The Kejriwal Saga: Evading punishment

We haven’t seen the last of such skulduggery by Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is indeed an inventive genius.  The maverick leader of the shadowy political outfit  has proven to harbour way too many tricks up his sleeve.

KejriwalA recent incident proves how he brandished yet another new trick. After Kejriwal and his teammates got embroiled in the infamous case of abetting the alleged suicide of Gajendra  Singh, a farmer from Dausa, he rushed his trusted lieutenant Sanjay Singh on an SOS mission to silence the potential witnesses against the Aam Aadmi Party. Multiple telecasts of the echoes of the hostile voices of the family members of the deceased farmer made Kejri  realise that there was only one method of  escaping the criminal charges against his party—mollify the likely witnesses.

And so Kejriwal decided post haste, to  send a cheque of Ten Lakh Rupees from his party to the family of Gajendra Singh on the spurious plea of helping them in their hour of distress. After consulting legal experts, Kejriwal and his associates had become aware of the gravity of the crime they had committed. The fact that punishment for abetment of suicide could result in  imprisonment for three years, prompted the AAP leaders to opt for the legally questionable road of influencing the witnesses.

Prima facie, the dirty trick devised by Kejriwal has helped the AAP to some extent by softening the hostile attitude of the family members of Gajendra. In addition to the hefty financial help,  Kejriwal also bowed to the demands of the family members of the deceased by agreeing to declare Gajendra Singh a “Shaheed Kisan”  and promising a government  job to one of the dependents of the hapless farmer.  Unfortunately for the leading lights of the AAP, the story does not and will not end there.

In the eyes of the law, what Kejriwal has done is nothing short of open bribery aimed at obstructing the administration of justice which is an offence punishable under Section 214 of the Indian Penal Code which forbids the offering of any gift or property in consideration of screening an offender from punishment.  Here’s the text of Section 214 of the Indian Penal Code:

  1. Whoever gives, or causes or offer, or agrees to give or cause,  any   gratification to any person, or restores or cause the restoration of any property to any person, in consideration of  his screening any person from  legal punishment for any offence, or  of his not proceeding against any person for bringing him to legal punishment, shall, if the offence is punishable with death, be  punished  with imprisonment of either description  for a term  which may extend to seven years, and shall be also liable to fine ; and if the offence is punishable with imprisonment for life, or which  imprisonment may extend to ten years, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a tem which may extend to three years, and shall be liable to fine; and if  the offence is punishable with imprisonment not extending to ten years, shall be punished with imprisonment of the description  provided for the offence for a term which may extend to one-fourth part of  the longest term  of imprisonment provided  for the offence, or with fine, or with both.

Yet another scheming ploy invented by Kejriwal  to escape the long arm of the law was to make the District Magistrate  order a magisterial enquiry into the death of Gajendra Singh. It was aimed at stopping the police from investigating the crime. Taking advantage of his position as Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal further persuaded  the District Magistrate to  threaten the Police Commissioner with prosecution under Section 188 of the  I.P.C. if the latter defied the order of the District Magistrate seeking details of the police investigation. Mercifully the Commissioner of Police did not succumb  to the vainglorious  pressure mounted on him.

Kejriwal now rushed the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Chanakyapuri to the mortuary in a bid to prevent  the timely post mortem of  Gajendra Singh. The SDM advanced the plea that as he had been ordered by the Delhi State government to conduct a magisterial inquest into  the death of Gajendra Singh, the post-mortem should be done only after his approval.

However, this bluff initiated at the instance of Kejriwal was nipped in the bud by officers of the Police Commissioner who asked the SDM to produce a copy of  the order of the District Magistrate authorizing him to conduct  the proposed inquest. Apparently, by recourse to verbal orders, the SDM had been made to rush to  the mortuary in a clumsy bid to forestall the post-mortem even before the formal orders for magisterial inquest had been issued by the District Magistrate.

Of course, we haven’t seen the last of such skulduggery by Arvind Kejriwal and his anarchist group which goes by the name of a political party. Their record—short as it is, has been consistent in openly chaffing at the Constitution and democratic institutions and procedures.Ultimately, it is time for Delhi voters to ponder over their choice of a wonky Arvind Kejriwal as their Chief Minister.

Ram Ohri is a former IPS officer and writes regularly on security issues, demographics, and occasionally, on policy.
  • Jayanth Kumar Pudota

    According to the author’s view, Kejriwal must go to Jail for 3 years due to a farmer’s suiside in Delhi. So, There are thousands of farmer’s commiting suiside in India every year. So how many years of jail term must the PM Modi deserve?

  • Sir, if you really look into the incident with a rational open eye, you would see that it was not even a suicide. It was an accident. Irrespective of what the media says, or any political party says, I believe (sitting in Assam, watching clips, reading interviews and press coverage) that it was an accident. Gajendra’s sister has admitted that he was a show-off winning moustache and turban wearing competitions. He used to visit BJP meetings as well among other party meetings to attract eyeballs and fame. Even on the fateful day, he called his sister to say that he would come home the next day and that she would see him on national TV ‘today’. He wore one of his best looking turbans for the meeting. Initially he climbed a little, then a little more, then a little more… He tried all tricks to attract the media. When all failed he tried the noose trick.. he was standing on the branch shouting at the TV crew with his neck on the noose, when he must have slipped… Being a police man, I am sure you can arrive at a better conclusion than mine.. please try.

    • N.Paramasivam

      Yes, it is not suicide. But the AAP leaders in dias, actually encouraged his sitting in tree. and the volunteers also encouraged him to move up in the tree branch. From paper reports, I understand that Sisodaya invited him to take part in AAP protest dressed like a farmer. In the final analysis one would conclude that it is abetment to suicide.

  • Dr. MS

    I used to work for the better image and better understanding of India, Indians (of all communities) and Third World nations when I was abroad. After coming to India I realize I am attacked for trivial reasons (like my name, my ethnicity, etc.)…while men like Kejriwal get reelected after walking out on his job the first time, working against his own government with ample hatred for working class men like Modi. How insane is that? Who has funded this guy?

    They attack me because of my Brahmin name though I have fought against casteism (know the difference between caste versus casteism), workers’ rights, women’s rights, disempowered people’s rights, Black rights, victims’ right, for women’s power, against child labor and against inequality, injustice, disparity, elitism, etc….My entire life was and is committed to social justice issues. But Kejriwal gets elected in spite of quitting on his job and doing nothing on serious issues…except to be a pain to a PM who worked hard to come up in his life.

    India amuses me…but after one year of being in India I have become exhausted, depressed, sad and scared. These are feelings I did not have even when dealing with an ex husband who had Huntington’s Disease: an incurable neurodegenerative illness that affects the body and the mind. I was tired of taking care of a disabled man who was needy without support and help for myself. But even then, with so many challenges and so many difficulties, I never felt scared or frightened. But one year in India I feel scared, frightened and worried about what this country would do to me, and women like me.

    There is no understanding of women like me…just harshness and cruelty.

    How can I remain a health happy X chromosome that I was born to be, born into and raised into…and be productive, competent, excited and innovative, and contribute successfully to this country, when surrounded by too many damaged harsh controlling attacking Y-chromosomes and needy, pretentious not-so-smart X-chromosomes.

    Goddess help me, and let me leave in one piece somewhere besides India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the US (which is declining rapidly), Saudi Arabia, England, France, etc.

    And let those who hurt me, control me and try to frighten me or bring down my mood, confidence or clarity…never follow me. Let them perish in their Narak. Let me have my own country…It is time I, the Goddess, deserved that.

    • guest

      Wish you such a space at least in your heart and mind—-and hopefully ‘out there’ as well. May be, just may be there is a place and many people out there would care….wishing you the best

      • Dr. MS

        Thank you, it is nice to see a cultured man at last.

        In India a strong woman is hated, but when she cries men feel both contempt for her and macho and protective towards her. It is a pathetic screwed up male psychology that is going to go the way of Saudi, or Sudan. Very sad., India does not strengthen its women at all…it merely weakens her and then claims to be caring. Or…it treats her so harshly that she becomes a villi like in many Hindi and Tamil films. Indians drive their women into negation, negativity and neglect….and then worship the woman idol. How pathetic is that? This is why my cleaning lady converted. She got tired of looking to Hinduism for salvation. Because your male Hinduism is destroying Hinduism. You are your own enemies…and you guys don’t see it.

        You nen don’t have to reclaim Hinduism or reform it…as much as know it properly. Most of you don’t.

        Best wishes Guest…

        • guest

          agreed on so many accounts, ….

    • P. B. Josh

      Dear Dr. MS. There are certain things in life that we can never explain through any logic. In Western World, they are blunt and say, “Life is unfair, live with it”. In Hinduism we explain such things on Karma (of this life and previous lives). I hope in the end everything work out for you. You have been strong all your life, please don’t give up now. Rest assured voters will punish Kejriwal and his elk. Kejriwal never stuck to one place long enough in his life. Who knows by electing him God has punished him already.

      • Dr. MS

        I think Karma is used a lot to rationalize sexism, tolerate injustice and all kinds of laziness in India. I don’t think people know my abilities, achievements and who I am. I struggle for basic respect in a country to which I returned after thirty years. . I did it on my own. I owe nothing to a country that produces mostly losers (like the fools that have been writing insults to me on these weblogs). You should be beating them up in stead of asking me to be strong. I regret coming to this country, There were people who made fun of me for being Indian in stead of admiring me for keeping my passport when I could have been a citizen of another country more than fifteen years ago. But India has always insulted women like me…which is why when I leave this time I will never look back. And I will never want to return. My attachments will all be disconnected. I cannot be the unofficial ambassador or the face of optimism for you all. I need to move on. It has been a difficult decision for me to say, “India is no longer my country and never will be. Women like me will never return to this country. When I board my plane…I hope it is my last goodbye and any doubts of making another place my home would all be gone. Your country has hurt me beyond belief. When I leave it is your loss, not mine”. When one finds a man with Huntington’s Disease easier to talk to than the people I meet every day in this country…it is time to say goodbye”. Tamil Nadu and Chennai takes the cake. I really don’t like this State or the city. I really don’t”. Good luck.

        • Abyss

          In pretty much all your comments of such nature, you don’t fail to remind us that you’ve returned to India from US, and, that you’ve worked on rights of several groups etc. Until you let go of this attitude, I don’t believe you would really “settle” in. Yes, it’s chaotic, and btw, North is much worse than the South (we’ve discussed the aggression part before, and, how it needs to be analyzed in depth), however, you should not really view India from the prism of your experience in the US. Moreover, you also need to accept the fact that certain things, much to your disliking, are a part of the local culture/habits, which you can not really change. This is where Karma helps in dealing with situations where people find it hard to let go. It helps to identify the sphere of influence one has over nature of things. You need to either deal with it, or, bail out.

          • Dr. MS

            By settling in you mean conform to third rate men and patriarchy. No! I will never do that. But keep voting for Sonia and few others…you nearly did. With 800 million Hindus what have you achieved? What? You attack smart women and send them away , and then you wonder why you are only little better than Sudan, Saudi and Waziristan?

          • Abyss

            If we haven’t achieved anything, why are you back? Only to make us realize that the males of this country are scumbags?

            The breakdown of the society is not a one way street, perhaps, following items would sober you up:


            Now, I’ve been a victim of false 498a, so, going by your logic of generalizations, I should accuse and spew venom against all females who are not directly related to me. Because this is exactly what you are doing.

          • Dr. MS

            India’s patriarchy is a serious problem Abyss. I do not know who you work for. I sometimes wonder if people like you are sort of pushing the country towards chaos…so it can be converted fully or cleansed (in some idyllic way).Part of leadership is to persist…but that persistence must come with support and not “battering’.

            So, according to you I must conform to you third rate system that you yourself are complaining about, or bail out? What logic is that? Why are you on these websites reading articles on various problems against people, and responding if just going along with the karma is all you can do? Is that not hypocritical of you?

            Do you see the deep contradiction in your statements? It is not very smart or very honest. But that is what gives weapons to your enemies…and you are probably too short sighted to see that.

            Good luck…you are going to need it.

          • Abyss

            Well, good luck with the persistence then!
            (There is no contradiction in my mind, but, I won’t elaborate since I don’t wish to continue with this pointless debate.)

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    What AK is doing is really shameful and disgusting. How is it that Anna has not reacted to tthe antics of the suputra.

    • Saturnsson

      This Anna and all are part of BREAKING INDIA forces some knowingly like Kejriwal and the whole Ultra Leftist Brigade of SAAP while Anna unknowingly.

    • Bhartiya

      Anna is a puppet, the strings that control puppet keeps changing!