Ten facts about Bangladesh Minorities: On the brink of extinction

Listing out the sad state of minorities in Bangladesh.

  1. The number of religious minorities including Hindus is declining quickly and dangerously in Bangladesh : from 19.80 per cent in 1971 to 9.00 per cent in 2014.
  2. The Bangladesh Government and political parties in general are not committed to restoring the original ethos and spirit of the Liberation War of 1971 and the Bangladesh Constitution of 1972.
  3. The Enemy Properties Act of 1969 is still in force in the name of vested Property Act to capture Hindu properties in a culpable manner.
  4. The restoration of Ramna Kalibari and Ma Anandamoyi Ashram is still pending. There are no special provisions and Acts to protect the worship places of minorities in Bangladesh against a hostile majority.
  5. The Debottar land of Sree Sree Dhakeswari National Temple been grabbed and reduced from 6.75 acre (aprx) to 2.75 acres.
  6. Demographic changes are ongoing in the Hindu-Buddhist dominated districts particularly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
  7. There are no special laws to try deliberate communal atrocities by the majority against the minorities. The cases relating to persecution and oppression hitherto inflicted upon the minorities have not come to trial so far.
  8. There is no budget allocation for the religious minorities in the National Budget right from 1972 in spite of earning huge tax revenue from the minorities.
  9. There is no ministry or department to oversee the status and issues of religious minorities and to regulate policy matters to redress the piled-up critical problems so far.
  10. Secular political parties are under threat and secular Bangladesh is gradually being turned into a fertile land of Islamic communal  forces and extremists.

This was sent in by a long time reader and supporter of IndiaFacts.

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  • Dr. MS

    I noticed some of my comments got deleted. Almost as if a deliberate attempt to only publish certain perspectives that will help certain propagandists on these websites. Very interesting. Some also got distorted. I cannot go comment by comment to check. Who really runs these websites? Are the people doing the kind of people Snowden complained about…including certain social media groups inside and outside the country?

  • Dr. MS

    BBC had reported that there was a Bangladeshi Bengali Hindu, who was actually an Atheist, actively working to expand internet freedom in Bangladesh, who got murdered. His family says the police have done nothing to investigate the murder and find out who the killer is, and that the police did nothing to protect the victim when he received real serious threats for months before being killed, Several of his colleagues and friends, including some Bangladeshi Muslims, have been put on a watch list and their days are numbered. BBC reported on this…but no follow up has been made.

    Can your reporters investigate this further It is not just Hindu minorities who face this problem, but also Muslims who support and fight for Hindus who face this problem.

    This has been a huge problem in the Middle East too, where several Muslims, locals and some from elite families, fighting for the rights of non-Muslim immigrants, have been harassed or assaulted. Some have been warned, divested of their jobs or titles, and some disappeared, because they have defended or helped non-Muslims in an Islamic country. .including those who have been inadequately or inappropriately represented in the courts.

    This too must be investigated and revealed.

    US publishes reports on how many Muslims (including Pakistanis) die or get assaulted or get threatened for having an American friend ; helping an American neighbor ; working with an American or assisting an American.

    India too must publish such a report from around the world where anti-indian sentiments might be hidden or growing, including anti-Indian-Hindu sentiments.