Video: Freeing Hindu Temples from Government Control

This is the complete video of IndiaFacts Webinar on Freeing Hindu Temples from Government Control.

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  • Murali

    Vijayanagar was in 13th Century and Mughal is in 15th….
    Recent actions will have more impact on the current activities…
    Its basic logic where you are missing….

  • Murali

    If you think that Govt collects all the money from temple which is donated to it, you are trying to fool people…
    Please Please don’t do this…. Please check how the Temple Administration Body works… And check how much Kukke Subrahmanya, Kateelu temple has in Bank accounts… few Hundred Crores!!!!!

  • Eternal Bonfire

    Very enlightening webinar…. but Mr. Balakrishna seems that these videos have low visibility on your website…kindly make them more visible so that more readers can know all this. And thanks to TRamesh …very intelligent man.