Why PM Modi should Cancel his UK Trip Immediately

There are four good reasons for the PM to not go to the UK on 12 November.

There are four good reasons for the PM to not go to the UK on 12 November: first, it is an insignificant country. Second, they just gave China’s Xi a royal welcome, and what they do for Modi will be limited in comparison. Third, the UK has consistently acted against Indian and Hindu interests. Four, there is the real danger of a humiliation and worse, as the UK is hostile territory.

First, the UK as a minor country in terms of foreign relations. Have you wondered why the UK is so late in the PM’s schedule of visits, even though the UK Prime Minister came to India earlier? That is because it is essentially a courtesy visit.

In Europe, the only country that really matters to India is Germany, and maybe to an extent France. Britain is an absolute has-been, which has no industry worth speaking of, and which survives only on financial services (mostly only because they still are benefiting from the $10 trillion they looted from India).

There is almost nothing that a prime-ministerial visit to Britain will accomplish in terms of trade and finance. As seen from Cameron’s begging-bowl visit to India earlier, the British need India more than vice versa. Given that India is now flavor-of-the-month to money-men, any investment that would want to come to India would come regardless of a Modi trip there: the choice of destinations is limited, and India has been deemed the most attractive destination for investment at the moment.

Modi’s foreign relations have followed a ‘concentric-circle’ metaphor, where there is a hierarchy. He started with neighbors such as Bhutan. The next circle is Southeast Asia, followed by East Asia, then the US and Europe, and West Asia.

All those important visits have happened already, and the UK visit is merely an afterthought. The upside from the visit is minimal in both trade and foreign relations terms. Instead, the PM should go to Indonesia, a nation that has much in common with India.

Second, Chinese strongman Xi Jinping was feted recently in an utter display of cravenness by the Brits. Steve Ballmer, former head of Microsoft, had a colorful metaphor “BOGU: bend over, grease up”. Britain stopped just short of that, or maybe it didn’t, I don’t know.

My original reaction at seeing their antics was that it was like an aging nautch girl in some sultan’s court, desperately gyrating her skinny hips as if her life depended on it, to catch the eye of the Great Man. In fact, her life probably did depend on it. And now, Britain’s life sort of depends on whether Xi, in his wisdom, tosses them a few bones, like a nuclear plant.

China needs Britain as a way of needling America. What better than to have America’s poodle enthusiastically kiss China’s bottom, its tongue hanging out, saliva dribbling out?

I am having fun mixing metaphors wildly, but the British pursuit of Chinese crumbs was a sight worth seeing. They gave it their all. My suspicion is that Xi will treat them like the International Condom, in Pak-Brit Tariq Ali’s picturesque phrase about how the US treats Pak: use and throw.

Now compare this to India. First of all, Modi doesn’t need any such geo-political leverage that Britain can provide. India’s interests do not coincide much with Britain’s. And if you read the tour itinerary, it is noticeably less pomp and circumstance than the Xi visit. In other words, the Xi visit was the vassal kowtowing to the Emperor, and the Modi visit is not. Why should India give the world a reason to compare India unflatteringly to China using this fact?

Third, the UK has a history of utter hostility towards India and Hindus. This goes back to their imperial disdain for India, needed to justify for themselves the absolute loot and ravaging of the country. They favored Pakistan during partition; most obviously, by illegally ceding Gilgit-Baltistan to Pak.

And the British Foreign Office, BBC, and entities like The Economist and The Guardian have consistently shown anti-India and especially anti-Hindu bias. This reached fever-pitch with the Modi victory in 2014.

In essence, Britain is umm… offended that India chose to kick them out. All those Blimps believe their own propaganda that they were a civilizing influence on India, forgetting that we were civilized millennia before, when they were swinging from trees. The more arch among them are miffed that India is no longer a cheap source of raw materials, and a dumping-ground for substandard products. They cleverly left Nehru in charge of India, assuming they could do ‘imperialism via remote control’ through him, probably with good reason.

Fourth, the very real possibility of humiliation and worse during the trip. The lefties have been gearing up to do some real damage. This bore first fruit in a message by a group called Awaaz Network that announced that Cambridge University had disinvited the PM. Then there was a tweet by the same group that showed the picture below:


This is a projection on UK’s Parliament House of a message that says: “Modi not welcome”, and an image of Modi brandishing a sword, and an Om deliberately distorted to look like a swastika with angular verticals and horizontals. The message is clear and is intended to bracket Modi with Hitler. This is an insult to Indians and to Hindus.

Awaaz is a group that has broad support from India’s leftists as well as various Abrahamic sponsors. In effect, they could be merely the public face of other, more shadowy and violent elements.

In my opinion, the fact that this demonization was permitted suggests collusion or at least tolerance by the British authorities. This is intended to send a message. There are several other strands to this game.

The Labor leader, Corbyn, had recently endorsed another move to condemn all Hindus by accusing them of casteism simply because they are Hindus. Then the Khalistani movement has suddenly gained momentum in the UK (and Canada and the US as well) and there is a strong possibility that this means the ISI is activating its sleeper cells.

Given the ease with which the Air India Kanishka aircraft was infiltrated with a bomb in Canada, and the recent incident of a Soviet aircraft that was probably loaded with a bomb in Egypt, it is clear that there is no such thing as fool-proof security in airports.

Britain has also had interesting cases where foreigners were poisoned with Polonium. A British soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight on a street by jihadis. Given all this, I doubt if Britain (or any other country) could absolutely guarantee the security of PM Modi (although I grant it cannot be guaranteed in India either).

I have been concerned that certain elements would want to induce riots in India through a spectacular act, let us call it Godhra 2.0. What better for them than to attack Prime Minister Modi in the UK?

Imagine if they succeed in assassinating him. The result would be that India would become a bloody mess, and there goes any chance of development. India would naturally revert to Congress rule, and the brief BJP interlude would be a memory, along with the dreams of a billion Indians.

Thus, the downside risk of a UK visit is high; and the upside is negligible. This is why I implore the PM to cancel his trip to the UK now, even at this late hour.

There is a plausible excuse: Awaaz, above, with its humiliating exercise, has indicated that there are concerns about the PM’s security in the UK. The fact that the UK government did not prevent this can be used as an excuse to cancel the trip. It’s not that there aren’t enough precedents: Dilma Roussef of Brazil canceled her US trip at the very last moment when it was evident that the Americans had spied on her.

What is the downside of cancellation? People told me on Twitter that it would be seen as giving in to the bigots. Ok, let them have the satisfaction. Others said that it would look like Modi is defeated by the Bihar debacle.

Well, we know he is made of sterner stuff. Yet others were horrified that fans who had arranged everything including a mega show would be disappointed. That is true, and I am sorry for them.

Others say that the UK government would be upset. In fact, they would be likely to appreciate the fact that Modi is not going to be pushed around (as they did when Mahathir Mohammed disciplined them). None of these is a strong case for exposing the PM to humiliation or assassination. Thus, I implore the government to cancel the UK trip, citing security concerns.

Rajeev Srinivasan is a writer and well-known columnist from India.
  • Now that PM has visitted UK with fruitful results, No need to speculate.

  • Sibby

    UK is known for his Indophobic stand. How many times have you caught biases of government funded BBC. It was BBC that labelled terrorists involved in Mumbai attack as mere “gunman”. It was BBC that defied request of Indian government to not to show “India’s daughter” without approval. They pre-scheduled the showtime of the documentary and posted the video on youtube the same day. They always show Indians in bad light. Almost all UK media was critical of Modi and India for dadri incident and award wapsi claiming no such thing happens in UK. UK was the one who banned entry of PM Modi without proper investigation. It is bigheartedness of Indian government that even with such biases we are willing to cooperate with them.

    They should put a poster outside their parliament “DOGS and MEDIA NOT ALLOWED”

  • Pawan Mishra

    That awaaz group is very small compared to the over 100,000 hindus all geared up to welcome PM Modi, and no he should not cancel the Uk visit at all. Secondly that image of the ”projection on Parliament house” is a complete fabrication & is a photoshopped one. There is tight security around House of commons & none of this would ever be allowed. Its a hoax. AAP supporters, Greenpeace & many NGOs who have had their NGOs close down & put out of business are the ones whining against Modi’s visit. In fact he is far more popular than these small time bitches of AAP, Pakistani run Awaaz & Khalistani orgs. Nothing will come out of their ”protests” compared to the mega event welcome Modi is going to be given by the hundreds of thousands of Brit Hindus.

  • nairps

    The author of the article has raised a valid fear of Modi’s assassination in Britain. Just before Lok Sabha election of May 2014, presstitute Karan Thapar had suggested killing Modi to prevent Hindus from achieving self-rule and to keep the natives of India as slaves of the Italian Christian usurper.

  • British hatred for Hindus is visible through the Constitution of India and the laws in it along with bureaucracy inherited which are all anti-Hindu.

    Uk wants India to be muslim appeaser while the following is what they practice in their own country.


    The IHRC has been carrying out research into discrimination against Muslims for nearly two decades.

    The report’s author, Arzu Merali, said: “We have an environment now, where Muslim people feel they are suspected and where life is increasingly difficult.

    “The impact of government policies, in particular those related with security, have really had an impact on silencing
    Muslims – not from a point of view of just talking about political issues, but even to report anti-Muslim hatred,” she added.

    Unlike Indian MSM, I dont witness western media crying for muslims of uk.

    For me, britishers and muslims are sworn enemies of Indians

  • southernwonder

    i do not buy the author’s contention that britain has no industries worth speaking of.
    the b.p. compnay already has an important presence india. albeit, there are any number out there in oil exploration but b.p. is innovative in what it does.
    similarly, unilever, glaxo kline, rio tinto et al are all very important companies with good presence in india.
    i like the author’s articles, but why say crazy stuff?

  • P. B. Josh

    Too late. if he cancels now his opponents would milk it to no end. Also, his image may get damaged internationally. At least he will be treated like a hero by diaspora.

  • Dharma Youdha

    WHAT THE HECK ?????????” Imagine if they succeed in assassinating him.” DONT say such things. You are giving me nightmares here !!!

  • Krispy K

    Couldn’t agree more with this article.

  • Jesz

    Every reason argued here is valid but still we are not a powerful nation.. Sometimes courtesy calls are necessary.. As they say Good things will happen to those who do good things, we need to be a bit patient for now regarding Britain.

    Even there is little to gain from the visit, it’s better not to cancel, we have to engage with everyone even though they are insignificant to us.

    Regarding security of our PM, just have faith 😉

    • vamsi krishna

      In case of most other countries. Agenda is pre-set. Why should it be different from UK. There are no open conference interviews in case of other countries. The agenda is focused on strategic ties and economic agenda.
      With this so called “meet of democracies”, agenda driver journalists ask loaded questions only to make India’s image to be spoiled. The open conference meetings is usually held among G7 countries of western europe and japan.
      This kind of template does not serve us. Even if Modi decides to go to UK (Most anti-India country outside pakistan),
      he should not digress from economic agenda.

  • vamsi krishna

    Modi not only should cancel ‘this’ UK visit. But dissolve Common wealth (or come out of it) and dissolve non-alighment group. These two institutions are wwhore houses or intellectuals feeding on tax payers money. Common wealth for instant is known for popularizing the word south-asian, though there is now little commonalities between india and pakistani positions.
    To dilute the influence of Indians and paint pakistanis as benovolent, UK uses south-asian as jargon to define the region.

    • Krispy K

      +100. No idea why India is still a member of the Commonwealth.

    • southernwonder

      very good point, mr. vamsi. all of it.
      dissolution of commonwealth is long overdue. india must walk out of it. usa would not brook no such colonial commonwealth thing. india’s need to be a part of this colonial body shows india’s dependency, and that it has not really quite won her freedom. if modi talks about looking other countries in the eye, and negotiate, it does india no good to be in this commonwealth thingy. surely, a free india, in the comity of the nations that is u.n., can strike out on its own, cultivating relations with one and all independently. .

      • Sunil

        Not really .. India uses the Commonwealth to build relationships and maintain them with other nations. Use the “common heritage” to it’s advantage. In fact we need to kick out the UK.

        • vamsi krishna

          There is no common heritage thing, if any its common grievances , incidentally many nations were part of the british empire too and they never chose to follow or be part of common wealth.
          It neither has commonality of interests nor common strategic goals.

  • vamsi krishna

    Ahimsa Paramo Dharma

    Dharma himsa tathaiva cha

    This timeless verse have been taken by arabs and christians seriously than Hindus it seems and the half naked fakir not just misguided us but also misguided to the real statement of Dhara when he chose to speak aobut only first half.

    Coming to Himsa (violence) which some members have been talking about. How to attack to, even to break their legs (just like shiv sena used to do in 70’s). Muslims have a perfect understanding about the nature of society and violence.

    The moment a christian professors hand was chopped, intellectuals, even in private, have stopped showing their anger against musims. For muslims, clearly understand the power of violence that too in respect to the Hindu intellectuals (or so called).

    If I was a BJP/RSS head, I understand the problem like this.

    1. Intellectuals and the assorted media and the political narrative only targets Hindus simply because they are a soft target and won’t attack if they are attacked verbally. It also gives them great advertisement about their secular credentials that they are attacking the Hindu fringe. During Bihar elections, the assorted intellectuals dropped their last facade and went against Hindus in general.

    Giving statements and partaking in their puerile discussions is not going to help.

    2. First, identify the enemies. The enemies are not muslims or general christian population but the fringe. The enemies are not daily anchors on the news channels but people who fund them. Enemies are not people who may have different opinion to RSS/BJP but opinion makers.

    3. The real enemies are flanked and bounded by concentric circles of liberal intelectuals. If Islamic terrorists are core enemies (remember kasab or memon), the first guarding circle is the professional lawyers who are funded by international agencies who understand indian legalities. Harsh mandar et al

    4. The second boundary is the fake intellectuals who provide the fodder not only to anti national elements but provoke new recruits through actions.

    5. The third boundary is the fake film personalities.

    6. The last boundary is the secular parties.

    Unless you break all other boundaries, you will never reach islamist or vatican fringe without painted being communal.


    1.Trap a journalist like karan thapar in anti-Dalit outrage (like he insulted dalit, a man is sent to provoke him) and see how media people start supporting thapar (remember tarun tejpal) and the media’s face comes out. RSS can then show how media people were most of them elites themselves and when comes to their own, they first support their ownpeople.

    2.Kick the butt of Arundathi roy so hard (preferably in foreign shores that no other anti-national (fake) intellectuals takes her side. The reason why no intellectual has come in support of taslima nasreen as these intellectuals are cowards andfear physical assault. Have you ever wondered, inspite of so much fury against shiv sena, at the end of the day, media just kisses the SS and forgets the episode. Since SS can go to any length to teach them a lesson. The reason why no intellectuals talks about mamata, Jaya or even Akhilesh. not because they are secular (Shiv sena is not secular) but they can use strong arm tactics. BJP in Gujarat was feared too. This is important in democracies where natural law of justice takes too long and previleged elite has more power than common people.

    3. People who perceivably are anti-Hindu like kancha illaiah are usually anti-india too. So kick them hard physically using kashmis issue as an excuse (incidentllay illiah wants US to invade india to convert and stop our so called colonisation of kashmir!!). The illiah from where he hails, hyderabad, has such strong army of MIM and TRS , that these intellectuals fear talking about them.

    4. Film personalities simply fear bad publicity. Just threaten to disrupt every media function of their film and they simply come to your feet. Remember shahrukh and amir licking the feet of bal thackrey, as they fear thackrey could disrupt their film promotions.

    You can use dalit cause or kashmir cause and they just shut up.

    People who really have opinions do not fear and these mercenaries must be paid in same coin.

    5.Kicking the real capitalist who runs times now would be sufficient for them to realize. Govt can just hound them with tax officers and they suddenly change their narrative. Modi has been too linient on media moghuls and they were running haywire against the Govt.

    Thats a start.

    Only when you break the concentric boudary walls will you be able to punish the kasabs and memoms fearlessly.

    There is a proverb in english. You can be tolerant to the tolerant but not tolerant to the intolerant, since when you keep tolerant towards intolerance, you will ensure only intolerance to rule and you become impotent. There is fine line between cowardice and protecting your freedom.

    • vamsi krishna

      I just want to share one of my experiences from the state I come from Andhra pradesh. Film industry here is dominated by one caste and initially were inspirted by the tamil dravidian dominated industry. So a film personality (mohan babu) produced a film (deni kaina ready) where he made fun of brahmin caste in the most disgusted manner. Now coming to the history brahmins are micro minority of just 1-2% population, peaceful, teachers and that they dominated the society sixty years ago no longer rings to the new generation. Even if you want to poke fun at them for their perceived faults before, they no longer have the numbers or powre.
      The film industry uses this to attack them, their rituals constatnly for they know they won’t react ( or have no power to react). Incidentally, when the film was release, it was realized that the gross mudslinging not only reached to levels never seen in telugu film industry before but also made fun of their women as prostitutes and low charecter souls.

      A constant protests were fuelled by caste brahmins, they protested where its possible, blocked the roads,burned couple of vehicles,closed temples and clever use of the media. Mohan babu initially thought the protests were helping the film but it went on for weeks destroying his image. He tried to get tamil brahmins to stage to show one upman ship. But that didnt solve the problem. He didn’t apologize for that. But the succeeding films were more cautious and left out the brahmin poking parts from the films and either the priets were shown doing what they are meant to or completely ignored in the story (which is even better, as there is no reason for their presence).
      PS: After the protests, intellectuals frowned and saddened that they cannot use creativity in film making without making fun of anybody. Incidentally other dominant groups of Reddis or Gowds or yadavs or SC’s or other dominant BC’s were never made fun in the films and it was , we all know, was not incidental.

      • adolf

        mohan babu belongs to RICH CASTE not kamma caste
        he worked with dasari and has marriage links with ysr family

        his birth caste has little effect on this particular incident.
        it is only that brhamins are a soft target. nothing more nothing less.

        • vamsi krishna

          Nothing related to his caste. Only mentioned that his caste dominates the industry. Hence more resistance to act against him by industry.
          You do not know that kammas and brahmins had a adversial relationship in the past. Although brahmins lost complete dominance in AP, Some kammas still live in the past and hitting past foes.
          Nothing aganinst them really.

          But you got my point i am making.

    • RJ

      I agree with almost all the thought process you presented here. Hope senior BJP leader take note of it. Publish it as a blog and see if tagging BJP leaders on twitter makes them take notice it.

      • Krispy K

        BJP don’t seem to be taking note of anything. They seem to want to lurch their way to disaster.

    • Krispy K


    • Tejpal Shah

      Sir, agreed… very nice. Your comments should have been published as an article. 👌👌👌

    • Kamal

      Hats of to your brilliant article. But sadly bjp/ RSS doesn’t have such kind of guts.

    • Jishnu

      Mostly agree. I do not wish to go into which is the central circle and which is outer, but RSS-BJP had more opportunities than anyone can dream of, in the past decades to do all that you suggested. They do not have the courage to take on the liberal intellectuals in the first place. Secondly they have a heart enlargement disease that prevents them from hitting the enemy hard when it really is opportune. You call it lack of basic wisdom or political naivety or any thing else you want 🙂

    • kumar

      Modi has now the strong anti black money law. He should target NDTV which has indulged in FERA violation of more than 900 crores which our “Harward” Cheatambaram tried to close. Now NDTV should be slapped with exemplary tax and penalty and then media houses like TOI will start behaving properly. Next is to take fast action in National Herald, Land grab and fodder cases etc and punish the guilty. Modi should target the opposition thru the tax laws so that it will be in total dis array. As far as “JNU Intellectuals” ( supari gang of congress) is concerned, he should engage either Arun Shourie ( who is impatient for his rehabilitation) or Gurumurthy to counter them effectively. Modi should use vernacular press, DD, AIR effectively to target opposition as well as to reach his social welfare schemes to the poor people of India. This will help him to consolidate his position.