To Which Country Will Aamir Khan Migrate?

It looks like Kiran Rao began reading newspapers a few months ago; she was ignorant of the evils of the Sonia Gandhi regime,

Film star Aamir Khan’s wife believes that the Narendra Modi government has been such a calamity that she wants to leave India—and he doesn’t disagree with her over the issue of ‘growing intolerance’ in the country.

Okay, the prudish Pahlaj Nihalani is part of the baggage of the new dispensation, as also are many other illiberal characters; now James Bond can’t kiss a lady more than a stipulated duration; but, when all is said and done, we should not lose sight of the fact that India is not hurtling towards apocalypse.

Some facts first. Eighty six people died in communal incidents until October this year, as compared to 90 in the corresponding period in 2014. The number of communal incidents, however, rose in till October this, 630 against 561 in 2014. According to the Home Ministry data, the number of people injured also went up this year, 1,899 against 1,688 last year.

By no stretch of imagination do these figures suggest that India is a seething cauldron of warring communities, or that it has started looking like the Wiemar Republic in its last days, about to be taken over the Nazis.

But speaking at the eighth edition of the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, Aamir Khan said a sense of “insecurity” and “fear” had seeped deep within society, even in his family. “[Wife] Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time, she said, should we move out of India? That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day. That does indicate that there is a sense of growing disquiet.”

Apart from bad English (a disastrous statement!), there are several aspects of Khan’s garrulous remarks that need to be examined.

It looks like Kiran Rao began reading newspapers a few months ago; she was ignorant of the evils of the Sonia Gandhi regime, whose hallmarks were stupendous corruption, gross incompetence, jihad- and Naxal-friendly attitudes, policy paralysis, and entitlement mania. 

It needs to be emphasized that the failings of the Modi government are mentioned in relation to the high expectations from him; on every possible count, his government fares way better that its immediate predecessor.

Even on the subject of tolerance. After all, the draconian Section 66A was introduced by Sonia’s followers. The Modi regime would have covered itself in glory had it repealed it; instead government lawyers defended it in the Supreme Court. The government partially redeemed itself by welcoming the apex court judgment invalidating the section.

We should also not forget the Congress role undermining the ideas of tolerance and liberty in general. It was the Jawaharlal Nehru government that brought the First Amendment in 1951, while imposing “reasonable restrictions” on the freedom to expression, practically negated the spirit of the Constitution.

There are myriad instances to show how films, books, and other works of art were proscribed, unfriendly intellectuals harassed, non-Leftist historians marginalized, and free market economists harassed in the pre-Modi era.

Evidently, Kiran Rao is unaware of these facts. And where does she—and perhaps her husband—want to go? She can’t go to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim state without seeing her own liberty getting eroded. At any rate, she would most probably be forced to embrace Islam in a Muslim country. Aamir Khan too will not be able to act in a movie like PK in, say, Pakistan.

Europe, the US, and other Western lands are also supposed to be inimical to Muslims according to the narrative she and her husband subscribe to; we are told that there is a lot of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racism’ over there.

It is depressing that the media has given such prominence to Aamir Khan’s platitudinous remarks. On Paris attacks, he said, “A person who is holding a Quran and killing people may feel he is doing it in the name of Islam, but as a Muslim, I don’t feel he is doing an Islamic act. He may claim to be a Muslim but we should not recognize him as that.”

A Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a Bernard Lewis, or a Robert Spencer saying which act is Islamic and which is not can be taken seriously; but somebody who never went to college and is not known for any measure of scholarship parrots clichés, and the great editors focus on his blabbering. Our newspapers and channels can do better than that.

Ravi Shanker Kapoor is a journalist and author. He upholds freedom of expression, individual liberty, free market, and open society. He is an uncompromising opponent of Islamism, communism, and other totalitarian ideologies. He is also a critic of intellectuals, as evident from his third book, How India’s Intellectuals Spread Lies (Vision Books).
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  • Rajalakshmi J

    When muslims opened fire in Mumbai shooting down Hindus , those inside Taj Hotel who could recite verses from their koran were left unharmed. Thus a turkish couple escaped by reciting something from koran & then walked over the bloodied mutilated bodies of Hindus remaining safe.

    If islam stands for peace & if only “tiny minorities” are “misinterpreting” islam these turkish muslim couple could & OUGHT to have pointed out so to kasab & other muslim jihadists. But did NOT. All over the world this is what these jihadists are doing. After every terrorist attack , rest of the muslims keep conning us telling “this is not islam…islam means peace”. amir khan is no different. The muslims’ definition of Peace is fundamentally different from what Hindus believe in.

    These amir khans , shabana azmis , shah rukh khans ought to lecture on intolerance to their own fellow muslims worldwide.
    Which we know they would NEVER do.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Everytime I read your comments there is always something new I come to know of.

      /// When muslims opened fire in Mumbai shooting down Hindus , those inside Taj Hotel who could recite verses from their koran were left unharmed. Thus a turkish couple escaped by reciting something from koran & then walked over the bloodied mutilated bodies of Hindus remaining safe///

  • Rajat Datta

    How ludicrous! This Sanjiv Bhatt who has been proved to be a Congi bootlicker has the temerity to lecture about pluralism. He should be in jail. Well that would be intolerance, wouldn’t it? It is time Hindus shed their passive attitude and take on these Amir Khans and other Islamist goons head on. In the name of freedom of expression enough muck has been thrown at Hindu culture and tradition. The inherent tolerance of Hinduism should not become a curse.

  • Indian

    Aamir Khan is the Billionare Black Money COG OF HAWALA DAWOOD ITALIAN DRUGH, ORGAN, CHILD PEDOPHILE, HUMAN TRADING TERRORIST MAFIA. Yes he is feeling suffocated as MODI is hard on all these things. Now Aamir cannot get small kids kidnapped and killed to sell their organs to whites or send slave girls to Brothels of Italy and Arabia. Let him and His so called 3rd wife-nth so called wife go and live in ISIS cntrlled IRAQ, maybe his slut like wife is having public orgasms seeing this and imaging herself n daughter being led for orgies. We indians should be kind enough to donate 25 paisa each to buy one way ticket for them and that afghani SHAHRUKH AND ALSO ITALIAN AND PIGLETS to their Tolerant Heaven on earth where they cam enjoy the sexual freedom of multiple gangbangs

  • malavika

    Blame the Hindus who watched his movies and his SMJ nonsense.

    Boycott SRK, AK movies, and their sponsors. They are Islamofacists.

    • Anfauglir

      How about Hindus and other nationalists boycott all bollywood (and Indian ELM, while people are at it)? Then, if India’s seculars can’t keep bollywood alive with their loyalty, it will die a natural death. And that will also mean no more promotion of Indian barbie mentalities like Priyanka, Deepika and Sunny Leones, no more advertising for bollywood’s love jihads, it will bring the death of socialites and other gossip magazine writers (like that failed transvestite Shobaa De), and no more promotion of “halloween/valentine” and other christianising culture by dimwits.

      With the death of bollywood, Hindus can then return to fill the void by making artistic, tasteful films again. And they can hire sensible (Hindu) people to act, instead of the stream of insipid model-turned-actors flooding bollywood, who have been the worst possible examples for society with their dangerous combination of brainless-ness and viciousness and apathy.

      • JagatguruDas

        We can only boycott only when there is something to watch. After long time, we thought of watching Shaandar but couldn’t bear it beyond 30 minutes.

        • Anfauglir

          “We can only boycott only when there is something to watch.”

          Correct. But some large number of people in India allegedly watched PK and still watch bollywood and ELM on TV. If there are any “Hindus” or nationalists among those that have been watching Indian monotheist TV, then these are the ones that need to start boycotting this (assuming they want to stop empowering their enemies). Obviously you don’t require the suggestion, since you already don’t watch bollywhatever.

          • Slasher

            Time to Boycott Bollywood and the Desh Drohi khans!

            All are Dawood Ibrahim gangsters.

  • Atul Mamtora

    Interesting theme emerges in most of the comments is that blame the messenger rather than debating issues raised Mr.Khan.

  • Badal

    The most pertinent Question that needs to be asked is why the intolerance is being perceived more now . Few years back if Ms Manishankar Aiyer and Salman Kushid had solicited Pakistani favor in Pakistan for removal of an elected PM of this country , the possible reaction would have been some sporadic protest march by few hundreds in the Capital and Major
    cities demanding apology from those who erred . Some more protest in parliament or assemblies , some news paper columns or articles condemning such irresponsible behavior . Majority of the people would have had no time to
    participate in the protest march , some of them would have expressed disgust at the dining table , few would have fumed in their friend circle and social gathering . In any case Ms Mani Shankaraiyer and Salman could have never gauged
    the extent of displeasure and disappointment of the common man on their felony nor could have personally experienced the brunt of public ire so distinctly .

    The spread of the internet does not make it necessary for the common man willing to participate in the protest to physically take part in the protest , neither he needs to wait for a social gathering to share his distrustful feeling .He sits
    in front of the computer or uses his mobile to register his protest and give his piece of mind to all those issues and matters that cause enough antagonism in him . They are called trolls by some and Bhakts by some but they existed all along and it is not as if they have been born new all of a sudden .It is just that their impact is felt more emphatically by one and all . Even media cannot get away with its spin stories any more . Vast expanse of information which would help people get correct perspective on any current National issues is available and is shared .The media motives get challenged
    and the authors of agenda driven articles are pilloried . The protest of the Majority which may appear as a voice of intolerance was always there albeit in mute mode but now it is being heard more and more intensely .

    A section of the society which has not been used to such intensity of the majority voice – they are confusing it with growing intolerance phenomena . According to them the objections and disapproval by a section of minority come under as an expression of protest while on the other hand the majority voicing its displeasure or anguish should get branded as growing intolerance ,

    • Slasher

      You nailed the phenomenon!

      But it is important that we change the discourse in the mainstream media. Otherwise we are lost and our country would be lost to Monotheistic Parasites.

  • srikrishna sadula

    some people definitely want to see India to remain poor. The agenda of reforms, foreign investments etc may take a halt if intolerance atmosphere is created. For that purpose artists, commies, congress etc are trying very hard to prove that India is intolerant. But basic questions like so many past riots, attacks, bomb blasts were made any body intolerant. Common people tend to ask this ? Who will answer for that ? The onus lies on the people who raise intolerance issue now ? Isn’t it. For the past 60 years, except congress nobody else got full majority chance to rule it. Somehow it became like congress family business. Now the things changed, that particular thing some people not able to digest/adjust it. Its all part of that particular game. Yes those people who ruled it for decades, would feel that they missed it, thats why they are propagating intolerance. The more world evolves the more truth comes out, so far lied definitely feel intolerance now.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    //A person who is holding a Quran and killing people may feel he is doing
    it in the name of Islam, but as a Muslim, I don’t feel he is doing an
    Islamic act. He may claim to be a Muslim but we should not recognize him
    as that//

    If amir khan is that sure ought to be preaching & reforming these jihadists & thus helping France. We know these muslims would never do that. Instead blatantly lie ” this is not islam” . If this is not islam why no fatwas against them ?

    I am disappointed amir khan has decided not to leave India. amir khans , shabana azmis , ar.rehmans -all should be kicked out of India. Forced to seek asylum in saudi arabia .

    It is dhimmi Hindus’ stockholm syndrome that is often labelled “tolerance”.

  • subodh1945

    aamir khan and his wife are blinking idiots

    • malavika

      No, they are Islamofascists.

      It is we Hindus who patronize them who are stupid and suicidal.

  • notepoli7

    Bhakts argue that Aamir’s PK earned crores because India is tolerant. Exactly my point! The bigoted lunatics tried their best to disrupt PK. It is the tolerant people of this country who spent money and made it a hit. Don’t insult us by equating the whole nation with the dwindling band of 31%. There is much more to India beyond the realm of bigoted morons and their thuggish leaders. Celebration of plurality is the bedrock of the idea of India. Don’t let these thugs with a skewed sense of nationalism vitiate our present and destroy our future.

    Sanjiv Bhatt
    Ex IPS officer..

    • srikrishna sadula

      u lied in courts and outside many times? the same ips ? the same stooge of congress..?
      ohh ok now also you are doing same..

    • Badal

      Lies , Blatant lies ,white lies and statistics . Do not get misled by what 31 % represents (the same way your name sake got misled by the vested interest to frame Modi and ended up as an object of ridicule). Let us understand the difference between preference and aversion . The 10 or 11 % that has always displayed herd mentality in voting they have consistently displayed aversion to those according to you representing
      the 31 % .. Others who do not figure in the 31 % nor in the herd mentality crowd ,did not display aversion/rejection when they voted . it was just a question of preference.

      In a multi candidate contest one should never make the mistake of reading voters preference (the electoral mandate )as their verdict on a referendum .If you want to know what exactly is the strength that is supposed to be coming under 31% , then have the guts to have a referendum .A referendum on whether it should be a Hindu Nation or other wise it will let you know where you pretenders would be bracketed and you would know how misleading the 31 % statistics could be..

      The bhakts always existed their protests and misgivings remained in mute mode , which was wrongly interpreted as passive acceptance. .The internet avenues has enabled the mute voices to be amplified and heard and
      shared . This is what the pseudo secular band wagon is perceiving as growing intolerance. When minority voice their disapproval it is termed as protest , and when majority assert their voice it is called “intolerance’ .Please wake up sir . The majority has woken up and its impact will be felt on all walks be prepared,

      • Rajalakshmi J

        Mainstream media purposely avoids reporting on the dangerous machinations of muslims. Recently some Hindus from Mangalore were performing Sathyanarayana Puja in their residence in Kuwait. Muslims hailing from the same Mangalore went & complained to the police . Just because muslims complained all those Hindus were thrown inside prisons without any proper enquiry. This is the “tolerance” of muslims towards Hindus. Their relatives did not even know where they were being held. Soon all of them were deported back to India. These Hindus would never be able to come again to Middle East seeking employment.

        They lost their jobs only owing to the SPITE of inimical muslims. I am afraid Hindus have become extremely somnolent . It is always us Hindus who are coerced into accommodating . During their fastings , Hindus should compulsorily stay away from food & water. Whereas in our own country they enjoy full freedom to slaughter cows , calves , camels etc. Plus siphon off money from our Temples to subsidize their haj pilgrimages. amir khans come up with blasphemous movies like pk & secular charlatans of India applaud such blasphemy calling it “freedom of expression”. How did these muslims behave while unleashing “cartoon riots” all the world over ? Indian establishment is heavily biased towards these INIMICAL muslims who breed & breed adding weight to their vote bank.

        I would be happy to see all muslims of India deported to saudi arabia , Nigeria , Timbaktu etc. This is the only way Hindus in exile can return & live peacefully in their OWN country called Bharath.

        • Slasher

          You are absolutely correct.

          The time for Tolerance by Hindus is OVER!!

          Since we have got the Intolerance tag which we never deserved, we should now try to earn it by tit for tat against every act of intolerance by Muslims and Christians.

          Also why is the mainstream Desh Drohi media not picking up on this Massive Scandal of Pervasive Sexual Abuse in Madrassas. It is a bigger scandal than in the Vatican.

          Hello??? raise Hell guys. Are you all sleeping in India??

          After journalist Rajeena, filmmaker Ali Akbar says he was also a victim of abuse in madarsa – Shaju Philip – The Indian Express – Thiruvananthapuram – Nov 29, 2015

          Challenging the claim of Sunni Muslim leader Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musliyar that Kerala madrasas were free from sexual abuse, a Malayalam film director said he was exploited by an ustad (teacher) during his madrasa life.

          Film director Ali Akbar alleged that a teacher had sodomized him when he was studying there in class four. “That madrasa was run by Kanthapuram Musliyar. If Musliyar is willing to look into the issue, I am ready to give the details of the ustad,’’ said Akbar.

          After Muslim woman journalist V P Rajeena disclosed about how ustads used to abuse girls and boys in her madrasa days, the social media has witnessed debate on madrasa life. Joining the debate, many had come forward to share on how they were exploited in madrasas.

          Akbar said the entire students in his class had been sexually abused by the ustad. “The sexual exploitation of children in madrasas is still going on. But, nobody is ready to speak out against the abuse out of fear. When leaders like Kanthapuram Musliyar are heading the madrasa education system in Kerala, who would dare to complain against an ustad,’’ asks Akbar.

    • Anfauglir

      Interesting how all 10 of Notepoli7’s upvoters (as at present)–David, “Shri” (“@DickisonForeseenotheII”, obvious crypto cover), Anderson Whisc, Johnson Youghts, Hunter Whap, Chavez Uppose, Balducci Wile, Mighty Fryer, Palumbo, Nicholson–joined Disqus on the very same day of 18 May 2014.

      Typical Indian Christian troll. Desperate for upvotes, one sad Indian christian created 10 accounts all on the same day and then used all other accounts to upvote anything he said from one account.

      And like all the monotheist trolls, of course this one has a cryptomonotheist account too, here “Shri” @DickisonForeseenotheII. Christian and muslim trolls at Hindu and nationalist sites are both heavily employing crypto-monotheist covers to attack Hinduism and nationalism with. (But if X is anti-Hindu and pro-treachery, X is an obvious monotheist regardless of its cover name.)

      But that explains why I’d never come across any of the notepoli7’s upvoters commenting at Indiafacts before. It was natural to wonder how “Sanjiv Bhatt” got so many first-time christian visitors to gather in unison at Indiafacts to upvote his comment within just 11 hours of his posting it. Initially, the straightforward conclusion was that “Sanjiv Bhatt” would simply have asked his church congregation to upvote him. But then it turned out it was just one christian troll exhibiting monotheists’ usual multiple personality disorder including crypto monotheism.

      In any case, there’s no surprise that christians (1×10) would be upvoting notepoli7’s pro-treachery, anti-Hindu comment in support of Aamir & co’s subtle jihad. It’s but more proof that the monotheists are working together to convert India: in India and other lands not yet taken over by christianity or islam, the christians always flock to support jihad. E.g. news reports repeatedly mention how unsurprisingly large numbers of “Palestinian” christians keep joining islamic ‘Palestinian’ terror outfits in the two monotheists’ joint goal of “destroying Israel”.

      But when the missionary monotheists have no heathens or other resistant people to prey on, they finally start killing each other. Thus Sanjiv Bhatt’s monotheist christian and muslim brethren in Syria are killing each other, just like the Paki counterparts to India’s treacherous christians are regularly treated to jihad in Pakistan. And in the Central African Republic, christians have genocided and ethnically cleansed a million muslims by mid 2014 alone, when CAR was already on the “brink of genocide” and it’s still continuing there.

      But let’s consider the hypothetical scenario where Aamir and all other missionary monotheists in India (all christians and muslims) and their secular supporters, like the transvestite Shobhaa De, finally decide to move into the monotheist muslim-majority republic of Pakistan that was specifically carved out of heathen Bharatam by the subcontinent’s muslims with the collusion of its christians:

      What will the muslim majority of Pakistan then do to their christian brothers, to notepoli7 and to his christian upvoter (the one suffering from obvious multiple personality disorder):

      1. live peacefully together (as seen in Syria under ISIS)
      2. live peacefully together (as seen in the CAR)
      3. live peacefully together (as seen in present day Pakistan)

      More importantly, who need care?

      Finally, “bigot” is an exclusive reference to christians:

      Etymological clues exist of a forlorn pagan resistance to ‘conversion’ –

      BIGOT, meaning an obstinate and intolerant holder of particular religious opinions, arrived in English via French. It originated centuries before among Germanic/Frankish tribes of Gaul. ‘Bei Gott’ (‘By God’) mocked the exclamation frequently used by the crusading Christian missionaries who were bludgeoning the tribes into conversion.

      CRETIN, a stunted or intellectually subnormal person, came into English in the 18th century from Franco-Provençal ‘creitin’ or ‘crestin’, again both ancient in origin, derived from the Old French ‘chretien’ and the Lombard, ‘cristanei’ – meaning “Christian”!

      More proof of who the intolerant obscurantist terrorists are and ever were: the missionary monotheists, who are literally bigots and cretins (by exclusive definition even).

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Here is a response from a Bhakt with a skewed sense of nationalism.

  • IndiannotAmused

    Well.according to what Aamir Khan has told us,it was his wife that raised the issue of intolerance in India and spoke of moving out of India to avoid that intolerance.Since it was Aamir’s wife [as we have been told by Aamir himself ] who raised the issue in the first place,I feel it more fitting to ask “To which country will AAMIR KHAN’S WIFE migrate?”
    Aamir’s wife Kiran and Aamir should go to Syria…………while Aamir can be a soldier of his faith there among his tolerant brothers………….Aamir’s wife can serve a special role…………..being the COMMON WIFE of the soldiers of faith…………..
    You see………..some of these local Muslim girls seem to be not enough given to the “cause”……………maybe Kiran can show her eagerness by making up for multiple girls ……………giving COMFORT to the FAITHFUL BROTHERS OF AAMIR…………..after all serving the “cause” can take many forms………… Why stay in fear in this ” intolerant fearful land”?
    Why am I being mean towards his family you ask? Answer is simple,HE SAID HIS FAMILY PUT THE IDEA IN HIS MIND.So I am giving friendly suggestions to his FAMILY.

    • Anfauglir

      Two “Bosnian” (European) muslim “refugee” girls in Austria went off to Syria to join ISIS–Bosnian muslims are rabid for islam as a rule–and took photos posing with rifles (quite like western female christians hunting wildlife in Africa do). They predictably became the poster girls for islam, since muslim men have this thing for European women. They were married off to ISIS terrorists who supervised their messages of how they were now “free to practise their religion at last”. One died “fighting”, then the remaining one–clearly happy to practise her religion–tried to escape ISIS and was beaten to death by her own brothers in islam. That’s something Kiran and the likes should try next.

      A teenage Austrian girl who fled to Syria along with her friend is believed to have been beaten to death after being caught trying to flee the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

      … they appeared on social networking sites branding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men – photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls.

      A number of Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra has been beaten to death for attempting to leave Raqqa

      Here’s another lunatic (from Tunisia) who happily joined ISIS but did manage to get away:

      The report in the Kronen Zeitung quotes a Tunisian woman who also travelled to Syria to join the jihadists last year but later escaped and returned home. She told the newspaper that she lived with Samra and Sabina in Raqqa.

      ISIS shouldn’t let Kiran and the likes get away though. “Seculars” who sell themselves to islam willingly belong to islam.

  • Anfauglir

    “To Which Country Will Aamir Khan Migrate?”

    He’s always free to take a one-way trip to ISIS-occupied territory where his religion holds sway. And he can take his crypto wife with him. (He won’t claim to be a victim of intolerance in ISIS land, since they’re his own kind.)

    News reports mention how the superior Middle-eastern muslims treat their subcontinental converts: as the expendable dirt they signed up to be when they enrolled in monotheism.

    Tuesday , November 24 , 2015
    IS finds Indians ‘inferior’ – ‘Fighters tricked into suicide missions’
    New Delhi, Nov. 23 (PTI):

    The Islamic State (IS) does not consider South Asian Muslims, including Indians, good enough to fight in Iraq and Syria, treating them as inferior to Arab fighters and often tricking them into suicide attacks, an intelligence report said.

    According to the report prepared by foreign agencies and shared with their Indian counterparts, the fighters from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as certain countries like Nigeria and Sudan are considered inferior to Arab fighters. Twenty-three Indians have so far joined the IS, of which six have reportedly died.

    There appears a clear hierarchy in the IS where the Arab fighters are preferred as officer cadre, provided better arms and ammunition, equipment, accommodation and salaries.

    “The fighters from South Asia are usually housed in groups in small barracks, are paid less than the Arab fighters and provided inferior equipment,” the report says.

    There are reports that the so-called inferior fighters are also, at times, given a vehicle loaded with explosives, asked to go near a destination and call a certain number. They are told the purported individual would come and meet them to explain the mission. However, as soon as the number is dialled, the car explodes due to a pre-set mechanism aimed at destroying a specific target.

    The report suggests a disproportionately high level of casualties among the South Asian and African IS fighters as they are forced to the frontlines as foot soldiers. Positioned behind them are the better-equipped and experienced Arab combatants, whose casualties are proportionally less.

    This explains why so many Indians from a relatively small contingent have died, the report says. The six Indians killed so far are Athif Vaseem Mohammad (Telangana), Mohammad Umar Subhan (Karnataka), Maulana Abdul Kadir Sultan Armar (Karnataka), Saheem Farooque Tanki (Maharashtra), Faiz Masood (Karnataka) and Mohammad Sajid alias Bada Sajid (Uttar Pradesh).

    Since the superior Middle-eastern monotheists are always on the lookout for yet more useful idiots, Aamir and his wife can readily sign up and move to ISIS land. Especially as numerous vacancies are opening up all the time, on account of the quick turnover rate seen above.

    • JagatguruDas

      It’s better that these ungrateful creatures leave Bharat. Perhaps he got better offer from LeT chief than what was promised to his colleague. I really doubt whether it was statement from KR or it was forced on her by this guy

      • Anfauglir

        She married into monotheism of her own choice. Nothing that such people do thereafter in favour of monotheism would surprise me, all subsequent treacheries on their part being par for the course.

        There are a lot of these “secular” people in India to whom only monotheism makes sense and who are hostile to heathen religions because these feel entirely alien to them. Pakistan was carved out specifically for the monotheist-minded people of the subcontinent. Yet these continue to parasite in Bharatam because they’re not actually after territory in and of itself, but are after converting all remaining non-monotheists to monotheism (and gaining territory by such means), which is why the monotheists continue to linger and demographically take over in Bharatam. As such, Aamir and Kiran and their offspring will not be moving off, even if they will repeatedly be lamenting about how they’re “thinking about it”.

        • JagatguruDas

          These detritivores will not leave until they destroy the fabric of the dharmic society.

          • Anfauglir

            “These detritivores”
            There’s no need to go around complimenting Khan & co with such associations far above them.

    • JagatguruDas

      Another reason could be that the “D” gang is feeling the heat after the arrest of Chotta Rajan. This gang wants to dislodge this govt by hook or crook or at least prevent it from 2019. Now you’d see more and more secular “B” gangs shouting about intolerance

      • Anfauglir

        What is D and B? If D is for “Dawood”–since the context is Chotta Rajan–then is B a reference to the rest of “secular” bollywood?

        • JagatguruDas

          Yes that’s correct

  • Atul B Mamtora

    This is a sick article .

    • Prati Hara

      That’s it – that’s the best you can do? I hope you understand that one-sentence judgements like yours are mostly ignored on message boards. Spit-n-run does not work in the real world.

      I do agree that the article falls short. It’s not about migration of the Khans. It’s really about how news media shapes gullible minds’ thoughts. One would think that the Khans are the elite, and should not be swayed by TV channels – but looks like that’s not the case. It goes to show how feeble minded many of the “top” people are, and how easily they can be manipulated. It also shows that the Khans’ don’t reason well and the pre-frontal cortex of their brain cannot process context properly. In short – success has gone to their head.


      • Atul B Mamtora

        May i suggest you to read his explanation in Times of India.More than spreading vitriolic as done in this article,I think issue is more of Mr.Khans right to express opinion or free speech. You are right.unfortunately media has done very good job of distorting and as usual best course is to blame messenger.

        • Prati Hara

          Mr Khan has expressed his opinion, and his freedom of speech is not under threat. His opinion was to leave the country to a “better” place. Others’ have an equal freedom of speech to ask which this better place would be, and why. If Khan has to maintain his respect, he needs to specify where he would migrate to, and why it would be better. Otherwise he is just an elite version of an internet troll.


        • prashants5 .

          I agree Mr. Khan has every right to express his opinion. And based on that, let the other people citizens of India express their opinion. An opinion expressed by a celebrity or popular personality, comes with accountability where as a common citizen’s opinion nobody bothers about. Hence if Mr. Khan and their supporters, are feeling the heat that is acually expected when someone gives irresponsible comments.

          I don’t give a damn to this kind of celebrities but choose to ignore such loose talks. I don’t see any value he is adding to my life or someone else life other than entertaining for money.

          • Atul B Mamtora

            May i ask you to refer to column bu Mr.Kuldip Nayer at
            And at the same times please read what Mr.Khan has said as opinion expressed by his wife not by him.I would call it more as outburst at home. This will give you how much has been distorted and blame the messenger.

          • prashants5 .

            First of all knowing that there is a paid media to sensationalize and twist and distort, and knowing that all the drama was orchastrated very recently on this subject, I would rather avoid talking such things in public forum. If Mr. Khan is not doing that, it is obvious that he would face the heat. Neither you can justify it or anyone defend it.

          • Atul Mamtora

            No one can help you since you have kept blinders on.

          • prashants5 .

            I am not asking for anyone’s help. Like Mr Khan and his wife, I am also exercising my freedom of opinion. Either take it or leave it. The choice is yours.

          • Infinite Wisdom

            While it was originally Mrs. Khan’s desire to leave India, Mr. Khan did endorse it explicitely, and of course implicitely is understood or else why would he tell us about his stupid wife’s ideas.

          • Atul B Mamtora

            This is just a outburst while at home.No one is making as political statement,as said earlier read Mr.Kuldip Nayer column in Time sof India.

        • Anfauglir

          Another selective free speech activist, eh? The kind who coincidentally only crawls out of the woodwork to defend monotheist verbal terrorists.

          Where’s your “free speech” activism whenever Taslima Nasreen is disallowed by your faux-secular and communist and crypto-monotheist and monotheist kinds from her “right to express her opinion and free speech”?

          Where’s your activism when Sanal Edamaruku’s life is threatened and he’s been driven into exile by the omnipresent christian taliban for exposing their christian “miracles” as a fraud?

          Where was your activism on behalf of free speech when in 2006, India’s so-called Catholic “Secular” Forum even issued barely-veiled arson and violence threats in order to get the Indian film “Sacred Evil” banned, after India’s christian taliban’s earlier lobbying about ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Tickle My Funny Bone’. But the real taliban were always the monotheists.

          Note, if you did not go all activist for free speech in the above cases, then you’re clearly a cryptomonotheist. Activism for selective “free speech” only in favour of monotheists and other anti-Hindu whining is proof positive of cryptomonotheism.

          If you’re not a crypto-monotheist but claim to be secular or rationalist or plain vanilla atheist, then affirm the following by repeating after me for proof of your non-monotheist affiliations/your non-affiliation to monotheisms:

          1. “Jesus christ never existed” (see JesusNeverExisted Com and countless other sites for the details)

          2. “mohammed is this and this

          3. “The biblical god doesn’t exist. The islamic allah doesn’t exist.”

          If you don’t repeat 1 AND 2 AND 3, then you’re a crypto-monotheist.
          It’s the standard test for crypto-monotheism among Hindu-baiters who playact at being “secular/atheist”.

          • IndiannotAmused

            The domestic American funded Christian and Arab funded elite Muslim combine is the biggest threat India faces.Either we take this bull by its two horns or we should prepare to live in a Balkanized India where one day our next generation will be Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] also known as refugees.

          • Anfauglir

            “The domestic American funded Christian and Arab funded elite Muslim combine is the biggest threat India faces.”
            That and de-heathenisation.

        • Slasher

          It’s best you shut up. Your comments capture this statement by a wise man once perfectly:

          “It is better to be silent and be thought of as a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”

          • Atul Mamtora

            I will think about it.

  • Jaya

    “Our newspapers and channels can do better than that.” — Now can they really do better than that? The real situation is that they are beholden to one specific dispensation. They cannot bite the hand that feeds them. Given those constraints – can they do better than that? really? If they could – would they not? Now the next question is – Do they want to? And again the answer here is that they don’t. Because the current PM comes from a socio economic strata and background which is truly grassroots Indian. The MSM comes from a very different background and feels itself “superior” – the colonised mind and the kowtowing to the west very much on display there!! Now the third question: Can we ever expect a change? And sadly unless a new set of players emerge say like Swarajya Mag the existing folks will not change and will continue the way they are because they have too much invested in the structure which they have loyalties to. And therefore the system now needs to be primed to make way for the real Bharatvarsha or the real Hindustan not the fake India nurtured by Nehruvian socialists from the dayIndia got independance.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Feeding the hand which bites could be applicable to Amir Khan for giving a stick to beat the BJP during the parliamentary session and yet he is our Brand Ambassador for Tourism “Atithi Devo Bhava”.May I ask why don’t the BJP walas realise it must stop feeding the crocodiles. Anyways this Nehruvian nexus is long and deep Doon School, JNU, AMU, Cambridge,Oxford,Jamia Milia University,Harvard,FTII etc.All you need to do is look at the alumni list and this will tell you how a Nehruvian is created and nurtured.BJP suffers from ostrich syndrome it should have developed a strategy when it was not in power,they might be in power but the narrative and the discourse is still being dictated by the Nehruvians.

  • No Mist

    From twitter – dear amir khan,for all u know kiran rao might want to go to a nation with uniform civil code to prevent a stepmum to her future kids. #islam

  • Savarkar’s Disciple

    If you want your Kids to be Dhimmis/Colonized Hindus of the worst Kind then please send them to them to the following schools,Colleges,Universities
    Doon School,JNU,AMU,Cambridge,Oxford,Jamia Milia University,Harvard etc and by the end of it I can assure you they would surely have more regards for Secessionist Ideologies rather than Nationalism and they might even get converted and if you have a daughter she will soon bring a nice Muslim boy as a potential husband wouldn’t that be awesome.

    Long Live Secularism!!!

    • mazharuddin

      The man who had beheaded denial pearl an american journalist was alumani of london school of economic so you can be nationalist and patriotic even though you went to these institution. look at Muslim, Even If they go to best of school and university still they curse western civilization and Modern laws and prefer sharia over it.
      Hinduism should drilled into minds of Kids through their Parents.

      • Savarkar’s Disciple

        When I said Nationalism I meant in our context and anyways Muslims are only loyal towards Islam and not any nation.My reference was with regards to Kiran Rao (Jamia Milia University) and most “Hinduised” parents would not send their kids to Doon School even if they have money to give away 7.95 Lakhs per annum.I agree with the drilling part but that happens at a very early stage like it happened with me.There was a lot of clash between my Dharmik upbringing and the English medium Macaulay’s education system. Luckily in my case Dharma won by a huge margin even though its taken me years to decolonize myself.

      • Anfauglir

        “Hinduism should drilled into minds of Kids through their Parents.”

        If you ever want to teach your kids Hinduism or if you’re interested for yourself, there are many Harikatha audio albums in local languages that instill the Dharma and a proper understanding of Hindu heathenism in a natural way. Harikatha are the narratives about the Hindu Gods, heroes and other bhaktas, taken from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and other Vedic texts, as well as local heathen histories, which are narrated by traditional exponents of Hindu heathenism. Unlike nationalist sites, it gives you the authentic Hindu heathen view of Hindu heathen literature. For the purpose of imbibing heathenism, listening to harikatha narrated by heathens may be the next best thing to being raised in a heathen family.

        If you’re ever interested, I can direct you to some audios to try out. (The audios I possess are in Tamizh, Kannada and Telugu. And one is in Samskritam, but is significantly in carnatic classical song format.)

        • JagatguruDas

          unfortunately the number of harikatha exponents are dwindling and their listeners too…

          • Anfauglir

            The number of heathen Hindus are dwindling, replaced by all the other kinds of post-heathens calling themselves Hindus. Symptomatic of the times.

            But in the case of Harikatha, at least there are audios.

      • Anfauglir


        I don’t mean to keep harassing you with my suggestions. However, as you upvoted my comment on Harikatha but did not ask me to share the audios I have, I’m guessing that perhaps I don’t have audios in the language(s) you speak. I have since located a harikatha in English–still by a traditional performer–but I haven’t listened to it yet so I’m not sure how enjoyable it is or can be in English. It will take me some time to check.

        In the meantime, I can suggest something else that you might perhaps find useful. Ramakrishna Matham publishes illustrated children’s books on Ramayanam, Mahabharatam and Srimad Bhagavatam and compilations of kathas on the Gods, all in multiple languages. Since I don’t know your mother tongue, I can at least confirm the titles are available in English too, besides Tamizh and Kannada, and possibly other major Indic languages.

        These books are beautifully illustrated by a traditional Hindu artist. Though his colour choices can be unexpected and somewhat surreal at times, the overall images are undeniably colourful. The outlines of the lead characters are authentic to traditional depictions, and the colouring of some Devas are authentic as well.

        I just saw that two of RKM’s illustrated books for children are available from their e-book store. But you can find the printed versions of all their children’s books in several physical stores in India, and also their online store from where you can have them shipped to anywhere in the country.

        If you want to try one, I can scan one in for your children or for yourself (I will then compensate the RKM with a donation). The RKM’s illustrated Ramayanam for children, for instance, is a single volume book, and Hanuman looks very authentic and endearing in it. In fact, I’d say the book is worth having just for the illustrations of Hanuman itself.