Tarek Fatah: The Quintessential Indian and His Importance to India

When I first heard Tarek Fatah, it was purely by chance. I was browsing around…

When I first heard Tarek Fatah, it was purely by chance. I was browsing around looking for some material on ISIS when I just chanced by a video which happened to be on Pakistan.

Many things that had baffled people regarding Pakistan’s strange behaviour suddenly began to demystify. It also helped that this came in the wake of two scholarly accounts about the Pakistani mindset. One on the Pakistan military by Christine Fair and another on the general attitude of Pakistan and the impact of two nation theory on its psyche by Hussain Haqqani.

While the two books had analysed the strange and seemingly medieval behaviour of our neighbour in a modern idiom, Tarek Fatah seemed to address it in terms one had heard in one’s immediate environment, in a language which one had used as a child. It struck a chord with Indians.

Till that point the term ‘Islamic State’ had appeared to most Indians as an abstract idea of some foolhardy religious zealots who had strayed from the path of reason.

As a matter of fact, the Islamic State’s description as “neither Islamic, nor a State” was entirely reasonable to most people who had never been exposed to the core doctrines of Islam.

I had once read a piece by an Iraqi moderate cleric who had made a forceful argument about ISIS being totally Islamic and the American attempt to wed democracy with Islam in Iraq being totally foreign to Sharia.

As a matter of fact, most people do not have a full understanding of what Sharia even means. They only have a faint idea of the political nature of the ancient Shia-Sunni dispute, but not much beyond that.

This is the nature of history that we read in our text books which teach nothing about the ideology which brought forth the Islamic invaders from the western borders of India.

I had history as an optional in the Civil Services Exam. We were told at that time that in order to get good marks, it was important to have Romila Thapar, Satish Chandra and Irfan Habib as the reference points to our history. As naïve students in the quest of good marks, all history students used to make it dè rigeur to do just that. I too, did that and it is that reference point of our history that has stayed with me, so one can only imagine what the level of learning most ordinary people would have in India about our history.  

It is only after the Islamic State came along that Indians developed a real curiosity to delve deeper into their thought process. It is also true that the Civil Servants like me presently sitting at the top of the pyramid have all been exposed to that selfsame ecosystem in which Mainstream and Seminar were compulsory readings to get through the General Studies paper, and the JNU style of writing answers gave one a higher probability of scoring high in our papers.

In this sanitised version of our own history, we never learnt about the ideology of jihad. Irfan Habib instead told us that Aurangzeb’s act of destroying temples was nothing unusual. It was just a highhanded way of most monarchs, and not an evidence of bigotry.

Nobody told us about Sitaram Goel, and even RC Majumdar and Jadunath Sarkar were not relevant as the socialistic point of view of writing history was the norm back then. In this sanitised version of India’s history, there was little room for knowing the deeper recesses of jihadist ideology taught by Sharia.

There was no mention of Shah Waliullah or Sarmad, nor was there any mention of what actuated the savage behaviour of Aurangzeb. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s execution was explained away as an act of expansionism.

Yet, when one discussed these events among the people in villages, their impressions were totally at variance with this version of history. This is the version of history that most people sitting in decision making capacities have imbibed. Myself included.

And then one fine day, Tarek Fatah happened. Yes, he just happened. Being active on Twitter, I came across a retweet which had a video of Tarek Fatah in which he explained Pakistan like no one had before.

The two nation theory, which one had read during one’s growing up years, was explained in such a lucid manner that one had to go back to check the books from one had learnt it three decades back.

I had always thought of Allama Iqbal as a great man. Tarek Fatah brought in new light. The way he explained Mohammed Ali Jinnah, no one had done before. So it was a whole new vista.

Shortly afterwards, Tarek Fatah visited India, where his book “Chasing a Mirage – The Tragic Illusion of An Islamic State’ was launched, and he went about his then seemingly crazy idea of renaming Aurangzeb Road as Dara Shikoh Road.

Besides, he did many things which Indians had fought shy of doing for the fear of being dubbed as politically incorrect. He mocked the Indian Communists, praised Indian civilisation as his own. He showed a mirror to the excesses of ideology which, in his opinion, had rendered Pakistan an unworkable nation.

Tarek has his own inimitable imagery which may surprise many as his basic ideology is that of Leftism. This gives him a perspective of Islam and Pakistan which is markedly different from most intellectuals specialising in Pakistan.

His views on the essential unity of Indian civilisation irrespective of religion have a very strong people-centric flavour. Pakistan to him is an artificial construct. Sharia to him is a fake law created by those who appropriated Mohammad’s legacy.

He brings out the dichotomy of Islam in the two books he has authored on Islam, “Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State”, and “The Jew is Not My Enemy”. He is now working on a third book “The Hindu is Not My Enemy.

The purpose of this article is not to chronicle Tarek Fatah. You can see most of his books, articles speeches and interviews on his website tarekfatah.com and on his twitter handle @tarekfatah.  

What he has done is that he has fired the imagination of India and Indians in a manner no one has done before. He has brought an intellectual heft to ideas that most had an inkling of but did not know how to articulate clearly.

Many others like IndiaFacts columnist Tufail Ahmad and myself were encouraged by his example to speak clearly about jihadism, sharia, ideology of Pakistan, ISIS, hypocrisy of Islamists in the West, and  a host of other related issues.

Fatah also brought in a new vigour in support of bravehearts like Taslima Nasreen who had almost been consigned to the back recesses of memory by the Indian intelligentsia.

It was in his gathering that one got to hear Arif Mohammed Khan once again. Tarekh Fatah created a constituency within India who found their doubts clarified and thousands who found in him an echo of their thoughts. He spoke of the reasons which actuate Pakistan establishment and its role in propping up the global terror infrastructure.

People also found a person who spoke of the atrocities of Pakistani establishment on Balochis and Bengalis, and who openly called for the dismemberment of Pakistan. He also minced no words when berating Indians for what he terms as racism of skin colour.

It’s helpful to recount some of his ideas which are highly liked by Indians. In fact, he wrote in the preface to his seminal work “Chasing a Mirage” that he was recounting those portions of Islam which remain hidden from Muslims.

Indian Muslims have little idea of the Arabian ancestry to which their clerics bind them as 99% of them are converts from Hindus. Of the others in India, I am sure they have absolutely no idea in spite of having suffered the trauma of the partition.

The real causes of the partition which lay in the ideology of jihad and ummah propagated by Allama Iqbal were sanitised from the history taught to us in the post independence period.

In no particular, here are the highlights of Tarek Fatah’s ideas which have captured a broad audience.

    • The concept of equality in Islam died the day Prophet Mohammad died
    • Islam was hijacked by the enemies of Mohammad soon after his death, i.e. by the Ummayads who were sons of Abu Sufiyan, Mohammad’s challenger in the Quraysh sub clan of Banu Umayya
    • Hadiths and Sira were invented by the Ummayads and Abbasids nearly 100 to 400 years after the death of Mohammed, and were meant to subjugate the masses to the ruler who also styled himself as the Caliph
    • Islam had a certain catholicity and concepts of equality and socialism which were completely obliterated later, due to a conspiracy of the ruling classes and the clerics
    • No merit attaches to those who sought out and systemically killed off all descendants of Mohammad
    • Bin Qasim was sent to kill the progenies of Mohammad who were given shelter by Raja Dahir of Sindh
    • The Muslim invaders were savages out to destroy the superior civilisation of India which dates back to Mohen-jo-Daro
    • The ideology of Pakistan was propagated by Allama Iqbal who went from Qaumi Tarana (Sare jahan se achchha) to Milli Tarana (concept of Ummah – Cheeno Arab Hamara, Sara Jahan Hamara) in a space of 11 years because of his jealousy of Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore got the Nobel Prize. However, Iqbal thought he was worthier than Tagore
    • India is a civilizational concept which cannot be alienated from the two great rivers Indus and Ganges, both of which were lost to India after partition – Indus was largely lost and the delta of Ganges was lost
    • The Hindus and Muslims have to live together in this land, but Pakistan will dismember as it is an artificial construct
    • Pakistan sought to impose an alien culture over the native cultures of Punjabis, Pashtuns, Balochs, Sindhis and Bengalis which resulted in the loss of East Pakistan, and will lead to all others breaking away from Punjab
    • Pakistan as we knew it is no more. It split into Bangladesh in 1971 which happened to have the majority of its population at that time
    • The ideal of Indian Muslims should be Dara Shikoh and not Aurangzeb or any other invader
    • India should support Balochis in their national struggle
    • Muslim clerics are hypocrites and secretly support the concept of armed jihad and sharia law
    • Muslims deliberately provoke others in the name of their religion. The early morning Azaan using loudspeakers is a prime example.
    • Riots in India mostly happen when limits of tolerance are crossed due to these sustained provocations over long periods. Gujarat riots were a reaction to such provocations
    • Unless Muslims renounce the concept of armed jihad and sharia law, they will never be trusted by anyone
    • Hijab and burqa are medieval chains which must be discarded
    • Concepts of apostasy and blasphemy are an assault on the modern values of critical inquiry and scientific thought
    • Muslims in democracies should stop rooting for a so called divine law like sharia which cannot be amended and instead place their faith in man made laws


  • India is the guiding beacon of civilisation to the entire world which Indians themselves don’t realise


  • India should be more proactive in assuming a greater role in world affairs
  • Talks with Pakistan are useless. Being a Jihadist State, it will always seek to undermine India. Their dream is to capture all of Indian sub-continent, not just Kashmir.

One can go on and on. The important observation is that Tarek Fatah has ignited a debate over topics which were hitherto hush-hush in India.

For the first time, we find anchors hosting shows on sensitive topics like Sharia Law and Indian Muslim women with people like Tarek Fatah and Tufail Ahmad finding a place in a media space reserved for fundamentalists like Kamal Faruqi and sundry clerics, and sometimes spiced up by crypto-moderates like Shahid Siddiqui.

It’s only over last one year or so that voices have started criticising regressive practices of Islam, something that was considered taboo.  It is only now that scholarly works of Koenrad Elst, Sitaram Goel and many forgotten sentries of Indian nationalism have started coming to the fore. Some of it can be ascribed to the rightist revival, but the biggest catalyst to this effort has been Tarek Fatah.
Hats Off!

The author is Principal Secretary, Ayush, Govt of Rajasthan.
  • Sunil Singla

    So, well written…entirely true…..tareh has been the greatest thing to happen to india, Indian intellectuals as wells as maases included. I first learn of him when he was here for his book promotion. He has provided the much required courage to intellectuals as well as masses, Muslims as well as kafirs to speak their mind. Thanks a ton…Pyare Tarek fatah

  • Saurav

    Well written article. Kudos.

  • 0nlyPeace

    Excellent piece. Thanks for recognising Tarek Fateh sir

  • devinder Singh

    Thanks to publish

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    खजूर की गुलामी – शीबा असलम फहमी

    शीबा असलम फहमी स्त्री-विमर्श और मुस्लिम सरोकारों को शिद्दत से उठाने वालीं एक सशक्त युवा लेखिका हैं. प्रसिद्ध साहित्यिक मासिक “हंस” के जुलाई २०११ अंक में इनका लेख “खजूर की ग़ुलामी ” छपा है जो कि एक बहुत ही साहसिक, विचारोत्तेजक और सारगर्भित लेख है जिस के लिए शीबा साधुवाद की पात्र हैं. इस लेख विशेष में उन्होंने दुनिया के हर कोने में फैले मुस्लिम की पहचान की दुविधा और उनके होने के सच का जवाब तलाशने की एक बहुत इमानदार कोशिश की है और तीन-चार पन्नों में एक ऐसी अंतर्दृष्टि दी है जो, मेरी सीमित जानकारी और पठन के अनुसार, लोग-बाग़ मोटी-मोटी पुस्तकों में समेट नहीं पाए हैं.
    सारे विश्व में फैले मुस्लिम उलेमाओं को तो यह वाकई समझ जाना चाहिए कि इस्लामी शुद्धिकरण का नारा कुछ सीमित लोगों का राजनैतिक उद्देश्य तो शायद पूरा करता है पर एक आम मुसलमान के लिए वह एक ख्वाब-गाह से ज्यादा कुछ नहीं है. उस आम मुसलमान के लिए ज्यादा ज़रूरी है उस ज़मीं से जुड़ना, जहाँ वह रह रहा है और उस संस्कृति को, भाषा को आत्मसात करना. शीबा सही कहती हैं – “जबान के मामले में अल्लाह का हाथ तंग नहीं है”.
    इस ब्लॉग पर आपसे बाँट लेने की अनुमति के लिए हंस और शीबा जी को धन्यवाद सहित यह लेख आप की नज़र:

    मुस्लिम बुद्धिजीवियों, आप थक नहीं जाते सफाई देते देते? कि “जेहाद” का मतलब खून-खराबा, हर ग़ैर-मुस्लिम से जंग, बैठे बिठाये शांति-भंग कर इस्लाम का विस्तार नहीं है?
    आप थक नहीं जाते यह बताते बताते कि “मुजाहिद” का मतलब गुरिल्ला युद्ध करने वाला, आतंकवादी, लड़ाका नहीं है?
    आप थक नहीं जाते यह बताते बताते कि “तालिबान” का मतलब इल्म / ज्ञान की तलब / ख्वाहिश रखने वाले शागिर्द आदि हैं न कि ए.के.-४७ से लैस, ट्रिगर-हैप्पी नीम-जंगली जंगजू?आप थक नहीं जाते यह बताते बताते कि इस्लाम में अवाया, बुर्का,जिलबाब, नक़ाब नहीं, बस खुद को नुमाईश की वस्तु बनने से रोकने का मशवरा है?
    आप थक नहीं जाते सफाई देते देते कि इस्लाम में “त्वरित तलाक” नहीं है?
    आप थक नहीं जाते चीख़ चीख़ कर कि इस्लाम “अमन” का पैग़ाम देता हैं, न कि जंग का?

    ऐसा क्यूँ है कि मुसलमान होने का मतलब ही “मिस-अन्डरस्टुड” होना है ? क्यूँ दुनिया हमें ही “समझ” नहीं पा रही है? क्यों दुनिया को हमसे और हमें दुनिया से यह शिकायत लगातार जारी है ? हम एक पहेली या “पज़ल” क्यों हैं? आखिर हम इसी दुनिया में जीते हैं, वही खाते पहनते हैं, वही दीखते हैं, वही गरीबी-अमीरी, पीड़ा-बीमारी, दोस्ती-दुश्मनी, ज़िन्दगी-मौत, आपदा-सम्पदा, सब कुछ वैसे ही भोगते हैं जैसे ग़ैर-मुस्लिम; तब हम ही क्यों अपने विश्वास-आस्था-अक़ीदे को ले कर ग़लतफहमी का शिकार हैं? जिसे आपके “दुश्मन” आपके ख़िलाफ बखूबी इस्तेमाल कर रहे हैं? और भी तो धर्म-विश्वास हैं इस दुनिया में – ईसाई, यहूदी, हिन्दू, बौद्ध – वह तो दुनिया के लिए ऐसी जानलेवा पहेली नहीं बने कभी? उनके विश्वास के कई पहलुओं की प्रशंसा-निंदा तो हो सकती है लेकिन यह जो शब्द-सन्दर्भ-व्याख्या का अबूझ ताना-बाना है, वे इसका शिकार नहीं हैं . हिन्दू धर्म का एक हिस्सा “मनु-स्मृति” जिसे एक काले अध्याय के रूप में देखा जाता है, उसकी निंदा होती है लेकिन व्याख्या-सन्दर्भ का अबूझ “फ्री-फॉर-ऑल” मामला नहीं बनता. ईसाई धर्म के “सेवा” के महत्त्व का मामला भी यही है, कोई कन्फ्यूज़न नहीं . सेवा मतलब सेवा! लेकिन हम मुसलमान हैं कि इस्लाम, सलाम, अज़ान, नमाज़” जैसे विशुद्ध परोपकारी कांसेप्ट को भी विवादों से नहीं बचा पा रहे हैं.
    आखिर ऐसा क्यों है कि “ग़लतफ़हमी का शिकार” होने का कॉपीराइट मुसलामानों के ही पास है? इसी कड़ी में “पश्चिम के हाथों बेवकूफ बनने का विशेषाधिकार’ भी हमारे पास ही सुरक्षित क्यों है?
    कुल मिला कर जब इस्लाम को समझना ही मुद्दा बन गया है सारी दुनिया के सामने और खुद मुसलमान के सामने, तो समझाने के लिए जो सबसे ज़रूरी दो टूल हैं वह हैं – भाषा और आचरण. और इन दोनों को ही मुसलामानों ने बखूबी इस्तेमाल करने के बजाय गिरवी रख दिया है सउदी अरब की भाषा संस्कृति की गुलामी के चलते. सउदी अरब की भाषा, वेश-भूषा, खान-पान, रीति-रिवाज़ को “दीन-इस्लाम” का पर्याय मान कर इस्लाम का बेड़ा ग़र्क हो रहा है. अजीब विरोधाभास है एक तरफ माना जाये तो इस्लाम तो सारी दुनिया के लिए आया है. कोई नस्ल हो , कोई तहज़ीब, कोई आब-ओ-हवा (जलवायु), कोई भू-भाग, कोई ज़बान या कोई भी समय……अल्लाह की वाणी कुरान उपरोक्त सभी आयामों को समेटे है और उनके जवाब देने में सक्षम है. और यह भी है कि इस्लाम सिर्फ एक अध्यात्मिक विश्वास नहीं बल्कि एक जीवन पद्धति है. यानी कि इस दुनिया में ज़िन्दगी कैसे गुजारी जाए; सियासत, तिजारत, घरेलू सम्बन्ध, सामाजिकता, आर्थिक सम्बन्ध , क़ानून व्यवस्था आदि सभी पर कुरान एक व्यवस्थित मार्ग-दर्शन देती है.
    इतने व्यापक अर्थों में इस्लाम के सन्देश का दावा प्रस्तुत करने वाला समूह जब अपने ही दावे के विरोध में जा कर एक ख़ास जुगराफ़िया में पैबस्त तहज़ीब-भाषा-व्यवस्था को अपना “आदर्श-ढांचा” मान लेती है तो न वह इधर की रहती है, न उधर की. उसके उपरोक्त प्रस्तुत दावे जो आदि से अनादि को समेटे हैं, उतने ही खोखले हो जाते हैं जितने कि मुसलमानों के आज हैं. लिहाज़ा इस से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि अज़ान, नमाज़, ख़ुतबा, आदि समर्पण, परोपकार की बातें करतें हैं, जेहाद-मुजाहिद-तालिबान का क्या मतलब होता है या इस्लाम का मूल सन्देश अमन है, क्यों कि इस भाषा-व्याख्या की तकनीक में कोई जायेगा नहीं और खुद आप उस क्लासिकल-अरबी को अपनी आम भाषा में तब्दील करेंगे नहीं, जिस से हर कोई समझ सके.
    ज्यादा फ़िक्र की बात यह है कि अरबी भाषा संस्कृति की गुलामी कम होने के बजाय बढ़ी है. सच्चाई यह है कि एक-दो प्रतिशत को छोड़ कर पूरा मुस्लिम समाज अज़ान, नमाज़, कुरान, हदीस, फिकह को लेकर एक भेड़-बकरी का समूह मात्र है. इसमें क्या कहा जा रहा है वह जानता ही नहीं, जिसका फायदा मौलाना, इमाम, आलिम उठाते हैं. वे खुद को अल्लाह के अधिकृत एजेंटों की तरह प्रस्तुत कर पूरे मुस्लिम समाज को हांक रहे हैं. हालत यह है कि जो मतलब-व्याख्या मौलाना-आलिम अपनी निजी राय, व्याख्या, विश्वास, पूर्वाग्रह के साथ आम मुसलमान तक पहुंचाते हैं, वही इतने बड़े समूह के लिए अल्लाह का कलाम बन जाती है.
    कई सौ सालों तक “बाइबिल” भी ऐसी ही गुप्त भाषा में दर्ज “ब्रह्म-वाक्य” बनी रही, जिसके नतीजे में पोप और राज-सत्ता ने मिलकर ऐसी जघन्य-आपराधिक-व्यभिचारी व्यवस्था को जन्म दिया था जिसे इतिहास में “डार्क-एजेस” यानी अँधा-युग कहते हैं, और जिसका खात्मा बाइबिल को आम भाषा में अनुवाद कर के, जन-सुलभ बना कर मार्टिन लूथर किंग ने किया था.
    यदि कोई शिलालेख, दिव्य-वाणी या ग्रन्थ अभी इसी समस्या से दो-चार है कि उसे समझा ही नहीं गया तो कैसे उस पर व्यापक चर्चा और आम-समझ मुमकिन है? यही कारण है कि कुछ ग़ैर-अरब मुस्लिम समाजों ने अज़ान-नमाज़ को मुक़ामी ज़बानों में तर्जुमा कर लिया है जिस से उसे पढने-सुनने वाले समझ सकें कि आखिर उनके लिए इसमें क्या सन्देश है.
    लेकिन अधिकतर मुस्लिम दुनिया में अभी इस तरह की पहल पर संजीदा गौर-फ़िक्र नहीं हो रही है.
    जहाँ तक उन समाजों का सवाल है जो कि गरीबी के चलते रोज़गार और आर्थिक सहयोग के लिए पेट्रो-डॉलर कमाने खाड़ी देशों में गए, उनके यहाँ अरबी संस्कृति को अपनाने का रुझान साफ़ दिख रहा है. उनकी महिलाएं अरबी तर्ज़ का “अबाया-बुर्क़ा” पहनने लगीं, मर्दों में जुब्बानुमे कुरते, दाढी का फैशन बढ़ा, उनके नए आलिशानों मकानों में खजूर के पेड़ लगाये गए. लेकिन इनसे सबसे बढ़ कर इनकी भाषा अरबी-ज़दा हो गयी जो कि एक तहज़ीबी इन्तेक़ाल है.
    भारतीय उपमहाद्वीप के देशों के मुसलमान, जो कि मुख्यतः गरीबी के चलते खाड़ी में मजदूरी करने गए थे, वे अपने अरबी मालिकों की पेट्रो-डॉलर वाली शान-औ-शौकत से अभिभूत हो कर उनकी “बैड फोटोकॉपी” बनने की कोशिश में अपने समाज में भी विदेशी दिखने लगे.
    इस सबका असर यह हुआ कि भारत की मुस्लिम तहज़ीब जो कि मुख्यतः फ़ारसी व अन्य मध्य-एशियाई संस्कृति से प्रभावित रही थी, अब एक अरबी हमले का शिकार है. “ख़ुदा-हाफ़िज़” को “अल्लाह-हाफ़िज़” से, “नमाज़” को “सलात” से, “रमजान मुबारक” को “रमदान करीम” से, “ईद मुबारक” को “ईद-सईद” से, “खुशामदीद” को “अहलन-वा-सहलन” से, शुकरन जैसे अरबी शब्दों से रिप्लेस करने की होड़ है.
    आर्थिक कारणों के अलावा, वहाबीकरण ने भी मुसलमानों को अरबी संस्कृति से जोड़ा है. कुल मिला कर जिसका नतीजा एक अलग पहचान के रूप में उभर रहा है और अरबी समाज की कुछ नयी जघन्यताएं भी ऐसे वर्गों में उभरी हैं, खासकर महिलाओं के प्रति.
    मुसलमानों को अगर यह आम शिकायत थी कि उनके दीन की अमन, सुलह, मैत्री-पूर्ण शिक्षाओं के प्रति दुनिया भर में गलत-फहमी पैदा करवाई जा रही है और “ईसाई-पश्चिम” द्वारा उन्हें आपस में, और दूसरों से भी लडवाया जा रहा है, तो ऐसे में खुद मुसलमानों को क्या करना चाहिए था? दुश्मन की साज़िश में सहयोग या उसके विरूद्ध मुहिम चला कर उसकी साज़िश फेल करने की जद्दो-ज़हद?
    ग़ैर-अरब तीसरी दुनिया के मुसलमान अपने-अपने स्थानीय संस्कृति-भाषा में सही इस्लाम को “बोल” कर ही तो जेहाद, मुजाहिद, तालिबान, शरियत जैसे भारी-भरकम और “मिस-अंडरस्टुड” शब्दों को “साफ़” कर सकते थे.
    मलयाली, तमिल, कन्नड़, कोंकणी, मराठी, गुजराती, उर्दू, हिंदी बोलने वाले मुस्लिम-ग़ैर-मुस्लिम को अगर पता हो कि दिन में पांच बार जो आवाज़ मस्जिद से उठती है उसमें क्या कहा जा रहा है, तो क्या इस्लाम का उस से नुक्सान हो जाएगा? या फायदा होगा? जुम्मे के ख़ुतबे, नमाज़, इबादत अगर अपनी भाषा में हो तो उस से सभी का केवल फायदा होगा. नुक्सान सिर्फ अल्लाह मियां के स्व-घोषित एजेंटों का होगा, जिन्होंने दूसरे पुरोहित-पादरियों की तरह खुद को दिव्य-वाणी को आम-जन तक पहुंचाने वाला प्रोफेशनल साबित कर रखा है. लिहाज़ा वे ऐसा होने नहीं देंगे और मेरे जैसे लोगों को भटका हुआ साबित करने में अपनी सारी ताक़त झोंक देंगे.
    मुसलमानों का यह तर्क अब बहुत पिलपिला और बे-असर है कि इस्लाम को समझा नहीं गया या उसे अमरीका पोषित जंग-जू ले उड़े. क्यों कि खुद बुद्धि-जीवी, शिक्षित मुस्लिम वर्ग भी व्याख्या की भूल-भुलैय्या को कट-शॉर्ट कर पूरे मामले को सीधी, साफ़, जनोपयोगी और परोपकारी भाषा-समझ दे और उस में से कुछ उहा-पोह की स्थिति बने तो उन्हें पूरी तरह निरस्त किया जाए तो ही बात बनेगी.
    “इस्लाम इंसानियत की ख़िदमत के लिए आया है, दुनिया को बेहतर और जीने लायक बनाने के लिए”, यह साबित कीजिये आम-फहम ज़बान और तालीम में. यह आप ही की जिम्मेदारी है. दुनिया से यह उम्मीद मत कीजिये कि वह आँखों-देखी मक्खी निगले और खुद मेहनत करे यह समझने और आप को भी समझाने में कि “जेहाद” शब्द का अर्थ अपने निजी आचार-विचार में व्याप्त बुराइओं से लड़ना है, न कि दीन की रक्षा में किया गया युद्ध. विरोधाभासी और अरबी भाषा में लिखी हदीसों ने मामले को वैसे भी बहुत बिगाड़ा है. अब आप इस अरबी भाषा-व्याख्या की भूल-भुलैय्या से मुक्ति पाइए, विरोधाभासी हदीसों को नकारिये और अपनी मादरी-ज़बान में ही अल्लाह की बात सब तक पहुंचाइए. यकीन कीजिये, जैसे वह आपकी अपनी ज़ुबान में दुआ-फ़रियाद सुन लेता है, कबूल कर लेता है, वैसे ही आपकी इबादत भी समझ लेगा. ज़बान के मामले में उस का हाथ तंग नहीं है.
    सउदी अरब के बाशिंदे (जिनमें पैगम्बर साहब भी शामिल हैं) अपने प्रदेश की उपलब्ध जल-वायु, मौसम, उपज और आहार के मुताबिक़ जीवन जिए. ऐसा नहीं था कि उन्होंने आम-संतरे-सेब नकार कर खजूर के फल को चुना. वे अपने प्रदेश की प्रकृति या कुदरत के मुताबिक़ जिए. लेकिन आज मुसलमानों में अन्धास्था की हालत यह है कि एक मुसलमान शक्कर का मरीज भी इस आस्था में खजूर जैसा शक्कर से भरपूर फल यह कह कर खा लेता है कि “यह तो सुन्नत है, इस से उसकी बीमारी नहीं बिगड़ेगी.” क्या बेवकूफी है!

    • Karan

      An eye opener, well chronicled , powerful truth explained in very simple and logical manner.

      Kudoos to author, Sheeba Aslam Fehmi.

      For wide spread readership and understandibg, Is it possible to have same translated from Hindi to English and other scripts…….
      only a suggestion


  • Sheeba Aslam Fehmi Mujtahida

    I am surprised that the author has never come across intellectuals like Hasan Nisar, Jawed Ghamidi and critiques like Sheeba Aslam Fehmi?

  • Megh

    Thank you Sanjay Dixit, for this piece and for the bullet-pointed summary in particular.

  • Aamir – Toronto

    Tarek Fatah is a bloody swine who will continue to spew venom against Pakistan and Islam. Him and Hussain Haqani are Indian poodles who will do anything to please their masters in India !!!!

    • GV

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      • Aamir – Toronto

        Look who is taking, a Hindu terrorist from world cesspool (India)….I’m sure I stepped on your tail that’s why you are barking like a dog, LOL

        • GV

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          • Aamir – Toronto

            So tell me who killed Ghandi (Nathuram Vinayak Godse, a Hindu), who killed thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujarat (Modi, a Hindu), who is killing innocent Muslims in Indian Held Kashmir (a Hindu army), who killed innocent Muslims in Burma (Buddhist)…..someone rightly said, that if you see a snake and a Hindu coming toward you then kill the Hindu first. Our leader Qaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was right that Muslims can never live in peace with Hindus because you cannot trust a Hindu…..no one likes Hindu bcoz the are stinky and filthy like a pig !!!!

          • GV

            Aha MashaAllah Taqiyya in full swing..Let’s see. Gandhi was killed is 1948. Give me atleast 2 such events from 1949 to 2015 per year, then I will concur with you. In Kashmir, if 1 gets killed, whole media flares up. And what do you expect anyway, if Paki sponsored jihadists throw stones, will the army keep quiet? There will be firing to control and people get killed. First lok at your Balochists where Your Paki Army does carpet bombing and kidnaps children and women, throws them after killing. If muslims cannot integrate into societies, rape buddhist women and don’t respect other’s beliefs like Buddhists, do you think they will keep quiet? Thank god Jinnah the terrorist created a separate land for the jihadists and we hindus are saved. But we still have jihadists among our own. Your religion is toxic any human, which cleansed hindus from your land. Daily you kidnap and rape hindu girls and convert, that is what Mohammad has done and that is what you are following. No one likes Pakis or islamic anywhere. But you still want to go to Europe and rape people there. Shame.

          • Aamir – Toronto

            Do you even know the actual meanings of “Taqiyya” or like other morons read the self-concocted definition on the web and assumed that you know all about “Taqiyya”…..I know Gandhi was killed (for good) in 1948 by an Hindu terrorist………remember the demolition of Babri mosque in December 1992 by Hindu terrorists, Gujarat riots in 2002 where more than 2000 innocent Muslims were killed by your Hindu terrorists, and till today your bloodthirsty army killing innocent Muslims men, women and children in Kashmir……don’t you dare to give lecture on Baluchistan, our Pak army is doing a great job to weed out Indian funded terrorists, in shah ALLAH you will see how Baluchistan will prosper once we complete the construction of Gawadar port and CPEC……I’m sure your bloody government and terrorist organization (RAW) is trying everything possible to disrupt the peace process in Baluchistan but no matter we’ll teach you such a lesson that your future generations will remember it !!!!!

            Don’t worry about us Muslims, we know how to integrate in Europe or North America, you just worry about your kind because no one like to live with stinky and filthy Hindus……hope the rape capital of world (India) will burn soon !!!!

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          • GV

            Why? Your parents are more important than your Allah and Prophet? Bhegairat..Your ISI brother beheaded his mother for stopping him to join ISIS. Sharam kar. Allah ko kya jawaab dega, Jab Allah puchega why you didn’t defend me but defended your parents? Your ISIS brother in Texas, Iraqi muslim, wanted to blow our malls here. Follow Tarek Fatah twitter. I can send him from Texas to Toronto so that you blow yourself and attain jannat..I am scared in Texas, Kafirs don;t get any Hoors even after dying.. Allah is so compassionate to only muslims and not us kafirs.

          • Aamir – Toronto

            You are really a sick person who take pride in insulting every single person / religion !!!!

            Read this news, you mother fucker, hopefully you will realize that your fucking shining India has become worst place on the face of earth where pigs like you are in abundance !!!


          • GV

            But you still didn’t answer my question. When Allah asks on the day of judgement why you didnt defend him, then what is your answer?
            Pls also search for news where Paki islamists dig the graves of the women and rape them!! Also, the documentary in Youtube (banned in pak) where the children are raped every night by the truck drivers offering money in karachi..lol! Also, did you hear of the Rotheram rape trials of islamists who groomed white kafir girls offering alcohol and raped and threatened them? Mostly paki islamists believing in pedo prophet like he raped Aisha. Also google and find out how islamist refugees from middle east molesting girls in Cologne and other places in Germany and Sweden. Your Quran teaches only rapes my dear..Very perverted holy book for rapists.

          • GV

            Also Convey my Congrats to Karima Baloch as she is in Canada safely escaping from the tyrant butcher Paki Army.

        • GV

          Did you find your 1 day marriage bride in Toronto Mosque organized by your shariah? Islamic prostitution is legal according to shariah..

          • Aamir – Toronto

            Not yet but if you want I can visit India to marry your sister, this way she will not be raped and thrown out of the running bus….you bloody moron!!!

  • Velu B

    A man full of facts with matching skill of delivery to jolt our imagination – can only be Tarek.

  • UNaiR

    Good article no doubt. There is a good way to honour him as Indian. Please sign this petition and get your friends also sign and show your support: http://www.indianvoice.org/padma-award-for-tarek-fatah-petition.html

    • Karan Gupta

      The petition is very apt, but I feel the website doesn’t have enough eyeballs to grab large number of signatories. It would be better the petitioner post the petition in change.org, in that way it will get the desired results

  • amart

    Reason of ISIS and all other Islamic Terrorist organizations is Quran, Hadiths, read following out of many hundred such verses :

    Then when the Sacred Months (the Ist, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun(Non Muslims) (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and
    prepare for them each and every ambush.(Quran 9:5)

    We shall assemble Mushrikun [non muslims] on the Day of Resurrection on their faces, blind, dumb and deaf; their habitation will be hell; whenever it abateth, We increase the flame for them. (Quran 17:97)

    Indeed, the Kafir (Non Muslims) are ever to you a clear enemy. (Quran 4:101)

    Not equal are those believers remaining [at home] -and the mujahideen, [who fight for Allah] in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred the mujahideen through their wealth and their lives over those who remain [behind], by degrees. And to both Allah has promised the best [reward]. But Allah has preferred the mujahideen over those who remain [behind] with a great reward – ( Quran 4:95 )

    Strive against the Kafir (Non Muslims) and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination. (Quran 66:9

    “Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it.” (Quran 2:216)

    [For disbelievers Allah will say] Seize him and shackle him, drive him into hellfire, then into a chain 70 cubits insert him. (Quran 69:30, 31, 32)

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

    Following the surrender of the Qurayza stronghold, Muhammad ordered the execution of every male child who had reached puberty. His men had the boys drop their pants so that they could chop the head off of anyone with pubic hair (Sahih Muslim 4390).”

    Slay mushrikun (Non Muslims) wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme.” (Quran 2:191,2:192,2:193-)

    If raped woman cannot bring evidence of four persons in her favor she will be guilty in eyes of Allah { Sura an Nur 24:13}
    Pseudo liberals make Hinduism soft target and blame right wing ideology for all wrongs in India. Hinduism does NOT says, that eliminate non Hindus, Quran does. ISIS is legitimate iin eyes of Islam read here,


    Air bomb dont air bomb, until muslims keep believing Quran, hadiths Many more ISIS will keep spawning. Yet they spread propaganda of victimization and persecution etc. terrorists ISIS recruits from Hyderabad, keral, Kashmir
    are increasing, additionally there is trend among Kashmiris to join isis.

  • Ayya

    Mr. Fatah should get his own TV show in India 1 hour a week or more to educate the Indians – Hindus and Muslims and the rest. With guests from Wahabi and other communities to enlighten us,

  • Ratnesh Mishra

    hats off ! such a daring personality.. Tarek Fatah u r great.. we salute u from bottom of our heart! and Sanjay sir hats off u too as u dare to share such views being a govt officer u shared as a free speech with mind changing concept of many untouchable topics

  • Sab Mile Hue Hain Ji

    I would request the people who commented on this article to go through this 5 minute video by Javed Ghamidi that explains what is being taught in Madrasas. The video is summarized in attached pic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRyNsiJ982c

    • Mohammed A. Hakeem

      Wow! Mr. Javed Ghamidi has hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for posting this very succinct and to the point piece. I wonder how many muslims will agree with the proposition that Islam could use reform? How about if we institute a board that governs who gets to become a mullah? Shall we establish at least a bachelors degree in double majors 1) Comparative religion, 2) either Philosophy or the Western Civilizatoin?

      With an additional caveat: From here on out we ought to outlaw the following religious sects of Islam; for their advocacy to take Quranic admonishments word for word, in a literal fashion, which is harmful for we have many many religions and we can’t have adherents of a religion issue fatwas to kill all the rest, even those of their own ranks who perhaps deviate slightly. And these are stated below in order of their virulence:

      1. Salafists
      2. Wahabbi

      We should ostracize, condemn, and stop trading with those states that sponsor of terrorism or harbor terrorists. We must ask all civilized countries to put an end to foreign funding of any mosques from taking place. Oil rich Arab entities are causing untold amount of harm in non-oil producing Islamic nations ,as well in the west by promoting the supremacist screed of the two above mentioned sects. Which prevents an amicable assimilation of the muslim minorities in the host societies. Tough times call for the tough measures. Burkas are disgusting and disfiguring abomination and must be outlawed from civil societies. Furthermore any segregation or sequesteration of women must be frowned upon in get-togethers, functions, weddings, and parties. Exposure to the women folk has a civilizing affect on men generally and absolutely.

      Indian authorities should look into the on going and very disgusting practice of sheiks from the Arab countries shopping for child brides there. This should stop at once.

      I think this is a good start, and we should expend any and all efforts toward the goal of activating/freeing the world of Islam from this self-imposed cloak of primitive backwardness.

  • Sab Mile Hue Hain Ji

    Great article. It not only chronicles the contribution of Tarek Fatah sahab but also highlights the duplicity of Muslim clergy, and hypocrisy of “liberal” intellectuals. The bullet points that the article lists actually summarise the core ideas that Tarek sahab repeatedly tries to explain. He has the moral courage to say that Muslims should seek forgiveness from the Hindu population for the loot and atrocities inflicted by some Muslim rulers and live in peace. His message that Darashikhoh should be the ideal that Muslims follow and not Aurangzeb is a profound message.

    He has understood India better than most of us do.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Muslim youth should read and study more of such people than those Mullahs poisoning their minds against Hindus and hindusthan.

  • akshay patel

    Great article, if the united nations really want to fight terrorism then they have to appoint tarek fatah as a head of anti terrorism think tank. All countries should give him a chance to explain terrorism. Indeed, india has a lot to gain from mr. Fatah. He is the only one who can show the right way to indian muslim and unite the country.

  • Prasad

    Thanks very much. Good day.

  • Eternal Bliss

    People like Tarek Fatah are not born everyday. He has the guts to stand up against injustice and for truth.

  • Samit Mathur

    The reason we don’t know whats going on in Pakistan and what people of Pakistan think and their actions is now evident… The fact remains that Tarek Fatah Sahab has educated us a lot about the rogue state we know as Pakistan or Bakistan!!!!!!

  • Savarkar’s Disciple

    I would like to thank Indiafacts for finally writing a piece on Tarek Fatah.I have been a follower of his works eventhough as a Savarkarite I am extremely cautious of what certain Abrahamics say but at this point of time when we do not have the likes of Anwar Shaikh among us Tarek Fatah might be our best bet.My bone of contention with Tarek Fatah is him saying that Hadith and Sunnah are not really part of Islam and the Banu Qurayza genocide didn’t actually take place and him using the term ISLAMIST (Syed Qutb influenced by West) this shifts the burden away from Muhammad’s ISLAM and basically also means that people like Aurangzeb or todays ISIS can not be called actual followers of Islam since they might have been using the Hadith and Sunnah to justify their violent acts.A part of me wonders if he is a Crypto Barelwi but then being a Hindu with very few Trustworthy allies we might have to accept certain aspects of his assertions while dismissing the rest.

  • Saurav

    Good article…totally worth reading.

  • shankar

    When Ajit Doval told “If another Mumbai happens, Balochistan will be independent of Pakistan”, I was skeptical…After seeing Tarek mainstreaming Balochistan, I understand how our NSA plans to achieve the goal….

    Tarek Fateh is one of the key pieces in the Pakistan-strategy…

  • Luffy

    Agree that Tarek Fatah is a moderate and rational voice in Islam. Problem is he still holds the Prophet of Islam in high esteem.

    While most of the atrocities that Islamists commit are mirroring deeds of their Prophet. Take raping women/girls captured in war for example. Safiyya Bint Huayy the Jewish Princess suffered such trauma at the hands of Prophet of Islam. Even if Non-Islamists find it as an inhuman act it is legitimate in Islam cause their Prophet did it.

    Even if moderates wish to reform Islam it would be a difficult task as the extremists are only following the path set out by their guiding light.

    • shankar

      Tarek Fateh’s biggest contribution to the Indian society is the mainstreaming of previously-controversial-discussions like”sharia”, “jihad”, “islamic state”, “radicalisation”, etc.

      He will be remembered/acknowledged for being the “catalyst”, as the author mentions.

      I always believed that any reform in Islam (if at all), will be started by Indian Muslims…

      • sourabh bhattacharya

        Agree that Indian Muslims are the only hope to rationalize Islam not reform, as every reform made Islam more radical for eg wahhabi and salafi and aligarh muslim university movement resulted in partition of India and making of radical Pakistan state.