Terror in the name of God?

Terrorism in the name of God was started by forcing “those who are wrong” into the “right” faith or killing them.

There is no doubt that we have a problem in today’s world. It’s a big problem. The strange thing is that apparently we don’t want to solve it, because we close our eyes to the problem and to its root cause. This closing of our eyes is officially endorsed by almost all governments in the world and is seen as politically correct. Naturally, there is no chance to improve things and it’s likely to get much worse.

The problem is a faulty, black and white mind-set of a huge chunk of the world population, and the root cause is what these people were taught to believe as the truth. The founders and subsequent authorities of those belief systems claimed that the Highest himself has revealed it. This was an ingenious way to prevent any criticism of the whole belief system, including those aspects of it, which were against common sense.

I have earlier written on how Christianity was the first to cleverly claim that God himself has given the full truth only to the Church and everyone must believe it at the cost of their lives.  Islam followed with a similar claim. Terrorism in the name of God started right then by forcing “those who are wrong” into the “right” faith, or killing them if they opposed. Millions of people were killed — from the Americas to India and beyond. In history lessons, Christianity and Islam can be included  with communism, fascism, and Nazism as the lead cause in  human death and destruction.

In primary school, I learnt that Islam expanded through “fire and sword”. I remember this because ‘Feuer und Schwert’ was a meaningless phrase to me as a child. Only later, it dawned that it involved tremendous cruelty. This cruelty was not restricted to Islam. The Christian ‘expansion’ and the Inquisition was equally brutal.

In the 1970s, when I was in studying at the university, we debated why religion has caused so much bloodshed. The debate was only on ‘why’, not on ‘whether’.

In 2000, a change in this approach became apparent. When  Pope John Paul II finally acknowledged the cruelty of the Inquisition, and publicly asked forgiveness from God, he did not blame the Church, but ‘sons and daughters of the Church’ who committed ‘mistakes’. He tried to absolve the religion and laid the blame on ‘misguided’ followers.

This same pattern is followed today regarding Islam. When Jihadis attack innocent citizens shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, politicians and media are quick to declare that those terror acts have nothing to do with Islam, but are the handiwork of some  misguided or deranged individuals.

The reaction  meanwhile is very predictable.

The standard version is this: the attack is shocking, repulsive, a cowardly act,  we stand united, won’t allow another attack, won’t be intimidated, but continue with our lives, and we won’t let them win, etc.

Then, Muslim representatives come on air, stressing that they also condemn the attack. They assert that it is the act of a disturbed person, has nothing to do with Islam, that there are 1.5 billion peaceful Muslims, and they are  proof of the peaceful nature of their religion, etc.

Then in the major cities (provided the attack happened in the West), a landmark building is lit up in the colors of the country, where the attack happened, and candles are also lit.

We have gone through these motions far too often and there is something false about it. The pain of those affected is real. Others may be grateful that it had not hit them — at least not this time. Yet, those who are supposed to protect us are not honest.

True, the attacks are shocking and revulsive, but they are not cowardly acts. The Jihadi kills, because he is convinced that it is his duty to kill Kafirs – and he is even ready to die in doing what he feels is right. This shows courage. All those terrorists are young. It is not normal, nor easy to risk one’s life by killing others, unless he is absolutely convinced that the benefit is greater than the cost.

And what does he expect as a benefit?

Probably, he was taught already as a kid or has read it later on the internet that killing Kafirs pleases Allah. By doing so, he can make his life truly worthwhile, and he will be richly rewarded with a better status in paradise than those who did not kill Kafirs.

Now, this is where  we Kafirs are cowards: we don’t dare to point to passages in the Quran, which support the Jihadi’s belief of life in paradise for killing Kafirs.  For example, Q 4.95-96 – are translated thus:

“Those believers who stay at home – having no physical disability – are not equal to those, who make Jihad in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their persons. Allah has granted a higher rank to those, who make Jihad with their wealth and their persons than to those, who stay at home. Though, Allah has promised a good reward for all, Allah has prepared a much richer reward for those, who make Jihad for Him than for those, who stay at home. They have special higher ranks, forgiveness and mercy. Allah is forgiving, merciful” (Q4. 95-96).

Imagine a pious, young, hot-headed Muslim reading this: would he not be inspired to make his life worthwhile? Even more so, if he has fantasies of becoming a hero with a gun  he probably considers dying as the price for  greater glory. As Sultan Shahin pointed out, children in madrasas sing songs with the refrain “zindagi shuru hoti hai qubr mein” (life starts in the grave).

Curiously, old, sick Muslims don’t seem to be interested in the “higher status in paradise”, when it would make much more sense for them. Does it mean that they are more mature and know that the Quran must not be taken literally?

Curiously, old, sick Muslims don’t seem to be interested in the “higher status in paradise”, when it would make much more sense for them. Does it mean, they are more mature and know that the Quran must not be taken literally?

Is it not their duty and ours to save not only the potential victims of the future terror attacks, but also the lives of young Muslims who are ready to throw away their lives for a promise which may not be kept? After all, Christianity claims that only those who are baptized can enter heaven.

We need to ask these serious  questions if we are serious about understanding and then stopping the mayhem in the name of religion.

Yes, it is difficult to believe that terror attacks have anything to do with religion. Religion is understood to be something good. It connects us with the Highest and is meant to make us better human beings. We want to believe that the cause for terror attacks is something else. ‘All religions worship the same one God. No religion can possibly condone killing others’, those of us, who have not been brainwashed into a dogmatic religion, will naturally maintain. But is it true?

We need to find out. If we don’t dare to do this, we are cowards.

Let’s imagine we come to the conclusion that indeed there are passages in the Islamic texts that condone terror against infidels. What will be the next step?

We need to apply  common sense, and reason and debate on the meaning of life and the nature of  truth claims. India must take the lead in this because the Christian West is handicapped. Both Islam and Christianity divide humanity into ‘us versus the rest’, which is harmful for society. Instead, another dividing line must be drawn, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned  in one of his talks: it is between humanity and inhumanity.

Terror and hatred for other human beings is inhumanity. How do we know? Because we all have a conscience, and careful enquiry will  tell us what is right and what is wrong. This conscience must be the holy book for us. Careful enquiry  is the voice of the Divine which guides us through life. If only we listened to it, we would realize that the whole of humanity is one family. The life in all of us comes from the same, most powerful yet invisible, source.

Anyone who demands that we ignore our conscience and instead believe what he or someone  tells us has an agenda. He wants sheep which don’t think for themselves and which he can use for his own purpose. Suicide bombers are not cowards, but they are not smart. They got the purpose of life wrong.

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  • Dennis Leslie Panakal

    In the wake of objective and rational deduction on who really Jesus was— the founder of Christianity—we come to understand why the western religion, fell flat into a belief system strewed around ‘a blind ‘faith’ attached to a promised reward of eternal life in “paradise”!. We found why so many great minds so far, have lost their bearings whenever they tried to question whether Jesus was really a historical figure or not, or whether his claims for god-hood is truly true or just a false construe? In all these cases, they were all but perished to ground under the weight of Jesus’s unique persona, all the way unable to prove who he really was? In the light of many controversies centered around the question of his true identity, however it would be worthy to know why Islam as an offshoot of Christianity, but both have followed the same god of all inequities, wars’, and therefore the root-cause of all human miseries on earth. Even after all, yet on the top, stood towering high the vituperative ‘god’ of the Hebrews.

  • Cybil Peril

    God himself is killer 4 dem.

  • Shreevalsan

    The only permanent solution to the biggest problem facing the civilized world, that is Islam, is for all non-Muslim countries to unite, declare war on Islam and Muslims and take the conflict into enemy territory. As ex-Muslim scholar Ayan Hirsi Ali says, only a catastrophic loss in war could possible bring Islam and Muslim to their senses. For non-Muslim people and countries, force or violence should henceforth be the first option in dealing with Islam and Muslims. We have to convince this brotherhood of bandits that we have at least as much stomach for violence as them. The civilized non-Muslim world has no future if does not produce leaders who can unleash brutal and unending violence against Muslims and Muslim countries. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot were evil but they had great stomach for violence and were determined to wipe out their enemies. Non-Muslims can hope for survival only if their political, social and spiritual leaders acquire traits of these dictators and unleash them on Muslims on a global scale. They can also consider dropping nuclear bombs on savage Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia (the original home of Evil), Iran and Pakistan. Every effort must be made to find a final solution to the 1,400-year old problem of Islam.

    • krishnamoorthy

      Will they pluck roses if non muslim do so. What about Pak’s nuclear button which they keep ready against India.

  • Arun

    I want PM Narendra Modi to make one statement from an appropriately international setting – “The greatest intolerance which I have seen is the idea that my God is the only true God and other Gods are false. The idea that my religion, which is my route to connect to the Divine is the only correct path, and all other paths are false and that all must convert to my path, which is the bedrock of Islam and Christianity is the greatest intolerance at the most basic level that exists. The further proposition that allowing the spreading of this intolerant idea is tolerance, and resisting this intolerant idea is intolerance is something which is quite beyond my understanding. I dont share this. I dont agree with this.” I want PM Modi to make this one statement on behalf of Tolerance.

    • Shreevalsan

      It is naive of you to expect to Modi to make such a statement. In fact, while in Belgium recently, he declared, with a straight face, that Islam is a religion of peace! Modi is as much a practitioner of political correctness as any ambitious politician. Also, soon after the bogus ‘church attack’ just before Delhi elections, Modi installed hot lines for reporting attacks on churches but not temples. After Obama had the temerity to lecture Indians on the need to be tolerant, Modi followed up with a speech on tolerance. Modi knows the use of Hindu votes but won’t lift his little finger in support of Hindus. Lastly, Modi belongs to Gujarat and Gujaratis are not exactly famous for their bravery.

    • Murali

      Modi has , in those exact words , said it at the time of 9/11 on NDTV’s Big Fight Programme . However being a PM of 1.25 Billion people , 20 odd cr of those , monotheists , he can’t say it without risking a civil war .

    • MetaMax Anand

      If he doesn’t make it, i will, bhrata. it is the truth. it must be spoken loudly.

  • The terrorism the world faces today, which India has been facing since last 400-600 years (800 if you include porkistan) known as islam is actually fathered by the roman construct called christianity which borrows nonsensical shit of believing eternal damnation from Jesus along with some concepts from Judaism and was first used against jews and pagans.

    Iconoclasm and hatred for face being the most defining feature common to these 3 religions which manifests in psychologically amongst muslim and dhimmi-Hindus who throw acid on faces of women. It psychology manifests in many ways but I choose to address the defining one.

    With its arrival as it based on judaism, the roman construct attacked with brute force and lie-campaigns(christians are the creators of taqiyya) and eventually wiped out Mithraism(doing so it also adopted 25th December Mithra’s Birth as christmas eve) and other pagan practices of Europe and sent it into dark ages and after that the hatred instituted against jews and polytheism(based on judaism) manifested itself in the form of islam which inflicted India with dark age worse than Europe as those islamic bastards destroyed every learning Institutes Universities and huge libraries of India.

    India almost succumbed had it not been for Shivaji(Ironically he was called a bandit by the bandits-thieves britishers), after the fall of the Hindu kings in and around 12th century.

    After that based on Russian hatred for jews born from orthodox christianity gave rise to German nazi hatred for jews and with it the genocide of 6 million jews. Communism being its latest form.

    Nazism is still alive in the present day in many neo-nazi groups spread across Europe and USA and mainly Russia who keep on spinning jewish conspiracies blaming jews. And islam is kept alive because the western world which wields powers today as it serves their purpose and oil. Christianity and islam-nazism-communism go hand in hand as mother and her 3 daughters.

  • Jitendra Desai

    You are right about need for an end to those candle crowds ,for an end to those knee jerk statements of politicians and apologists of Islam.World, including Muslim leadership has to find answers to the killings that are going on for centuries.

  • BB

    Quran 4.95 Translation – I find nothing wrong with this passage. Let us face it – there are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims. There was a Rumi, Kabir, Muhammad Ali and Abdul Kalam. There was also a Aurangazeb, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and an Omar Mateen. Branding an entire religion as Terror religion is a wrong strategy – both on ethical and pracical grounds.
    Translation 1 Pickthall :
    Those of the believers who sit still, other than those who have a (disabling) hurt, are not on an equality with those who strive in the way of Allah with their wealth and lives. Allah hath conferred on those who strive with their wealth and lives a rank above the sedentary. Unto each Allah hath promised good, but He hath bestowed on those who strive a great reward above the sedentary;

    Yusuf Ali
    Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-

    • Shreevalsan

      Strange that you did not find anything wrong with this passage whose meaning, clear as daylight to anyone, is that a Muslim who kills non-Muslims for spreading Islam earns more merit than one who does not kill any kafir, in the eyes of Allah. Is this not a clear encouragement for jihad or violence against non-Muslims? You also say ‘There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims.’ Not true. There are no good Muslims at all in this world. There has never been a good Muslim ever. A good Muslim is a dead Muslim. While alive, a Muslim is the most dangerous living being on Earth. A Muslim can be considered to be harmless only after he is dead. This has been so for the past 14 centuries or so and will continue to be so until there is even one Muslim left in this world. The civilized non-Muslim world can at last breathe a sigh of relief only after it has exterminated this barbarous political ideology masquerading as religion and its billion-plus savage followers to the last man, woman and child. Until then, non-Muslims will have to continue to live in mortal fear of their lives being snuffed out at any time.

      • The Intellectual

        Muslims who don’t take Islam seriously are good Muslims.

        • Shreevalsan

          Can you show one Muslim (just one) who does not take Islam seriously. All Muslims do take their religion seriously. That is why all of them are dangerous.

          • The Intellectual

            I personally know them.

          • Shreevalsan

            It is most likely that these so-called non-serious Muslims are, in keeping with the Islamic doctrine of ‘taqiya’ (lying for the sake of Islam) pretending not take Islam seriously. But you will realize that they do take Islam seriously when, one day,they do appear at your doorstep with knives in hand and drag away your womenfolk into slavery, as has happened to millions of Hindus who were naive enough to consider Muslims as normal humans. You will realize that non-serious Muslims don’t exist only then but it will be too late. Truth and knowledge will be useless when the Islamic sword is touching your neck. So it is better that you cure yourself of your delusions and the earlier the better.

          • Maria Wirth

            i agree that the brainwashing has taken on even more dangerous proportion in the last few decades and it is getting more and more difficult to find them. Yet here is an example from Jordan https://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/abdullah/

        • krishnamoorthy

          in a Hindu majority country may be they show themselves as moderate but even in India in a Muslim majority area it is anybody’s gues how non mulsims will be treated

      • Maria Wirth

        there are surely Muslims (I know one who was a devotee of Sri Aurobindo, have a post on my blog about “Abdullah”) who were born into this religion and can’t get out of it officially, who don’t agree with what they were taught and use their own intellignece. Problem is, as long as there are heresy laws, they risk their life if they say it even to their families. Many who spoke out, are under police protection in exile.
        so at least we Kafirs should not support the views of fundamentalist mullahs, but speak common sense.

      • BB

        Are you saying that the names that I specifically mentioned in my comment are not good Muslim? If that is what you are saying then I don’t have any interest in debating this with you anymore and you can stop reading my response right here. I am also not trying to be politically correct. I am not opposed to search for religious roots that drives radicalism. History is filled wit that examples both with Islam and Christianity. But I want to be fair to those who are devout Muslims and also good hearted persons.

        • Shreevalsan

          You may be right that there are a few good Muslims but they are good not because of Islam but in spite of it. The roots of terror like in the Koran and the Hadith, as the terrorists so proudly declare. It is good that you want to be fair to good hearted person but that should not shut your eyes to the grotesque and gruesome realities of Islam.

    • Prasad

      Hi – branding an entire religion based on the acts of a few is wrong you say. It’s quite the politically correct statement to make. But when it comes to the question of human lives we have to look at the acts of these “few misguided individuals” from a completely different prism. The question that needs to be asked (may be to you) is, the loss of how many lives due to the acts of such misguided persons who say they are true followers of their religion is acceptable as per you? Can you put a number to it? Is it 1 or 10 or 100 or millions? Do you think that once the death toll reaches a certain number you might be inclined to think, well, so many dead bodies is my limit. I think a serious thought is required about the teachings of this religion. If the limit for number of dead bodies is 1 million for you, it may probably be 10 for the other guy living next door and you definitely can’t blame him for it. Please remember this, if I add just a small quantity of cyanide to a large quantity of pure milk, will you consider the milk as good for consumption? . Will you go about asking everyone to buy that milk saying that there is only a very small quantity of cyanide in what is obviously a very large volume of pure milk , let’s not throw away the milk because of that?

      • Shreevalsan

        Well argued, Prasad. We really don’t know how many innocent non-Muslims will have to die before the blame for global terror is laid fair and square where it belongs, that, at the door of the highly intolerant ideology called Islam. They will probably continue arguing until even one non-jihadi Muslim is left in this world. Such people are intellectually dishonest and will admit to any truth even if it stares them in their face.

  • pradeep

    absolutely spot on, a beautiful one, will wait for more from you thank you.

  • Shreevalsan

    “We all have a conscience,’ says the author. Not true. No Muslim has a conscience because Islam does not allow him to have one. That is why it is possible for Muslims to kill non-Muslims with a clean or no conscience. Islam and Muslims can probably be completely destroyed physically, provided world leaders show political will, but the religion and its followers cannot be reformed at all because Islam is a take-it-all or leave-it-all religion. You can’t take what you like and ignore what you don’t like, as you can do with most other religions. Appeals to reason will never work with any Muslim, as Gandhi found out after a lifetime of experiments, for which millions of Hindus paid with their lives and honour. The problem called Islam cannot be solved unless all non-Muslims develop a stomach for violence similar to Muslims and proceed to exterminate followers of a political ideology masquerading as religion. Else, we are doomed.

  • RamRani Yvette Rosser

    Jihadi Islam is a required course in Pakistan at the secondary and college levels. All students in Pakistan are taught in their textbooks the Ideology of Pakistan which claims that, “Pakistan is prepared to lead the worldwide jihad in the near future.”
    However, there are millions of Pakistanis who oppose the mullahs and critique the sour ways that the ISI has ruined Pakistan. Their views are seldom reported and they are gagged by fear of retribution if they speak up their children may be shot on the way to school in was Malala Yousafzai. I personally know many Pakistani who are as open-minded and clear hearted as any of my aware and spiritually inclined, articulate, evolved friends. These Pakistanis, who live near the centre of terror and mayhem, must be supported and given the opportunity to speak.