Narendra Modi

Stopping Modi at all costs

A US decision has evidently reaffirmed that Narendra Modi cannot be allowed to become prime minister of India. This is similar to the verdict reached on the elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi. The US simply did not trust him and the Muslim Brotherhood to keep their promises of good behaviour. It seems the conclusion was that Morsi had to be removed from power despite his firm crackdown on the interests of the Hamas in Egypt and emollient tone about other issues of concern to the US.

The Saudis had also weighed in because the Muslim Brotherhood has historically laid claim to leadership of the Islamic world. This was an intolerable threat to US influence over what has been State Department Islam, the best antidote to Arab nationalism and underpinning for anti-communism, in the context of the Cold War, through a supine Saudi monarchy, totally dependent on the US for survival. The US was also possibly aware of everything Morsi was saying in private through its comprehensive eavesdropping activities that leave little confidential. It is probable that Morsi was counselling his Muslim Brotherhood associates of the need to bide their time.

Narendra Modi’s case is not fundamentally different because it is feared that Modi and his supporters will curtail the huge incursions into India by US agencies the UPA has facilitated. It is assumed that once Modi forms the government and becomes aware that India’s is well on the way to becoming a US banana republic satellite–in the age-old Central American and Asian tradition, subject to indirect rule–he will move to end it. The US has evidently infiltrated India on a massive scale, blackmailing politicians with covertly acquired information, sponsoring countless secular and religious foundations and the purchase of a huge swathe of the Indian media.

However, the erstwhile BJP as such was not really a drawback for the US because some of its prominent leaders have been very close to the US, virtual spokesmen for it. Others bent over backwards during the tenure of the NDA to please. Two of the BJP’s most senior decision makers, including the late Brajesh Mishra, even made offers of sending Indian troops to join the coalition in Afghanistan. The Americans themselves had not made such a request to India because it would have sent their vital ally in the Afghan war into veritable frenzy. This idea was very wisely vetoed personally by Atal Behari Vajpayee himself!

The Muslim Brotherhood is now facing savage repression, with the US-backed Egyptian military embarked on a reign of terror. It has not hesitated to kill hundreds of civilian Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators, including many women, by the simple expedient of shooting them while they slept. It is also systematically decapitating the Muslim Brotherhood political leadership. The Egyptian military has effectively re-imposed a dictatorship that is a prelude to shepherding its own pliant creatures into power, but through a process that assures an outward democratic fig leaf. The Muslim Brotherhood has been denounced as a terrorist organisation and cannot contest elections.

An even harsher version of this model for maintaining US control was tried out successfully in Algeria during the 1990s. The US and French sponsored Algerian military dispensation killed anything up to 300,000 civilians to eliminate the radical Islamic Salvation Group. The free Fourth Estate of Europe and the US played its usual collaborationist role. It blamed the army of the Islamic Salvation Group for the widespread killings, often of their own supporters, in orgies of mindless bloodlust, however incredible and unlikely that might appear. The bloody conflict lasted a decade and ended with the total destruction of the Islamic radicals. The Western intervention, which has destroyed much of Syria, killing more than 150,000 people, to the approving clamour of the Western human rights lobby, is another variant for re-imposing imperial control over a country. The invasion and destruction of Iraq was another, the death toll approximately 2 million so far.

The Indo-US nuclear accord has puzzled many observers, especially the mostly ill-informed Indian public. Some insiders involved in the negotiation of the Indo-US Nuclear Accord were also mystified by the US decision to allow India to ascend, in effect, to the extraordinary status of a bona fide nuclear power. Even more apparently inexplicable was the direct efforts made by President George Bush Jnr. himself to ensure a favourable outcome at the IAEA negotiations. He made a personal phone call to the President of China at a crucial juncture of the negotiations, when the latter embarked on a discreet, last-minute manoeuvre to scupper the deal it had agreed earlier with the US.

An excellent, revealing account of China’s machinations, by a senior Indian journalist present in Vienna was buried by his editor, the owner of India’s most pro-Chinese daily. In the end, the most knowledgeable attributed this paramount political American decision, recognising India as a nuclear power, to President Bush supposedly becoming enamoured with the country on a visit during the 1990s. It is unconvincing, indeed inconceivable that such a decision of huge political import could have been the product of a sentimental whim.  Although it is possible Bush acquired an undue affection for India, however weird that might seem to even the most patriotic Indian.

The decision to accord India nuclear status occurred because of a US perception that it had finally managed to acquire a durable foothold in it and access to high level Indian decision-making during the tenure of the UPA. Indeed, it seems, the US was even able to determine appointments to the Union Cabinet, certainly in the case of the Commerce and the Environment portfolios and perhaps even the EAM’s selection is cleared now by the US ambassador in Delhi. The granting of nuclear status to India, which was well and truly an enormous gift was motivated by the US view of India as a new client satellite. The journey in this fateful direction began during the tenure of the NDA and has neared completion under a totally subverted UPA. To their credit, both Jawaharlal Nehru and India Gandhi had resisted this dire predicament during the first decades of Indian independence.

The UPA of course represents mainly the family, rather than India and is also deferential to the US, which is the fate of the family itself as well. Quite noticeably, the US has helpfully striven to conceal any embarrassing information on the likely UPA prime ministerial candidate. The purchase of untested Westinghouse nuclear reactors as quid pro quo for the Indo-US Accord was a less significant secondary understanding. One also begins to understand why the UPA became an agent WalMarts rather than representing the vital interests of millions of Indian retailers.

This does not mean India accedes to all US dictates, for example over the purchase of Iranian crude. However, a deeper subservience to US preferences has been established and is being institutionalised. The US has become the major shareholder in the equity of the GoI, much as it has been in Pakistan for decades.

Mohammed Morsi may have eventually brought its own divinely-sanctioned misfortune to Egypt, but his entrapment, after the preliminary honeyed effusions from Washington, is a lesson for Indians, themselves on the verge of losing control over their country. Morsi was never in full command of the Egyptian government and the affairs of the country, despite an overwhelming electoral mandate. The religious obsessions of the Muslim Brotherhood also constrained a calculated grasp of the harsh secular international realities lapping around them.

They were determined to achieve, in short order, some of their Shariah-ordained goals on personal conduct, especially pertaining to women’s dress codes and sexual behaviour, a central pillar in the history of Islam, imperial expansion apart. The desire to impose curbs on other supposedly un-Islamic liberal freedoms was also accorded high priority. Yet, he was never in full control of critical economic issues like food and petroleum prices, which rose inexorably. As a result, a myriad of voluntary organisations and media outlets, blatantly sponsored by the US, had tens of thousands of the religiously less observant on the streets, baying for his blood. Within days of his brutal overthrow prices and other shortages mitigated and the Saudis and Kuwaitis extended huge loans to the beleaguered Egyptian economy.

The virtually instant announcement, after the swearing-in of Arvind Kejriwal and his juvenile crew, following their inept, comic preening for the media, was a hunger-strike in Bhopal and the decision to contest elections in Gujarat. The goal of AAP is now blindingly obvious. The intention is to split the anti-Congress vote to prevent Modi and the BJP winning enough seats in 2014 to form a viable government. The other alternative outcome would be to reduce their number sufficiently to facilitate the barely-concealed claim of his implacable opponents inside the BJP to propose an alternative candidate for prime minister, ostensibly to help form a governing coalition. The Indian domestic political support for the AAP intervention is from the counterparts of the so-called young and liberal in Cairo’s Tahir Square. They are really all a product of India’s manipulative and manipulated English language media, much of it in hock to banks and foreign conglomerate owners.

How the AAP originated and their personal international ties are indeed a matter of interest, but not the only issue. The Magasaysay award is a known instrument for affording recognition to Asians sensitive to the US portrayal of the world. Volunteering to work for Mother Teresa is also an agreeable item on a CV, indicating desirable political impulses to Western governments.  At the very least, the US has intervened in a dynamically unstable Indian polity to affect outcomes. Funding a useful political or voluntary local entity through an Indian business house is standard practice for foreign countries. They reimburse the business house by engaging with it in an unrelated profitable transaction. The Saudis regularly employ such business deals in India on behalf of Pakistan and the US does so as well in scores of countries. It offers complete anonymity and its legality hard to question.

The final solution to a difficult and high stakes political standoff will be to assassinate Narendra Modi. The attempt already made in Patna is almost certain to have had foreign participation and the background to it presents a truly shocking picture of high level local complicity. Attempts to assassinate Modi are likely to occur again. Determined efforts continue to incite Islamic radicals to make such an attempt, by funding endless court proceedings to ensure the accusations over the 2002 Gujarat riots remain alive.

The logistical backup for any plan to murder Narendra Modi will likely originate in Pakistan, already rejoicing at the colossal damage to Indian intelligence the UPA attempt to curb him has inflicted. It is also extremely suspect that invitations to Narendra Modi to visit came from three close US allies, two of them with little compelling reason for extending them. The US itself persists in using the issue of his visa to cause him whatever negative publicity possible. Quite clearly, assassinating him abroad might have been considered more logistically feasible and less damaging politically than in India. The intention is to end the career of the most popular Indian politician since independence and one that threatens to assert it.

Dr Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics.

Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians and Co-director of the Dharmic Ideas and Policy Foundation. He taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.


  • AK

    I have a strong feeling that MH370 will be used in aplot against Modi..US knows where the plane is hidden now…

  • Jay

    a well written piece. thank you for sharing, along with all other articles. I fear the same about assassination plot, if not immediately then in near future when a new breed of political pawn is ready for deployment.

  • Snoop

    They could achieve destabilization of egypt, since egypt is small and less population compared to India, touching Narendra modi might have huge implications and lead to instability, an unstable India will directly benefit China more and US is particularly aware of this.. If I could believe everything written in this article, then USA’s best interests won;t be served if they stop modi by assasinations etc.

  • Prajwal

    Shyama Prasad mukherjee and Deen Dayal upadhyay too died unnatural death. There is a possibility of them being murdered by Anti India forces

  • Chetan

    Points to ponder::

    ** Since when did the Indian Politician become scared of being blackmailed about anything?
    ** Modi has done more for the US Businessman, the fact that he established a Ford factory (US Company) in Gujarat by giving them all that they needed to start a factory. Good or bad ??
    ** Many of the ideas Modi talks about are US based ideas on growth. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt realized a strong and growing middle class is the path to a prosperous country
    ** The US and India need to work together it is just a geopolitical fact ( With china and pakistan working closely together India is pretty much boxed in) ( Need to practice Chanakya neeti)
    ** If anything the US is letting the middle east do whatever they want to do, the US has discovered enough oil that it is currently a net exporter of oil so the middle east is of no concern to them.
    ** They have let the Syrian situation be what it is if muslims choose to kill each other so be it, at least they are not engaged in fighting an occupying force. Sunni’s and Shia have fought for centuries why bother to interfere. They only get together to fight a non muslim force.

    ** On the issue of AAP who would the BJP and its sympathizers rather see in opposition the congress or AAP if it is the congress god help the BJP the govt will not last long. The congress will get busy buying the BJP folks who disagree with Modi and his govt will fall. If the existence of congress is the parliment is reduced to 5-6 seats they will be of less trouble. AAP in opposition will be a good thing we will finally get rid of the congress rule that has done so much damage

    ** Many of the AAP members have run organizations and have shown they can run them cleanly and efficiently, bringing that attitude to politics will be a good thing. Why do we thing being corrupt and manipulative makes one a good politician ?

    ** To the last question Why is the BJP so worked up about AAP ?

  • Dave Makkar

    It is pathetic to see so many educated people behaving like ignorents; when the fact is both Congress & BJP has same Economic & Foreign Policies rather both are slave to Zionist/Israelis that control America also. Only fools can expect different results from Modi. Those who are expecting different results from Modi I beg them to get an answer for my one question only: WILL MODI DUMP ISRAEL, AMERICA & THEIR PRO RICH ECONOMIC & FOREIGN POLICIES ADOPTED BY HIM, BJP & CONGRESS? I HAVE A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION TO EVERY INDIAN LEADER, IF THE ZIONIST (PRO RICH) ECONOMIC POLICIES HAVE BECOME A CURSE FOR AMERICA ; HOW IT CAN BECOME A BLESSING FOR POOR INDIANS?
    India has blindly adopted the Zionist Economic Policies, without taking into account America; a one time Super Power is barely crawling and can’t even walk under the load of these Anti-common people and Pro 1% Rich policies. The top 1% owns 43% of the US assets, 9% owns 40%, 10% owns 10% and bottom 80% owns princely 7% US assets. Today America has 50 mil people on Food Stamps, 20 mil unemployed, 30 mil under-employed, 16 mil children facing hunger, 2.5 mil homeless youth and 70 mil with no health insurance. Above all $17 Trillion external debts, $4 Trillion state government debt and $175 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Today if you sell every American’s assets the total that can be realized is $78 trillion! SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH “There can be no equality, not even in politics and before the law, so long as there is glaring inequality in economic power.”

  • N.Paramasivam

    Can I have the publishers/availability of the book referred in the article, “breaking India”.

  • N.Paramasivam

    Modi is just 50 days away from P.M. Post. No force on earth can stop him. By contesting in Gujarat and losing deposit, Kejriwal will once again become a laughing stock.

    • Sanjay Thavi

      Only work modi could do is controlling Muslims.. otherwise he is worst than congress ..

  • subrata chakraborty

    Us is afraid of Modi. Actually they want ‘doll prime minister’ As a result of that no one can stop modi. Every citizen of our country should cast for modi.

  • abhiroop sen

    All the above said maybe true, but there could also be a lot of information not mentioned (intelligently of course!). I see this as a move to solicit votes for Modi (let me mention here that I have absolutely no political inclinations). Good article, well written. I urge readers to read “confessions of an economic hitman” to understand the larger interests of US. Im sure there a lot of changes since the book was written, but i doubt any major shift in their thought process

  • Dr. Gautam Sen

    The analysis of Morsi and Egyptian politics was intended to illustrate the US modus operandi of unseating governments it dislikes. The reason for the US decision to eject Morsi and the Islamic Brotherhood is a separate matter though probably due to disapproval of any government or anyone that will not blindly obey its diktat). But highlighting how Morsi was ousted was not an expression of any support for his particular brand of Islamic lunacy. This should have been obvious since the politics of Islam is deeply inimical to the interests of India and its Hindus!

  • Promode Kapoor

    BJP should have done what AAP has NOW shown the way.
    BJP should NOW keep quiet for New Delhi / Delhi, best is help AAP
    Speaking against AAP – BJP is only ruining its own chances and wants to PROVE they r more dishonest then Congress

  • Jitamitra

    Watch out!! Goonda Sharp shooter, Dinesh aka Bunty MADE TO ESCAPE from UP.. U know who let him and who the target would be..

  • varun

    What ever said, all the parties are just playing their cards close to their chests. Not to blame the us or congress, as likelihood of bjp bring yet another power hungry corrupt party is definitely not out of the question. Even aap of late is becoming obsessed with power. As for corruption, the system has made our national politics corrupted not individuals by any means. So please so not compare facts about people getting involved as the degree of needs vary in places. Until a real leader emerges it will always the same. People wanting power and authority. Money making is just an aspect of the above.

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  • true indian

    This all is total shit and nonsense .How do i believe U do u have any proofs.Mr NaMo or the congress government for the matter is hugely corrupt (if u want proofs go to aap website) AAP is our last hope.

  • Joy Choudhury

    It is very true that USA would like a corrupt ruler like Sonia in India than Modi but this article is a not-so-well crafted PROPAGANDA OF ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD, which is one of the worst enemy of mankind.

    The author wants to rally the Hindu force behind the Brotherhood in Anti-Americanism. Islamic lobby [that includes Muslim Obama] trying their best to create an enmity between Indian Hindus and America, as evident in Devyani Khobragade’s incident.

    Islam is million times greater danger than Evangelicals. Actually Hindus should join hands with Christian lobby to stop Islam rather than falling on traps of brotherhood agents who are trying to put the Hindus with same interest group as Morsi.

    A reputed pro-Hindu site like IndiaFacts should have analyzed this article thoroughly before posting it and author’s background should be checked.


  • Prakash

    Right choice – Narendra Modi who can lead the country effectively and not like Manmohan Singh who claims to be honest but totally dishonest in his actions and very rarely spoken speeches.King is dead long live THE QUEEN !

  • Jayaram

    AAP is the extended arm of the Cong.It is very clear even from last year.But the paid media will never bring this out.60 years of Cong rule has devastated India.Modi and Subramanian Swamy can change the face of India.The article is very good and awakening and all the informed persons should carry this message to the people of India through the social media.

  • Who Cares

    Everyone is responsible for Modi not getting into the PM seat except Modi and the party he represents. These kinds of articles appear every day. BJP always looks like the underdog. Because it chooses to be not because it has to be. A naive 35 year old professional has upended the decade of political experience of BJP. Is that not amazing? Even if what the author has written is true (which I doubt since it is all theory – typical of acadamecians) the bottom line is that the fault lies totally with Modi and BJP to end up in the situation where they are today.

    The first mistake BJP made was to under estimate the power of simplicity. All AAP offered was free water, free electricity and numerious other free things. What did the BJP to counter it – nothing, nada. They ignored AAP and they got what the deserved for being over confident. Second mistake, BJP was given the first choice to form the government. What did the the great minds of BJP do – refused. Ha, ha, ha. The BJP leadership was completed outwitted byAAP. What did AAP do – ask for more time, write letter to the other parties and most importantly asked the people who voted for them. Third mistake. The most senior leader of the party chose to make ridiculous allegations on AAP. Kedriwal was once again the apt leader i.e. he threw the ball right back into the BJP court and asked for proof. BJP leadership has been having a brain fart for over 2 decades and it continues. Fourth mistake. BJP leadership questioned the speech Kedriwal gave when he was inaugrated. A speech which the common man liked and wanted to hear. What did BJP gain by being critcial? NOTHING.

    Please stop blaming everyone for the fact BJP has once again become the undergod. Stop blaming America. Stop blaming the Congress. If Congress is corrupt BJP is no better. Modi is a great leader but a part of useless party. If AAP and Modi get together the face of India will be changed forever and Congress will be routed once and for all. Show leaderhsip Modi ji. Ths is the time for you to either make it or go back to Gujarat. DUMP BJP and become a part of AAP. Modi + AAP will be a shocker that Congress will not be able to counter.

  • Its superciliousness & arrogance of US on who should be or should not be the Prime Minister of India. Whether Narendra Modi should be PM or not WILL BE, SHOULD BE & BE decided by people of India, world’s biggest & only true democracy. How will US feel if India opines Obama should not be president of US or Clinton is not eligible to be president of US? That’s none of India’s business. Same way, Modi as PM is none of US’s business.

    India is neither a banana republic nor a military dictatorship like Pakistan or Egypt. It has a vibrant, working & successful democracy that has even defeated dictator tendencies of Indira Gandhi & Congress party. We are capable of electing our own leaders & running governments.

  • Nikhil

    who is stopping Modi to bring BJP under RTI and not give tickets to criminals? By doing this he can destroy AAP and congress smoothly.

  • Prasaadm

    When I read the article and the comments of various readers the analogy that comes to my mind is that NaMo’s ambition to become PM is like the Lal Batti vehicle and it should be allowed to pass through without any obstacles. The entire traffic enroute must be stopped to allow the vehicle to its destination. Similarly all the supporters of NaMo think once he has announced his ambition to become the PM of the nation all the other parties are supposed to drop their plans to contest the election and allow NaMo to get to the PM’s chair much like the Lal batti car.. They forget that this is a democratic nation and people with different ideologies exist and every one is supposed to present their case and then the people choose their leader.. But now NaMo’s want none of this. No one should opposed him and whoever opposes him is “anti-national”!! this is going to be his undoing, rather the undoing of his over zealous supporters..So please continue with it..because it will trip his convoy only..

  • Praveen A V

    Thanks for the article. I had similar thoughts. Rajiv Dixit has put in years of effort to make people understand the intentions and actions of US and other foreign countries, nobody in India is read to listen.

  • vkjain

    US cannot compromise on any possibility or incident which may slightly affect its position of world emperor. All such threats like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Bhabha, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rajiv Dixit, etc. have faced ill-fate in the past. Every educated citizen of the country understands this fact and therefore is concerned and anxious about security and safety of Modi. He is the person who can change all the world equations within no time. Entire country is mad after him. He is so patriotic, honest, devoted and sincere to the nation that people are ready to do anything at his one call. Therefore, the country is bound to see the day in Modi Era.

  • Indo-US relationship has always been on the roller-coaster path ; sometimes it shone in bright sunshine as in the Jack Kennedy’s days , and hitting the darkest patches in the Nixon regime or of today ; and mundane with more irritating moments at times than pleasant for the rest. Sometimes the one ‘up man ship ‘ attempts by India appeared a little ridiculous in the game with a too strongly established leader in the international arena . it did not stop the odd opportunistic leaders on both sides to try to get the best for themselves out of the troubled and not so clear waters. The professionals in service tried to keep the keel even with some undercurrents and , may be imbalanced privileges and emphasis in certain areas troubling their minds . The fall outs from the latter might have been leaking out a little in the recent Khobragade case in not so pleasant light. Basically , it boils down to the apparent weakness in the Indian psyche of a lack of cohesion and of self confidence in a people consisting of too many divisive elements which are impediments to the idea of a strong Nation. Most of the Countrymen with tempers on short fuse will no doubt , flare up at these comments , but the introspective may well give them a second thought.. One does not really know how the Narendra Modi factor is shaping up in the preparations for the big confrontation in the offing ; or even how they fare if successful . Only time will tell . Meanwhile the Nation building process , a totally neglected area so far in National life , has to be most seriously addressed with carefully planned and flat out , bold efforts by the coming leader , whoever it may be , in his seeing to their success in a steadfast manner.The rest of the process in the governance of the Country and it’s impact on national and international affairs will follow . Muddled thinking and too many changes of governments with any semblance of cohesion in none , and in a fractured corruption-ridden democracy , nothing better could be expected. Maturity is becoming visible but not fast enough in a moribund political arena with too many fractured political parties clamoring in their limited horizons . Only a dynamic leader with the required courage and charisma can tackle the almost impossible tasks to a successful end.

  • Sam

    There is no equivalence between Morsi and Modi. Morsi is an Islamist whose aim is to impose barbaric sharia law and take Egypt back to the middle ages. He was a poor and ineffective administrator. The only reason that he is at odds with the Saudis is that they are a corrupt dynasty seeking to cling onto power by wearing the same mantle as protectors of Islam. They, however, both share the same ultimate goal of imposing retrograde Islamic rule. This is no different from the clash between the corrupt Nehru/Gandhi dynasty, seeking to hold onto power by acting as protectors of leftist socialism, and Kejriwal’s equally delusional leftist populism, which is guaranteed to destroy whatever that remains after the dynasty crumbles.

    Modi on the other hand is a proven administrator and a promoter of business-friendly capitalism; which is the only way from India to grow – even the Chinese communists understand this, but not our leftist jholawallahs. His brand of Hindu nationalism has nothing in common with Morsi’s Islamic ideology, despite left liberals trying so hard to manufacture a false equivalency between the two. Hinduism is not like the Abrahamic religions. It does not seek to rule the state or impose social strictures on its citizens like Abrahamic-dominated nations. And this is why China, Pakistan and the US fear his ascendence. They realize that India will not continue to be a pushover and that it could rapidly develop once the socialist handicaps and dynastic corruption are removed. Thus their attempt to sabotage Modi’s rise.

  • Lucky

    Current stand off between USA & India over Devyani is a hog-wash & drama to make sure that Indian government is protecting Indian interest. It is just an extension what author displayed in this article. If Modi comes into the power then USA will use this case to make Indian government life miserable. If other-than-Modi come to the helm of India then everything will be back to normal.

    • Ohm

      You are very right. Infact the deyani issue too appears to be just a joint ploy to project upa govt as anti-us. This will help mask any real underhand trek the two are having in public eyes. By the time people realise it, it will be late.

  • kapil

    As per me; most likely kejriwal will resign after his speech on trust vote. He will try to play Mr Vajpayee ji. After this media will make a new God of Sacrifice and everyone will discuss on Kejriwal till general election. It will be the smartest ploy of all forces which wanted to stop Mr Modi to become next PM.

  • Vijay

    Such a beautiful and detail oriented article. Indian people need to be educated on such things so they will vote for right candidate.
    Even when one watch the “Pradhanmantri” series by Shekhar Kapoor and you will learn how India is already sold to western countries.

  • Amazing insights and research! I salute the author for informing us about the various issues and in solidarity with the author let me share a few of my own thoughts I felt compelled to express on this issue> the so called Indo-US partnership.

    I’ve been having the same set of concerns about USA’s sinister motives against India. Indeed I’ve been tweeting on it for the past few months ( A developed, strong and proud India is a competitor to USA and it prefers a failed India. Who else can deliver a failed India on a platter to the USA than the dynasty directly or if that’s not possible as is the case now via an intermediary called AAP and Kejriwal. The Magsasay as well as the India International Center is crawling with ultra leftist anti-Indians of Indian birth besides foreigners. The Magsasay and India International Center are primarily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. I had my feelings towards America’s approach to the Egyptian regime and even commented that if America wants India to be another Egypt it will be their informed decision which we Indians will oppose and defeat through a second Quit India struggle if necessary including against US companies who fund US charities who in turn fund the Indian charities who loathe the idea of Bharat and work against the national interests of India. No self-respecting country can afford to allow such games to succeed. The AAP’s claim that they are anti-corruption is not convincing and if it were the case AAP would not have accepted the outside support of the dynastic Congress Party which is the fountain head of corruption in India. Similarly AAP’s purge of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev too is circumspect and could not have been without foreign in puts. If we look at the cover story of the Indian dailies and watch TV it seems there is nothing else happening in India other than the day to functioning of a minority government in Delhi headed by the AAP.

    In a geo-political concept of Checks&Balances a weaker India could become a host of one of the two super powers compromising Indian independence, integrity and we the people of India don’t want that to happen. It’s also time the BJP and Shri Modi reached out to the Non Aligned Movement so that they too are briefed about the concerns we have today and which could confront them tomorrow if we are all careless. This could very well be a coalition of the willing to stop or checkmate American excesses and evil designs in the world and applies to other world powers too who have a similar inclination.

    There are no untouchables in geo-politics or diplomacy and it’s high time India’s BJP opened a comprehensive dialogue with America, China, Russia, the EU so that the serious concerns Indians have about the sinister American games are notified to them and duly flagged. There is no mileage in keeping quiet about these concerns anymore or hushing it up as it will only afford the USA a free run and plausible deniability in India and abroad with the best secrecy/privacy settings and thus protection from detection. Expose the USA before the people and the companies who fund these anti-Indian charities so that the people of India can make an informed decision.

  • this is why we need Narendra Modi, not ppl like Manmohan or Rahul, they will sell the country to the highest bidder and store swiss bank accounts

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  • It is possible that the blocking of Modi will be accomplished through managing EVMs. I thjnk the BJP has no objection to that, since they have no objection to non-verifiable, non-transparent EVMs

  • Overwhelming Demands ?

    You bet !

    Looking at the crowds shouting their demands outside Arvind Kejriwal’s residence , you would think , people of Delhi have unlimited arrears of problems

    Individuals and groups are trooping in from far and wide , demanding :

    > Better physical services ( Power / Water / Homes / Transport )

    > Jobs ( Permanency / Removal of Contract System / New jobs )

    > Reservations / Abolitions / Implementations / Resignations

    > Admissions / Legalizations / Transfers / Rise in Auto fares

    > Roll back of CNG Prices / Reduction of Vegetable prices

    > Security / Loans / Pensions

    The list goes on and on

    Only problem

    Whereas demands are ” Unlimited ” , resources ( Manpower + Money + Systems ) are ” Limited ” !

    Hence Arvind will need to evolve a simple method to evaluate the ” IMPORTANCE ” and the ” URGENCY ” of these demands

    He may want to devise an online form or , like last time , print and distribute 50 lakh forms , which only need to be ticked , as in a multiple choice questionnaire

    Then , on a scale of 1- 5 , invite people of Delhi to score each demand on the following criteria :

    How does this problem affect ?

    > Economic Status ( Rich / Middle Class / Poor )

    > Geographic Coverage ( Posh Area / Middle class locality / Slums )

    > Gender ( Male / Female / Both )

    > Age ( Old people / Middle Age / Children )

    > Coverage ( Entire population / Majority / One Community only )

    > Nature ( Political / Social / Economic )

    > Character ( Establish Equity / Reduce Disparity / Speed up Justice )

    > Scope ( Job Creation / Health / Education / Corruption Removal )

    > Time Frame ( Crisis Situation / Urgent / Can wait )

    Then display the demands in the descending order of ” PERCENTILE SCORES ” – so people get to know what will get attended to and when

    For AAP , with its inclination for seeking people’s opinion through ” STRUCTURED STATISTICAL SURVEYS ” , devising such a transparent and easily understood ” PROCESS ” , cannot be a big deal

    Incidentally , no individual problem / demand should be included in the survey

    Carrying out such a pilot , ” SOCIO – ECONOMIC – POLITICAL ” experiment can take our democracy to the grass-root level and give the people a sense of participation in solving their own problems

    At the same time , people will be made aware that ,

    > Resources are limited

    > All demands cannot be attended simultaneously

    > Injustice of past 15 years cannot be undone in the next 15 days

    * hemen parekh ( 31 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

  • Prashant Kumar

    High profile thought. This time Indian will understand their tricks
    And will give their mandate with narendra modi ji

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  • adarsh

    no words to describe the article…. the ppl of INDIA r drowned with MC d , dominoes like stuff and they hv become materialistic and they don want to hear any lectures… they want money n money ….and we have already been divided…hats off to the man who have written the article…please shed some light why INDIANS have gone GAGA over AAP SUCCESS….

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  • ohm

    excellent analysis. this is the truth. modi too seems to be aware of this reality. please read the india today interview with nambi narayanan, ex isro scientist. nambi says he was surprised by the fact that modi did not ask him anything about former Gujarat dgp sreekumar who has been on the payrolls of the teesta gang. modi just wanted to know about the role of the American intelligence in the spy scandal.

  • Sounds more like a good plot for a fiction novel to me.

    • how and where were Lal bahadur Shashtri and subhash chndra bose assassinated ? am sure that will also sound like the plot of a fiction novel !

    • Indian Realist

      A fool and his land are soon parted. It’s better to be paranoid than gullible.

    • read the book Breaking India by Rajiv Malhotra the confusion in your mind will be cleared, the Author has produced documentary evidences in support of his claim, this article is just a preface to the intricate intelligence operations being clandestinely being carried out to systematically disintegrate India into several small fragmented states

    • A movie called ” Wag the Dog” was publish before Clinton came to power but the same incidences of the film has taken place during Clinton administration, particularly The Monica Lewinsky scandal. In Sikkim a female CIA agent Hope Cooke was presented as a US research student to the Sikkim prince and future King Palden Thondup Namgyal, for creating an independent Sikkim. Prince Palden Thondup Namgyal aged 39 married Hope Cooke, 22 in 1963 and conveniently his father Tashi Namgyal, the eleventh chogyal died in the same year. Indian government in 1975 ended the special status of Sikkim and H Cook along with chogyal emigrated to US…… Are these fictional novel plots ??? Please come out of of your fictional existence……..

    • Menon

      That is average Indian thinking Ankit.

    • Dr. Jayaraman

      unfortunately, Ankit, truth in Indian politics is scarier than any horror novel. Do crawl out of the rock under which you seem to be hiding.

  • Srikanth

    I understand totally why US has deep interests in India. But why are we so easily sold out? To Russians in 80s (mitrokhin achives) and now to U$A?

    • Good question . Actually Indians are suffering from STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. You can know more about Indian Mentality , Forces trying to Break India, & how Indian Faultlines are being exploited in a single book called “Breaking India” written by Rajiv Malhotra. plz google search “BreakingIndia” you can find it easily.

      • Breaking India is a wonderfully researched document with proofs and references to support the claims in the book which systematically exposes the conspiracies hatched by Foreign forces in India three fold, using ISI for ISlamic terrorism, Naxalism /Maoism through China/Nepal/ISI and Infiltrations of Bangladeshis, and Christian Missionaries under the garb of secularism