Where was Nayantara Sahgal when India Actually Needed Her?

When the news about Jawaharlal Nehru’s niece Nayantara Sahgal returning the “prestigious” Sahitya Akademi Award…

When the news about Jawaharlal Nehru’s niece Nayantara Sahgal returning the “prestigious” Sahitya Akademi Award began to trend on Twitter the Twitter handle @AmartyaTalks aptly remarked:

I read that Nehru’s niece has returned Sahitya Akademy Award. Now I am hopefully excited that Nehru’s family will also return the old India.

In her statement, Nayantara Sahgal has said that rationalists and secularists in India are being attacked by the “dangerous distortion of Hinduism known as Hindutva”.

She names authors and anti-superstition activists like M.M. Kulbargi, Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare who were recently killed by alleged Hindu extremist organisations for voicing their opinion against Hinduism and superstition.

The final straw to break the camel’s back, according to her statement, seems to be the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq on the suspicion of cooking beef at home.

The Prime Minister remains silent about this reign of terror. We must assume,” she writes, “he dare not alienate evil-doerswho support his ideology.

In memory of the Indians who have been murdered, in support of all Indians who uphold the right to dissent, and of all dissenters who now live in fear and uncertainty, I am returning my Sahitya Akademi Award,” she concludes.

To the uninitiated, this might seem like the right thing to do. When the government bears mute witness to the atrocities happening in the society, writers and freethinkers are known to come forward and awaken the public against such a government. The history of the world is replete with such literary movements.

In a normal society, writers like her are the conscience keepers of the society. They say Tolstoy had become so strong due to his writings that even the Czar wouldn’t dare arrest him. Many writers have had to flee their countries to escape persecution.

Even in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, writers, journalists, activists and intellectuals (and these days, even bloggers) are publicly flogged and tortured simply because they don’t bend before the establishment.

The complete opposite happens in India.

We have phony intellectuals whose only job is to make sure that a particular dynasty and its various crude offshoots remain in power as long as possible.

Unfortunately, after independence, we never had the literary and cultural Renaissance the country so desperately needed.Instead of writers who could hit at the roots of the morally bankrupt establishment, we have had stooges whose only job has been to whitewash the all-round putrefaction of the Nehru family.

Some have also rightly asked why she had no qualms about accepting the award just two years after thousands of Sikhs were massacred in 1984 under the watchful eye of the Congress party that her extended family has practically owned like a mafia since the independence.

Wasn’t she ashamed that she belonged to a clan that oversaw the murder of so many innocent citizens? Didn’t her soul cry as an esteemed “litterateur” when not even a single culprit was brought to book? Didn’tthe core of conscience rebel against the establishment that gave election tickets to hooligans who led the murderous mobs in 1984?

Police officers who facilitated the killing of Sikh families were promoted by the Congress party according to the book by H.S. Phoolka.

How could Ms. Nayanatara accept the award from a government headed by a person who, instead of reining in the murderous mobs, had said, “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes,” in the wake of Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the subsequent genocide unleashed upon the unsuspecting Sikh population?

Despite being a Kashmiri Pandit (at least according to official records, although references on the Internet tell something else) the writer inside her never rebelled against the Congress government at the Centre that never took a single step to stop the Kashmiri-Pandits’ ethnic cleansing in the Kashmir Valley.

The greatest number of riots have happened under the aegis of the Congress government. The murkiest political intrigues have been perpetrated by the Congress party headed by one or the other Nehru-Gandhi family member.

Skeleton after skeleton is tumbling out of the closets of Subhash Chandra Bose’s and Lal Bahadur Shastri’s deaths and the government-approved surveillance of their families afterwards.

Where was the mighty pen then? Did she return the comforts she got due to her association with the family-name? It was the usual family business. It was not the BJP at the Centre. It was not Narendra Modi who was heading the government during any of those long decades.

The Congress party is so full of sins that a right-thinking writer would not like to touch it even with a barge pole. Every big and small problem the country faces can be easily traced back to the family and the party, which was its extension.

But no, people like Nayantaran ever had a big problem with the existence of one of the most repressive regimes in the world. Yes, there were a few nagging issues here and there, but just as we tolerate mosquitoes in a tropical country, the transgressions of the Congress establishment could be casually brushed aside.

Yes, there were some token protests during the Emergency, but they just remained token protests, nothing lifestyle-threatening.

Talking about Emergency,Nayantara Sahgal was easily able to digest the draconian, forced sterilization of more than 8.3 million Indians, mostly Muslims.

Yet, she had no problem accepting the SahityaAkademi Award from a government that oversaw the killing of thousands of Sikhs and the forced sterilization of millions of Muslims. But her entire world begins to crumble because “Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains silent.”

What exactly is her problem?

It isn’t the world that is tumbling, it is the world of these writers and intellectuals that is tumbling with great speed. It is not just tumbling, it also doesn’t seem to have a hope of ever recovering.

This is what’s really riling them up.

They miss the good old world of leisurely Gymkhana Club parties and lazy strolls on the Lutyens lawns while 99 per cent population of the country reeled under extreme poverty and wretchedness.

They were totally fine with a major chunk of population never having access to food, good education, highways, freedom of expression, cleanliness and quality of life as long as they could go on living their luxurious lives whether in India or abroad.

For these writers and intellectuals, the teeming masses of Indians needed to live in scarcity so that they always had to hold in awe those who had access to all these basic necessities of life.

Terms like justice, equality and dignity belonged to the books, articles and essays these eminent writers and intellectuals wrote; these were not to be provided to the common man and woman struggling interminably even for basic needs like food, shelter and safety.

People like Nayantara Sahgal, directly or indirectly, have constantly colluded with material and non-material forces to maintain status quo.

These people have destroyed their own credibility with their own hands due to their selective spurts of outrage.

The tragedy, which these intellectuals knowingly brush aside, is the human cost the country has had to pay due to the corrupt and immoral practices of political parties by donning the cloak of secularism, progressivism, liberalism, pluralism and every sort of sham pop-ism they can conjure up to hoodwink the public.

Multiple generations have been wasted by the socialist policies blatantly promoted by the godfathers and godmothers of these writers and intellectuals.

Most of the socialist policies were put in place to make the life of the common man and woman as miserable and poverty-ridden as possible and make the lives of those with connections and “reach” as comfortable as possible.

The colloquial phrase “Jiski laathi usi ki bhains” (the buffalo belongs to him who wields the baton) has been immortalized by these the so-called guardians of free speech and inclusivity.

Throughout the last six decades, they have sustained a system that only works for people with money, power and political connections. There is no law and order for the common man. There is no sense of safety for the person walking on the road. There is no access to justice unless you can shell out loads of money.

And these intellectuals are perfectly fine with the entire system being employed to find Azam Khan’s buffaloes,and Muslims and Dalits constantly being exploited in the name of secularism and social justice.

So, have things changed ever since Narendra Modi assumed power?

You can’t say that everything is suddenly great,and in terms of quality of life, the country is going to have to wait for many more years (such is the damage caused by the system underpinned by these writers and intellectuals), but there is something that is fundamentally changing—and that worries these dinosaurs of those dark ages.

People have begun to ask questions.

They can give vent to their frustration either by their political mandate or by using the Internet. In the name of secularism a major chunk of the population was constantly being taken for a ride. That major chunk of population has begun to rise. Intellectual lies can no longer be peddled with impunity.

Historical facts can no longer be twisted because people can access alternative sources of information with little effort. Events cannot be misreported because people can post live updates without having to rely on newspapers, magazines and TV news channels mostly controlled by these writers and intellectuals.

Differing views can be published in the form of books, journals, magazines, blog posts and social media updates. Political and ideological dissent in the intellectual realm can no longer be throttled.

India’s inherent culture and traditional norms are again being valued. The world no longer looks at India as a place of snake charmers, maharajas and people dying of hunger and disease. Poverty and misery can no longer be sold.

New stories about India are being written and these writers don’t know how to come to terms with these new stories. They are so used to writing stories in the old format. Very few want to read them and fewer believe them.

Congress Intellectuals have been reduced to little more than nuisance value.

This is why Nayantara Sahgal feels like returning her award (which was never in the first place given by the current government) and “eminent historians” like Romila Thapar believe that the education infrastructure is being systematically demolished.

So if these individuals are feeling perturbed, then something is happening, something that is good for the country and for the society.

Even if you cannot see the change right in front of you, just because these people are feeling disturbed, you can safely assume that somepositive change is taking place in the country and these people can no longer control what that change should be.

This is why instead of respecting Nayantara Sahgal’s decision of returning her Sahitya Akademi Award, people are ridiculing her.

Amrit Hallan provides professional content writing services. He generally mind his own business, but when he strongly feels about particular issues, he likes to take on the mantle of a journalist and commentator.
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  • Bipin Trivedi

    Actually it’s time for ‪#‎Indian people to become little intolerant since these high tolerance levels lead to allowed long ‪#‎Mogul
    and ‪#‎British rule and lost our valuable resources and knowledge…
    It’s surprising that section of society had no faith in our rich Indian culture and expressing revolt against government in the name of intolerance and minor fear forced to believe that their behavior is absolutely bias… Even shamelessly comparing
    today with emergency or rather worst than it… They grossly ignoring few achievement of ‪#‎Modi government in such a short span which no gov’t able to achieve after independence so quickly.
    Respected ‪#‎NarayanMurthy statement fear among minor is shocking… I remember in ‪#‎Gujarat for almost decade the same argument thrown by pseudo ‪#‎secular that minor in Gujarat living with fear… I have thrown open challenge to them at that time that let us go any part of Gujarat and show me even sign of fear among minor but no one dare to accept the challenge… everyone knows how Gujarat progressed in last 15 years due to fearless atmosphere only. It was shear propaganda by Modi hatred people and smart visionary Gujarat ‪#‎people slept these wasted interest elements by electing Modi repeatedly…
    Same story is repeating at ‪#‎India level… small incident like Dadri or cow beef ban cannot damage our Indian ‪#‎cultural
    divergence even at micro level… cow beef and cow slaughter ban was there in many states since last more than 30 years well before BJP rule than why hue and cry now? It’s clear conspiracy by the few intellectuals and wasted interest people who cannot digest BJP rule at center and Modi as ‪#‎PM… Actually behavior of these so called intellectuals alienating minors and fueling to divide the society…
    Fact is that these ‪#‎pseudo ‪#‎intellectuals not rattled with so called intolerant atmosphere but rattled by scrutiny of various ‪#‎NGO’s they have associated and restriction of funds they are receiving from foreign ‪#‎organisation whose key agenda
    is to keep India poor only…

  • Vinod K Dangwal

    GOI must come to conclude that it is worthless giving awards simply because the recipients behave childishly by insulting the honour conferred upon them! Scrap this system as one does good not for himself if he/she is indeed good!

  • R.Rattan

    Two thumbs up, Never read before such a marblous and articulated article expressing writers state of mind.

  • Navdeep

    Can i ask her what she did for us —i am direct descendent of the family who suffered coz of his uncle – I mean refugees of 47 . POJK . Can u return those relatives lost due to ur uncle -U dont deserve this award as ur family has not only killed clans but also their culture rituals and traditions . Ur family was a violent wind that time and it is a silent poison now

  • k.godara60

    very informative and eye opening article how these crooks suck the blood of poor people inciting them for achieving their own goals please do enlighten us with more articles.

  • Sundara Raman V S

    The entire anti modi gang have joined together. In Tamil nadu, see how thirumavalavan, K veeramani, Suba veera pandiyan and other crooks have joined to condemn RSS and MODIJI. Many of the north Indians curse tamilians that they are averse to learn and talk in Hindhi. They fail to know the back ground of this hatred for Hindhi. It goes like this. Ee ve Ramaswamy who was known as PERIYAR (BIGGEST MAN) by the Dravidian folks was actually a Kannadiga nayar who called tamil as barbarc language and tamils as barbaric. The die hard tamil (so called) fans of this periyar took pride and claimed that periyar tried to say that tamil and tamilians existed before the creation of sand and rocks. Such is their fanetism. When Hindhi and Sanskrit were taught in schools, Brahmins excelled in all the four languages-English, tamil, hindhi and Sanskrit by virtue of their in born talent and these idiots were left out. Periyar took this issue and started making anti Brahmin comments coined by P T Thyagaraja, Raja of panagal, Nayar and other Ambedkar followers. When SC was attacked by caste Hindus, Periyar mis guided the youths to say that Brahmins caused the split between SC and caste hindus. Even now caste hindus continue to burn SC huts in Tamil nadu and these leaders never question them for fear of losing vote banks. When the Brahmin CM Rajaji was elected as CM of tamil nadu in1937, periyar got wild and converted this anti Brahmin movement to anti Hindhi. These anti Brahmin forces are trying their level best to retain the 97% reservation formula in TN (50% for back ward, 27% for SC/ST, 30% for women) and oppose MODI as he will advocate review of the reservation system and try to bring development. The development of the country means the end of caste politics and anti Brahmin movements. Please try to under stand

  • Sama Narayanan

    Nayantara Sahgal should be writing another book :
    Jawaharlal Nehru masterminded a plot which made the late US President, Richard Nixon and Watergate looked like the works of a Harlem schooly boy. It remains the biggest cover-up of the 20thCentury. It’s the story of Indian’s renowned Freedom Fighter, Subhas Chandra Bose.
    Such a bookwill will fetch possibly the Pulitzer Prize.

  • Sama Narayanan

    Isn’t Nayantara the sister of Jawaharlal Nehru? She should have been writing books with catchy titles such as :
    A nation with the world’s largest population of poor of poorest people earning less than $1.00 per day.
    Such a book will earn Nayantara the coveted Booker Prize Award which is not returnable.

  • Kamal

    Wonderfully written. Shows something is happening. If what they were comfortable with all this time has done no good to the country and cultural fabric of the country then let it change, it must be good for the country. Let all these self proclaimed intellectuals return which we do not know if it was deserved or canvassed. We should not be perturbed.

  • Suresh Sethi

    Dear Sir,

    I find it very amusing when Brinda Karat of the CPI(M) says on NDTV that every one in India is feeling very insecure due to the killing in Dadri. Madam, did you not feel insecure when thousands of Indian citizens were murdered in West Bengal in the sixties and the seventies by by your party members-the Marxists? I should know because I was in Calcutta for two years during that period. Every day scores of persons were killed, all factories were shut down and innocent managers were gheroed in the burning sun till they dropped dead from heart failure.. Have you forgotten the savagery of violence and extortion your party cadres inflicted on innocent citizens of this country? When you come on your brother-in-law’s channels please have the guts to tell the whole truth because your brother-in-law’s beautiful anchor will in all probability will be a beautiful dumb doll! . You talk about living in fear–do you know what torturing anxiety the people of West Bengal had to endure if it was found out that they were opposed to the CPI(M)? You could not get a ration card, get your kid admitted to a government school or medical treatment in a government hospital till you showed your CPI(M) party ID card. Where was Mr Sitaram Yechury then? And where were all these fashionable human right activists then. And Oh yes! What about Nayantara Sehgal. She must have been living in New York then!

    • IndiannotAmused

      Bengal was taken through a nightmare for forty years-by the Monster Commie Dogs.THese dogs had their leashes firmly in Dynasty hands. Mamata Banerjee has LIBERATED Bengal [ even though admittedly there are many failures of governance in her time too but still ……..] It is high time that the lat bastions of Congress-Communist-Mandal Raj is Wiped out.If that means bloodshed and mayhem so be it.The nation is back on track.It should not be allowed to slow down again.

  • Rajeev Tewari

    Excellent article, I must say. You are factually correct and spont on in exposing these so called intellectuals! Through out their career they just behaved like tojen horse for congress.. remained silent and Connived with them… became privileged class projecting themselves as messiah of poor, though in fact, were enjoying luxary for distorting history n supporting corrupts…
    Its time to rewrite history n put all so called pseudo intellectuals in dustbin!!

  • Harish

    I know by now the sanghi style. If someone days anything that exposes their icons, then they start attacking the person on frivolous grounds. Answer me sanghis. Is Ms Sehgal responsible for everything that happens in her extended family? Is she wrong in condemning the lack of any support from the Sahitya academy on catching the culprits who murdered a Sahitya academy winner? Is she wrong in condemning the current law and order machinery in India which is incapable of protecting these writers and thinkers? Lets look at the facts. Kalburgi and two others were murdered. The police haven’t done much about it. The sahitya academy hasn’t done anything about it. So whats wrong in her raising her voice in protest? And Sanghis, answer me, if you are trying to criticise her, does it mean that you support the killings?

    • skeptical

      again killing happened in karnataka which is congress ruled, would you not like to blame state machinery if culprits not nabbed? Come on.. Who do you think police reports to there? We are against selective outrage.

  • देश को नेहरुजी की भतीजी नयनतारा सहगल का शुक्रगुजार होना चाहिये कि उन्होने साहित्य अवार्ड लौटाकर देश को बता
    दिया कि अवार्ड देने में भी भाई-भतीज़ावाद हुआ था ! 🙂

  • लेखकगण अवार्ड लौटाने रहे हैं. क्योंकि वो अपसेट हैं, कुछ समझे दया, यानी पहले सब सेट था !! https://www.facebook.com/Battangad

  • Suresh Sethi

    Nayantara Sahgal’s dreams of elevating Nehru to the status of Shree Ram & Shree Krishna and making her uncle immortal like them will never be fulfilled simply because our gods live in our hearts and Mr Nehru lives in Teen Murti Bhawan and the planning commission! She and the Congress party want Nehru to become immortal because how the hell will they survive without Nehru. But what is more important is that the uestions raised by Amrit Hallan never occurred to Sonia Singh who is the anchor of the NDTV news channel and very clearly this channel is a chamcha of Congress party!? Are NDTV news anchors only meant to be pretty dumb girls who don’t have any intelligence at all. Oh God talk about intelligent modern women of India. NDTV has the most dumb anchors( though some of them are very pretty) The Congress party has been ruling the country for 60 years and now suddenly with the change of government all these writers and intellectuals who were holding khushy positions and perks find themselves threatened. I say return all the awards but you cannot hide the truth.

  • Madd Dogg

    A good wallop on the AdarshLiberals behind.

    But just to put the record straight, Nayantara Sahgal did campaign in favour of the Janata Party after Indira Gandhi with help of Charan SIngh & Co brought down the Desai government. I remember a rally held in the Chowk Gari Ahata in Pathankot where she shared the stage with PN Lekhi, a Supreme Court lawyer who was the Janata Party candidate. She was accompanied by Madhu Mehta, a gentleman from Bombay (of Hindustani Andolan) who was an early pioneer against corruption. They both spoke quite well without raised voices or other oratorial gimmicks. Sadly, the Janata Party lost badly in that election, then split up into BJP, SP and all the others.

    I don’t know why she went against the family firm at that time but it is an interesting – perhaps irrelevant – footnote.

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  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Abolish the “Sahitya Academy”. It is a creation of the Nehru-Gandhi-Ambedar-Periyar trash of India to harness and subvert intellectual freedom of authors through political patronage. It is no different from the “Padma Awards”. A method of spreading political correctness to enslave the ideas of people. This is why the very finest writers of India have not received Sahithya Academy Awards just as genuine freedom fighters never got a Tamara Pathra or a pension. The appropriate recognition for authors are those who buy and read their books,

  • Badal

    The entire episode of senile authors returning their awards and making enough ruckus about growing intolerance has to be viewed more intensely delving deep in to the links , motives and Goal of such protests.

    First and foremost there definitely is a group apolitical in nature which stands s to lose more because of Narendra Modi’s BJP. This Group has been increasingly feeling frustrated with the gloomy and bleak future of congress which only could have taken on Modi’s BJP. Having been pushed to the corner. It is devising ways and means of countering growing popularity of Modi not only in India but abroad too. This group in fact thrives on the economic backward regions of India.
    Given this back ground if the foreign investors come in a big way, Modi’s govt will further legitimize their right to govern this country for a longer period. Under such possibility this group is very much a worried lot.

    Hence it is trying to project an image to the international audience that India is coming under the grip of Fascist forces. The tell tale signs of fascism like – intellectual class feeling oppressed and suffocated ,growing intolerance to freedom
    for dress preference , sex preference , Movie and theater productions etc are being collated to paint a picture perfect for others to take note of before they get cozy with Modi govt on various pacts and collaborations . As far as possible bring in some pressure on Indian govt one way or the other to ensure that the Hindu dominance is kept at manageable level .

    Which is this group and why it is worried? / There is no marks for guessing which group it is.It is the same group which managed to extract an ill timed statement from President Obama during his visit to India on “need for respect and tolerance for all faiths “ . This group was totally rattled by the Ghar vapasi and subsequent talk of need for legislating a law against all conversions. It is very touchy about education curriculum and hence makes preemptive noise about any intention of the ministry to make some changes , which will put to dust all their years of efforts in putting in place a distorted history of this country and its religious roots . Where ever this group is head quartered and device their strategy
    they do not fail to invite our Pappu also to attend once in a while , because they are still pinning all hope on him and his family which gave them an ideal and open field in India . The might of this group which has all these intellectuals and the major media houses on their pay roll cannot should not be underestimated .

    Two things are working against them – Firstly in all the countries there is a large Diaspora of Hindus whose opinion counts and it will not be all that easy to influence the foreign govts. Secondly Majority of the countries around the world is having its own problems of growing intolerance and relatively speaking India is much better off.

    How do we counter this motivated campaign of this group .Thankfully Organizations like India Facts are doing a fantastic job? How ever why can’t other shahitya awardees or people from literary world with pro Hindutva leaning or neutral leaning condemn their protest and counter their propaganda. For a starter why not corner these scholars on their avoidance to tread on “Fatwa “dominated subjects. Every one of us must become very active through social media so that we are able to counter this devious plan and present the true picture to as many as possible.

  • Prasad Seshadri

    Wow ! Well spoken.

  • Ameeta

    Brilliantly articulated what the rest of us are thinking. I am a fan! Let these pseudo conmen (not intellectuals please) who like to take their cues from the West understand that NO Western country would ever put up with a Section 370 or lack of uniform civil code, etc. on their soil. It is not a call from the conscience that is creating these protestations but the ending of the gravy train ride for these freeloaders. Disgusting lot!

  • kvks choudary

    Were all these jokers drunk when Rajiv Gandhi was sleeping and 8000 Sikhs were being butchered by Congress leader led gangs for 3 days in Delhi?

  • Rajiv Sharma

    Well written.

  • Ashok

    Fantastic eye opening compilation. The writer deserves kudos in tons. His insight,knowledge and description of facts are lucid .It made a very good and knowledgeable reading. Thank you Amritji. Want to see more you and you.
    Modiji is not only our PM ,he is the best face of India now. Let us support and sustain him , my request to all readers without any political and religious biases.

  • devinder Singh

    Great.you nailed these psedu sickularist.

  • sujith

    Sweeping change is happening in this country.When their voice has lost its relevance,they want some limelight by any means.1st by returning awards etc(though without cash revived).Next step may be they expose in public(literally ).After all everybody has the right to surrive by any means according to these fake intellectuals.But such things have no place in civilised society.Give them sometime to make some more mistakes.Because even lord Krishna has tolerated seven murders before calling the spade is spade indeed and taking it on.

  • Seel

    Did she return the Cash price also, should pay it back to the treasury with compounded interest.

  • Deepankar Kulkarni

    Dear Amrit Sir,
    Before this incidence, I was never knew who was she. After reading the news I searched and found this shit. Today I feel that was better that I was unaware. Really pathetic.
    Thanks to you for scripting down my feelings in proper words and way.

  • Sumathi Megavarnam

    Hit right on the Head.of the oldie ….Well articulated article highlighting the atrocities of the Fake Nehru(Gandhi) dynasty & its clans , having said so even the original Gandhi (mohan das karamchand) was himself a stooge what to do???We people are the ultimate sufferers…

  • Doraani

    Bang on target by the writer. Couldn’t have expressed anymore better than what is written. The arguments are forceful and straight to the point and pierces the ‘seculars ‘ where it hurts most.Selective outrage , affected anger and momentary bursts of indignation against these specks of incidents ( they are indeed unfortunate) will no longer be seen as genuine but will be tested for authenticity of feelings and the context in which these awards were ‘ surrendered’. We need more exposures of such hypocrisies of biased seculars !

  • Politeindian

    Very well written and timely.

    If these shameless parasites had an iota of self respect, they would have reacted sharply when peaceful protesters were lathi charged during sleep and when Raj Bala, an elderly lady, died as a result.

    I appeal to all right thinking patriots – Please strengthen the hands of Narendrabhai and ensure that these relics from the dark ages go to their demise at a hastened pace.

    It will be real freedom for Indians when the descendants of the “last Englishman to rule India” and their stooges of all denominations become extinct.

  • rama ranjan

    Nayanatara . . . who? Thanks to this incident, the younger generation of the country gets a chance to understand how Nehru’s extended family continues its seditious activities cloaked as democracy, secularism, pluralism and right to dissent. The older folks have chance to scratch their memory to answer this quiz show question.

    I think Nayanatara Sahgal waking up from her mummy is part of synchronized strategum at work in the congress dungeons for discrediting (if it can be called so) Modi and his government. If she were intellectual in the faintest sense of the word, she should have seen through the ridiculousness of her Eureka moment. There is is huge cognitive dissonance in her proclamation:

    a) Modi did not issue her the award
    b) Neither Modi nor his party is responsible for the said murders. India will likely have several hundreds of unnatural deaths across the nation on any given day. Dicing them along, party, religious and communal identities is more often a correlation and not a causation. Paper headlines like “Dalit dies in lightning strike” are not entirely strange in our media that loves to polarize any incident along caste, communal and religious lines.
    c) The Sahitya academy is not constituted by Modi either

    Never before has the family dynasty felt so threatened in its 70 year existence. Given their near obliteration in last year elections, a complete frontline of pseudo-intellectuals are deployed at various media outposts – the Amartya Sens, the South Asian professors in US, the Sandipan Sharma and Sadip Roys at First Post, the national media darlings like Setalvads, Sagarikas, Sardesais of the times media, the Malini Pardhasardhis and Shiv Viswanathans at the Hindu, the Sonia Falerios at the NY TImes – have all being doing overtime mudslinging Modi personally. Their inability to articulate anything coherent and reasonable shows their level of desperation and perhaps the intensity of planning going in the Congress war room. When one is executing busily with no forethought, the results will be disastrous.

    So they are delivering their hit jobs according to their rank, order and funding. That they had to wake up Nayantara Sahgal from her sleeper cell shows how the family can rely on one another in troubled times.

    Good luck with the strategy. We as commoners get to know who all benefit from the Congress loot, even well after the family was dethroned.

    • Doraani

      Wow ! Excellent rajan sir! You have hit them where it hurts most i.e below the belt, which is perfectly right in these times!I salute thee !

    • Surya Narayana Venkata Nishtal

      The article is very well-written ! Your comment certainly complemented and supplemented it !
      Thank You , both !

    • Royal Prerogative

      You have articulated and brought the facts out very correctly. Thank you.

    • kvks choudary

      The truth is all these parasites have been deprived f the ‘dog biscuits’ they are used to enjoy from the family and now they are barking to show their loyalty to them.


    The Sahitya Akadami should gladly accept the return of the award. They should ask Nayantara Sahgal to cough up the award amount with 18% interest compounded quarterly from the date she received it to the date she returns the award. The award and the amount can be given to some one really deserving.

    Really a wonderful write up on the shenanigans of the so called intellectual parasites nurtured by Nehruvian socialism. Time these parasites understood that their time is up.

    • Rajiv Sharma

      You mean she did not return the money? Then what did she return?

      • Democrazist

        The “Certificate” and the “Medial” she received is what she returns.

        Lutyens elite of today derive their inspiration from Congress not from Lal Bahadur Shastry.