The rebel who had a desire for sacrifice

As a member of the HRA, Bismil executed a detailed plan for looting the government treasury.

Note : The following is a tribute to the late great revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil whose eighty-eight birth anniversary took place yesterday.

‘His poetry is also a lamp lighted at the altar of the Mother land,’ was what author N.P.Shankara Narayan Rao said about Ram Prasad Bismil’s writings.Ram Prasad Bismil, also known as Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil was one of the most popular revolutionaries of India, famous for participating in the Mainpuri conspiracy of 1918, and the Kakori conspiracy of 1925. Besides being a patriotic rebel he was also a prolific poet and wrote in Hindi and Urdu using the pen names Ram, Agyat and Bismil, Bismil being the most popular name.

Early Life

Ram Prasad Bismil was born on 11 June 1897 to Murlidhar and Moolmati at Shahjahanpur, in the then United Province, British India, (present-day Uttar Pradesh). He learnt Hindi from his father at home and was sent to learn Urdu from a moulvi. He was admitted to an English-language school, despite of his father’s disapproval.

Ram Prasad Bismil’s father was an employee of the municipality board of Shahjahanpur. However, what he earned was insufficient to meet the basic requirements of his family. Due to this Ram Prasad Bismil had to leave his studies after the eighth standard. However, his knowledge of the Hindi language was profound and this helped him to continue with his passion of writing poetry. As a result of his family’s stagnant lifestyle, Bismil spent more time loafing around then doing anything worthwhile. But that was all about to change.

Joining the Arya Samaj

Bismil was greatly influenced by the principles of the Arya Samaj. This led to heated debates between him and his father Muralidhar. The debates reached such a point that Muralidhar turned his son out of his home. Bismil moved about for two days in a nearby forest and later returned to Shahjahanpur. Then the young followers of the Arya Samaj came together and established the Arya Kumar Sabha and began to arrange meetings and processions. The district officials feared that this might lead to violent agitations. So the government banned meetings and processions. The elder Arya Samajis were also dissatisfied with these youngsters. At that time, Swami Somadevji, a leader of the Arya Samaj, came down to Shahjahanpur and got acquainted with Bismil. Swami Somdev advised Bismil on matters of religion and politics, making the young rebel more informed.

At the age of eighteen, Bismil read of the death sentence passed on Bhai Parmanand, a scholar and companion of famed rebel Har Dayal. At that time he began attending the Arya Samaj Temple at Shahjahanpur where Swami Somdev, a friend of Paramanand, was residing. To express his anger, Bismil composed a poem in Hindi titled Mera Janm (My Birth), which he showed to Somdev. This poem demonstrated a commitment to remove the British control over India.  On reading the poem, Somdev blessed Bismil who then spoke of his vow to liberate India. Somdev commented ‘It is easy to take a vow but hard to keep it.’ Bismil replied ‘If I have the grace of these sacred feet my vow will surely be fulfilled; nothing can come in the way.’

tilakThe following year Bismil and his friends travelled to lucknow where the Indian National Congress was to have its annual session. By that time, the Congress was split into two groups. One group was that of the liberals who were opposed to any direct action against the British Government and believed in securing justice by explaining India’s difficulties to the British Government. They also believed that India should continue to be a part of the British Empire. The other group was that which believed in directly opposing the British Government. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was their leader. Tilak was expected to participate in the session and so his group had gathered in large numbers. But the liberals being in a majority in the Reception Committee did not make any elaborate arrangements to welcome Tilak.


But Bismil and his young friends desired that Tilak should be taken in a procession through the city. This led to a confrontation between Bismil’s group and the Reception Committee. The members of the Reception Committee and Tilak himself tried to discourage them but they would not budge. In the end Bismil and his friends hired a coach. Tilak was made to sit in the coach and was taken in a procession. The same group also published a book in Hindi on the history of American independence titled America Ki Swatantrata Ka Itihas. This book was published with a fictitious name of Babu Harivans Sahai, B.A. and its publisher’s name was given as Somdev Siddhgopal Shukla.

Becoming a revolutionary

Gaining popularity due to his activities, Bismil formed a revolutionary organisation called Matrivedi and contacted Pandit Genda Lal Dixit, a school teacher at Auraiya. Dixit was in touch with some powerful dacoits of the state. Dixit wanted to utilise their power in the armed struggle against the British. Like Bismil, Dixit had also formed an armed organisation of youths called Shivaji Samiti named after Shivaji. The pair organized youths from the Etawah, Mainpuri, Agra and Shahjahanpur districts to strengthen their organizations.

On 28 January 1918, Bismil published a searing pamphlet titled Deshvasiyon Ke Nam Sandesh (A Message to Countrymen), which he distributed along with his poem Mainpuri Ki Pratigya (Vow of Mainpuri). This caused them to be pursued by the police. When the police team almost got hold of him, Bismil jumped into the Yamuna and swam underwater making the police think he died. On 1 November 1919 the Judiciary Magistrate of Mainpuri, B.S. Chris announced a punishment sentence against all accused and declared Dixit and Bismil as absconders.

But the British policy took a different turn post First World War, when cases against the rebels were withdrawn which made Bismil return to Shahjahanpur.

In 1921, Bismil along with Prem Krishna Khanna, and the revolutionary Ashfaqulla Khan attended the Ahmedabad Congress. There Bilsmil along with Maulana Hasrat Mohani got the proposal of Poorna Swaraj passed in the General Body meeting of Congress. Gandhi, who was not in favour of this proposal became quite helpless before the overwhelming demand of youths.

Bismil then mobilized the youths of United Province for non-co-operation with the Government. Bismil and his group strongly opposed Gandhi in the Gaya session of Indian National Congress over his decision to call off the movement post the Chauri Chaura incident, and they formed a revolutionary party under his leadership.

Bismil requested the old allies of Dixit, the dacoits, to rescind their activities of looting their own countrymen. At this point of his life Bismil wrote several books:

  • Man Ki Lahar – a collection of poems.
  • Bolshevikon Ki Kartoot – a revolutionary novel.
  • Yogik Sadhan – a booklet of yoga
  • Swadhinta Ki Devi – a consigned autobiography of Catherine of Russian

In 1923, with the help of famed rebels of Bengal, Sachindra Nath Sanyal and Dr. Jadugopal Mukherjee, Bismil formed the Hindustan Republican Association. The basic name and aims of the organisation was unveiled on 3 October 1924 at Kanpur under the Chairmanship of Sachindra Nath Sanyal, where Bismil was declared the District Organiser of Shahjahanpur and Chief of Arms Division. An additional responsibility of Provincial Organiser of United Province (Agra and Oudh) was also entrusted to him.

As a member of the HRA, Bismil executed a detailed plan for looting the government treasury carried in a train at Kakori, a village near Lucknow. The plan was executed on 9 August 1925 when ten revolutionaries stopped the 8 Down Saharanpur-Lucknow passenger train at Kakori.

Ashfaqulla KhanAshfaqulla Khan, the lieutenant of Bismil engaged himself to break open the cash chest. More than forty revolutionaries were arrested as those completely unrelated to the incident were also captured. The government appointed Jagat Narain Mulla as public prosecutor while the defence committee formed to defend the accused had luminaries like Govind Ballabh Pant, Chandra Bhanu Gupta and Kripa Shankar Hajela. Following eighteen months of legal hassling, Bismil, Ashfaqulla Khan, and other rebels were sentenced to death.Bismil was hanged on 19 December 1927 at Gorakhpur Jail.

Thus ended the life of a great poet, rebel, revolutionary, patriot and freedom fighter. Along with Chandrashekhar Azad, Sachindra Nath Sanyal and Lala Lajpat Rai, Bismil was one of Bhagat Singh’s main inspirations. Bismil’s poems acted as motivation for his fellow revolutionaries. Among them, the most popular Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna is reproduced below:

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna baazu-e-qaatil mein hai

Karta nahin kyun doosra kuch baat-cheet
Dekhta hun main jise woh chup teri mehfil mein hai
Aye shaheed-e-mulk-o-millat main tere oopar nisaar
Ab teri himmat ka charcha ghair ki mehfil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Waqt aanay dey bata denge tujhe aye aasman
Hum abhi se kya batayen kya hamare dil mein hai
Khainch kar layee hai sab ko qatl hone ki ummeed
Aashiqon ka aaj jumghat koocha-e-qaatil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Hai liye hathiyaar dushman taak mein baitha udhar
Aur hum taiyyaar hain seena liye apna idhar
Khoon se khelenge holi gar vatan muskhil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Haath jin mein ho junoon katt te nahi talvaar se
Sar jo uth jaate hain voh jhukte nahi lalkaar se
Aur bhadkega jo shola-sa humaare dil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Hum to ghar se nikle hi the baandhkar sar pe kafan
Jaan hatheli par liye lo barh chale hain ye qadam
Zindagi to apni mehmaan maut ki mehfil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Yuun khadaa maqtal mein qaatil kah rahaa hai baar baar
Kya tamannaa-e-shahaadat bhi kisee ke dil mein hai
Dil mein tuufaanon ki toli aur nason mein inqilaab
Hosh dushman ke udaa denge humein roko na aaj
Duur reh paaye jo humse dam kahaan manzil mein hai

Wo jism bhi kya jism hai jismein na ho khoon-e-junoon
Kya lade toofaanon se jo kashti-e-saahil mein hai

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai.
Dekhna hai zor kitna baazuay qaatil mein hai

  • Indian

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    • dhimmi brahmins mostly in north like the kashmiri pandits like nehru and his kind today who still want to appease muslims because they are scared afraid and terrorized inflicted with dhimmitude and under Stockholm Syndrome and the other muslims who still support communism and congress.

      • Jishnu

        Actually no – the southie brahmins are more dhimmi and marginalized and unlike north, the southie brahmins don’t even have a social space to exist and are almost inexistent in the socio-political sphere (which is why you do not see any strong Hindu political presence in south). The British have documented and singled out brahmins as the single biggest obstacle in their hegemony and total control of India, and so did the missionaries over the centuries. So for all the misplaced complaints of Hindu=brahmin being incorrect, people must realize why anti-brahmin is always = anti-Hindu.

        • south is an exception because of kerala(Hindus are dhimmis under christians and muslims) and Tamil Nadu(periyar followers and missionaries). When I specified Brahmins read the next words after it.
          but north definitely has people like nehru and up(state which only appeases muslims to extreme),bihar(caste politics) along with commie bengalis who allowed in muslims to stay with them.

          • Jishnu

            I did not say you singled out or that you have shown bias or anything to that effect 🙂 I saw your comment as an observation and told you what my observation is. That the Brits did single out brahmins (as they explicitly noted), that the islamist invaders did single out brahmins (again as attested in several instances like akkanna-madanna), that the missionaries did single out brahmins (as clearly visible in their articulation), that the commies did so too is the fact.

            Dhimmis exist in north and south, in north Indian brahmins and southie brahmins, but counter consolidation in the recent decades happens only in north as is amply visible in today’s socio-political conditions. That is directly and undeniably because of the bigger brahmin demography in north and dwindling marginalized brahmin demography in south. This is a statistic, which one could read and interpret the way one wants.

          • I agree with this observation of yours: “…counter consolidation in the recent decades happens only in north as is amply visible in today’s socio-political conditions. That is directly and undeniably because of the bigger brahmin demography in north and dwindling marginalized brahmin demography in south”

          • but rape statistics show north is under more dhimmitude because with the increase in muslims population cause the rises of dhimmis which in turn results in more lawlessness and rape.

          • Jishnu

            Not sure if it is dhimmitude or the M-Y kind political liaison which is to be blamed. One can say such alliance is itself a result of dhimmitude though.

          • the M-Y kind political liaison?

    • Jishnu

      Its probably not 90-10: a big chunk of brahmins are behind the rogue movements like communism, and the roots of such dhoorta brAhmaNya as well as anti-Hindu movements within Hindus can easily be traced to 19th century British machinations (whose 20th century manifestations you will see in justice party, communism, anti-brahminism etc).

  • Dr. MS

    Beautiful. Urdu is truly a poetic language. Here is an English translation that I found on Wiki. Do not know if it is correct. Do add any corrections you might have. Thanks Chakraborthy for publishing this. I had forgotten Bismil and read him years ago. My favorite stanza is

    No sword can sever hands that have the heat of battle within,
    No threat can bow heads that have risen so…
    Yea, for in our insides has risen a flame,
    and the desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    Sarfaroshi Ki Tammana

    The desire for revolution is in our hearts
    Let us see what strength there is in the arms of our executioner

    Why do you remain silent thus?
    Whoever I see, is gathered quiet so…
    O martyr of country, of nation, I submit myself to thee
    For yet even the enemy speaks of thy courage
    The desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    When the time comes, we shall show thee, O heaven
    For why should we tell thee now, what lurks in our hearts?
    We have been dragged to service, by the hope of blood, of vengeance
    Yea, by our love for nation divine, we go to the streets of the enemy
    The desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    Armed does the enemy sit, ready to open fire
    Ready too are we, our bosoms thrust out to him
    With blood we shall play Holi, if our nation need us
    The desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    No sword can sever hands that have the heat of battle within,
    No threat can bow heads that have risen so…
    Yea, for in our insides has risen a flame,
    and the desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    Taking our lives in our hands, do we march so…
    In our assembly of death, life is now but a guest
    The desire for struggle is in our hearts…

    Stands the enemy in the gallows thus, asking,
    Does anyone wish to bear testimony?…
    With a host of storms in our heart, and with revolution in our breath,
    We shall knock the enemy cold, and no one shall stop us…

    What is that body that does not have hot blood in it,
    How can a person conquer a Typhoon while sitting in a boat near the shore.

    The desire for struggle is in our hearts,
    We shall now see what strength there is in the boughs of the enemy.

    Set we out from our homes, our heads shrouded with cloth,

  • Vijay Singh

    And kindly don’t make Hinduism = only Brahmins. We need to unite Hindus based on correct interpretation of Vedas or Hindu scriptures where categories were on the basis of virtues and capability. This allowed social mobility and hence sense of equality. Brahmin by birth theory has done enough harm. It is high time that those born as Brahmins compete in virtue with others to remain Brahmins.

    • Jishnu

      There is nothing to that effect in the article or the website. FYI, all anti-brahminism has origins in anti-Hindu forces. On the contrary I see your anti-brahmin bigotry concealed under an apparently pro-Hindu argument.

      • Vijay Singh

        All anti Brahmins are bigots! Good argument. Keep it up!

        • Jishnu

          Of course – it is not an argument but self-evident. I am happy to keep it up but it is you who should be unhappy at your pathetic inability to see how it is bigotry, and at your ignorance.

          • Vijay Singh

            Better be unhappy than to have your logic.

          • Jishnu

            Once you said argument. I said its not an argument but self-evident. Then you say logic. You are demonstrating your inability and ignorance comment after comment. Each one chooses what he is capable of responding to, and by choosing to ignore the content and trying smart you show the “bigotry” that you claim to not have.

          • Vijay Singh

            By the clever twist of human language you cannot claim monopoly of wisdom.

          • Jishnu

            I haven’t claimed any wisdom much less monopoly of it, on the contrary you are demonstrating your scarcity of wisdom.

          • Vijay Singh

            Better to live in scarcity than to have wisdom like yours!

          • Jishnu

            If it is better to live in scarcity, then why crib about a claim that you attribute to me, of “monopoly to wisdom”?

          • Vijay Singh

            All great saints were only Brahmins? No kshatriyas or pastoralist? Dhanna bhagat…valmiki… sakkubai… meerabai…. bharthari…balaknath…gorakhnath…gurunanak…bhagat singh…. ahlyabai……. all were bigots for you? Very nice keep going. Good luck!

          • Jishnu

            So? What exactly is your point? Why are YOU unhappy with great people’s mention just because they are brahmin, you anti-brahmin bigot?

          • Vijay Singh

            You condescending uncivilized mannerless animal….read above ….I am only saying that kindly bring forth other heroes too. I have no enmity with Brahmins. My wife is a Brahmin. But this whole Brahmin only Hinduism is destroying Hinduism. Involve all so that they don’t feel the pinch of Brahmins superiority complex even without possessing virtues worthy of Brahmins. I have no problem glorifying Brahmins as even Brahmins were also very great…. but only Brahmins were great won’t be accepted no matter how much you cry here.

          • Jishnu

            “You condescending uncivilized mannerless animal”

            Now you are confirming your bigotry which you claim you don’t have. Good.

            “I am only saying that kindly bring forth other heroes too. ”

            No, you are not “only” saying that. If you did, there would be no response from my side. You said a lot more and you know it – read back.

            “I have no enmity with Brahmins.”

            Your claim that you don’t have enmity does not really reflect in anything you say.

            ” Involve all so that they don’t feel the pinch of Brahmins superiority complex even without possessing virtues worthy of Brahmins. ”

            You are simply calling brahmin superiority what is in fact your inferiority complex. Which is why on one hand you appeal to involve others, while at the same time attributing to brahmins some “virtues” that are “worthy of brahmins” 🙂 That superiority is not something I or this article or this website ever claimed but what YOU have attributed.

            ” But this whole Brahmin only Hinduism is destroying Hinduism”

            There is no “brahmin only Hinduism” – that is also an invader propaganda that YOU are parroting. So it is for YOU to correct YOUR perceptions and complexes.

            “but only Brahmins were great won’t be accepted no matter how much you cry here.”

            YOU are the one saying someone said it – no one said it, mr inferiority complex. And you are the one trying to argue against a strawman that you have erected. If you read things without complexes, you will realize there is nothing of the sort you are assuming and attributing.

          • Vijay Singh

            You cannot argue with a person who twists the argument of his opponent. Read all you write again and see how you twist what I say to establish the fallacy under which you wish to feel happy. You keep feeling happy…. intelligent readers can see through your brahminical jingoism. By the way I define Brahmins in accordance with Vedas…and you do it on the basis of puranas. So no doubt that your jingoistic ranting giving you happiness. No more reply to person unworthy of sane discussion.

          • Jishnu

            Again, you are the one who claimed what is better, what is superior and all such things – I have not said anything of that sort.

            “By the way I define Brahmins in accordance with Vedas…and you do it on the basis of puranas. ”

            Again a bunch of assumptions out of your own complexes:
            1. How you define “brahmin” is your problem – out of which your perception and/or hate comes about.

            2. I have not defined it anywhere – you are attributing it to me out of your own complexes.

            3. You pretend you know something about the way “brahmin” is defined in veda and purana – which is again your complex.

            4. What you attribute to me (which I didn’t), you call jingoism – proving right all that I said about you earlier.

          • Vijay Singh

            Again complex maze of linguistic twist to feel happy ! Ok fine…I accept you are great. Now be happy.

          • Jishnu

            Linguistic twist? Why did you attribute to me things that I have not said? Now that is called disloyalty to truth.

          • Vijay Singh

            Are you girl ? Peecha hee nahi chhodti yaar. Let me rest in peace now. Ok fine I am wrong you are right. You are greatest saint ever born in this universe. Plz now let me be in peace . Plz.

        • Dr. MS

          Vijay, kindly refrain from this guy Jishnu. He is like that rowdy who likes to pick fights even with people who are actually agreeing with him. Something is terribly wrong with this guy’s mindset. He is mentally unwell. Some Brahmin girl rejected him or something…because he turns every article into some kind of pretentious supporter on caste or casteism. Even articles like this that have nothing to do with Brahminism and then gives Brahmins a bad name. He is crazy but also very dangerously cunning. And then there are idiots like Radha Rajan, who get excited with a few compliments, that they don’t realize how they are being set up by guys like Jishnu. This guy is very dangerous. Refrain from engaging him. I warned the editors to moderate, because this guy is sabotaging the whole website while claiming to participate. He is a Pakistani using a name like Jishnu.

          • Vijay Singh

            Sir…what difference does it make to me. If he is Pakistani then he should automatically ashamed of himself that we are physically beating them in the battlefield and he is whining on a Hindu website. And if he is mentally or psychologically unstable then I must care more not to agitate him as he will harm himself. And if he is Brahmin then he is not my enemy but only a misguided friend. I discuss only with those who have capacity to peacefully discuss based on logic, sensibility and tenets of proper discussion. Arguing with jingoistics is like bumping your knowledge against a donkey….in the end you will listen only “Brey Brey” . So best is to praise a fool and wind up the discussion as quickly as possible. But anyways thank you for your concern. I am grateful to you as now I will be more careful.

          • Dr. MS

            I am a woman. You can call me Ms or Dr or Madam. I am always amused when people assume I am a man because of Dr. title (which I earned through my hard work. Ph.D,), or because I write with candor, firmness, confidence…that they are not used to seeing in a woman. But thanks anyway.

          • Vijay Singh

            No Madam…. I didn’t assume you man for this reason as you mentioned …. in fact before writing sir I wasn’t assuming anything at all….. it was a spontaneous response…. my only mistake being that I should have started with Sir/Madam…. I am taught many subjects by women of your calibre…. mathematics by a woman who was PhD on “infinity”. I never discriminate between man and woman as far as calibre is concerned…. our Indian culture is replete with many women who had high calibre in metaphysics philosophy etc. Our women are gems more sparkling than even men. Tessy Thomas…Ela Bhatt… Maitri …gargi… sakkubai…rani durgawati….rani jhansi…. pritilata waadedar….ahalya bai…Akka mahadevi….meerabai…. Lalded…. rani Chennamma….. sunita Williams…. kalpana chawla…. the list is endless . So there is no question of doubting the women power. But sometimes spontaneous reaction goes either this way or that way. Spontaneity must not be accused of bias. Still I am sorry for making you feel underestimated as a woman… and my sincere gratitude for your thankfulness in the end of your message.

          • Dr. MS

            Lot of Indians quote mythological women characters, or historical figures who lived many centuries ago, and a few in the current world, to assume or show-case India’s so-called gender equality. India’s women’s status are equivalent to sub-Saharan Africa. This is a proven fact through numerous research.

            Few women in power is not sufficient. Even in Tamil Nadu where literacy rates for women is as high as Kerala, and age at marriage has increased dramatically in the last two decades. But the women are still stuck with marriage and motherhood, working at low level jobs and underpaid, underappreciated and undersupported. So the few women who go up are taunted, teased, assaulted, made fun of and harassed mercilessly. By the time these women get to the top, like Jayalalitha, they become very hard, harsh, skewed and totally dysfunctionalized in psychology.

            When young smart women want to go to Mumbai and stay there, or leave the country all together…what does that say about Indian men and sexism. When I went abroad for my doctorate marrying non Indians was discouraged and actively unwelcomed in many families. Many women stayed single for a long time, or married outside only because Indian men were unavailable or unsuitable. Today it is the reverse. I meet middle class and upper class Indian parents in India telling me that non-Indian boys are better for their educated well employed daughters because they seem more sensitive, cultured and more Hindu like. Shameful what India has become…a land of thugs and minority idiots who are ruining the country.

            Everybody is minority in India: not just Christians or Muslims or Tamilians or Punjabis or Northeasterners…we are all minorities in number, power or cultural or social or political influence.

            We need to communicate, connect, collaborate and become more cultured (not just ritualistic)

            Even the fact that some men spontaneously assume something, and then have to correct it after being given information, shows a deep seated sexism. It is everywhere in India…and I would say, based on my observations, educated Brahmin men of the younger generation are far ahead on such matters…but most live abroad. Not in India.

            I have lived in four countries and traveled to over 30. Indians are at the moment in a dangerous situation with a lot of cluelessness and an inability to even know who good leaders are and how to elect them, support them and promote them. Most Indian voters are like children expecting miracles in a few months, either doing Aarathi on their leaders (as if they are Gods), and when they get disappointed they start throwing chappals. They also elect movie stars and cricket stars.

            The Indian voter psychology is the problem. It has been damaged and distorted by more than 1500 years of colonialism, invasion, occupation and imperialism,

            From my numerous observations Indians in India lack self awareness, a vision, a strong national identity, confidence (that is not cocky or patriarchal), clarity of the mind and thought (though that is the core of HIndu philosophy and practice) and the ability to “collaborate and integrate with each other” without petty secessionist politics or provincialism that borders on ethnocentricism.

            Unless you men grow up, and start taking responsibility beyond your petty arguments and showing off….we are all in trouble.

            And now smart women are migrating out.

          • Vijay Singh

            You married foreigner and he respects you and keeps you happy then that’s it. You must be happy. And I haven’t quoted only mythology. Many are contemporary too. And quoting your glorious past to invoke goodness cannot be bad. Though you may be correct to some extent but not entirely correct. I love my country no matter how complex it may be. Yea there are so many problems…but outsiders ruled us and looted our wealth and impoverished us. So I will never trust them. I give you a link where Burke praises India and its culture and rebukes Hastings for looting india not just materially but culturally and spiritualy too. Sending you this link. Kindly read… . I know there are many such problem as you mentioned. But we need to correct them with unceasing, incessant and unrelenting efforts. This is our land madam… we need to repay back its debt as its soil has nourished us. Thank you.

          • Dr. MS

            I love your patriotism and your focus. Whatever are our small disagreements….your love for the country stands supreme. I wish you the very best, and thank you for your participation. You are right, the struggle has just begun,

          • Vijay Singh

            Thank you ma’m…. we may have minor differences but we have common goal of lifting india to its glory. I may be conservative and you may be progressive but we both are son and daughter of same soil ma’m. We must not let our minor differences develop into fruitless conflict… let my conservativeness and your progressivism both come together to become a formidable force to enhance the position of our motherland. Let my conservativeness learn from your progressivism and let your progressivism get a touch of the best part of conservativeness…. then see …even our minor conflicts will turn into resourcefulness. In the end what matters is not which ideology we believe in… but what good we contributed to enhance the profile of our society and nation. Thank you for your participation in this beautiful debate. Jai Hind.

          • Globalaryan

            To be honest. just because you had bad experiences with “South Asian Men” doesn’t give you the right or sound analytical basis to paint the whole lot the same way. And who knows, perhaps those ‘South Asian Men” have the same opinion of you – as a stuck-up, arrogant, conceited, constipated person. You certainly come across like that. You look at everything about India through biased, myopic vision and have pre-conceived notions and overly negative views on everything about India. I can only speculate but it’s probably because of your unhealthy upbringing and lack of proper support. I know of some Indian parents who raise extremely spoilt kids who want everything on a silver spoon and have an egregious sense of entitlement and result is adults incapable of functioning in a mature, responsible manner. One piece of advice, don’t go bragging around here how many countries you’ve lived in or visited or that you have a Ph.D. Trust me – it’s NOT A BIG DEAL these days people like you are dime and dozen and driving taxis or cleaning restaurants!! All this only makes you look like a shallow and vain person. Try to be a bit humble.

            Also, since you paint all South Asian men a certain way, I must also reply in “kind”. Good luck with that marriage. You certainly need all the luck considering the divorce statistics in your cherished nation!!

            PS – Hold back your crocodile tears and don’t show meaningless about the Indian voter as the voter has now evolved and not relying on MSM lies and manipulation courtesy better awareness and social media revolution. Instead worry about the voter psychology of your country that has elected blokes like Bush, Reagan etc, etc..

    • Jishnu

      This very page has two suggested articles from Indiafacts on Shyamji Krishnaverma and Khudiram Bose, as forgotten liberators. Neither is a brahmin. So what exactly is the basis for your allegation?

  • Vijay Singh

    This website is fast turning into mouthpiece of distorted brahminism(Brahmin by birth theory). For Example they talk of freeing temples from government control and give it to Brahmins but they never get into the details of who would be a Brahmin. By deliberately ignoring the definition of Brahmin this website seems to be going in the direction of reviving Brahmin by birth concept. Only Brahmin icons are being glorified as if only Brahmins did everything for India. Kindly do some course correction else it won’t be much time when this website will be seen only Brahmins’conspiracy to revive themselves as “best” caste…!

    • Jishnu

      Have you studied the Islamic and British records as to how this whole brahmin and anti-brahmin thing came into existence? Have you read India’s Unrest by Valentine Chirol to understand how the British orchestration of all the colonized theory you are venting, came about?

      • Vijay Singh

        Am I supposed to read all that when I know that they misused a faultline in our society. But isn’t it our lack to have that faultine in the first place? How can you claim superiority over others simply by being born to a Brahmin… I cannot accept that only Brahmins are capable of metaphysical knowledge and piety. I have seen many Brahmins by birth behaving worse than shudras… they can safely be discarded as namesake Brahmins.

        • Jishnu

          Yes you are supposed to study (for knowledge) not read (for information) all that because by studying one will realize that they did not “misuse a faultline” but CREATED a fault line that did NOT exist. You are supposed to study because by studying you will understanding that caste conflict, slavery, feudalism, are NOT native systems. You are supposed to study if you have interest in knowing the source of our problems. You are supposed to study if you have the basic knowledge that without knowing the source of problems it is impossible to find a solution to them. You are supposed to study if you have to understand why “reformers” failed to solve those problems and why they, with all their “noble” intentions only succeeded in worsening the animosity between groups. You are supposed to study if you have to understand where the problem lies – in the native system or in the superimposed system.

          And of course, you first need to introspect as someone who pretends to understand that the anti-brahmin movement was to “misuse a faultline”, as to why you are actually abetting such “misuse of faultline”.

          • Vijay Singh

            Even if it was not there…it is now there. Perhaps you must be reminded here that knowledge by perception is superior to by inference. Today’s reality is that there is sense of moral superiority among Brahmins despite lacking virtues required to rightly feel proud of that superiority. So kindly keep your books with you. I believe what I see.

          • Jishnu

            Which means you are actively abetting it, its perception and its reality. Which is the whole point. You assert that you have the right to anti-brahmin bigotry while brahmins should not have superiority. Logically your bigotry and hate mongering by itself lends superiority to them. But to understand it requires not hate but knowledge. Anyway you have again conveniently come down from subject to platitude, demonstrating your abilities.

          • Vijay Singh

            Using “animal” for u is platitude but using “bigot” by you for me is “sanskar! Isn’t this bigotry? And no matter how much you whine here …. Brahmin by birth is superior can never be accepted. This doesn’t mean that Brahmins lack superiority. Chanakya was a great Brahmin. So was Dhanna Bhagat. Veer Savarkar was a great Brahmin…. but so was bhagat Singh. Your bigotry that Brahmins by birth are superior to others won’t be accepted. If this faultline wasn’t there earlier then people like you are trying to create now. Keep your theory with you…. not workable with an educated mind. Good luck.

          • Jishnu

            No it isn’t bigotry, it is called loyalty to truth. Something you won’t comprehend. And for obvious reasons. You have demonstrated anti-brahmin bigotry amply. That I condescended etc are all things you have imagined out of your inability to see what I am saying.

            ” And no matter how much you whine here …. Brahmin by birth is superior can never be accepted.”

            Again mr inferiority, it is YOU who are whining. It is you who are cribbing that there is something posited that you will not accept, when there is nothing of that sort being posited here. So you are bringing in all your complexes. As I said, you are actively abetting the “faultline” that you claim is wrong.

          • Vijay Singh

            Loyalty to truth? What truth? That brahmin is superior to others because he or she is born to a Brahmin. This truth? Very nice. This may be your truth! Pick it up and go home happily! And enjoy !

          • Jishnu

            “That brahmin is superior to others because he or she is born to a Brahmin”

            Is that what I said? Or is that what you are hallucinating? Do you even know how to read and understand a few sentences or you lost even than in your hate and bigotry?

          • Vijay Singh

            Terminating discussing with you because you are Shudra by qualities! 🙂 ….. just kidding! Enjoy yaar…

          • Jishnu

            No you are not kidding, you are lying. You are not terminating but retreating because all that you tried to attribute to me are things I have not said and you have said, and I refused to fall for your bait.

          • Vijay Singh

            I am bigot and you are great soul! Do you know this itself is bigotry. Buraa jo dekhan main chalaa buraa naa milya koi, jo Mann dekha aapna mujhsay bura naa koi. Kabeer said these line. Kabeer was rambhakta. Ram temple at Bhadra chalam was inaugrated by him. So just cool down and I apologize if unintentionally I hurt your sentiments. I just wished that saints from all walks of life must get space on this website. This website has great potential to unite all Hindus. This is very much required today. That was only my concern.

          • Jishnu

            “This website has great potential to unite all Hindus. This is very much required today. That was only my concern.”

            Agreed. And in the content thus far, that is exactly what it is doing – if we do not come with assumptions and see the content for what it is, there is nothing that is posted to the contrary.

            There is no personal offense that calls for hurt or apology. And again, I appreciate your gesture of non-conflict.

          • Vijay Singh

            I deleted my first comment. Now happy. Take a glass of water and feel peace. Ok. If any other comment you feel objectionable which is making you feel unrest then inform me..I will delete. Ok. Fine now? Don’t be agitated.

          • Vijay Singh

            And I am sorry I made you feel agitated…. I wish to have peaceful discussion only if other person is at peace. What use of discussion if other person feel agitated. Be at peace plz. And inform me which other comments you want deleted. I will delete them.

          • Jishnu

            It is so nice of you, but there is no fight between you and me here – it is a topic and I stuck to it. Whatever I said too is on what you said. I appreciate however, your gesture of non-conflict.

          • Dr. MS

            You are right Vijay. Just as people of all caste, creed, culture and country can be Brahmins in their thinking, behaviors and values, some Brahmins can also act like Pariyaas which has nothing to do with color of the skin, caste or community…but “has to do with lack of culture, critical thinking, balance of emotions, decency, fairness, goodness and refinement…” . You are right. As a Brahmin I admit that some Brahmins, especially some guys, can act like pariyaas or shurdras or colonialists…and on the net too. I am a woman, and I have been attacked by these idiots on the net too. They think engaging them in their circular logic is discussion, and their whole purpose is to destroy and demean, Very cheap behaviors. So you are not alone. Jishnu is not a Brahmin…but has some deep seated hatred for Brahmins, so he pretends to fight for Brahmins while being a bigot and actually hurting the very people he claims to fight for. He sounds like an insecure isolated pretentious nerd with self awareness or maturity of zero.

            You are right. Some Brahmin boys can act like jerks, especially on the net (to cover up their insecurities).
            Best wishes…

          • Vijay Singh

            And others…. kindly understand I am not pro Brahmin or against Brahmin…… I am just saying that follow Vedas in defining who exactly is Brahmin. Even if I am born to a Dalit parents but I acquire some virtues as explained in Vedas then even I am worthy of being called Brahmin. I say let us all inculcate those virtues and let us all be Brahmin by mind and Kshatriya by bravery and vaishya by work. Thank you.

          • Vijay Singh

            Terminating discussing with you because you are Shudra by qualities! 🙂 ….. just kidding! Enjoy yaar.

          • Vijay Singh

            And I would like to make it clear that this great man about whom this essay is published is worshippable by me and all true patriots…. my observation was regarding general direction this blog taking.