Media buries the Nun gang rape

“I don’t see how you can on the one hand say that one must accept the primacy of the UN and of UN authority, and on the other hand say that you should never question national sovereignty. I actually think, and think very strongly that sovereignty is defined in a nineteenth century way as though it was a sort of great monument, which international lawyers crept up to and vandalized at night stealing a bit here and bit there. I think that’s a very out-of-day way of looking at it. The notion is, if I may make the point in a biological way, I don’t accept either that sovereignty is like virginity: that it’s there for one moment and gone for all time the next. I think very often you extend your sovereignty by agreeing to share it. And I know of no way in which we can promote greater cooperation in dealing with global problems other than by sharing sovereignty and other than by recognising that sometimes the national interest is best pursued by sharing responsibility with others, which is what I meant about a post-modern state.”

This was Chris Patten, then Commissioner for External Relations, European Union and Chancellor of Oxford University at a select gathering in Madras University speaking on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building on 27 November 2003. Also present at the meeting organized by the now defunct Centre for Security Analysis, was MK Narayanan who would later take over as Sonia Gandhi’s National Security Adviser after the sudden and mysterious death of JN Dixit. MK Narayanan used Hemant Karkare to invent “saffron terror”, an idea used gleefully by Pakistan and domestic jihadis after every act of terrorism against the country.

Lord Chris Patten“The country has a responsibility towards all of us – every human being – and not just cows. Instead of citizenship we are now speaking more about religiosity.”

The absurd but predictable observation about cows and religiosity was made by Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, on his way to Ranaghat, reacting to the alleged gangrape of a nun in Kolkata. There is something startlingly similar about both statements; they were made by high-profile Christian political and religious leaders who do not practice what they preach.

Considering Cardinal Cleemis made the cow/religiosity remark dressed in the Vatican’s full and formal clerical, religious regalia, and considering he hails from a state which tops the list on meat consumption, where cows and cattle from neighbouring states are transported for slaughter[i], it is to be expected of a Christian religious leader who has made a profession of Christian religiosity and dresses the part to speak against Hindu religiosity and speak derogatorily about the cow, about an article of Hindu faith which believes 33 crore Hindu devas and devis reside in the body of the cow. Cardinal Cleemis chose to ignore the fact that he and his co-religionists in India are living in the midst of Hindus who constitute the majority populace of the country and whose religious sentiments he was insulting gratuitously and with impunity. It of course begs the question if Cleemis would have sounded as plaintive about religiosity if ‘cows’ were to be replaced by ‘crosses’.

This is the time and place to tell Cardinal Cleemis that typical of Christian perfidy, notwithstanding his condescending advice to Narendra Modi about cows and religiosity, and notwithstanding the vow of chastity which is mandatory for Christian priesthood, the Church – Catholic and Protestant alike –  has been eternally damned by proven charges of rape and sodomy of young boys across continents by Christian priests. And also that in India church-funded NGOs routinely indulge in human and child trafficking.[ii]

The stench of Mamata Banerjee’s decision not to arrest anyone for the alleged rape of the septuagenarian nun was overpowering. That no arrests were made in the first 24 hours after the alleged crime and not even a week later, considering this was a Christian nun and not simply an ordinary brown skinned Indian woman, despite repeated assertions in hysterical 24 hour English news channels about CCTV cameras having caught the alleged perpetrators on camera, made me suspect that probably, there may be an Abrahamic angle to the crime.

It bears mention that the media has so far not reported if the gangrape of the Ranaghat nun has been clinically established; the media which unfailingly goes out of the way to mention the religion of the criminals if they are Hindus but never when they are of the Abrahamic cults, conversely makes it a point to mention the religion of the victims if they are Muslims or Christians but never when the victims are Hindus.

Remember similar media hysteria in 1998 over the Jhabua nun rape case when the NDA was in power and the Kandhamal nun fake rape case? The obnoxious Digvijay Singh, the then CM of Madhya Pradesh, NDTV 24 cross 7 and Frontline laid the rape of the Jhabua nuns at the door of Hindu organizations simply because the VHP was speaking loudly against religious conversion. When the truth proved contrary to secular fiction, that in Jhabua, a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, all the accused were local tribal people and twelve of the accused were tribal Christians, the media fell silent and the case disappeared from public view.

digvijayAnd then there was the Kandhamal nun gangrape case in 2008. The concerned nun appeared on television channels one month after the alleged rape when she is almost certain to have washed and bathed, thus washing away all bodily fluids, hers and those of the alleged rapists, so rape can no longer be established or proven clinically. Rajeev Srinivasan posted his comment in 2008 on the fake rape in his blog Shadow Warrior[iii], expressing the general Hindu scepticism over the gangrape which suffered comic depreciation value when it was scaled down to rape by one individual and then further scaled down to sexual assault.

The deep mistrust of Hindus over the role of media in slandering Hindu organizations was justified when the first acquittal in this media-hyped fake rape of the nun in Kandhamal came last week. Ananga Pradhan one of the accused in the nun fake rape case was acquitted by the district court on 17 March 2015 “for want of sufficient evidence and negative medical test reports.” [iv]  In plain English: Prosecution could not establish rape, leave alone gangrape of the Kandhamal nun or even sexual assault. No leading English newspaper or leading 24/7 English news channel thought it fit to inform the country about this acquittal—which only proves that when truth is contrary to media fiction, the media buries its head in the sand, not simply to hide from the truth but also hoping we will not see them. And this is what a neo-nazi white supremacist Christian website says about the Orissa fake nun rape case except that the fiction now gets larger in size for dramatic effect; five men fiction is enlarged to forty men bathos.[v]

If tribal people in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand, Gujarat and Bihar are attacking churches and missionaries, if Graham Staines was burnt alive, then the truth has to be spoken and written bluntly – Christian missionaries like Teresa of Albania are not about service and pure love; they are about religious conversion, profiteering, about building an industry from the raw material of people’s misery. Christian NGOs are also about kidnapping children and selling them abroad, about sodomising tribal boys and about human trafficking. In Tamil Nadu, a well-networked child trafficking gang was headed by a Christian priest from Padappai.[vi]  This news report naming foreign paedophiles, the tricks of their trade and the NGOs they run as cover for child abuse, is a must read for Cardinal Baselios Cleemis.

It must be said, Indian media’s routine disinformation campaigns about Christian missionaries compare favourably with neo-nazi websites.

CNN-IBN’s Smitha Nair scoffed at the idea that Pakistan’s ISI may have plotted the attack against the Ranaghat nun[vii] making her preference for “fringe Hindutva outfit” as rapists clear but news that the North Dinajpur SP had detained two Bangladeshi Muslims Mukul Alam and Mohammed Majid is a story unfolding even as I write this and it may turn out that once again, the truth may be contrary to media fiction.[viii]

I have just one point of serious disagreement with Madhav Nalapat’s otherwise effective expose of the role of the ISI in hiring mercenaries to carry out the sudden, escalated attacks against churches and Christian missionaries. Nalapat refers to Indian Christians as being peaceful and prosperous. Prosperous they may be but so long as they subscribe to religious conversion they are hardly peaceful. And if we look back at the history of Christianity and the methods adopted by the Church as it expanded across continents, Indian Christians must share the Church’s guilt and shame not only for the methods the church employed for expansion but also for the attendant sins of genocide, colonialism, slavery and despicable crimes against women and children.  So it hardly behoves Cardinal Baselios Cleemis to lecture to the Hindu nation about cow and religiosity.

The Generic Church has always used political power to expand and consolidate its power over non-Christian countries and peoples. The Generic Church – churches of all denominations, white Christian countries like America, European Union, pan-national instruments crafted by the Generic Church as instruments of power like the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, international human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, global funding agencies like USAID, DFID, AID, ActionAid, World Vision International – is driven by the manic desire to control the world using any and all weapons of war, overt and covert.

aidUsing geopolitics as leverage in the global economy is the Generic Church’s latest weapon of war and national sovereignty is its primary target. The Generic Church uses NATO and EU military might to invade, occupy, ravage and eventually destroy non-Christian nations in the guise of humanitarian intervention, which to put it impolitely, is a load of BS. It uses non-military but militant human rights organizations and other watchdog bodies like the USCIRF to aggressively interfere in the domestic affairs of foreign countries where America and EU have specific geostrategic and geopolitical objectives.

The termites around Narendra Modi him should read Chris Patten’s unapologetic and hard-nosed articulation of the Generic Church’s vision and plan for a unipolar Christian world order.[ix] Leslee Udwin’s porno-documentary of Nirbhaya’s rapists, President Obama’s gratuitous reference to eroding religious freedom in India, the resolution introduced in the US House of Representatives last week, “condemning Dalit untouchability, the practice of birth-descent discrimination against Dalit people which is widely practiced in India, Nepal, the Asian diaspora, and other South Asian nations…” are all of a piece which Chris Patten termed “sharing sovereignty” which is geopolitical jargon for interference by white Christian countries and agencies in what is none of their business.

India and China as the only two non-Christian, non-Muslim nation-civilizations which have survived both Islam and the Generic Church, have always been on the American and EU radar but with a RSS pracharak as Prime Minister, American knives have sharpened against Hindus and the Hindu nation. America on several occasions has not ratified international conventions, has always maintained that their domestic laws carry more weight in the US than international laws, has taken it for granted that it can and will use economic and military aid, foreign investment, IMF and World Bank loans, and participation in global economy as weapons to beat countries into submission. And then of course there is always the threat of economic sanctions.

America does not want Narendra Modi’a government to have a Hindu agenda; not that Modi is chafing at the bit to fulfil any Hindu aspiration. If anything, politics of minorityism under Narendra Modi seems to have received a fillip after Barack’s lecture to Hindus on religious freedom and Gandhi’s vision for India.  The BJP as the blind, deaf, dumb and mindless partner in J&K, Nitin Gadkari meeting with Muslim slaughter-house owners and butchers in New Delhi, and Narendra Modi attending a Christian circus in Delhi on Mahashivratri being cases in point.

At the very minimum, reciprocity must be the governing principle of our foreign policy. If all that Narendra Modi is capable of is more Gujral Doctrine vis a vis Pakistan, I shudder to think of how far America and the rest of the Generic Church will push India to “share” more and more of her national sovereignty.  Nirbhaya’s rapist porno-docu, the USCIRF demanding that it be allowed to come to India, the anti-India resolution tabled in the US House of Representatives, the new and empowered high decibel assertion of the church in India – this is just the beginning. That America and the EU intend to attack and subvert Modi’s promise to the nation for development and prosperity for all, by placing hurdles in India’s economic growth was inadvertently disclosed by Baselios Cleemis when he said, “It has caused anxiety within the community. Such attacks are bad for India’s image globally and bad for the economy”. The Christian cat is out of the bag.

A word of well-meaning advice for Narendra Modi: If reciprocity is the very minimum that we should insist in our foreign policy, then ruthless demonstration of our intent should be the driving force. Mr. Prime Minister, Kurukshetra is here and now: if you run away from the smaller battles or if you concede defeat on the battlefield, the war is won by our enemy even before it starts. Mr. Prime Minister, senior officials from MHA and MEA should now begin the trend of holding press conferences to counter every move that America, the EU and the church makes about women’s issues, dalit rights, freedom of religion, religious conversion, Indo-Pak relations, India’s nuclear programme, relations with Russia or Iran or any issue which concerns India but is none of America’s business – with statements about:

  • UNSC is a privileged club or oligarchy of nations (if there is continued resistance to India’s claim for a permanent seat in the UNSC)
  • Bretton Woods Bandits
  • The immorality of the 13 year economic embargo against Iraq which killed millions of Iraqi men, women and children
  • The UN oil-for-food programme was global loot led by America of Iraq’s wealth
  • The Volcker Commission was a gigantic red herring to distract world attention away from the loot of Iraq’s wealth through the oil-for-food programme
  • Protestant America and Catholic Vatican routinely partner each other to destroy other countries – mention Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia and Soviet Union as cases in point
  • The USCIRF is just a street corner bully who picks on weak victims
  • Christianity is inherently anti-woman and inherently genocidal
  • There are more African-Americans under Correctional Control (polite for prisons) today than in slave-holding America[x]

This is for starters. Have one person in your PMO, Mr. Prime Minister for just intellectual counterterrorism strategy. Once MEA and MHA begin to launch their missiles, then grab the mike. A strong and determined statement of intent can be made by first announcing and then doing the following four things:

  • Revoke missionary visa policy
  • Ban all foreign funds to NGOs
  • All-India law to ban religious conversion
  • Uniform, all-India law to ban cow slaughter; cow includes male progeny of cow

And watch how the Christian evangelical industry in India and abroad choke on their food.


[i] Kerala is the highest consumer of meat, with its daily requirement touching 5,000 tonnes, according to the State Animal Husbandry Department. Close to 80 per cent of the State’s population is non-vegetarian, says Animal Husbandry Director R. Vijayakumar. “But domestic production of meat (beef, mutton, and chicken) is only around 264.31 tonnes. In 2009-10, a record 6.1 million cattle came into the State through various check-posts; another 1.8 million are estimated to have entered unchecked. Of the 33 million people in Kerala, according to Mr. Vijaykumar, Christians and Muslims together constitute around 47 per cent and most of the meat-eaters are from these communities.









[x] (Racism and Incarceration: African Americans in US jails)'
Radha Rajan is a Chennai-based political analyst. She is also author and animal activist.
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  • Arjun Praveen

    I fully agree with the beef ban part ! Why should innocent animals like the cow be slaughtered!

  • Arjun Praveen

    With all due respect ma’am, would it be a sin to atleast for once acknowledge that a woman was raped, that too an elderly one! You of all people being a well read , respected person would know ! Bringing hindutva and Christianity into this issue makes no sense ! We know about the doings of the Church in the past and how they would stoop to any level but that is no basis to generalize the whole community ! Our very own fellow hindu priests are equally guilty in many such spheres with all the fake babas, the molestation casese etc. At the end, it comes down to the individual, so wouldn’t it not be better to write against aspects in the society which solicit immediate attention like reservation removal

  • Indian

    Who killed Swami Lakshmanananda in Orissa: FIR names Cheenath, arch bishop of Orissa, CIA Dog and sonia’s BF John Dayal,and sonia, what has been done to arrest these evil murderers? However, Sadhavi Pragya, Colonel Purohit, Colonel Upadhayay,and Swami Aroopananda are still in jail without charges for last 7 years. Know why?? Swami Aroopananda and Sadhavi Pragya were the Brave people who opposed the entry of THIS ITALIAN GUTTER BORN CHRISTIAN FUEHRER in Gujarat when this christian bigoted beast went in support of missionary animals in 2001 to Gujarat to create a ruckus, against Shabari Kumbh. (Refer even the ‘SLUT JOURNALISM” OF TOILET OF ITALY=TOI for it).Think of it.AND WHO ORDERED THE BROTHER OF “PIGVIJAY” called Arjun Singh, SLAVE CM of MP, to safely evacuate the MASS MURDERER OF BHOPAL WARREN ANDERSON by CM plane/ This Italian plant in India. 8 Brave Hindu Indian Army men died defending her decrepit life in Kashmir, with her Khalistani christian slave MMS, WHEN the life of a Brave Indian Armyman is worth 8 billion sonias. OR ENTIRE ITALY AND BURHAAS..And this evil Thankless white skinned rascal openly said on 7th Sept 2013 that she will wipe Saffron and Sangh..Madam sonia should be made to understand Timeless India culture as distinct from Non culture and pig sty existence of christian Italy, the hard way with her christian bloodthirsty nazi congis and VAT-I-CUNT Murder Inc the commie demons. In any other Islamic or even African country had she dared even 0.1% of what she did in India, despite foolish Hindus tax money providing the gutter born of all luxuries, long ago there nano scientists would have been forced to coin a new term

  • Indian

    Do not let them bury and be in Peace. SLAUGHTER THESE HEAVILY USED COMMIE-CHRISTIE KEEPS by creating a Firestorm on social media

    by the way WHY CANNOT WE HINDUS START A BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN AGAINST THESE VATICAN-ISI-CIA-ITALIAN Drug, Paedophile, child rape, Blue Film, prostitution, child blue film,MAFIA-OPUS DEI, ISIL ORGAN EATERS financed and bedwarming media whorehouses, (with overused Massive sized, stenchy cunt brigands like the crypto christian smitha nairs, burkhaa dattas, suar kaa gosts sorry Sagarika Ghosh and likes of PImps PORNO roys, VIDE SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN GERMANY CAN DO IT, when the Journalism concerned is just YELLOW JOURNALISM WHILE WE DEAL WITH BLUE JOURNALISM OF TOILET OF ITALY = TOI, NEFARIOUS DESHDROHI TV OF PORNO ROYS AND ITALIAN BASTARD NETWORK=IBN OF SUAR-DESAI

    The christian and Commie Loons and their resident sluts like smitha nairs and Burkhaa dattas should not be allowed to go scot free easily, they should be so viciously attacked that they wilt and loose their minds, rather they should take up acting in Blue Films

    We should be calling Hindus AND NATIONALISTS to boycott these BLUE MEDIA WHOREHOUSES

  • Indian

    Rapists Were Bangladeshis
    The criminals who robbed a church and raped a nun there have been arrested – it turns out they were Bangladeshis:

    No word from Christian sectarianists on whether they plan to apologize for blaming RSS.

    Why does the RSS need a apology. AND WHY NOT COUNTER ATTACK THE Likes of Smitha Nairs, Burkhaa Dattas, Sagarika Ghoshes and other Filthy rancid oversized, heavily used Cunt brigands whose rancid smell stenches whole India, who will lay for any white skin or Bangladshi gutter pig, changing 21700 times the bedmates a day. They hate MODI because he is a Brown skinned Hindu, while these media whores like to eat shit if its from a white. WE SHOULD BE GO ON OFFENSIVE AGAINST THESE CHRISTIAN INFERNAL GOD WORSHIPPING BARBARIANS, ALL RAPES, ALL TERRORISM, ALL MURDERS ALL CRIMES (AND ACTUALLY IS) CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO CHRISTIAN NAZI SS PARTY CONGIS AND FUEHRER SONIA (TDK=TADAKA AS DR SWAMY CALLS HIM).SMITHA NAIR TWITTER SHOULD BE ATTACKED ASKING HER TO GO TO HER BANGALDESHI HEAVEN AND LAY HERSELF ANF DAUGHTER FOR HORDES OR GO TO VATICAN FOR PAEDOPHILE “FATHERS”

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  • Radha Rajan

    Just to show how our judiciary loves to grandstand to an invisible overseas audience on the issue of minority rights, in this case the now proven fake rape nun case from Kandhamal, this is what Justice Markandey Katju and the then CJI KG Balakrishnan said: “Last week, in what can only be termed extreme judicial imprudence, Justice Markandey Katju, one of the three judges on the Bench headed by the Chief Justice of India, seems to have lost control to do a Barkha Dutt in his august court. Their eminences were hearing a petition filed in the Supreme Court by the Archbishop of Orissa, Raphael Cheenath and this provided the Supreme Court the opportunity for some grandstanding; leaving some of us in no doubt whatever about their intended, invisible but powerful audience.

    In typical Alice in Wonderland “off with their heads” style, Katju rattled his sabre and bellowed at Counsel for the Orissa government, “If your government is unable to protect minorities, then you quit office”. Just to make sure Senior Advocate KK Venugopal understood Alice Katju, the judge, a Kashmiri Hindu I would suppose from his name, bellowed again, “We can’t tolerate persecution of religious minorities. If your government cannot control such incidents, then quit office”. And this is how former CJI KG Balakrishnan r4eacted: Not to be outdone in the business of competitive Hindu-bashing, the Chief Justice of India, for his part, left with little to proclaim after Katju’s monopoly in secularism, made a detour to the infamous and highly suspicious nun-rape case in Kandhamal.

    “At this point, the CJI asked Cheenath’s counsel about the infamous gangrape case pertaining to the nun and said he had been flooded with queries from different countries about it”.


    To state in open court that he had been flooded with queries from different countries is not just judicial imprudence but borders on judicial misconduct; the Chief Justice of India is in fact implying that he is raising the issue of the alleged and since denied ‘gangrape’ of the nun only because there are queries from outside the country. This implies external influence and worse, international pressure. The high status of the judiciary in this country is predicated upon two cardinal and inviolable principles – the absolute independence of the judiciary and the supremacy of the Indian Constitution. Extraneous considerations, especially attempts to influence or pressure the judges or the proceedings in court are rightly held to be contempt of court. All in all, the conduct of the judges on the First Bench in the Supreme Court last week must cause grave disquiet at the falling standards of procedural behavior and due process. (Radha Rajan in 2009 Judicial imprudence and habitual hubris). And it would be good to know what Justice Markandey Katju and KG Balakrishnan have to say now considering their melodrama was much ado about nothing. No rape, no gangrape and where is the nun now?

    • Indian

      Katju a Kashmiri Hindu??? Oh like Mahesh Bhatt, whose actual converted name is Ashraf Bhatt, and his christian bigot daughter, who made record in nos of abortions, through immaculate conception,St. pooja. He is a monster Pakistani ISI Pig, he did Nothing for Kashmiri Hindus, SON OF A WHORE, again other day was abusing GAndhi but for wrong reason. He is a crypto christian eating the shit of white skinned NAZI SS PARTY LEADER SONIA.
      Other BALAKRISHNAN a known converted christian, CAUGHT IN FRAUD AND CORRUPTION, a Dravidian Dracula as Dr Swamy calls these christian shit licking one eyed jack pimps. who is under arrest. SONIA ALWAYS PROMOTED THESE ANTI NATIONAL FOREIGN AGENTS TO DESTROY ALL INSTITUTIONS OF DEMOCRACY. IT IS THESE people who converted a 4th and NUCLEAR POWER AS a third rate slave of 17th rated Mafia and slut exporting Italy. No doubt he was made head of PIMPS COUNCIL OF ITALY = PCI = PRESS COUNCIL OF INDIA, the Body of Blue Journalism. Justice Dave and Kapadia could never have made themselves eat the white skinned shit
      Two fake kashmiri hindus Nehru and Katju,

  • P. B. Josh

    This reminds me of my childhood fable, “A cowboy started to shout tiger..tiger…help…help; the village people rushed with carrying whatever weapon they got their hands on. But alas, there was no tiger. The cowboy did the same thing few days later and the village people rushed for help again to find out it was just a prank. Next time a real tiger came and killed his cows. The cowboy screamed and screamed. No help arrived.” I am hoping these Chrislamists lost their credibility for good just like the cowboy in the fable.

  • K.Harapriya

    Can Hindu organizations gather and protest and demand an anticonversion law?

  • K.Harapriya

    Part of the problem is how Rajnath Singh articulated his call to dialogue about conversion. The BJP should instead talk about the need t protect indigenous religions–the ones that originated in India against predatory global ones. They need to point out that while they are for religious freedom, they have a moral obligations to protect Hindus from cultural genocide, which is what conversion is.

  • I wonder, if someone can enlighten me on “generic church” terminology. I haven’t come across it before. Thanks.

    • Radha Rajan

      I coined name Generic Church for all instruments of power which Christianity employs to bring more and more territory and people under its direct control or rule by proxy. The Generic Church is – churches of all denominations old and new, white Christian countries like America, EU, pan-national organizations which white Christian countries invented like UN, IMF, World Bank, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, global and gigantic funding agencies like USAID, DFID, ActionAid, WorldVision International, AID and others which in turn fund Christian NGOs and activists – this is the Generic Church. Because they all serve the Church which is the political edifice around the Jesus cult. The Church is political not religious and missionary by nature. Christian missions and Generic Church diplomatic missions like embassies serve Christianity.

      • Thank you and I understand your block designation of these criminals. In fact, I’m sure, you are aware of their least talked about role besides conversions etc, most abominable crime is that these Christian bigots pervade our society in the name of charity, education, health delivery inside our intelligentsias and extract intelligence for West. That helps these Western racist to plan their subversive activities like Kudankulam project.

  • Refugee Blues

    PAID Media has been exposed brutally in Social Medai .. whether tis timesnow , ABP , INdia today , headline s , aajtak or NDTV .. they have lost credibility in INDIA .. PTV has more credibility than indian Pvt channels

    • Indian

      now they have to be savagely demolished and attack should be so savage and terrible that they wilt. What is needed a UltraRight Wing of Hindus like the Shiv Sena who is ready to deal with these Pigs in Human clothing, christians going around with Hindu names on the streets, courts, net, and even in jungles and streets like the Naxalites. Study Spanish, French and German history carefully. By the way, French and German Bismarck, first thing they did was to guillotine the pedophile blood thirsty church clergy to detoxify their countries. WITHOUT DETOXIFYING INDIA from “whore journalism” of Church-slutparaders and Suharto solution to Christian-Commie-Italian Mafia axis of evil India won’t rise.TOO MAY TRAITORS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO BREATHE IN INDIA. By the way that Italian Christian NAZI SS Party of TDK USED To import a plane load of French spring water every day, flying in from France, spring water, at the expense of Indian Taxpayer. The GUTTER born who used to drink gutter water had allergy to Indian water,but loved Indian money.HAD THE MEDIA WHORE HOUSES even commented in it?? and why is that christian PORKISTANI SWINE AROON PURIE (to sound like Indian Puri, but christian-Islamist ISI pimps make a error) been the Editor of TODAY for last 35 years, TODAY of Thompson Press which is a largest printer of BIB-LIE??WHY THE LIKES OF OLD ZOMBIES LIKE PURIE AND KULDIP NAYYARS DO NOT PLAN TO DIE NOW? COMMIT SUICIDE they have lived too long

  • Radha Rajan

    I wld like to initiate a related discussion in these columns. Brannon parker’s article today on IF talks about the inherent cultural diversity within sanatana dharma. And why this cultural diversity is coming under increasingly brazen and determined attack by the Abrahamic cults. We should keep in mind that Islam and Christianity have always been backed by state power to acieve their political and religious objectives. Islam and Christianity may pretend to be religions but these are political movements around one cult figure and that is why they, better than Hindus understand the importance of state power and better understand how to use state power ruthlessly. That is why Muslim League backed Khilafat Committee and later merged with it. And that is why the RSS has never, until very recently understood why it needs to be active in government, even if it is from the outside. Hindus need Hindu state power. No matter what the white house may say from two sides of its mouth, the pentagon is about bringing more and more territories under the control of the Generic Church. America and EU are the political military armies of the generic church while all other instruments that I have listed in this article are non-military but militant weapons of the generic Church. So please let us begin to emphasise as many times as required that Hindus and Hinduism can be protected on Hindu bhumi only with state power.

    • JagatguruDas

      State Power? Everyone thought Modi sarkar will do something for Hindus. Perhaps Modi and Amit Shah have some other high priorities than this. This can happen only when the Bharatiya electorate start appreciating Hinduism, its texts and history. Till then we get either smart anti-national or stupid so-called-hindu-supporting polity.

      • My dear, blaming or expecting everything from Modi overnight seems to have become either a political tool for his opponents or an easy blame game played by naïve ppl who expected magic from this poor guy Modi. Please give him time and do kindly care to read the lot of valuable comments here and enlighten yourself. Thank you.

        • JagatguruDas

          So why don’t you tell what initiative he has taken for Hindus? How long do we need to wait?

          • Oh, so you have plenty of poignant questions in just nine months as if he was elected only for establishing a Hindu Caliphate. Come on and from your stylish blurt, I can conclude that you never voted for him or even worse, hardly bothered for national cause but rather just the opposite. Why do I need to waste my time for a person whose interest I don’t know? You are free to voice ur opinion, as I’m.

          • JagatguruDas

            “so you have plenty of poignant questions in just nine months as if he was elected only for establishing a Hindu Caliphate…”. It is 10 moths my buddy. perhaps your clock runs 1 month slow. Do you need 10 months even to initiate something like taking temples out of government controls? His government is slowly becoming Congress-B team by pandering to Pakistan and kashmiri terrorists after Barack’s visit. When person like Subramaniam Swamy can do so much for Hindu cause single handedly, why can’t a government with very high mandate is unable to even initiate something good? I really wonder what a Hindu Caliphate is?

            “I can conclude that you never voted for him or even worse, hardly bothered for national cause but rather just the opposite…” You seem to be a sarvajna knowing everyone’s mind and their past actions.

            “Why do I need to waste my time for a person whose interest I don’t know? You are free to voice ur opinion, as I’m….” Good realisation although belated.

          • Your intent is well understood from your very opening sentence. You are an imp0stor Chr!stian apol0gist who is a worst crim!nal than this dreadful [email protected] US is a political force behind the farce Vat-i-can black house. vat-i-can is a criminal house of ped0philes, maf!as, money launderers, murdErers, which is responsible for the most reprehensible world cr!mes, one can’t even imagine. Yet they call it a religious house, funny….Both Christians and Islam are responsible for murders of more than four hundred millions of innocent hapless ppl, murdered and raped yet further millions of hapless women. Another millions of illegitimate orphaned children are born due to their such religious crimes. Lol…..

          • JagatguruDas

            You’ve neither bothered to answer any of my questions nor to justify your accusations with any proper reasons. You are no different than the very same people whom you are loathing.

          • Every puerile blather needs no answer. Rather leave them as silly trolls.

          • JagatguruDas

            It’s an indirect way of accepting that you’ve run out of ideas. You just puke out your mindless thoughts

          • Should it not equally apply to you? You are a brain washed brain dead aboriginal species trained in the criminal house of Christ. Posing here in false id. Just trying unnecessary trolls.

          • JagatguruDas

            I didn’t know that you were the same scumbag who was cleaning the boots of the trainees where I was trained.

          • Why do you eat too much of chillis if you can’t digest. It’s bound to burn your tail end. Stop eating chillis. Have a cold bath n sleep. We shall talk later when your tail m0uth piece has cooled down. Now you are too irrational. RIP.

          • JagatguruDas

            Yes, Yes…I can see you walking off with your tail between your legs.

          • I know, scum bug scam bags of CIA gangsters hyperactive ever since the last central election to thwart the rise of MODI but failed miserably. These Christian and Islamist sh!ts will do any daMn thing to buy a scuffle and create nuisance. This is their brutal history of last one n half a century ever since their controversial origin.

          • JagatguruDas

            Already mentioned that you are the best scavenger to clean their dirty work. Or you may be enjoying feeding on them.

          • Darling, cool down. Burning all d times isn’t good for ur health. Get some mental names 4 others won’t make u better but butter….like our Amul Baby….

          • This character is implicit in your crusader or jihadi cults where you start with a hideous sweet talk only to show your real colour when to overwhelm like shrimps. Then ur murderous, rapist cult takes over. Why don’t you accept your faults and crimes committed by your ancestors?

          • Of course there is no harm in accepting the truth.

          • JagatguruDas

            Good You accept that you are a scumbag

          • Yes I agree that u r a scamsters scumbug…..scumbag…..but tell me ur other names apart….no need to repeat d same….

          • Do u know, all those scumbags of CIA/Vatican trollers are lurking round our septic tanks….u r one of those million scumbags…..

          • JagatguruDas

            I can see you swimming along with your colleagues in that septic tank

          • I knew your characterless character but here you are:

            “I didn’t know that you were the same scumbag who was cleaning the boots of the trainees where I was trained.” OK, it tells me your birth too. I was just wondering,” Where did I see this shoe polish worker scum bug scumbag…..

          • Indian

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          • Its neither indirect nor direct way but an exact answer as it deserves. You are faking and trolling under a pseudo Hindu ID only to misguide the commenters and malign Modi/BJP/Hindus. You can feign but can’t hide permanently.

            It’s an indirect way of accepting that you’ve run out of ideas. You just puke out your mindless thoughts and well trained in the dirty gibberish house of Vat-I-can of w0rms fortified by CIA/Pentag0n.

          • Let me now assert that you aren’t a Hindu in the first place. But your trolls are based to incite hatred against Modi under your fake Hindu ID like a wolf in sheep skin. Got it enough.

      • Perhaps you are ignorant of who the Radha Rajan is. Kindly care to ponder over her valuable points so that can help you and the country in turn. Country without us en mass is nothing.

        • JagatguruDas

          “Perhaps you are ignorant of who the Radha Rajan is”… Can you tell me what made you to make this comment?

          • I’m sorry, if it has hurt you. My intention wasn’t to hurt you. Please continue….

      • Globalaryan

        You seem to be ill-informed of the news and political developments in the nation or perhaps you chose to ignore them to provide some basis to your comment. Anyone who has been following the developments would realize that the government is doing a lot to restore balance to the system to make it truly secular. It is no surprise that the system and the media discourse in India is skewed much in the favour of minorities (at the expense of majority) due to decades of influence by the nehruvian socialist libtards belonging to congress and communist clans at various important positions in government, and media. Any restoration of balance in the system is pro-Hindu because isn’t that what we want – a balanced, fair, and truly secular state that represents the aspiration of the majority.

        Action on the issue of Kashmiri pandits, cow slaughter ban bill at national level is something the govt. has done BUT I agree more needs to be done as BJP should not forget who voted them and especially of they want to consolidate the Hindu votes further, they MUST demonstrate action on things important for us. There have been steps in the right direction e.g. the speeches of Mr. Modi, Mr. Harshvardhan, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj about the achievements and knowledge in our ancient texts and history. Our lutyens journalists dominated english MSM littered with so-called macaulay’s children was on an all-out offensive mode to ridicule those statements as those articles with catch denigrating headlines made their rounds in newspapers around the word. In my view this action by most Indian english media qualifies as an anti-national act and should be dealt with accordingly. I was personally quite surprised by such media reports. After all, you will never see american media writing such derogatory articles about their history or contributions to the world. Then I realized how deep and messy, this quagmire is. Such self-hating leftist liberal corrupt hypocrites in the name of journalists who place their measly TRPs and always are singing to the tunes to western media are at the root of many problems we face today. These people singing to the tunes of the sickular commies and congress masters influenced by church and islam always try to paint Hinduism as bad and evil. Until these corrupt journalists are gotten rid of, a true Bharatiya nation cannot be established.

        • JagatguruDas

          I may be ill-informed but perhaps not Brahma Chellaney. Read his article:

          You tell me I ignored political developments to base my arguments but what about you? Article 370 is conveniently put into back burner the same way Ayodhya was done. Coming on to the cow slaughter, his own government in Goa is saying that beef is part of their food habit. What message does it convey to Hindus? Gadkari promising meat traders to provide all support to address their problems. Is this what Modi promised Anti Pink revolution? Haider gets national awards. Is this a pro Hindu move or “truly secular” one? He promised giving 15 lakhs to every individuals within 100 days of coming to power. Now Mr Shah is saying that it is just a poll gimmick. How do you expect people to trust you? Modi sarkar couldn’t do anything when Mazrat Alam was released except for some initial sounds. What does this convey to Kashmiri Pandits?

          You can be fooled only once. Second time onwards it’s your mistake. Until Hindus start understanding and appreciating their texts and history, Bharat will be under the spell of criminals.

          • Indian

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          • Y r u getting worked up unnecessarily. He is deliberately firing only to malign and fill this box with his sH!t…Don’t give him chance.

          • JagatguruDas

            Why worry when scavenger like you is around?

          • Lol, love u. I love it most when my opponents start itching n burning as it signals my victory of point of view. Keep up ur trolls.

          • JagatguruDas

            Your name reminds me of another scumbag of Tehelka fame. You are his alter-ego

          • know. r not the first foolish intelligent man. May God RIP…..

          • Similar 2 ur troll, I have many indictment for ur troll like these criminal P0pes whose names were so nicely decorated by heart warming epithets like P0pe Pius, P0pe Innocent, PO0pe Benedicts, etc but they were all responsible for various crimes in Cath0lic hist0ry. Shame on u impostor trolling and calling names to others as if ur house is not made in glass.

          • JagatguruDas

            The people mentioned above belong to your scumbag ilk. Insulting them is same insulting yourself.

          • Lol, like ur troll. Nothing expresses you better than ur continued choice of verbosity. Continue ur filth that identifies your dynasty fully. Christianity and Islam aren’t religion but an alternative political philosophy for achieving their dubious political ends. That’s why, Vatican nurtures spy agency that closely collaborates with CIA. Why??? Vatican is as bad a criminal house as Islamist Baghdadis, Bokos, L:ong Arms, etc. Both are destined to perish by killing each other.

          • JagatguruDas

            You are the hybrid of Xianity and Religion of Piece. So no wonder that you inherited their qualities.

          • Arjun Praveen

            Can you please maintain some decency sir ! I shall have to bring this to the notice of those concerned ! Do voice your opinion but not in such a shameless manner ! And do you think our religion is perfect ! Do you even understand Sanatana Dharma ! If not , I reques Mrs Radha Rajan to kindly help you do so ! And don’t generalize everything , we Hindus didn’t fall from the skies ! An old lady has been raped, we must condem it , thats it !

          • Martin Devadason

            I like your unbiased behaviour:-)

          • Truly enlightening debate. I think, Modi should select you next time for UN Ambassador job from India. I’m sure, you have the potential to get India its overdue job of permanent UN seat. Good luck n carry on.

  • IndiannotAmused

    Modi wants Devi Lakshmi’s posture to guide Indian domestic policy and foreign policy……India needs Devi Lakshmiis posturing in domestic affairs…….in foreign affairs…….we need Devi UgraChandi’s posturing…….

    • Karthick

      The Church is an old hand and does not lose very easily. The changes in the world order were known some years back, and that is why the Church has concentrated on the “developing ” countries in the last decade.

      • Do you know why church is concentrating on India and Africa for conversions under the crimes of pseudo-charity. If you research it, the reasons are that Western youth have become delusional due their controversial involvements in crimes of pedophilia, drug peddling, human trafficking, dealings in weapons of mass destruction, money laundering, etc. Church attendance in West has reduced by almost 65% and so is their donations. This has led to a serious crisis of “Faith” in their Western youth who call – “I’m spiritual, not religious” philosophy creating a serious concern in church leaders. This has led these leaders to divert their attention in India and Africa. India has a billion strong gullible Hindu mass for their harvesting of soul. Normally Hindu religious leaders had never bothered on such issues and these well informed Church leaders know this Hindu weakness to encash and convert.
        Last Pope had resigned due to his involvement in such sex scandals and was made emeritus Pope clandestinely to shield him from prosecution to save their public image and humiliation. Church is fast loosing their church goers in Sunday Mass.

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Obsession with virginity due to the fake miracle of immaculate conception which renders Mary as virgin

    • Watch out on current controversial researches on the Jesus story. Church isn’t amused but they point out to the fact if Jesus ever existed and the whole thing may be a concoction by few Western elites. Same is about Islam where fourteen copies of Quran are said to have been incinerated by Uthman – fourth Caliph.

    • dr.viraj pradhan

      This has a parallel in Ishavasyopanishad.Only perfection( and thus being complete) gives rise to perfection and if perfection is removed from perfection,perfection still remains.I am not a disciple of Rajneesh,but he has given this explanation in his translation of I.V.U.Of course Christians do not understand this at all.The real problem is detractors exploiting Ghar WApasi to create such issues and get the Govt.into difficulty.Why can’t they deploy 4-5 guards to protect their Missions?What was the conclusion about the Navi Mumbai case?They still believe that responsible for this.Hence,Ghar Wapasi was the wrongest activity coducted by H.M.S. and B.D.They should have been stopped promptly by Rajnath Singhji.

  • pradeep

    superb article radha ji, its crisp and clear of whats happening, i wish Mr. Narendra Modi, reads or gets to knows this.

    • It’s not for Modi but for you and me to beware of these criminal crooks – descendants of Abraham. Unless we are aware of, Modi has no chance to survive and in turn, we are at their receiving end.

      • pradeep

        you are right, but what steps to be taken, why is that hindus are not getting under one umbrella? what should be done ?

        • Good question. First, kindly do some home work in studying the history of these two major Abrahamic children, i.e. Christians n Muslims. Do you know that both together have murdered more than two to four hundred million innocent ppl, raped millions and led to illegitimate birth of orphaned children. These both are responsible for looting the various countries. Even David Cameron was gracious enough in admitting that his ancestors have caused the majority of global problems. You know, Desmond Tutu – South African Church head had said, “When the Christian clergies came here, they had the Bible and we had the land. They then asked us to close our eyes and pray. When we opened our eyes then after, they had our land and we had their Bible”? Such crooks are these liars. Their double face is very much explicit.

          • pradeep

            Thanks Tejpal, i indeed have read facts about these two religions, and i got to know a lot about them.

            this question is not just specific to you but for all like me, why is that, we are so tolerant about the intolerants, what makes Modi and BJP in specific to stop acting not natural and take these buffoons head on.

            if there is something which is already doing it, then i want to be a part of it.

          • Please don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t take it on me, u sud know it. As per your point of aggression in Hinduism, I don’t think, it can be possible in current situation where we live in a globalised world. Olden days are over where communication from London to Calcutta used to take more than three months. How are we disposed now??? However, I do believe that Hinduism shall triumph at last. Its virtues of tolerance, non violence, non covetousness, love and truth shall lead to victory. Lord Krishna had taught all these values through Srimad Bhagwat Geeta.

          • pradeep

            Lets wish that we will prevail..and be victorious..

    • Y we need to beware is the fact that current politics has become an international game of brain n wits. Western Christian populace is Christian fundamentalists who are the controlling powers including their Western (EU + Aussies = NZ) allies. They cleverly impose their will as suits their vested interests. If democracy suits them, they impose it but if tyranny suits them, like in Bahrain or other Islamic countries, they back them as long as their vested interests are served. Same way, they hate commies because they don’t let these crusader brigade snoop in their kitchens.

  • suru

    So well researched article and very good suggestions to the Indian PM. Thank you so much.
    Just one item …. all india law to ban religious conversions… would be enough as you rightly pointed out “And watch how the Christian evangelical industry in India and abroad choke on their food.”””
    Heard that since some electronic and print media in India are receiving funds from some christian missionary, recently they have stepped up their anti hindu agenda just to please their donors.

  • B.R.Haran

    Playing victim (Assault Victim, Rape Victim, etc.,) and blaming Hindus is the Church’s ploy and it does it effectively with the connivance of the third rate media. When the truth comes out, the Church will hide itself and the media will be seen nowhere. This is what happened in Jabhua, Madyapradesh; same happened in Kandhamal, Orisa; again happening in Ranaghat, West Bengal. Thanks for this hard hitting piece Radhaji and a good piece of advice to Namo government too.

  • RVenkatanarayanan

    Cleemis seems to be an arrogant Christian who thinks he could tell Hindus what is right for them and also set public policy in India. Donning outmoded Papal robes will no more intimidate Indians or their governments.

    • With my full regards to your sentiments, May I dare a word of caution for you to kindly spend sometime daily on studying the international impact of global super powers on countries like Hindu India. It will help you as well as the majority in India and country as a whole.

      • RVenkatanarayanan

        Sri Tejpal,
        I do not understand what you wish to convey. Can you clarify? Besides, I consider that there are more important things to do than to “spend sometime daily on the impact of global super powers on Hindu India”!

        • Thank you. Depends on our understanding, “What we consider important”? My comment is absolutely explicit. You can not understand is pretty clear to me and this very fact led me to politely make my “uncalled for” advice. If you can’t understand, please forget it and continue your good work. Once again, I convey my thanks to you very sincerely.

        • rama karupaiah

          It this very attitude which allowed the conquest of Bharat by barbarians; we can overcome them; we can handle them.

          After hundreds of years of colonisation it appears that Indians never learn from history.

          Why do you think the west wants to evangelise India – simply because a christian india would be easier to control economically and politically. Why do you think islam wants to conquer India – simply because it is the very aspiration of islam and that is to establish through whatever means an islamic world. It is highly disingenuous to proclaim that this would not affect a hindu and subsequent generations.
          This attitude is selfish and self serving. And that is the downfall of Indians. And I for one would not want to live in a christian society nor in an islamic one. Both are repressive and regressive.

    • Indian

      Even if his dog has a diahorrea… he will blame hindu right, sanghis, BJP and Modi in that order…. while inviting modi to be part of the miracle morngeringsession !!! ( Sainthood)

  • sighbaboo

    The no-holds barred style that is so characteristic of Ms. Radha Rajan! Many new connections to old stories that I was not aware of. Thanks for writing such a wonderful article.

  • Radha Rajan

    Two quick points. One: Another accused, one Md. Salim has just been arrested in Mumbai in the Ranaghat rape case. Maybe Cleemis and Smitha Nair can eat their words for lunch. Two: It speaks volumes for Christianity’s obsession with sex that Chris Patten had to compare national sovereignty with virginity. Talk about Freudian slip.

    • Did you view the interview of Cardinal Cleemis by Karan Thapar who just asked this plantiff poignant questions to malign Hindus only. It was so grotesque, one couldn’t miss it. Why then blame these crusaders and Jihadis only when we have so many modern Jaichands among us? These clever Christians use our weak nerves to blast us through our own stick. They buy a few and then kick us.

      • Indian

        why cannot we make this dog with a tight jaw (If this Karan Thapar wants I will give him a 600# punch on his jaw to loosen it a little), this million fathered bastard, known Father was the nefarious P.N.Thapar, the ANTI NATIONAL Chief of ARMY, a hidden traitor, commie pit viper who lost millions of square kms to China while enjoying on Indian Taxpayers money. This dirty born to unknown white father and characterless mother is known to have called for killing of Modiji, to get a chance to eat shit of the dogs of Italian sonia. This Bow Tie wearing waiter for white skins (he serves his mother and daughter as dishes) called brave General V.K Singh as “worst Army Chief of Staff” which is actually the SINGULAR ACHIEVEMENT OF HIS FATHER which NO JAICHANDS OR EVEN GREATER TRAITORS LIKE PIGVIJAYS or GENERALS OF VIJAYNAGAR who went to enemies cannot match. His so called sister (and bedmate) is that stink Romila Thapar who was able to toxify Indian HISTORY, Just because she bedded the womanizer Nehru, and Irfan Habib the Pakistani agent in India
        Offensive and Not defensive should be the call of the day

    • dr.viraj pradhan

      Please read an article about the Ranaghat Rape case in Sunday Guardian,if you have not already read the same.Madhav Nalapat is the author and its dated 21st March though it has appeared today.

      I wish Indiafacts could have a to publish this .Only few like us read Indiafacts and hence the vast majority believes in what appears in the regular media and will help the anti-nationals bring down the BJP govt.There is a trend to talk secular language,conduct candlelight vigils ,”Respect Us” processions.Also,the central govt.should immediately lash out at such instances rather than keeping quiet.

      Any idea why CBI enquiry was refused by the central govt.?This further helps the BJP detractors to point fingers at Mr.Modi.

      • Radha Rajan

        If you had read my article attentively I have made reference to Nalapat’s article. The central government had refused CBI investigation only so that Mamata can stew in her own juice. The onus is on the W Bengal government and police now to catch and punish the rapists. This is the first smart political move that the BJP has made in a long time.

    • dr.viraj pradhan

      Thanks for your prompt reply.Indeed I never realized this plan behind C.G.’s refusal for a CBI inquiry.But will the other side realize this or they would interpret this as a ploy by the BJP to suppress the facts?