Media buries the Nun gang rape

“I don’t see how you can on the one hand say that one must accept the primacy of the UN and of UN authority, and on the other hand say that you should never question national sovereignty. I actually think, and think very strongly that sovereignty is defined in a nineteenth century way as though it was a sort of great monument, which international lawyers crept up to and vandalized at night stealing a bit here and bit there. I think that’s a very out-of-day way of looking at it. The notion is, if I may make the point in a biological way, I don’t accept either that sovereignty is like virginity: that it’s there for one moment and gone for all time the next. I think very often you extend your sovereignty by agreeing to share it. And I know of no way in which we can promote greater cooperation in dealing with global problems other than by sharing sovereignty and other than by recognising that sometimes the national interest is best pursued by sharing responsibility with others, which is what I meant about a post-modern state.”

This was Chris Patten, then Commissioner for External Relations, European Union and Chancellor of Oxford University at a select gathering in Madras University speaking on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building on 27 November 2003. Also present at the meeting organized by the now defunct Centre for Security Analysis, was MK Narayanan who would later take over as Sonia Gandhi’s National Security Adviser after the sudden and mysterious death of JN Dixit. MK Narayanan used Hemant Karkare to invent “saffron terror”, an idea used gleefully by Pakistan and domestic jihadis after every act of terrorism against the country.

Lord Chris Patten“The country has a responsibility towards all of us – every human being – and not just cows. Instead of citizenship we are now speaking more about religiosity.”

The absurd but predictable observation about cows and religiosity was made by Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, on his way to Ranaghat, reacting to the alleged gangrape of a nun in Kolkata. There is something startlingly similar about both statements; they were made by high-profile Christian political and religious leaders who do not practice what they preach.

Considering Cardinal Cleemis made the cow/religiosity remark dressed in the Vatican’s full and formal clerical, religious regalia, and considering he hails from a state which tops the list on meat consumption, where cows and cattle from neighbouring states are transported for slaughter[i], it is to be expected of a Christian religious leader who has made a profession of Christian religiosity and dresses the part to speak against Hindu religiosity and speak derogatorily about the cow, about an article of Hindu faith which believes 33 crore Hindu devas and devis reside in the body of the cow. Cardinal Cleemis chose to ignore the fact that he and his co-religionists in India are living in the midst of Hindus who constitute the majority populace of the country and whose religious sentiments he was insulting gratuitously and with impunity. It of course begs the question if Cleemis would have sounded as plaintive about religiosity if ‘cows’ were to be replaced by ‘crosses’.

This is the time and place to tell Cardinal Cleemis that typical of Christian perfidy, notwithstanding his condescending advice to Narendra Modi about cows and religiosity, and notwithstanding the vow of chastity which is mandatory for Christian priesthood, the Church – Catholic and Protestant alike –  has been eternally damned by proven charges of rape and sodomy of young boys across continents by Christian priests. And also that in India church-funded NGOs routinely indulge in human and child trafficking.[ii]

The stench of Mamata Banerjee’s decision not to arrest anyone for the alleged rape of the septuagenarian nun was overpowering. That no arrests were made in the first 24 hours after the alleged crime and not even a week later, considering this was a Christian nun and not simply an ordinary brown skinned Indian woman, despite repeated assertions in hysterical 24 hour English news channels about CCTV cameras having caught the alleged perpetrators on camera, made me suspect that probably, there may be an Abrahamic angle to the crime.

It bears mention that the media has so far not reported if the gangrape of the Ranaghat nun has been clinically established; the media which unfailingly goes out of the way to mention the religion of the criminals if they are Hindus but never when they are of the Abrahamic cults, conversely makes it a point to mention the religion of the victims if they are Muslims or Christians but never when the victims are Hindus.

Remember similar media hysteria in 1998 over the Jhabua nun rape case when the NDA was in power and the Kandhamal nun fake rape case? The obnoxious Digvijay Singh, the then CM of Madhya Pradesh, NDTV 24 cross 7 and Frontline laid the rape of the Jhabua nuns at the door of Hindu organizations simply because the VHP was speaking loudly against religious conversion. When the truth proved contrary to secular fiction, that in Jhabua, a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, all the accused were local tribal people and twelve of the accused were tribal Christians, the media fell silent and the case disappeared from public view.

digvijayAnd then there was the Kandhamal nun gangrape case in 2008. The concerned nun appeared on television channels one month after the alleged rape when she is almost certain to have washed and bathed, thus washing away all bodily fluids, hers and those of the alleged rapists, so rape can no longer be established or proven clinically. Rajeev Srinivasan posted his comment in 2008 on the fake rape in his blog Shadow Warrior[iii], expressing the general Hindu scepticism over the gangrape which suffered comic depreciation value when it was scaled down to rape by one individual and then further scaled down to sexual assault.

The deep mistrust of Hindus over the role of media in slandering Hindu organizations was justified when the first acquittal in this media-hyped fake rape of the nun in Kandhamal came last week. Ananga Pradhan one of the accused in the nun fake rape case was acquitted by the district court on 17 March 2015 “for want of sufficient evidence and negative medical test reports.” [iv]  In plain English: Prosecution could not establish rape, leave alone gangrape of the Kandhamal nun or even sexual assault. No leading English newspaper or leading 24/7 English news channel thought it fit to inform the country about this acquittal—which only proves that when truth is contrary to media fiction, the media buries its head in the sand, not simply to hide from the truth but also hoping we will not see them. And this is what a neo-nazi white supremacist Christian website says about the Orissa fake nun rape case except that the fiction now gets larger in size for dramatic effect; five men fiction is enlarged to forty men bathos.[v]

If tribal people in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand, Gujarat and Bihar are attacking churches and missionaries, if Graham Staines was burnt alive, then the truth has to be spoken and written bluntly – Christian missionaries like Teresa of Albania are not about service and pure love; they are about religious conversion, profiteering, about building an industry from the raw material of people’s misery. Christian NGOs are also about kidnapping children and selling them abroad, about sodomising tribal boys and about human trafficking. In Tamil Nadu, a well-networked child trafficking gang was headed by a Christian priest from Padappai.[vi]  This news report naming foreign paedophiles, the tricks of their trade and the NGOs they run as cover for child abuse, is a must read for Cardinal Baselios Cleemis.

It must be said, Indian media’s routine disinformation campaigns about Christian missionaries compare favourably with neo-nazi websites.

CNN-IBN’s Smitha Nair scoffed at the idea that Pakistan’s ISI may have plotted the attack against the Ranaghat nun[vii] making her preference for “fringe Hindutva outfit” as rapists clear but news that the North Dinajpur SP had detained two Bangladeshi Muslims Mukul Alam and Mohammed Majid is a story unfolding even as I write this and it may turn out that once again, the truth may be contrary to media fiction.[viii]

I have just one point of serious disagreement with Madhav Nalapat’s otherwise effective expose of the role of the ISI in hiring mercenaries to carry out the sudden, escalated attacks against churches and Christian missionaries. Nalapat refers to Indian Christians as being peaceful and prosperous. Prosperous they may be but so long as they subscribe to religious conversion they are hardly peaceful. And if we look back at the history of Christianity and the methods adopted by the Church as it expanded across continents, Indian Christians must share the Church’s guilt and shame not only for the methods the church employed for expansion but also for the attendant sins of genocide, colonialism, slavery and despicable crimes against women and children.  So it hardly behoves Cardinal Baselios Cleemis to lecture to the Hindu nation about cow and religiosity.

The Generic Church has always used political power to expand and consolidate its power over non-Christian countries and peoples. The Generic Church – churches of all denominations, white Christian countries like America, European Union, pan-national instruments crafted by the Generic Church as instruments of power like the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, international human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, global funding agencies like USAID, DFID, AID, ActionAid, World Vision International – is driven by the manic desire to control the world using any and all weapons of war, overt and covert.

aidUsing geopolitics as leverage in the global economy is the Generic Church’s latest weapon of war and national sovereignty is its primary target. The Generic Church uses NATO and EU military might to invade, occupy, ravage and eventually destroy non-Christian nations in the guise of humanitarian intervention, which to put it impolitely, is a load of BS. It uses non-military but militant human rights organizations and other watchdog bodies like the USCIRF to aggressively interfere in the domestic affairs of foreign countries where America and EU have specific geostrategic and geopolitical objectives.

The termites around Narendra Modi him should read Chris Patten’s unapologetic and hard-nosed articulation of the Generic Church’s vision and plan for a unipolar Christian world order.[ix] Leslee Udwin’s porno-documentary of Nirbhaya’s rapists, President Obama’s gratuitous reference to eroding religious freedom in India, the resolution introduced in the US House of Representatives last week, “condemning Dalit untouchability, the practice of birth-descent discrimination against Dalit people which is widely practiced in India, Nepal, the Asian diaspora, and other South Asian nations…” are all of a piece which Chris Patten termed “sharing sovereignty” which is geopolitical jargon for interference by white Christian countries and agencies in what is none of their business.

India and China as the only two non-Christian, non-Muslim nation-civilizations which have survived both Islam and the Generic Church, have always been on the American and EU radar but with a RSS pracharak as Prime Minister, American knives have sharpened against Hindus and the Hindu nation. America on several occasions has not ratified international conventions, has always maintained that their domestic laws carry more weight in the US than international laws, has taken it for granted that it can and will use economic and military aid, foreign investment, IMF and World Bank loans, and participation in global economy as weapons to beat countries into submission. And then of course there is always the threat of economic sanctions.

America does not want Narendra Modi’a government to have a Hindu agenda; not that Modi is chafing at the bit to fulfil any Hindu aspiration. If anything, politics of minorityism under Narendra Modi seems to have received a fillip after Barack’s lecture to Hindus on religious freedom and Gandhi’s vision for India.  The BJP as the blind, deaf, dumb and mindless partner in J&K, Nitin Gadkari meeting with Muslim slaughter-house owners and butchers in New Delhi, and Narendra Modi attending a Christian circus in Delhi on Mahashivratri being cases in point.

At the very minimum, reciprocity must be the governing principle of our foreign policy. If all that Narendra Modi is capable of is more Gujral Doctrine vis a vis Pakistan, I shudder to think of how far America and the rest of the Generic Church will push India to “share” more and more of her national sovereignty.  Nirbhaya’s rapist porno-docu, the USCIRF demanding that it be allowed to come to India, the anti-India resolution tabled in the US House of Representatives, the new and empowered high decibel assertion of the church in India – this is just the beginning. That America and the EU intend to attack and subvert Modi’s promise to the nation for development and prosperity for all, by placing hurdles in India’s economic growth was inadvertently disclosed by Baselios Cleemis when he said, “It has caused anxiety within the community. Such attacks are bad for India’s image globally and bad for the economy”. The Christian cat is out of the bag.

A word of well-meaning advice for Narendra Modi: If reciprocity is the very minimum that we should insist in our foreign policy, then ruthless demonstration of our intent should be the driving force. Mr. Prime Minister, Kurukshetra is here and now: if you run away from the smaller battles or if you concede defeat on the battlefield, the war is won by our enemy even before it starts. Mr. Prime Minister, senior officials from MHA and MEA should now begin the trend of holding press conferences to counter every move that America, the EU and the church makes about women’s issues, dalit rights, freedom of religion, religious conversion, Indo-Pak relations, India’s nuclear programme, relations with Russia or Iran or any issue which concerns India but is none of America’s business – with statements about:

  • UNSC is a privileged club or oligarchy of nations (if there is continued resistance to India’s claim for a permanent seat in the UNSC)
  • Bretton Woods Bandits
  • The immorality of the 13 year economic embargo against Iraq which killed millions of Iraqi men, women and children
  • The UN oil-for-food programme was global loot led by America of Iraq’s wealth
  • The Volcker Commission was a gigantic red herring to distract world attention away from the loot of Iraq’s wealth through the oil-for-food programme
  • Protestant America and Catholic Vatican routinely partner each other to destroy other countries – mention Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia and Soviet Union as cases in point
  • The USCIRF is just a street corner bully who picks on weak victims
  • Christianity is inherently anti-woman and inherently genocidal
  • There are more African-Americans under Correctional Control (polite for prisons) today than in slave-holding America[x]

This is for starters. Have one person in your PMO, Mr. Prime Minister for just intellectual counterterrorism strategy. Once MEA and MHA begin to launch their missiles, then grab the mike. A strong and determined statement of intent can be made by first announcing and then doing the following four things:

  • Revoke missionary visa policy
  • Ban all foreign funds to NGOs
  • All-India law to ban religious conversion
  • Uniform, all-India law to ban cow slaughter; cow includes male progeny of cow

And watch how the Christian evangelical industry in India and abroad choke on their food.


[i] Kerala is the highest consumer of meat, with its daily requirement touching 5,000 tonnes, according to the State Animal Husbandry Department. Close to 80 per cent of the State’s population is non-vegetarian, says Animal Husbandry Director R. Vijayakumar. “But domestic production of meat (beef, mutton, and chicken) is only around 264.31 tonnes. In 2009-10, a record 6.1 million cattle came into the State through various check-posts; another 1.8 million are estimated to have entered unchecked. Of the 33 million people in Kerala, according to Mr. Vijaykumar, Christians and Muslims together constitute around 47 per cent and most of the meat-eaters are from these communities.









[x] (Racism and Incarceration: African Americans in US jails)