Youth with a Mission spreading hatred against Hinduism in India

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a massive missionary organization based out of the US and now spans across continents. It has huge presence in India as well. YWAM trains young missionaries like the Bible School—for more information, see this report. They have Discipleship Training School(DTS) and offer “courses” in Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

The trained missionaries then go out into the world and embark on conversions. Every year, a lot of Americans come to India on mission trips from different branches of YWAM USA. The deception right there—officially, they use the word ‘outreach’, but it is actually a mission trip.

India is a hot destination for missionaries. Here is the pattern these young missionaries follow: “Graduate” from a Bible School like YWAM, raise funds for travel, come to India, preach gospel and convert using deceptive techniques (both morally and legally), spread hatred that Hinduism is a false religion, express solidarity with Indian missionaries (who get funds from countries like USA), go to the USA and brag about how many accepted Christ. They then become heroes in their circle of friends and relatives.

A group from the DTS Fall program, YWAM Orlando  came to India on a mission trip early this year. The group comprised Joshua Miller, Hannah Willis, Courtney Hellman, Courtney Ryan, Maryrose Herr, Whitney Biggers, Hannah Kay, Emma Farr, Anna Slim, Ally Summers and Kristine Ranie (Kristine is an American of Indian ancestry). They preached gospel and converted several Hindus in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

Indian missionary enablers in India

Mahesh Nathan who works for World Vision India and his wife Beena Nathan hosted this group in West Bengal and were “taught so much”.  We are not sure what they were “taught”. There were hosted by others as well. In Tamil Nadu, they were hosted by Chandra Bose Govindan who works for YWAM.

Here is an investigation into the onsite-offshore model of missionary organizations. Many foreign missionary organizations have their own subsidiaries like Gospel for Asia, World Vision or YWAM. And they partner with other missionary NGOs and churches locally. Their reach, influence, network and PR management would put leading MNCs to shame. Also, World Vision works as a liaison in many government programs in India. If a foreign missionary wants to come to India and see the conversions for himself/herself, there is no dearth of Indian hosts.

 Prayer Walk at Hindu temples

Joshua Miller posted on Facebook in Feb 2014, “we will be doing prayer walks at the local temples”. Here is his “prayer walk“.

Miller does not even have the heart to appreciate the beautiful artwork in the temple (See how he pauses before saying “exciting”). It does not matter whether a Christian fundamentalist appreciates art or not. The real issue is his wanton condemnation of Hinduism and Hindus.

As is the case with Christian conversions by almost every denomination, Hindu-hatred is a key factor in every such effort. Let it be said bluntly that conversions spread hate.

Here is Joshua Miller and his team again, doing another “prayer walk” at a temple in Durgapur, West Bengal.

 Visiting a village and praying Christian songs with school kids

Next, the team also visited a village. In this video, Joshua Miller claims they were not allowed to do missionary activity in this village but they went anyway. They went to the village school and sang Christian songs with the school kids. So when you are a “tourist” in a country and the hosts specifically say they do not want to be converted, why can’t you leave them alone?

 Aggression, Hatred, Denouncing other religions

Aggression and spewing venom against Hindus, Hindu Gods and Hinduism is yet another common theme in missionary activities. The focus of this report is YWAM. The aggression shown by Joshua Miller team is not a one-off case. It is the norm. See what Jason Nettles from YWAM Orlando did last year. Here is Elisa Dawson, from YWAM Orlando, after serving a crippled person, gloating about how she converted him using a Hindu translator. To convert, you have to denounce Hinduism and “cast away other gods.”

And then here’s another YWAM team preaching near Buddha Stupa, Nepal. They wanted to preach inside the Swayambhu temple but did not do it to avoid attention.


A lot of young people, often without proper education, go to Bible schools, Discipleship programs in the USA, UK etc., and come to India to convert people by applying what they learn in their “courses”. Even as you read this, a lot of YWAM groups are busy raising funds for their India trips. Their hatred and fundamentalism is truly stunning. If you try to raise objections to their hatred, they cry persecution; they say their religious freedom is being violated.

Damning other people’s religions, traditions and spreading hatred is their definition of religious freedom. Per their declared goal, they will not rest until the whole world is converted to Christianity. Equally, they get excellent support from Indian evangelical NGOs which are in turn massively funded by foreigners. Mahesh Nathan of World Vision hosted Joshua Miller’s team and “taught” stuff. When Joshua Miller posted about the re-conversion of some tribal people to Hinduism, Mahesh Nathan says “Discipleship”.

More importantly, there are huge numbers of discipleship schools like YWAM in India, most of which have sprung up in the last decade. Many of them are run by foreigners themselves. Bible Colleges run by Indians are funded by foreigners.

Watch this video in which the missionary gives the numbers in dollars to foreign clients. Many evangelical NGOs like Harvest India run Bible Colleges. Graduates of these Bible Colleges become pastors, church planters, and so on. The Fundamentalist belief that non-Christian religions are false and other traditions are false lead to nothing but hatred. These colleges work as hate-factories.

Note: Some of the videos may have been removed.




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  • anitha

    instead of blaming foreign missionaries, we should like Kanchi Snakara Madam, RSS, , our Hindu Cultural Clubs should start to provide education,employment, training, development avenues to our common folks without favouring any particular single caste. then only these common folks will have confidence on our religion. are we ready to do that or still continue with our favouritism to particular castes.

  • ricky

    Ap ke se he: its honestly kind of funny (really smiling here) to read the full article. For several reasons:
    1. If you’ve ever taken any education in critical thinking or basic philosophy you’ll notice there a MASSIVE jumps to accusations without evidence such as ‘aggression and hatred against Hindus….’ – because a young woman was serving a crippled person… Yeah, definite signs of hatred and aggression – nasty old ‘serving the cripples’ (starting to get how absurd this article is?) Anyway, I lived a year in India for a year, in Bombay, Agartala, Kolkata, and Delhi, and going to the slums I never saw a Hindu priest helping a cripple, or taking food to the poor, instead the lower caste are treated like animals…. So really, which is the religion which encourages hate towards others?

    2. Its also ironic how this website looks at the ‘problem’ of Christians giving others the Free Choice (never heard of any missionary organization forcing others to convert, have you?) – the Horror!! But i dont see any article of when Hindus in Orissa killed over 500 Christians in 2008. …. Subtle bias, right?

    Anyway, have a lovely chew on that, and if this comment isn’t allowed to be published, kind of cowardly don’t you think? Hope it helps 🙂

    • rahul

      No doubt you guys are trained in such slimy word play in your “courses”.
      1) Critical thinking my foot. With your dollars you just toss around some relief and ask the native to give up his 5000 years of heritage, and follow some guy from the middle east, just to get into an unproven “heaven”.For all the nonsense and contradiction in the bible(written in 1500’s) you guys should be the last ones to invoke philosophy or “thinking”.
      No, she’s not serving the person;the moment he converts he is “saved” and the lady will go to bag her next customer in the pyramidal-ponzi scheme called christianity.
      It is intense, visceral,genocidal hate when you terrorize living beings with hell and abuse their customs, gods and families.As far as we know,christians are rakshasas,who should be destroyed for the greater good.
      Hindu Priests do not prey on the helpless and defenseless, which has been a speciality of evangelists since their scam started.Our system is knowledge based in which only genuine seekers are entertained;rest are encouraged to become true seekers and fix their problems before studying religion.Quite unlike christians who only need numbers and are ready to co-opt criminals like HItler Charlemagne,Franco and many more.Our doctrines have been studied and commended by some of the west’s best mathematicians like weil,oppenheimer and many more of the highest intelligence and probity.On the other hand any non political scholar worth his salt (Plethon, proclus,Gibbon, John Gray,Nietzsche,Newton-he had different beliefs,schopenhauer–these names are beyond reproach) uniformly condemn christianity for the parasitic scam it really is.

      2) no “free” choice is being given.any help is extended with sermons about how christ is the saviour and how pagans are going to hell, how the recipient is in darkness and much worse. This choice is similar to what western governments give to their slave classes: fuck around and get drunk but every other aspect of your life shall be under our fine control. So take your useless western “freedom” and shove it up your backside.

      • ricky

        So, whether you are muslim, hindú, Christian por atheist I invite you to seek and point out the at least 5 evidence-less comments said about… And once again contradictions…. Starting from the fact that Newton was a christian as a matter of fact…. Anyone else care to comment? This is fun

        • Fumo-Amitesh Havelka

          Go to “tracking evangelism” page and you will get evidence. this Article is just a small part copied from there. You peabrained little evangelical hinduhater

    • Fumo-Amitesh Havelka

      There are many people and organsations who to their best to help the poor. They are just not running around in ancy clothes and tellinng everyone “Look who good my God is” Its just you evangelicals who are proud and arrogant. Im an x-xian who livef for more than 5 years in India and problems within hinduism where started by the missionaries who came with the british invaders and spread haterea between different castes, hindus and buddhists, vaishnavas and savite, north and south and even manipulated many holy books of India to reach their goals. Evangelicals are the fast growing cancer of India. Use your peabrain if possible and learn about the damage people like you have done to India in the past and still do today!

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  • lal-lajpatrai

    These Artical is pure SPAM
    written by a bias christian-hating jealous author

  • mhndv

    Only way to counter such crooks is to pay back in their own coin.

  • Radha Rajan

    “To convert, you have to denounce Hinduism and “cast away other gods.” If any of you can, read the text that any person has to speak before getting american citizenship. He has to proclaim that he will cease to be loyal to any other flag, sovereignty, leader, king. America today is the leader of the Generic Chirch. And yes you have this scum wandering the streets of chennai. The men are in black trousers, white shirts, crew cut like American marines, with a name tag clipped to their shirt pocket giving details about which church they serve. I always call the police when I see them because they have violated our laws by proselytising on the roads and near temples. Make no mistake th police send them packing with a stern warning.

  • Gangaraju VP

    These people will suffer the same in Europe. Read Operation TROJAN Horse.

  • Nachiket Parashar

    These Westerners cry so much about racism. if you say white, brown, black they are offended, it’s a big offence but to hate someone’s culture or religion is a religious freedom for them.

    • BryonMorrigan

      Monotheism is in itself “spiritual racism”. It is the application of hatred and intolerance to religion. No tolerance for intolerance. Proselytism is hate speech.

  • Nachiket Parashar

    These are the people from same governments which cry about religious freedom or lack of it in India. So they work from two ways, at Government level pressure to allow proselytizing as religious freedom and foot-soldiers who make use of this top level pressure.
    These Governments are liberal in their back yards but support proselytizing in India. How can their be peace in this environment when you consider hating our religion & culture as practicing your religion? We don’t bother you with your religious practice do we? We criticize only if cornered otherwise we are least bothered about how you pray. With this hate in your hearts a book may pardon you but not Christ.