writers heap hatred on the Kalabhras as the ones who ended the Tamil high-times.(Kalabhras are associated with Karnataka!). Besides, they are not told that the last of those ‘pure’ Tamil kindoms-Pandyas-disappeared in the 15th century due to Muslim invasion. They are not told that subsequently, they were part of Vijayanagar empire which rescued them and protected the people from further Muslim onslaught. After the fall of Vijaynagar, it was the Marathas who protected them. They are not told this, either. Both Vijaynagar rulers and Marathas are treated as foreigners.

        In the course of Indian history, we find kingdoms being conquered by other kings and forming part of a larger empire. The Tamil land too was subject to such changes, even as Tamil kings like Cholas and Pandyas had conquerd other parts of India or Asia.. But Tamilians are taught to view such conquests as conquests by ‘outsiders’-euphemism for foreigners.. The net result is that they are still thinking of the glorified ancient Tamil kingdoms, and are not aware of the history of the middle ages. This leads to a peculiar chauvinism- sense of one’s own superiority, and conempt for the others. They simply cannot take history as something which happened. They look upon the rest of India as conquerors, and themselves as the victims.

        One important element in the story is that Tamils are taught that they are not Hindus and that they had a different religion.This is patently false, as can be proved on the basis of ancient Tamil literature itself, which is quite extensive. But when political commentary weighs, who cares to read the original sources? It is difficult in present day Tamil Nadu to even mention such subjects openly.

        This combination of denial of Hindu connection and absence of pan-Indian feeling is what accounts for the present situation in Tamil Nadu. This flourishes with the full support of the State. it is as if they are following a sub-constitution of their own!

        The other factor is the absence of large intermediate castes. In Andhra we have the Reddys and Naidus and others who are educated, cultured and basically religious. In Karnataka too, we have the Lingayats and Gowdas and others who are cultured and religious. They have all taken to modern education, but have not given up their religious affinities or affection. This is totally absent in Tamil Nadu. There are of course castes like Pillais, Mudaliars, Chettiars , Devars, Nadars, etc who are quite cultured and religious in private,but they would not come out openly as Hindus.And their numbers are small. Even the Tamil Saiva mutts identify themselves more with the Tamilian element than with the orthodox Hindu elements- even though the basic books and the mantras they use for initiation are all in Sanskrit or Sanskritised Tamil. (Some of them go to the extent of claiming a pure Tamil or non-Sanskritic origin for Saivism- even though the very word Saiva-like Dravida- is Sanskrit!) This makes it appear as if Hinduism is the exclusive preserve of the Brahmins. And since they do not accept Brahmins as Tamils, their religion too is alien, an import or imposition.. I actually experienced these changes take place in my highschool days in the 50s. It has now grown into a huge tree.

        I am rather like the youngster whom your father helped to get a job. I too left my small town in Tamil Nadu in my twenties , to take up a job in Delhi. That was fifty years ago! I have since been in 6 states.I know what a civilising and mind-expanding experience it is to mix with others and see ‘duniya ka raunaq’! What I observe in Tamil Nadu on my occasional visits now sickens me. Poor Tamil boys! How can they ever realise what they are missing!

        • अक्षय

          Wow. I completely agree. History is completely white-washed in our country. I for one had never heard of the Sultans of Madurai or for that matter Malik Kafur, in my school days.

          What makes me sad though is that the Dravidian supremacy movement led to twisting the language and ridding itself of the saner Grantha script.

          • R Nanjappa

            Six Grantha letters representing the Sanskrit sounds j, sh, sha, ksha, ha and Sri which were being taught as part of the Tamil alphabet were retained by the govt in its reforms in 1978. They are still used by the people at large. However, in govt. and educational cirlcles, their use is discouraged. If one uses the letter for J sound, and not ‘cha’ in Tamil in the school, it may cost the student a mark! Certainly the govt does not use H especially in the beginning of a word: Hosur is always written as “Osur”. Ksha is split and written as ‘k’+sha. One finds all sorts of funny usage on the Net.

            The regular Grantha script was used only for serious, religious literature. Eg. Vedic pundits used such books. But their use is now very rare. It is difficult to find scholars who can read Grantha now. My maternal great-grandfather had written a commentary on Lalita Sahasranama in Grantha. It was given to Sringeri Mutt more than 50 years ago, since none in the family could read it. But they too found it difficult to get it translated into Sanskrit! About 5 years ago, the translation came out. That is how difficult Grantha is getting!

            But the real effect of these politics-backed reforms is the subtle way in which the public discourse is distorted. For instance, translating from Sanskrit into English can be done straight away: Veda is just Veda. But in Tamil Nadu it is different: the word is first written in Tamil Script as VETHA since Tamil lacks a letter for ‘d’. Then it is rendered in English as Vetha. The orthodox circles are so spineless, they just follow the example, for the sake of political correctness.. What can you say when an orthodox magazine called Vaidikasri in Sanskrit is written in English as ‘Vaithikasri”?

            Another problem is the religious usage. Invitations for religious functions used to begin with the words “Swasti Sri”.. Now, even orthodox circles use the local equivalent: ‘in the auspicious running year’ etc. Giripradaksina has become Girivalam. The basic sense is the same, but the word ‘pradakshina’ has more profound meanings- every akshara in it is significant, which is not conveyed in the Tamil word ‘valam’. There are hundreds of examples. it is so painful now to read the current Tamil translations of our sacred books like the Ramayana- even the one published by the Gita Press. The irony is, even foreign scholars are using the original Sanskrit words in many cases as they are not translatable or the translations do dot convey the exact meanings, but our own elements are rendering them in ‘secular’ Tamil, even while the original is quite familiar! I think it was poet Bharati who said somewhere: ‘When a ghost. rules, Sastras will eat corpses. ( Pei arasaandaal pinam tinnum saattirangal!)

          • अक्षय

            Stupidity knows no bounds. The funny thing is that the same Dravidian supremacist will own up Tamil Brahmi, and disown Grantha in the same breath. Grantha being a direct descendant of Tamil Brahmi, makes this very ironic (and sad) for onlookers like myself.

            I don’t think the orthodoxy enjoys the influx of a lot of smart kids these days, in order to develop a spine. Our Govt. too has a distinct anti-Hindu bias, unlike the West where it is distinctly pro-Christianity. Colonization is very pernicious this way. This also reflects why people like Rajiv Malhotra feel that it is the Orthodoxy which has let Hinduism down, by being keeping itself to parochial and outdated affairs.

            The last quote is very true.

          • Rajalakshmi J

            Totally agree with you. Thanks for explaining so well.

          • Senthil Kumar

            If you dont like pure Tamil, go **** with the dead Sanskrit…

          • R Nanjappa

            Thank you, brother for your enthusiasm for “pure Tamil”. But why can’t you express your disagreement in more agreeable language?
            And, if you want “pure Tamil”, please begin with yourself,first. Change your name first! “Kumar” in your name is not pure Tamil in the first place! Please find out where it has come from!

          • Senthil Kumar

            It’s Senthil Kumaran, for modernisation named as SenthilKumar. Also, for just naming, it doesn’t mean we should follow you… You story is one sided story, and I don’t want to fight here…

          • kyzylkumkohlrabi

            Lol, still not quite de-Sanskritized there buddy. The very root of the name Kumar/Kumaran/Kumara/various other variations is from the catch-all Sanskrit word for “prince/child/groom/son”. Seriously, try speaking Tamil without inserting a few Sanskrit words here and there. Also, you might want to take note that the culture and language that the Cholas (and their predecessors) and the various Tamil traders (such as the Five Hundred Lords of Ayyavolu) spread to Southeast Asia was a Sanskritic one, not a Tamil one — hence the vast amounts of Sanskrit loanwords in various SE Asian languages like Javanese, Thai, Khmer, etc. Dravidianists such as yourself are often high on emotion and low on facts. Shame.

          • अक्षय

            Facts are inimical to the brain virus.

          • Bitthal Sarangi


          • km80

            You won’t hear about the rich history in the South because the Central government only focuses the narrative on the Mughals, Rajputs and Marathas. Pick up any history book from the CBSE board and you wont find more than 300 words dedicated to empires from the south.

          • अक्षय

            Indeed. Hindi chauvinism, and this bias in History, should also be seen as being part of the Aryan-invasion fantasies.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Even the Maratha history is covered in half a page whereas Tipu is given one and a half page.

        • Dr. MS

          Thank you for your detailed information. Oh, by the way I am a woman.

          Best wishes,

        • km80

          India is a foreign concept brought forward by the British. You make it sound that one homogeneous country called India existed prior to the British invasion. A majority of the Indian Tamil citizens have a problem with the government at the center favoring one of the regional languages, Hindi, over others and then imposing it through various measures through central government jobs etc. History textbooks published by CBSE barely make any references to any kings in the south focusing most of the narrative on the Mughals, Marathas and the Rajputs. If Hinduism is facing a backlash in TN for the last 2 decades it is because of the segregation tactics the caste system brought in to its society. It was through the efforts of people like Periyar that allowed the upliftment of people from backward castes.

          • Radha Rajan

            History books are distorted not because of any North South bias but because Marxists controlled academia and the teaching of History. And pl explain segregation. Do you mean untouchability or something else. Your are verbally spewing the conditioning imposed on your mind by dravidian education. Links have been provided two other articles here which deals with the vital issue of academia as battleground. And jaati varna and kula vyavastha played a very important part as ordering and organizing factors of society

          • km80

            As a student of the CBSE system, I have always wondered as to why the GOI takes tax payer money from ALL of India but then selectively promotes only Hindi as the mandatory first/second language in ALL of its schools (Kendra Vidyalayas) across India? Also, your hypothesis that Marxist influence in the education system is the reason for less importance to Southern kingdoms is a stretch. I can see how they would like to emphasize the impact of nehru gandhi dynasty on history but be it a Congress or a BJP government – Southern kingdoms, southern languages have not been given their due in the education system. May be there lies the answer to ‘academia as a battleground’

          • Kara Mirch

            The reality is that majority of India’s population lies in the Hindi speaking north and by virtue of higher representation in the Parliament they ride roughshod over the rest of the country. This is demonstrated by the government directives to learn Hindi for government jobs, propagation of Hindi via Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools, expunging from history the achievements of southerners in freedom movement, little or no reference to the ancient kingdoms of the south in history text books, no support to internationally promote southern art like Carnatic music or dance forms, limited allocation of Central funds to the south etc. The north-east faces identical problems which has contributed to the insurgency for over three decades. Personally, I have no problem learning any language as it is always an asset to know more languages. However, the continued ignorance and absence of inclusion or sensitivity of the northerners to the south (and east) is the reason why movements like the DK continue their stranglehold in Tamilnadu and many tribal groups in the north east.

            Hopefully Modi & BJP will learn from the parochial mistakes of the Congress and promote a more inclusive national developmental agenda.

          • अक्षय

            I think it is also biased by the fact that the Marxists at the helm were proud of their Mughal ancestry (seemingly).

          • Radha Rajan

            And just how skewed your perspective is of Tamil history, have you heard of Ramanuja?

          • R Nanjappa

            So many points are raised here, answering which will divert the focus. Even so, a brief reply:
            1. India is not an Indian name, but the country has been one.since time immemorial..The basis of a country need not be political unity alone. The concept of nation state is fairly modern even in Europe. For that matter, even ancient Tamil Nadu was not ONE country though speaking the same language. It was “Tami koorum nal ulagam” divided into three countries or kingdoms, always at war with each other.. But there were so many smaller kingdoms within that! Parambu Nadu of Paari was one, and to kill him out of jealousy, all the three main kings marched together! And for what atrocities one Tamil king did to another, please read ‘Pattinappalai.” I can give so many references but will just mention four.: i. Fundamental Unity of India by Radha Kumud MUkherjee ii. India by Diana Eck. iii. Our own Purananooru. iv. Renaissance in India by Sri Aurobindo.

            2. The Constitution of India has imposed Hindi Imperialism on all non-Hindi speaking people, not just on Tamilians. All non-Hindi speaking people of India have become second-class citizens by this one measure. But what sensible, constructive steps have the Tamil leaders taken to counter this, except raising occasional slogans? Have they mobilised support from other states?In the 60s, scholars like Suniti Kumar Chatterjee spoke about it. Who speaks with a scholarly voice now? All leaders are making their children learn Hindi quietly.

            3. Indian thought has never encouraged lifeless uniformity (or homogeneity) in any sphere. This can be seen in our philosophies,theologies, arts and sciences and other areas. Though our temples are based on Vastu, see the variety in them! Even Tamil is not spoken in a homogenous manner all over Tamil Nadu, even today! India has been one, but never homogenous. In culture as in agrculture, it is variety which imparts real strength and sustainability. Homogeniety is the darling of little or dictatorial minds.

            4. The teaching of history has been distorted through govt channels, as it was controlled by the leftists. They wanted to denigrate indigeous rulers of India and exalt the invaders.;their text books reflect this, as if the history of invaders would become the history of the people!. CBSE and ICHR became tools or dolls in their hands, For real history of India, please read the multi volume history edited by Dr. R.C. Majumdar. or for a recent sampler, please see:”A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India” by Upinder Singh.

            5. The Rajputs and Marathas will always command a special place as they controlled large parts of India at one time- which Tamil Nadu did not do!. Please see relevant maps. And they fought the invaders head on, which the Tamils did not do! That is no reason to deny the greatness of Tamil kingdoms and their magnificent achievements, but we should not miss the sense of proportion.

            6. The last portion of your comments contains pure political stuff. The so called backlash against Hinduism is not just two decades old. It is a century old. The reaction against Brahmins is also not recent. But to repeat those old stories will just show we have not seen or learnt anything further. If the so called backlash was real, why did Dravidian leaders share power with BJP at the centre? Why did they align with Indira Gandhi who was from a Brahmin family? Those who are interested in understanding real history should read original sources, and not follow platform oratory or propaganda. material. For a starter, there was a small booklet written by the Tamil journalist “Adiyar” before the 1982 elections, titled ” I Argue for Brahmins” (Bahmnanargalukkkaaga naan vaadaadugiren). Please read that if you can..You don’t have to agree, but we will know there is another side to the story.

            7. Please read all Sangam literature in original It will show that Brahmins and the caste system have been there at all times even in Tamil Nadu. To agree or not is your prerogative.

          • अक्षय

            “Homogeniety is the darling of little or dictatorial minds.”
            And this is precisely why Christianity and Islam are so destructive.

          • Indian First

            Sir, it will be great if people like you put up your comments as a blog so that even more people will benefit.. If you already have one, please let us know..

          • R Nanjappa

            Thanks for the kind words. I do not generally respond to items on the Net because 1.In the name of moderation,promoters cut out vital facts, not pleasant for them. 2. It leads to endless arguments and people resort to bad language or even abuse.But in this instance i thought some facts had to be pointed out.
            I do have a blog where i share some thoughts on poetry, literature, philosophy, comparative religion, cultural and social matters.I used to discuss with friends and on their urging, started writing the blogs recently. It is not professionally done, nor structured properly- just a loose sally, of the form of long mail, may be! If you like, you may have a look at:
   (Native Charm)
   (Literature: Light and Delight)
   (A Wide Canvas)
            Among others, i have covered the philosophical aspects of Tyagaraja kritis, the place of Brahmins in ancient Tamil Nad as revealed in the Sangam Literature (mainly Purananooru for the time being),some select poems of the major English poets, aspects of ancient Greek philosophy, aspects of our social and cultural history etc. . I avoid current controversies.
            Thanks again for the kind words.

          • Indian First

            Thanks a lot sir.. Will have a look at them.. Please continue putting your thoughts in the blogs because the Internet is a great levelling field and the world is desperately in need of an alternate narrative than the current marxist-leftwing-chrsitian one which is a propaganda and not actual truth..

          • R Nanjappa

            Yes, I too feel the need to do so but feel weak and helpless.
            Whatever is happening now in India is but an almost exact repeition of what has been happening in the US in the last 4 decades: leftists (calling themselves liberals) capturing the academies and the press and the media, govt. supporting the deviants and ethnic minorities in the name of multiculturalism, condemning the traditional civilization and culture, neglecting studies of the classics, neglecting study of history, and giving loaded new interpretations, the Supreme Court interpreting the Constitution so as to undermine the original framework ( what we would call the ‘basic structure”), politicians and media creating a feeling that it is backward to be religious, etc. As noted by Stephen Carter:
            “too many journalists,too many scholars,too many politicians, indulge the habit of making offhand remarks that treat deep religious convictions as presumptively irrational”; ” in the public square, religion is too often trivialized, treated as an unimportant facet of human personality,one easily discarded”;” Justices have strayed from the true protecton of religious freedom” etc (Stephen L.Carter: The Cullture of Disbelief, Anchor-Doubleday, 1994)
            In India we have the additonal problem: while in the US, the Christians, especially the more orthodox ones like the Roman Catholics, with all the scandlas involving their clergy, are running for dear life, in India they have joined the anti-Hindu forces! (The Muslims are surprisingly treated with great deference in the States, especially by Obama and the academies and the media) But in the US, the conservative or neoconservative lobby is also very strong and they have their organisations to stand up and fight. We lack this in India, We share so many things on the internet: but there is not a single university in India where the real history can be taught! There is not a single professional academic journal where our case is presented in acceptable academic jargon- we still have to use Victorian English! Rajiv Malhotra and Vamsi Juluri are the two exceptions we see.but we need a more permanent, visible structure!

          • अक्षय

            “India” has a civilizational unity even if it were not one country. Yes, the Hindi chauvinism is a blatantly stupid & oh-so-Delhi thing to do, but I don’t think the Govt. is Indian in anyway other than being a parasite. The rulers before have as far as I can tell, never bothered to impose their language on the citizens; the linguistic diversity has seen great decrease post-independence. The only language which had cultural significance to all of us is Sanskrit.

            You do realize that Periyar didn’t actually care too much for the Dalits right ? See the other Swarajya article. I don’t think TN has done much for the upliftment of people other than allowing Christian evangelicals to have a free reign. I don’t also believe that “Caste” System is inherent to Hinduism; social problems are caused by a heady mix of poverty, culture and lack-of education.

          • VeVePe

            But the Periyar goons are responsible for the maximum atrocities on Dalits. They are using hatred of impoverished traditional Brahmins as a cover for grabbing power and oppressing others.

          • I accept that the north India specially the dhimmi states who were ruled directly and invaded for several centuries have turned into dhimmi states and also there is nehru the socialist who was more white than white was exploited by the british using a honey pot thereby subverting the integrity of India. He gave a free hand to communisits to write their version of history blaming Indians for every misdeed and white washing the crimes of invaders.
            even today the dhimmis are living in denial unable to accept a Hindutva Nationalist muslim killer Modi as their PM .

          • अक्षय

            The idiot also led our Dharmic cousins in Tibet to slaughter.

          • Yes it is the nehru Tibet-Korean blunder.

          • Dr. MS

            The history books of Tamil Nadu meant for Tamilians themselves makes selective references or skewed references to the ancient South Indian kings: including the Chozha dynasty or the Pandyas or the Pallavas. So…this is not a CBSE problem, it is all over India problem…including in Thamizh Nadu. DMK has skewed the history of many kings, like the Maratha king who ruled Thanjavur and Andhra kings who ruled quite a bit of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, and Cherra kings of Kerala who also ruled parts of Tamil Nadu, by giving a lot of attention to the DMK version of history.

          • km80

            So why just focus all the attention on Tamil nadu? Fix the government policies at the Center- be it BJP or Congress, where all the states, cultures and religions are equally represented in textbooks/education, government jobs etc.When you do that, you pull out the fangs of the thugs in DMK to use language as a medium to isolate a section of the population. My question is Why use tax payer money to selectively promote Hindi? What you have described above about DMK politics is what the BJP or the Congress have been doing on a national scale

          • अक्षय

            The reason it’ll be skewed is because it is *one* syllabus for an entire country. What do you want them to do, move the CBSE board to TN ? Abolishing it on the other hand might be a good idea.

          • Bitthal Sarangi

            India is a foreign concept??? Please voluntarily kick yourself to get awakened and know your country first and it’s history.
            Oh sorry , you mean “India” is a foreign concept as the nomenclature derived from West. Do you even have problem with “Bharat” or “Bharatvarsha” ???

          • km80

            If your comprehension is weak, shouldn’t that be the problem of your parents’?

        • Amak4u

          What has fat Jaya been doing?

          • अक्षय

            Looting people with her right hand woman ?

      • km80

        “I am impressed with Bangalore and Mysore being so diverse, even more than a century ago.”
        Why does this diversity topic come up ONLY when it is related to South indian states? Do you hold the same standards of diversity when you look at UP, MP, Bihar, Gujarat or Punjab? I genuinely ask this question because just as South Indians recognize themselves as Dravidians so do people in the North as Aryans when it comes to race. So Just curious

        • अक्षय

          Mumbai too is very diverse, but I don’t think the Govt. in any state does much to help diversity flourish in the cities. They impose languages, which leads everyone uniformly to drift towards English or Hindi.

          Not a single soul cares for diversity in the Govt, as far as I can tell.

          > South Indians recognize themselves as Dravidians
          Speak for yourself. TN’s supremacy theories are not South India’s. The baloney of the Aryan-Dravidian struggle has shown little evidence.

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Was it ever based on historical evidence? It was a myth labelled as history and seems to be a fraud which was responsible for rapid spread of Christianity just the as the myth of St Thomas’s visit to Tamilnadu.

          • अक्षय

            They seem to rely on linguistic “evidence”, which are “soft” for they rely on migrational theories which can’t be proved scientifically.

            On the other hand, I gather that the scientific evidence distinctly points against any such Invasions. The sophists-in-charge have therefore tweaked it in ever-so-subtle ways to keep the status quo fixed.

            Judging by the stupidity of the fools running Indology departments in the US, I’m very much inclined to believe any such theory is baloney. I’m also very wary of believing the so-called “science” of philology.

          • Dr. MS

            Thank you Aadhya. I am shocked how little multilinguilism is fostered in India. In Europe, at least in Western Europe, most kids learn at least four to six languages., My brother in law, who is Dutch, knows Dutch, German, French, Italian and English…though his fluency is high only in three of these languages. But he can get by very well in countries where these languages are the native tongue, and are exclusively spoken. In India I only find a few Tamilians and few Hindi speaking people who know several Indian languages…like Mr. Najappa (a Kannadiga who speaks fluent Thamizh and few other languages).

            How do we create unity in diversity while making sure that all students are fluent in at least four or five languages (two north and two south and one foreign)? Otherwise we have students who are not good in any language. Come to Chennai. It is appalling what passes for communication. Many of them are illiterate in all languages.

        • VeVePe

          The term “Arya” does not refer to race at all.

        • 4thewin

          I have never ever heard/ heard of any north Indian, myself included, use the term Aryan to refer to themselves, particularly as a racial denomination.

        • Observer

          As a non-Tamil South Indian (and very proud of my South Indian (non-Tamil) identity), I state for the record that neither I nor any of my very large extended group of family and friends have ever considered ourselves as Dravidian. We identify as Indian, with a state/lingusitic identity. The Tamils are welcome to keep that Dravidian phooey all to themselves. The rest of us have functioning brains, thank you very much. And our hearts have not been eaten up by hate either.

          • km80

            Well, I wouldn’t call it Hate. More ‘acutely aware’ vs ‘blatantly ignorant’. Your call.

        • Dr. MS

          I mentioned Karnataka only because it is another State in the South that also has many so-called Dravidians…and yet it has never asked for secession like Tamil Nadu and its Dravida ethnocentric politics. Nobody denies the fact that UP and Bihar are messed up, and it is directly due to centuries of acute and violent battery from invaders and occupiers from the Northwest. I do not consider people in the North as Aryans. These terms are not used anymore professionally by geneticists, or anthropologists or historians. They refer to South Indian gene and North Indian gene…lot of which is mixed. The only pure Dravidians., who might have directly come from Africa, and did not mix with any tribes across India are probably those in Nicobar and Andaman Islands. Tamil itself is not the native language of many tribes that existed in what is now Tamil Nadu more than 50,000 years ago. They have been culturally erased by Tamil hegemony and DMK politics. Karuna Nidhi has a lot of explaining to do for his cultural genocide of non-Tamil tribal languages in the areas now considered Tamil Nadu.

          • km80

            There is no denying UP, Bihar are messed up. You used the word ‘diverse’ in your original post. And my question to you is why compare Tamil Nadu to karnataka for diversity? Why not compare it to UP, Bihar, MP and tell me how welcoming they are to a language outside of Hindi? If you expect the northern states to hold on their culture/language, what is wrong with TN holding on to it’s?

          • अक्षय

            I’d be *very* surprised if Mahabharatha was a recounting of events from 3 million years ago.

          • Dr. MS

            Hanuman is not in Mahabharatha?

          • अक्षय

            Yes, but I’d be very disinclined to believe that historical accounts going back 3 million years (a point in time when Homo sapiens were not around), can be sustained in our collective memories.

            Yes, there seems to be geological evidence Ram-sethu being man made (and this is what I believe too), but surely it couldn’t have survived 3 million years.

            Prof. Kapil Kapoor seems to believe that “Vanar” is derived from “vana-nar”.

          • Dr. MS

            What gives you the idea that it is “only” 3 million years ago? Home erectus might have been around for 3 million years, but it evolved, and it was around, as per current records, as early as 100,000 years. There is now a theory that says Homo Sapiens might have interacted with Neandrathals, and might have even married into them, In the same way Homo Erectus of South Asia might have co-existed with Homo Sapiens in certain regions. And Homo Erectus, like Homo Sapiens, are a diverse tribe and clan. They were not all from the same monkey family in one part of Africa. They are diverse, and some became extinct, some co-existed with other clans and inter-married, and some lived even after homo sapiens appeared. Rama was one of few who met and interacted with a homo erectus (Hanuman), that was a tribe more evolved than many of the same clan, and could have later become extinct or evolved.

          • अक्षय

            I understand what the Archaelogy is saying. However, there is no evidence for a civilization having existed before 10000 B.C.

            The Toba event couldn’t have erased all signs of it. Rama-sethu couldn’t possibly have survived 3 million years.

          • अक्षय

            Kannadigas don’t believe in the dravidian supremacy theory. Southern Karnataka, had the great fortune of being under one of the most progressive kingdoms in Asia (and they were Hindu!), so perhaps, they aren’t as baked in animosity as the erstwhile British run Madras province.

    • IndiannotAmused

      Indian institutions……ESPECIALLY the IITs are products of Nehruvian socialism.Everything from the Cram-School oriented entry system,to syllabus setting, to recruitment of Professors, to how the exams are exercises in Mugging…..reek of incompetence.The outcome is a family of White Elephants borne by taxpayer money that-
      do not contribute to the nation, suck out resources, stifle other institutions, LAG BEHIND OTHER MUCH YOUNGER INSTITUTIONS IN FELLOW ASIAN COUNTRIES. The entire Higher-Ed landscape in India has been warped and corrupted to the point that an observer might wonder if it was all self-inflicted and random……[ don’t want to be paranoid, but given the circumstances…….]. A drastic rejig of the ENTIRE higher-ed system in India is OVERDUE.I liked your comment and extended some of mine.Please contradict or refute me if I sounded too harsh.

      • अक्षय

        Hmm, well universities (incl. US ones) are more or less that way, when it comes “education”.

        The rankings are usually idealogically driven and also by the fact the IITs don’t seem to publish as many papers (which isn’t the same thing as saying they’re bad research-wise).

        I’d not put much weight behind them.

        That said, I think IITians learn a lot more from their friends and by doing research, rather than in classes.

        • IndiannotAmused

          I do agree that all is not well in the rest of the world.But I still believe Indian Higher-Ed is lagging …..again this is a direct fallout of Marxist orientation…..yes even outside the humanities the Marxists are capable of wreaking havoc.I hope a future article exposes how the STEM fields have been choked by Marxist-Socialist activities ,in the State Universities, Central Institutions, Governing Bodies like the CSIR, DST,ICAR,ICMR etc.There are reliable reports about attempted Commie penetration into the ISRO,BARC,NIO and other such strategic institutions.Thank our Hindu Gods that till now that has been averted.
          I guess the only fields that escaped their attention were IT and Management.The growth of both is driven through private-enterprise oriented planning…..maybe that is why the ” all-knowing ” ,”all-seeing” Commie Gurus gave them a miss.But then, maybe we are drifting off the main thrust of this article.Thanks for your response though.Wish we have a future article on the state of Higher-Ed in India and what to do about it.

          • अक्षय

            Research-wise yes. Undergrad-education wise, not in the IITs (they do have bad teachers… but they exist everywhere). Otherwise, everything is very sub-standard in education. Indeed, they’ve actually fallen much lower than pre-independence – Indians know how to ruin things much better than the Brits.

            Good thing that Bhabha made sure to have ISRO headquartered in B’lore rather than “cultured” Delhi.

          • IndiannotAmused

            You nailed it in the last sentence…….as a nationalist it feels awkward to say that……but that is the truth…..but I do believe a handful of nationalist Indians can change things for the better if and when the current Commie dogs are kicked out. All wishful thinking at this point.

          • IndiannotAmused

            Strange ….even in the State Universities the Undergrad is intact…..are they preparing Indian minds properly in that phase … in Science,be in Engineering,be in Maths [ or even the HSS] ……only so that these minds can be harvested to empower the Western economies in the next stage? This sounds far-fetched even to me…..but I guess if they could try to install a parallel Sankar Mutt in India , they can try anything.Hope I am mistaken though.

      • Dr. MS

        Yes, this subject is so painful for me that after reading comments like yours i get depressed and a feeling of hopelessness about India’s future sets in. I came from an era when at least some of India’s educational institutions, including in the social sciences, like TISS, JNU, Delhi School of Economics, etc. were internationally known, My degree from India did not even go through any additional evaluation to be received well in Australia, the US, even in Singapore, Hong Kong….Today our Masters students are laughed at in the US, and one was asked to go to a Community college to redo his physics and math. It is embarrassing and shocking. If you destroy education you destroy the backbone of a country.

        This subject keeps me awake, and is one that makes me want to leave. But how can smart academics abandon this country. Tell me. And what are people like you, who are passionate, doing to support our good academicians and help them stay, come back and do well? People like me need 100 % back up. I would love to start a small research training institute. Where is one going to get a funding for that?

        Our research is appalling. In the social sciences they borrow all the numbers and information from the US. I asked an Indian woman activist how she knew one out of four Indian women are battered…She said the statistics in the US says so. The US stats is for US women…not for Indian women. Stats on many social problems do not exist, or it is incorrect or it is inadequate. When I asked an IIT student body President how many students at IIT commit suicide or attempt suicide he could not tell me. They had no stats. When I asked a psychiatrist in Tamil Nadu how many men between the ages of 18 and 58 suffer from alcoholism he could not tell me. Even data on Emergency room admissions were not collected or collated.

        Denial seems to be the problem and poor education. What happened to prevention through good study and good early interventions?

    • IndiannotAmused

      Some might say that conspiracy theories like the NWO gain currency under such circumstances.But that is so far fetched.

  • Slasher

    I know Prof Ananth well. He is one of those timid and well meaning Hindus whose lack of courage (to put it mildly) has now resulted in this. But I also have to put the context of this foment in IIT to the rest of Chennai: the last 20 years have seen a dramatic increase in rampant rowdyism and moral corruption in chennai, the likes of which I have not seen even in other Indian cities, save Delhi. But the steepness of the descent of Chennaites has been the fastest among all cities. That all this happened while there was an enormous increase in Christian aggression and Evangelism is not a pure coincidence. The breaking India forces at work have done mince meat of the culture of yore in Chennai while the Ananths of the world watched.

    My biggest surprise was Why the people of Chennai actually behaved like Americans while thanks to the IT boom going to America became unnecessary. All of us left India for America because we couldn’t find decent jobs in India or be able to move up from abject poverty in one generation. To see this kind of decline while Chennaites actually had a steady job that paid well and also being able to find those jobs with very little academic effort is appalling. The fact is that while Comsevative Chennai died a long time ago, the left over of that culture in IIT is dying only now.

    I don’t know what to mourn: A dead Chennai or a dead IIT. But both are definitely dead thanks to the well meaning but ultimately cowardly acts of many Ananths in this world.

  • Dr. MS

    Lot of institutes, colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu have appalling standards. Their law college used to be known as lawless college. There are students with a Master’s degree in engineering who cannot answer high school questions on math and physics.

    IIT, Chennai, once the pride of India, that got students directly hired by the best universities, companies and research institutes in the US and other countries around the world with very high standards. has now been de-ranked. It is not even in the top 500 in the world. I actually had an American faculty ask me how come the younger generation of students from India appear just like bad or mediocre students from average or bad public schools in the US. Ouch!

    My degree from TISS did not even go through any additional evaluation in Australia or the US…It was considered equivalent to any degree from top universities in the US and Australia. That was back in the 8s. That is not the story anymore. In thirty years Chennai educational institutions, like the once reputed IIT, have become “third world third rate”. There are exceptions. I heard SRM is going up in ranking, and countries around the world are respecting degrees from this university. But that is an exception. .

  • Sree Charan R

    There are many detractors in this forum, in the recent days–many of them come here, specifically to distort the discussions,malign a community/group,penetrate their own personal agendas/ideologies in the comments column,and are disrespectful towards any honest-genuine discussion.Hope such comments will be moderated–it is unfortunately, increasing.Those comments should be deleted, if possible, or at best: ignored.
    Note:Not intended to make any personal comment to anyone, but just making an important point.
    Thank You

    • Dr. MS

      Thank you Charan. I also worry that some people, with half baked knowledge, follow some people around and try to provoke them, demean them or degrade them. It is unbecoming of mature, intelligent, cultured thoughtful human beings who want to learn, debate and hopefully grow and become more effective in what they do. I worry that these people give Hinduism a bad name. I almost decided to leave this website and delete it from my readings. My sister and few others have already done that. This website definitely needs moderating.

  • Chaitannya Mahatme

    This is really interesting. Didn’t knew that an institute like IIT was politicized to such a level. What seems interesting is that only the HSS dept is involved, while there is no mention of the engineering faculty or students involved in this. I feel that this MA course is disastrous for IIT