Trupti returns ‘atrupt’ from Haji Ali, but who will fight for you?

Who else will fight for the triple talaq, if not Muslim women? Who else will defeat the nonsensical polygamy, if not them! Who else will attack the maulvis, who dictate reading science and maths as being satanic?

All of us know about a certain Trupti Desai. The woman who was hailed domestically and internationally as the torch bearer of the fight for gender equality. She was mainly in the news due to the recent Shani Shingnapur temple entry episode where the court allowed the entry of women in the Sanctum Santorum of the temple, which was banned for over 400 years.

There was a lot of noise about how it was regressive of Hinduism to prohibit the entry of women into temples, with even the court saying: “There is no law that prevents entry of women in any place. If you allow men then you should allow women also. If a male can go and pray before the deity then why not women? It is the state government’s duty to protect the rights of women.”

Liberals, seculars, feminists, humanists, and all kinds of intellectuals hailed their hero Trupti for breaking in to the tradition of Shani Shingapur irrespective of the fact that the traditions are highly codified and have a reason behind their existence. These traditions are not some superstitions that says one must not cross the road that has been crossed by a cat. There is difference between a superstition and a centuries old tradition.

Every properly consecrated temple, especially the ancient ones, have several dimensions to its existence. It is not like the neighbourhood temple erected overnight in the parks of Delhi colonies in order to grab government land. The old temples were erected with proper architectural logic where the place, the quality of stones, and the shape and size of the structure were all weighed upon. The aura of a temple affects personalities and even metabolic activities. That’s the reason why certain temples belong to only a group of people, certain to one gender, certain to just a cause and certain to the whole community.

Anyway, Trupti Desai had her way given the fact that Hindus are liberal in nature and they don’t go bombing when their traditions are disturbed. I won’t mince words, but we have seen what other religions have done, when their icons- ‘laws’ were touched.

Trupti Desai, fresh from her ‘win’ and riding the wave of intellectual support for bringing ‘equality to Hinduism’ and breaking the shackles of ‘illogical’ tradition, traded her sights on the Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai.

Haji Ali Dargah does not allow women into its Sanctum Santorum as well. Obviously, the entry to a place of worship should not be restricted by ‘religion’, and what the court had said with respect to Shani Shingapur temple could be, at least logically, extended to all religions and all places of worship.

Trupti’s struggle, we were told, was not about religion, but about women ‘wanting to pray’ at all the places of worship, more so at those where the entry was banned.

However, that did not happen in Haji Ali Dargah. Trupti had to back down from her mission this time, which in Shani temple case she had tried to land inside the shrine from a helicopter. One would have expected her to get support in this ordeal from the very same intelligentsia that had supported her earlier.

But, No. The support evaporated and it became a propaganda now. She had to back down as soon as the secularists started propagating that she was a BJP/RSS member trying to disturb the peace of a community by making them angry. Basically, she had no right to talk about Muslim Dargah.

These agents of social corrosion and their vicious narrative of anything anti-Hindu being progressive has started to become as apparent as dirt at the bottom of clean water. The left-liberal intellectual lobby is getting skinned by their own convenient silence.

The issue is not about who should talk about the rights of women, especially of Muslim women. The issue is today, Trupti Desai has lost her credibility and the hypocrisy of several others, who suddenly found that the issue of entry of women into religious places is not a women’s issue, but rather of a ‘peaceful’ community, stands exposed.

Trupti surely would not have got any support here, given the fact that Haji Ali has ‘haji’ and ‘ali’ in it. Anything with Islamic words is not to be touched, because it suddenly becomes an attack on a ‘peaceful minority’.

It is interesting to note that the ban on women’s entry at Haji Ali is only a few years old, whereas in Shani Shingapur, the restrictions have been in place for many centuries. Yet, any protest against such a ban is considered ‘an attack on minority religion’ in the case of former and is hailed as ‘getting rid of regressive and unscientific traditions’ in the case of latter.

This duality of pseudo-feminists becomes apparent whenever there is an Islamic word in the headline. When they see Haji Ali, it suddenly becomes ‘it’s their subject to deal with’. However, when the word is Mandir, at the place of Dargah, it becomes an international issue ridiculing the whole religion, ‘Ah! What a pity, Hindus don’t allow women in temples.’

I hoped, as Hindu women and girls did that, Trupti will find support from Muslim women and girls. It is altogether a different thing, whether they want to enter or not. Nobody asked Hindu women, whether they wanted to enter or not. There was no survey, it was a group of women, supposedly fighting for the rights of 40 crore Hindu women.

Not a single voice came in her support when she backed out. My question is, if Muslim women want to progress, shouldn’t they grab these moments? Shouldn’t they initiate a process where they can get a platform, the first stepping stone?

Women were never allowed their space anywhere in recent centuries. They have fought to move up in every place, every time, every situation. It is their fight and they will have to see it through.

Who else will fight for the triple talaq, if not Muslim women? Who else will defeat the nonsensical polygamy, if not them! Who else will attack the maulvis, who dictate reading science and maths as being satanic?

And please don’t tell that only Hindu women have issues, I would stop believing my sensory organs!

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    You hit the nail on the head. The problem is, peaceful people are an easy targets. This is different when it comes to organised religion. Like you said when the word of Muslim name comes in to the equation the very inflatable becomes deflated.

    I am willing to bet 1000 US dollars on what she did at the temple in the name of women , she will never be able to do at Haji Ali.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Like Arvind Kejriwal, this lady too seems to be mere publicity seeker.Expect her to reappear in Maharashtra during election season.Liberals are taking very simplistic view of this temple entry affair.Ordinary Hindus are more liberal than most of these liberal crooks.Check this out with MS Madhu Kishwar or the film maker who wanted to screen his film at JU.Their outrage is very very selective and very very anti Hindu.More and more Hindus are learning to ignore them.

  • Cybil Peril

    And please don’t tell that only Hindu women have issues, I would stop believing my sensory organs! u better do so because only Hindus r docile unlike others. Abrahamics r violent clans fighting among themselves like pigs n dogs. Same mindset is operating globally. Unfortunate but true.

  • Madhan

    The real reason for not allowing all woman in shani temple.

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Even in case of Shani Shinganapur, there was a logic behind not allowing women in the sanctum.
    Shani is not a god. it is a demi god with vakra -evil eye as it is called a pap-grah. Hence appeasement. Women who are in childbearing age group were not allowed to go and touch the image because it may harm them as Shinganapur is a jagrut Devasthan. If you do not accept the logic behind it why go and worship a planet ? At many Shiva temples one has to remove the upper part of the clothing or have to enter with wet clothes on after having a dip or a bath.It is an embarrassment to women. Hence the restriction on the entry. If you want to go to places of worship you should accept their rules instead of thinking that all are male chauvinistic. The rules originally made out of deep thought and respect for women are being misinterpreted and the media is interpreting it as Women’s right to pray. In Hindu shrines their are no weekly or daily congregations for prayers. Hindus go to temples mainly for darshan.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      The problem exists because Judeo-Christian Western Universalist Feminism is being used as a parameter for a Civilization which has completely different experiences.The whole Feminism movement in the West was a retaliation against the Masculine God and its Patriarchal Biblical Hegemony over woman so how can the same thing be applicable to Bharat.This is nothing but CLASH OF WORLDVIEWS but unfortunately Secularist Indians just dont understand it.Now if we started a Counter Sacred Feminine Movement and asked that the Abrahamic God should only be worshipped as a Feminine Deity and their Prophets too should be feminine along with no concept of Son of God but “Daughters of The Divine Mothers” these same Feminazis would start calling us COMMUNAL.And if there cant be a Uniform Civil Code then there should not be a Uniform Criminal Code for Muslim Men if One Muslim Man steals from anyone punish the bloody fellow by cutting off his limbs on basis of Shariah.A taste of Selective Shariah especially Progressive punishment like the one suggested in ManuSmriti for Upper caste Men belonging to Ashraf , Sayyad and Shaikh Communities with respect to criminal offences is the only solution or else these guys are never gonna change the laws especially when there isn’t any Hamid Dalwai to fight for the Muslim woman.

    • Cybil Peril

      U r wasting ur time in explaining though I enjoyed reading to update my knowledge. Thanks. Having said, problem is Abraham the naughty fellow, whose siblings r violent desert based clans. They want to convert everybody like them but impossible. I have always said to these rascals, “First settle ur scores of that non existent Temple (so called because it isn’t there) in Old Jerusalem among urselves and then come in this world, if left”! Islamists want to change Christies n Jews n vice versa. Funny…

  • chunawalla

    The puritanical version of Islam – wahabism is often projected as the face of Islam around the world, which is practised only in the Persian gulf, middle-east. Time and again, they have tried to influence us.

    Indian Muslims, Indonesia, Malaysia, parts of Bangladesh are culturally different. We embrace modernity, we’ve grown up watching friends from other communities offer prayers.

    Muslim scholars should be mindful of this. Anti-women practices should definitely not be encouraged!

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Muslims in these parts of the world were Buddhists, Hindus before they became Muslims. That is why they are culturally different.In Malaysia and Indonesia some of them retain their Hindu names.

    • RealityCheck

      All form of fundamentalist Islam originated in India including Wahhabi and Indian Muslim are very much on the Job so don’t try to deflect the terrorism on others.

  • Jana krish

    Now, will she go to court…or will the HONOURABLE JUDICIARY take it up suo moto…

  • Neeru Bahl

    Agree, same rule should apply to dargahs as well. Tine for Muslim women activists and muslim journos to speak up.

    • Krispy K

      And maybe invest in some armour to protect their fragile bodies from the numerous blades that will subsequently be swinging their way.

    • Sayed

      For your kind information Dargahs are not place of worship. Still in Islam women are allowed to go into mosque as well as Dargah too. Even in Madinah in Suadi Arabia, women and men have separate entrance to visit Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and other caliphs graves. Please search over internet. You know well no on has stopped Trupti from entering into Dargah, but a so called “Muslim” (a representative member of Shiv Sena). You know well most organizations affiliated to RSS are famous for creating communal disharmony and trouble.

      • chunawalla

        Madinah cannot be a model for us. Anti-women practices should be outlawed and banished.

        • Sayed

          Mnetally retarded, for us it model. You can go to hell I am not bothered about it. But don’t say that we also have mental illness as you people have as far as women are concerned.

      • calvin

        Okay, so why is a separate entrance not being created, why are they being disallowed?
        Especially, when this is a recent ban?

      • Shubhangi Raykar

        We are not bothered about what Muslims do about their masques or Dargahs. Do not bring any political parties in. Trupti Desai had no business to go there. Muslim women have second class status given to them by their ‘religion of peace’ Would they have risen in support of her gesture? We all see the peace being generated and encouraged by the Islamists all over the world.

        • Sayed

          I am not bothered about what you think or what you are bothered about. Your opinion has not value to me. Atleast in Islam women are not considered equal to Animal and are liable to get beaten. Read carefully about your religion. Study carefull before speaking and otherwise it will be clear that you are just an ignorant trying to pose as professor of the subject.

          • singh.Varun Vikram

            Where did you read that ? Are you confusing your religion with ours ? It is in Islam that the following comes from — . Get your data correct first 🙂

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            I do not want to go on on this. But your holy book says that women can be beaten if they do not agree to have sex any time the man asks for it.I am not a professor of religion, though I am into religious studies and have read Koran, Hadith , Prophet’s life and Kalifas’ conquests and some more books on Islam. I have also read about Christianity and Buddhism and of course I know Geeta and have read about the Upanishads. All this , only out of interest. I do not hate any religion.Customs and religion are different things.

          • VarunaPraghasa

            You make me laugh. You are a lunkhead or practicing Taqiyah . Here goes,

            1. In the Quran Surah 2 Verse 282 the testimony of women is worth half of men. A women if raped, has to get 4 female witnesses as per the Shariah
            2. It sanctions wife beating Quran 4:34. In fact the read the entire sura 4. It gives women a position no better than cattle
            3. The sons inheritance twice the daughters Quran 4:11
            4. Also Quran 2:223 says women are to be used by Man as per his pleasure
            5 Also in the hadith(Sahih Bukhari(1.9.490) Muhammad says there are more no of women in hell.
            6. The same hadith talks about womens deficiency in religion and intellect. Also a women can’t leave alone unless accompanied by a male escort.
            6. A women has to cover herself up as per Quran 24:31.
            7. The quran stipulates that muslim men can own infidel women as sex slave(That which his right hand posseses Milk al yamin) Quran 23:1-7
            8. Also women in countries governed by the Sharia law are no better than cattle. So don’t have a holier than though attitude that.
            9 Last but not least the triple “Talaq” divorce. Would make women more proud would’nt it ?
            10 The Quran speaks of no role for women in Janna or paradise.

            So dont be so self righteous and develop holy airs around you. I have studied very well and am not talking randomly.

      • Sumathi Megavarnam

        What Communal Disharmony ???Islam doesnt belong to here , so where does this Communal disharmony comes in to play…..are we going to Arabia & asking them to allow women inside??? When it comes to Hindus one should abide by constitution , when it comes to other religions it is their rule book , oh this is undigestable

    • Sumathi Megavarnam

      The pseudo presstitutes & fake feminists wont open their mouths now