Sonia Gandhi’s Delusions

The Congress top brass seems to have taken the first part of the quote as gospel truth.

History, wrote Karl Marx, repeats itself—first as tragedy, second as farce. The Congress top brass seems to have taken the first part of the quote as gospel truth. Indira Gandhi lost massively in 1977, but sprung back by playing the victim a year later as the government of the day lost steam; after being in the Opposition for less than three years, she was back in office. Indira was persecuted and prosecuted by the Janata Party, thus gaining sympathy of the people; Sonia Gandhi is being harassed today. Indira came back to power; ergo, so would Sonia. QED.

This is a comforting but misleading syllogism for various reasons. First, political conditions have undergone a sea change since the late 1970s. The days of the grand old party’s dominance are over. Whereas the Congress’ alternative at that time, the Janata Party, was a hodgepodge of diverse ideological groupings and bickering partners, the Bharatiya Janata Party is a much more solid and formidable opponent to the Congress.

Second, all the charges against Indira Gandhi pertained to her regime’s highhandedness during the Emergency; she did not face the allegations of personal venality, though corruption did rise while she was in office. At any rate, Indians are not very intolerant to authoritarianism so long as it is within limits; the tendency is often seen as the hallmark of a ‘strong leader,’ a factor responsible for the rise of Narendra Modi. Some excesses by a decisive leader are soon forgotten and forgiven, as it happened in 1979 in the case of Indira Gandhi.

But Sonia, her son, and their family retainers face charges of corruption. Therefore, the Congress is being unrealistic in expecting rich dividends from the victimhood card that it is playing. And this is victimhood with bravado. Speaking outside Parliament last week, Sonia said, “Why should I be scared of anyone? I am Indira Gandhi’s daughter-in-law. I am not scared of anyone.” As if being a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family makes a person brave. By the way, neither Sonia nor the garrulous Congress spokespersons have countered senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy’s charge that she is a “coward” whenever there is crisis in the country. According to him, she quit India during the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

Then there is Rahul Gandhi whose very citizenship has been questioned. In Puducherry, he said, “I absolutely see a political vendetta. This is the way the Central government functions, the way they think…” Unsurprisingly, all his party leaders have started talking about a vendetta.

This brings us to the third reason that victimhood will not work. It is quite obvious that there is no vendetta because the Modi government is busy wooing the Opposition for its support in Parliament. During his election campaign, Modi had promised a sea change in governance and end of corruption, but he has done little to redeem his pledges. Even in the National Herald case, it was the activism of Swamy that has borne fruit; the government has been of little help to him. So, to say that everything against the Gandhis has been done at the behest of the Prime Minister’s Office sounds implausible.

Fourth, all the allegations made by the Congress sound hollow, especially against the backdrop of its own record. “Who is threatening judiciary? We all know,” said Rahul, alluding to the government’s interference in the functioning of courts. Quite apart from the fact that the charge was hurled without evidence, the Congress has an inglorious past vis-à-vis the judiciary. Judges were transferred and superseded; efforts were made to subdue the judiciary; in the days of Indira Gandhi, the concept of ‘committed judiciary’ was floated. Therefore, Rahul of all people complaining about judges being threatened is incongruous.

Fifth, by stalling Parliament and blocking important pieces of legislation so that Family could be saved, the Congress is not endearing itself to the people.

But the Gandhis seem oblivious to these realities. Convinced that they have the divine right to rule India, they seem to think that by peddling victimhood and lies they would be able to fool the people all the time. Meanwhile, they seem to believe, history is on their side as it repeats itself. Their beliefs will have a deleterious effect on the party.


Ravi Shanker Kapoor is a journalist and author. He upholds freedom of expression, individual liberty, free market, and open society. He is an uncompromising opponent of Islamism, communism, and other totalitarian ideologies. He is also a critic of intellectuals, as evident from his third book, How India’s Intellectuals Spread Lies (Vision Books).
  • Rajat Datta

    Sonia Gandhi is no Indira Gandhi and this is no Morarji Desai government. Congress can remain under the illusion that they can fool the people by their antics. Rahul and his mother should answer the charges leveled against them instead of creating such hysteria.

  • Badal

    The way congress responds to any crises makes one wonder whether is there any such thing called congress think tank which is functioning.Most of the time their reactions are impulsive and full of contradictions . The only commonality
    in all their reaction is Narendra Modi .It is Narendra Modi , Who is after the Nehru clan .It is Narendra Modi who is behind land deal scam involving Vadra , It is Narendra Modi who is responsible for all the ills of the congress party and not the
    scam tainted ministers or their corrupt partners in their unholy alliance .

    All of a sudden they want to appear dignified and are taking pains to convey their respect for Judiciary and their faith in judiciary after having lambasted the Judiciary , only few days back , for allowing it self to become an instrument
    of harassment / vendetta in the hands of the govt . If they respect the Judiciary why stall the Parliament proceedings as if the Maa –Beta combine is bigger than this Nation . If they have faith in the Judiciary why attack the credibility of the Judiciary through insinuating remarks “ We know who is controlling the judiciary “

    They went on playing the Vendetta tune with out even bothering to look back as to how Public will perceive this Orchestra . After all congress had mastered the politics of Black mail and Revenge by letting loose the CBI , IB and also the Judiciary on all those who did not toe their line and for people who were un deterred by such threats the sure shot Helicopter crashes became very handy . Subra maninam swamy initiated legal case in National Herald in 2013 when he was not even a member of the BJP .After realsing this fact , Congress quickly rectified their faux pas of accusing Swamy
    of carrying out the BJP agenda and replaced it with RSS agenda . Swamy in fact did not spare Jayalaitha who is perceived to be a close sympathizer of Modi .

    While Congress could be messing up its image through lack of cohesion in their responses RSS how ever should ensure that through it cadres the Truth behind ‘NationlHerald “ Scam reaches the common man with simple examples and illustrations so that people can call their bluff . Coffin is ready and so too are nails and the Congress has already dug its
    own grave .

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  • Cybil Peril

    Good signs of congi-mukta Bharat. Hurry up my dear Sonia-Raulji…

  • Balakrishnan Hariharan

    With ‘intellectual bankruptcy’ on the BJP front, why shouldn’t the Congress expect victimhood dividends ? The BJP, IS S ‘buddhu’ PARTY. Period.

  • shankar

    Wondering what will Sonia’s gang achieve by creating a ruckus in the parliament?

    Nothing is going to stop Swamy from grilling them on Dec 19th…Then, what are they trying to do !!!

    Reminds me of the cockroach which runs, kicks, even flies….when the poison is sprayed on….

  • Rajeshkumar Srivastava

    Duped leaders are always braught back by the Indian populace due to the disappointing chosen leaders. Indira was winner in 1980 General Election, winning 391seats against JD’s 31 because of non performance of incumbent government. It is always the non fulfilled promises and aspirations raised by the winning party during the elections which are the cause the supporters to dump them in next elections.
    BJP may also loose it’s support if it fails to act against 1. Corruption 2. Black Money (of all who are rich and powerful)
    These two are the only issues which the people are waiting to see acted against. Any other achievement will be welcome, but failure on these two counts will cost heavily to the present government. ( this from the percept of connected (aware) people).
    For the unconnected (who form, of course, a large part of active voters), the NEWS of executions and punishments with detailed story will work. ( How is it a corruption if Nation Herald it transferred to Rahul Baba when it was of Nehru ? They don’t know Company Law). Tell the truth (not the byte) in details.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      The current govt is performing. It is the cacophony of the Congress and the opponents and the ignorance of the public that is creating problems.

  • P. B. Josh

    Mr. Kappor, the most important reason you forgot for Indira Gandhi’s come back is, relatively fresh memory in the minds of Indian public about Indira Gandhi’s heroic work in Bangladesh war and her bold stand against cunning duo Nixon and Kissinger. Sonia will never be able to match that.

  • JagatguruDas

    Modi sarkar should ensure that NH case is taken to its logical conclusion. GST is not so important at this stage. This is the best chance to corner the gandhi family and this will make way for crumbling of desh drohi party.

  • vamsi krishna

    They have not realized that ground beneath their feet has shifted and quite fast. The fight in 2019 will essentially be between Modi’s BJP and with the regional leaders trying to deny him majority seats.
    So mulayam, Nitish-Lalu, Mamata will at their end try to deny modi the majority he needs. BJP will still be by far a domineering party. The AK gadha will be limited to Delhi and perhaps punjab.

    • Rajeshkumar Srivastava

      AAP may or may not move beyond Delhi. But the aspirations of the population has got a shape in form of a political ideology which pledges to fight against corruption of the ruling elites. India may see some more AAP or something more equaliser (Levelers and bulldozers)

  • Lalitaditya Muktapida

    Let’s hope you are right

  • subodh1945

    sonia gandhi delusions will bring her ,the gandhis and congress to doom