IndiaFacts Roundtable Invite

Announcing IndiaFacts Roundtable in Delhi: 24 May 2014

IndiaFacts announces its first ever Roundtable discussion on a very important and critical issue faced by the nation: the problem of large scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh. This problem has been persistent for at least three decades and has in the last decade, reached dangerous levels. The consequences are now visible on the ground, especially in West Bengal and Assam whose changed demographics have resulted in eruptions of massive violence. Further, successive West Bengal governments instead of taking action, have continued to encourage such immigration.
Indeed, such actions of the West Bengal Government led the BJP’s Prime Minister-in-waiting Narendra Modi recently to conclude that:
You are spreading the red carpet for vote bank politics. If people come from Bihar, they are outsiders to you. It people come from Odisha, they are outsiders to you. But if some Bangladeshi comes, your face seems to shine. This country cannot run like this. We won’t allow you to destroy the country for the sake of your vote bank politics.
This illustrates the extent to which the Bangladeshi illegal migration problem has penetrated deep inside the nation. The other, parallel and resultant problem that has come up is the existential threat faced by Hindus in West  Bengal and Assam.
It is to discuss this key issue that IndiaFacts has convened the proposed Roundtable, titled Bangladesh Immigration Problem: Challenges and Solutions at India International Centre, New Delhi on 24 May 2014 between 4:30–7:30 P.M.
IndiaFacts has invited scholars, specialists and experts on the issue to chair the first ever IndiaFacts Roundtable and provide their valuable insights and experience, which we hope will translate into sound policy decisions. The complete programme details are as below.
IndiaFacts Roundtable Invite
Please participate in large numbers and bring along your friends, family, relatives and anyone who’s interested. The programme is open to the general public and is free of charge.
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  • Raj

    Any problem in the long term has to be dissolved instead of solved. And a dissolution of this problem in the long term is to make Bangladesh a vassal state of India – Indian army and naval base in Bangladesh, industrial investments in Bangladesh, roads cutting across Bangladesh connecting mainland to NE. The benefits are manifold – access to large gas reserves in Bangladesh leading to development of East India, better road access to NE where global nexuses (Islam, China, Church) are ripping it out of the Indian union, mortal blow to the terror infrastructure of ISI in Bangladesh and a counter to China’s presence in Burma. This will not be achieved in a day but can happen over 10 years. Maybe your scholars can debate this idea’s feasibility in the round table.